footbeds Performance Medium with Met Pad
footbeds Performance Medium with Met Pad
footbeds Performance Medium with Met Pad
footbeds Performance Medium with Met Pad
footbeds Performance Medium with Met Pad

Performance Medium with Met Pad

$59.00 USD 59.00

Performance Medium with Met Pad

$59.00 USD 59.00

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  • Met Pad Support
  • Recycled Cork
  • Medium Softec
  • Anti-Odor
  • Density Mapped
  • Latex Free
  • Zero Drop
  • Medically Accepted
  • Vegan

Product Details

This medium-cushioned footbed offers unbeatable forefoot comfort thanks to a built-in metatarsal pad that supports the foot’s bones in their natural positioning and spread. Perfect for relieving forefoot pain and discomfort associated with conditions like Metatarsalgia and Morton’s Neuroma. Built on a sustainable base of ReCORK recycled wine corks.

This insole is great for improving forefoot comfort in medium-fitting footwear like running shoes, casual sneakers, tennis shoes, hiking boots and more.


  • Supports natural spread of foot bones
  • Reduces plantar fascia strain
  • Suitable for any arch height
  • Provides cushioned support
  • Improves balance
  • Promotes natural foot alignment
  • Distributes weight and pressure equally
  • SOLE signature shape for everyday comfort
  • Heat and wear moldable for customized fit
  • Polygiene® stays fresh technology


Width - Forefoot (approx.)

  • Men's 10 - 98mm
  • Women's 7 - 87mm

Length - Heel to toe (approx.)

  • Men's 10 - 290mm
  • Women's 7 - 245mm


  • Cushioning: 1.6mm
  • Total: 3.2mm

All footbeds are covered by our 90 day guarantee.


Satisfaction or your money back. Learn more
Heel Cup

Repositions the natural padding under the heel bone and helps prevent lateral movement.

Orthopedic Base

Customizes to the shape of your foot without compromising orthopedic support.

Arch Support

Sturdy yet flexible support prevents excessive arch strain while allowing the foot to move naturally.

Support Pad*

Relieves pain and pressure in the ball of the foot by lifting toe bones into natural alignment.

*Available on Met Pad products only.

Which Volume works for me?

All SOLE footbeds come with the same signature shape in three levels of cushioning. Pair the insoles thickness to your shoes type for the perfect fit.


Best for skates, ski boots, flats, skate shoes, dress shoes and other tight-fitting or slim footwear.

Shop Thin Footbeds

Features medium foam cushioning to fit most footwear such as running and trail shoes and casual sneakers.

Shop Medium Footbeds

Adds cushioning comfort to hiking boots, work boots, winter boots and running shoes with some wiggle room.

Shop Thick Footbeds
Do I want a met pad footbed?

Our metatarsal pads offer relief for people experiencing pain or discomfort in the balls of their feet. By supporting the natural spacing of your metatarsal bones you can eliminate pain associated with metatarsalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Morton's neuroma and other foot-specific ailments.

Customize your fit - No special equipment required! The heat molding process can be done in a conventional oven, or simply wear the footbeds and they will adapt to your feet over a few days.


SOLE footbeds come in a range of materials and thicknesses, so there's a footbed for every use and type of footwear. Our footbed finder will help you choose the best footbed for you, so you start your SOLE experience on the right foot.

Find Your Perfect Footbed

Made with recycled wine corks.

Recork Process

ReCORK™ recycled cork components are made from wine corks recycled by businesses and individuals like you. Producing them requires minimal processing, low energy input and less water consumption than synthetics, and extends the lifecycle of an already incredibly sustainable material.


Kelsey Owens

Helped me stand all day in comfort

I have very flat feet that made standing all day extremely painful. I got a job where I walk all day and I always went home in pain. I decided to get some SOLE insoles to see if they could help even the slightest bit and they did. I saw the return policy and figured there was no harm giving them a shot. Paired with a supportive pair of socks the pain is almost negligible. There's still some pain on long days but it's manageable and goes away after some rest! They helped me make my job manageable and made my time after work fun.

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Performance Medium
$59.00 USD

Performance Wide Medium
$59.00 USD

Recork Process

Be part of the change.

ReCORK™ has collected over 100 million wine corks and we couldn't have done it without the help of people like you. With so many ways to get involved, it's easy to become a part of the movement. Recycle your natural wine corks by dropping them off at any one of our Public Collection Partners here.

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