I've had 3 or 4 other brand of insoles over the years looking to make my shoes more comfortable and relieve plantar fasciitis pain. A friend was ordering some insoles for her husband work boots and I thought what the heck I'll check them out so wrote the SOLE name down and then googled and found you. When I saw the met pad versions I decided to "gamble" on yet another insole. It was a good gamble because now I have 6 pair of met insoles, thick for hunting boots and medium for tennis shoes and dress shoes all with the met pad. Guess what? No more plantar fasciitis. The SOLE insoles were easy to mold, fit my shoes perfectly, are comfortable and the met pad seals the deal for me. I honestly will get more of these in the future. Love'em!!

Thank Heavens for these insoles!

Oh I'm so happy to have found these insoles! I've struggled with plantar fasciitis pain for the last year or so. I've tried wearing a walking boot 24/7, wearing a variety of different night splints, and have tried a couple of different insoles, and these have made the most difference! I love that the SOLE Active Thin w/Met Pad fit into more of my shoes than the other insoles (the size 8 pad fits perfectly in all my size 8 and 8.5 shoes), and after wearing them for a little more than a week, my foot pain is GREATLY REDUCED! While I can't speak to the longevity/long term use of these insoles, I'm optimistic and I've planned on order a couple more sets so I don't have to take them in and out of different pairs of shoes.

Love it!

I have plantar fasciitis and it was bad enough that even my running shoes didn't feel good after a few hours. I got these insoles about a month ago and my foot pain is gone! Unbelievable, been fighting this for two years and wish I'd pulled the trigger and bought them sooner. Totally worth every penny.

Best orthotics ever

My doctor recommended these orthotics a few years ago because of my plantar fasciitis. I went online and saw the price and thought, Wow, my last pair I bought was over $300". For the price alone I was willing to give them a try. I'm so glad I did. They are so comfortable, I am pain free in my feet and I have never looked back. If you are trying to decide if you want to buy these, look no further. Buy these and you won't regret it.

SOLE Thin with Met Pad

I've struggled with plantar fasciitis for several years. My custom orthotics have just about worn out and I wasn't enthused about spending $800 to have them replaced. Having worn SOLE products for a while in other shoes, I thought the thin SOLE with Met Pad might be just what I was looking for. They are great. Plenty of support, unlike other brands, very comfortable and my feet don't ache after hiking or playing tennis. I highly recommend these.

Outstanding for my feet!

I'm a professional baseball coach and am on my feet and/or standing a LOT. I have developed bad plantar fasciitis and a heel spur over the last 5 years or so and it was almost unbearable to walk in the mornings. Since using SOLE products I wake up in the morning and don't hobble around anymore for the first 5 minutes of my day. I've now been wearing SOLE products for the past 3 years and they have helped me so much. Super comfortable and love the cork footbeds. Outstanding products and I always highly recommend to friends!

Helped to cure my plantar fasciitis

I spend countless hours on my feet at work, and I've been in my role for 23 years. I suffer from plantar fasciitis. My chiropodist recommended that when I'm home to try the SOLE flip flop rather than walk barefoot. He sold them in his front store at his clinic. So I bought a pair. This was 15 years ago. The flip flops played a huge part in curing my fasciitis and I've bought 2 other pairs since then. My most recent purchase was a Christmas gift for my sister who also spends quite a lot of time on her feet and now suffers from plantar fasciitis. I swear by sole products to aid in this condition. The quality of the product is unbeatable, and the comfort: well let's say that I will not wear any other shoe at home. They are the most comfortable shoes that I own. I also experience less ankle pain than in the past and I attribute this to the ergonomics of these shoes. I am interested in trying a sole product as my shoes for work.

Game Changer!

Wow! The good people at REI recommended Sole, and I am so glad I listened. I struggle with metatarsalgia and the occasional plantar fasciitis, and I recently learned that I have a freakishly long arch length. The heat-and-shape nature of these is the perfect solution. The Met Pad is way beyond anything I've tried before. Putting my boots on has become a joy, and the joy lasts until I take them off. Get some!

Arlene M Wilson

Why pay 500.00 dollars when you can wear SOLES

I have had plantar fasciitis and achilles problems. After trying many things the doctor decided that I needed to see a foot doctor. I then purchased insoles at 500.00 dollars which in a bit of time worked. The sad part is before my 500.00 expense I had purchased your product but did give your SOLEs enough time to work. The foot doctor asked me what I had tried and I told him SOLEs and he asked how long had I used them for. I then knew I could have saved me money and pain I have recommended them to my sister and friends. I recently bought a pair for my son as a Christmas gift, (he wears the 500.00 ones! and I told him SOLEs where as good) I have purchased them from a couple of stores in Winnipeg (Canadian footwear and Legacy) before buying direct from you. I like the thin SOLEs because they fit nicely in my shoes with great support as I wear them in all my shoes every day. Great product

Samuel Lightowler

Amazing Insoles

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for almost a year. I would limp in pain when I got out of bed in the morning. I would hobble when I walked. I had tried other insoles but they only gave me temporary relief. Then I tried these insoles. They saved my feet! Within 2 weeks the pain was gone. I could walk and move without pain. The insoles fit like a glove. I can now walk 18 holes of golf and suffer no pain that day or the next. I have them in all my shoes and now I can say goodbye to foot pain. For over a year now. They work!

Pain relief!

After some research and the purchase of many other brands of insoles, I have finally found the perfect one for my feet. I had significant relief from my planter fasciitis within a couple of days. I purchased my second pair just 2 weeks later. SOLE will be my go to brand of insoles.

Best shoe Inserts

I have been wearing these inserts for many years for my plantar fasciitis. I love being able to mold them to my feet. I put a new set of inserts in each new pair of sneakers I get. Well worth the money.

Great Sandal

I previously purchased a black pair of sandals at a local shoe store. I have plantar fasciitis and these are amazing support. So, I purchased my second pair online. My only concern with my black ones, is they do tend to become smelly early on. I do not have smelly feet so not sure why the combo of my skin and sandal product create an order? Even though this is an issue....I need these shoes to work in. I can stand for 7 hours and they give me support. I am 66 years old! They are the best!!!

Excellent Product

As a long term sufferer of flat feet and plantar fasciitis, foot pain used to be my norm. I then discovered custom orthotics but with limited application and use. When I discovered SOLE my life changed! I could go back to doing all of the things I loved. And wear multiple types of shoes and sports equipment! SOLE products are amazing and my go-to now! Thanks

Saved my feet!

I have been a SOLE wearer for about 15 years. During my first pregnancy, I had the worst Plantar Fasciitis and could barely walk. A local store recommended that I put a pair of sole insoles inside every pair of shoes...and it worked. Completely cured my foot pain. Thanks SOLE!

The road to recovery

I have been using SOLE insoles for almost 2 years now, and I never leave home without them. I have been recovering from multiple injuries to my feet, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. These insoles have helped to relieve the pressure on my plantar fascia, and have provided me with the arch support that I needed to reduce the strain on my Achilles. They were amazingly comfortable right from day 1, and I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who needs a good, supportive insole. I would not have made as much of a recovery as I have it weren't for SOLE.


Love them! They have really helped my planter fasciitis! I will probably order more, never thought an insole would help. Honestly order them!

Tamara Levitz


This are gorgeous boots. They have a sold footbed that is so supportive for plantar fasciitis but they also look very elegant. They are nice and wide. I'm so excited to wear them to conferences and to work when covid is over.

Tamara Levitz


These are simply the best house shoes I have ever bought. They are fantastic for plantar fasciitis. The sole is very sturdy. The fake fur inside makes them unbelievably comfortable: I never want to take them off. And I love the feature that the back of the shoe can fold in so I can wear them as clogs. I bought multiple pairs in the hope I can wear them for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend them enough!


I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I bought these and the first time I wore them I felt the difference immediately! I bought two pairs so I wouldn't have to switch out as often. I had to trim them a bit to fit just right & I did warm them in the oven before first use as suggested. I never work without these in my footwear. A few years ago I bought insoles at The Good Feet Store for plantar fasciitis and those did nothing to help my knee. These, were far less expensive & helped my knee immediately. I had back surgery a few months prior to getting these and this allowed me to keep up active to help me heal! It's a no brainier! GET THESE!!!


I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I bought these and the first time I wore them I felt the difference immediately! I bought two pairs so I wouldn’t have to switch out as often. I had to trim them a bit to fit just right & I did warm them in the oven before first use as suggested. I never work without these in my footwear. A few years ago I bought insoles at The Good Feet Store for plantar fasciitis and those did nothing to help my knee. These, were far less expensive & helped my knee immediately. I had back surgery a few months prior to getting these and this allowed me to keep up active to help me heal! It’s a no brainer! GET THESE!!!

Best Beach Sandals!

These are so comfortable!! They form to your feet, are washable and stylish!! I get really bad planter fasciitis and SOLE is the only brand of beach sandals I can wear!!


I bought these because they were on sale, little thinking that they would fit me well. The fact is that they DO fit me well. Even more so, they have now given me the comfort and enjoyment that I used to experience with Blundstones before my arthritic toes required a rocker sole. These have that rocker sole and, because of the great inner sole that deals with my plantar fasciitis, have adapted to me very very well. I love how easy they are to put on. I also like the fact that they are not made out of leather but are still breathable and water-repellent.

Lawrence Cherniack


The same SOLE qualities that keep my plantar fasciitis at bay but with insulation that keeps my feet warm. I live in a very cold climate, and these are a godsend!

Excellent product

I suffer from plantar fasciitis. SOLE was recommended by my doctor. I tried medication, physical therapy but nothing worked. I purchased SOLE inserts, Active Thick and I am able to run without pain. I have purchased another two pairs to have them in all of my shoes.

Great Sport Slides

I purchased these sport slides to wear around the house to help control my planters fasciitis. I have been wearing them for about 2 months and they are comfortable and working as I had hoped and they look good as well.

Awesome flip flops for Plantar Fasciitis

I've had plantar fasciitis for many years and had resigned myself to the fact that I would not be able to wear cute shoes or sandals again. After ordering the SOLE footbeds for my boots and then my tennis shoes with amazing success, I decided to try the flips. I'm not normally a flip flop person- having that thing between my toes drives me insane, but these are, hands down, the best flip flops ever. I can wear them all day and not have aching feet at the end of the day. They are super comfortable, and provide support in all the right places, and bonus- they're super cute! Highly recommend them!

These are the best insoles

These are the best insoles I've ever had and, having planter fasciitis, I've tried multiple brands.

Perfect for plantar fasciitis

This is the second pair of slides I've gotten from Sole. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet. On recommendation from my MD I started wearing them and have gotten long lasting relief!! I can finally walk with no pain!! This pair runs a 1/2 size small so go up a 1/2 a size. The Velcro makes for a good fit. Definitely will buy again!!

great arch support

These are a great arch support. I do want to try the thicker ones for my hiking boots. I do not have anymore plantar fasciitis issues now.


My favourite SOLE footbed. Thick, sturdy and stable. I put these boots, athletic shoes and in house slippers too. Wearing SOLE footbeds consistently allowed me to get rid of my plantar fasciitis.

best for running shoes

The Active This is a great upgrade to your running shoes. Should you need just a little more support this moldable insole is a great add on. Swap you stock insole for this and get on your merry way. A twinge of Plantar Fasciitis then this is the band aid with mercurochrome. No trimming necessary and you will know it's there but in a good way.

Love these!

Love these shoes. They are very comfortable and cute all at the same time. Give support for my plantar fasciitis, which is so important to me!


I absolutely LOVE these flip flops. I live in SW Florida and thus live in flip flops. There is nothing like the arch support that is in these flip flops. My plantar fasciitis does not flare when I'm wearing these...even for hours! I have a narrow foot and have problems finding flip flops that fit my feet well and I have no problem with the Balboa Flip. So comfortable. Highly recommend.

Great flips

I had a lot of foot pain from a severe case of planters fasciitis and my Podiatrist recommended wearing these SOLE flips as slippers on the hardwood and tile floors of our house. After wearing them for a few months around the house my fasciitis is 95% better. The Monetery flips fit well and are very comfortable to wear. They are very well made and look good as well.


I love these sport flips because I have planters fasciitis. I wear these all the time, as slippers indoors, walking my dog, going to the store, literally everywhere I go. If I wear anything else for too long my feet start to hurt. Also the material allows me to go into water with my dog and drys quickly. I love them


Pain free!

I really love these shoes. I have heal spurs and plantar fasciitis and I have not walked without pain in three years. These shoes allow me to walk without pain. They are wide even for my wide feet but it takes only a few hours to get used to this. They are so comfy I really want to sleep with them on. At first they look a little like space boots but when you get used to them they turn into the cutest shoes ever. Very unusual and with beautiful colors. I can not recommend enough!


I have used SOLE for years and they are well made, and prevent orthotic problems. I originally started using them when I had Plantar Fasciitis, and it disappeared a couple months after using these.

Great footwear

I have been wearing the Monterey flips for about a year and just purchased a second pair. I had a bad case of Plantar fasciitis and started wearing these as slippers around the house and now I have very little discomfort in my foot. They are very comfortable to wear and fit really well. They are constructed with quality materials. They are the only flips I will wear now.

My go-to sandals

These are the best sandals I've ever owned. I have problems with plantar fasciitis and hip pain. But with these sandals, I can walk all day pain-free. Will be buying another pair next summer!

Mark wooldridge

Best ever

I've worn the cork flips for years, after I had a round of plantar fasciitis. The arch support is sturdy and comfortable, year after year. The cork flips worked to solve that foot issue. They look great and last several seasons. My satisfaction is so high, that I buy several pairs each season so I can rotate them based on beach use or casual dress use. I hope they make an indoor slipper" to keep my feet warm in the winter.

Great insoles

I purchased the Active thick insoles a couple of months ago. I have plantar fasciitis, and these insoles really help tremendously. Best I've ever used and well worth the money.

Best Orthotics

I have Rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis. These footbed have kept me in my feet! My first pair were purchased in 1995. I have purchased many since in all thicknesses. After having custom orthotics made twice and neither being satisfactory, a cobbler recommended these. What a relief. I own many pair in two sizes and thicknesses for use in different styles of shoes And highly recommend for anyone with foot or joint issues!

Best Orthotics

This pair was purchased for my husband after bouts of plantar fasciitis. I have purchased at least 10 pair of these insoles over the years. First pair in about 1995. Still have and use the first pair. I have also recommended them to many people who have purchased. It started after two failed attempts to have professional custom orthotics made. We will never be without SOLE orthotic insoles!

Great product

I was having plantar fasciitis pain from bike riding. I have been using them for 2 months. These have certainly helped, but not completely cured me, but much of the pain is gone. That said, my shoes are much more comfortable and supportive. The insoles were easy to heat and use, and fit perfectly. I bought a second pair if they wear out. Wonderful product.

Eternally Grateful

I want to express my gratitude for your products. I have been struggling with planters fasciitis and metatarsalgia for more than two years. I had tried many things including weeks of physio. I was starting to give up hope my feet were ever going to get better. I purchased a pair of your Baja flips earlier this summer. Looking at them I wasn't holding out a lot of hope but I am thrilled to report that my feet are are 95% healed up. As an active person who loves the outdoors and hiking, I cannot express how grateful I am. I would highly recommend your products for anyone struggling with similar issues.

Extremely comfortable SOLE flip flops

SOLE flip flops are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and now wear SOLE flip flops all the time (inside and outside), to alleviate this issue. They fit very well and are extremely comfortable and well made. Thank you for making such great footwear :)

Best insoles on the market

I have really bad feet from being in the military for 20+ years. Plantar fasciitis that just makes my feet hurt all the time. I've used custom made one's from different companies and other off the shelf ones that claimed they would help. Nothing has helped like these have. Help keeping me on my feet longer everyday. That's why I own 6 pair.

Made my Summer Great!

These slides have made all the difference for me to have a fun and active summer. I have a tendinitis along the side of my foot and just like people having plantar fasciitis these slides have made it easy to go for walks on sidewalks, and on the beach. I bought a second pair to use as house shoes. My feet don't get sore when standing for a long time cooking, cleaning, etc. I recommend them to everyone I know!

Helps sore feet

I wear orthotics for plantar fasciitis and was recommended SOLE flips. I am so glad! These and other models are my go to for sandals and for wearing around the house. They feel great and look great, too.

SOLE is the best!

Love them! Can wear all day and not suffer with plantar fasciitis. So comfortable.

Plantar fasciitis

Very helpful for my husband's plantar fasciitis. Shoe store recommended them

A happy customer!

I I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for quite a few years.My chiropractor recommended proper insoles. After an intense search, I found SOLE.. I've been using the active thick version for a few months. The relief was immediately felt. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase!

Really nice looking shoes

I am a huge fan of SOLE footbeds. I have plantar fasciitis and had constant foot pain before discovering SOLE. I really like these Lark shoes. It is hard to find dress shoes that accommodate a sole footbed so I am happy that SOLE has expanded to making shoes. These are nice looking shoes. I am a bit concerned about how the wool will stand up to mud or rain, but I plan to mostly wear them in my office so that should not be a concern.


At one point was was not able to go hiking or walking the golf course anymore when a friend introduced me to SOLE footbeds, I went and purchased 1 pair and hiked 10-11km the next day and would say it helped my plantar fasciitis by 90%, I went and ordered 3 pairs of flip flops and another 3 pair footbeds for all my shoes. Thank you so much SOLE

Relieves foot pain

I rely on SOLE footbeds to prevent plantar fasciitis. They're better than custom made expensive orthotics. I don't wear shoes without them.

Happy Feet

I have had SOLE cork flips for a few years now. I have a history of plantar fasciitis so I am very careful with what I wear on my feet. I find cork soles to be very supportive, but with a little give. The shape of the footbed is perfect for my feet. I bought the Met Pad inserts (with cork) for my walking shoes as my 10-yr-old custom orthotics don't feel comfortable any more. I have more spring in my step and my arches are happy.

Catalina sport flip

My physical therapist recommended the SOLE shoe inserts for my court shoes due to my planter fasciitis issue in both feet. I liked the fact that the product contoured to my footprint. It was at this time that my search for a sandal began. I don't like wearing closed toe shoes all summer. So I gambled and ordered my first pair of Catalina flips and have never been disappointed. The arch support and heel cup support my feet. I am on my 8th pair. They are my go-to sandal . The support of SOLE products were my answer - I've been foot pain free for 8 yrs!

Great insrets

I recently had a flare up of my plantar fasciitis after spending about 6 hours walking around in the woods. After about 3 weeks of foot pain I finally made a appointment with my Podiatrist. Even though it was via video conference she highly recommended getting new insoles and suggested that I get the SOLE inserts. She said they are some of the best ones on the market. I did my research on them and was surprised that they were made from recycled corks. I went online and ordered a pair of the blue ones and upon ordering them realized I submitted the order twice contacted customer service the next day and he credited my account the shipping charges as the amount of 2 pair should of been free. I was so impressed with them once i put them in my work boots the pain was almost gone within 2 days. I keep up with my daily stretching and have not had any issues in my feet ever since I inserted my SOLE inserts. I will be spreading the word about great these inserts are and have actually taken them out of my shoes and shown people them. I'm sold on SOLE.

Foot Saver

My first pair was purchased to help eliminate plantar fasciitis in my right foot. It worked! My second pair was purchased so that I wouldn't have to transfer to other shoes. My third pair was purchased for trail runners and my forth pair for golf shoes. These can handle everything and they don't mind getting wet and staying that way all day. I tried other brands as well as other SOLE styles. These are my SOLE Mates!

Best indoor flip flops

I purchased the Monterey Casual Flip to wear around the house and they are attached to my feet all day. I only take them off to shower, sleep and leave the house. Best flip I've had for my plantar-fasciitis-prone feeties!

Great sandal

I was recommended this brand by a friend for my plantar fasciitis. I had almost immediate relief. I have since bought two additional pairs. Love this sandal.

SOLE family now

I have been using SOLE footbeds and flipflops for YEARS (15?). My wife recently broke a pair of ordinary flipflops, and complains of plantar fasciitis, so I suggested trying a pair of SOLE flipflops, as I love mine. She was in heaven the moment she put her feet into them. I have a set of footbeds in every pair of shoes I own, and I have a couple pair of SOLE flipflops myself that I have worn for several years (at my age, 70+, I don't spend nearly the time without socks that I used to), and now my wife is SOLED on the quality of these products as well. Fit is great, and the comfort added because of the support makes life so much better. Not to mention that they look great - even on old feet.

The Most Comfortable Flips

These are hands down the most comfortable and supportive flips I have ever had. I discovered them when I had plantar fasciitis. They really helped relieve the pain. I would even wear them in the shower for support. The metatarsal support in the front is amazing as well. They are great all around flip flops. This is my second pair, the first pair lasted for many years. I went 1/2 size up from my tennis shoe size and they fit great.

James R Narbonne

I won't buy anything but SOLE.

I've used SOLE flips for approx. 7 years. I have plantar fasciitis SOLE flips are the only ones with enough support. Love the cork, my feet don't sweat.


Love these

Been wearing these for about 6 years or so. Could never wear flip flops due to plantar fasciitis, These worked great! So comfortable and supportive, my feet don't hurt in them at all. I have even become accustomed to the toe pieces! I hope you never stop making these.

True comfort

I have been wearing SOLE flip flops for almost ten years due to ankle issues and plantar fasciitis. This sandal is the most comfortable SOLE sandal I've purchased. The footbed of the sandal has ridges that keep your feet from slipping when sweat is an issue.

Good combination of support & comfort

I have plantar fasciitis that flares up every now and then, so I always put over the counter replacement footbeds in all of my shoes. These footbeds are very comfortable and do not change the fit of my running or casual wear shoes. Pretty much zero break -in period. Provides a little bit of cushion and firm, but not terribly rigid support. The Met pad felt a little different at first, but now I don't even notice it - never had any issues with my metatarsal (knock on wood / cork!), but I figure the extra support can't be a bad thing. Two toes up!

True comfort

I have been wearing SOLE flip flops for almost ten years due to ankle issues and plantar fasciitis. This sandal is the most comfortable Sole sandal I've purchased. The footbed of the sandal has ridges that keep your feet from slipping when sweat is an issue.

Costa Flip provides outstanding support and comfort!

I love the Costa flips for their light weight, arch support and cushion comfort which helps with my Plantar Fasciitis. The materials used to make these flips provide a great fit comfort and "give" unlike some lower priced styles. I have purchased numerous versions of SOLE flips, but the Costa flips are my favorites! I have a couple of pairs for outside and keep a pair for designated "in house" only wear during the warmer months of the year. The flips are also great around the water, at poolside, beach, or while participating in water based activities since they seem to dry quickly and are easily to clean.

These flip flops saved my feet!

I bought the product because I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for the last 10 months. I was in extreme pain and a family friend recommended the brand. Since receiving my SOLE Costa flip flops, I have worn them every day inside and outside the house. They are the only shoe that makes my feet feel supported and comfortable. The material is flexible and soft, and the sizing guide helped me pick the perfect size (which never happens). Since receiving them, I have told many people about the brand because they have honestly saved my feet. I hope to order another style soon, these shoes are incredible.

Best flipsEver!

We love SOLE Flips! My wife got plantar fasciitis from wearing cheap flips. She thought her days of wearing flips were over until she discovered SOLE. They cured her pain issues and now she uses her flips as her primary footwear year round.

Love these

These are so awesome love wearing them so comfortable and are great for plantar fasciitis!

Best flip flops ever!

I have plantar fasciitis and this flip flop is so comfortable and helps to relieve the pain. I can wear them all day with no issues. This is the only shoe I wear in the house and I love that they are eco friendly. I have several pairs of shoes & flip flops and I will never be without a pair. I would highly recommend these shoes & insoles. Thank you SOLE for such a wonderful product.

Great Sole

Great footbed for jogging if you have had plantar fasciitis. Works for me!

Fabulous for plantar fasciitis and everyday comfort

I bought 2 pairs of SOLE flips and they did, indeed, cure my plantar fasciitis. They prevented my foot from ever extending fully, when you get out of bed and step directly on the floor, which causes the sharp pain as the tissues that have started healing in the night get torn again and again. I put a waterproof pair right beside my bed, that I slipped into without ever having my feet touch the floor in the morning. I wore them right into the shower; again my feet never touched the floor. Then I transferred to a cork flip after that for the rest of the day at home. After 3 months my plantar fasciitis was gone! I continue to wear Sole flips, indoors every day and don't ever go barefoot anymore. After 10 years, my plantar fasciitis has not returned.

Great product for golf

I started to use SOLE foot beds on the recommendation of my doctor for treatment of planter fasciitis. I use the performance thin foot beds in my golf shoes and they work great. Very glad I acted on my doctors advice!

Great product for golf

I started to use SOLE foot beds on the recommendation of my doctor for treatment of planter fasciitis. I use the performance thin foot beds in my golf shoes and they work great. Very glad I acted on my doctors advice!

Donna A Lyste

The only flip flops I purchase!

After a season of painful plantar fasciitis, I purchased the SOLE product. Now these are the only ones I buy and have numerous pairs for around the house, garden, overnight bag, etc. Great product with the relaxed look of a flip flop but with a supportive foot bed.

They are a MUST for me!

I've been wearing SOLE for years. I have trouble with Plantar fasciitis and this is the only thing that helps me Keep it at bay. So glad I found it.

5 Stars for Catalina Sport Flip

Fantastic flip flop with amazing support!! They have been a great help in relieving the pain from my plantar fasciitis. I've worn Catalina flip flops for the last few summers and wear them as my indoor slippers all year long. They're easy to clean too. You'll differently want to buy more than one pair.

Sole has saved my feet

I have been using SOLE insoles since 2002 after developing plantar fasciitis. I have them in literally every pair of footwear I own, including the slippers I wear around the house. They have made an incredible difference to my life. As little as two hours walking in shoes without the SOLE insoles and I am in pain. With the SOLE insoles I can hike all day. When SOLE started making flip flops I was so excited, as since you can't put an orthotic insole in a flip flop I had been unable to wear them for years. I now own the SOLE cork flips (which I love) and the navigator sandals (which I love even more) and I recently bought the Grace shoes to wear as dress shoes. This means I can have SOLE insoles under my feet all day every day. The other thing I want to note is that these insoles are basically indestructible. I still own, and still use, the first pair I ever bought back in 2002. So when you look at the price, keep in mind that you will be using these for years.

Loving my SOLE sandals!!!

Got my sandals about a month ago and loving them! I used to suffer from plantar fasciitis... not anymore. I can wear these all day and my feet feel great. They don't fit too lose so I'm not trying to keep them on. Perfect arch support and perfect amount of squish. Will definitely be buying another pair I think the future:).

Loving my Sole sandals!!!

Got my sandals about a month ago and loving them! I used to suffer from plantar fasciitis... not anymore. I can wear these all day and my feet feel great. They don't fit too lose so I'm not trying to keep them on. Perfect arch support and perfect amount of squish. Will definitely be buying another pair I think the future:).

Magic! Plantar fasciitis delight

I love these slippers!! I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for a really long time. Usually stretching was the only remedy for the pain, until I was told by a friend to try these slippers. This is my 5th pair. I bought different colors and the sport slides because somehow, my plantar pains have disappeared after wearing SOLE slippers. I have spent tons of money trying to find a remedy. It's not an overnight instant fix, but after a few weeks of wearing these slippers around, my feet pain gradually got better. It's been 3 years and no more plantar pains. The insoles didnt work for me, but these slippers sure do. Magic!!

The best flip flops

These flip flops are the best! They are perfect for anyone with plantar fasciitis as they mold to your feet. They are the only flip flops I can wear! They are great for everyday wear (think indoor slippers) or for beaching it! They are water proof and easy to clean. I now own three pairs just so I can change up the colour! I've had my first pair for five years now and they are still in great shape!

Great comfort!

I love this new pair of flip flops! I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis this past year and a few months back I tried some of SOLE insoles and I was able to start taking walks again everyday, summer was approaching and I decided to try these flip flops, they are great, comfortable and just what I needed for summertime in Colorado!

Will never run without them.

I can't say enough positive things about my SOLE insoles. I developed plantar fasciitis and after trying everything I could think off, I remember Dean Karnazes talked about these insoles so I decided to give them a try. I contacted costumer service to help me decide what I needed best and they went above and beyond to help me. I slowly got back to running but never without my SOLE. My pairs pair has about 500 miles on them and they're still in good shape. Do yourself a favour and get a couple so you're not switching from shoe to shoe!

Every day use!

Molded to my feet, excellent in my running shoes and work shoes. Been using SOLE footbeds for a few years and have loved them. Plantar fasciitis issues at times and these help.

Super comfortable and effective

Fantastic product. Easy to mold and install. Cleared my Plantar Fasciitis. I won't run without them!

The best insoles - keep my feet healthy

I have SOLE insoles in my performance ski boots and most of my shoes. They keep my feet supported and shape to my feet very well. When I started to experience some foot pain with accompanying plantar fasciitis I tried SOLE insoles and my pain gradually faded away after a few weeks of stretching and consistent use of my active and performance medium footbeds. I love them! Thanks a lot SOLE. R. Gibson Portland, Oregon


OMG! Finally relief for my aching flat feet. Recommended to me by a physical therapist after a bout of plantar fasciitis that was excruciating. The therapist who also suffers from flat feet recommended them because he has them in every pair of his shoes for his flat feet. You can bet they will be in all of mine. I cannot thank you enough for this product. I just adore them.

Longtime use

I have been using SOLE footbeds for almost as long as they have been in business, I believe. I had chronic Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. I had 2 prior foot surgeries for neuromas. I was on my feet all the time as a pediatrician and was miserable with pain especially in the morning and was limping at work. I was referred to an orthopedist who specialized in foot care. He referred me to an orthotics store where I was introduced to and purchased my first SOLE footbeds. I have used them for possibly 18 years now. I had tried custom orthotics prior which were too uncomfortable to wear. I discovered the SOLE website many years ago and buy as needed. I only have foot pain if I wear shoes without the footbeds. I walk my 10,000 steps per day and ballroom dance. I have recommended SOLE footbeds to friends and even to parents of my patients.

Margaret Ann Belanger

walking without pain

SOLE flip flops are the only shoes I wear. This has been life changing for me. After healing from plantar fasciitis & achilles tendinitis & living with arthritis daily it's difficult to find sandals. I heard about SOLE flip flops & purchased a couple pairs. No matter what your issue is you will find a SOLE to fit your need. They feel like they were custom made for me. They look great with the cork & foam & in sunshine or rain they wear well.

Ann Hatch

Happy feet, Happy me!!

I have been a loyal customer of SOLE for many years, and in most of my shoes (as well as my hockey skates, hiking boots and my cross country and downhill ski boots) are a myriad of SOLE footbeds. It all started, like with many others, with a nagging case of plantar fasciitis, making its appearance just as I was training to walk the Camino de Santiago in 2012. Thankfully I found your company, bought some footbeds, and within a very short time, my feet and I were ready for a nice 800K stroll through northern Spain. Sandals came next... and what the heck? Time to shop again! Thanks to the team! Ann Hatch Toronto. PS the cork recycling program, community initiatives and supporting a company that cares about our planet, make shopping SOLE a no brainer!

Best Flip for Plantar Fasciitis

I'm not saying these will cure your plantar fasciitis but out of all of the brands I've tried, these make my feet feel fantastic all day long. Other brands that I've tried feel comfortable initially but either wear out quickly in arch support or they just don't have the support at all. I highly recommend these flips.

Extremely comfortable

I first purchased these insoles for hiking shoes. I couldn't believe how amazing they were. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for many years and am on my feet all day for work. These worked so well that I have ordered more soles for my running shoes which I use for work in the hospital. So far, they are the best I've tried.

I cant keep them off my feet!!!!!

I suffer from heel spur and plantar fasciitis. I was online searching for new work shoes restaurant grades slip resistant. When I came across these boots. A little skeptical at first but decided when I give them a try the price was right. I ordered these and two other shoes that popped up which I would write a review for later. I receive them in no time tried them on and they were OK decided to wear them to work to check out slip resistant . But wearing them all day I came home to my feet not hurting. So I tried the other pair on the similar to the boots a little more slip resistant but not slip resistant enough for restaurant work. I started wearing these out and about when I got a run errands when I'm walking the dog and stuff I'm walking I'm waking up to no pain or days that I wear these shoes versus the days that I wear my tennis shoes.This was one of the best purchases I've done this year she was and I would but I will buy more so shoes in the future. I have only use their insoles in the past and I could tell the difference at work we're not using them versus when using them but this is something with the shoes is totally different then the insoles I highly recommend buy more than one pair because you won't want to take them off. They are firm enough To support my weight, and to keep my arches up off the ground. SOLE did a wonderful job and I will be buying a couple pairs of sandals for the summer months.

Awesome sandals

I bought these sandals because I had plantar fasciitis and could barely walk. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day long the cork soles are very comfortable to walk on. The sandals helped to totally take my plantar fasciitis away within 7 to 10 days of owning them. They're well-constructed and will last for years to come. They're true to fit.

Awesome sandals

I bought these sandals because I had plantar fasciitis and could barely walk. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day long the cork soles are very comfortable to walk on. The sandals helped to totally take my plantar fasciitis away within 7 to 10 days of owning them. They're well-constructed and will last for years to come. They're true to fit.

The BEST sandals I've ever owned

These are the best sandals I've ever owned! They are so comfortable and support the arch of my feet so well it's incredible! I had plantar fasciitis and was in great pain prior to purchasing the sandals. After wearing them for about 7 to 10 days I had no pain at all and will always always have a pair of these in my shoe wardrobe. Thank you SOLE!

We love these

Both my husband and I have been wearing these for 6 months and love them. I was sufffering from plantar fasciitis and Morton's Neuroma and he has needed custom orthotics for years for foot pain. We both find the insoles comfortable, reduce pain and are light weight and easy to transfer between shoes. These are an economical way to get relief!

Tracey Hendle

Love them

I wear my sandals in the house right now because it's cold here in Ontario still. They are so comfortable and give me lots of support and relieve pain from my plantar fasciitis. I am looking forward to them becoming my go to sandals this summer

Awesome Flip Flops

2 years ago I was suffering from Plantar's Fasciitis. I bought the SOLE beach flips back then, loved them, they helped and I haven't had that kind of pain ever again. I decided to buy another pair but got the Santa Cruz Flip this time, still awesome and I like the look of these ones better!


I have plantar fasciitis and SOLE have been the best for the price. I a pair in every single pair of shoes and they last! I wear them everyday. I think I've had one set for over 5 years now. Absolutely love all my SOLE products!

I've got SOLE

Found my first of SOLE's at a orthopaedic shoe store about. 4 years ago. I had been suffering with Planter Fasciitis off and on for many years. I had previously purchased many different drugstore insoles over the years that had never seem to work. I've been pain free ever since I have been using them. They are very well made. I highly recommend them.

Best arch support post injury

I had plantar fasciitis for 8 months. I did all the physio and rehab to help it go away. As it started to heal, I found barefoot walking uncomfortable I needed something with an arch support. My podiatrist sold me a pair of Catalina flips and I loved them so much, I purchased a second pair online. (And a third for my partner.) Amazingly comfortable flip. Soft material used between the toes and the sole conforms to my foot well. Arch support is fantastic. I have two pairs-one that I wear inside my house all the time and the other is for outside. I would buy another pair for sure!

SOLE Met-pad is great for plantar faciatis

I've been using SOLE insoles for a couple of months. I had custom insole made about 8 years ago that made a huge difference for my plantar fasciitis (horrible pain to no pain). I've never found store-bought insoles that could match up as it's really hard to find insoles with met-pads. These insoles seem to do the trick, and seem to keep away the pain as effectively as my custom ones. I also like SOLE's flip flops (with met-pads). I can wear these for many hours of walking while I can't go 30min in a normal pair of flip flops without being in a lot of pain.

summer fun

I have enjoyed my Catalina Sport Flips, I wear them year round both indoors and outdoors. I have high arches and plantar fasciities. They are very comfortable and I am able to wear them even on the beach. I will be buying a couple more pairs for this summer in different colors.

For pain relief and proper biomechanical alignment.

I don’t have pes planus (flat feet) but I was wearing a particular tennis shoes ( which I did not do a flex test on as I never had plantar fasciitis in my life and for having played 7 days a week of tennis for 40 years) in 2012 which I didn’t realize was flexing in the middle of the arch. I then developed bilateral foot pains. I recognized the symptoms and I knew I had plantar fasciitis bilaterally. I did the flex test on the shoes and I found the cause. So I tried the SOLE Active Thick insoles in the shoes and the pain went away in about 3 weeks without doing any treatments. I now use the insoles in all the shoes I have. The one thing that is great about is the immediate noticeable change in the force generating capability of the muscles when wearing arch supports or insoles. Initially, one can get tested without wearing insoles in standing position with arms stretched out to sides (90 degrees of abduction of both shoulders), and applying a downward force around the elbow /arms. Let the testee resist. Then test again in the same position wearing the insoles and apply the same downward force. The testee and the tester should feel a difference. It should be stronger. This the reason why I recommend insoles not just to my patients who need arch supports but also for athletes who want better performance.

Soooo much better!

After many years of athletics, plantar fasciitis and working retail, comfortable shoes had become something mythical- like a unicorn. I heard about SOLE insoles from a fellow rower and cyclist. I now use a variety of the medium and thin in most of my shoes. Complete game changer. I can work 10 hours and then train more again. Customer for life!

I am impressed by these insoles.

I have purchased a pair of sandals from SOLE three years ago, used them every summer since and fell in love with them. I saw an ad through one of my social media feeds that SOLE had these medium work insoles on sale. I jumped at the chance to try these at a discount. I use these insoles in my tactical work boots. My job as a Sheriff has me walking, standing, all day, almost every day. Being a larger guy I have always had problems with my knees and my plantar fasciitis. These insoles compared to my prescribed ones, I truly prefer these ones. They run the full length of the boot so there's no rubbing in the middle of the foot like I get with the prescribed ones. It has been almost four months, and no complaints whatsoever. These so far have been the best non prescription insoles I have ever purchased. Highly recommend that you at least try these.

"Form" over "foam"

I've had my SOLE orthotic shoe inserts for about a month, and they are by far the best I have ever owned (I've tried sooo many). The typical insoles with cushion, memory foam, gel, etc. never relieved my pain (kinda like putting foam on a hammer, but still continuing to hit your foot with the foam-covered hammer). The SOLE inserts are different. They are not soft (I have the cork version). They are firm, but their shape restores my arches and puts my feet back into the form and shape they are supposed to be in. After just an hour of adjusting to them, I had significant relief of my plantar fasciitis, which no other insole was able to provide me. This brand is a bit pricey, but well worth it. I wish I hadn't wasted so much money on all the other insoles that didn't work before discovering SOLE.

Love these flips

I have ordered this particular flip several times. Wear them summer and winter. Plantar fasciitis gone!

Very comfortable

I found SOLE insoles on my search for Plantar fasciitis pain management about 15 years ago. I like the cushion you get while the pain is being managed. I heat mine in the oven and they end up fitting great. These are very comfortable and the material is much better than your regular insoles

Love this product

I had plantar fasciitis for 3 years. I had considered surgery because the pain was so intense. I bought SOLE footbeds at the recommendation of a foot/ankle orthopaedic surgeon. It was the best decision that I have made. They fit in my shoes perfectly and have relieved all of my pain. They are very durable and usually last me at least a year. I don't go a single day without wearing my SOLE inserts.

Boots or Slippers?

I purchased a pair of Repels as an impulse buy and I have no regrets. I am currently using them as indoor slippers and around the house on the patio. As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!

Game Changer

As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!

Best Insole

I bought these because I had been battling plantar fasciitis for about 18 months. I swing dance 2-3 times a week, sometimes on a vinyl floor that is on top of concrete. Since wearing these, my plantar fasciitis pain resolved. I put these in my dance, walking and hiking shoes. I have been recommending them to everyone that I meet with plantars fasciitis. I found out about them from a coworker who had plantar fasciitis. She went to her doctor who recommended them. Her doctor runs and had plantar fasciitis too but had good results from SOLE insoles.

Love these!

I suffered from plantar fasciitis forbsome time before discovering SOLE and the footbeds, and have happily had zero issues since (4 years!). These flip flops are fantastic indoors and out, are durable and waterproof and supremely comfortable. I have a wider foot and they provide comfort and stability for me. Thank you!

Happy Feet

I've been wearing SOLE sport flops for many years and love them. No more sore feet for me. (I've had plantar fasciitis before SOLE) I decided to try the Performance Medium with Met Pads when I started my new job at a seniors residence. I'm on my feet for up to 11 hours at a time and again no sore feet. I would absolutely recommend these products.

Own Several Pairs

I have bought several pairs of these over the years. The bed of the sandal conforms perfectly to my arch and helps during periods of plantar fasciitis. I have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair during the summer.

Fantastic Inserts

The SOLE Active Thick Inserts are a fantastic product. I have a history of chondromalacia of the knees. That is a condition where the patella, also known as the kneecap, does not articulate properly with the tibial bone beneath it. The condition results in painful knees, With motion, exercise, sitting etc. These inserts made it possible for me to move again. I am also a physician that regularly sees patients with plantar fasciitis. I recommend these inserts frequently. I would say 90% success rate to those who utilize them. Excellent company and excellent products! Give the footbeds as well as the shoe wear a try. You won't be disappointed.

Love this product

I had plantar fasciitis for 3 years. I had considered surgery because the pain was so intense. I bought SOLE footbeds at the recommendation of a foot/ankle orthopaedic surgeon. It was the best decision that I have made. They fit in my shoes perfectly and have relieved all of my pain. They are very durable and usually last me at least a year. I don't go a single day without wearing my SOLE inserts.

Heel spurs.

SOLE orthotic/inserts are designed such that they alleviate my chronic, severe heel pain from heel spurs/plantar fasciitis when nothing else has worked. My podiatrist sold me my first pair 3 1/2 years ago. I have two pairs and use in all of my shoes and boots. I have SOLE slides, 4 pairs, for indoors and slides for outdoors in white and black. Going barefoot is not an option for me. Going without SOLE foot support is not a choice I make. I am so thankful for the quality, beautiful design and they last years.

Plantar fasciitis

I'm a registered nurse, work 12 hr shifts on hard floors, I buy very good shoes for work and immediately put SOLE inserts in them. These have been by far the best for my feet for impact and support (even after buying $600 custom orthotics) I bought a pair of these insoles many years ago through a groupon and have tried many others. You will not be disappointed, these Active Thick are great for shoes with a little extra room, make shoes fit like a glove. If I have shoes that are more snug I purchase the thinner versions. The difference is on impact so I make sure my work shoes have a little more room for the SOLE Active Thick, easier on my joints and feet.

Now I can wear shoes I like!

Every pair of shoes I own have had SOLE inserts for the last two years. I have two problems with my feet - Morton's Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis. I found some specialized shoes that greatly alleviated my foot pain, but they were not only bordering on hideous, but also tremendously expensive. Then I found SOLE inserts with Met pads. Now I can buy whatever shoe I want, and by the magic of SOLE, have the same level of pain relief I got from my plain (to speak kindly) and expensive specialty shoes. The fact that SOLE is made from recycled cork is icing on the environmental cake.

Great slide for Plantar fasciitis

This is the second pair of these slides that I've ordered. Love them and wear them all the time. They really helped me get over my Plantar fasciitis!

Sweet Flip

Great flip to help with plantar fasciitis or to relax at the end of a long day after wearing work shoes. The cork footbed is comfortable and long lasting. Can't wait for more summer weather to return to wear these some more.

Relief at home

Having used SOLE inserts for many years since my orthopedic surgeon recommended them following failed attempts with custom inserts to relieve plantar fasciitis. I have used them in all my shoes and boots. I had to try the Exhale for around the house. Typical slippers have virtually no support. These feel wonderful, the deep tread is great for the basement stairs and the toe cap guarantee no stubbed toes. Love them!

Excellent fit for my hockey skates!

I love my SOLE footbeds! I struggle with plantar fasciitis and so wearing my hockey skates has been a hard thing for me - to the point that I've gone winters without skating...until I put these footbeds into my skates. Total difference. Instead of needing to get my skates off after 5 minutes, I get to play and skate for hours without pain. SO GOOD!


I love these footbeds. LOVE them! I struggle with plantar fasciitis and they have made a massive difference in my foot pain. They fit in my Blundstones perfectly. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Fantastic support

I had plantar fasciitis for 18 months. Once I put the SOLE foobeds into my footwear I had immediate relief. This product is fantastic, affordable and molds easily. I would highly recommend this product!

Best flip flops ever!

Approximately 8 years ago I was diagnosed with plantars fasciitis. If you're not familiar with this injury I would compare it to walking on bruises, very painful and debilitating . I had expensive custom shoe inserts made which provided little relief. It wasn't until I purchased the SOLE flip flops that I could comfortably walk around. I wore the SOLEs inside and outside as they were the only footwear that provided any sense of comfort. I believe they helped in curing my plantar fasciitis which lasted about a year. Oh! did I mention I have worn those original SOLEs up until recently when I bought a new pair of Catalina flips? (Actually I still use the original to trek out to my hot tub). I would highly recommend the SOLE flips. Not only do they provide excellent comfort and good looks, they could be last flip flops you ever own based on their quality of construction.


I love these sandals. I live in SOLE sandals. The size 8 fits my foot perfectly. I no longer have any plantar fasciitis or heel's amazing to live pain-free. Thanks SOLE!

Richard Kerschtien

Awesome Sandals

I am currently wearing my third pair of Navigate sandals. I began wearing them after experiencing plantar fasciitis. They are tough and well made! Once formed to my foot they are very comfortable and I can walk all day without any foot issues. These sandals rock!

Great for being on your feet all day

I am a bar manager and purchased these for work. They are great. They are supportive to be on your feet for hours at a time. They have a descent non-slip sole. They slip on nicely and stay put and run true to size. I have plantar fasciitis and they worked very well for that. I love SOLE products and have a couple pairs of their footbeds, but never tried shoes until now. I am a fan.

Love then

I have struggled with plantar fasciitis for 20 years due to an old ankle injury. Once my podiatrist introduced me to SOLE, there was no going back--I only wear SOLE flip flops, and all my regular shoes have SOLE inserts in them. These Monterey flips are no exception--I love them. I can wear them all day and my feet never hurt. They fit my feet perfectly and run true to size.


SOLE flip flops are my fave! I have plantar fasciitis and wear a pair indoors as slippers and keep multiple pairs for outdoors. I try to buy at least a pair a year for the last few years and have yet to "kill" a pair... I also wore them throughout my pregnancy. I had 2 days where my feet were swollen, that's it. And even my doctor was surprised that after my pregnancy they didn't need to do any further "repairs" to my feet. She figured it was wearing the flip flops as a slipper that made a huge difference.

Saved my feet

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis, very painful. Doctor recommended wearing orthotics. So I got a couple par of Sole orthotics..... and rest is history. Been wearing them ever since. Great product. Very comfortable. I highly recommend them.

Helped with plantar fasciitis

I bought these specifically for an older relative who suffers from plantar fasciitis. They reported that the shoes eased the pain of walking. In general, they said the shoes are light, comfortable and sufficiently neutral in style to not attract attention (an important consideration). They found them wide for their size (8), which was remedied by wearing thicker socks. They had some difficulty at first using the tabs to pull the shoes on but eventually got used to it. Overall, they are pleased with the shoes and are considering adding SOLE insoles to some other shoes.

So far so good

I am active runner who has been dealing with plantar fasciitis in the last year, and I was searching for a good footbed that would support my foot. Its been 2 months now of regular use and the fit seems great. I use the insoles in my running shoes and in my regular shoes with no problem. Of course, these won't fully cure your plantar fasciitis by themselves! I am doing daily stretches and exercises, but they are a great tool to have in your toolbox. ;) In these last 2 months I also tried the medium version but found out they dont fit in most of my shoes. These ones are thinner but still very confortable.

Morton's Neuroma & Plantar Fasciiitis Relief

Immediate relief for my Morton's Neuroma on my right foot. Excellent support for the plantar fasciitis on my left foot. I couldn't thank enough. Looking forward to try out other models :-)

Plantar Fasciitis Relief

The Catalina Sport Flips (and previously the "Sport Flips") are my "go-to" flip flops. Along with the Ultra Insoles in my regular shoes, I am freed from the discomfort of PF that basically precludes me from walking ANYWHERE in bare feet. Great cushioning and arch support. I have recommended these products to several friends, who have also found relief from PF from them. Thank You SOLE for producing a quality, effective line of products!

Esther O'Hern


Love these flips! Comfortable and yet great support for my plantar fasciitis problems.

Pain relief

I have Plantar Fasciitis on my left heel/ foot recently, I experienced sharp heel pain & unbearable foot pain during the day. Recently, I chanced upon the SOLE Catalina Sport Flips & I bought them. Wearing these really made me feel the difference ever since.

Shannon Harder

Best Flip Ever!

I can't say enough good things about the Del Mar Flip! My flat feet are very prone to Plantar Fasciitis, and I wear these supportive flips all day every day with no pain!

100% comfort

I have been having pain with plantar fasciitis for the last few years and these sandals are the only thing that keep the pain away. They are so comfy and are now my new gold sandals! Amazing product, I have about 5 different pairs!

Lifesavers, but.......

Bought the Baja Flip a few months ago. Absolutely love what it does. Stopped my plantar fasciitis and calmed those shin splints after a tough day on my feet. A little disappointed that the heel portion of the sole is already starting to wear down since the biomechanics of the sandal are so tough. All in all a good sandal!

Helped heal my Plantar Fasciitis

I have worn SOLE flips since about 2009. Nothing seemed to help my plantar fasciitis until I purchased a pair of SOLE flips. When I came home from work (wearing arch support sneakers) I put on my SOLE flips in the house. This was the answer I was looking for! JUST purchased a new pair (that's how long they last!) and I'm still in love! My old ones are still amazingly comfortable, I just wanted a new color :)

Diana Sullivan

Love Love my SOLE Sandals

I absolutely love my SOLE products. I have Plantar Fasciitis and have a hard time finding any shoes other than custom orthotics that won't make my foot hurt. My SOLE sandals are so comfortable and I have no pain while I wear them and they last year after year.


Love these!

I've been wearing several of SOLE flips for over 5 years now. I can't say enough good things! I live in Florida so flip are a year-round thing for us and I have 4-6 pairs at any given time. These are the only brand that truly release the pain from my plantar fasciitis and keep it away. I like the cork base, they are a little softer on my feet for long wear and my hubby likes that they absorb a bit of sweat for him. I love their inserts too!

Heel Pain Solved

Ordered these inserts to help with my heel pain due to plantar fasciitis. Wanted to be able to wear multiple pairs of tennis shoes without having to transfer my orthotics each time I chose a different pair of shoes. These are great!!

Great support

My Dr recommend SOLE for my plantar fasciitis! It is truly a godsend. I never knew the inserts and flip flops I have been wearing in the past had such little support.

Best Ortho Flip Flops on the market!

I've been wearing SOLE brand flip flops for the past 8 years! I suffered horribly from plantar fasciitis and was looking for a shoe that would help and also provide some good options in place of my less comfortable flip flops for summer. Since that time I have purchased 10 pairs and I'm never without them on my feet and the plantar issue has long since gone away! For winter time I wear the SOLE inserts in all my boots to keep my feet nice and comfy and to avoid getting back the planter issue! I recommend these to everyone and have gotten my husband to start wearing them as well. Can't say enough!

life saver

These sandals are awesome! I struggle off and on with plantar fasciitis and a Morton's neuroma. These are the only flip flops I can wear. I wear them all winter long in Arizona not only because the weather is warm but because I have tile floors and these flip flops offer me the footbed my feet require to be happy. I also have SOLE insoles in all my shoes and wouldn't walk anywhere without them.

Love these shoes!

I have 5 pairs of SOLE flips. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and these have been a life saver. I wear them as slippers in the house year round and my feet are happy! Love this product!


I have a pair of these in all my shoes and boots! I love, love, love them! They have completely eliminated my plantar fasciitis pain! I recommend to everybody!

I could walk again

I was running on the beach playing frisbee when all of a sudden I couldn't walk on my left foot and had excruciating pain. I had to hobble around on my tippy toes. After going to the Orthopedic, he recommended that the first thing I should do is get SOLE inserts made for plantar fasciitis. I went online to look and there were so many options, I was a bit confused. I called Sasha on the service desk and she quickly advised me on the proper insert. I told her I would be leaving town before I would receive them. She quickly guided me to a local dealer, where I went right down and picked up a couple of pairs. Medium and Thin. Let me tell you, I put them in my sport shoe and it was like a miracle, I could walk on my whole foot again with most of my pain was gone instantly. Since I spend most of my time in flip flops I had to get them too. They offer a lot of support and feel great. Thanks for being there for me. Your products made a real difference in my life.

Adjustable slip on

SOLE was recommended by my foot doctor and they are great for my plantar fasciitis. The new adjustable slide is fantastic, as I can now adjust it for bare feet, or if I need to wear socks. I would highly recommend this product.


I have been wearing SOLE flips for 5+ years. I had plantar fasciitis and was in constant pain, but not since wearing these flip flops. I also have the inserts for my work shoes and sneakers. Won't wear shoes without them! I can stand for 8+ hours in comfort.

Adorable sport flip

I ordered two Catalina Sport Flip, one for indoor and another for outdoor. They look so cute and fit so comfortable. I can be on my feet the whole day. They are truly Anti-Odor which it was very important to me since my feet sweat a lot, the footbed is perfect because it absorbs moisture. The Met Pad Support is so soft and gentle, it reduced plantar fasciitis symptoms. I am very satisfied with this flips because walking around is no longer painful or tiring for my feet and I get compliments for the look.

Great Flip-Flop!

When I first received these, they were very, very tight. I could barely get my foot into them and the strap was super tight on the top of my foot. After wearing them for a few days, they fit perfectly now and I love them! Super comfortable with great arch support for my plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis

I had a flare up of plantar fasciitis on my right foot that wouldn't go away regardless of how much I stretched. I tried countless insoles from other brands (some had soft gels and did not provide enough rigid support, others with carbon inserts were too rigid and didn't provide flexibility for my active livestyle) until trying these Sport Medium insoles. After heat molding them in the oven and placing it in my running shoes, I've been able to keep flare ups away. I ended up buying a set for my casual shoes and oxfords I use at work. They've elevated the level of comfort across the board on all my shoes. I'm able to walk and hike for several miles again. I've had them for over a year now, and it's made me curious as to what their lifespan is.

Recovering with Sole support

My daughter recommended SOLE when I needed to carefully choose a new sandal. She wears her slides constantly because they are THE most comfortable thing she puts on her feet. She runs and these are great for recovery, as well as for general, daily wear. She knew that I was looking for a supportive, adjustable sandal as I neared the end of my recovery from plantar fasciitis. I have flat feet, over-pronate, and wear orthotics so I need more than an ordinary sandal. My usually reliable Birks were too hard on my tender heel. My Finns weren't cutting it with enough support and inserting my orthotics into the Finn base was not cushioned enough. The hot days of summer had arrived and I needed something cool yet supportive to prevent the plantar fasciitis from worsening and disabling me again. This slide is super comfy and has been supportive enough to meet my needs for a sandal. SOLE are great for summer's many water situations too. Soles were the answer for all my sandal needs.

Save your feet

I started buying insoles with arch support after my doctor (who is a pro-team Los Angeles Doctor) recommended them to me. I had plantar fasciitis from tennis and needed extra cushion and arch support. I had tried expensive orthotics with my podiatrist, but they fell apart. I have a pair of SOLE insoles for every type of shoe I can get them to fit in. When I travel, these make sightseeing and a day of walking bearable. I really believe in SOLE insoles.

These Save your feet

I started buying insoles with arch support after my doctor (who is a pro-team Los Angeles Doctor) recommended them to me. I had plantar fasciitis from tennis and needed extra cushion and arch support. I had tried expensive orthotics with my podiatrist but they fell apart, splitting after a year of high use for tennis, walking and general working out. I have a pair of insoles for every type of shoe I can get them to fit in. When I travel, these make sightseeing and a day of walking bearable. I really believe in these insoles.

No more plantar fasciitis pain

For years I have dealt with plantar fasciitis. More recently it had become debilitating and I gave up my daily walk. My job, however, required standing for long periods. I would find myself hobbling to my car after work. I tried many remedies and some helped relieve the pain but it wasn't until I discovered SOLE that my pain went away. Within a week, I knew that I had to get a pair for all my regular shoes. I even bought a pair of Sole flip flops that I could wear around the house so my feet would always have support. It has made a world of difference. Thank you SOLE!


Post boot from my plantar fasciitis issue, these inserts allowed me to resume my outdoor activities with no pain. I now use SOLE inserts in all my footwear.


I was referred to your product by my pedorthic clinic (Katie Whalen) where I was fitted with insoles for my plantar fasciitis. I have now ordered 3 pair of these flips and I love them !!!! I have a narrow foot but they wrap and hold my feet in place very comfortably. I wear a pair around the house as a slipper for the summer ( would you ever consider making a slipper)? I would definitely buy them!

My experience says these are the best

I had been in the running and fitness industry and a runner when I came across SOLE. I've used custom-made orthotics and just about every over the counter brand due to several bouts of plantar fasciitis, until I came across SOLE. Highly rigid orthotics make feet weaker and diminish the runner's ability to use natural mechanics for push off and landing. What I wanted was support but not something akin to plywood underfoot. My running buddies used to call me plywood because I would wear supportive running shoes AND orthotics. CLOMP CLOMP here I come! So I began to experiment with several different brands of orthotics and since I was in the industry it wasn't cost prohibitive. I tried SuperFeet, Powerstep, SofSole, even Dr. Scholls. Despite the claims, they did not seem to mold to my foot and ranged from too soft to too rigid. In addition as a runner I was always talking to experts about biomechanics and stride. Just because of have flexible arches, I thought, doesn't mean I should not be able to find my most efficient stride (I was running up to 65 miles a week). I came across SOLE and with my usual skepticism, tried them. With different thicknesses of their base, the SOLE orthotics immediately offered support and comfort. I didn't feel as if I had a rigid board underfoot but a support that seemed to move with my shoe. I even moved to a neutral shoe (Saucony Ride among others). The SOLE orthotic provided the right amount of resistance to pronation without eliminating it entirely so I was still able to move efficiently. I loved how with use they molded to my foot (You don't have to heat them, they're moldable through use). I have several pairs I use in casual shoes (thin) and in work and hiking boots (thick) and rely on SOLE for support. They are durable; don't tell the company this but I used the thin in my casual/business shoes for three years (way beyond the life expectancy, I know and I've since replaced them). Not only are the products great, I like the company, its mission and their customer service. I like that they were founded in Canada and do business worldwide (including offices/warehouse in the US). If you think this review is a little gushing, my apologies. I have very few companies I truly love and support. Sole is one of the few.

Can't go without SOLE

I can't live without my SOLES! In all my shoes - work shoes, dress shoes, boots. They are the only relief when it comes to plantar fasciitis issues. (The flip flops and sandals are my summer choice as well!)


Hands down SOLE makes the best inserts. I have been using them for years. In my late 20s I had horrible foot pain. I went to doctors and physical therapy but nothing helped until one of the physical therapist recommended to try these inserts. I tried them out and within a couple of weeks the planter fasciitis was gone and the pain was gone. I have been wearing them in every pair of shoes and sneakers since.

Amazing flips

I have about 10 pairs of Flips and 8 pairs of footbeds. My daughter told me about them about 16 years ago, as I suffered from plantar fasciitis. I have not had any issues with the plantar fasciitis since I have started wearing them. They are so comfortable and provide additional support. Jim

The best!!!

I started using SOLE a couple months ago after coming back from injury and also suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. This product has enabled me to resume training and properly manage my PF pain on a daily basis. Without these insoles I would definitely NOT be running and probably not walking very well either. Thanks SOLE much!!!!

Great foot beds / insoles

It's been almost 3 years since I initially bought SOLE footwear and footbeds. I had painful plantar fasciitis and was referred to this company by a relative. Although I did not experience immediate results, over time between SOLE and good footwear, my foot pain has gone away. I definitely recommend SOLE and especially the footbeds. Thanks SOLE!!!

These sandals are money!

Loving my new flips. The knit strap looks and feels great, and I feel awesome knowing that I am standing on recycled wine corks. On top of that, it's really nice to have a sandal that has some support and isn't flat under foot too. I can already feel them helping my plantar fasciitis. Would highly recommend.

A happy runner once again!

I was bothered by bad plantar fasciitis for more than a year and was unable to run regularly due to the pain. I had to force myself to rest for a period of time before running again and the pain would come back after I resume my running. I saw my favourite runner - Dean Karnazes was advertising for Sole footbeds and started to do research on it and found out that they may help me to treat my plantar fasciitis. I bought a pair of the thickest version and used them on my running shoes. True enough, I was able to run pain-free. I was so amazed. I have been running every single day now and I am no longer being bothered by PF. They are life-changing. I am able to enjoy running again!!!

Highly Recommend

I just wanted to share my amazing experience w/ sole insoles. I have had plantar fasciitis for 10 yrs. My old podiatrist retired 5 years ago. Each year I keep getting custom made orthos and each year they are made wrong. I have been suffering and relying on steroids. My feet got worse and then I developed achilles tendonitis & extensor tendonitis. Even my gastrocnemius muscle started to spasm. I went back to another foot dr & and did 3 months of PT and the new custom made ones hurt even more. I could barely stand in the shower or make it through the grocery store. Then I bought SOLE, it was instant heaven. I know have 3 pairs. I started 2 weeks ago but I am 98% percent pain free while wearing them. I'm sure it will take more time to fully recover. I am in love with SOLE and cannot live without them. THANK YOU


I totally agree with Mr. Lacroix I was shocked and disappointed when my flips broke a thong. They were worn at least 150 days annually and only lasted 9 years !! I too had plantar fasciitis and bought the flips on the advice of my pharmacist. Imagine my surprise when my hip pointer also disappeared. I have sole inserts in all my shoes but wear the flips most of the time.

Saved my feet

I've been using various Sole footbeds for several years and can say that I've found nothing better. I have high arches and work construction, sometimes on my feet for most of a 12 hour, or longer, shift and have developed plantar fasciitis as a result. I've tried other brands with varying results but, Sole footbeds are the ones that have made a huge difference, so much so that my feet rarely bother me anymore. The thing I like about them is that they are heat moldable. Because my arches are so high and longer than normal, I actually gently heat my new Soles with a heat gun and mold more arch into them than they come with. Doing so I can slightly over-mold them and they conform to the exact shape of my foot after wearing them for a few days. Without doing that It would mean costly custom orthotics. My youngest son was cursed with the same feet as mine and we both use Sole. Thanks for the excellent product.

Lasted FOREVER! Awesome value!

Purchased through my foot doctor because of plantar fasciitis, I questioned spending so much for "flip flops." After wearing them for a few days, I knew they would help my feet. But after EIGHT YEARS of almost daily wear, my Sole cork slides finally suffered a broken thong, clearly illustrating the value of Sole footwear! Totally getting way more than your money's worth!



Just got back from a week in Mexico with my new flips and I have to say I love them! Wore them everywhere I went. They immediately took away the pain from the plantar fasciitis in my right foot caused from other flat sandals. I am really digging the new sleek look too. And the recycled cork story is so cool! I'll drink to that. Love love love. Highly recommend.

Got me running again

I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE footbeds to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried Custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.

Best ever

These are by far the best insoles I've ever purchased! I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis and these mold to my feet exactly where I need the support! They are even better than my custom made orthotics!


A request for SOLE

I love my 5 pairs of sole flips. So good for problem feet and plantar fasciitis. I live in these shoes for the summer, outside and often in the house during other seasons.


I have successfully used SOLE footbeds for many years. Initially for hiking and backpacking, they saved my knees from the constant impact of long descents while carrying heavy packs. After contracting plantar fasciitis from running in shoes with poor insoles, I started wearing SOLE footbeds in all of my shoes including my everyday business dress shoes, running, tennis and softball shoes. I firmly believe that SOLE footbeds not only allowed me to "play thru" and continue to enjoy the activities I love, but also helped significantly with the recovery from plantars.

Great Footbeds

I own multiple pairs of footbeds and use them in casual and dress work shoes, athletic sneakers, and baseball cleats. I suffered with bad plantar fasciitis and my doctor recommended expensive orthotics that would only fit certain pairs of shoes so I did research and tried SOLE with great results. I love these and recommend them to friends all the time.

Stephanie Thiess

Best arch support ever

I found these from a review on Amazon about my normal Orthaheel shoes. The reviewer felt these were much better, which sounded hard to believe to me. So I was shocked when I tried these on to learn that they ARE better than any shoe I've ever tried. (A lot!) these are better than orthaheel because not only do they have perfect arch support but they allow for that natural place under the toes that also needs support, the heel bed is deep enough to support proper ankle position also. An old ankle injury and severe plantar fasciitis is getting amazing relief since wearing these shoes. I love them and I bought 4 (don't judge me ;) foot pain relief is no joke!) I have 1 pair for outside shoes, 1 pair for inside shoes (we don't wear outside shoes in the house) and an extra backup for each in case these get discontinued like happens sometimes. Brilliant design!

Byron Baker

Sole is great

I have several Sole Footbeds and now the Navigate. A couple of years ago, I was limping around in Hawaii on a work trip and saw some Marines buying Footbeds in the exchange at Camp Smith. I asked one of them what they were and he said. "They're SOLEs and we all put them in our boots." So, I bought a pair, then later another pair, and then later more. Now I have them in all my shoes. My plantar fasciitis subsided fairly quickly. I'm a happy camper and recently completed a hike in the Grand Canyon of over 40 miles in a couple of days with no pain.


Since 2007

As a female I have large feet so nice shoes that fit are hard to find, but I have always loved flip flops. That was until I developed planters fasciitis. One of my team mates recommended Sole, I was a bit taken back by the price at first, but WOW, they were worth every penny! I have had so many pairs now that I have lost count. The first few pairs wore out after a couple of years of hard wearing, which just gave me an opportunity to buy more. I own the winter boots, shoes, sport flips, cork flips (my favorite), slides, and the new navigator. Other then when I have to dress up, Sole it is all I wear. I have been a very satisfied customer since 2007. PS the planters fasciitis was gone within a month. I wear them for 12 hour days at trade shows and never have sore feet, knees, back or hips. They are magic!!!!

Like walking on clouds

I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for years and after a week of wearing these I am in love and can walk pain free.. will definitely invest in more. Would love to have more colors in the size 11...

Best ever footbeds

Have tried all the footbeds on the market and expensive orthotics and these are by far the best. Now I can walk long distances in comfort and I have had no flare-ups from my plantar fasciitis. They last a very long time and whenever my feet begin to hurt, I know it is time for a new pair. Love, love, love this product!


Omg where have you been! I never leave reviews but for these it was a must. I have a very high arch and have been suffering with heel pain due to plantars fasciitis. I have tried everything. When you are in so much pain you will pay anything for relief. These are a must. I got them this morning did the heat molding and wore them most of the day. It's like a miracle, pain gone after 1 day. I will definitely get another pair or 2. I am going to try the flip flops next.

SOLE changed my life!

I'm so happy with the purchase. SOLE SIMPLY changed my life !!! I spent hundreds of dollars on orthotics , none worked out for me and they were waste money. I was suffering from plantar fasciitis for couple of months, running and doing exercises were becoming difficult and painful. After purchasing your products, I'm hitting the gym and trails everyday and I don't feel any pain in my feet. Thank you for designing such an awesome product !

Foot pains

I have normal arches in both feet but I developed bilateral plantar fasciitis in late 2012 due to the use of a pair of work shoes which did not flex in the metatarsophalangeal area. I decided to give these SOLE Softec Ultra Footbeds a try. I felt some pain relief on the third day. Pains were completely relieved after 3 months of use. I now use these insoles in my work shoes, tennis shoes and running shoes. I do not go out without them even after I have been pain free for almost 2 years. I have 6 pairs of the Softec Ultras. I have been recommending them to my patients.

The best

I don't usually do reviews but think this is worthwhile. About 6 years ago I suffered Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. This was cured by custom orthotics at a cost of 300. However I have battled this condition and mild knee pain throughout which never went away fully. As the custom orthotics wore out I tried SOLE Softec Ultras. I have worn them without doing the heating process and can say coupled with daily stretching my knees and feet are great. I am running 3/4 times a week and wear military boots for a living. I can only say I wish I had tried them earlier. They take about a week to wear in but after that fantastic. Excellent product and customer support.

Ian Thornton

Thank you!

Thank you. Your soles have corrected my plantar fasciitis, therefore my knees and my back. I am a 46 year-old full-time father of a two and one year old. I've just run a half marathon and can pick up my two young children and dance them to sleep. My children are happy because I am mobile and they have my full attention. I run six days a week with no pain. I have lost thirty pounds, and because I can run, I can write. I'm an English novelist living in Toronto and running/walking is how and where I get my ideas. Your soles might have saved my life. Thank you.

Best for what I do

I had Plantar Fasciitis. I am a fly fisher, golfer, hunter, hiker, etc. These thin orthotics are the best. Forget any other brand. I have tried them all and most don't work well. I use the Sport in my golf shoes , walking loafers, etc. I use the thicker Red or black in my wading boots for walking streams. Just buy them.

A great sole

My husband and I were traveling fromMaine to Florida and somewhere during the trip, I lost one of my insoles. As soon as we landed inFlorida we set out to find a new pair. At a running store, we came across Sole and they are the best over the counter insoles I have ever had. I have suffered with flat feet since a child and have had a few bouts of plantar fasciitis. These are an excellent product and I will be purchasing a pair for my golf shoes, and two more pairs for my other sneakers.

Best Insoles Ever!

I have been suffering from Plantar fasciitis for over a year now. Went to podiatrist and he put me in another brand of insoles. I had little to no improvement. He told me the next step was custom inserts and that my insurance would not cover the $450 cost. I found these moldable inserts after reading several great reviews. I can actually feel the support on the arch of my foot! I FINALLY am pain free. I have told 2 different people on my tennis team and they went out and bought them. They told me yesterday that both of them can already feel relief. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product. I thought I would never feel relief!!


nice pair

I have been suffering from Plantar fasciitis and my physiotherapist recommended using sole products, being expensive i didnt order for long time, but it came to extent that I couldnt tolerate pain, so I thought i should give a try and ordered them. now I wear everyday to even work and feel so comfortable that somebody is protecting my feet. I dont feel any more pain wearing them. I think these are worth each penny than paying hundreds of dollars for physiotherapy. the only downside which I see is little broader around toes


Plantar fasciitis + Squash

Might sound crazy to spend half as much the price of a performance athletic shoe for an insole, but there is nothing better that I've found on the market for managing/preventing foot pain like Plantar fasciitis. Squash is incredibly tough on your feet. I ALWAYS use these (and happily buy them). Great product SOLE.


GREAT boots

I bought these boots because my UGGS were killing my plantar fasciitis. I had already bought a pair of SOLE flip flops and loved them. These boots were great. I wore them hunting and my feet did not hurt much at all hiking through the woods. I would highly recommend them if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Best work shoes I've ever owned

I am a waiter and I also run ultra marathons for fun. Sole flip slops have been the only product I've found to help relieve my foot pain (most often, Plantar Fasciitis). The only time I spend good money on a shoe is for my running, but I have never found a comfortable work shoe. I took a gamble on these and they were totally worth it! I wear a size 9 normally (size 9 1/2 in my trail shoes) but I took the sole reps recommendation and went with a size 10. They're a little loose, but I feel the 9 probably would've been too tight. Anyways, These are awesome. They feel like I'm wearing flip flops at work and they look professional too! My feet have never been happier, I wish I would've looked into these a long time ago. Thanks Sole!

Virginia from Princeton, Mass.

I have plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and severe pronation in both feet. I began walking daily this past January and am walking up to 7 miles per day. this is possible because I am wearing great Brooks Running shoes, Control style, and very importantly...I always have my Sole Softec Ultra footbeds in every pair of shoes I own. They are wonderful. They are the thickest footbed Sole makes. They provide lots of cushioning and control, to keep my heel positioned right where it should be. I love them. I highly recommend them to anyone with similar foot problems. If it wasn't for the combo of great sneakers and great footbeds, I would not be able to walk as much as I am. Thank you Sole for a great product!


I can walk!

I can walk! I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for some time now and even after getting $500 orthotics I was still not improving. Given the lack of benefit I was observing from the one pair of orthotics, I couldn't justify spending that much money on extra sets for all of my shoes. When I saw that the Sole inserts were available for less than a tenth of what I paid, and they are in some ways better than the orthotics, I was able to outfit all of my shoes. It is early days right now, but i am finally walking with no pain ( Xm - fingers crossed!)


I am in my early thirties and an activity junkie- running, spinning, yoga oh yeah, and I walk 4 miles to and from work. I recently developed plantar fasciitis. Most shoes for the condition are ugly- plus I love my flip flops! I stumbled on your site sifting through the usual sport/running blogs. I got these flip flops today and just putting my feet in them felt like heaven. I hope the upcoming weeks prove just as wonderful (thus the 4 stars instead of 5... room to grow). They do "flop" for me but its not a big- stride altering movement. Also, a great deal when on sale!

Live in these, litterally

I found this shoe about 2 years ago when they went on sale at a local Walk/Run Store....ooooh and they are the best ever! I have rheumatoid arthritis as well as plantar fasciitis; needing a metatarsal support pad....I think they cover it. I wear them around house in winter as slippers, actually have hard time walking without them as they support my feet correctly, and wear them pretty much 24/7 in the summer as the tan lines on my feet


Loved this product. From the moment I stepped into them, I felt instant relief! My plantar fasciitis has made it difficult to find a pair of sandals that are comfortable to walk in. These are great. I would have given it a 5 star rating, however there was rubbing on the top left inner strap where my foot over pronates and rubs against. I hope that will go away soon because I love the way they feel on the bottom of my feet!

Ryan Schweitzer

I owe you so much

I have been living with horrible plantar fasciitis for over a year now. I tried just about every insole I could get my hands on with no results. Being an Infantryman in the Army I come across a lot of gimmicks and plenty of people looking to take our money. One day I went into the clothing and sales on Fort Bliss and I saw a rack of these Sole Softec Response Moldable Footbeds. A salesperson was doing a bit of a demo showing how easy these insoles are to mold and how firm the arch support was. I read the directions and figured even I can't mess this up. A few minutes of trimming and a few minutes in the oven and in the boots they went. I have been pain free every day since. As I look back at all of the money I wasted on insoles, night splints and all of the time spent suffering with horrible pain, I honestly thought I would suffer for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making a quality product that honestly saved my career and gave me life back. If there is anything that I can do for your company other than telling everyone I can think of about your product please let me know. I owe you so much.

better than custom

I've had two pairs for well over a year and they are still like new. They are forgiving but still very sturdy. Tired of moving them from shoe to boot and so forth, so I'm buying another pair or 2. I had prescription insoles made through my foot doctor for a tough case of plantar fasciitis, and these are much more comfortable and effective in my opinion.

Feet Savers!

I bought two pairs of these Sport Slim Soles two years ago for my hockey skates and downhill ski boots. They made a huge difference in the comfort of my skates. I have plantar fasciitis and flat feet, and my skates feel like slippers now! My ski boots felt like they were crushing my foot downwards. Now I feel like I have some arch support, and my feet sit more neutral in the boot. I will be buying more pairs for my walking/running shoes and motorcycle boots. Thanks for making such a great product!

Got me running again

I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE insoles to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried Custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.


Suffered with plantar fasciitis for several years, got so bad I couldn't walk. Finally went for PT and other treatments with the possiblity of surgery if pain did not improve. Purchased $500 orthotics, but still suffered some discomfort, with tightness in the heel/foot every morning and intermittent discomfort/pain while up. Recently, I started to get severe pain in both feet again, somedays it hurt so bad it was difficult walking, and this was with my custom orthotics. I was ready to go back to the doctor and PT, when I remembered I had bought these SOLE soles just before I got my orthotics so I never really used them. I put the SOLES in my work boots and within three days my pain was almost completely gone. A month or so later, I am 100% pain free in both feet and absolutely no pain/stiffness/tightness in the morning. I have to believe these SOLES gave me this relief. I would recommend these to anyone suffering from any kind of foot problem. I will be buying a couple more pairs to put in my other shoes...Thank You SOLE!

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SOLE Footbeds have saved me from surgery

I have flat feet which has resulted in plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. SOLE footbeds along with brooks dyad sneakers has relieved pain, allowed me to continue to run, and saved me from surgery.

Brian johnson

Get These

12 hours on my feet running around a very busy ER and no more back/ foot pain. I've tried many pairs of insoles over the last 20+ years but these are by far the best. I was starting to get plantar fasciitis, bought these my feet stopped hurting. Then i noticed that my low back wasn't hurting as much. Now no more back pain in part due to improved posture when standing. Being pain free and able to work is worth every penny.

Ivy Tan

Overall excellent, but...

These are great and really helped my plantar fasciitis, but the cut is too wide for most ladies' shoes except athletic shoes and unisex sneakers. A narrower cut for ladies would be really appreciated!

Absolutely Fantastic!!!

I was hobbling with plantar fasciitis. When diagnosed, my doctor told me to go get running shoes with orthodics. At the shoe store I was shown these flips..... I was able to walk without pain immediately! Can't say that about the running shoes with the orthodics. I have purchased 3 pairs of these flips and wish I could find more. Why the shortage?

Shawn Emery

Thin, yes. Casual, yes. Dress, no

Have tried several treatments for my recent development plantar fasciitis and decided to go the orthotic route and SOLE in particular when a friend said the SOLE socks really helped him. Decided to try the Thin Casual so I could wear them in both my dress and running shoes. While the feel great in running and Keen-type casual shoes and have helped tremendously, they are not for dress shoes. A bit disappointed in that respect but overall my foot feels tons better so I can overlook the fact that I cannot wear them during the day at work. Highly recommend and considering purchasing some socks.


Now I have them for all my shoes

I had suffered with plantar fasciitis for a year before I purchased my first pair of footbeds. Since purchasing my first pair, I have been pain free and am loving it! Now I have them for all my shoes.

Chad Snyder

Within three days virtually ALL of the pain in my left foot was gone!

Hi, My name is Chad Snyder from Bent Mountain Va. Being a big guy 6'2" and 300 lbs, 40 years old and very active I am hard on my feet to say the least. For the last year I have suffered badly with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. About two weeks ago I purchased a pair of Sole Ultra moldable footbeds for my boots. Rather than heating them to get a fit I simply put them in my boots and went on my way. Within three days virtually ALL of the pain in my left foot was gone! After two weeks I can't remember what it felt like to have that excruciating pain when I took my first steps of the morning. I am not overstating how happy this makes me then I say that I am ECSTATIC!!! If you know anything about plantar fascilitis you know it can be all but debilitating. I have tried several other products over the last year and nothing worked. Thanks for the great product and thanks helping me get rid of my pain!!


The Exhale is a great fit, warm and gives you a slipper and outdoor shoe all in one. Having plantar fasciitis and pronation it is important to have a good custom fit. The Sole people do it with precision.


I have been a happy customer for about five years now

I am a family physician and also practiced in the Air Force for several years before going civilian. I suffered from plantar faciitis for six straight years. I found SOLE footbeds in my military uniform store around 2005. I bought a pair for my combat boots and they were amazing. I then went online and ordered some for my running shoes, my soccer shoes, and my casual shoes. I have been a happy customer for about five years now and with the combination of my SOLE footbeds and a little activity modification, I have been rid of my plantar faciitis symptoms for over two years now. I am always careful though, because I know the symptoms can return. One of the preventive maintenance things I always do is wear shoes indoors when I walk around on our tile flooring. After reading the great reviews, I am going to order my first pair of SOLE sandals and plan to use them when walking around on our tile floors as one more way to stave off any return of my previous heel pain symptoms. I can't wait until they arrive. SOLE has not failed me yet!

Cynthia Mone

Foot And Knee Problems??

I run 5 miles a day and after many years of doing this I began having extreme foot pain and knee pain so bad that it stopped me from running. The Dr. diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and arthritis in my knees. He said my feet would heal by itself in due time but to stay off my feet, but I need to learn to live with the pain in my knees. I did for a while but it didn't improve at all. I finally tried these foot beds and in under a week both problems disappeared completely. I will never wear shoes without them again. I Love them. Thank you so much for making these.


These are the best sandals I've ever worn

These are the best sandals I've ever worn! I've suffered from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee pain and shin pain for the last 10 years and I haven't been able to wear flip flops or even most sandals without a lot of pain after about 15 minutes of wearing them. I'm a runner and I'm forced to wear orthotics in shoes for pronation and the plantar fasciitis to eliminate some of the pain and problems so I had pretty much given up on wearing sandals. I won a pair of the sport flips in promotion through work for selling some of the insoles. When I got them I was skeptical because sandals and flip flops have always hurt my feet and they just end up collecting dust in the closet. Well, I stood for 4 hours on the sport flips at work, and pretty much haven't taken them off in the 3 days that I've had them. They are great! They provide lots of arch support and my feet haven't hurt at all. In fact the plantar fasciitis has bothered me the least in the last few days than it has in months. These are by far the best shoes I've ever worn. I've ordered a pair for my partner off your website and have recommended them to all of my friends and fellow runners. I can't believe what a difference they've made. Keep up the good work! You make a superior product.

Dave W in Mass

They gave me more relief from my plantar fascitis than the custom orthotics I'd tried

I bought Soles in preparation for a ten day hike on the AT last Spring. They gave me more relief from my plantar fascitis than the custom orthotics I'd tried. Yesterday, they really paid off again - I was clearing a friend's yard and stepped on a three-inch rusty nail sticking out of a board. The nail went through the sole of my hiking boot like butter, but didn't peirce my skin. I chalked it up to luck, but later on, when I took off my soggy boots and removed the inserts to dry, I found a nice little dent in the bottom of my right Sole - it had stopped the nail which would have gone through my foot for sure. Thanks for saving me from a trip to the doctors office, a tetanus shot, and a week of limping!!


I have tried many other brands, but have never had the success that I had with Sole

After experiencing chronic foot pain (gout, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and cramping brought on by limping from a severe hamstring injury) my podiatrist recommended Sole inserts. It took a couple of months, but all my foot problems went away. This was about 10 years ago. I have tried many other brands, but have never had the success that I had with Sole. A lot people have recommended Superfeet and I have tried them. I don't think there is anything wrong with the other brands, its just that for me personally Sole is the most comfortable and gives me the best results. I buy enough pairs in different thicknesses to put in the shoes that I wear most often. And I have a couple pairs in different thicknesses that I transfer from shoe to shoe as needed. I should mention that I am a big hiker. I go 2 miles every morning and go on 4 to 8 hour hikes about once or twice a week. Depending on the hike and the weather, I use heavy duty Vasques, lightweight Patagonia, sandals from either Teva or Keen and hiking boots from Keen. I wear the inserts with everything except Chaco sandals. I have also worked as a lift operator at ski areas and have always worn inserts in my snow boots. Bumping chairs all day is really brutal on your feet. You stand on the ball of your foot and lift your heel. As the people sit down, you bump the chair and let it spin you around, so you see the takeoff. When you see that no one has fallen out you must spin back around for the next chair. This is repeated every 5 to 7 seconds. I never had one bit of foot problem.

Nathalie Clericy

I'm ecstatic about the results

First I'd like to say that your insoles ROCK!  I tore my plantar fascia a few years ago and in addition to that have always had foot pain of some kind when hiking, whether 5 miles or multi-day and I never thought I'd be able to hike without worrying about how my feet would feel afterwards.  I purchased the Signature EV Ultra footbed for my hiking boots that will take me backpacking this season and I'm ecstatic about the results as I was literally skipping after my last long hike. I also purchased a couple of Softec Response footbeds for my trail runners that I use for light hiking and general all day walking and a pair of Thin Casuals for my tennis shoes and so far I am amazed; no pain whatsoever.  The pain and discomfort I used to feel everyday from minimal to major is now gone but I do feel it when I don't use the footbeds.  In fact, it's so noticeable that my husband jokes about me having my footbeds when we go somewhere to make sure I can keep up. One comment I have though is that the footbed doesn't exactly fit the shoes.  The shoes and boots are size 6 as are the footbeds, but they're 4/16 short of the end.  I first noticed it on the heel when I slipped the boots on; the footbed had slipped off the back of the heel, so I brought it flush with the heel but then found that the toe now has space.  Since I wear my boots a 1/2 size larger it's not an issue in performance or comfort, but I was just curious if others had mentioned this? Either way I'm keeping all of my footbeds and will definitely purchase more in the future as well as recommending them to all my friends.  Thank you for a great product!

Julia Sands

It won't be my last pair - they are awesome

I bought my first pair of Sole Sandals - the sport slide. It won't be my last pair - they are awesome. I have struggled with plantar fasciitis for 7 years. Unfortunately, the podiatrist I was seeing didn't treat my condition properly. After enduring too much pain, I found another podiatrist and had foot surgery in February 2010. About a month ago, I started experiencing excruciating heel pain. I had been told that I would still experience pain for about 6 months. But this was a different sensation & wasn't getting better, so I went to my doctor yesterday. He said my bone was severely bruised and that it would take about 2 months to heal and I needed physical therapy. He also told me to make sure I was wear good shoes even around the house. I didn't want to wear my athletic shoes or dress shoes in the house; yet, my house slippers weren't providing enough support & it hurts to go barefooted. So I googled heel pain and treatments & found a website that recommended your sandals. I went to your website, found a local retailer and bought them today. So this long winded email to say... thank you!! I had relief immediately. It doesn't hurt so bad to just walk. I had been wearing Fit Flops & Skeechers new Tone Up sandals which didn't give me the proper support.

Happy Troops

I am a Physician Assitant deployed to Iraq right now and we have a stock of Sole inserts and they have been a Godsend. I have seen more plantar fasciitis over the past months than in the past 5 years of practice. I tried some insoles because I was having some foot pain and I fell in love. We have gone through over 100 pairs for our troops and we keep ordering more because word got out and they are helping everything from foot, ankle, knee, hip and even back pain. I can't say enough about these insoles. Every other PA and Doctor here also has a pair in their shoes after hearing me and my patients rave about them and they are all in love now too.

Marcos L.

they have helped tremendously

I sware by these insoles. For the last nine months, I have been suffering with heel pain - plantar fasciitis. I tried several different insoles, even custom orthotics and the best pain relief I could get is by wearing the DK Insoles. While I won't say they have "cured" my problem, they have helped tremendously. None of the other insoles gave me the deep heel cup or the fit and comfort of your product. Thanks SOLE! You have a loyal customer for life.

Thank you

I suffered with plantar fasciitis for over two years, very miserable, I am a nurse and of course on my feet for hours. Finally the third Podiatrist I went to said to buy a shoe that bends only at the ball of the foot, and buy Sole inserts. The relief was immediate and I have been comfortable for over two yrs. now. I can tell when I need to reheat and mold, or new ones or new shoes. For the relief I got and the price, very thankful, worth every penny for sure!!!

The ONLY Flip-Flip if You've had Plantar Faschitis!

Like many runners out there, I developed plantar fasciitis and was stuck wearing only my sneakers with insoles for months. After finally "recovering" (although I believe this is a chronic condition and once you get PF, you are prone for reoccurence), these flip-flops were an AMAZING new option for me that provided support, structure, and comfort. If you've ever had arch problems, you will know how terrible ballet flats and normal flip-flops are for your feet. Seriously try these flip-flops and your arches will thank you!

G Mathew

The difference was night and day

The last few months, I've been experiencing the worst shin splints ever and recently started having plantar fasciitis every time I played basketball. I tried everything and my physio said I need to get orthos because my feet poronate too much. I didn't want to spend $400 so I tried out Superfeet, spenco etc until someone recommended soles. I just played my first game last week with the ultra softec and the difference was night and day. Where as I would want to get off every two minutes, this time i felt like I could play forever. Thank you SOLE.

Sam Brown

Thanks to these, I'm finally healing

After hiking for months with a heavy pack, I developed a pain in my left sole so extreme I thought I was walking on a broken foot. The doc diagnosed me with a plantar fasciitis, and said it would heal on its own as soon as I kept weight off it. But it didn't. It got better, it got worse, time and again, even after I got rid of the pack. Normal day to day walking was enough to set recovery back. I put these in my daily-wear boots and within the week I was certain that the healing had finally started. The arch support these provide made the difference. It's been a month now and most days I forget that anything had ever gone wrong. It might be another two months before the wound is completely repaired, but I haven't had a single bad day with it since getting these.

Dan Morse

After starting with the SOLEs I've seen a ~70% - 80% decrease in the PF /heel pain

Following the 2008 Steamboat Marathon, I developed very bad posterior tibial tendonitis which sidelined my running. The resulting weight gain, perhaps combined with my age, turned into a fierce case of plantar fasciitis which I feared may end my running. Most testimonials say the same thing, but I tried just about everything short of surgery and was just to the point of trying the cortizone shot. Shoe inserts I tried, but which did not work for me, include most over-the-counter ones, "Heel That Pain" ones (which didn't) and "Good Feet" store ones. After starting with the SOLEs I've seen a ~70% - 80% decrease in the PF /heel pain and it is no worse than it was during training and completion of the 3 previous marathons. I am finally running and I can't say the improvement is 100% due to the SOLEs, but they have made a difference that other inserts did not. The combination of calf and hamstring stretching, lifting (loading) and some PT recommended exercises with the SOLE inserts has made the difference.

Plantar Fasciitis

I have never had foot problems my entire life; but recently have been diagnosed with the very painful Plantar Fasciitis. My Physio recommended custom footbeds; but I tried Soles first to see if they would help. All of my symptoms are gone in less that 3 weeks of wearing Soles. I have just ordered 5 more pairs for all of my shoes and a pair of flip flops - I dont want that pain again.


The sole sandals have really helped

I've always had to were orthotics, and was unable to were flip flops for any extended period. The sole sandals have really helped. I also bought a pair for my boyfriend who has plantar fasciitis and he is loving them. He can get up in the morning without pain.

Marcos Lara

Best insole for PF!!!

I've been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for a couple of months now and was told to lay off of running and cycling. The doc is not allowing me to ride, so I purchased the Slim Sport Insoles. What a difference! These insoles provide so much more than the ones that came with my tri shoes. As soon as I tried them one, I knew my feet would feel better. Thanks YourSole! My flat ailing feet are already feeling better. Don't hesitate to buy these.


They make my feet feel a lot better

I have had Plantar Fascitis for several years. It is hard to find sandals and shoes that work for me. I need a really strong arch, and these sandals work. I wear them around the house all of the time like slippers, and they make my feet feel a lot better! I will buy more in the future!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my flip flops

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my flip flops. I never thought that with my high arches I'd ever be able to wear them again (haven't had a pair since I was in middle school) but I love them so much that I'm tempted to buy another pair in a different color combo. I've already recommended them to a bunch of friends.


I've noticed major improvements in my feet

I've been having trouble with plantar faciatis for a year now. I've used a night boot, done exercises, taken anti-inflammatories, worn podiatrist-made inserts. Then I got my SOLE sandals, and I've noticed major improvements in my feet. I am also thrilled to have foot support when walking on the beach.

David Wagner

The Best!

Bought a pair. Loved them. Bought my wife a pair. She loves them (has plantar fasciitis). Just bought a second pair for myself (1 indoor, 1 outdoor). That should say enough! The most quality, comfortable flip flop I have ever worn.

Best Footbed on the Market!!

I am a Retired US Army veteran and Volunteer Firefighter/EMT-Basic and I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for many years. I purchased a set of Spenco moldable insoles and they didn't work for beans!! While on a shopping trip to Mt. Home AFB I found these SOLE footbeds, I took them home popped them in the oven and fitted them for my feet. I am now pain free. Just like "American Express" I don't leave home without them!! These are The Best Footbeds on the Market!!

Michael Kelley

fantastic product

I was a little skeptical that this product would help with my plantar fasciitis, but I thought I'd give it a try. I don't run as much as Dean Karnazes does (obviously), but recently after upping my mileage to about 25 miles per week I developed some severe pain in the heel and bottom of my right foot. I made an appointment with a podiatrist but wasn't able to get in for 2 weeks. So in the meantime I ordered a pair of these insoles. Shipping was very fast and after convincing my wife that I wasn't nuts, I put these in the oven and gave them a try. After no running at all for 2 weeks, I put these in my running shoes and went out for a 4 mile run. There was very minimal foot pain. Two days later, I went for a 6 mile run with no pain at all. Now I'm getting close to the 25 miles per week and am still having no issues. The longest I've run with these so far is 11 miles with no foot discomfort at all. These insoles are fantastic and I will definitely purchase another pair once these wear out. Thank you, Sole!

Miracle Cure!

I developed plantar fasciitis within days of moving into our new house that has a lot of tile flooring. The doctor told me I needed to be wearing shoes in the house, so I put my Sole sandals on, and within minutes, the pain went completely away! The pain had been quite severe, to the point of limping around the house, and it went away immediately, and has not returned! These sandals are a must-have for anyone with tile floors. They are worth every penny!! Thank-you!! I cannot say enough about how thrilled I am with them. They are my "miracle cure!"

Dianna MacPhee

Very painful case of Plantar Fasciitis

I have had a persistent and very painful case of Plantar Fasciitis for almost two years. It got so bad that I finally gave in and had surgery a little over a month ago. The pain was back almost immediately so I began my regime of buying every product that promised to help. I am so thankful that my first purchase was a pair of Sole foot beds. I felt relief almost instantly, so much so, that I just bought another pair and a pair of sandals. Thank you is all that is left to say.


Really glad that I tried SOLE insoles

im really glad that i tried the SOLE insoles. i am a tennis teaching pro and my feet have been hurting for a year or two now and i have been to a couple of foot doctors and have been told i have plantar fasciatis and that i need orthotics. well to do the molding or whatever i needed done was going to cost around 400 dollars and i really didn't want to spend that much for insoles. so i was talking to an older friend of mine that i know through tennis and he is a millionare and he told me about SOLE and said he had like five pairs so i figured they had to be good b/c this guy could afford anything he wanted for his feet. so i tried them and now i love them. i teach tennis on a very popular high end tennis resort and see people from all over the world and i have recommended SOLE to everyone that has foot problems and i have passed out the little SOLE cards you all sent me. i hope to help you all out as much as these insoles have helped my feet. thanks so much. i know this is a bit of a corny story but who cares. thanks again! oh and i also really liked that when i called your number, a real person answered! i was shocked. that never happens anymore. good stuff!


I was having alot of pain in the arch of my foot for 7 or 8 months. I went to the docter and I was told that I had flat feet and was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. He wanted me to get prescription ortho's. After being looked at by the Physical Therapist he recommened that I give the Sole Softec Regulars a try. I was amazed at the relief that this product has given me. I ordered another pair along with a pair of your plantinum sandles. Awesome product.


The sole product I bought has worked wonders

Planter Faciitis (SP) which wouldn't go away. a friend recommended these and sent me the website. The sole product I bought has worked wonders. They were very easy to conform to the foot and have fixed my sore heel problem to where I can now play competitive tennis with no problem. Thanks for this product.

Couldn't live without them!

I have been using SOLES ULTRA for several years. They are awesome! I had bouts of plantar fasciitis for years. I tried two different custom orthodics- nothing helped. Since I am a tall gal (6'3") with long feet (13 women's/12.5 mens) I was finding it a challenge to find narrow supportive athletic shoes. Then I was introduced to SOLES several years ago when a friend suggested that I try wearing a supportive men's running shoe for everyday use as well as hiking. The people at Portland Running Company in Beaverton, Oregon suggested using SOLES. Since them, my feet have been feeling great! I don't even mold them with heat. I slip them in my shoe and away I go! They have not only saved my feet on a daily basis at home,SOLES have carried me MANY miles on jaunts through Europe.


Far Exceeded my Expectations

My company moved to a new building in June 2008. The floor are hard concrete. I began having foot pain(plantar fasciitis) in my right foot. After a few months I began to walk with a limp and by the end of my shift my ankle was swelling and in alot of pain. The price was reasonable. I felt I would try this before paying hundreds of dollars on custom orthotics. Having two coworkers highly recommend the product also played a big role. After wearing the footbeds for two weeks, I no longer was limping around at work. I could walk normal. Before I was trying to walk without my heel touching the ground because the pain was so great. After a month of wearing the footbeds, my ankle no longer swelled. After 5 weeks, I no longer had to wear my ankle brace. This product far exceeded my expectations.

Love them!

I have plantar fasciitis and I had the footbeds. I love flip flops and that was one of the things I missed most. I had such great luck with the footbeds I decided to try the flip flops, and let me tell you I was not disappointed. I can wear those and my foot doesn't hurt at all. My Mom and Aunt also have plantar fasciitis and they bought a pair and had the same results. I highly recommend these!


No further issues with footpain

I have had plantar fascitis in the past. Initially I wore a custom orthotic, however, as soon as the Sole product became available I have been using the Sole footbed. I have had no further issues with foot pain since wearing the Sole footbed.

Army boots and plantar fasciitis

I have plantar fasciitis. I require custom orthotics, but insurance companies suck swampwater. My custom orthotics fell apart so I tried the Sole brand insoles after finding them in the PX. These things fit like a glove, hold arches where they need to be and all my foot pain has gone. I have about 6 pairs of these things and I'm sold on sole.

Arnie James

Folks this product is for real

I am a veteran of 74 marathons who in 2003 ended up with Plantar Fasciitis through a non running injury. Thus began my long and slow healing and rehab process. After taking a couple of months off I was able to continue running marathons, but not as many in a year as I would like to. This I was able to accomplish by using half plastic arch support inserts. I also used them in my dress shoes. Of course they worked but the feeling of vulnerability was always there. My doctor also advised me to continue using them. Inside I dreamed of the day when I wouldn't have to use them. So I had been living with these since September 2003. On Saturday, two days before Boston marathon I had the good fortune to meet with Matt Chestnut and in a few minutes decided to buy a pair of these insoles. I noticed a sudden comforting and healing change just in the first 2 minutes while I was waiting for the SOLES to harden. It felt so good that I decided to leave them in and walked around the expo for a couple of hours in them. The more I walked the better my heels and legs felt, with the result that I bought yet another pair before leaving. Rest of Saturday and Sunday I kept these on. We all know that as marathoners we are not supposed the change anything like shoes, diet, fluids, etc. before a marathon. In other words "Stick to what has worked". Well my feet and legs felt so good that I decide to commit the Biggest Sin a marathoner can ever commit. No way in hell was I going to give up the therapeutic pleasure of these insoles. So 2 days after my introduction to these I ran Boston marathon with them. What a difference. I had a great discomfort and anxiety free race. You probably never saw me because I was a Bandit or because I was running on clouds. Folks this product is for real. I have since bought 2 more insoles, one for the dress shoes. Compare the price and healing power of this, you can't go wrong. Consider this the testimonial of a lost soul who is now healed through the SOLE and heel support of this great product. I could do better but I am not on David Letterman. Just trying to share a great product!!!!


Great product!

I have to tell you, I'm thrilled with your product. I got married about 2 years ago, and typically, I put on about 20 pounds. I've been a casual runner (about 10 miles a week), and since I've gained weight, I started to develop some Plantar's Faciitis in my right foot. I subscribe to Runner's World, and they had an article on your product, so I purchased a pair of them to see if they would help.... THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!... my feet don't throb after my run, and with just a little stretching, etc. they are making a world of difference. Great Product! I plan to buy another pair in a few months when I purchase new shoes.

Perry Edinger

A great addition to the service we provide

At Arizona State University we have been looking for a product that will supply a custom fit that can be applied quickly and easily to our athletes. SOLE Orthotics has provided this feature to service our athletes. The greatest benefit we find is the ability to provide good support with a semi-custom fit on the spot. The athlete is able to leave our facility with corrections to certain biomechanical deficiencies as soon as they are identified. We have not eliminated the use of custom orthotics, but certainly have reduced the need to utilize them in every instance, thus saving the athlete time and expense. SOLE Orthotics have been a great addition to the service we provide at Arizona State University.

Daniel Govern

I love your product

They work fantastic. I am a distance runner who is training for Boston. I also am 5' 9" and 200 lbs. I have a lot of strain on my arches. Before I started using the SOLE Custom Footbeds I had problems with Plantar fasciitis in my left arch. Since I put the Footbeds in I have had no problems what so ever. I am averaging about 40-50 miles per week in them. I did a 22 mile training run yesterday without any problems. I love your product and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Michael Sweeny

I'd recommend your product to anyone

I have been a recreational runner for the past 10 years. The last 4 years have been spent dealing with Achilles tendinitis and plantar faciitis in my left foot and chronic plantar faciitis in my right foot. I have had cortisone shots, night splints, MRI's, anti-inflammatory, x-rays, physical therapy and numerous sets of custom orthotics. Nothing worked. I was ready to sell my treadmill and give up on running altogether. This past spring I read about a free consultation at a running store in Orland Park,IL. They were offering foot evaluations with podiatrist and physical therapist at the store. Upon evaluating me, they recommended your product for arch support. After all the time and money I spent, what's another 40 bucks I thought. If it doesn't work - I'm done running. Period! Needless to say they worked. I ran my first half marathon in May. I'll be fifty in November and always wanted to run a marathon. I am training for the Chicago Marathon in October. I just ran an 18 mile long run and feel great. I'd recommend your product to anyone.


I recommend your products to friends

Great footbeds, great service, and appreicate the follow up. Your footbeds were recommended to me by my doctor to alleviate my lingering plantar fasciatis. He said I could take the time and spend the money to go to a podaiatrist and get orthotics or try your footbeds. They worked. I haven't had problems with plantar fasciatis since I've been wearing them and have been able to begin a good running schedule again. The footbeds are in most of my work and recreational footwear now. I have got some for my family members and have recommended your product to friends.

Maryann R

I'm so happy with your product

I'm lucky enought to live in Pinehurst, NC for 6 months of the year. Between walking the golf course 2-3 times a week, and walking 2-4 miles a day with my golden retriever puppy, I was really beginning to limp. I have a pair of custom $300+ orthotics, but they're too hard & stiff & aggravate my plantar fasciitis. I tried nearly every over-the-counter orthotics that I could lay my hands on. I saw your product in River Jack's in Southern Pines, was intrigued by your 90-day guarantee, and decided to purchase a pair. I'm So Happy with your product. I'll never use another brand in my shoes. They even made my oldest pair of walking shoes feel nearly like new. Thank you...

Martha B

I love my SOLEs

I love my SOLES! My plantar faciitis is much better. I have had it for two years and have tried many different orthotics and wraps. Now, I only notice foot pain when I wear dress shoes that cannot handle the SOLES. Keeping my arch in the correct position has enabled me to be on my feet much longer without pain. The dress SOLES have enabled me to use good arch support in most of my shoes.

Mike Kowalski

You have a great product

Because of a severe case of Plantar Fasciitis in 1989, I began wearing custom orthotics made by Dr. Glickman in Michigan. These are made out of a very stiff plastic material. These devices allowed me to continue to run 20-50 miles a week since 1990. During this time I completed 7 marathons including the 100th Boston. In 1999 I began look for an over the counter orthotics that would provide the same degree of protection and be more comfortable. I tried the Sorbothane full shoe insert and the SOF Flow full shoe insert with the arch support. Both were comfortable but neither provided me with the arch support I needed to run 20-35 miles a week pain free. Last November I purchased my first pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds and they have provided me the comfort and support I need to continue running pain free. From now on, any time I purchase a pair of running shoes, I will also be replacing the insert with the SOLE Custom Footbeds. This is the best my feet have felt since the mid 1980's.You have a great product that I would recommend to all my running friends.

John C. Bruner

Your footbeds have been helpful in relieving the pain from walking

I have been using your Sole Custom Footbeds since I got a free pair at the Olympic Oval. While refereeing indoor soccer this past season I developed plantar fasciitis. Your footbeds have been helpful in relieving the pain from walking. I put them in my soccer shoes and also sandals. And, I am using them in my outdoor soccer shoes. Also, while serving as a lap recorder for speed skating, I have to spend long hours standing on the ice. My sorels do not have good arch support and your footpads have enabled me to stand more comfortably in my sorels. Thank you!

George Iverson

You have a great product

I already own two pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds for my running shoes to help with plantar fasciitis. They have worked perfectly for me. You have a great product. I am branching out to use the orthotics in shoes I wear for other activities. Keep up the great work!!!

John Handy

I am a long-time user

I am a long-time user. During a bout with plantar fasciitis, I read a review of your product in Tennis Magazine. I tried them and have had no more problems with my plantar fascia. The two pair I am buying now will bring my total in use to five. Rather than move them from shoe to shoe, they are inexpensive enough to buy one pair for each pair of shoes. I use the thicker soles for tennis shoes and the thinner for boat shoes. If you could develop something for shoes without removable innersoles, life would be almost perfect.

Melanie Elliott

I expect to become a continued customer

I already have a pair of the SOLE Softec Ultra, which has helped me with painful plantar fascitis and a broken big toe. I just ordered the SOLE Softec Regular footbeds. I expect to become a continued customer and will definitely share info on your product with my friends and family. Thank you!

Ronald Musket

Helpful in relieving my plantar fascia problems

I have been using your custom footbeds for more than one year and they have been quite helpful in relieving my plantar fascia problems.

Rudy Martini

After heat molding, the footbeds fit my feet perfectly

I recently purchased the Sole footbeds and placed them in a pair of walking shoes. I have a problem with Plantar Fasciitis of the heel. Since placing the Sole footbeds into my shoes and doing a few exercises the pain in my foot began to disappear. I heated the Soles in the oven at 200 deg F as per directions. The soles fit my feet perfectly..I would certainly recommend the Sole FootBeds to anyone having problems with Bone Spurs (Plantar Fasciitis)....Yours truly,

Stacie Leach

I tell everyone about these!

I tell everyone about these! I have 3 pairs of my own and credit them for helping my plantar fasciitis. The ones I ordered are for my husband. We are both tennis players, but I use them in my shoes for work when I am on my feet all day, and when I know I will be doing alot of walking. You have a great product, may I suggest getting them to be sold at Tennis Warehouse (, where I buy alot of my tennis gear. The free shipping was a big plus! Thanks alot!

Christine Hassard

SOLE has made a huge difference

I was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and the SOLE has made a huge difference in the comfort & pain level. Thanks! I now have happy feet.

Rob Allen

I wish I had found these sooner

I just recently beat a bad case of plantar fasciitis using cortisone shots and rehab. I was also fitted for a pair of custom orthotics to help prevent a recurrence. However, due to their rigid composition, they don't fit in all of my shoes. As a result of this, I decided to buy a pair of the SOLE Softec Ultra footbeds to use as a substitute in those shoes. I've used SuperFeet, SofSol, and Hapad in the past in an attempt to alleviate general foot pain caused by standing or walking too much, but none of them ever seemed to help. Therefore, my expectations weren't very high for the SOLE footbeds...I figured I would be satisfied if all they gave me were some extra arch and heel support to help keep the plantar fasciitis at bay. However, after a couple of long days on my feet, I realized that not only had these footbeds given me the extra support I was looking for, but they also made a significant difference in the amount of general foot pain caused by too much time on my feet. I only wish I had found these sooner! Thanks!

Beth Ellis

The solution to my plantar fasciitis

These insoles are the solution to my plantar fasciitis foot problem. Thank you!

Bill Guthrie

Positive results after one week

I am a Plantar Fasciaitis sufferer and after one week my feet are noticeably better.

Jacqueline Strobel

I'm running better than ever!

My second pair, I love them. My Plantar Fasciitis was not relieved until I used your product, now I am running better than ever! Thank you.

Mark Gray

I am very pleased with your product

I am very pleased with your product. I have been wearing combat boots for more than ten years and running for even longer. I suffered chronic plantar fasciitis for longer than I can remember. I tried just about every product on the market and even had a podiatrist make me some custom orthotics. It was not until I tried your SOLE insoles that I could findly find relief. I do not wear running shoes or combat boots now without them. I tell anyone who asks what your product has done for me. Keep up the good work.

Laura Johnson

I think I should be thanking you

I think I should be thanking you. I have Plantar Fasciitus in both feet and my doctor recommended SOLE Custom Footbeds instead of special orthotics. I was buying them from the "Naperville Running Co." but decided to go to your web site instead. I tell everyone I hear has a foot problem about them. I think they're GREAT. I will continue to use them.

Michael L. Schultz, M.D.

I recommend SOLE to my patients

I am a Family Physician and a runner. I was impaired from running because of plantar fasciitis after my last marathon nearly 18 months ago. I was provided with a pair or your SOLE Softec Ultra insoles by a local running shoe store. This product is truly phenomenal and allowed my return to running after all those months of pain. As a result I have now purchased an additional set so that I can have one pair at home and one at my cottage. Even though the fasciitis since has resolved, my running is so much more comfortable with these insoles, that I will continue to use them indefinitely. Moreover, I have now incorporated recommending this product to my patients that suffer from similar problems.

Jim Plain

I liked them so much I bought another pair

I have had a pair of your heat moldable insoles for about a year and I liked them so much I bought another pair yesterday, I had planter fasciitis and it seems to help as long as I don't go without the SOLEs.

Bob Tysen

Your insoles are awesome!

Your insoles are awesome!! I had Plantar Faciistis and could not properly walk for 1 1/2 months. I started using the insole and was immediately able to power walk. I did this for an entire month until I was able to run again. I now use the insoles in both my cycling and running shoes. I have tried a lot of insoles and cushions, however nothing had come close to helping me like SOLE. Thank you so much for having such a great product available.

Amanda Thalji

I recommend them to everyone I know

I love SOLE footbeds! I have been battling plantar fascitits for some time and they have helped tremendously! After wearing the SOLE Softec Ultra footbeds inside of my gym shoes for four months I am now pain and symptom free. My parents own a restaurant and are on their feet all day so I ordered a pair for my mother and father. They too have experienced a great reduction in their leg and back pain. In fact, they are such big fans of the product, that they had me order another pair for one of their employees. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Cheryl Black

Thank you very much for making a difference in the way I walk and work!

I bought my first pair of Sole insoles to wear inside my new workboots for heavy, recreational gardening. I saw them in a store the day I bought my new boots, and I bought them because they were stiff enough to provide support but not so bulky that they changed the way my boots fit. The fit in the arch supports my heel and has resulted in my planter fasciitis improving to the point it has virtually disappeared and I have no more pain when I get up in the morning. Initially, I thought that the price was high, but compared to custom orthotics, the price was very reasonable and once I wore them for a full day the first time with no 'breaking in' time needed, I realized they are worth much, much more. I bought another pair to put inside the shoes I will be wearing to work as school starts up in September and will necessitate me being on my feet most of the day. I have a pair in my golf shoes, and will move them to my curling shoes when that season starts up! Thank you very much for making a difference in the way I walk and work!

Steve Currie

I guess I just have to abandon the prescription orthotics

So yesterday, I went out to play, walking, 18 holes of golf. I wore my best golf shoes with the $275 prescription orthotics obtained through our podiatrist. By the 14th hole, the beginnings of my frequent plantar fasciitis pain began, and by the end of the round -- and for the rest of the day, I was quite uncomfortable. So today, I went back out for another round. I wore my back-up shoes with my Sole Slim Sport footbeds. From the first hole they felt much more comfortable. And the comfort lasted the entire round. This is a repeat experience, and I guess I just have to abandon the prescription orthotics. They just don't do the job as well as the Soles. Thanks for a great product!

Bobby G. Tindal

A great product that can be worn out of the box

I have used many off-the-shelf arch supports over the past ten years as an Orthotist for residents of Kansas. These people are soldiers and I see a variety of foot types. I average about 90 patients per week with approximately 70% having foot related problems. Most of these problems are associated with hyper-mobile joints of the foot causing a flattened arch. With most shoes or boots this flattened arch position is present due to inadequate insoles that are not conformed to every persons feet. Some of the problems are plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, knee pain and sometimes hip and low back pain. SOLE has come up with a great product that can be worn out of the box or heat molded to fit a persons feet. These orthotics have proven to provide the contour that people need in their shoes and I often get requests for more than one pair. SOLE Custom Footbeds are a cost effective way to reduce the hyper-mobility of the feet comfortably without adjustments.

Toby Logsdon

That was one of the best decisions ever

I was a bit skeptical of your insoles at first, but when I read that I could return them with no questions asked, I figured why not. That was one of the best decisions ever. I am in the Army and quickly slid my new SOLE Custom Footbeds into my combat boots. I'm on my feet all day and the soles really provided the comfort they promised. Then one morning, I figured I'd try them in my running shoes. WOW! They provided the arch support that I had been looking for. I suffer from plantar fasciitis from time to time, but not since I started using SOLE Custom Footbeds. Your footbeds are awesome and I don't miss an opportunity to tell my friends about them.

Jeff Wilkinson

I have used a lot of boot inserts both military and civilian. These are the best.

Last year at the age of 50 I rejoined the active military reserves. Prior to that time my left heel had occasionally been painful. Once I increased my exercise program it became much worse. The diagnosis was plantar fasciitis. Orthotics were suggested at a cost of $400 plus. Before purchasing the orthotics I happened to be in an AAFES (military) store. They had a display of SOLE inserts. The size nines were sold out indicating to me that they must work reasonably well. The manager said they could not keep them in stock. I don't live near a military post so I looked on line to learn more and then contacted the company directly. Everyone I have interacted with has been fantastic. I ordered a couple pair of the Ultra SOFTEC and put them in my combat boots and running shoes. Typically this kind of injury can take up to a year to correct. Since going barefoot was no longer an option I also found some foam footwear with arch support to use indoors during the summer. It has been about a year and I am now pain free. Winter is here again and I am purchasing more to outfit all my winter boots and indoor shoes. The slim version works great in dress shoes. I have used a lot of boot inserts both military and civilian. These are the best.

Michelle Graham

I have even started running again because of your product

I suffered from heel spurs, plantar fasciltis, heel pain, extreme pain for over 2 years. I went to a podiatrist and even got $400 pair of custom orthotics. Nothing helped. I would literally crawl to the bathroom some mornings because the pain was so unbearable. I had all but given up to the fact that it was something I would have to live with. My chiropractor then recommended I try your insoles. I ordered all three sizes. I was so tired of wearing tennis shoes, was hoping with your thin inserts I could wear my dress shoes again without having the pain more severe the next morning. After ONLY 3 DAYS of wearing your inserts, I had NO PAIN!!!! I still wear your Soles everyday, and can wear ALL my shoes now, and still NO PAIN!!! Wish I would have known about your product 2 years ago. I have even started running again because of your product.

Dr. William McDonald

I find that I use your products for just about everything related to mechanics

I find that I use your products for just about everything related to mechanics - plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, but I also found that I'm able to utilize these and modify them often for types of tendonitis problems, shins splints, and mechanical types of things like neuromas and bunions and hammer toes. I'm able to add some padding to them and also mold them a little bit to the patient. I think they've held up very well. I've been using them since last summer at the APMA show and I think they're an excellent over-the-counter product.

Rocky Fugate

They are an excellent product

I have been wearing the same pair of SOLE heat moldable inserts almost every day since 2003. They are still in good condition (except for the fabric covering in a couple of spots) and provide excellent relief from my plantar fasciitis. They are an excellent product.

Cheryl Black

Thank you very much for making a difference in the way I walk and work!

I bought my first pair of Sole insoles to wear inside my new workboots for heavy, recreational gardening. I saw them in a store the day I bought my new boots, and I bought them because they were stiff enough to provide support but not so bulky that they changed the way my boots fit. The fit in the arch supports my heel and has resulted in my planter fasciitis improving to the point it has virtually disappeared and I have no more pain when I get up in the morning. Initially, I thought that the price was high, but compared to custom orthotics, the price was very reasonable and once I wore them for a full day the first time with no 'breaking in' time needed, I realized they are worth much, much more. I bought another pair to put inside the shoes I will be wearing to work as school starts up in September and will necessitate me being on my feet most of the day. I have a pair in my golf shoes, and will move them to my curling shoes when that season starts up! Thank you very much for making a difference in the way I walk and work!

Mike Mannion

Thanks for an outstanding product!

I am 66 years old and every day go on 6 - 10 mile walks. A while back I developed a case of plantar fasciitis/heel spurs on my left foot. I tried everything - rest, ice, stability shoes, motion control shoes - but nothing seemed to help. Then I read in Trail Runner's Magazine about the Dean Karnazes moldable insoles that your company makes. I decided to try a pair. And after about two weeks of using them in my walking shoes (actually I walk in running shoe and trail running shoes) the plantar fasciitis/heel spur problem has all but totally disappeared. I liked then so much and they worked so well that I just purchased my second pair. They are everything that you say about them - they deliver as promised, and I will continue to use them on all my walks to prevent more foot problems. Thanks for an outstanding product!

Howard Shempp

I'm hooked

I have worn Superfeet for years in all my shoes. After trying your product for three days, my incipient plantar faciaitis pain literally disappeared. I substituted a brand new superfeet bed in for a few hours today, and the pain returned immediately. I'm hooked.

Carolyn Larson

SOLE Custom Footbeds are awesome!

I have suffered from fibromyalgia, ethromyalgia, planter facitis and knee/hip pain for over 15 years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on orthopedic insoles that have done nothing. I was just about to give up on even walking, when I saw your product advertised on the internet. The SOLE Custom Footbeds are awesome! I wear them in my shoes everyday! In fact, I have 3 pair of the SOLE ULTRA Softec so that I can leave them in my shoes and not have to keep yanking them out and replacing them in my other shoes. At 44 years of age, even my walking had been limited by my daily plantar fasciitis and knee pain during and following my short walks outside. I now have absolutely no pain in my arches. And, my knee pain is gradually getting better. Yet, there is no cure for my other disabilities, The SOLE footbeds have truly helped me get around the house and even walking around outside! P.S. They are easy to heat in the oven - and even if you don't, they are still comfortable just as they are right out of the package and into your shoes! Thanks!

Daniel Govern

They work fantastic

They work fantastic. I am a distance runner who is training for Boston. I also am 5' 9" and 200 lbs. I have a lot of strain on my arches. Before I started using the SOLE Custom Footbeds I had problems with Plantar fasciitis in my left arch. Since I put the Footbeds in I have had no problems what so ever. I am averaging about 40-50 miles per week in them. I did a 22 mile training run yesterday without any problems. I love your product and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Margaret Bausack

The "SOLE" was the only one that felt comfortable.

After suffering from Plantar Fasciitis pain to the point where I thought I might have to resort to a doctor visit, a friend suggested that I try the local running products store. The "SOLE" was the only one that felt comfortable. I have been wearing them for 4 months now and have been pain free for quite some time. What I consider the most dramatic result though, was that after only 2 or 3 days of wear, I could get out of bed in the morning and walk with only minimal pain and by the evening I could also walk comfortably. Thanks for the great product.


I have been running for 5 days a week again without any debilitating pain

I was recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis (age 40), along with a sharp pain under and behind the big toe knuckle for the last 3 years that my doctor could not find a reason for. With your inserts I have been running for 5 days a week again without any debilitating pain. Thanks for the great product!


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