Vanessa Boenig

Best flip flops ever

This is my second pair of the Balboa flip flops (black) and I love them. They are sturdy and very comfortable - especially if you have a medium to high arch. I hate a flip flop that feels like its going to slip off your foot - not these! They are tight fitting - but not too tight that it is uncomfortable. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, swimsuits, and dresses. Yes, they cost a bit more than your typical flip flop, but well worth it. The ONLY reason I bought a 2nd pair is because my dog decided it was toy. Otherwise, these are long lasting. I also bought the Baja Flip (bone) and love these as well. Figured I'd try another type of flip (and color) and I was not disappointed. Buy your next flip flop from SOLE - great service and the product is 2nd to none.

Christine Rutledge

So happy!!!

This is the absolute best little boot ever! I have struggled for years with foot, knee, hip issues unless I wore my running shoes. Then I found SOLE! These cute little boots are heaven to my feet! Comfortable, easy to put on (zipper at the back) and look super with leggings, tights etc!

These SOLE footbeds are the most advanced foot performance made

I started 2 years ago, with 1 red pair. As soon as I worn them for a week. I went back and bought my 2nd pair in black. Three weeks ago, after I browsed the SOLE website. I decided to outfit every pair of my shoes and boots with SOLE footbeds. I have six expensive Merrell shoes, and every pair now has SOLE in them. I enjoy life with the little thing like SOLE which make a huge difference in walking & hiking comfort for me and my health. This brand really makes me smile, in that I'm wearing something that is just awesome !

Pain free running!

I highly recommend SOLE as a long time and long distance runner! Started to experience severe pain in my feet and shin, to the point that it was keeping me from running. But thanks to SOLE footbeds I am no longer experiencing foot or leg pain and back to my zen state of running :)

In All My Footwear

These active footbeds with met pad are in every boot/shoe/sneaker that I own! If you have high arches, these are the footbeds for you. Excellent support that distributes your body weight equally throughout the sole of your foot.

Life savers

Before these, I had custom made foot levelers from my chiropractor that cost a few hundred dollars. When those began to break apart and become uncomfortable, I no longer had benefits covering such things. Luckily I found these and they do an even better job than my original pair. Getting them fit to my feet was easy, they sit sung in my shoes without moving around, and they make it so much easier to be on my feet for extended periods. I cannot recommend these enough for anyone with foot issues.

Kids physical therapy

My little needs help with after his pt and his need to correct out toe walking. These have helped his foot stay in proper arch to strengthen and correct form.

Positive Foot Torque!

My experience with this brand of footbed’s has been outstanding. For several years in hiking boots, leisure shoes and workout footwear. No injuries, No soreness, No pain! As an enhancement to general everyday living and providing “Torque” to my workouts I would advise anyone to avoid store bought products. “Find your size, style and run with it”. You will love these footbeds. Retired Park Ranger; RL


My orthopedic surgeon actually recommended this product! He receives no payment for doing so, but simply stated how beneficial it has been for him. I currently have metal and screws in my left leg which was causing some swelling discomfort. The pain in my right foot became unbearable due to the way that I was compensating my gait. I wanted to do everything that I could to avoid another surgery so, I reluctantly ordered the product with a very little hopes. I followed the instructions on the box to a "T". I remember thinking, "how in the hell is this going to help me?" Well, little did I know it changed everything for me! I have cancelled my last two orthopedic appointments because my pain is gone! I interchange them between shoes from work to the gym! In the last 7 years I have dealt with two surgeries, pain and consistent swelling on a daily basis to now virtually pain free and very minimal swelling if any at all. I will be honest the first week it felt very weird in my shoe but give it a fair try! I personally found that removing the original insole in your shoe, makes the transition must easier. Be sure you have plenty of space to compensate for width and depth. ( Asics running shoe did not do well w/insert) I'm not disappointed and I will order more in the future!!!! From a very impressed customer and absolutely shocked that it worked like charm, give it a fair try!!! It changed everything for me!!!! Thank you!!!

Nice for High Arches

I have several pairs of these and they fit my high arches better than any other foot beds I have tried.

These are great

These helped reduce my foot pain from having flat feet and multiple injuries

Better comfort for a small price

Thank you for the Foot Beds! I stand on my feet for up to 12 hours a day with only a couple of breaks and a 30 minute lunch in between, and with the foot support of your footbeds I would never make it. Thanks so much!


I’ll never put my foot in another workboot again unless I have a pair of cork SOLE's in them.

Helped my old foot injuries

Had broken metatarsals and these footbeds with the met pad have really helped. Highly recommend.

Great footbed

For trail runners on rocky/rooty terrain, these footbeds support my foot and allow the necessary protection on long runs

The Performance Thick really deliver

Have used their other ones which are good. However the Performance Thick is my new go to. I work on my feet for 8 or more hours per day (10 to 12 hr shifts). I was using a green pair but they were worn... switching to the Performance Thick took the foot pain and ache away!

Wonderful foot beds

I have been wearing this one pair in various shoes. I love the way my high arches feel supported. I would recommend these to anyone needing extra support.

Foot beds

New to using them and found I used them too long the first day. I needed to gradually extend the time of usage.

Foot Beds

Using these the foot beds for years after reconstructive foot surgery.

Amazing footbeds

Great footbeds, wishing I would have went with the thin ones as I have to remove original insoles from shoes before putting sole met pad insole in. Makes for a more difficult transition, but overall a great product. Stopped metatarsalgia foot pain withing a day. Thanks

Excellent Footbed, Highly Recommend

I walk 10,000+ steps per day and as a 200 lb pound man, these last me about a year or more. I prefer to walk to break them in, instead of doing the heated option. I got my first pair over 4 years ago, and these performance mediums are my go to footbeds after owning several pairs. The only point I'd caution about, is that since they are cork they aren't designed to be hyper flexible. Normal use, stretching, and bending of the foot seems to be just fine. If you flex them too much with your hands, they will crack because of the cork footbed. I also own several other active medium footbeds and those are more durable but aren't as comfortable for me personally.

Best footbeds ever!

I've been wearing them for a couple of months now. I love the way they form to my foot! 😁

Great footbeds

I’ve been wearing these in my golf shoes. I walk the course 5 times a week and my feet feel great and there is no foot pain despite my foot issues.

Very comfortable foot beds. Highly recommend.

I had been experiencing pain in my left foot, and these MET foot beds have helped a lot to alleviate the pain.

The foot support my aging body needs

When I noticed a whole bunch of problems starting with my aging feet, falling arches, crocked toes, I realized it was time to get serious about support in my shoes. These are the best! I love the ones with the metpad to encourage natural toes splay.

Happy feet!

Love all my SOLE foot beds! Have them in all styles for all my active shoes!

Honestly great product

I walk all day and shoot weddings and before I wore these in my shoes my feet were sore at the end of the day. Now my feet are still right as rain by the end. Really great foot support

Great for Topo boots!

I ordered these to use in my wide toe hiking boots after some foot problems earlier in the summer. They made hiking South of the equator comfortable, and I had no problems with them …. I also have a pair for my sneakers in the active line.

Perfect for my PF

I had terrible plantar fasciitis and this footbed for my shoes was a game changer. Light pain is there but that’s the stretching that I have to do on my own but as far as foot pain when I am on my feet all day had gone from an 8 to a 1. Will be ordering more soon so I don’t have to change them from shoe to shoe all the time.

No more pain!

I got these for my 13 yo daughter. She plays a lot of volleyball, in turn a lot of jumping and agility moves, plus she’s growing quickly. She was having pretty consistent knee and foot pain. At home we noticed her arches collapsing and she was overpronating so badly, it even looked painful. She takes these in and out easily when she switches shoes. Since using them, she no longer complains of pain! We are so grateful that a small change could make such a big difference!

Active SOLE footbeds

I suffer from plantar fasciitis on my right foot and these footbeds were an instant relief. Best I have ever had. Buy them you won’t regret it.

Solving foot pain

I bought one pair to start and now have 6 pair In most of my footwear. Thx to my athletic therapist who diagnosed fallen metatarsal arches and thx to SOLE for solving the problem!

Great foot Beds

SOLE is a very solid company without standing foot beds. I have been using them for years to alleviate foot pain and knee pain. I am a physician and frequently see patients with plantar fasciitis. They are also a very good therapeutic option for this condition.

Should have gotten these years ago!

I was experiencing from some foot pain and recommended I try some orthotic insoles. I immediately thought of SOLE as I love their sandals. I ordered a pair of footbeds and WOW! They have made a huge difference. I plan on ordering more for all of my shoes.

Best foot beds ever

I walk and ruck on these foot beds over 1,000 miles per year. Along with quality socks they keep my feet healthy and blister free. They are the first things I buy when I get a new pair of boots.

No Foot Pain

I have a pair in all my running shoes. Ran several marathons where my whole body was in pain except for my feet.

Really do work

I am surprised once again at how well these footbeds work in relieving foot stress. Not to sound like a crazy 'cures everything' person, but for me they have been a successful alternative to my prescription mega money orthotics. Hip and joint pain from being on my feet all day are reduced at the same level as those chonky expensive orthotics. SOLE are priced so that I can have more than one pair and custom fit them to each shoe! Great great product and I love the ethical production and Enviro packaging. Way to go!

Active medium with met pad

So far, great. No foot pain or cramps during or after pickleball! Just what I was hoping for. Already bought a second pair and will need a few more for all my shoes


I've been wearing there for a few weeks now. They are comfortable and were very easy to mold to my foot.

Retired flat foot

I have worn many masks nailed over the years but these just seem to fit a little better which makes them most comfortable. Very easy break in and fit all my shoes and boots

Solved my foot pain!

I work on my feet all day and started to get foot pain recently despite any types of shoes that I would try. Finally I stumbled upon these so I thought I'd give it a shot! My feet feel so much more supported and comfortable now and my foot pain is completely gone. They were a bit thick for my running shoes, so I ordered the active thick as well and plan to put these ones in my winter boots. Highly recommend!

Stubborn husband finally happy

I've been using these for a few years and love them. Finally convinced my husband to try them to relieve his Plantar fasciitis and for the first time in years he is almost completely free of foot pain.

Super Altra Support

Having this option for actual "foot shaped" footwear is 10/10. After trying Altra's I will never wear shoes that stuff my feet into a narrow space again, this has caused me years of issues that I did not even realize I had until I tired this style of footwear. Having a footbed that fits perfectly and is foot shaped is AMAZING. Thank you SOLE!!!! Can you make these with a Met Pad?

Total Game Changer

First off, I want to thank SOLE for coming up with an amazing foot sole. I am 59 years old, I have had problems with my feet for about the last 15 years, to the point they have caused me to not be able to go for a walk, ride a bike etc. I’m in pain all the time, constantly having to buy new shoes to try and get comfort. I have seen podiatrist twice, I have paid hundreds of dollars for insoles that are obtrusive to the point of not fitting in any of my shoes. The metatarsal soles were like walking on rocks. I have flat feet and I have a neuroma on the ball of both of my feet. I was told the only thing that could be done was cortisone shots, as surgery is not an option because the neuroma is on the main nerve in my feet. My feet are also causing knee and hip pain. I saw these on FB and decided to take a chance. WOW!!! Followed the instructions, total game changer, the material used is awesome, I did remove the soles in my shoes as my heel was slipping out with both soles in my shoes. Did not have to trim them down. I have had these in for about 2 hours now and for the first time in years my feet feel like the used to in a shoe. Usually my toes are scrunched in the toe part of my shoes, the arch support has lifted my feet to the point that I can finally wiggle my toes in shoes. The metarsal portion is like it is not there but it is lifting my foot so that I am not walking on the neuroma. I’m am so happy with these soles I am going to purchase two more immediately. When I placed my order on FB, I received 50% off because they had already sent a free pair to my postal code. Plus shipping. I received my order in about 36 hours. This company and these soles have literally changed my life. For those of you who are skeptical about these soles you really need to give them a try. They are a fraction of the cost that orthotics cost even at regular price. Thank you SOLE.


Have used for several years. Have some foot nerve issues from cycling a little much. These insoles make a significant difference. Good value, excellent service . Definitely recommend 🤓🖖

Great footbeds

Since I have used them I have less foot soreness after a long walk. I will be purchasing more.

Foot heaven

I now have SOLE footbeds in every pair of my sport shoes (which I live in 24/7). They are the best! I even bought some for my husband (he loves them) and now my daughter and grandson.

Excellent foot beds

Bought these for my son. Wears them daily and loves them.

They are great!!

Bought these for my son and he loves them. No more foot pain when he runs.

Remarkable amount of support

I have been wearing these for a while now and I am so impressed by the amount of support they provide. I don't have any diagnosed foot issues, but I do have quite high arches and notice negative effects on my body when I don't wear proper support in my shoes. These footbeds are definitely the best "over the counter" option I've ever tried. Definitely give them a shot if you are in need of support!

Great support

These footbeds are excellent for my running shoes. I have a morton's neuroma on my left foot and the met pad footbed makes my running shoes so much more comfortable.

Repeat purchaser

I’ve been wearing these footbeds for about 5 years. I have various foot issues and these footbeds work to provide uniform support over my entire foot.

Third set

I originally had two sets of these years ago, but my local seller stopped carrying them and I couldn't find them until recently when SOLE popped up on my social media. I decided to try them again, and I realized why I had multiple sets before. They are very comfortable and hug your foot, perfect arch support and make every pair of shoes comfortable. Will buy again!

Transverse and longitudinal arch support

These footbeds help my bunions and support the ball of my foot.

Helped with shin splints

Really comfortable, and I was able to get additional support added by a foot specialist for my extremely high arches. They've almost completely erased the pain I had from shin splints.

This is a superior product - don't hesitate to buy them!

I really like the Active Thin footbeds; they work well in all my shoes. These were recommended by my podiatrist for foot pain that I no longer have as I have multiple sets of these for all my shoes and never go without them. -- I feel I'm properly aligned now and well supported in all my shoes. -- I put them in the washing machine and set out for quick dry. These will last you for a very long time.

Fantastic comfort

Love these footbeds I’ve been using them for years they contribute to my foot health!

The BEST foot beds ever!!!!

I have been using these for over a year, I have put them in all my athletic shoes. I have Plantar Fasciitis and these have stopped the pain immediately. Great support, super lightweight, sturdy and slim enough to fit into most closed toe shoes (with a removable sole or ones that are loose).

Best footbeds I have tried in years!

I slid these bad boys into my golf shoes and have found that after walking 18 holes, I have less foot ache than before. You can feel the arch support helps with these big walks, I have yet to slide these into my hiking shoes and see how they impact my boots. I'm keen to try the SOLE footbeds with the met pads to see if it helps in any way

Best footbeds

I love these foot beds. Great support and breathable. I have just got back from a safari in Africa and I had no foot issues at all. Would definitely recommend.

Cozy foot beds

I love the SOLE products. This product is great for winter.

Awesome footbeds

I got these foot beds for my Lowa hiking boots. A slight bit of trimming, heating, and a super custom fit. These are the best footbeds I’ve ever owned!

Enjoying The Footbeds

Been enjoying those foot beds for the past few weeks, especially when they fit perfectly inside my smaller shoes.

Most comfortable foot beds

I had a neighbour convince me to try a pair of SOLE after we talked about my planter fasciatis. I've tried many other insoles and the FIRST minute I put them in and started walking, these are definitely the most comfortable and durable I've ever had. 5 stars

Unbelievable Comfort!

I have been wearing SOLE footbeds for a few years after visiting my podiatrist, Dr. Gregory Costanzo, in Asheville, NC. He suggested orthotics but said I should try these, SOLE's, first. Come to find out all I needed was a good supportive footbed. I’m a big guy constantly battling my weight and I walk for exercise a lot. Before retirement, I would easily walk 15-20 miles a day, 14-16 at work. Concrete is not foot friendly. But SOLE footbeds definitely make it tolerable. I am walking proof of the miracle of SOLE! These active thick footbeds are perfect for us overweight folks. It’s like walking on a cushion that supports and soothes your feet all day long. I’d like to say that their flips are unbelievable too! I used to wear Reefs when they were made in the USA and I couldn’t wear them out, but now they are made overseas and not as comfortable. So I bought a pair of SOLE’s to try and honestly it’s all I want to wear everyday everywhere. I don’t even feel rocks from gravel in these and I should because I’m overweight, 300+. Trust me, your soles will love SOLE’s footbeds and footwear! They have no competition. Light years ahead of anything you have ever worn.

A must have for any shoe

I've been using these in my work boots for years now. They are a game changer on steel flooring. Foot fatigue is gone, pain after hours of walking nonexistent. These are incredible. I have purchased SOLE foot beds for everyone in my family.

Best footbeds Ever

I have been using the footbeds since May and my foot pain is gone. I love them!

Awesome arch support

I have very high arches and these do a great job of filling that void. This takes pressure off the ball of my foot and redistributes my weight equally across the entire sole of my foot. Highly recommend for those folks who need to reduce ball of foot pressure (morton's neuroma sufferers). These thick footbeds are great for boots or other types of higher volume footwear.

Excellent arch support

I have very high arches and these do a great job of filling that void. This takes pressure off the ball of my foot and redistributes my weight equally across the entire sole of my foot. Highly recommend for those folks who need to reduce ball of foot pressure (morton's neuroma sufferers). These thin footbeds work best with a low volume shoe/sneaker where a low profile footbed is preferred.

Great arch support

I have very high arches and these do a great job of filling that void. This takes pressure off the ball of my foot and redistributes my weight equally across the entire sole of my foot. Highly recommend for those folks who need to reduce ball of foot pressure (morton's neuroma sufferers). These medium footbeds are versatile, fitting in most types of footwear.

My Go-To Footbeds

I started using SOLE footbeds 4 years ago after dealing with plantar fasciitis for a long time. They offer great support and have lasted longer for me than other brands. I like the Mediums for hiking boots and running shoes and the the thins for shoes that have less room for a footbed. I also like that they have more sizes than superfeet so I don’t have to trim for my size 12 foot.

Happy Feet!

I need good arch support, and these provide it - firm, yet comfy. They are quite thin and fit nicely in sport sandals without crowding the toes. I have been wearing them for the past several weeks, and find he Met Pads help avoid any ball of foot pressure/discomfort. These are a great option for tighter shoes/sandals.

Great product

My son uses these daily now for his chronic foot pain due to flat foot and over pronation.

Great foot bed

Have light flat foot and those work well for relieving pain prefer this model over performance one ( too stiff)

It Works!

The foot beds are awesome, they have allowed me to continue with my active out door life.

Excellent support

This is my third pair of these footbeds. I bought it as a spare, so I'll hopefully never be without. I have one in my running shoes and another in my cycling shoes. Multiple foot injuries/problems kept me out of running for years, but these provide excellent support, and I've been able to run moderate amounts without pain. They are comfortable when you first put them in, but they do get more comfortable as time goes on. Seems to take me at least a couple weeks for me to fully break them in.

Versatile and Comfortable

The active thin foot bed with mat pad are the foot beds that I have in all my shoes. Because of their low volume I can wear them in dress shoes or runners. The zero drop and arch support provide everything I need to participate in any activity. These foot beds, completely removed my plantar fasciitis, helped with alignment, and even helped alleviate pain in my ankles, knees, and lower back. I can’t recommend these enough!

Best foot support

This is the the fourth set that I have bought. The footbeds mold perfectly and keep their shape throughout the life of the footbeds. No complaints here.

Best brand ever

I am a physical therapist and I use SOLE active foot bed and refer my patients, family and friends to buy as well to help with their postural correction and foot support

Orthopedic doctor was right!

These footbeds have helped eliminate my foot pain from metatarsalgia. They are comfortable without adding bulk to my shoes.

Great Price, Great Fit, Foot Pain Gone

Having gone through two other brands before settling on Sole, I was running into a problem where the correct size shoe for me had a toe box that was just too big even with the aftermarket inserts I was using. My orthopedist had a foot specialist who recommended this company, and happens to supply them in his office, and not only were they a great fit, but the thick version helped to shore up the toe box. With proper fitting shoes and proper fitting inserts from Sole, My foot pain has almost entirely ceased and what remains is getting better by the day.

Great footbeds!

I immediately had relief from my foot pain when I used these footbeds.


Had severe foot pain until I tried SOLE! Now it’s gone best money I ever spent!

Helped my feet recover

I've been struggling with foot pain and trying to continue playing tennis. Using this insole reduced the pain significantly. If this continues, I'm hoping that the pain disappears entirely.

Amazing support in my cycling shoes

I swapped out my stock footbeds in my gravel shoes after having arch pain and a burning sensation on top of the foot during my extended rides. The relief was immediate from the swap and I noticed a gain of 10w on the power meter. Definitely recommend these as an upgrade

Best footbeds!

These are amazing! They give so much added support! My daughter doesn’t complain of her foot hurting anymore!

Find the arch that fits

Foot length is one thing and arch length is another. I have a size 14 foot and a size 15 arch. With this footbed, I can simply trim the extra length to have a perfect fit.

Comfortable, provides support where its needed!

I have been using SOLE footbeds for a while now, but this is the first time trying the Met Pad. Feels a bit weird when you first put your foot in, but runs like a dream on the trails. Recently ran the Seek the Peak race and kept my feet supported and happy for 15km and 1400m of vert!

Best Footbed there is

I've got a pair of the thick or the medium thickness footbeds in every pair of shoes I own. Once adjusted and molded to your foot, there is no better comfort fitting footbed on the market.

Great footbeds

I use these every day and they really help with foot pain from an injury. Much better than what's available at regular stores.

Real foot comfort

My SOLE inserts were recommended by a friend of mine who I was golfing with one day. I followed his advice and purchased a couple pair and I have since purchased them for every pair of shoes that I have and they are a vast improvement in the comfort of my plantar fasciitis affected feet. I would highly recommended these soul inserts to anyone who suffers from sore feet.

Amazing footbeds

After wearing these for only days on the recommendation from the orthopedic surgeon the ganglion cyst decreased to near nothing and the bone spur on the top of my foot has had a huge reduction in pain.

Very comfortable. Provides support and shock absorption at the same time.

After a couple months of my first purchase I made a second purchase . I’m SOLD! I have expanded the use from my active footwear to include my general use leather foot wear.

Met support is great

Had a couple pairs with met support. The bump feels a little weird at first, but you quickly don't realize it's there. Really reduces foot fatigue.

I love them so much..

I have given away several pairs when friend s complain of foot issues and they become instant fans!!

Spectacular foot beds

Had plantar fascitis and needed great foitbeds, found them with these. I use them in all my exercise shoes.

Love these foot beds!

I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for about a year, when I visited a shoe store to check on new styles. I happened to mention to the store clerk that I was having an issue and she told be about SOLE and how they are helped her. I did not hesitate to buy them after trying them. Love them so much, I bought the second pair from your website!

Excellent product

Took foot pain away and helped my back

Outstanding product

I wore SOLE footbeds for nearly 20 years, with nary a problem. When I wanted to replace them, I happily ordered another pair. The instructions for personal fitting were clear, easy to follow and resulted in perfect foot alignment. I recommend them without hesitation.

Helping with foot pain

Making a difference with chronic pain

SOLE footbeds

After seeing my podiatrist, he suggested I try these. I have plantar fasciitis in my Left foot and find walking difficult without much pain. I have worn these for several months and no longer have problems with pain in my foot. I owe this to the footbeds. It has made a big difference in how far I can walk, which I enjoy as my main form of exercise. Thank you for this product!!

The Best of the Best for me

I have now found the perfect SOLE footbed for me. This footbed is thin so there is is lots of space in my shoe and there is a Met Pad for support where I need it. I do have a couple of other SOLE footbeds which are very good and I bought when trying to find the perfect footbed for my foot…..and now I have found it.

As described

Socks are thick and comfortable. It's definitely good for hiking as it's thick enough to protect the foot from rubbing against the shoes. Also it's quick dry.

Great Product

First time that I have used SOLE foot beds and have been extremely pleased with them. Will be ordering another pair for sure with my next shoe purchase.

LOVE them

I have very high arches so I need foot support in all my shoes. I use these for my flats and slip on shoes and they are fantastic! I plan to buy more!

Great footbeds

Myself, my husband and son use SOLE footbeds. I had a heel spur and they were recommended for me, and ever since I’ve had no problem with my foot. They fit well, are comfortable. Cheryl


No ball of foot pain as long as I’m wearing these. The met pad relieves all the pain.


I have serious ball of foot pain which is totally relieved with the met pad in these footbeds. Love them!

Best foot beds I've used

I've used the standard Active soles for several years, and recently decided to try these, with the Met pads. I walk an hour to work each day, and these have eased past struggles with neuroma.

Works as expected

Helps with foot pain

A Foot Saver!

These thin footbeds were the answer when custom orthotics did not work for me. They are flexible and give good support. I wear them in shoes that have removable insoles and in roomy footwear that I cannot remove the insoles.

Excellent foot beds

Used primarily in thermal safety work/rain boots. With the high number of steps taken in a day, these foot beds make all the difference to my foot comfort, and subsequently to my back, since my feet are sitting with proper alignment. This is my 2nd set of the same footbeds. Love them.

Active Thin with Met Pad Shoe Sole Review: Impressive Performance and Value

The Active Thin with Met Pad footbed has exceeded my expectations. It effectively alleviates foot cramps and is easy to thermoform. Despite its affordable price, it performs on par with my $650 orthotic sole. Highly recommended for its exceptional value and performance.

Love my new footbeds.

After wearing these for a few weeks now, I cannot go back. Resolved a lot of issues around foot pain and they make my footwear all the more comfortable.


My first pair of Sole footbeds came in a pair of Haglofs. Stroll,GTX. It was like walking on clouds from day one...I wore them every wet,muddy or cold day for roughly five years at which point I thought they couldn't last much longer and devoted them to strictly work boots. Long story short,I had a job that required a lot of mud and water remediation and I wore those boots/footbeds for six days all day,knee deep in mud and water,when I was done I thought for sure they're done and would fall apart but I took them home,hosed them off, put them in the sun to dry for about a week after that I thought they looked unusually good so I put the insoles back in,put them on and to my surprise they were as cozy as the day I got them. No damage at all. I just bought the second pair of performance wide and thick for my Danner. Pronghorn boots which were a little too roomy,put them in,tried the boots on and yeppers,once again a perfect fit and so comfy it's like walking on clouds. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back" Absolutely love these foot beds.

Only footbeds I’ll wear!

By far the best footbeds I’ve found! Great arch support and comfort. I like that you can put them in the oven to mold to my foot! Highly recommend these!

Best footbed ever

I live on the southern coast of Oregon and our winters are very wet. Muck boots are a necessity. While they are comfortable on their own, the performance thick cork foot beds brought a whole new level of comfort.

Love these foot beds!!

SOLE footbeds are in all my shoes!! I have super happy feet! I highly recommend these!!!

Best foot beds ever!

I have SOLE food beds in all my shoes! My feet are so much happier now!!

Met pad really helped

The extra cushioning and met pad really helped my foot and toe pain

Great footbed upgrade to my ski boots!

I tried these out to see how the met pad feels to help with lower foot pain due to bunions in my ski boots and was pleasantly surprised how much better they felt than the stock inserts! Great fit around the heel area and didn't take any more volume in my already well fitted boot. Highly recommended!

Great foot bed

Fits in shoe perfectly and comfotable. With this am able to walk much longer!

Brandi C

Best sandals for relieving foot pain!

This sandals have been a game changer. My plantar fasciitis is no longer a daily struggle after the switch to these flip flops from my previous rubber soled sandals.



Comfortable helps with my foot pain

I been wearing these SOLE inserts for years I love that that my foot pain has disappeared. They are comfortable and fit in many different shoes.

My Daughter loves the comfort and support of these footbeds!

Having worn unsupportive shoes for a long time, my daughter was experiencing trouble with her feet. These foot beds in her shoes made a big difference to her foot health and comfort. Because they are thin they can be used in shoes that won't accept footbeds with more volume.

Really helped my feet

My feet love these foot beds. I haven’t tried the thin but the medium and thick are great. Thick is my favorite but they haven’t been in stock with my size lately. Anyway, so glad these are made. They surpass my custom orthotics in both comfort and affordability, allowing me to have multiple pairs which is much more convenient. Also, I have had very stubborn plantar fasciitis. The podiatrist actually recommended I try these instead of my customs I already had and they did help. I can’t go back to my customs now.


I have been suffering near-debilitating-at-times plantar fasciitis for about the past 9-12 months. Nothing I did seemed to help in any meaningful way. I saw these footbeds advertised on Facebook and out of pure desperation thought "Why not". They arrived quickly, in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging. Within a day of wearing these in my running shoes, my foot felt better. Not cured, but better than it had felt in ages. Now, a month later, I can honestly say that I feel like my plantar fasciitis is almost cured. I still have some pain, but it has gone from what I'd rate as a 9/10 to a 1-2/10, and the pain is far less frequent as well. The telltale morning pain on stepping out of bed has almost even been alleviated! These footbeds are absolute miracles. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I will definitely be ordering more, and am looking forward to trying out the footwear line as well! THANK YOU, SOLE!!

The stiff footbeds I was looking for

After a foot injury, I needed to keep my toe from bending as much and saw an ad for these. I have flat feet so the arch was needed as well. They've worked out well and got me back on my feet.

Great products!

I have been using SOLE inserts for years at the recommendation of my foot doctor. The sport thick inserts are in the majority of my shoes. These Thermal Thick with wool were on sale so I bought them. They are even thicker. So far so good. The only negative about ordering direct from SOLE is the shipping was very slow. Other than that, great products.

First footbeds

Never used footbeds but with lots of foot pain after pushing hard at gym. Once I used them I was able to continue to push my goals at gym again with out horrible pain

Thin for the win...

Finally was able to put these thin wide foot beds to use in my new golf shoes. Not sure that they have helped my game but my feet are comfortable!

Love the met pad

Met pad really helps with foot pain.

Met Pads - Amazing Support

I've been wearing these for about amount due to a foot injury. The quality, support and comfort they provide are amazing! They fit nicely into all of my shoes and boots.

Balanced foot support

I have two pairs now. One pair for the shoes I run in and one pair for the shoes I play ball in. These insoles provided immediate ongoing relief for a tight IT band issue caused by inward foot pronation.

Using these supports immediately remedy my foot pain

I use SOLE footbeds every day and recommend it to everyone in my family.

you can’t get a better foot bed

been wearing them for weeks now and I love them

Breathable Footbed

I have used the performance Footbed and decided to grab another pair for my other shoes. These are definitely much more breathable than the other model which is great for summer but the others are much better for winter. That said both Footbeds are awesome and have fixed this random foot pain I've had for years so they get a thumbs up in my book.

suzanne punga

Great orthotic foot bed

I first learned about SOLE during my first case of plantar fasciitis. I had custom orthotics made that didn’t work but tried on a SOLE flip. They made all the difference. It was wonderful and something I enjoyed wearing all year, in the house during cold weather and outside for summer and hot weather. Still getting the support I need.

My doctor did me a solid.

So my arch on one side has fallen completely. Combination of bad or worn out footwear, and carrying a baby around on that side. I went to my doctor to request a referral for custom orthotics as I had a little bit of coverage with benefits. My doc was like sure here’s the referral, but here’s the deal : you get custom orthotic funding once every two years and your customs will wear out before then. He popped off his shoes and had SOLE in his runners. So I ordered a pair. I had bought a pair of Form brand insoles a week before and they felt good. When my SOLE's arrived, I was in love with the first fit. There’s some nub in the middle that stabs into some part of my foot that the Form one does not have, that gives me a lot of relief. Is this fixing my problem? No, but my daughter also still demands to be carried a lot. These footbeds are giving me the support I need and the relief I need to get through the day. And I didn’t go out of pocket 300 bucks like I would have for the custom orthotics.

Foot beds for freedom

Since using SOLE footbeds and sandals my lower back pain disappeared. “FREEDOM of pain has changed my life.

Useful for foot maintenance

Both my feet are flat. I bought the wide size and cut them to fit my shoes. Very comfortable to walk/run with in shoes. Greatly exceed the quality and practicality of any factory inserts I have used.


tough , engineered fabulously for all of what these the foot control these give while cradling the feet..I always wonder what happens if I can't keep these around...all my danners whites & USA redwings would be so sad too this is a Canadian based business & I'm all USA on everything mostly but this is the rare exception. + they correspond so quickly when I had questions. world + class product thank you SOLE

Foot Bed & Sandals

I play quite a bit of tennis and have hardwood floors in my house... so lots of hard surfaces and I have high arches. I'm 62 and was starting to experience a chronic pain toward my big toe that was activated playing sports etc. I started with the footbeds and now have them in all my athletic shoes. I also wear their sandals around the house instead slippers as the arch support makes my feet feel livelier and pain free. Gonna buy a pair of the sandals for my friends dad that works on a hobby farm. He wears the footbeds that I recommended and i think the sandals would be good for him too!

Just as good as the ones from my podiatrist

They feel great and help me avoid foot pain.


I pedal a fair bit. Given the mileage have developed “hot foot” a number of years ago. These footbeds allowed me to keep riding with minimal discomfort . This is a quality product that I would HIGHLY recommend. 👍🤓👍


These are great and work well with my hiking shoes. The met pad really helps a foot issue I have.


These are great and work well with my everyday shoes. The met pad really helps a foot issue I have.

Foot care at its best

Perfect fit Feet and back have never been better

Been wearing this brand for years

I’ve been buying this brand through Amazon for many years. Glad I found the company site.with a better selection. These are so much better than superfeet which always squeaked. Eliminates knee pain. Podiatrist said these insoles have saved me from needing foot surgery.

offers great amount of foot support

been using these footbeds for several weeks now great for providing support

Footbeds relieved foot pain

It's only been 10 days since I've been wearing these, and they've already relieved my foot, ankle and knee pain that was caused by a fallen arch. The shipping was very quick - they arrived two days after I placed my order, which was great.

Great foot beds

I am a nurse therefore on my feet for more than 12 hours a day. I couldn't do what I do without my SOLE's

Excellent footbeds

I’ve been using these for nearly 20 years now. I’ll only buy shoes that will accommodate them. They’ve relieved pain not just in my feet but knees and back too. You may need to get used to them if you’re not accustomed to actual foot support, but once you do it’s sooooooo worth it! I recommend them to anyone!

Best footbeds!!

The Sole footbeds have helped my plantar fasciitis tremendously. My foot specialist recommended these and I am so glad he did. Now I can walk with no pain.

number 1 for pain relief

My SOLE footbeds are great for the pain in my foot. I now can walk better and enjoy walking my dog once again.

Best over the counter foot beds

These truly mold to your foot and stand the test of time. I bought my first pair in 2016 and swapped from shoe to shoe. Now all my favorite shoes have their own inserts. Worth the money!

love these with the Met Pad

original even better now with the met pad. Fit great with the heated forming to your foot.

Great product

My foot doctor recommended SOLE foot beds for arch support and they really work. My foot has felt better since I started wearing them.

Still the best

I have used them for years and they make a big difference in my foot comfort. I tried several other brands before finding these and now they are my "go-to" inserts.

Love these foot beds

I've been using SOLE foot beds for years and still love them. My kids are now using them in their shoes and have commented on how much better their feet feel, as well.

Sarah Walford

Flip flops in a league of their own!

It's hard to call them flip flops because of their incredible arch support! Sooo comfortable and perfect foot bed fit! I need these in ever color!

Recommended by my Podiatrist

Love the arch height. Seems to make a difference in foot pain. Good product.

Great Cold Weather Product

I've used these foot beds all winter in sub-20 degree weather, walking up to 5 miles per day. They really work well, without taking up a significant amount of room. Couldn't be happier with them!

Feel good

My right foot has a slight collapse in the arch these for beds really help with the Met pad

Best footbed I have ever used

As far as I am concerned these footbeds are the best. I used them for years in work boots and they last for years. Now that I am retired I am using them again for my casual shoes. Personally, I don’t even heat them before wearing. I just put them in the shoes and let them mold to my foot specs in a few days.

Great for runners with limited foot room

My runners are already quite tight with their footbed in it but with SOLE, one it feels better and has better arch support. Highly recommend to anyone looking for fitted footbeds.

Great for low arches

I would say I like these foot beds but actually love them. Used them in my shoes for months now and feet do not hurt anymore. Will be buying more in the near future.

Awesome footbeds

Ever since I started wearing these footbeds, my foot pains went away.

Love these footbeds!

My husband has these footbeds in his cross country classic boots and they’ve been great. His foot pain is reduced, perfect level of support.

Carol Chase


These shoes fit perfectly and have really helped my feet! My foot doctor recommended this brand to me because of a tendon problem I have; these "hard" flips literally make me able to take my dogs for walks again!

Ralph D

The Best and at a Low Price

I have been experiencing foot pain for about a year and eventually went to The Good Feet Store. For $400 they gave me arch supports which really never solves my problem. BTW thy have. No return policy. For 1/8 the price, my SOLE sandals are incredibly comfortable, and my foot pain is gone.

Only footbeds I get!

I have flat feet and will get pain in foot/ankle or shin splints with support. I have these in every single pair of my shoes and they really make a difference. I can especially notice when I walk around bare foot too long. I wish there were sandal options with this exact support!

Finally found footbeds that work for me.

I've tried dozens of footbeds to alleviate or at least reduce my foot pain caused by years of working on old, hard concrete hangar floors. SOLE footbeds are the only ones that I've found that are durable, and help my foot pain. Good product.

Great foot bed

I bought these for my Redwing boots these are so much better then what comes in there good boots.The cost is less as well versus buying them at Redwing.This is a game changer for boots feel much better with good arch support. I always buy my footbeds here.

Great gift for those with foot pain

After much success with my footbeds, got a pair for my sister. They have relieved her foot pain and she tells me they are very comfortable too.

Solved my incessant foot pain

Had this pain along the side of my foot that I lived with for some time. Thought it was just how things would be. I saw a video of someone recommending these and decided to take the chance. Glad I did, pain went away almost immediately.

Best foot beds ever

I’ve been useing these foot beds for about 15 years. They have cured my planter fasciitis there is nothing better.

Work greats!

I've been using the thicker footbeds for well over a decade. Was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis back in 2002. Wear them in every shoe I own. But had my daughter's wedding coming up and using the thicker ones in the fancy dress shoes they got me made my foot feel very cramped. My wife suggested trying the thinner ones, and they worked awesomely! Would love to say that with the footbeds I was able to dance 'the light fantastic'. Alas, I still dance like I have two left feet but I was in no pain! Thanks again, SOLE Products!

Great foot beds

I now have three set of these … they make shoes with no support much better if I’m wearing them for any length of time. Next to Birkenstocks, which are decidedly not winter footwear these are fantastic.

Love these!

I have bought 2 different thickness of these footbeds. I am dealing with foot pain and these have helped so much. I have put them in my dressier boots and they work great. I bought for my sandal type shoes but yet to use for that. Think they will be good.

So comfy

Honestly so comfortable and relieve any foot / back pain .

Best foot beds ever

I use these in my cycling shoes and skate boots. They give great support and prevent my getting hot foot by spreading my metatarsals apart with the Met pad

Helps toe numbness

I just started using in my running shoes. I wear a 9.5 womens so I had to trim the footbeds a little. I get numbness in my toes (self diagnosed metatarsalgia) when I run. Just in my left foot. But I wear these footbeds in both shoes to balance out

Great footbeds for pain relief

Got these for my wife and it has helped her with her foot pain.

Best footbeds ever!

I have been wearing these for 2 years now and got my husband 2 pairs for his dress shoes he wears to work. Both of us suffer from foot pain and the footbeds have allowed us to wear shoes comfortably, walk and hike without foot pain, and enjoy the gym again.

The answer to my foot problems

These have really helped with my foot pains. Years ago I broke a metatarsal, and these have made the discomfort and pain from that really disappear. Also, I have relatively flat arches. I chose the medium arch to help out. It felt unusual at first, but after 4-5 days it felt completely natural. Now I can't imagine not having these. Great product.

Foot pain cured!

Love these footbeds for their ease of installation into any shoe I wear, and because they have cured my plantar fasciitis when nothing else could!

Best yet

These consistently improve foot comfort and foot health

I have wide foot (W4) these footbeds are a GOTTA GET!!

I bought one pair, on a recommendation from my tennis coach. Wowwy!! Glad I did! Now I bought three more pairs for my running shoes, and every day shoes. Better than wearing your favorite slippers. Comfortable all day!

Very happy with the results

This is the second pair of "active thins with met pad" I bought. I found them to be extremely comfortable and have helped deal with my foot pain during exercises. I bought the thins because of the existing running shoes I have (i.e., not a lot of room). They fit well. Though I thought the break-in period might take a while, I found them to have shaped my feet within a few days of walking and running (after about 10-12 hours of activity).

Great insoles for winter boots / rubber boots

Made my winter boots (northface) way more comfortable for my arch support. I’ve ordered a pair to my rubber boots as well. Both boots fit snug, these footbeds allow for the support without making my foot feel cramped.

cozy and comfy support

I purchased these for my rain boots, since the stock insoles didn't offer enough support and my foot slid around. The SOLE insoles keep my feet cozy and offer great support for long walks in cold, wet weather.

Very comfortable

I have bunions and thought I’d give these insoles a try. I wear them in my blundstones. They are very comfortable and the met pad is like a foot massage with every step you take.

good arch support

good arch support for my flat foot

Athletic use

Absolutely love these! They are in my workout sneakers but I need to also put them in my regular shoes. Recommended them to my sister who had two surgeries on her foot and still in pain.

Great foot bed. Very. Comfortable

Love them. Will definitely purchase more as needed.

Helped my feet so much!

Within a week, I noticed my feet feeling so much better. I have foot pain related to bunions and flat feet. I've since bought pairs for my husband and son.

Cured my foot problems!

Had a problem with my Achilles tendons and bone spurs in my heels. Put these in my running shoes and the problems disappeared almost over night! I cannot recommend these enough.

Denise Boniface

I can wear sandals again!

I have paid thousands of $ on Orthotics, they didn’t help as much as SOLE foot beds. Orthotics look hideous in sandals. These sandals are Great!

Love these

Slowly integrating these into as many shoes as I can. I have a versatile history with foot problems (flat arches, planter fasc., broken sesamoid bone, on and on) and these are really helpful with everyday foot health maintenance.

Best foot beds for leg/back pain

My wife and I have been wearing these for the past few years. Have multiple pairs to satisfy all our footwear. Lower back pain and leg pain has been decreased to a bear minimum.

Excellent product

Met pad is a nice improvement over plain versions which I've used for many years in mtb shoes. I sized up because my arch is longer and taller than average for my foot length--front of insole had to be trimmed in order to fit. I also have a pair of Active Thick Met which are even more comfortable. If outer edges of heel cup were slimmed down a touch in order to make it easier to fit into shoe, they'd be perfect

Planters fasciitis

My daughter had me order these insoles because I was diagnosed with Planters fasciitis. I saw the foot doctor and he agreed the made my feet stop hurting right away. Amazing!!!!!

Teresa Potter

Love these! They are saving my feet

Been having really bad foot pain/plantar fasciitis. These are the only shoes I can wear for any period of time and my feet be ok. I love the arch support. Also, each side of the heel is slipped upward/arched. These are well worth the money! Very orthotic but still stylish.

Performance Wide Thick Footbeds Are Worthy-Excellent Product

Swapped the standard footbed in some wide size hiking boots because they seemed to allow my foot to shift around too easily. Not only was the support improved dramatically (helping my arthritis and collapsing arches) but they fit perfectly completely eliminating the shifting. There was enough room to accommodate a dual-layer sock comfortably.

Best footbeds in the country

I've suffered from plantar fasciitis and bone spurs in both feet for 20+ years. SOLE footbeds have kept my feet comfortable for many, many years. I place SOLE footbeds in every shoe and boot that I wear. Honestly, they have been a foot saver.

Foot relief

SOLE provides relief for my plantar. It worked so well I ordered a second pair for my every day shoes.

Great Industry Standard for Arch support

Love these because they're so thin. I don't always use arch supports as I believe there is some benefit to building the muscle in your foot without additional support, but for longer runs, uphill ski days, and recovery, these inserts are perfect to maintain the performance of your footwear without being too cumbersome - my go-to foot beds.

Easy to use and feel great

I've worn these now for the last couple of weeks and they've been great. I had this foot pain that I would get when walking for long distances and since wearing these, the pain is totally gone. These are great.


I have foot issues and these footbeds help with the pain in my feet and ankles and give enough support so when I'm not wearing shoes, my feet are in less pain. Customer Service is outstanding.


SOLE foot beds are awesome! I buy them for all my shoes.

Mary Lynde

Super comfortable

I love these new booties. The footbed is perfect and molds to my foot making them really comfortable. I wear and 8-8.5 and the fit just right.

Sandy V

Great boots

I love a good looking boot that does not compromise my foot health.


It had been several years since I had tried the dual layer sock concept. The brand I first tried just never felt quite right - almost like you were too aware of the second layer. Not the case with these SOLE socks. It just feels one nice comfortable hug around my foot. Great for hiking and running. They seem well constructed and my sense is they will be quite durable - I'm pretty brutal on socks. A good investment in your feet and comfort!

Best foot beds

Best foot beds. I have the SOLE insoles in all my shoes

Best prefabricated footbeds available

As a physical therapist, these are the ONLY foot beds I support. They’re great for every foot type and I wear them in all of my shoes. I recommend these to everyone!

Really helps with metatarsal pain

I have tried lots of orthotics including the Thick with metatarsal pads from SOLE as well as other brands. These work best for me for preventing foot pain. With the thick orthotics the metatarsal pad is too rigid and hurts my feet. I have bone on bone in the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal joint of each foot due to osteoarthritis and these pads in my rigid vibram-sole hiking boots and Hoka bondi tennis shoes have allowed me to keep walking and hiking. Some reviews say they wear out but I used to have custom orthotics and at the price of the SOLE Medium Performance with met pad inserts I can replace 2 pairs 4 times for the price of custom orthotics. Some may need custom orthotics but these work well for me. My hiking boots are Size 8 and my Hokas are 7.5. These SOLE inserts fit both really well and the heel cup is deep enough that my heel doesn't slide.

The best “off the shelf” inserts I’ve found.

I work at a V. A. and provide custom foot orthotics for our Veterans. I’m always looking for good, off the shelf, non custom inserts to recommend and for people who are not completely flat footed, these are great.

Best footbeds for Work Boots

I purchased these for my work boots after I had already had some for my everyday boots. They help with my foot pain and stop the pain in my lower back from wearing work boots all day. Will buy again

Best Footbeds I ever Bought

I purchased these footbeds because I get pain in my foot and have drop foot. After putting these in my work boots ,the pain is almost gone while I am at work. Will be buying some for golf shoes.

Great foot beds

Absolutely the best - I've tried others and these win - hands down!!!

Janice Barr

My after work go to

I'm on my feet all day at work and have a few foot issues so it's great to put these on when I get home.

no pain

relieves foot pain

Goodbye foot pain

I wear these in all my running shoes. They’ve taken care of the foot and ankle issues I usually encountered. The insoles are well-made, long lasting, and comfortable. Highly recommend for foot health.

My Go-To for foot comfort

My feet have given me pain for years, and I've worn through a lot of insoles, trying to find something that works--and lasts. When a friend suggested I try SOLE, I thought, okay, I'll give them a go. That was at least 10 years ago, and I've never looked back. These insoles are by far the best I've tried, and they really do hold up well. I give them my highest recommendation.

Finally found insoles that work for me.

I have tried dozens of different footbeds over the years. Trying to ease my foot pain from working on old, hard concrete hangar floors. I have stacks of ones that I have tried and did not work. SOLE footbeds are the only ones that have helped. They have deep heel cups to keep my foot stable while walking carrying a heavy tool bag. The arch is just right. Many of the high priced ones have too extreme of an arch. The bottom layer is firm, and keeps your foot from squishing around in your shoe, like some of the overly cushioned ones. They have just the right amount of cushion. Also, they are not overly tall at the heel. I need this. Because of the damage to the nerves in the balls of my feet. I cannot have the forward rake. It causes too much pain. I need as neutral a platform as possible. The material layer that your foot sits on is extremely tough! It has held up to very demanding work conditions that include a lot of walking and an active work environment. I am completely sold on SOLE footbeds. Also, they are more reasonably priced than many of the ones that i have tried and did not work for me. Plus, they give you discounts once you become a customer. I wish I would have had them years ago! It would possibly helped keep my foot pain from getting worse as time went on, and would have saved me a lot of money wasted on footbeds that did not work. Thank you!! ............ Also, the thick ones are good if you have a little extra room in your shoes. The mediums are good as a direct replacement in shoes that fit just right. ...... My search for good insoles has come to an end!!!

Fantastic footed

Been using SOLE for many years, I suffer from very flat feet. I tried Super Feet and Dr Scholls, but the only one that seems to do the job just right is SOLE.

My son now believes

My son had gotten a new job and was working 12 hour days. his feet were killing him. Ordered the SOLE foot beds and he started using them. Almost instant relief. He is now a believer.


Super comfy flips

Finally! A flip that gives me metatarsal as well as arch support for metatarsalgia. From the first time I put them on I could walk around in them with no foot pain. I am usually a half size, and the recommendation to order the next full size up was a good one - they fit just right. I am very happy with the comfort, look and quality. I hope they hold up as well as I expect. You have a new fan, SOLE!

The Best!

Consistently awesome inserts! Recommended by my doctor years ago. Have used them ever since and never have foot problems. Love!

Great foot bed

Comfortable. Fit as expected. Great for skiing

Saved my feet!!

I started having pain from Plantar Fasciitis about 6 months ago. I paid $500 for custom orthotics. After 3 months of constant pain and going back to the foot doctor after my ankles were hurting. I came across SOLE online. I figured I had nothing to lose!! I wear safety shoes 8-10hrs on concrete flooring. I felt immediate relief. I'm hoping eventually I will be pain free now that I great support. But these were a life saver and I have now bought a pair for all my shoes!!

My husband's favourite

My husband has a pair of these in every pair of shoes. The medium thickness works very well for a normal volume foot.

My go-to footbeds

I've basically been using the SOLE Thin footbeds exclusively for a few years. I have high volume feet and these work great in my shoes. I have fairly flat feet, and I find these really help with foot fatigue. The wide are even better but don't fit as well in normal width shoes.

Love these foot beds.

I bought my first pair about a year and a half ago. Since then I have bought a pair for every pair of shoes I own. They are totally worth the money. Break in time is pretty quick too, but they do not wear out at all! I have Thin, Medium, and the Thick. They are all great.

Works great in ski boots

My friends said replacing the stock insole in my ski boot would make a big difference. (Most of them have custom insoles.) My boots fit fine so I didn't think it'd matter much. I eventually tried this SOLE footbed and was surprised how much it helped my skiing form. I could better feel where I was weighting my foot since it was now supported. Highly recommend.

Very good a bit narrow in the midfoot

I love SOLE footbeds, but I would really like them to make a wide model that is not only wide in the forefoot but also in the midfoot/arch section. I feel the wide versions have the exact same midfoot width as the normal ones. My foot goes a bit over the arch and is hence not supported on all its width. Still an excellent product. For the limited gain in space, I feel the Thin version is not worth it over the Medium because they are notably (and obviously) less comfortable. I think you can get away with using the Mediums in most footwear. Thanks to SOLE for making great products.

Fantastic x2

I got a pair for my son and he liked them so much I got a pair for myself and have enjoyed both the comfort and reduction in foot pain.

A great choice when there isn't enough volume for thicker foot beds!

I have used the Medium thickness footbeds in my hiking boots. However, the volume of the boot is not quite great enough and the thicker footbed elevates my foot just enough to cause a pressure point at the top of my heel. The Thin footbeds are much better in this application AND I get the comfort benefit of SOLE's met pad!!

Love these footbeds

I have a bunion and pronation. The metpad supports the transverse arch of my foot so my 1st metatarsal is not already bottomed out in push off position in neutral. I think it helps the foot from getting tight in the places that reinforce the bone position that leads to the bunion rubbing and getting larger.

Bronwyn Amesbury

Comfort for summer

These shoes are well designed and have helped my foot pain improve over the weeks I’ve been wearing them. I wouldn’t wear anything else because of the difference they’ve made.

Amazing product

I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks and I love them. They’ve reduced the pain below my foot. Very comfortable!


I wear them in all my shoes since my Podiatrist recommended SOLE footbeds to prevent the recurrence of plantar fasciitis and I haven’t had any foot pain in years!

These are the best shoe inserts!

A local Certified Pedorthist introduced me to SOLE over 15 years ago, and I have been using their footbeds ever since. All of my shoes have a SOLE insert in them. Having been flat-footed my entire life, these allow me to stay on my feet all day, every day, and maintain my active lifestyle. I have worn both the Active and the Active with Met Pad and have been very pleased with both. Great customer service, incentives for us customers, free shipping on purchases when creating an account, and their environmental mission makes me a loyal customer for the years to come.

Saved my foot

I had a stress fracture because I wasn’t updating my shoes often enough. Starting wearing these insoles and my fracture has healed completely.

Absolutely incredible comfort after moulding process.

Absolutely blew my mind I'll be ordering new ones for other shoes so I don't have to swap them out. I'll be spending some serious $ to make sure my shoe collection; going 39 pairs strong get the correct SOLE. These are game changers. Absolutely perfect. These guys cracked the whole footed game and made it easy as 200 degrees and 2 minutes to make your shoe go from super comfortable to wildly comfortable... It adds a whole new level to Adidas with boost or bikes with React ... It's just insane how great these are. I love em.

Best foot inserts ever.

I have been wearing these for several years. I think they are the best.

Relieved food pain

I had been having pain in the ball of my foot after working all day, or going on long walks. I purchased my first pair in December and have been very pleased. They really have helped give my foot the support it needs to alleviate the pressure on the ball of my foot. I will be buying more.

Best foot beds

I have been wearing these for years

Feels great

I have been wearing these insoles for my metatarsal fallen bone arch for close to three weeks. I am being totally honest when I say I have NO more pain, I'm walking without a limp, and walking at my normal pace! I am thrilled. Thank you so much. Now I don't have to go to a foot clinic and dish out 450.00. Love my insoles.


I have been struggling with severe foot pain for months. A friend of mine recommended these SOLE inserts and they have helped a lot.

Happy feet, clear conscience.

Referred by a colleague. Foot support is critical for well being in my profession (Paramedic). These are just as comfortable for my back, knees, legs, and feet as a different insole that I have used for years. But even better is that these last longer, and after a year of constant use seem to have zero foot odor whatsoever. The other kind I used could be washed, but also break down and need replacement by this point. I am converted! Take advantage of their rewards options and deals all year long to get your best value and to avoid paying the intimidating price.

AMAZING product saved my feet

I am very flat footed. Add to that I had MAJOR ankle surgery on my right ankle (all 3 sides opened up, bone removed, ligaments cut and re aligned, screws in heel area) so it’s safe to say I have daily foot pain. After working all day my foot is stiff and sore like a peg leg. For an active person like myself it wasn’t good. Tried all kinds of creams, pain killers, even other inserts and orthotics…. Today I wore my SOLE inserts for the first time in my steel toed work boots…. It was LIFE CHANGING! After 8 hours on my feet, ladders, hauling heavy items…. NO FOOT PAIN!!! I’ve been home and rested… went to get up and it’s honestly like I have been given a new right foot! I am so thankful for my friend referring me to your company!!! I only wish I would have done it about 4 years ago!!! I can’t even thank you enough for these SOLE inserts…. You have given me my full life back! Thank you doesn’t seem appropriate, I will tell everyone I know about your amazing inserts. Lifetime purchaser here.

SOLE has been with me for more than a decade

I first began using SOLE as a foot support in my running shoes when I saw that ultra-endurance athlete Dean Karnazes had a signature footbed and endorsed them. I've utilized them inside my daily work boots for healthy foot support in recent years.... if you have lower extremity foot or joint pain this could be your ticket (without a podiatrist). I must emphasize, I only use the rubber bottom footbeds (the cork/biodegradable bottoms just fall apart too quickly). I've used them in military fitness wear. I once wore a pair during a grueling SF selection course.... which included a 25 mile trek with 45lbs pack for time. Along with multiple other long mileage ruck distances. These footbeds held up in flawless fashion, supporting my movement, and overall training health in noticeable ways over the rest of my class. If you are on your feet regularly occupationally, many times we forget about the critical nature of ensuring foot support is renewed and effective physiologically. It effects the entire day, and I'm so pleased to have found this brand a decade+ ago, and that they're still around!! SOLE has a world class product, and I see why Dean endorsed their gear. Thank you for contributing to overall health of Day in/Day outers everywhere!!!!

Alleviates foot pain

I have metatarsalgia, and many of my shoes were becoming too painful to wear. The pain was so persistent that it became difficult to live an active lifestyle. After a quick self-evaluation on the SOLE website, I found the appropriate insert for me. So far, it’s been super helpful and allowed me to return to my active lifestyle without any pain or discomfort. Highly recommend!

The Met Pad has resolved my chronic foot pain

These footbeds are thicker than most footbeds sold in footwear. You may need the thinner version. The met pad has made activities like skating, skiing and hiking fun again!


Mateo Slides

I’m wearing these slides as my indoor slippers. If you suffer from foot pain, the metatarsal support is excellent. You can wear socks to keep your toes warm.

Sole Performance insole

My recent purchase is for my wife as she was complaining about having foot pain and discomfort on her plantar fascia because of being on her feet, working for 12 hours. As soon as we put the SOLE Performance insole on her working shoes, the first week, she already noticed a big difference. From scale of pain of 10, to 5. She continues using the SOLE insole and it has been about a month now and the pain and discomfort is about 2-3. This insole is a great product, I like that it is heat moldable to customize to the contour of your feet. I myself is using this product in my cycling shoes. I highly recommend this product and thank you for developing a product that serves the purpose and works good 😊

Great Foundation and Fit

My foot size is 15N, basically no arch and I weigh 260 pounds. These SOLE Active Thick insoles offer excellent support and often times a size 15 only comes in medium width so these thick inserts enable size medium to fit perfectly and comfortably. I coach, so use in athletic shoes, work boots, as well as dress shoes. If I have a 15N shoe, thinner SOLE inserts works best. The Active Thick raises my heel too much in some shoes. I use these in all my shoes. Highly recommend!

I depend on my insoles

In 2015 my right foot was fractured in three places. Following three surgeries and rehab, my Orthopedic doctor suggested SOLE insoles: specifically the thick ones. I was skeptical. I bought a pair. Molded it to my feet as directed in the instructions. And instantly realized the insoles provided me the necessary relief to my feet, which also gave relief to my knees. I have SOLE insoles in all my shoes and boots!

changed my life

A foot specialist recommended I try SOLE. I've been using them for over 5 years. They changed my life! I put them in ALL my shoes.

Excellent Support

I have a lot of foot pain, probably the result of 40+ years of jobs standing all day on hard floors, running, trail running, and playing soccer. Gave up running and soccer a few years ago. I put these in my cycling shoes. They provide excellent support, pain reduction, and my feet no longer cramp while cycling (which was a nuisance). I have a custom orthotic from a podiatrist. The SOLE insoles provide a similar amount of support at a fraction of the price. They are not quite as comfortable as the custom insoles, but the comfort definitely improves as they mold to your feet. .

A must for every shoe.

I've been wearing SOLE foot beds for several years now. They are a absolute must for me now whenever I buy a new pair of shoes. My feet feel better, more stable and I can stand and walk for longer periods of time. I bought them for my husband and now he loves them too!

These are my favorite!

I've been wearing SOLE footbeds for years and years! I think these Active Thin with Met Pads are my favorite, but it depends on your shoes and what you are looking for. The video SOLE provides that explains the differences between the various footbeds is very helpful. I have chronic foot pain and these are great.

Work boots are enjoyable to wear

Switching to these insoles from another well known brand that I trusted for awhile. Once broken in to mold to your foot, these insoles make my work boots a bit more enjoyable to wear!


Union electrician on my feet all day in work boots. Been using these footbeds for almost 9 years now. Used to deal with terrible foot pain until I discovered these. I tell every tradesman I know. Great arch support.

The very best ever

After trying every insole I could find for my husband to try, this one is it! He has a pair in all his shoes. He walks 5-10 miles every day in his work boots and is flat footed. SOLE footbeds are fabulous.

Randy Chenoweth

Feels good right out of the box

Love them right away, my foot seems glued into the cork inside footbed. A little apprehensive prior to seeing the outer sole but loving the grip on our wood floors and due to the style of shoe they will stay on sidewalks for dog walking but these soles and the general hug I get from wearing them will do great there. However, I will probably not wear them out in the garden ( yikes) because these will serve as my go to Sunday meeting here in Coastal North Carolina. Definitely not beach wear!


Around 25 years ago I developed a foot problem that made walking painful. A podiatrist made some hard plastic orthotics that helped a lot and a few years later I could get by without them. Then my wife gave me a pair of SOLE footbeds and I've been using them every day since. I have them in all my shoes and my foot pain, caused by a malformed bone has not returned. I often go on 5-mile hikes by the way, without difficulty.

Linda Smulka

Mendocino Sport Slide has been great for me

I've loved these sandals for years and just purchased my third pair for use next summer. I have wide, flat feet (hard to fit in sandals) and wear orthotics in shoes. These are great for preventing my plantar fascitis susceptibility so I use them as slippers at night. They make great recovery sandals after exercise. I recently broke my leg and have had tons of swelling in that foot and ankle. While I've always appreciated the adjustability of these, it's been incredibly helpful now. One foot has normal width for me and the other must be opened wider. As my swelling has decreased, I've adjusted tighter again. I wear them during the day in summer at the beach and pool, in the water wading on pebbly/rocky surfaces. Again, I have to be careful to prevent the plantar problems I've had before and wearing these have been a lifesaver, especially if I wear them most of the day. They are very comfortable, with just enough arch support. I highly recommend these!



I really love these flip flops, the cork foot beds are the best and the colour selection is awesome!


Great flip flops

I have been wearing this style for years-really love the cork foot beds!


Can’t Do Without the Catalinas

I have terrible metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain) which is completely alleviated by wearing these. I discovered them in 2012 and I’ve worn them daily since. ❤️

Tracy MacIntyre

Best flip flops ever

I have been wearing these for weeks now and they are very comfortable and very supportive especially if you suffer from foot pain. These are now my everyday indoor shoes. I love them!! Please never discontinue these.

Best footbeds ever

I have foot problems and spent $600.00 on custom orthotics. They never fit right or felt good even after many adjustments. I decided to try the SOLE footbeds and would never go back to custom orthotics again. They can be heated to mold to the shape of your feet.

Great footbeds

These fit very well and I have no foot pain whatsoever when I walk which is usually at least 10k a day. Highly recommend

Solved my issues at a reasonable price.

I normally use custom footbeds to stabilize my foot and relieve foot pain. So far these seem to do the trick at a much more reasonable price point..

Great orthotic footbeds for my running shoes

I've been wearing these for a few months and they are great, no foot pain.

No pain, comfortable

I often get sore on the bottoms of my foot while on a training run. Since I started using them I haven't had any issues. I was able to complete the 70mile race without pain. I am very happy with the product:)

Custom Orthotics Step Aside

I was experiencing heel and other pain in my right foot. I am assuming this was caused by wearing my custom orthotics well beyond their expiry. They cost about $400 each. My Physiotherapist suggested SOLE, before considering getting fitted for custom orthotics. My pain is almost completely gone. They feel great each and every time I put them on. I don't know how long they will last (it has been about a month now), but they are a fraction of the cost of customs. I couldn't be happier with them.

They help so much with foot pain

I have sesamoiditis in my left foot it and it really helps with the pain. This is my second time wearing this particular item and it's changed my working out for the better, substantially.

Sarah O'Donnell

Awesome Support!

After owning a pair of SOLE shoes, this was my first time getting the inserts and I LOVE them!!. The cork absorbs impact and cushions great and the met pad and arch support keep my foot pain at bay. Looking forward to trying other styles.

Great support with Performance Medium with Met Pad

I have been wearing them for a few weeks, traveled, and walked a lot and these insoles really support my foot.

Fantastic footbeds

I purchased these for my skates. I have tried at least 5 types including custom footbeds, Superfeet, Dr. Scholls and Bauer heat molded speed plates. Given that the SOLE footbeds have all the foot relief remedies built into the sole, topped with the pad for comfort makes these the best yet for my skates. The pain I used to suffer starting half way through my ice times is gone! Now I can skate for hours.

John Garratt

Best of everything

I love these shoes. They are waterproof and come with their own inbuilt footpad, so a one stop shop for foot comfort. The toe box is nice and wide, so helps with my Morton's Neuroma issue by giving lots of toe space. Love them

SOLE inserts make my workday less painful

I discovered SOLE Active Medium inserts about 15 years ago in the outpatient pharmacy of the hospital I use worked at. I was desperate for foot relief and by the time I started using the SOLE brand I wasn't so sure if I could continue to work the 12 hour shifts that I was assigned. At first I kept replacing my shoes and that did not work, then tried some inserts from nationwide retailers and I still pretty severe foot pain at the end of each work shift. One day In was in the hospital outpatient pharmacy and noticed the SOLE inserts and I also noticed what to at the time seemed to be premium prices for shoe inserts at $42 a pair. The pharmacy staff didn't know much about the SOLE brand ,but when I read the package product description and noticed the way the inserts were nicely packaged, I figured that the company must stand behind their inserts and truly believe in it seeing how they invested in the packaging also. I guessed right and it was night and day from the very first day I started wearing these . I trim them to the same size as the inserts I pulled from the new shoes and use my daily walking to mold them to my feet. That was 15 years ago and I've never had work shoes that did not have SOLE inserts in them. They are awesome! Lifetime SOLE customer,

Bear with the break in period, worth it.

Similar to a pair of quality cork shoes or slippers. These insoles will conform to your feet. To say they add insulation to your footwear is kinda a no brainer. To say I noticed an improvement of warmth I'd neither agree or disagree. Relying on insoles alone is wrong. Layering your socks and correct footwear is key! These insoles would be an added comfort in foot comfort with some possible negligible reduction in cold or heat transfer.

Out performs the competition

Purchased other insoles, but nothing has been more fulfilling to alleviate foot problems than these cork insoles

Great support for tired feet

I have high arches, and love to hike. I have been using these insoles for over five years and replacing them every six months, and I have no foot pain, even with long hikes


stops foot fatigue, supports me during long hikes

keep your balance

While these footbeds don't last nearly as long as the thick ones, they help stop foot fatigue in tight fitting shoes

It’s about the cute little things

After my foot injury I could no longer wear my cute flats. My converse runners, my TOMS, my moccasins plus many others until I found SOLE Active Thins. They fit in these low profile shoes without being seen. So grateful to feel good while still wearing flats.

Game changer

I have very high arches and am very active in the outdoors. Hiking and snowshoeing are my regular activities. A few years ago I was struggling and unable to do any walking activities without extreme pain until a foot specialist told me about SOLE inserts. I am back to my regular activities.

Thin Foot Beds

I wear these in my skates for a custom fit. I can feel the connection between foot and skate.

Great relief

I was already a customer of SOLE insoles for plantar fasciitis, but never had tried the insoles with the Met pads, it is great. I used to feel my toes and ball of the foot kind of sleepy after a day at work, but in the first day I start using the ones with Met pads after work I felt my feet fine, and now after around a month using the insoles, my feet feel good again.

Better than Expensive Orthotics from Doctor

These inserts are wonderful. They provide amazing support, and are at least as good as the orthotics I purchased from my foot doctor (and at a fraction of the price). I ordered 6 pair (so I don't have to constantly switch) for less than what I paid for one set of orthotics. Will buy again! Thank you.

I thought I was going to need orthotics :(

A sudden & very painful onset of metatarsal-area pain prompted me to look for a solution...even if just a temporary one. I bought two different (and less expensive) metatarsal foot pain relief products and both failed miserably. The SOLE Met Pad footbed provided instant relief...but more importantly, lasting relief. It hasn't eliminated my problem - obviously I have a structural issue that needs to be addressed, but when I'm wearing shoes with the SOLE insole inside, the pain instantly drops by about 50% and once I start walking, after about 50-100 steps, the pain drops another 25-40%. Sometimes it goes away completely. On a related note, if you are a DIY kind of person, I have also started the first set of exercises in the book - The Foot Fix: 4 Weeks to Healthier, Happier Feet by Yamuna Zake - and they have made a big difference too. But first, buy a couple of pairs of SOLE insoles...I have recommended them to two friends already :)

Great for Skiing too.

I've used SOLEs for running, casual wear, and now skiing. They help my foot balance in the boots, it helps with comfort and control.

Great footbeds.

I've been using SOLE footbeds for several years after discovering them in a running store. I used to be an avid runner but was diagnosed with a physical condition and had to stop. I now use them in my casual shoes, keeps my foot balanced and less fatigue overall. I've tried other inserts, many didn't have longevity or were too soft. I always seem to come back to SOLE, especially since they have a variety of inserts for different shoes. My daughter, who is an avid runner now uses them too.

Excellent footbeds

Excellent footbeds I am a physician and have been using and referring these foot beds for many years. They are especially good for plantar fasciitis and flat feet. The company also gives tremendous customer support.

Affordable and works well

These footbeds molded quickly to my feet and were exactly what I was looking for to put in my Blundstones. I ordered the same size as my shoe and there was no trimming required. I still find the medium cushioning to be on the thin side, so if you have the space I would definitely suggest going with the "thick" for more comfort (I just couldn't be bothered to ask for an exchange). I have also had some issues with corns on the ball of my foot so I got the met pad, and the corns have greatly diminished. The met pad felt a bit weird during the first few wears but now it isn't at all noticeable. After looking at many options I'm so glad I went with SOLE! Their customer service team is awesome and very responsive.

Work footbeds

Had many of these. Last you about 6 months at 5 days last week say good bye to foot pain.

No more foot pain!

Since buying 4 pairs at a great price and inserting them in my work boots, casual shoes and hiking footwear all have resolved my plantar fasciitis.

Replaced $800.00 Orthotics!

I bought these for my wife, who has been dealing with severe foot pain for years. Even her $800.00 prescription orthotics had stopped helping. I convinced her to try SOLE, and bought her both the Active Wide Thick, and the Active Wide Thin, to fit her various shoes and boots. It has been about a month, and her foot pain has improved significantly!

Support for my son’s 4E width foot

Thank you for making wide inserts that helps my son’s bunion so he can stand at work and run afterwards

My go to foot support

I love these foot beds and recommend them to my physical therapy patients. I have flat feet, over pronation, and a bunion. The met pad helps support my transverse arch (going across from the big toe to the little toe) and align my big toe.

Does the job

Perfect fit. No more foot pain.

Best support

I’m an RN and on my feet long hours in addition to the fact that I had a bad foot injury almost 10 years ago that continues to ache. With these I can make it through my day without my feet aching and giving out. Even better is the layer of wool that keeps my feet warm. I have Raynaud’s disease so keeping my feet warm is very important. I’ve wasted so much money trying to find comfortable support and my niece told me about these when she was an EMT. I’ve been loyal since finding them 2 years ago! Best investment ever for my feet!

Hiked the Appalachian Trail with my Soles!

I used my SOLE footbeds on a 900 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. The product gave support and comfort the entire hike. While other hikers complained about their foot pain I remained pain free and happy!

Start and end here. ;)

Wanted to take a moment and share my experience with these insoles / footbeds. After trying many other brands and styles, I’ve finally found the footbeds that work perfectly for my foot and shoe. I work retail and am on concrete all day long. These footbeds provide superb support with great cushioning. They fit true to size. I was able to use the Men’s W10 in a Danner 9.5 Bull Run boot without any trimming needed. Give these a try and you’ll probably love them too.

My go-to for foot comfort and arch support

I have accumulated a good number of these footbeds because I use them in every pair of shoes I own. I started years ago with one or two, pairs but after years of using other footpads and being disappointment, I didn't want to buy too many of a new set. But then, they turned out to the BEST I'd ever worn, and one order led to another, etc. I do highly recommend this SOLE!

The BEST!!!!!

I have tried the doctor making a mold of my feet. Also spent money on another companies product, that they said would fix my problem with a flat foot. I found the Met Pad and my life changed. I am very active and these work great.

Everyday foot beds

These are great for every day use. I swap these between my boots and shoes.

Great foot beds

I wear these in my work boots where I'm on my feet all day and my feet are no longer sore at the end of the day

Insole thats thin up front

I need an insole that has mid to high arch support and also thin under the ball of the foot. These seem to work for me.

Near instant relief of foot pain

I have been wearing this product in my hiking boots for about five weeks. The “home baked” heat molding process was easy and shaped the insert for a custom fit to my foot and my boot. The wool liner provides warmth in the extreme cold that I hike in. Excellent product. I was also pleasantly surprised by the company’s exemplary customer service when we had a size issue with another of their products. When I requested a return authorization number, SOLE responded quickly and with complete satisfaction beyond my expectations! Great product, great company!

Work better than super feet for me

My ski boot fitter turned me on to these foot beds, recommending the met pad, and now they are my go to for all my boots. I've got a moderate bunion on one side and they just seem the most comfortable for me.

Gregory Pierce

Much Bigger Difference than Anticipated

Started looking for insoles because of a deep bruise in the ball of my foot (came down on too many pointy rocks in a row trail running in the Rockies--bad luck!). Especially wanted something with a met pad. Got a good intro deal with SOLE, so went for it. Amazing! I really didn't think that the difference would be that dramatic, not only for my injury, which these definitely have helped, but just in general for the support and health and stamina of my feet. I'm 50, trail run 125-140 miles most months, and I was really beginning to feel strain in my feet these past few years. Just a general enervation in them, really, which I attribute to age more than anything. Having worn these insoles for some time now, I am, again, just amazed at the comfort and stamina the support they provide has provided. I've now purchased several more pairs for my hiking boots and my gym/lifting shoes. What a difference. Highly, highly recommended!


Very good foot beds

Feel comfortable and great support for my arches

Whole different story now

Will make any shoes so much more comfortable. And your feet rest as they should. Significantly reduce foot fatigue.

Jerri Hunter

Best foot beds ever!

I have been wearing for a couple of years. Would not wear another brand. Recommended by my podiatrist. Great customer service!

Best footbed I’ve ever worn

Been suffering from plantar fasciitis and other foot pains to the point where I would call in at work because I wasn’t able to walk and my foot would be swollen. I decided to finally give this footbed a try. I’m in steel toes and on my feet all day. Second day wearing these, my plantar and foot pain is starting to go away and I’ve been able to start walking properly again without limping . I would recommend these to everyone and will purchase more for all my shoes.

No Pain

Had foot pain. Started wearing these insoles. Wow, amazing! Relieved the pain. I’m on my feet all day. I’m a nurse. I bought insoles for all my shoes.

Best footbeds ever

I was recommended these by my foot doctor as I have a plantar fibroma. I bought one for my hikers and one for my daily shoes. They work!

foot soles

They sure help, no pain under the heel and muscles don't tighten anymore.

Great upgrade to rubber boots

Great addition to my steel toe rubber boots. Spent a week using them and my foot ache is gone. Sizing seems to run a little bit larger than true size.

Leslie Firstbrook

Amazing footbeds

I have 6 pairs now and I put them in all of my important footwear: ski boots, hiking boots, firefighting boots, running shoes. The consistency from style to style is nice. They are also trim to fit if they are slightly to long or wide you can trim them to fit your shoe or boot perfectly. They are supportive, but not rigid. Your foot splays throughout your stride, so I prefer a supportive footbed that is a little soft. I have both the cork and the original and they are great! Will definitely continue to buy.

Best Insole Ever!

I had foot surgery 3 years ago and I will not wear any other insole. SOLE has saved me from foot pain.

Excellent footbeds!

Added these to my hiking shoes and ice skates - Foot Heaven! Highly recommend!

Gino Ciarmoli

Great product

Have foot issues and have tried several insoles, will say that these have been the best by far. Would definitely purchase again


Absolutely the Best Footbeds

I have worn these for years because they have a met pad. Without them I have so much foot pain I can barely walk. Thank you, SOLE!

mike curzon

great comfort

my foot was suffering from plantar fasciitis and these have greatly alleviated the pain

Julie Tome

My daughter loves these

I ordered these for myself - I took a chance, I never order footwear online because my feet are quite wide but they were so cute and good for plantar fasciitis and on sale. I tried them for a day and they squeezed my toes too much. Luckily my daughter has the same size foot as me lengthwise and she was happy to hear that they didn't fit me. She loves them! They have become her go-to footwear.

Best footbeds I’ve ever used.

I’ve been using SOLE footbeds for years, in my hiking boots and in my everyday walking shoes. They've helped my high arch problems and have provided excellent support resulting in more comfort and fewer foot pain. I’m hard on my shoes and put a lot of miles on them every month. SOLE footbeds are my go-to footbeds, and have performed better than my custom made ones for way less money. And they last a long time.

Help with plantar fasciitis

I’ve been wearing these for a few weeks. Last year I had plantar fasciitis in one foot and it took a long time to resolve. When the pain started in my other foot I ordered these. I follow Philip Carcia on Instagram and he had recommended them. I figured if a guy hiking all those miles liked them then they would be worth a try! I still need to do a lot of stretching to help with the pain but I find these help - they are very comfortable and feel good in my feet. I wear them in all my shoes (running, hiking, and casual wear). They fit great.

No more $400 orthotics for me!

I just received my second pair. Also bought the Thin ones. They totally support my arches and stop my foot from pronating. I didn’t need to adjust them at all.

Ideal footbeds

They fit in my vans and are super comfortable, cut them down to size 9 and heat molded in the oven. The deep heel cup keeps your foot where it should be. Digging these for sure.

Really efficient foot beds

A serious game changer if you are on your feet all day like me!

Travis Isert


I wasn’t sure what type of footbeds I would need. So I bought one with the met pad and one without. Everytime I put on my shoes with the met pad my mind is blown with the comfort and support that I didn’t know I needed. To support my foot up front is something that truly is they best thing I’ve experienced in a footbed.

Great foot beds

Great in mountaineering and ski boots.

Best foot beds on the market!!

I have been wearing these foot beds since it got too cold for my sandals. They continue to provide me with the perfect support and have eliminated all foot ankle and knee pains. A must to try before spending hundreds on orthotics that did nothing for me!

Really pleased

I've been using these insoles for a few weeks now in my work shoes. They're great! I'm on my feet for at least 8 hours every shift, with a lot of walking. No more foot or hip pain. I highly recommend them.

Good quality, firm support where needed

I am very athletic and have a very high arch, along with plantar fasciitis and rheumatoid arthritis. These footbeds provide firm support where needed. Haven't had any pain or cramping since I started using them. Highly recommend to anyone with foot pain to try these.

Ryan Roberts

Love these

Very comfortable in all shoes. May be different from the other soles, but still shape to my foot and provide great support. I use these in my casual shoes and have walked many miles in them.

JT Brumley

They should call these Keystones…

Keystones are the most import part of an arch, taking on a lot of the work from the other stones. If the bones in my feet are the other stones then these sandals are the keystones. After a long run I immediately take off my shoes and put these on and walk around. They definitely have reduced my foot soreness. The only downside to them is, well, it’s Winter now! But that doesn’t stop me from putting them on anyway and driving home wearing them. Great sandals for people who are on their feet or run frequently. Good value. They also last a long time.


Great support!

I have been wearing SOLE insoles for years now to combat a neuroma in my foot . . . with great success. As a physical therapist, I have also recommended them to multiple clients who need better foot support.

Terrific foot support!

I have "SOLE" inserts in most of my footwear/shoes. They have solved my arch/foot problems! I love the fit and comfort that "SOLE" products provide and I can again walk, hike and walk 18 holes of golf without pain or discomfort. I also love the variety of products available and I really like the value/cost of the "SOLE" products! I had previously tried many different arch support products but I am now sold on "SOLE"!

Best foot beds on the narket

We bought these for our son cause he has a bad arch, what a difference. He doesn’t complain about sore back or feet.

Best foots beds for the money

I’ve been wearing these in my work boots, these foot beds have stopped my back and knee pains while I’m at work for 12 hrs. I bought more and now have them in my hiking boots.

Right out of the box fit!

Best thing about these foot beds for high arch feet is they work straight out of the box. I’ve used them for well over 10 years and love them!!

amazing footbeds

the met pads make these foot beds perfectly comfortable

Performance Medium with Met Pad

I've used these for about a month and they really are very comfortable and I have no foot pain.

Cliff Brown

Greatly reduced my foot pain

I noticed that my big toe pain caused by walking eighteen holes was greatly reduced. My feet generally feel better. Strongly recommend this product!


I bought 2 pairs and so far they are doing what I needed! I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and the footbed is helping me with my alignment along with stretching and exercises.


Real quality, unique design, subpar durability?

These were purchased to help with plantar fasciitis pain and right when I received them I knew they were different from any other insole I'd used before. These insoles have very prominent sections of padding that provide support to portions of your foot that would only be barely touched by most other mainstream insoles, especially along the arch and ball of foot. The design of these is very appealing and unique, and the cork material is very satisfying to the eyes and feet! I would definitely recommend these to people looking for more comfort or dealing with pain, as these really helped me. The only issue I have is that after about a week or two, the heel portion, which was initially nicely padded, of the insole compressed down to almost flat, leaving the heel mostly unprotected from impact. The cork material might contribute to this but I also tend to put extreme pressure on my heels. I got these on clearance but next time I'd go for the Active models as they're said to be more durable. But if you have even pressure distribution, definitely check these out!

Holly Bent

Excellent work shoe

I’ve been wearing these for years due to plantar fasciitis Great arch support No more foot pain thanks to my soles. Runs about 1/2 size small-normally wear 7.5 and the 8 fits perfectly

Good footbeds

I have a fallen arch and these have improved the pain in my foot.

Mitch Altman

Best Foot Beds Ever

I’ve been wearing orthotics for decades. Even had some made by Kieth Kleven who was the PT for all the major sports athletes, Shauquile, Tiger etc. I have to say, after my planter fasciitis that the SOLE foot beds are everything that Kieth would do and more. Kieth worked on me many years ago for my broken hip. The flip flops are equally amazing. When I get out of the pool, I always smile when I see what a great arch I have from my wet foot prints. I have recommended them to many of my friends and they love them as well.

So comfortable!

I felt pain relief and greater foot stability after installing these in my new shoes, which are wide width.

Very Nice!

I received a pair of the Performance Medium footbeds. Heated them to conform to my foot shape and put them in my worst fitting pair of boots. It was a pleasant surprise at how they changed the feel and comfort level of the boot. My feet are instantly warmer (which I believe is due to the insulating property of the cork), my standing posture is more natural and comfortable. I have been wearing them for two weeks now so durability is yet to be determined. So far so good! Nice job people!

Great foot support

A great insert for those shoes that lack support , I was easily able to walk long distances during my first use

Jerome Terry

Best foot beds for plantar fasciitis and comfort

Easy to custom fit, durable and the customer service is impeccable!

Perfect In Evey Way

Worked wonders for my foot pain. Since I started wearing them, my plantar fasciitis and metatarsal pain have been relieved. Thin insoles fit very nicely in low volume shoes.

Autumn S.


Really nice and soft but helps with foot pains

Excellent foot beds

I’ve been wearing SOLE footbeds for years. When I order a new pair of running shoes I automatically order a new pair of soles and have had no foot issues since I have been doing this.

Best foot beds I ever bought

I have been wearing these regularly. Very comfortable and my feet don’t feel any pain anymore

Great product

I now have Soles in every thickness available and with both the active and the performance beds. I even tried a pair with the met pad (not needed for my foot). the performance pair are my favourite for sure (but slightly less durable if you are switching them in and out of multiple pairs of shoes).

My feet love ‘em

These are high quality insoles with the metatarsal pad. I am very happy getting premium product at an excellent price. The moulding process, which is simple to do at home, gives you a footbed specifically fitted for your foot.

Great for injury prevention while running

I started using these insoles and my foot related injuries/soreness have completely gone away without adding unnecessary bulk or weight to my shoes.


Supportive comfortable

Really helped a metatarsal mid drop in my foot

Nicholas Billyeald

Incredibly comfortable

I was skeptical about buying sandals online but for the price (promo) I gave It a shot and am super happy. They're much more rigid than others I've bought resulting in more of a insole/shoe feel than a flimsy flip flop. I've suffered from plantar fasciitis and these have notable made a difference to improving foot pain/tiredness. I can actually wear these throughout the day whereas other brands would have my dogs barking within first hour! I'm a 12 and ordered a 12. 12.5 may of been better for me but hasn't affected product.

Life Changing!

I suffer from flat feet + general discomfort when walking for long periods of time. I knew I needed some sort of insole and better foot support but didn't want to spend $600 on customized ones. I'm so glad I found these! Alex was sooooooo helpful in finding the suitable insole for what I wanted and needed - they almost feel customized! I've been wearing them for a month now and I feel so much more comfortable. I want to buy some for every shoe that I own.

Robyn Horsager

Stops foot pain!

I put these in some flat canvas shoes and they made them so comfortable! Highly recommend!

They're the best

I have been wearing SOLE insoles for 2 years now. I'm 6 foot, 370 pounds walking on concrete all day. These are the best hands down they last all day and you don't go home hurting or barely walking.

Everyday comfort

Found them better then the Performance Medium foot beds for day to day. Will definitely get another set

No more foot pain

I’ve been wearing them for several years, and they were finally reaching the end of their life, so reordered them. Love, love love them

Kim Poitras

Perfect fit for All

Having not had foot issues in years past we were now faced with needing some extra support. The fit was great for myself, I used the "heat to fit" method for my husband ( found the instructions excellent & easy). We are both very happy with the support they are providing. We have also found it reassuring that the Podiatrist association has found these very well developed.

Maria Hoffmeyer

Still Loving These

I cannot imagine life without these after having them around now for almost a year. Walking around the house first thing in the am was soooo painful before I had these to ease my way into the day. They are also perfect for a rest from other shoes when my forefeet needs to spread out. I have a wide hyperflexible foot with a high (narrow girth) arch, dorsal bunions, Morton's neuroma and sometimes nerve entrapment.

Top quality at the right price

The foot beds I’ve used over the years for my work hiking boots have been long lasting. My recent purchases have been for other shoes. I’ve been very happy with the variety and availability to get them easily. Just invest in one pair and you’ll never buy anything but “SOLE”!

Kristen Smith

My new favourites

My usual summer flip flops were giving me lots of foot pain this year. I was already ordering the SOLE footbeds so thought I’d try these out too. Super happy I did. Look great and feel great!

Susan Pederson

I have 5 pairs!

I have hip, back and foot issues and was told I couldn't ever wear flip flops again! I sure showed them! These give me the stability I need while still having a pretty look.

Todd Coles

Top quality flips

The support these flips provide is unlike any others I have ever tried. I can actually wear these without worrying about foot pain afterwards like the typical flip.

Derek M

Great insoles

I’ve developed a foot problem and proper insoles, like SOLE brand, have helped

Best footbeds

I have been wearing SOLE for now 4 years exclusively after having a series of foot pains. The best pair of footbeds you can buy and rely on

Very impressed

I tried various off-the-shelf insoles to deal with ball of foot pain usually experienced when playing sports. I must say that the "Active with the met pad" model by SOLE has been the most effective for me in relieving pain and discomfort. I've worn these now for the past several weeks and the insoles seem to have molded well to the shape and contour of my feet and are very comfortable. Very satisfied!

Good quality

The quality is great, they keep their shape and help significantly with my foot discomfort.

Best Insoles Ever

Used these for weeks at work and loved them. Relieved foot and back pain.

Eugene Cosma

Over meldable-I used it to Ski

10 Years + Super high arch, fits my foot configuration. Super comfy. Materials stay the same after so much use, I’ll buy again.

Dennis Blanchard

Support the Arch

I’ve worn all the rest. To the beach, the public shower and to take the trash out. That’s because they were never anything more than a layer between my feet and the surface I was walking on. On the other hand(foot) SOLE Balboa Flips have stayed on my feet because of the arch support comfort, fit along with how they enhance my cadence. I’m Soled!


Good Arch Support

These shoes help with the pain from scar tissue near the arch of my foot. They are very comfortable to walk in and didn't take a long time to break in. I also like the color and style.

Ken Davidson

Fantastic Foot Beds

I have had a problem with plantar fasciitis this year - got a pair of these and wear them in the house and now I don't have the problem... YAH!

Carrie Lynn

Excellent Support

I have ordered multiple pairs of these sandals. I wear them all the time because of their excellent foot support.

Foot pain?

I purchased these because I have neck pain from an old injury. I can't walk more than a 10 minutes without stopping from pain and headaches, but since I found these I can finally keep up with my wife shopping the Mall all day.


BEST footbeds EVER!

I've been wearing SOLE footbeds and flipflops for 15+ years and have had ZERO foot pain ever since my first pair! (Waaayyy better than my $400 orthotics!!!) I have these in all my shoes: work (5+ hrs, in an industrial kitchen on cement floor), everyday shoes & dress shoes. Thank you, SOLE, for saving me from a lifetime of foot pain (plantar fasciitis)!!

Clyde Pence

Different but still comfortable

Love the leather look and feel these feel great, except the blister they rubbed initially on the back of my foot. I have a pair of the wool version that did not do this and I still like these. I just wear thicker socks now.


I stand on my feet all day everyday for work, and these have been so helpful. My foot pain has gone away. Very comfy, highly recommend

Maria Hoffmeyer

My Only Flip

I have been wearing Balboa since fall of 2021 when I was searching for relief for my painful feet. I have multiple things going on - hallux rigidus, Morton's foot, high arch, hyperflexible foot and nerve entrapment. These flips allow me to walk around when I first get up without pain.....without excruciating pain. I don't wear them for hours as I need more support, but these have just the right contour and cushion for the first segment of my day. Sooo grateful to SOLE for this product as well as the insoles.

Dave Moreau

Excellent foot beds

I’ve bought several pairs of SOLE footbeds for all my footwear and love them!

Melissa Morrison

Super comfy flip

As comfy as all SOLE flips but the straps are a little more casual and loose on the foot.

Hope Kuo

Goldilocks Flip Flop

I have tried a least a dozen other flip flips/sport sandals to find some that didn’t cause pain to my back and legs after walking and standing. This was it! I have had lumbar surgeries and my back, legs and moderately arched foot are just cranky with the wrong support. I’ve sworn loyalty to SOLE inserts in my athletic shoes for years and don’t know why it took me so long to realize they also made flip flops. I put this on and it was perfection right away - not too hard, not too soft, arch placement was supportive but not aggressive and the straps were soft yet keep the shoe right in place. I have since purchased the Baja (slightly harder sole, very stable) and Monterey cork (firmer yet) but the Catalina is my favorite for putting on in the morning and wearing all day.

Best footed ever

My wife has been wearing them for work and they reduce foot pain a lot.

Neuroma relief!

I have worn SOLE sport flips for years. Upon exercising for a 5k (and not having exercised in years) I strained my foot and developed Morton’s neuroma. I purchased a pair of the SOLE inserts with the metatarsal pad and after about 1-2 months my neuroma disappeared.


Malibu vs. Laguna

I have 3 Laguna (2 purchased online, 1 from a retailer). This was my first pair of Malibu, which was from an online purchase. All my SOLE shoes have been purchased in size W8. I have narrow, high instep feet. I find my Malibu fit better than the Laguna I usually wear. Malibu's straps haven't stretched as much as the Laguna (Which fit me amazingly when new, but turn sloppy due to stretching, with wear). If you have a thicker foot, you may like the Laguna better as a fit. I still would purchase the Laguna, I just feel that if I have a choice I will stick with the Malibu; as it fits my type of foot better.


Comfortable, supportive and light weight!

Having had lots of foot issues, (plantar fasciitis mostly), flip flops are not generally a good match for my feet. Most of them on the market have no support in the food bed. However, SOLE flip flops offer a comfortable, supportive foot bed that allows my feet to do their job without any pain or issues. They are very lightweight and comfortable to walk in. The straps don't give me blisters either. To make them perfect for me, they would have a more durable outsole on them, however, I guess that might take away from their light weight.


Love these!!

These are the only sandals I’ve bought that do not flare up my foot condition. Well made and well supported.

Sole is always great, but those Met Pads are magical

I have been wearing SOLE for years as the only inserts that can support my high arches, but only recently did I buy the type with Met Pads, not really knowing what they are. They are amazing. I still don't know what they do, other than put support in a spot that makes my foot feel great during and after a run.

Greatest Foot beds ever

I have been using SOLE footbeds for weeks and they make my feet feel so much better. At the end of a long day on my feet I have no pain like I did before I tried them!!!

Best foot beds ever

My husband couldn’t walk far without them. Best ever! Thanks!


Changed my life

My foot pain is completely gone. I wear SOLE products in every shoe I own and I’ve never been disappointed. Canadian company with amazing shipping. If you’re thinking about it, just get some. You’ll be happy!!!

Who knew

I’ve been buying SOLE products for over 5 years on the recommendation of my foot guy. Footbeds, slides, shoes, boots,,,, but who knew that they have the best socks ever??!! I’ve tried many dual layer socks but these are the softest I’ve worn. The only problem is that they’re so popular that they are sold out!!! Keep them coming SOLE!!!

Monica Turcotte

Best Ever!

My foot doctor recommend I try SOLE flip flops. What a great recommendation. I started with one pair January 2022 and now on five pairs. They’re awesome and whenever I feel I need to clean them up I toss them in the washing machine and they come out good as new

Excellent Product

I've worn my SOLE insoles for about two weeks. After a few days, I noticed no foot pain or aching. I have no specific injury or pain, just aching. My feet feel good at all times. Very good product, and very comfortable.

Alexander Ignatiev

The best flip flop

Flip flops are generally trash for those of us with plantar fasciitis. Not so this one. The footbed is supportive and grippy; the outsole is durable and grippy. You are not going to lose your footing in this flip flop unless you try to run long-distance in it. It has an aggressive footbed that emphasizes support and may feel slightly short; order true to size. After wearing a few times, I found the position was natural and in some ways superior to my Birkenstock Arizonas (specifically less sliding).

Alexander Ignatiev

A unique take on the flip flop

This is not a casual flip flop. This is an aggressively supportive flip flop with a high level of comfort, suitable to wear for hours at a time with no fatigue. My wife enjoys the supportive footbed and the durable, grippy rubber sole. Foot positioning is not like that of any other flip flop. True to size, your foot feels almost like it's hanging off the back. But after wearing it a few times, that feeling goes away. My wife is a cosmetologist and spends every working day on her feet for at least ten hours. This flip is a good one for her to wear at work, or in the garden.

SOLE insoles

Excellent value . Bought for my husband who constantly complained foot knee and hip pains. He says his feet no longer hurt at days end and he is able to walk again in evenings. Very comfortable and excellent fit

Absolutely love these footbeds

I have been wearing SOLE insoles for 8 years since my foot surgery & they have been my saving grace. I can’t imagine not having them.

Foot and ankle savers

I was limping in my walking shoes. I went to Reno Orthopedic Clinic and got a shot of cortisone and the recommended SOLE inserts. I could feel the difference immediately. I bought new shoes and another pair of soles. I replaced all my shoes new shoes and bought new soles for each pair. Now when I buy a pair of shoes I order a new pair of soles.


Great Flip

Love this flip flop. After just a few wears the cork molds to your foot well. Great for just around the house, the beach or casual dinner out.

SOLE Medium

I have been wearing the medium performance insoles for several years now. I am on my feet about 14 hours a day at work and walk about 12 to 18,000 steps on an average work day carrying tons of weight. These are the best insoles I have ever owned I now have them in my tennis shoes too. They last a long time and don't seem to get worn out very quickly like other shoe insoles. But I do rotate them daily. I cannot work without them. I have a high arch and plantar fasciitis and have zero foot pain with these inserts. I love them.

The best insoles ever!

This insole with met pad has saved my feet when wearing my Rykas. They are in my exercise shoes, and while I no longer jump as high or run, my feet are supported and without pain. The met pad has been the key. All my shoes, whether for exercising, walking or just everyday wear have Soles. Soooo much better than what I got from the foot doctor!

Shannon Kaufmann

Fits great

I love this flip. It fits to the form of my foot and is very comfortable. Yes I will order it again

Shawn Kline

Very comfortable, supportive flip flop

I ordered the Malibu flip flops in navy and have been wearing them since mid-July. This is my first pair of SOLE flip flops with the cork footbed. I find them to be very comfortable, like all the other SOLE products I have. The cork has worn away a little bit around the ball of my foot, but that hasn't made them any less comfortable. I do put a lot of pressure on the ball of my foot, so I expected this type of wear. I have 3 pair of flip flops, a pair of shoes and numerous insoles from SOLE and I'm happy with all of them. I would definitely recommend SOLE to anyone who needs good, supportive footwear.


Necessary Flip

I bought these last fall as I was working my way out of a bad nerve entrapment issue causing pain in my heel that stopped me from walking, SOLE insoles have been very important and time on these Balboa Flips is essential, especially first thing in the morning. I have a high arch. These fit perfectly and give just the right amount of support and cushion to get my foot used to the transition into the day, I hope that this sandal will still be represented in the new line up! Thank you SOLE for getting me back on my feet!

great insole

I had foot surgery and didn't need my custom orthotics anymore. My physical therapist helping me with foot rehab recommended these insoles for cushioning and some support. They have served my feet well. They have helped get me back out on the trails. My feet are happy.

Tabitha Donkers


They are great! This is my second pair because I tend to think a good pair of sandals can replace trail shoes for light hiking...and these ones can. I live near a beach with lots of sharp rocks and barnacles. They hold up in the water and keep me from slipping on the rocks. They don't stink like other sandals do. They were a tad tight and uncomfortable for the first few days but shaped to my foot really fast.

Worked Great

These insoles worked as advertised, my foot pain diminished after about a week.

Michelle Corriveau

Amazing Fit

I originally purchased this product on the recommendation of my podiatrist to assist with planter fasciitis and it has been a game changer for me. The Costa Flip has allowed me to continue wearing flip flops during the summer while providing the support my foot needs. They have worked so well that I have purchased them in other colours so I have options for my various summer outfits.

Happie Tootsies

My order was shipped promptly and as soon as I fitted the SOLE insoles to my shoes, my feet are much less painful and I am much happier: I could not recommend any product higher. If you need support I hope you find the fit and comfort that I have with SOLE insoles: I now have 3 pair distributed between my riding/walking shoes and hiking boots. Cheers and I hope each of you reading this can achieve more miles with more smiles from such quality foot support .

Foot pain relief

I was suffering from Morton's Neuroma for years & finally decided to go see a podiatrist. They suggested I try SOLE footbeds before anything else. Wow, what a difference in my day to day! I love them! I even got a second pair & recommended them a few times already.

Eliminates foot pain

Got these to help with my metatarsalgia, and they have worked wonders! I wear can hike all day now without any pain. Would recommend!

Work Great in Runners

I had tried the medium version of these in my runners but found that my foot was just too packed in for it to be comfortable. (This will depend on your particular foot in your particular shoe - someone else's experience may be quite different). I have been using the thin version now for a few weeks and my feet are happy. The insole is of typical high quality for SOLE products and the fit is true to the information on the SOLE website for my Asics runners.

Bob Gerwer

2nd pair

I'm so flat-footed that I could step on a dime while barefoot and burn my insole. But, I do like to wear sandals, and these fill the bill for arch support. My 1st pair lasted almost 5 years (wow!). The re-purposed cork is an environmental plus.

I have happy feet again!

My foot pain is gone. I purchased this product for my low profile sneakers and casual shoes. I already own SOLE insoles for my sport runners for jogging. They just didn't fit my other shoes for work (retail). I gave these insoles a chance and they didn't disappoint. I have been wearing them everyday for approx a month now. I am impressed with the cushion from the cork.

Great Foot Support!

This insole is a great foot support! Have them in my workshoes and feet feel really good! Will definitely buy another pair!

Sharon Parker

Fashion and function

These are my third pair of sandals and once again they are beautiful and very comfortable. Helps greatly with plantar fasciitis and I highly recommend them for alleviating foot pain.

The Best Insole ever

I have worn this medium product before and it wears great especially if you follow the instructions of putting in the oven a short time and then having it mold to your foot . I buy new insoles every time i buy need sneakers .I have yet to find an insole that fits my fancy shoes a low pump . I recommend this insole to all people who are on their feet most of the work day

Penny Perry

Best ever!!

I cant say enough how great thes flips are for my foot pain! They did what $600 in orthotics failed to do! Customer service is outstanding! They are quick to sort out any problems that may come up, and make ordering so simple! Gold Star rating

Derek G Musey

Not all sandals are the same

I have peripheral neuropathy and it is a terrible problem with so many unpleasant symptoms revolving in & out through the day. SOLE sandals are a great choice for me since my feet prefer an orthotic style sandal. I have a pair for outside and a pair for inside. Highly recommend if you have any type of foot problem. Thank you SOLE!


Flips :)

These are my hang out in the sun flips. I suffer from plantar fasciitis. When I wear these flips my feet don't hurt like other flips. The cork feels great on the foot. Great flips worth every penny!

Sarah e guenette

Great practical flip flop

I needed flip flops due to falling arches and wanted something simple and not too clunky. I couldn't wear 'flat' ones anymore. It took about a week for them to break in, but now they help tremendously and don't look like typical orthotic foot wear.

Love them

Got them earlier this year & using them in my running shoes. I walk quite a bit & they are very comfortable. I need the met pad and the pain in my foot has subsided because of these insoles. I have a wide foot size 6 1/2 & ordered a size 7. They fit perfectly. I will buy them again.

Cathie Bordon

Narrow fit

Love the footbeds in these flips! They are ideal for me with the met pad. They do fit a narrower foot, so if you have a medium to wide foot, opt for a different style.

Melissa Prasad


I suffer on and off with planters fasciitis. I need the extra support for my foot, but in the summer I want a shoe that will keep my feet cool. These are perfect. They fit great, and are so comfortable.

I love it

I love the met pad active! I suffer from knee injuries, plantar fatigue and back pain. I've been using SOLE for several years now they are a game changer! I can walk my dogs with more confidence and less pain. I love them so much, I have them in all my shoes and boots. I also have metatarsal foot pain and the met pad really helps that. I used to use those sticky pads and never could get them adjusted right, the sole with met pad is perfect for me! Thank you so much for easing my pain.

What's Not to Like?

These were recommended by my podiatrist. They are easy to slip into my shoes and provide comfortable support. I've been wearing these for about a year now. No more foot problems or trips to the doctor and my back feels much better as well. I now own 3 pair, all different, and always have a pair in my shoes. They wash easily and dry very fast. These are rock solid and will last!


Dream Come Shoe

Perfect house shoe. Will not absorb sweat. My feet are in great shape, and wearing these will keep them that way. The red ones are cute/casual, and I like to sneak the black ones into more formal looks. I purchased my first of 3 pairs at the beginning of spring, almost 3 months ago. The Baja flips were significantly easier for me to break in than the Catalina Sport flip (which hugged tighter to the top of my foot for longer). I sized up for my first pair, and they weren't comfortable until the 2nd day. When I sized down, it took a few days.

Straighten Up Those Ankles

My new Asolo walking shoes almost fit my very narrow feet. But when I realized that my ankles and feet were rotating inward, I tried some SOLE Active Medium footbeds. But they were too thick. So I ordered a pair of SOLE Active Thin footbeds. The heat fit formed these to my feet, but kept the arch high. My ankles and feet are straight again, and my shoes fit so much better. I've walked many miles in them over the last six weeks both over rough terrain and on concrete paths with no foot pain. If these Thin footbeds are as tough as their thicker siblings (and I think they are), they should last for years.

Fantastic product and service!

I bought these on the advice of my foot specialist who suggested I use them while waiting 2 weeks for my expensive orthotics. (I needed the arch support.) They came quickly, fit my running shoes perfectly and provide great support. They are a good width but I wish they came in a narrow version for my flats. (They can be trimmed but…) Customer service was quick and helpful when I had a couple of questions. If you need arch support I highly recommend these. I bought all 3 thicknesses for various shoes..

These Really Work

I had the painful condition of PTTD (acquired fallen arches). I needed very major and specific support for my feet. I had heard about this product on a podiatry blog and decided to try it. I followed the instructions on heat molding, creating the future shape that my foot required to return to functioning. I could feel the relief on the very first walk with them. I showed them to my podiatrist, who gave her full approval to the shaping. They are lightweight, cushy, yet offer amazing support. I bought several more pairs to have them in all my shoes. If you need more support than you get from standard inserts, these are for you. If you need a custom made orthotic, you may want to try these first. They really work. Now several months later, my foot is no longer painful and I am back to running - shorter distances this time. Very satisfied customer.

You should try it -

I have used SOLE products for 11 years - I use the Active Thick Met Pads because the ball of right foot needs a little extra protection - I use them mostly in New Balance model 608 9.5 4E width. I got the SOLE men's size 10 and it fit the shoe without having to trim the pad. I wear them in slowly instead of doing the oven method.

Great for hiking and yard work

I've been using the Performance Medium with Met Pad soles for about two months now. I wanted something for my hiking boots to help eliminate blisters and provide better support for my feet overall. So far, I have only good things to say! The soles for my boots perfectly and quickly molded to my feet. I broke them in by wearing my hiking boots for yard work and I haven't gotten a blister yet. Foot health is definitely something worth investing in and the sustainable materials of the product elevate it in the market, in my opinion. Definitely recommend.

Susan H Smith

Happy Feet!

I discovered your company while recovering from my latest foot surgery a couple months ago, and have already ordered 3 different styles of sandals, the Catalina being my favourite. A metatarsil pad in my shoes is a "must", and your sandals are a true blessing. Thanks so much!

Excellent products!

I use SOLE products exclusively and have for the last several years. I don’t have any foot problems anymore and they make my shoes more comfortable. I am a fireman and sometimes am in my shoes 18 hours. I also have them in my Fire boots as well.

Very satisfied with Active Thick insole

I've now tried 3 insoles and my preferred is Active Thick without Met pad. Better to order the larger size and it's easy to trim it down to fit perfectly. Relieves foot pain for outdoor work boots.

Best insole I've found

I'm on my 3rd pair of SOLE Active Wides & they're definitely the best insoles I've come across. I run 30 miles a week, mostly on the road, at paces from 5:30-8:30/mile. I wear Altras for both road & trail, and I use one pair of these insoles for every 2 pairs of shoes. The Good: A problem I've always had with running footwear is compression in the ball of the foot leading to weirdness in my stride or lots of discomfort over time. These insoles are so dense that the above compression isn't an issue. I'm putting 400-500 miles on each pair of shoes (800-1000 miles per pair of insoles) now without any stride-altering compression in either the shoe midsole or the insole itself. I'm considering using them for a 3rd pair of shoes actually, because after 1000 miles the biggest sign of wear is discoloration where my foot contacts the insole, rather than deterioration of the insole itself. The Bad: They're really hard. If you like a cushy running shoe experience this is NOT that. But if you're looking for a great springboard to push off of mile after mile after mile, these are your insoles. 10/10 would recommend.

Fantastic Relief and Comfort

I am an older retired male who hikes almost daily in the local hills and mountains near Vancouver, BC. I was finding the one foot in particular was becoming progressively more painful and required icing after my hikes. It was getting to the point where I was starting to wonder if my hiking and backpacking days were coming to an end. I can't say enough about the SOLE Active Thick insert with the built in met pad. Over the past 2 months my condition has dramatically improved and continues to do so the more I use this product. I also purchased a second set for another pair of shoes as well as the flip flop sandal with the met pad so that my foot is supported even when I am not hiking. I am now looking forward to a coming summer filled with a number of multi-day backpacking trips in the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island. Thanks for providing such a brilliant product line.

Kimberly A Kelsey

Impressed with the cork footbed!

I was really impressed with how the cork foot bed formed quickly to my foot and how comfortable they became. I chose the Monterey because it seemed a bit dressier and I wanted a comfortable and nice looking sandal for evenings out and the like. I do not recommend these for longer walks, while the footbed is extremely comfortable, the strap doesn't have any forgiveness and caused a blister, but my bad for not changing shoes first! I will definitely explore some of the other options they offer to find a sportier sandal, overall very impressed with these.

Perfect insert

I have been using SOLE inserts for many years. They really help with my plantar fasciitis. I used to use the fully cushioned ones, but switched to using the thin (Active Thin) version in conjunction with foam cushioned insoles from the store. I actually put the store insoles over the Active Thins on the opposite foot. Putting them opposite places the high arch of the cushioned insoles to the outside of my foot giving support across the whole front of my heel, not just the inside. Took a day or two to get used to, but it works great in preventing the fasciitis.

Adam Sherlock

Flippy Floppies

I have been searching for a while for a flip flop with good arch support. For years I’ve dealt with foot and knee pain from having flat flip flops. I was excited to come across these when I bought insoles. These are comfortable to wear, my feet don’t slip around when wet and they have good traction on wet ground. The only setback would be the hard plastic piece that goes between your toes, that might be more comfortable if it was fabric. But it was only the start of the season and my callous hadn’t formed yet. I would definitely buy these again. Thanks

Huge difference

I have been wearing SOLE for years. My doctor recommended them for me because I was having a lot of pain in my foot (arches). When it came time to replace my old pair I was able to purchase them online. Which was much easier than trying to get an appt at the doctors office lately.

Robert Sillery

Great product

The Monterey flip fits well, and I love the cork sole. It is very comfortable and helps with my foot problem. It is much better than the regular black rubber. I hope you continually produce them. I had a similar pair a few years ago. When they wore out, I could not find replacements. These new ones fit the bill. Thank you

Exponential Improvement

I can't believe how much difference these Active Thins w Met pad have made. Huge improvement in hip pain. History of injuries, twice broken right heel, never did knit back together properly, the arch dropped and basically the whole foot changed shape and function, been awful. Affected the entire right leg. The SOLE insert is the only one since 2007 that's given me any relief and stabilized my foot. It allows me to have a normal heel to toe roll on the bad foot. Used the size chart to order correct size women 10 and fit is perfect .

Learning to walk again

Three months ago I had spinal surgery (a laminectomy for L-2 to L-5). This was followed by physical therapy to correct foot drop, parasthesia and weakness to both legs. Among numerous defects in my gait, flat feet and pronation was especially problematic. My therapist recommended SOLE inserts. The inserts have dramatically improved my balance and posture.

great product

This product was recommended to me by my sports medicine physician. It has delivered a great experience all around, mitigating foot pain due to a neuroma and keeping me on the right track to good foot health. Thank you.

Michael Gionet

Highly Recommended

I got these sandals because I was experiencing discomfort and tightness in my feet and calves at the end of the day. After a couple weeks of wearing these sandals, the discomfort and tightness has been significantly reduced. The soles of my feet felt comfortable since day 1 of wearing these sandals, but it took about a week for the tops of my feet to feel comfortable. At first, the straps/pads that go over the tops of my feet were very uncomfortable, but that goes away completely after the sandals have been worn in a little. Suggestion for improvement: Change the Velcro on the adjustment straps of the sandals to have the "hooks" on the strap (i.e., facing downward) and have the "loops" on the pad that goes over the top of the foot (i.e. facing upward). Currently, because the "hooks" part of the Velcro face up, they are always exposed when the Velcro adjustment straps are loosened. This means that the "hooks" are available to pick up lint, hair, and other debris and get the sandal caught on carpet.

Virginia Abraham

Orthopedic comfort & support

I found these after two purchases of insoles. Love the eco-materials but needed help with sore feet! Dealing with multiple foot issues- Morton's Neuroma, Ingrown big toenail, Spring gardening rush after being on my feet in home healthcare a long time. These allow no-pressure on the sore foot forefront, and cushion for working without having to deal with water in shoes! I even brought them to work. Now looking for a sandal with a back so I never slip out of it!

Great Product

This is a great product. I use them in my hiking boots and they are very comfortable. I struggled with foot problems before using SOLE insoles. They have allowed me to return to normal activity and I am enjoying hiking again. Thanks for a great product.

pain no more

These insoles eliminated the foot pain I experience while cycling from Morton's Neuroma. I highly recommend these for anyone else suffering from foot pain.

Pain Free

Sometimes a product comes along that just changes the way you view a product. I have tried many different shoe inserts to help with pain in my feet and I have never found anything that totally stops pain in my feet the way that the SOLE inserts do. These inserts made me wonder if I was in my 20s again. If you have ever had foot problems and need to feel pain free from your shoes I would encourage anyone to give these inserts a try. I am not one who usually gets on the band wagon touting a product but these inserts are the closest thing to forgetting about foot pain I have ever experienced. MAGIC.

Rebecca Bailey


These are by far the most comfy flips I have ever owned and they don't hurt my feet. Was suffering from planter fasciitis, that is now a thing of the past with these shoes and several of their insoles in every other shoe I own. Its comfort for my feet from now on. My foot is wide as well and the flexible bands on these are perfect. Tried the Balboa but sadly don't fit my wideness.

Rebecca Bailey

Not for wide feet

I purchased a pair of Costa flips and LOVED them so much. The straps are flexible so they move with you. I then purchased the Balboa and the straps are not flexible and unfortunately don't fit my wide foot. Better to go with the Costa if you have wider feet like me. Too bad cause I love these products. Also love the insoles. I have purchased several sets for all of my family. Great products for comfort and the environment.

Awesome inserts

I have used SOLE inserts for many years, mostly in my running shoes. Recently I had a bad case of plantar fasciitis and decided to order some inserts for all of my shoes with the MET pad. Glad I did, they work really well and my foot problem has gone! Highly recommended!

Awesome - Helped heal a foot injury

I got these at the recommendation from my physio because of a foot injury due to over-walking (ridiculous injury.. I know). I couldn’t get my feet to heal for months until I got these to help with support when I’m on my feet. Could not recommend more.

Thank You SOLE for giving me my life back

I have numerous issues with my feet. Ball of the foot pain, heel pain and bad arches. I had tried many different products in the past with very limited results. Then I discovered the SOLE products. Instantly after inserting these into my shoes I got some relief. As the insole wore in some more, they got more and more comfortable. I was never able to spend many hours on my feet before getting the SOLE product. This product allows me to function again! I was so pleased with the results that I ordered some more for spares, as I now know that I can't survive without them!

Made a difference

Had weight bearing episodic pain in ball of foot in proximal third metatarsal joint. The Thick met pad Sole reduced the pain when used with a wide toe box shoe. Can't notice a difference from heat shaping the pad as instructed.

Dominic Borres

Comfortable Sandals

I’ve been using these since April 2, 2022 and find the sandals are comfortable to use despite bunions on my feet. These wear-moldable, water-friendly sandals made of Bloom Algae Foam makes it light and the surface feels good on the feet. The cushioning is sufficient plus the padded microfiber strap is super comfortable. As advertised, the METATARSAL SUPPORT PAD relieves pain and pressure in the ball of the foot by lifting toe bones into natural alignment.

Jennifer LVolpe

Perfectly comfortable

I love this flip!! The past several years I have looked for quality in a flip flop to usher in Spring. This is my main slide on, kick back, be able to do light walking anywhere…. I have been wearing SOLE flips on and off for the last 2 weeks and highly recommend them. Instantly comfortable, shaped for the sole of a foot and well made. They also seem like they will last the season and not stretch and get loose.

These are great!

I’ve been using these for a couple years. I’ve always needed shoes with extra support but hadn’t found the right inserts. I had some pretty significant foot and ankle pain a couple years ago and saw a podiatrist who recommended these. These help a lot with my pronation, yay

Always Impressed

I have used SOLE products for the last 5 years and have always been impressed with the product. I used to wear orthotics, my Physio recommended SOLE and I've never gone back. I have recommended this product to friends and family who also have enjoyed ending foot pain. Every pair of shoes I wear has SOLE insoles

Finally, relief from foot pain!

I am one of the numerous sufferers of peripheral neuropathy. For years I have endured foot pain that has taken me from an active runner to rarely going for walks because of constant foot pain. I prefer to stay clear of the pharmaceutical pain relief strategy, and decided to try a set of SOLE footbeds. Not sure which product to purchase, I used the SOLE Product Guide to determine which product was best for my condition. Sure enough, the Active Medium with Met Pad was suggested. I purchased the product and it was delivered to my home in just a few days. Following instructions on how to form the footbed to my foot shape, I set the footbeds in the oven at low temperature for a few minutes. Next, I placed each footbed into a pair of my shoes, put the shoes on and waited for the material to conform to my personal foot shape. Skip forward two months, and I can say that after years of foot pain, I am much relieved. Not only can I now go back to long pain free walks, but I have more energy, because I am not in constant pain. These soles are great. The Actives with Metpads easily transfer from one pair of shoes into another. Now that I am satisfied with how well they work, I plan to order another pair for my runners. Relief is a great thing!

Jo Flower

Still Happy!

I started using SOLE insoles when I started having foot problems from lack of arch support at least 10 years ago. They have been 5 star the whole time, relieved all my pain. I have worn SOLE sandals as well and they worked great for me. I highly recommend SOLE products and have been in my shoe repair shop as well as sharing them with friends and family. Thank you SOLE!


I use these insoles in all my shoes: runners, boots, dress shoes because since I've been using them for at least 4 years, my Nortons neuroma has not bothered me. Metatarsal pads in your shoe inserts and removable metatarsal pads can also offload the ball of your foot where you are having pain. They are comfortable & I use a variety of thicknesses depending on the shoe and activity.

Best fit best value EVER!

I have been wearing these in ALL my shoes for 5 years. I have 6 pair that stay in each set of shoes. Dress shoes, hunting and fishing boots and cross training shoes. These SOLE inserts have saved me from years of aggravated foot pain. They fit my foot and shoe size perfectly. They are comfortable - I have had custom made inserts from other companies, made for much more money (thousands $$), and they didn't work and they weren't comfortable or durable. I tried these out of desperation and now I wouldn't leave the house without them. Thank you! SOLE!

Comfortable insoles

This review is on the "Performance Wide Thick" I also bought the Active ones, but I haven't used them yet. I suffer from lower back pain (sciatica). This pain hit me pretty hard. I see doctors about my lower back. That's all they are focused on: my lower back. I started to think about my childhood and how I needed arch support in my shoes. Knowing general construction and basic biology, a improper foundation leads to a poor construction relying on that foundation. I started looking at arch support inserts. Most are just a heel cup with a partial sole. The ones that were a full footbed were gel or memory foam as padding. Gel leave your foot in it's own sweat. That creates foot rot. Foam collects the sweat and grows bacteria. I came across a "SOLE" ad online. It caught my interest. I started to read these reviews on most of the different styles to order from. I did the fitting questionnaire to find what I might be looking for. I ordered both that came up being that they have the return policy also they are both different materials. When I received them I looked at both and felt the cork ones would be more cushion. I work on my feet 6-8 hours straight per shift. I heated the cork ones in the over per instructions and I haven't looked back. It's been a couple months now and from day one of wearing them my back pain has subsided. I still need surgery on my back, but I believe with these "SOLE" inserts I'll have a better foundation to help strengthen my frame during healing. Yes I would recommend these inserts to those looking for comfort and support. Also those looking for lower back pain relief. I wear a whole size in shoes so I just order that size of inserts. They fit my shoe like it belongs. Nice bed for my foot to sit on. The cork is very comfortable they seem to form to your foot and hold it in your shoe.

Great for snowboard boots

I bought these specifically for my snowboard boots after my old foot beds were making my feet hurt incredibly bad. My issue with the old foot beds was lack of arch support, despite buying ones that matched my arch perfectly. However, when I snowboarded the beds would push down and provide zero support. That's when I did some research and found out about SOLE, and bought a pair online. They took a little getting used to but I could immediately tell that my issue with arch support was gone. The SOLE foot beds kept their form and relieved the pain that I had dealt with before. Great product for snowboard boots

Joy E Hopkins

Nice looking Sandle

I have feet that lean inward and when wearing flip flop's I was a little worried that it would get worse. The sandal is made of cork and is comfortable once you get use to the position your foot is in as it is correcting the foot. It fits true to size and is made very well! I really like this sandal.

Great Product

From working from home as a result of covid-19, I was in slippers all the time and my feet were not getting the support they needed. As I walked with my husband he noticed how bad my foot leaned to the inside and I realized that my right knee especially was sore all the time. I realized I needed to get an insole that could help me correct the problem. That's when I ran across SOLE. I really like the thin insole as it fits into any shoe. It offers amazing support and is comfortable to wear. I have been wearing them them for several months and they are still are holding their shape beautifully!

All about the forefoot

From a tiny functional foot clinic serving Yukon Territory and northern BC, SOLE Active Medium is the only insole recommended. Recently purchased 5 pairs to have on hand for clients. Bonus dollars will directly benefit remote harder to reach clients. :) I no longer wear the product - which is a good thing b/c my foot, with the assistance of SOLE, is now barefoot. I like SOLE b/c it helps people's feet, lower limb, pelvis and lower back regain function after years of foot binding. SOLE provides the heal cup, active arch support and the vital forefoot needed for people to regain mobility while comfortably supported. Specific injuries and pain I recommend SOLE treat are the forefoot - which is stabilized when the heel, in the heel cup of the SOLE anchors the foot allowing the forefoot (metatarsals) to regain their beautiful full function - all the way to the tips of each straight toe - which is why I often recommend the wide.

Thank Goodness!

I'm a martial artist, training and teaching karate and I'm an acupuncturist in private practice. I'd suffered an ankle injury years ago, which was acting up and affecting my knee and lower back and foot beds from the physio therapist were going to cost $400. It was then someone told me about SOLE Footbeds. When my first pair of Active Medium with Met Pad footbeds arrived in their slim, environment conscious packaging, I got them in my shoes and I immediately felt relief and comfort. It took just days for all my pain to disappear! Now I recommend them to all my patients with back or lower extremity joint pain and I wear them in all my shoes. It's been about a year now that I've been wearing the footbeds and I'll keep wearing them forever.

Michele Piironen


This is my fourth pair of SOLE Sport Flip Flops. They have great arch support and hug the foot snugly. I am able to walk long distances in them while travelling where my previous footwear would cause the arthritis in my hips/knee to flare up. I stand on my feet all day for work and I wear these as they provide shock absorption on the hard ceramic floors. Highly recommend!

Giveaway Review

-I bought the product because I have had flat feet my whole life and would like to avoid any issues with pain down the road as I get older. -2 Months Daily -I like how the sole forms around the foot and offers daily support -The sole fits perfectly around my large feet -I think the materials used were combined for a perfect design -The sole is very comfortable!


Great flips!

I wear a 7.5 shoe normally. Went with 7 in these flips and they fit like a glove. Foot comfort is excellent. I've been wearing around the house (winter) but look forward to some spring/summer outdoor wear soon.

Ball of Foot pain

Bought these insoles to see if they would help with pain in toes and ball of foot. They have helped a great deal and have now purchased three pairs to keep in different shoes. They are comfortable and fit perfect in my shoes.

Relieves foot pain

My podiatrist recommended these insoles and they help with foot pain . I need to get more for the rest of my shoes as currently I am just using them in my hiking boots. I wore deck shoes today without the insole and my feet really hurt!

Foot pain is gone

I purchased these insoles several weeks ago after having significant foot pain for many months. The discomfort when walking was gone after one week of wearing these insoles. I have purchased two more pairs for my other shoes as well.

Worth it!

These are worth every penny. I used to run the Active versions in my military boots which really changed my life. I didn’t know anything about flat foot or plantar fasciitis back then. I have had issues my entire life with shoes. With these, I no longer have issues just walking. The Thin version is perfect for my dress shoes and some sneakers. It really depends on your shoe design what you want between the low profile and medium. Some might cry about them being hard, but you need to break them in. I run with these Thin soles and they feel perfectly fine. I have invested in a few different soles just for convenience to not constantly change them out of my shoes. Invest in yourself!

Solved my foot pain

I’ve been using SOLE footbeds for a few years now for pain related to over-pronation. Recently I began to have pain on the ball of my right foot. After doing some research I discovered that this was likely due to metatarsalgia. I decide to look to SOLE for help and found these Performance footbeds with built-in metatarsal support. I’ve begun using them regularly and my pain has disappeared. I’ll continue to buy the footbeds with Met Pads from now on.

Life-changing insoles

I've always had a problem with foot pain wearing shoes, ever since I was young; I just thought it was normal to have aching feet after spending a day in shoes. Sneakers, flip-flops, dress shoes, boots, it didn't matter; everything hurt. When a shoe sales person at The Right Shoe in Vancouver suggested in 2016 that I try SOLE footbeds, I was skeptical because I didn't really believe they could help. She told me to trust her, that they had a return policy if I wasn't satisfied, and that she thought the "aggressive arch support" design would really help my tired, aching feet. So I listened to her and got a pair of Active Thicks for my Bluntstones and I was converted overnight. Those Bluntstones went from being those cool boots that I really liked but always avoided because of fatigue and pain, to becoming my daily shoes. No pain or fatigue, even after hours and hours of walking in them, day after day! Transformative and life-changing. I went back and got a pair Active Thins for my Cons too, and when I started spending more time in dress shoes, I got some for those as well. Now, every single pair of shoes and boots that I own has a pair of SOLE footbeds in them—Thursdays, AEs, Clarks, Vessis, chukkas—and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that SOLE is designed locally (I'm in Vancouver, BC); I love their company philosophy of reduced environmental impact, carbon negativity, wine cork recycling (I make and bottle my own wine too, so it's a real plus for me), planting trees, giving to charities, donating to the needy, and social and ecological responsibility in general; I love the fit and the design; I love love love the comfort. They literally transform any pair of shoes from being totally insane torture devices into comfortable, meaningful footwear that reasonable people can actually wear, walk around, and stand in. Amazing! I mean, what's the point of even wearing footwear if it makes your feet worse and causes pain? And why did it take so long for me to discover SOLE? Seriously. Just get them. Thank you, SOLE, for making my foot life pain-free! I will always be grateful, and I will always have your footbeds in my shoes!

Amazing !!!

I have had two different SOLW products. Both have been amazing and have helped me tremendously. The first was before foot surgery and without it I would not have been able to work the way that I did. After surgery I did not need as much support and they had something for that as well. The met pad is a life changer and it fits perfectly to my foot even without heating in the oven to form it. I will have to have insoles for the rest of my life and this will definitely be the place I will get all future insoles for myself and family!

Extremely Helpful!

I had been dealing with foot pain for quite some time and tried a few products but the problem was never truly resolved. Then I heard about SOLE from the Darkhorse podcast and I have faith in their endorsements so I went for it! It was a great call. I have been using the footbeds for several weeks now and the results are very noticeable. The foot pain is basically gone and I'm on my feet for hours at a time. Also, they're very easy to transfer from shoe to shoe. Highly recommend!

Best inserts EVER!

I started with one pair of these, you know they're pricey so I wanted to make sure...Well, I made sure and I've ordered more because they are great and I need them for each pair of shoes that I have! I am flat footed and pronate, I have spent 10x this much on inserts that don't work or don't last. These are totally worth it, do yourself a favor and get them now!

Great Product

My wife and I are both using the Medium with met pad and they really help with foot pain. We normally walk 4 miles a day and found that SOLE has helped with eliminating foot pain. We are wanting to try the Thick next.

Just buy them!!!!

My son has plantar fascitis and could hardly walk after practice. We have tried many different insoles and finally tried these. I can honestly say that these were the only ones that worked. With in a week he could go to practice without foot pain afterwards. We are getting ready to order him more for his other shoes!!!! He wears a size 8 basketball shor and the size 8 insoles fit perfectly with out trimming. They do not slide around and he has zero complaints!!!! Trust me.....we have tried them all and these are the only ones to help him.

No more evening foot rubs

I am impressed by my SOLE inserts. My husband bought them for me because he saw how sore my feet were after my 12 hour shifts. I really felt a difference in how my feet felt. They were not as sore and the fatigue I felt in the arch seems to have gone away. I would recommend this product as would my husband who does not have to hear me complaining after each shift.

Pain relief at an affordable price

It was a foot doctor who told me I had flat feet and the same doctor that told me about SOLE footbeds. I was looking at cortisone injections for bursitis in my left hip and within 2 weeks of wearing the inserts, all the pain went away! When I stopped wearing them the pain came back. I started wearing them again and the pain went away. Why I stopped it beyond me, and I cannot live without these! I also used to switch them between shoes but it doesn't always work as they mold to the shape of not only the foot but the shoe as well. So I just bought 3 pairs for my new runners and a spare to tuck away.

Great FIt!

Really love these insoles. The Met Pad is a nice addition and adds a nice "bump" in the middle of the pad that supports the padding of my foot. Super durable and super form fitting. Great value!

No more ankle pain when snowboarding

I was getting horrible ankle pain in my front foot while snowboarding and my trainer told me it was because of my flat feet. The SOLE thin beds fit in my boots perfectly and now I ride all day with no pain!’

Great fit for high arches!

I bought this product after I realized the old orthotics in my shoes had caused my foot to have plantar fasciitis. The SOLE inserts have been a significant part of my recovery and I will definitely be able to keep running now! The custom fit that you are able to do was great and my foot doctor didn’t even require me to get custom orthotics!






Decreases my foot knee and back pain!

I have been using SOLE supports for years,because they help control my pronation and plantar fasciitis. In turn my knee and back pain are reduced by 80% and 40% respectfully. They keep me active and I can't thank you enough.

Changed Everything!

Great purchase! They fit well in my shoes and eased my foot pains. They are very comfortable and significantly decreased my flair-ups with plantar fasciitis.

Too Thick

Wanted more support in my running shoe and this footbed was highly recommended by several sources and the footbed finder suggested the Active Medium. I found this footbed to be too thick and it raised my foot too much and caused a lot of rubbing around my heel and I couldn't get my shoes to fit comfortably any more. I swapped to the cork thin footbed and it helped a lot.

Great insoles. Super customer service.

My Podiatrist recommended SOLE orthotic inserts. He said they were as good as the custom ones his office could order. He knew the price and told me which model to order. He also told me to not go barefoot. He said SOLE had a flip flop with the orthotic built in if the inserts worked. I ordered just the inserts at first. They came within 3 days They were easy to adjust to. I have been wearing them for 2 months. It seems to be correcting my foot issues. So I ordered another pair of inserts and the flip flops. They took longer to arrive. I emailed the company about the order. They responded right away. I am very satisfied.

No SOLE means no foot comfort!

I have been using the SOLE Active Medium w/ Met Pad for years. I have always been extremely satisfied with this product. I did venture "off course" and tried the ReCORK prior to my latest purchase and, while comfortable, they were noisy (squeeky), so I returned to the Met Pad and 100% satisfaction!

Love this product

I wish I knew about these sooner! I can run long distances again without any discomfort on the bottom of my foot.

Love my Soles

I have been wearing my soles for a month or so. I have them in my Ugg boots and sneakers. I'm on my feet all day at work and they really help. The soles are so comfortable, I love how they mold to your foot and the arch helps so much... If I could afford it I would buy the soles for every shoe I own.

Awesome insoles!

This was my first purchase of SOLE insoles. I heard about this company by doing a Google search for ski boot insoles for metatarsal foot pain. I've been suffering from foot pain in the balls of my feet for a number of years and my ski boots exacerbate the pain. I've tried other insoles in my boots which has helped a bit, but I still experience some pain after a day of skiing. I purchased these insoles prior to this year's ski season and so far, they have helped tremendously! I just returned from a 4-day ski vacation, which normally would cause a lot of foot pain, and I was so impressed with how comfortable these insoles are in my ski boots and that I was able to ski for multiple days in a row with hardly any discomfort. I plan on purchasing another pair of insoles for my street shoes as even regular shoes cause discomfort when walking.

Great orthrotic

I hurt my foot a couple of months ago and couldn't find an orthotic that was tolerable. SOLE provides great support without being too hard or soft. I have tried everything from $5 gel inserts to $100+ orthotics and I must say that these are noticeably better than anything I've used in the past.


Love SOLE inserts. So comfortable and easy to fit. I am extremely flat footed and used to have to spend $ 800 for lift but my doctor recommended SOLE inserts, I love them and no longer have back or knee pain.

Great insoles. Super customer service.

My Podiatrist recommended SOLE orthotic inserts. He said they were as good as the custom ones his office could order. He knew the price and told me which model to order. He also told me to not go barefoot. He said SOLE had a flip flop with the orthotic built in if the inserts worked. I ordered just the inserts at first. They came within 3 days They were easy to adjust to. I have been wearing them for 2 months. It seems to be correcting my foot issues. So I ordered another pair of inserts and the flip flops. They took longer to arrive. I emailed the company about the order. They responded right away. I am very satisfied.

Great Insoles!

I'm always looking for insoles for my boots. I have high arches, narrow heels, and am prone to plantar fasciitis. I have spent a lot of money on custom insoles throughout the years for my boots, with mixed results. I have been very pleased with these insoles. These fit the boots well, size wise. I have purchased them in thick, medium and thin thicknesses to accommodate different sock thicknesses for warm to cold seasons. I use these in my mil spec boots, my hunting boots, and my hiking boots. I haven't had much luck with heating them to form to my foot faster, but I just break them in with a few miles walking, and they seem to form to my feet pretty quick. These are new for me, so I can't speak for durability yet. Very pleased with them so far. Get some!

Solved some issues

Have been wearing these for several months and has resolved some Met pain issues in my foot. Comfortable and fit well in hiking boots that I have with almost no trimming and adjustment. Would like to see different Met levels. Could use a bit more Met padding for me personally. All in all, a good investment for foot comfort.

Leonard Siau

Firm, supportive yet comfortable

I have been a SOLE product user for 10+ years. Recently bought a couple of new pairs. Me and my wife love them. I think they really help with my asymmetrical foot pronation and reduce my neckpain. They are made with quality materials, comfortable to wear and most importantly orthopaedic grade as I prefer good stability and support.


I have loved SOLE Flips for over 13 years. I first began using their footbeds a short time later. I just found their Active Wide Thins last year. They fit beautifully inside of my Keen summer and winter shoes. The are comfortable right out of the box. Of course heating them and fitting them to my foot is even better. My whole family of five is now using them.

Cork feels great!

I had a torn tendon in my foot. My podiatrist prescribed me orthotics which were too aggressive and hurt my foot. I researched inserts and realized that cork, a more natural element, would give my feet support but yet give some "give" for the natural walking movement. I decided to try SOLE and I am very pleased. They are thin, give support and the "give" I need to keep my tendons flexible.

Eduardo Tso

SOLE is the best product for your feet

Starting from the beginning, about five years ago I got plantar faciitis on both my feet. Having to deal with the pain while working on feet for 8 hours a day was rough. Almost a year later I found SOLE products through a foot specialist. My life changed and I was cured of this issue within 6 months of using your insoles and sandals every time I was on my feet. Now with these clog style shoes I use for work everyday I feel confident my feet will never have any issues ever again. I highly recommend SOLE to anyone who works on their feet for any length of time. These shoes are made with high quality materials, the pair of sandals I wear only when I'm home I've wearing for 6 years and it's still in great shape. Extremely comfortable and fit very well.

Cycling Insoles

If you’re looking for an insole for cycling shoes the Performance Thin with met pad is your answer. These fit great in several different pairs of shoes without taking up a lot of volume. I have noticed a significant reduction in ankle/ foot soreness during long rides over the winter. The lightweight cork is great to keep the weight down as race season approaches. Every level of cyclist should own a pair of these!

Works great for Mortons Neuroma and tendonitis

The Active Wide Medium insoles have helped me with Morton's Neuroma and foot tendonitis a lot. Even before I did physical therapy, which cemented my recovery and as soon as I put these in my sneakers or shoes my foot felt much better. With the therapy and Soles my foot issues are practically gone. I use these insoles for everyday walking, running, and extremely challenging hiking in Drakensberg.

Claire Kunigonis

Comfortable and supportive

I bought the Men's District by ReCORK for my grandson who requires orthotics due to extra-wide, flat feet. He absolutely loves the shoes. He doesn't have to have any additional support structures with the built-in footbeds. The contemporary style gives him the opportunity to have support without the obvious "orthotic shoe" look. Unlike previous shoes we've tried, he hasn't experienced any foot pain or fatigue during long wear use. I'm very happy with the quality, value, and durability of these shoes.

Christopher Galka

Great Soles!

Very comfortable shoes! Despite what seems like a lack of padding in the foot bed it’s shape and contour maximizes the natural padding of your feet.. I have one fallen arch and one that’s not so bad, but they’re comfortable and both of my feet with no additional insole. The fit is a little snug, but I prefer that, you may go a 1/2 size up if you like your shoes a little loose.

Great for all day

I have been using the thick foot beds for at least three years. I am a big guy and my feet would get tired and sore by the end of the day. Before I started using this SOLE product, I would frequently have issues with plantar fasciitis. Now, going for a two mile walk is no problem. My feet are not sore the next day. I have a couple pair of these. They are easy to get them into my shoes and to conform to my feet. Also, I know this might revoke my man card but, I even have a pair in my house shoes.

Amazing footbeds!

I'm blown away how great these footbeds are and they have exceeded my expectations. Way better then any you will find in the shoe stores. I'm using a pair of Active Thin insoles in my Wolverine 1000 mile boots and my 8 year old boots are now oh so dreamy to walk around in and feel brand new again! I have a fairly narrow foot and medium high arches. I lean towards going barefoot a lot ( I do a lot of yoga) and actually love the arch support which has become more subtle after the break in period. these soles get better the more I wear them so do give a bit to break them in properly.

My feet are smiling now

I recently visited the podiatrist 3 weeks in a row for a pain in my left foot right at the heel. They tried inserts, shots, wraps helped a little. But I was kind of shuffling around and not walking the 6 to miles daily as I had in the past. On the last visit one of the young ladies who assisted in my various treatments told me I should check out your website and buy the "Active Thick" version of their insert. I did and I was immediately better. I was so pleased I ordered a pair of your shoes and I am very pleased with them also. I am back to walking 6 to 8 miles per day with no pain. Thanks

Best I've found hands down.

I've been wearing these for a month or two now in my work boots, and a pair in my big rubber boots. I'm size 15 almost 16 and these are one of the few arch supports I can wear that actually fits my foot size. These last about a year or so with constant daily usage around the farm. Much easier to get used to than the hard inserts, and I have no arch pain since I started using them years ago when they were made for Redwing. I can't live without them. Does take about two weeks to get your arches used to some real support though, and if your arches are shot, wear them for an hour a day for the first week. Once I got used to them, my arch pain stopped and my knee pain got significantly better.

Red Sole inserts

I have used SOLE products for about 4 years . They were recommended by a foot doctor. I usually purchase the black SOLE inserts. The shop where I purchased them closed so I used the online site and did the online help for selection . It recommended the red SOLE Inserts because I have pain in the ball of my foot and need arch support. I've been wearing the red inserts for about 2 weeks and they do help with arch support and metatarsal pain. Since I do most of my walking in my neighborhood sidewalks & streets, sometimes I wish I had the added cushioning of the black inserts.

First Time Buyer

I was recommended this brand by my podiatrist. Bought these (my first insole purchase from any company) for the first time, put them in my hikers, and instantly foot pain receded. Every day there was less and less foot pain. until I have not had any problems now for months. I will be a lifetime user for sure!

Better than the old plastic soles!

I was a long time user of SOLE inserts for correction of over pronation associated with flat feet. They have made a huge difference for me as far as foot pain and allowed me to walk and jog comfortably for years. I was so excited to discover the they now have a recycled cork product - it's such a great model to have people return their wine corks to stores for re-use. I find that the new ReCORK soles feel springier and more comfortable that the old soles that I relied upon. I have been using them in my Saucony running shoes for 2 months now and they feel great. I wear size 8 1/2 or 39 shoes and found that the size 7/9 insert fit perfectly without trimming. I hope that more companies will follow this model of using recycled materials to create an excellent product.

Out on walks again

My husband has had foot pain for about 2 years now and it just stopped us from going on our walks. Although he still has some pain, the Active Medium soles have allowed him to get back to walking. He has a pair in both of his shoes and will definitely get more as needed. These slipped into his shoes perfectly after the heat up. After standing in them for the few minutes required to form he knew right away these were going to work. Comfortable enough he could wear them all day. No issues of any kind

Active hunter.

I have been using SOLE insoles for about 5 years now. I used to spend hundreds on orthotics. I liked them so much that when I purchased a pair of winter hikers I wanted a pair for them. I purchased the medium thickness as the thicker ones fit a bit tight. They are a perfect fit and give me the familiar support I need for my high arches. I would recommend them to any one with foot problems.

Highly recommended

Really helped for pronation & knee misalignment. It’s all connected, so great for my low back pain as well. I have wide foot & high arch, the Thin insoles are ideal for most of my shoes & run true to size. I love that the heel is NOT elevated which can be common in other brands. It’s wonderfully comfy & I really appreciate SOLE getting on board with Eco friendly materials.

Nishtha C. Sanghani

SOLE is the best footbed brand

I have been SOLE customer for 15 years I am also a physical therapist and not only use SOLE myself but also recommend to my family and patients. The arch support and the level of comfort helps with any routine walks, runs, work outs, long standing activities and makes it all less painful. I have recommended SOLE to patients with knock knees, pes planus, plantar fasciitis, foot pain and also knee pain and back pain. They are very comfortable and not to forget, durable too.

Great Insoles

I had a foot issue and was awaiting an appointment to get an orthotic made. Since the pain was increasing and I had an upcoming backpack trip, I needed something for the interim period that might alleviate this pain when hiking. I took a chance on some SOLE Active Medium inserts and couldn't be more pleased. When I showed them to my Podiatrist, she was very impressed and told me to continue using them until the orthotics were made. Well, eventually the orthotics arrived, felt extremely uncomfortable, had to be modified several times, and eventually were abandoned. I have since bought 5 pairs of SOLE insoles over the past year and couldn't be happier. They have eliminated my foot pain, are super comfortable, and are very affordable when compared to custom orthotics.


Purchased these insoles (size 11 U.S. fit is exact), because my $200 pair of Asics AWL size 11 US, were causing extreme pain to my Achilles tendon. I needed a winter shoe and although the shoe fit great at the store when I purchased them, they certainly didn't after the first 10km. I was forced to go up a half size with my shoes because my right toe was feeling cramped. Decided to purchase both the Active Medium and Thick, because I wasn't sure which would be enough to fill in the extra room in my shoe and possibly elevate my foot to keep the back of the shoe from touching the upper rear portion of my foot. Ran 100 km in the Active Medium and my feet started to feel great after the first 20km, almost instantly (I didn't heat fit them to my feet). After 100km, I decide to try the Active Thick and they filled the extra space in the shoe that was needed and elevated my foot ever so slightly. First impression was a full shoe and feeling like I was 1 inch taller. At first, when I put in either insole, they felt lumpy. After about 20km, they tend to mold to your feet and feel very natural. You can, of course, heat treat them to fit, but I wasn't sure I was going to keep them, so I decided to try them, out of the package. I do get Achilles pain once in a while, but this is probably due to my running technique and not the insoles. I use my Active Medium Soles in my summer runners (Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3 in size 10.5 U.S.), which fit me perfect before inserting the Soles and fit snug after installing. 450km now and still great. I'm sure my shoes will wear out before these Soles will; they will be going in my next pair of Asics AWLs. Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Initially I found them to be expensive, now not so much because they work.

Goalie Skates

Returning to the ice after COVID, I was suddenly dealing with constant foot pain every time I put my skates on and I tried different things. I’ve been using Medium SOLE inserts in my field hockey turf boots for about 10 years and started wearing a pair in my everyday shoes about two years ago. I decided to try out the Thin, hoping they would fit comfortably in my goalie skates. With the added foot pain in the sole and forefoot, I also tried the met pad for the first time which only took a little getting used to. The Thin soles fit just fine in my skates and have definitely helped the foot pain. I do remove them after every ice time so the skates dry properly and the rivets don’t rust, which is the only issue as it’s a tight fit around the heel and arch, so it can be a little hard to remove them. I worry a bit that the friction will speed up the wear on the skate liner and/or the insole. I’m trying to figure out an easier way to pull it out with a tab or something, but the pros definitely out way that one con.

Love them x5-6!!!

I have flat feet and the insoles gave me the support that I needed. I initially purchased one pair and now I have purchased approximately 5-6 pairs in 2 years. Once I wear a pair out (3-4 months) I slide in a new pair. They fit great with minimal cutting. I also love that my foot does not slide around in my shoe.


I have been diagnosed with Mortons neuroma on my right foot. My chiropractor has the same issue and recommended your insoles with the met pad. It has kept me from having the surgery to sever the nerve on my fourth toe. I wear them 24/7 and it has been miraculous. They are holding up well and are easy to slip in and out.

Heather Gould-Hawke

Bought for work

I have a wide foot and have difficulty with finding work clogs. I been wearing them for several months they are comfortable, the material strength is great and easy to form with the foot. I will purchase another pair in future.

Saved me from years of pain

Highly recommend the SOLE products. After years of off and on pain on my left foot, a friend recommended SOLE to me and I decided to give it a shot. After only a week of using the Active Mediums, my pain went away. I’ve now been a loyal customer for three years and I have been pain free for three years :)

Susan Scown

I even use these in my clog slippers

I had developed uncomfortable nerve tingling in the side of one foot beneath the ankle. My podiatrist said I needed to use insoles with support for high arches virtually all the time. I started using SOLE Softec Response insoles not only in my sneakers and boots when I'm outdoors but also in my clog slippers (which fit snugly at the arch with room in the toe box) when I'm at home. The Softec Response insole cover material is comfortable and durable, and the insoles support my feet/arches well and comfortably. They appear to be very well made and look like they will last a long time. After about a month of wearing these insoles, the nerve discomfort went away. I have now been wearing them for three months, and the relief has held up. The SOLE Softec Response insole sizes match my footwear sizes. They have the roomy toe boxes I need for my broad forefeet yet hold my narrow heels in place. I'm going to keep buying the Softec Response soles and wearing them pretty much all the time. What a relief!

My Happiness!

I have used SOLE products for a long time. 7-8 Years with one bottom line: COMFORT without PAIN! I have had foot issues since I was 50 years old ! SOLE was the answer! If you are having any foot pain is good for anyone who is approaching a painful problem with one's feet! Best move I have made for my overall health

Sara Christon

These are WONDERFUL!!

I broke my foot many years ago. Years of pain and problems lead me to try the SOLE inserts and FINALLY, I am free of foot, leg and back pain. Thanks to SOLE inserts, I can walk and hike for miles and I'm back to a normal life. I have these soles in all of my shoes and because they're so comfortable, I have purchased them for my family as well. THANK YOU SOLE!!

Great addition to cycling shoes

Put these in my Sidi road shoes. Thin enough to fit well, and a huge improvement in arch support over the stock units. Had to buy a larger size to ensure the arch support fell in the correct spot on my foot, which necessitated a fair bit of trimming to have them fit my shoes. Luckily I could try them on in a local shop, otherwise that trial and error would have been a pain. They’ve been brilliant ever since. Improved stability, power transfer, and no more hot spots or numb toes on longer rides.

Kevin John Trick

Softec Casual

Looking for an insole with arch support. Surface area is very comfortable and moulds to the shape of my foot. Very light materials so they don't add appreciable weight. Highly recommend and will purchase again.

Aussie boots fixed

I had recently replaced my 'Australian' work boots and found them to be painfully uncomfortable compared with my old pair. Assuming that they just needed to be broken in, I bore with it for months. I'd hoped my 12h+ work shifts would break them in and back to the feeling of my old pair. Didn't happen. Nor did trying the old footbeds from my previous boots. I ordered the SOLE footbeds with the most cushioning and the met pad. Had a moment of regret thinking the met pad would be a mistake but a rep coached me to keep the order as is. Essentially the SOLE footbeds have fixed the misery caused by my work boots. I no longer have foot and hip pain from my long shifts. It's been maybe a month now and I'm loving them. Only slight issue is that now my feet are a bit snug against the uppers. A quick tap at the heel moves my toes off the steel toe cap and it's fine. These footbeds have taken away my workboot pains.

Victoria Leah Dunton

Great product

I purchased these for my pre-teen son, his feet grow so quickly that this is a great cost effective way to provide him with the support that his growing feet need. They have been great and offer support to his high arches! The fit his shoes great and have really help to relieve his foot pain.

Will keep buying them

I’ve got a bunion on one foot and bad ankle on the other. After purchasing these soles years ago, the conditions finally became manageable. I have them in every pair of shoes. Pain free walking is a gift that you owe yourself!

Excellent Product

As someone who occasionally suffered from foot pain, I needed a more sustainable solution than prescription orthotics that need routine replacement at a very high price. While perhaps not as precise in foot correction as a customized orthotic, the SOLE Active Medium was a perfect solution for me. A very reasonable price for an excellent product by an outstanding, thoughtful company. I can highly recommend these insoles for anyone needing greater support or an alternative to overpriced orthotics. They resolved my foot pain issues and I'm a happy customer for life.

Perfect for flat foot

I have flat feet and this footbed helped me to reduce the pain while wearing for long periods of time. I recommend this footbed as it has microbial and warm wool properties as well as the arch support.


I ordered the Active Thin for my casual flat Bobs and they fit perfectly! I have metatarsalgia in my right foot and without my SOLE footbeds I can't wear them. I have been using SOLE products since early this past summer and have recently gave a gift of slides to my dad for planter fasciitis and he loves them.

Fixed my feet

I was a little skeptical for the price, but I was pleasantly surprised. My arches were collapsed from years of flat insoles, so my feet were pretty sore the first couple times I used these. But after a week or so, the pain went away and my feet straightened out. I now can walk and stand for hours without foot pain.

Stacy L Sloan


I can not write enough good things about my SOLE sandals! They are so comfortable and I no longer have back pain when I wear them. I actually love the men's sandals more but only because the straps are a bit looser than the women's and my foot isn't wide but more rounded on the top. I even have my family buying them and loving them! :)

Flat foot insert

This was a replacement. I am not sure it was the exact one I had before but my flat foot is not hurting so I am happy with it. It fits in my shoe correctly.


I wear them all year long!

I just love your sandals. I have gotten my 4 sisters to wear them too. I'm flat footed and used to wear orthotic sandals that were very limited in design. I just LOVE my SOLEs! I think I have been wearing them for about 7 years or so. I use to only buy 1 new pair a year. I use them like slippers during the winter. Great support and love the new colours. I wear a 9 and they always fit just right.

Joyce Burrell

Women’s Mendocino slide support

Very comfortable fit. Purchased to help relieve foot and lower back pain. Works great, full support sandals that are adjustable. Thank you SOLE for your support!

Every Pair of Shoes

I have a very high arches, arthritis in my feet and a tendency to get plantar fasciitis. I have to wear innersoles in my shoes all the time. I have used SOLE for years. They give me the best support and prevent any foot pain. Grateful.

Great Insole

I have been using inserts for decades. I have low arches. I have tried MANY different products including $500 custom orthotics. I am also a runner. 20-25 miles per week. Expensive customs wear out. Not unlike any other. It can become a money drain. Off the shelf insoles from various suppliers are very generic. Too spongy, not light weight, not enough arch support and wear out quickly. A friend passed along to me a recommendation from his podiatrist. "SOLE" insoles. I looked over a lot of info from the SOLE website as well as from other sources and decided to try the SOLE Active Medium. SOLE provides a wide variety of insoles, as well as other products, to suit MANY different needs and foot and body designs. This alone separates SOLE from other offerings. It is also very obvious that they have done their due diligence on R&D and have included some very smart and experienced people into the works to develop products for a wide dynamic of people and purposes. I have low arches and a knee that has had cartilage repair and a torn stretched to useless ACL. (Skiing injuries from my youth). The soles obviously won't repair these things but provide support and alignment that allow me to run comfortably and vigorously without pain. I bought my first pair, used them for about 2 months and then bought another pair. All total I have been on them for about 5 months now. I also played Hockey for decades. Skate providers went away from traditional leather outer shells quite a few years ago and adopted moldable outer shells. You warm up the skate in an oven, quickly put them on, lace them up tight and the skate adopts the shape of your foot. Providing a very custom fit. It took a minute but once I got used to them I fell in love with the technology. The EVA base in the Active Mediums is very much similar. I did not put them in the oven I just put them in my shoe and wore them to shape. It took running on them about 10 times until they formed to fit. This wear in period was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but since then they have been awesome... Now they fit great and are beyond comfortable. They are super supportive, lightweight, and I can trust them to be perfectly in place with every stride. I love the product, I love the price point. Customer service has been excellent. I am absolutely a SOLE customer for life. You might think that I am just a shill for SOLE who is being somehow compensated. I assure you that I am NOT. I'm a very satisfied customer who is simply illustrating my experience with their product. This is a product that I truly need and very much appreciate. I am 61 years old. A life long athlete. This product allows me to continue to enjoy training and competitive athletics... Priceless.... Thank you SOLE

Great support

I have very high arches, narrow feet and plantar fasciitis. I gave been told I am high risk for collapsed arches, told that's very painful, and have been going to physiotherapy for foot and related knee pain. Custom orthotics were quoted at $300 with Insurance only covering maximum 50%. I thought I'd give these a try first! I did not heat fit them as I was worried about getting it right, instead choosing to fit them by wearing. First few days were an eye opener, my toes clenched and I was uncomfortable wearing them for long periods if time. 2-3 hours at once was enough. I am on my feet, running after kids all day at work so I needed more support than drugstore insoles. After wearing them for a week my feet felt so much better at the end of the day! I really needed the extra arch support and my feet have relaxed, no more toe clenching! I will be getting another set for my ski boots and anticipate a much more comfortable downhill ski season this year. 100% would recommend trying these before getting expensive orthotics if you have high arches.

Made a huge difference

I had tried every non surgical / non drug solution for my planter fasciitis without success. I tried SOLE fully expecting it to not to make much of a difference but I was surprised. SOLE has reduced my foot pain by at least 75%. I would say that is a huge win. I was disappointed that the mediums wouldn't work in some of my shoes and so I ordered some thins and the problem is solved. I am totally pleased with my experience with SOLE

Renée Lesage

A very good buy

I bought from SOLE because I needed orthopedic mule for a problem I have with a foot for many years. The product fits my criteria : shoe support point, comfortable to wear every day at home. My previous pair lasted 2 years. Very good buy that I recommend.

Foot saver!

I have suffered for a year with plantar fasciitis, and wasn't aware of these inserts until my daughter suggested I give them a try. What a relief! The support they give has remedied my pain and I can now walk distances never considered prior. I am in process of now ordering inserts for all my footwear, they are a lifesaver!

Game changer

I have genetic flat feet. I'm 44, and have lived the "strenuous life." Very active - hiker, power lifter, stone mason, former Marine. Over the last 4 years I've developed pttd, and over the last 5 months it's gotten very painful. As someone who can usually physically do whatever I want, having to avoid simple things like stairs has been very difficult physically and mentally. I have tried lace up ankle wrap braces, custom rigid orthotics that cost 1000.00 dollars, special shoes, and been religious about foot strengthening- they all sort of work, but there's always some pain. I have routinely been told "otc" orthotics aren't effective. Regardless on a whim I bought a pair of SOLE insoles, and after I put them in my gym shoes -INSTANTLY - the pain went away almost completely. I bought a second pair for my Danner hiking/work boots, with the same result. I can't wrap my brain around how there can be such an immediate dramatic change, but running up and down my stairs without a second thought or wincing in pain is absolutely amazing. I haven't worn them long, but they seem durable. I hope they hold up, though for this level of regained mobility, I'd buy a new pair every month if I had to. My hope is, as they are clearly relieving the strain on my tibial tendon and over pronation, over time with continued wear and foot strengthening I can reverse some of the damage done.

Amazing foot bed

I've been using this product for 2 years. I started having sore feet and legs.. tried everything until I came across these footbeds. So I jumped in and I will never go back.. amazing. Gave me relief. I just need more for every shoe.


Before using these inserts, my feet hurt every day, all day long. After a few days of using these inserts, I have zero foot pain. Truly life-changing.

Good Footbed

The SOLE Active Thick was comfortable from the 1st moment I slid my foot into my boot. It has remained comfortable. The cork helps keep feet cooler working on hot pavement. I purchased them for more support, and they deliver.

Del Mar Sport Flip

The flip has a metatarsal cushion which definitely improves my comfort. I experienced pain in the metatarsal area of my foot and the flip resolves this issue.

Comfortable with support

I got these for my work boots and regular shoes. They are both comfortable and supportive. The met pad also adds some extra cushion mid foot area

mark b burnell

Best slippers

I have previously used Superfeet, and custom orthotics. I tried SOLE, and found that they are as good or better than even the customs. As I am into my 50's, my arches have fallen, and my feet hurt. Occasional bouts of plantar fasciitis also cause me grief. I have put SOLEs in most of my shoes/boots. Depending on the fit of the boot, I have used thin to thick SOLEs with great success, and even improved fit. I also bought "slippers", the SOLE flip flops that I wear in the house as much as I can remember to. These made a huge difference in my foot pain, or lack of. Highly recommend to ease your foot pain.

color of sole

Just looking inside my shoe to see the flash of red is fun. And the custom (heat-) molded sole works wonders in multiple shoes. This 'find' could have saved me from months of foot discomfort due to supination. The few times I have forgotten to insert the sole into the shoes I'm wearing, by the end of a couple of hours I'm not comfortable. I've worn the soles 2 months and counting. Too many choices: several price and material options concerned me at first, but were easily narrowed down with the SOLE online personal quiz. Glad I finally found the right shoe soles to make walking comfortable.

Margaret Martinez

Best Sandal Ever

Catalina Sport Flip sandals are the best. They have an arch which gives your foot support. The material is comfortable. The look is classic. I have been buying these for years and need no other sandal.

Great footbed

Great inserts! I have been wearing them now for a month or more. My hard orthotics were uncomfortable. I wasn't able to stand for long periods, which my job requires. My feet were always tired and sore at the end of the day. These are very comfortable and my chronic foot pain has diminished significantly. It's like wearing the right shoe with the right amount arch support. They fit perfectly into any shoe. My old orthotics were very wide and stuck out from my instep stretching the shoe. These basically replace the shoe's original foot bed. I wear a 9.5 shoe and bought a size 9. i will be buying another pair for my hiking shoes but will get a size 10. I can feel the end of the insert in my sneakers. It doesn't bother me or cause any pain but I will get a size bigger and trim if need be. Price is right too considering the price of hard orthotics.

Very helpful

I have had the Active Thick pads for a couple months and they have really helped me with my Morton’s Neroma. It is a quality product and really gave the area in my foot that neede the proper support exactly what it needed and it feels so much better. It was also a great experience on ordering and getting the product. Thank you sooo much!



I absolutely love my Catalina sport flips! I will wear them all year long. I had foot surgery and required orthotics but these saved me from having to wear closed in shoes all the time. They are not only comfortable but sturdy and supportive. So fabulous that I have to hide them when I'm not wearing them so that my daughter doesn't make off with them. I may have to get her some for Christmas!

Michael A Lynd

The best insoles available

These are the best insoles available anywhere. I started out using the SOLE DK Signature insoles and switched to these when they were discontinued. All of my SOLE insoles have been great, but these are my favorites. I have them in all of my shoes, boots and running shoes. Since I switched to SOLE from Superfeet I’ve had no more issues with plantar fasciitis, and no foot pain or fatigue. They aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny. Try them. You’ll be glad you did.

Immediate Results

The SOLE insert with met pad has really eliminated my heel and foot pain. I could see a difference the day I put it on. That achy heel and painful feet feeling is gone. Thank you SOLE.

Great insole for cycling

I bought this product on the recommendation of my physiotherapist, to help with the “hot foot” syndrome I was experiencing during long bike rides. For this purpose the insole has been very effective, as I no longer experience the problem. The fit in a road cycling shoe is tight and requires some trimming of the insole. So far I’ve been very happy with this product. I’ve been using it for a month now on my bike trainer and outdoor rides. I liked it so much I bought matching insoles for my running shoes as well.

Love mine!

Love these inserts! I found out about them following a foot injury and now I wear them everyday. I keep these in my work shoes for long hours on my feet. Fantastic rigid arch support for those hard concrete floors.

Annette M Duval

Foot support indoors

My feet hurt on the top, much of the time. Although I have good shoes, I was going barefoot in my home. I had these same sandals years ago, still do, as a great outdoor shoe. When a supportive slipper was suggested to me, I thought of the SOLE sandal. They immediately felt great and my feet have been much better since I wear them all the time indoors. The support is fantastic. I would recommend them for both indoor and outdoor use. The material is very comfortable; my feet don't sweat in them as they do in others. I purchased black though I would have considered other colours.

GO to Footbed

HI SOLE, Let's just say if you ever decided to discontinue this model of footbed, I would have to find a new "go to" SOLE product. The arch height, strength and forefoot thickness is ideal for a wide range of foot types and footwear options. Thanks SOLE for making such a great workable product Sincerely, Deanna Certified Pedorthist

Jason s mckay

Pad is in just the right spot

Needed a slider or flip for after a run or soccer game. Saw that these had a metatarsal pad and wanted to see if that would alleviate some of the post run abuse my feet suffer from. So far, so good. Solid construction, comfy padding (that included the bump for the metatarsal), the band over the top of the foot and between the toes is soft and comfortable as well.

Great for golf

I now have three pairs of these thin insoles. I use them in my golf shoes, hiking shoes, and walking shoes. My first pair was a size 8 (my normal shoe size) but then a salesperson at REI suggested I place my foot on larger sizes to get a better fit on the arch placement. Size ten actually fit my higher arch perfectly. So now I buy size ten and trim the toe end to fit into my shoes. This also fits my wider toe box shoes well. I used to buy the “Super” brand, but only buy this brand now. I naturally pronate and have a neuroma and my feet feel great. The material lasts a long time and the thin version fits in most of my shoes.

love this product

This product gives great support to my high arches. As a woman with very large feet (12.5ee) I have a heck of a time finding shoes and work boots that will fit my feet correctly... I wind up buying mens sizes that fit poorly. Your product is a complete life saver to help adjust the fit to my actual foot. Keep up the good work, I am a customer for life.

Hilda Angeles

Supportive Sandals

I had foot surgery 3 years ago and have been wearing SOLE insoles ever since. This is not your regular flip flop. The sandals have excellent support and look good too. I can wear them all day and have no pain on my feet.

Game changer

I have been wearing the Performance Wide Medium in my work shoes for over a month now, and they have helped my foot pain at the end of the day. I am 57 years old and average about 15000 steps a shift, so I needed the help. The only drawback is this model does make a significant weight increase to the shoe. I just put my Active Wide Medium into my New Balance walking shoes. Within my first walk I knew this was a massive improvement to the performance of these shoes. They give the same feel as the thick model, without taking away from the shoe’s cushioning and do not add a noticeable amount of weight. I am buying 2 more pairs right away. If you are looking to try SOLE, I think that the Active Medium is the best place to start.