These saved me!

I hike about 5-6 days every single week, in the Appalachia mountains. Due to this, my ankles and feet were taking the hit! I was looking for relief without more podiatry visits, cortisone shots or PT expenses. I found SOLE insoles during a search for help and decided to try them. I am so pleased with their success! I can keep on hiking (my favourite weight loss exercise) and my feet have relief! Arch support is perfect and the metatarsal pad is just right to support my neuroma. Yay! Try these- I'm so glad I did!

Back Savers

I taught a Motorcycle Safety Course for six years. After spending 16 hours wearing biker boats on asphalt all that time, my back was killing me. A friend suggested SOLE in my first year. My friend them and I loved them. To this day, I am an ambassador for these insoles. They saved my back and made my bike boots SOOO comfortable. I love these things! Buy them!

Finally wore out a pair of my socks

I picked up 4 pairs of socks some 15 years ago when I was introduced to sole insoles. I have worn the socks for casual wear and exercise at least once a week since that time, and finally wore through my first pair of the thin ankle length black socks. (No special care was taken...machine washed and dried (Low heat) always with no problems) Comfortable, supportive, and still fitting true after all these years. I will most definitely be replacing these with some of the newer ones. My Sandals that I had also had and worn exclusively over the years were stolen from the poolside while at a resort two years ago. The most comfortable thong sandals ever!

Solid choice for those with high arches and PF!

After having success with the non-cork Active Thins while recovering from PF, I grabbed a pair of these due to the little bit of extra padding and the additional natural shock absorption of the cork. They have quickly become my favorite insole choice for both road and trail. I have used these for at least 60 miles and can say they work in pretty much every shoe (Salomon Sense Ride 2 & 3, Hoka Speedgoat 4, Saucony Peregrine ISO & 10 and Ride ISO). I've also tried them in several other brands and models just in the house, and they fit well in those, as well. Heel-to-toe offset does not seem affected heavily by these, and the amount of heel lift is minimal. Overall, the fit is excellent, and these do not affect lockdown. One note on sizing: my SGs and Saucony Rides are a men's 10, all other shoes are a men's 9.5, and I use the men's 9 in these insoles with no issues and no need to trim. These actually aid toe-off in my softer shoes and allow good flexibility at the forefoot. However, the arch and heel area provide just the right amount of semi-rigid support necessary to allow me to run with no strain to my plantar fascia while still allowing some natural flex in that area. Materials have held up well thus far, but I have yet to really run them through ankle deep water and mud yet. PNW rainy season is ramping up, so I anticipate a chance to really run these through the ringer soon.

Awesome insoles!

Such a great insole! I used to have superfeet insoles and they weren't the best. However, the Lifestyle Medium insoles help with my knee pain (due to pronated ankles/feet). They're also very soft and give my whole foot support, especially the arch. It fits perfectly in all my shoes, and has started to really form around my foot. I'll definitely buy them again.

Amazing pain relief!

Have been wearing/using this product for a long time. Recommended to me by a professional to remove or lessen pain. Will not use any other so called insole!! Amazing support.

Comfortable/Supportive Insole

I was having problems with my Achilles Tendon and decided to try these insoles. I wear Altra Zero Drop Wide Toe shoes and tried to find a wide insert. These have been great so far. I'll be backpacking appx 25 miles in late Oct. so I'll see how they feel on trail. The fit is great, price was fair, very comfortable, and so far no breakdown in the materials. Fit perfectly in my shoe and the volume didn't make the shoe too tight. I've been wearing them for about 1 month and plan to get a few more so I don't have to move them from shoe to shoe.

Helped me stand all day in comfort

I have very flat feet that made standing all day extremely painful. I got a job where I walk all day and I always went home in pain. I decided to get some SOLE insoles to see if they could help even the slightest bit and they did. I saw the return policy and figured there was no harm giving them a shot. Paired with a supportive pair of socks the pain is almost negligible. There's still some pain on long days but it's manageable and goes away after some rest! They helped me make my job manageable and made my time after work fun.

Subtle and supportive

With super flat feet and low arches, I've been using SOLE inserts in all of my sneakers, boots, and cycling shoes for years. The insoles were a game changer for me. With the change to working from home full time this year, with no business casual footwear necessary, using a standing desk, my regular old flops were leaving my feet sore and tired. Enter SOLE flips. Nearly as supportive as their insoles (slightly cushier, which is perfect), my feet feel so much better at the end of the day. The Costa flip is subtle in style, no one will guess that you're wearing an orthotic pair. So far so good on about a month and half of daily wear, we'll see how long they last.

Great insoles

I purchased the Active thick insoles a couple of months ago. I have plantar fasciitis, and these insoles really help tremendously. Best I've ever used and well worth the money.

Best Orthotics

This pair was purchased for my husband after bouts of plantar fasciitis. I have purchased at least 10 pair of these insoles over the years. First pair in about 1995. Still have and use the first pair. I have also recommended them to many people who have purchased. It started after two failed attempts to have professional custom orthotics made. We will never be without SOLE orthotic insoles!

Great product

I was having plantar fasciitis pain from bike riding. I have been using them for 2 months. These have certainly helped, but not completely cured me, but much of the pain is gone. That said, my shoes are much more comfortable and supportive. The insoles were easy to heat and use, and fit perfectly. I bought a second pair if they wear out. Wonderful product.

Best insoles on the market

I have really bad feet from being in the military for 20+ years. Plantar fasciitis that just makes my feet hurt all the time. I've used custom made one's from different companies and other off the shelf ones that claimed they would help. Nothing has helped like these have. Help keeping me on my feet longer everyday. That's why I own 6 pair.

A happy customer!

I I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for quite a few years.My chiropractor recommended proper insoles. After an intense search, I found SOLE.. I've been using the active thick version for a few months. The relief was immediately felt. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase!

Great for tennis and running

These are my "go to" insoles for tennis, running and hiking


I bought the insoles because my husband was complaining about sore feet in his work boots. We put the insoles in and He said for the first few days his feet felt sore in different spots than normal. After that, he said his feet felt a lot better. He enjoys the comfort and the correctness the insoles provide. They are light weight and support his feet. No more aching feet!

Heel pain GONE

I went to the foot doctor and couldn't afford the 400.00 customized insoles nor did I want the steroid shot to take away my severe heel and arch pain. I asked him about the SOLE insoles he had for sale in the office and he recommended them as well so I got them. Within two days my pain level went from an 8 to a 1. Total answer to prayer and haven't had to miss work. I highly recommend them. I work for Budweiser and my supervisor was babbling around today with heel pain. I gave him the link to this site and told him to stretch his calves. Thanks for offering such a wonderful product!

decent insole for high arches

I'm a distance runner coming back from a foot injury, and my podiatrist suggested searching for orthotic inserts rather than paying $$$ for custom insoles to support my very high arches. I found SOLE insoles to offer a higher arch than others on the market, and I love that these are made with recycled cork. I've been slowly starting to run again after 12 weeks off due to injury, so I've only run in these 1-2miles at a time, 2-3x/week, for the past 5 weeks, though I've also used them in casual shoes for walking. So far I like them, but am not sure they're high enough for my arches. My legs/feet are quite sore by the end of a short run [a new feeling for me, I used to be a marathoner!] but I cannot blame the insoles, this could just be from my injury. I'm happy to see that SOLE Active footbeds are now available with Met Pads, I may have to try one with more cushion! I'm just waiting for the trifecta: active + wide + met pad!

Best flip ever

I have plantar fascitis and metatarsalgia. Also, HUGE bunions. These flips are amazing. It is like wearing an orthotic insole. I wear them all summer, every day, practically all day. Even walking my dogs! I love them so much that I always have 2 pairs on hand, just in case!

Great option for support

I've been wearing SOLE footbeds for almost 4 years now to help with pain from OEM insoles, and they have made a huge improvement. I recently bought the Work Medium and have been using them for a bit over a month... they have been performing great in work shoes, casual shoes, and sneakers. Trim to fit was easy!

Very Comfy

These insoles instantly transformed my walking shoes, which being Merrill's, already had pretty good arch support. But now the shoes are seemingly therapeutic for my feet! Definitely worth the price.

I love these!

I have an issue with my right ankle, I broke it badly when I was a teen and it has been off ever since. All SOLE insoles help me to be more comfortable day to day, and I have them in most of my shoes. The performance ones are my favourite, I love the added cushion the cork has. I like how Nike Air Max look and these are the perfect thickness to fit in them, so I have about 4 pairs now.

What a Savior!

My SOLE footbed Insoles are not only fantastic but have replaced my expensive custom metatarsal insoles. Economy In today's times is a wonderful added perk!

High arches

I have high arches and these insoles provide the perfect support for my feet. I also found them very comfortable

Great insrets

I recently had a flare up of my plantar fasciitis after spending about 6 hours walking around in the woods. After about 3 weeks of foot pain I finally made a appointment with my Podiatrist. Even though it was via video conference she highly recommended getting new insoles and suggested that I get the SOLE inserts. She said they are some of the best ones on the market. I did my research on them and was surprised that they were made from recycled corks. I went online and ordered a pair of the blue ones and upon ordering them realized I submitted the order twice contacted customer service the next day and he credited my account the shipping charges as the amount of 2 pair should of been free. I was so impressed with them once i put them in my work boots the pain was almost gone within 2 days. I keep up with my daily stretching and have not had any issues in my feet ever since I inserted my SOLE inserts. I will be spreading the word about great these inserts are and have actually taken them out of my shoes and shown people them. I'm sold on SOLE.

Simply the best.

Okay, this is my second purchase of these fantastic sandals. I only purchased another exact pair because the deal was so good. There are always sales to be had here, and the regular price is already low compared to any other quality sandal. I love these. I have had the first pair for over a year and they are still like new. They are so supportive, and comfortable. They look sharp as well. I had a friend brag about how comfortable a new pair of Birkenstock sandals are. I got him to try on my SOLE and he was surprised at the comfort. I also have several pairs of the SOLE insoles. They are also high quality and comfy.

Don't Leave Home Without Them

I put SOLE insoles in every shoot, boot and ski boot I own. They never fail to provide superior support and comfort.

Quality of my new insoles

I am an avid walker and have used these insoles to help with the foot pain which was extreme. After using these insoles for over a year now I have almost eliminated the foot pain and make may walking journey much more manageable. I have recommended these exact insoles to a few of my walking buddies as well.

SOLE footbeds = No more pain

I have a pair of shoes that were not giving me the support I needed. I have pain in my arches when I stand and walk. I was about to throw the shoes out when I learned of SOLE. I bought a pair of Performance footbeds and replaced the insole of the shoes with the new SOLEs. I've been wearing the footbeds for about a month and a half and I no longer have pain because the SOLEs have given me the comfort and support I needed. And I didn't have to look for another pair of shoes. I also love the fact that you can trim the footbeds to fit your shoe size. So easy. I've worn prescription orthotics before, but they were extremely hard and uncomfortable. I stopped wearing them. For me, these SOLE footbeds are better than custom orthotics.

Comfort Plus

The insole is perfect for my needs, I put it immediately in my asics ( that I wear for work) I am a foot care nurse. I have high arches, right bunion and prominent metatarsal head where the bunion is. The ordering process went well and I would recommend SOLE for everyone to try. Very comfortable

My Sole

I try to walk 4-5 miles. The performance cork insole is perfection for my running/walking shoe. Comfortable fit, durable, light weight. The metatarsal feature important for injury prevention. My other pair of SOLEs can used for work shoes. SOLE insoles offer great value compared to specialty insoles ordered by podiatrists or chiropractors.

They convinced me

I bought this insole for my teenage daughter. I had noticed while walking behind her that her ankles caved inward each step to the point that it was disturbing for me to watch. I asked her if it hurt, and she said her knees and back hurt when she jogged. After some research I bought these for her. She told me that she can definitely feel the difference with these insoles, and that her knees and back no longer hurt. That convinced me enough to buy a set for myself.

Great insoles

I've been using sole insoles for 15 plus years and I love them. I wear them in everything work boots running shoes they are absolutely perfect

great support!

My doctor gave me a SOLE insole when he diagnosed the fallen arch and before my surgery. My feet love the arch support and so does my back. Thanks to all of you for such a fine product.


More durable product than the cork version in high use shoes. I use in work shoes, I walk about 13 miles each shift 5 days a week. Have multiple pairs for multiple shoes. Keeps support as I have extremely high arches and pain and trouble walking occurs if I do not use these insoles.

Worth every penny

A couple of years ago I had a severe case of plantar facitis. Doctor sent me to get custom insoles at a cost of over $200. They don't do anything my SOLE Work Mediums don't do at a fraction of the price. For years, before I found SOLE I wasted money on competitor products from Dr. Scholls and Sofsole. They are junk compared to SOLE. I've put SOLE insoles them in all my shoes now and haven't had pain since.

Best flip flops ever!

I have plantar fasciitis and this flip flop is so comfortable and helps to relieve the pain. I can wear them all day with no issues. This is the only shoe I wear in the house and I love that they are eco friendly. I have several pairs of shoes & flip flops and I will never be without a pair. I would highly recommend these shoes & insoles. Thank you SOLE for such a wonderful product.

men's exhale purchase

My feet have been painful for years and finally a doctor told me to try your insoles. They have been great and ever since I have been buying all types of shoes and sandals from SOLE. The Exhale shoes have the same support and comfort as their other products. The fit is good and the materials are also since I use them to work in so i would have foot support.

Work amazing

As a carpenter being on my feet all day, these insoles were the answer. No heal pain now and the insoles are very comfortable. Will be purchasing more for other foot ware.

Work amazing

As a carpenter being on my feet all day, these insoles were the answer. No heel pain now and the insoles are very comfortable. Will be purchasing more for other footwear.

1 Month review.

I have been using SOLE products for years, mainly the inserts. I am a soldier that regularly wears combat boots for long periods. I have used Han Wags, Lowes, SWATs, Solomon, and Salewa boots over the years. I was originally recommended SOLE as I had a bad case of plantar fascitis around ten years ago. I have not had any foot problems since. So I decided to purchase a pair of shoes that I could use when not in combat boots. Its been about a month, mainly using them due to the recent COVID restrictions, and they have been performing flawlessly. Just as the insoles in my boots, they fit well, despite my right foot is slightly wider than my left. The shoes required no break-in period, and I walked 5 km when I first received them just to feel for any pinch points or friction areas. And none were found. The material is a breathable mesh which has been perfect for the warmer days. The laces are secure and have not come undone unnecessarily. The shoes come with a pair of white laces as well (not my style). Bonus - the wife thinks they look great on me, and I have received compliments from others. (Secretly, I think my wife is tired of me being in boots all the time). The verdict - Buy a pair, you will not be disappointed.

Best yet!

Been wearing these two months and my severe heel pain has gone away & so have the previous expensive insole I was directed towards! They worked until my feet needed to heal...the foot doc said he used the SOLE Products personally to give his feet a break...He Was right!

Sole has saved my feet

I have been using SOLE insoles since 2002 after developing plantar fasciitis. I have them in literally every pair of footwear I own, including the slippers I wear around the house. They have made an incredible difference to my life. As little as two hours walking in shoes without the SOLE insoles and I am in pain. With the SOLE insoles I can hike all day. When SOLE started making flip flops I was so excited, as since you can't put an orthotic insole in a flip flop I had been unable to wear them for years. I now own the SOLE cork flips (which I love) and the navigator sandals (which I love even more) and I recently bought the Grace shoes to wear as dress shoes. This means I can have SOLE insoles under my feet all day every day. The other thing I want to note is that these insoles are basically indestructible. I still own, and still use, the first pair I ever bought back in 2002. So when you look at the price, keep in mind that you will be using these for years.

Magic! Plantar fasciitis delight

I love these slippers!! I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for a really long time. Usually stretching was the only remedy for the pain, until I was told by a friend to try these slippers. This is my 5th pair. I bought different colors and the sport slides because somehow, my plantar pains have disappeared after wearing SOLE slippers. I have spent tons of money trying to find a remedy. It's not an overnight instant fix, but after a few weeks of wearing these slippers around, my feet pain gradually got better. It's been 3 years and no more plantar pains. The insoles didnt work for me, but these slippers sure do. Magic!!

Old boots are like new!

This is the first time I've used a SOLE insole. I bought them to put in my work boots which I wear for 12hrs a day. They have made a huge difference in comfort and refreshed my feet! Worth every penny!

Love these

I was diagnosed with plantar facitis. and was talking with a friend about it . She too has it and she was referred to a podiatrist for orthotics. That physician recommended these insoles before spending lots of money on orthotics. She loves her sole inserts so I purchased two pair following our conversation . I immediately loved them when I put them in my shoes. They are very soft and supportive. Was able to work my full shift with minimal pain. Things have been improving daily . No cutting required , they fit my shoes like a glove .

Love these

I was diagnosed with plantar facitis. and was talking with a friend about it . She too has it and she was referred to a podiatrist for orthotics. That physician recommended these insoles before spending lots of money on orthotics. She loves her SOLE inserts so I purchased two pair following our conversation . I immediately loved them when I put them in my shoes. They are very soft and supportive. Was able to work my full shift with minimal pain. Things have been improving daily . No cutting required , they fit my shoes like a glove .

Old boots are like new!

This is the first time I've used a SOLE insoles. I bought them to put in my work boots which I wear for 12 hrs a day. They have made a huge difference in comfort and refreshed my feet! Worth every penny!

Active insoles

A few years back I was having right arch and heel pain, so I went to see a podiatrist. He fitted me for orthotics but they were cost prohibitive so he recommended I try out SOLE insoles first. After I purchased my first pair, I haven't looked back! No heel or arch pain anymore and I'm able to maintain my 20-30 miles of running per week with no problems. I wear them in all my shoes, slippers, etc.

Great comfort!

I love this new pair of flip flops! I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis this past year and a few months back I tried some of SOLE insoles and I was able to start taking walks again everyday, summer was approaching and I decided to try these flip flops, they are great, comfortable and just what I needed for summertime in Colorado!

feet reprieve

This my forth set of SOLE insoles and the first time with the Work style. I have foot problems and was half time on a cane. These insoles have let me set that aside and do most of a day on my feet. The fit is perfect and they seem to holding up quite well through several months now of wear. Next I will try a light pair for dress shoes and see if dancing is again a possibility.

Nothing but...

SOLE has always been my go to foot insoles, for health and comfort.

Supportive Insoles

The custom moldable arch support is fantastic. These alieviated my shin splints, for the most part, in unsupportive shoes. Also the recyclable, minimalist packaging is commendable. Will buy again.

Will never run without them.

I can't say enough positive things about my SOLE insoles. I developed plantar fasciitis and after trying everything I could think off, I remember Dean Karnazes talked about these insoles so I decided to give them a try. I contacted costumer service to help me decide what I needed best and they went above and beyond to help me. I slowly got back to running but never without my SOLE. My pairs pair has about 500 miles on them and they're still in good shape. Do yourself a favour and get a couple so you're not switching from shoe to shoe!

Nice fit :)

Nice insole. I've been using it now for nearly a month, and found it a better match for my arch in my cycling shoes. The insole fit great with just a bit of trimming. Really like the added width to match the larger toe box. Happy with these!

Best Insoles on the Market

A physical therapist recommended SOLE to me about 20 years ago. I had repeat ankle sprains and tendonitis in my Achilles tendon. Some of that was due to sports injuries, but I also have high arches. I needed better foot support. I was also an undergraduate student, so I had very little money. Thankfully, the student health center sold SOLE insoles. I have been using them ever since. If you have any type of joint pain, including back pain, you need these insoles. Since I have multiple pairs of insoles, they tend to last me for about five years. The benefits far outweigh the costs of SOLE products.


I recently replaced some custom inserts with these insoles and have been very pleased with their performance. I have more space in my shoes and have been able to keep my foot pain from my neuroma at bay. I purchased a pair of these at a ski shop as well and use them in my boots and continue to have plenty of room and increased comfort on the slopes. I appreciate the environmental concern of the company as well, which makes me happy to support them.

The best insoles - keep my feet healthy

I have SOLE insoles in my performance ski boots and most of my shoes. They keep my feet supported and shape to my feet very well. When I started to experience some foot pain with accompanying plantar fasciitis I tried SOLE insoles and my pain gradually faded away after a few weeks of stretching and consistent use of my active and performance medium footbeds. I love them! Thanks a lot SOLE. R. Gibson Portland, Oregon

Softec Ultras are the BEST!

I have used Softec Ultras for years. The first thing I do with new running shoes is replace the insoles with the Ultras. The Ultras themselves have lasted for years and they help add miles to my running shoes. I have a narrow foot with a high arch and the Ultras changed my running life for the better by providing stability, support, comfort and preventing "hotspots". Love the simple heat and wear molding for fit; subtle, but makes a difference! Thank you SOLE people - keep up the good work! :-)

Arch support

About three years ago, I bought a new pair of walking shoes and SOLE insoles to give me the rigid arch support my podiatrist told me I needed to get rid of chronic foot pain. The pain stopped immediately, and wearing them every day, I continue to be pain-free.

Love these insoles!

I have several SOLE insoles and 2 pair of their boots. My favourite is the medium cork with Met pad. I prefer them to all the orthotics I have purchased over the years for my high arch and wide forefoot. SOLE is a great company and their products are outstanding. I do not hesitate to recommend their products to anyone looking for an improvement to their footwear.

Extremely comfortable

I first purchased these insoles for hiking shoes. I couldn't believe how amazing they were. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for many years and am on my feet all day for work. These worked so well that I have ordered more soles for my running shoes which I use for work in the hospital. So far, they are the best I've tried.

Brian Conley

Great product

Well a few weeks in, and I can't be happier with the purchase of these flip flops. I had some minor knee issues, and since I have been wearing these I have not felt that pain in my knee when I walk. So far I could not be happier with the SOLE brand, and plan to soon try some insoles. The fit is good, I am usually a size 8.5 went down to an 8 for these, the fit is perfect for the foot.

I cant keep them off my feet!!!!!

I suffer from heel spur and plantar fasciitis. I was online searching for new work shoes restaurant grades slip resistant. When I came across these boots. A little skeptical at first but decided when I give them a try the price was right. I ordered these and two other shoes that popped up which I would write a review for later. I receive them in no time tried them on and they were OK decided to wear them to work to check out slip resistant . But wearing them all day I came home to my feet not hurting. So I tried the other pair on the similar to the boots a little more slip resistant but not slip resistant enough for restaurant work. I started wearing these out and about when I got a run errands when I'm walking the dog and stuff I'm walking I'm waking up to no pain or days that I wear these shoes versus the days that I wear my tennis shoes.This was one of the best purchases I've done this year she was and I would but I will buy more so shoes in the future. I have only use their insoles in the past and I could tell the difference at work we're not using them versus when using them but this is something with the shoes is totally different then the insoles I highly recommend buy more than one pair because you won't want to take them off. They are firm enough To support my weight, and to keep my arches up off the ground. SOLE did a wonderful job and I will be buying a couple pairs of sandals for the summer months.

Very Supportive

These insoles are on par with my custom orthotics. They support my arches through a long day of walking and standing. They may take a little getting used to for someone unfamiliar with orthotics but it's worth the adjustment period. Your feet, ankles, hips and lower back will thank you. Definitely worth the investment.

We love these

Both my husband and I have been wearing these for 6 months and love them. I was sufffering from plantar fasciitis and Morton's Neuroma and he has needed custom orthotics for years for foot pain. We both find the insoles comfortable, reduce pain and are light weight and easy to transfer between shoes. These are an economical way to get relief!

Recovery help

Wearing these insoles have helped my healing process. The were recommended by my PT.


I've been using SOLE products for over 10 years. I finally wore out my flip flops. I wear my sandals most days in the house during winter and outside other seasons. My go to insoles are the Ultra thick for boots and thin for athletic shoes. Some are over 10 years old. I have a high arch and these provide plenty of support. I have them in all my footwear. I'm trying the work medium, but it hasn't been long enough to see how they stand up. I've tried others brands, but come back to SOLE. Worth the money.

Saved my feet

I have bone spurs that become very painful when cycling for hours in stiff-soled cycling shoes. After trying all sorts of pads, shoes, and insoles, the SOLE insoles have been a lifesaver. Well, ok, a footsaver. I recently completed a 500 mile gravel bike race with very little foot discomfort and I give a lot of credit to these SOLE insoles. These thick soles work best in shoes that already run a little big.

I've got SOLE

Found my first of SOLE's at a orthopaedic shoe store about. 4 years ago. I had been suffering with Planter Fasciitis off and on for many years. I had previously purchased many different drugstore insoles over the years that had never seem to work. I've been pain free ever since I have been using them. They are very well made. I highly recommend them.


We have hardwood floor through out our house. Standing all day can really make your feet and knees sore. I purchased these performance thins to go in the light runners I wear in the house. They are a game changer! I would highly recommend these insoles.

SOLE Met-pad is great for plantar faciatis

I've been using SOLE insoles for a couple of months. I had custom insole made about 8 years ago that made a huge difference for my plantar fasciitis (horrible pain to no pain). I've never found store-bought insoles that could match up as it's really hard to find insoles with met-pads. These insoles seem to do the trick, and seem to keep away the pain as effectively as my custom ones. I also like SOLE's flip flops (with met-pads). I can wear these for many hours of walking while I can't go 30min in a normal pair of flip flops without being in a lot of pain.

Sport medium insoles

Very comfortable Insoles. Material is very comfortable. Size fit perfectly.

For pain relief and proper biomechanical alignment.

I don’t have pes planus (flat feet) but I was wearing a particular tennis shoes ( which I did not do a flex test on as I never had plantar fasciitis in my life and for having played 7 days a week of tennis for 40 years) in 2012 which I didn’t realize was flexing in the middle of the arch. I then developed bilateral foot pains. I recognized the symptoms and I knew I had plantar fasciitis bilaterally. I did the flex test on the shoes and I found the cause. So I tried the SOLE Active Thick insoles in the shoes and the pain went away in about 3 weeks without doing any treatments. I now use the insoles in all the shoes I have. The one thing that is great about is the immediate noticeable change in the force generating capability of the muscles when wearing arch supports or insoles. Initially, one can get tested without wearing insoles in standing position with arms stretched out to sides (90 degrees of abduction of both shoulders), and applying a downward force around the elbow /arms. Let the testee resist. Then test again in the same position wearing the insoles and apply the same downward force. The testee and the tester should feel a difference. It should be stronger. This the reason why I recommend insoles not just to my patients who need arch supports but also for athletes who want better performance.

Stephanie Ross

Sole review

I've being wearing SOLE for about 6 years I have to wear custom insoles, but in the summer I was needing something light and these are very comfortable. They are very durable as well. I have bought these 3 times and still love them.

Great product

Great arch support. They mold to my feet. A shoe salesperson measured my feet and told me I had size 12 foot and size 13 arch so I ordered 13 SOLE and they are great. I trimmed a little off the toe end so they would fit in my shoes. I have a spur on one heel. The cushioning helps with that. I have tried some insoles that have more cushion but I don't use them because they make me feel like I am going to tip over sideways.

Super comfortable and durable

I've used custom orthotics for years but the price of them is substantial. I began developing issues using my custom fits and the guy at the shoe store I frequent, suggested these. And I have to say, at nearly a quarter of the cost of custom orthotics, these saved my life. I work in a warehouse with concrete floor and it's brutal on the feet but these insoles in a pair of running shoes, are the most comfortable option I've ever had. I no longer have foot pain. I will definitely continue using these insoles. They are worth every penny.

Soooo much better!

After many years of athletics, plantar fasciitis and working retail, comfortable shoes had become something mythical- like a unicorn. I heard about SOLE insoles from a fellow rower and cyclist. I now use a variety of the medium and thin in most of my shoes. Complete game changer. I can work 10 hours and then train more again. Customer for life!

Part of the New Footwear Process

I get new SOLE insoles every time I purchase a new set of shoes or boots. They're great every time and provide the all day standing that my lifestyle requires.

I am impressed by these insoles.

I have purchased a pair of sandals from SOLE three years ago, used them every summer since and fell in love with them. I saw an ad through one of my social media feeds that SOLE had these medium work insoles on sale. I jumped at the chance to try these at a discount. I use these insoles in my tactical work boots. My job as a Sheriff has me walking, standing, all day, almost every day. Being a larger guy I have always had problems with my knees and my plantar fasciitis. These insoles compared to my prescribed ones, I truly prefer these ones. They run the full length of the boot so there's no rubbing in the middle of the foot like I get with the prescribed ones. It has been almost four months, and no complaints whatsoever. These so far have been the best non prescription insoles I have ever purchased. Highly recommend that you at least try these.

"Form" over "foam"

I've had my SOLE orthotic shoe inserts for about a month, and they are by far the best I have ever owned (I've tried sooo many). The typical insoles with cushion, memory foam, gel, etc. never relieved my pain (kinda like putting foam on a hammer, but still continuing to hit your foot with the foam-covered hammer). The SOLE inserts are different. They are not soft (I have the cork version). They are firm, but their shape restores my arches and puts my feet back into the form and shape they are supposed to be in. After just an hour of adjusting to them, I had significant relief of my plantar fasciitis, which no other insole was able to provide me. This brand is a bit pricey, but well worth it. I wish I hadn't wasted so much money on all the other insoles that didn't work before discovering SOLE.

Active Thin solution

I started using the thicker insoles when my Podiatrist recommended your product to me after having bunion surgery. I ordered Active Thin when I needed an insole for a pair of boots that there wasn't enough room for the thicker insole. The Active Thin were a perfect solution for my problem. Thank you.

I love these insoles!

I have been a fan of SOLE insoles for nearly 15 years. Got into them when I first started running ultramarathons and have never looked back. I use them in all of my running shoes instead of the factory insoles and they really make a difference. These specific insoles I have installed in a pair of zero drop Brooks pure flow shoes. Pulled the OEM insoles out and replaced with the SOLE ones - perfect fit. I have sometimes heated and shaped them per the directions, however for this pair I just used them out of the box and they are working great. Did not even have to trim them at all. For the past couple of years I have not been heat shaping them, really did not notice a difference so I skip that step. This particular is a little too thick for my racing flats, for that application I used a set of SOLE thin insoles. Extremely comfortable, helps me keep going on really long runs, and for some reason they really minimize any lower leg soreness that I typically get when I do not run with my SOLE insoles. Highly recommended, particularly for anyone running long distances (marathon +). They are durable, comfortable, and an essential part of my running gear.

Very Nice

I have tried 4 of your SOLE insoles for my foot problems. The work I tried as I am on my feet for 8 hours a day at work and my feet were getting very tired. Not sure it is the best one of your insoles but it has helped. Still have issues with numbness on one foot but nothing seems to help that. I have also tried the Performance Thick, Active Thin and Active Medium with Met Pad. All feel great but in every shoe I place them they make the shoe squeak very audibly. When I replace with the shoes original insole the noise stops. Sometimes it is one foot, sometimes both and it alternates between feet. Apart from the noise am very pleased with my purchases.

My favourite insoles

Good morning! I have been having trouble with my feet for many years. I am always looking for arch support, and never really getting what I was looking for. I have a size 12 foot, and always have to wear men's shoes. I had gone to see a different doctor, and he suggested the cork insoles. He said they would form to my feet. So I ordered them, and I am able to walk much better. They are softer than the insoles I was using. I have been wearing them now for about a year. They are comfortable. They fit nicely. I will continue to buy them for years to come!

Saved my feet!!! Best insoles on the market!

I have been wearing SOLE insoles and sandals for years now. I am a chef who works on my feet 12-15 hrs a day, so I need the best to keep my feet in good shape. I have tried all of the competition and SOLE wins the test by far. The hold up over time and fit my shoes and feet great! The products last longer than the competitors and I have no need to try and other brands now that I have found these. The sandals are a life saver as well. Perfect support for wearing around the house after the long days. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!!

good enough

Most important is it is quiet, other insoles squeaked badly, material is a nice change, great service from a nice company

The most comfortable flip flops!

I was told from a doctor I had to wear orthotics. I have customized orthotics. The problem is I don't have a lot of shoes I can wear them with. A shoe store pointed me to SOLE. I have been wearing them ever since, going on eight years. They are so comfortable and durable. I love these! Helps my posture and feet just like the insoles. I highly recommend these.

Best flip/orthodic/sexy shoe ever

So here it is; 5 years ago I was introduced to these flips and insoles from my sister who claimed to have her uncomfortable foot spurs disappear from wearing them...and I was having back pain so I thought I'd give them a try since I had tried many things including actual orthodics.I feel as though they completely line up my body as I stand on them. Every part of my foot feels supported and it has a ripple effect all the way up my body...amazing! They look good too! I always buy two pairs to wear in the house as slippers as well as most everywhere else I go (except the gym) that's when I use the footbeds. Best ever!

Supreme comfort and support

My podiatrist recommended these to me and in fact sold me my first pair. At 290 lbs I'm not a little guy and I wear size 13/14 extra wide shoes. I have flat feet. These insoles solve many problems for me. They give me arch support and provide much needed cushioning. I don't consider them a luxury but a necessity for my health. I can tell when it's time for a new pair by the pain in my feet. Oh yeah, while they're working I'm walking pain free. I've tried other brands and nothing else comes close. These are the best. If this doesn't fix your feet, according to my podiatrist, the next step is custom made orthotics. This is the best product, best quality, most recommended foot sole support out there.

Martin St-Denis

2e time

I bought a second pair of Monterey flip and just like the first pair they are as confortable. The cork insole is great. I can wear them for walk with no problem

Very comfortable

I found SOLE insoles on my search for Plantar fasciitis pain management about 15 years ago. I like the cushion you get while the pain is being managed. I heat mine in the oven and they end up fitting great. These are very comfortable and the material is much better than your regular insoles


These insoles have been outstanding! My previous pair lasted almost 2 years. And I am very happy with them. The heat activated molding is what really turned me on to these. You won't regret your purchase.

One of the more comfortable insoles I've owned

I've used Sole insoles for several years, and they've been terrific. I have a lot of problems with arthritis in my toes and general soreness in my feet, so I've worn various kinds of orthotics or insoles for around 15 years. I find these new cork-based insoles to be light, provide just about the perfect amount of support, and easy to trim. The met pad could be a bit higher, at least for my feet, but overall I'd certainly buy another pair in the future. They seem fairly durable - I switch between about 3 pairs of shoes during the week but have seen no damage yet. I've been wearing them now for around 4-5 months, I believe, and they are in great shape.

Boots or Slippers?

I purchased a pair of Repels as an impulse buy and I have no regrets. I am currently using them as indoor slippers and around the house on the patio. As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!

Game Changer

As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!

Best Insole

I bought these because I had been battling plantar fasciitis for about 18 months. I swing dance 2-3 times a week, sometimes on a vinyl floor that is on top of concrete. Since wearing these, my plantar fasciitis pain resolved. I put these in my dance, walking and hiking shoes. I have been recommending them to everyone that I meet with plantars fasciitis. I found out about them from a coworker who had plantar fasciitis. She went to her doctor who recommended them. Her doctor runs and had plantar fasciitis too but had good results from SOLE insoles.

Review of insoles

Excellent support for long days standing on your feet. Breathe easily. Fits perfect for size and have ordered before which a friend emailed me your contact. Very comfortable !!

Only insoles for me....

I've been wearing these for several years now. They're the only insoles I'll wear. Working in boots and on my feet for 14-16 hours of the day. These do the trick and I wouldn't settle for anything different!


These insoles have been outstanding! My previous pair lasted almost 2 years. And I am very happy with them. The heat activated molding is what really turned me on to these. You won't regret your purchase.

Great sole for the soul!

I like this insole quite a lot. I've been wearing various insoles from SOLE for around 5 years now. It takes the cork a short time to form to my feet and the leather top is in keeping with the quality of the shoes I use these in. The only thing I've found that helps my feet more than these cork bed insoles is the versions with metatarsal support. My feet don't get nearly as tired after being on hard surfaces all day when I use the insoles with the "metatarsal pad". I'm 63 and the SOLE insoles really help.


I have 2 pairs of these and I switch them back and forth, depending what footwear I am wearing at the time. I love them and without them I have so much pain in my back and hips. I wish I could afford to buy a pair for all my footwear.

Less fatigue and foot pain

I have been replacing my factory insoles with SOLE products for a couple years now. More recently I am using the versions with metatarsal support. These insoles allow me to work longer with less fatigue and foot pain. My oldest pair are just now cracking and showing their age, pretty good considering they are at least 3 years old.

Outstanding inserts for your boots.

I work in home renovations and on my feet all day. By the end of the day my feet and knees would be aching. Using the SOLE inserts in my boots make them incredibly comfortable. They last a long time, fit great making my boots feel like a running shoe on my foot. I've tried other insoles but these are by far the best ones in my opinion. I've been wearing these now for about a year and half and will not go back to any other brand. I do not have sore feet or knees any longer. Highly recommend SOLE!

Great insoles

My son has really wide big feet and these fit him well, are durable and have improved the comfort of his shoes. Happy with this product!

Can't live without these!

This is about my 10th (and counting) pair of SOLE insoles and to tell the truth, I can't wear anything without one of these. I started using the Performance Thick in my hiking boots. From there, I thought I'd try the Performance Medium in my trail runners, and the Active Medium in my everyday workout and walking shoes. I have a pair of ski boots that were getting a little too much play, so this winter I purchased a pair of the Sport Medium for my ski boots. Perfect! I thought I had to buy new boots, but not now. SOLE insoles have not failed me yet. I was so impressed, I went back and added some cork flips for the beach. So happy with SOLE!!

Plantar fasciitis

I'm a registered nurse, work 12 hr shifts on hard floors, I buy very good shoes for work and immediately put SOLE inserts in them. These have been by far the best for my feet for impact and support (even after buying $600 custom orthotics) I bought a pair of these insoles many years ago through a groupon and have tried many others. You will not be disappointed, these Active Thick are great for shoes with a little extra room, make shoes fit like a glove. If I have shoes that are more snug I purchase the thinner versions. The difference is on impact so I make sure my work shoes have a little more room for the SOLE Active Thick, easier on my joints and feet.

Supreme comfort and support

My podiatrist recommended these to me and in fact sold me my first pair. At 290 lbs I'm not a little guy and I wear size 13/14 extra wide shoes. I have flat feet. These insoles solve many problems for me. They give me arch support and provide much needed cushioning. I don't consider them a luxury but a necessity for my health. I can tell when it's time for a new pair by the pain in my feet. Oh yeah, while they're working I'm walking pain free. I've tried other brands and nothing else comes close. These are the best. If this doesn't fix your feet, according to my podiatrist, the next step is custom made orthotics. This is the best product, best quality, most recommended foot sole support out there.

A sole with soul

I saw this insole with met pad and wondered if it was better for me than the regular SOLE insoles. I have tried thick and thin, active and performance over the years but not the met pad until now. I was a little unsure how a met pad would feel but I found out that it is comfortable for my flat feet. It is not too much different than the regular insole but provides a little extra support for the middle of the foot. If you are experiencing pain in that area the met pad is worth a try. It isn't big enough to hurt but is noticeable as a little support under the foot, a slightly different feel, just like having more arch support compared to flat insoles. For me the SOLE insoles work as well as a custom orthotic, and for the same cost of one custom orthotic I can put a SOLE insole in each pair of shoes I have.

Sole for work

I have been a customer for over 15 years and love my SOLE insoles. I work in a supermarket on concrete floors 9 hours a day. I put these into my slip resistant sneakers and my feet are happy! I love the medium red insoles for work. I use the refer a friend program to get my friends feet happy too.

Simply Great Product

I've got multiple pairs that I use in various hiking boots and running shoes. Once they are in, it's like have magic support. They are so much better than the worthless insoles that come with most footwear. My brother switched to these from costly custom insoles and gets the exact same relief while saving well over $100!

Best insoles

I have been wearing SOLE inserts for years. They are so supportive and make my feet feel so great! I'm on my feet 9-11 hours a day and they help to prevent the ache. They have great support so my arch and heel are supported. Inserts usually last me a year. Best inserts I have found for a great price.

so light and comfy

These are great boots. Super light with cork insoles and metatarsal bumps. Absolutely love them. Not the best looking shoe out there which makes me like them even more!

Every shoe every day

SOLE insoles have changed my life. I have put them in at least 4 pairs of shoes so I rarely have to move them to another pair. They support my arches very well and have made a big difference in my ankle and knee strength. I never go without them. Thanks for a great product.

Tough, Durable, Comfortable

I have been wearing these insoles for almost a year at work. I work on my (flat) feet for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, often while carrying or moving heavy food containers. I love these insoles: I love the fit, love the support, and these are the only insoles that don't hurt my heels by cupping them either too loosely OR too tightly. If the quality doesn't change with these I am confident I will continue to use them as long as I work.

Great insole!

I love these insoles! They're supportive and comfortable! As an avid backpacker, support & comfort are a necessity. I'm extremely happy with these insoles!

The Best inSOLE

I started using SOLE a couple years ago as I work on my feet all day. Orthotics are expensive and I wanted an affordable insole for my shoes. These truly are the best on the market and are beyond comfortable. I use them for work, in my walking shoes and my feet feel so much better.

Total Score!!!!

So I was shopping the SOLE site as there was a sale going on and I had already had an awesome experience with some sandals I bought a couple of years ago (which I still wear) and I ordered 2 pairs of shoes. I decided to take a look at the other items they had on sale and noticed that these boots were deeply discounted and figured for what they were selling for I couldn't say no - they were around the same price as a pair of insoles - how could I miss? When the boots arrived it was still snowy and mucky where I live and I decided to give them a test drive.... they were super light, water tight and no slipp'n and slidd'n to be had. As with all SOLE foot beds it took some time to get used to them but I gotta say I'm really enjoying my purchase - I actually feel like I stole'm for the price I paid. The only thing I'm on the fence with is that the boots are slightly bulkier then what I had envisioned - but I'm a firm believer in function over fashion anyway... so it's a win for me.

Best insoles

I was using these insoles when they were suggested by a trainer. I then switched to a company that made a lot of promise's. I had to switch back because the other product could not help with my planter fascitis and they were inferior in quality. I will not be switching ever again. These are the best fitting and lasting insoles that I have ever used.

Have been using for 1 month.

I have tried multiple over the counter insoles, as my custom ones cost 300 dollars. I believe I paid around 35 dollars and I believe it was a steal of a deal! Well worth the money!

Helped with plantar fasciitis

I bought these specifically for an older relative who suffers from plantar fasciitis. They reported that the shoes eased the pain of walking. In general, they said the shoes are light, comfortable and sufficiently neutral in style to not attract attention (an important consideration). They found them wide for their size (8), which was remedied by wearing thicker socks. They had some difficulty at first using the tabs to pull the shoes on but eventually got used to it. Overall, they are pleased with the shoes and are considering adding SOLE insoles to some other shoes.

Sole OVERDELIVERED on value!

These are the most comfortable and anatomically aligned flips flops that you will ever wear. I am so delighted to have come across this company that I've went ahead and bought 2 pairs of insoles as well. This is really an investment in your comfort and safety. I find my balance and gait are much more stable now, reducing the risk of injury. I'm a customer for life now!

Pretty Awesome Boots

I love these boots. The style is awesome and they are really comfortable. I'm glad I bought a half size larger as they are just a tiny bit roomy, meaning that I can wear a thicker sock if I want to. My only disappointment is that I had hoped that the insole was removable so I could change it out for a different SOLE one, or use my own orthotics in these boots.

Supportive and protective

I have had the SOLE brand insoles in my footwear since I purchased a pair of Redwing boots a few years ago. I discovered the amazing support needed for me was established from the inside not the outside. I did some research to find the SOLE brand was the real source of the insole. I purchased my first pair of active Soles about 6 months later for my sneakers and basically eliminated all of my foot pain. It doesn't matter how inexpensive the shoes are as long as I have my Soles to support my feet I am good to go. I have also recently discovered another important quality about SOLE; because of the thickness they have saved my foot on 2 occasions from a roofing nail. They both penetrated my shoes only to stop short of my foot because of the SOLE footbed. I would definitely recommend the purchase for every shoe you wear.

Comfortable and light

The shoes are some of the most comfortable I've worn. The first few dozen steps felt different as a result of the lack of cushioning. The sole is also quite stiff. However, I don't even notice the absence of cushioning now. The anatomical knowledge of the SOLE crew is evident here: perfect shape, low environmental impact, and the wool needs no breaking in. I was already a SOLE insole and sock customer. Now I'm a shoe customer too!

Comfortable, modern looking shoes!

I have both the brown leather and dark grey wool models, and they are great! The outer sole and midsole have an unique contour, very modern looking with a slim silhouette. The cork insole and midsole make for a comfortable walking experience, especially after some break in. These shoes are made well and easy on the environment. Highly recommended like with any SOLE shoes/sandals.

Insole Review

Love, love, love your insoles. I have been wearing them in my footwear for almost 20 years and cannot live without them. I didn't realize that my insoles were wearing down until one day I started having pain in my left foot. I went to see a foot specialist who recognized the issue. I came home and placed an order for 3 pair. My feet and I are happy again, thank you for creating such an amazing product.

Insole Review

Love, love, love your insoles. I have been wearing them in my footwear for almost 20 years and cannot live without them. I didn't realize that my insoles were wearing down until one day I started having pain in my left foot. I went to see a foot specialist who recognized the issue. I came home and placed an order for 3 pair. My feet and I are happy again, thank you for creating such an amazing product.

Great Insoles!

I own 4 pair of these so that I don't have to move them from shoes to shoes (or boots). My feet hurt like crazy if I don't have insoles in my shoes and I've tried many different brands over the years, including very expensive custom ones from a podiatrist and these are the best that I've found. Highly recommended!

So far so good

I am active runner who has been dealing with plantar fasciitis in the last year, and I was searching for a good footbed that would support my foot. Its been 2 months now of regular use and the fit seems great. I use the insoles in my running shoes and in my regular shoes with no problem. Of course, these won't fully cure your plantar fasciitis by themselves! I am doing daily stretches and exercises, but they are a great tool to have in your toolbox. ;) In these last 2 months I also tried the medium version but found out they dont fit in most of my shoes. These ones are thinner but still very confortable.

Plantar Fasciitis Relief

The Catalina Sport Flips (and previously the "Sport Flips") are my "go-to" flip flops. Along with the Ultra Insoles in my regular shoes, I am freed from the discomfort of PF that basically precludes me from walking ANYWHERE in bare feet. Great cushioning and arch support. I have recommended these products to several friends, who have also found relief from PF from them. Thank You SOLE for producing a quality, effective line of products!

Got me through 56 full marathons

I'm never going to run in sneakers without SOLE! I started in 2004 and have continued to love the insoles. Zero injuries and going strong.

and I used to hate Flip Flops...

I've never worn flip flops because the toe post irritates and hurts so I always searched for sandals. I have high arches and PF, so I always search for supportive sandals, and hopefully find some that are still cute. I use SOLE footbeds for my causal shoes, and thought...what the heck? There was a good sale, the SOLE insoles have been great in the past, so why not try the Del Mar Flips and I can return them if they hurt too much right? They arrived quickly, I put them on and wore them for an hour or so. The toe post wasn't irritating and the foot bed felt comfortable and supportive from the beginning, I've worn them more, including all day shopping excursions and haven't had any issues. As the footbed continues to mold to my foot shape, they will probably become one of the most comfortable shoes I'll own. I won't trust other flip flops, but I'm glad I tried these. Supportive, cushion, and all day comfort for me.

All day comfort

I use these in my work shoes. They are the most comfortable insoles I have ever had. I also have 4 plus pairs of sandals. This company rocks!


Can't say enough about your insoles. I have been using them for years, best on the market.

Active Thick

Oh my goodness, I am a public school bus driver. I have 3 pairs of your insoles. They are awesome. I wear them in my shoes every day. Love them. Thanks.

Sustainable choice, superb product

Wearing SOLE insoles and flips throughout the day has saved my running. Without them, I would have to have given it up years ago. Other orthotic products have at least one drawback: less-than-perfect shape, unattractive, smelly or harsh environmental impacts. SOLE checks all the boxes.

Life changing

My first purchase was while I hiked the Appalachian Trail. I learned my instep was 2 sizes larger than the shoes I wore. I was able to pop these guys into my hikers and they easily molded to my feet as I hiked on. They gave so much more support than I've ever had. I've been loyal to SOLE since. All of my shoes and boots have a SOLE insole. My feet are happy and so am I! Lovelovelove

Only way to be comfortable

Bar manager running around 8+ hours a day. The only reason I can is because of these insoles. Saved my feet about 10 years ago and still going strong thank you....

Dont go without them.

I had struggled with bone spurs in my feet for a long period of time I have tried many different insoles and when I tried these SOLE insoles the relief was noticeably different from that of the others I had tried. I can't even tell you how many pairs of these I have bought and used, but I can tell you I won't put shoes on without them.

Best insoles ever

Have been using these for a long time. Eliminates my hip & knee joint pain. Use them in every pair of shoes

Top-quality insoles!

I've been wearing my new SOLE insoles for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying them. They've all but eliminated much of the pain I experience as an individual with flat feet and they fit in a variety of the shoes I own (professional and leisure styles). Definitely looking like I'll be a repeat customer!

Little met pad, big upgrade

At this point I have many many pairs of SOLE flips flops and love the support, especially because of the met pad. I have a few pairs of insoles and they are all awesome but theres just something extra special about that little met pad!! I have some laxity issues and I truly feel like that met pad keeps my foot extra open but stable. My toes never feel bunched up or squished.


I have not been able to wear them often due to the recent heat, but think I will be happy. Could not be happier with all the original SOLE sandals I have purchased over the years. With all the changes recently, I am not sure which ones I would need to order now!

Great insole

Use this with my Hoka Arahi 2 10.5 EE. So glad SOLE now has a wide option. The thin footbed doesn't make my shoes too tight and I have a few pairs for other shoes as well. Great product!

Only flip flops I'll wear!

I have skinny, long feet with high arches and finding a comfortable flip flop that disn't hurt my feet was impossible, until SOLE started making flip flops. I have been using the insole inserts for years, but I had been unable to enjoy wearing flip flops. I love my SOLE Casual Flips so much I bought a pair for everyone in my family. They all love them, from my flat footed stepfather to my mom with high arches, to my wide footed husband. My only wish is that they would make them in childrens sizes. I have been buying them for a while and wear them all summer and most of the spring and fall. With my constant use most of them have lasted at least two years.

I recommend this brand

The first pair of SOLES I had were flip sandals and the support they had were great. I got the Active Thin insoles now that I fit inside running shoes I wear on walks. It would have been nice if they had 'cut along the lines' markers for half sizes on their insoles since I have some 9.5 size footwear and they only have full-size footbeds. It would make fitting when cutting it by myself easier. Overall, If you spend a lot of time on your feet, I recommend this brand.

Great insoles

I have been using SOLE insoles in all my shoes and boots for 3 years and I think that it is a truly great product. I find that my shoes are more comfortable with them and I would not go with out them!

Great product!

Today's footwear give no support. SOLE insoles have been giving me years of support. After trying numerous other insoles I found SOLE and have never purchased anything else since. A very good alternative to more expensive orthotics and good variety of products to suit. A true no hassle return policy is cherry. Thank you SOLE.

Best investment

My friend recommended me SOLE insoles after I spent lots of money with my podiatrist doctor . First days were a little painful but after a week no more foot pain . I was little scared about cork material but my insoles still good after 1 year used .

life saver

These sandals are awesome! I struggle off and on with plantar fasciitis and a Morton's neuroma. These are the only flip flops I can wear. I wear them all winter long in Arizona not only because the weather is warm but because I have tile floors and these flip flops offer me the footbed my feet require to be happy. I also have SOLE insoles in all my shoes and wouldn't walk anywhere without them.

No turning back!

It's been 4 years now since I began to use SOLE insoles and I've tried several different styles for my needs. Each style has a place in my shoe arsenal. My go to is the Active Medium which lives in my running shoes, my gym shoes, and my every day shoes! There is no turning back now! No new pair of shoes goes without SOLE, and my favorite shoes always get a new pair of insoles when the time is right. I put 'em on my Christmas list every year, and luckily Santa provides! Thanks so much SOLE!

The Best!

These insoles are totally worth every penny! They took care of my foot pain! So very thankful that I found this company.

Comfort & Fit

These are my first pair of SOLE cork insoles after having worn a number of the non-cork models over the years. Fit great in my new hiking shoes and look forward to miles of comfort!!!


Have been using insoles for several years and never found a pair this comfortable right off the bat. The price is unbeatable. Been using them for a month now and loving it.


I own three pair of SOLE flips, the Del Mar is my latest purchase. This product came recommended by my physiotherapist as I had an ankle injury a few years back. These flips are of top notch quality and support my feet in every way. I like the new fabric and the tasteful colors in the Del Mar flip. The employees at this company go out of the way to be helpful and courteous. These people honestly want you to have the best fit. And, I really appreciate the excellent customer service provided. We are a SOLE family as hubby owns more pairs of sandals and insoles than I do!

Best insoles, best sandals!

I own three pairs of insoles and four pairs of sandals. The insoles with the met pads are so supportive in my golf shoes,running shoes and workboots. I had a total knee replacement and they been the very best footwear I could ever ask for. I have ordered all these products online through the SOLE website and the service has been fast efficient and well packaged. I couldn't be happier!

Susan Kim Boehlein

great sandals

I never could wear flip-flops because of my high arches. I am in love with these flips. They solved my plantar faciitis problems and I wear them all the time. I also exclusively have your insoles in my shoes.


SOLE insoles

These insoles have given me a new lease on life. I have arthritis in my feet. I had flare ups so bad I thought I might have to quit working. But these insoles have greatly improved my mobility. I am able to continue working. I love these footbeds!

Hiking Boot Comfort

These make my feet so much happier on my long treks - I have high arches and occasional pain when wearing my stiff mountaineering boots on long steep days so these insoles have made a world of difference!


Have several pairs of the regular SOLE insoles so I tried the performance ones before going hiking in the Grand Canyon area. Insoles performed great and I will be ordering more for my golf and regular shoes. Thanks.

Love these inSoles!

I bought new shoes so I had to buy some more SOLES to make sure that I would love my shoes when I'm walking in them as much as I love their style! I'm all for a sacrificing some comfort for style but with SOLES - I DON"T HAVE TO!!! Been wearing the sandals for years to the pool. And now think I have insoles in almost all of my work and casual dress shoes. Simply the best. Most reliable fit and comfort.

Plantar fasciitis

I had a flare up of plantar fasciitis on my right foot that wouldn't go away regardless of how much I stretched. I tried countless insoles from other brands (some had soft gels and did not provide enough rigid support, others with carbon inserts were too rigid and didn't provide flexibility for my active livestyle) until trying these Sport Medium insoles. After heat molding them in the oven and placing it in my running shoes, I've been able to keep flare ups away. I ended up buying a set for my casual shoes and oxfords I use at work. They've elevated the level of comfort across the board on all my shoes. I'm able to walk and hike for several miles again. I've had them for over a year now, and it's made me curious as to what their lifespan is.

Best insoles for flat feet or fallen arch

These are the best insoles if you have flat feet or fallen arch support. I have tried many brands but only these gave me relief from my pain. I have three sets of insoles and flipflops too.

Save your feet

I started buying insoles with arch support after my doctor (who is a pro-team Los Angeles Doctor) recommended them to me. I had plantar fasciitis from tennis and needed extra cushion and arch support. I had tried expensive orthotics with my podiatrist, but they fell apart. I have a pair of SOLE insoles for every type of shoe I can get them to fit in. When I travel, these make sightseeing and a day of walking bearable. I really believe in SOLE insoles.

These Save your feet

I started buying insoles with arch support after my doctor (who is a pro-team Los Angeles Doctor) recommended them to me. I had plantar fasciitis from tennis and needed extra cushion and arch support. I had tried expensive orthotics with my podiatrist but they fell apart, splitting after a year of high use for tennis, walking and general working out. I have a pair of insoles for every type of shoe I can get them to fit in. When I travel, these make sightseeing and a day of walking bearable. I really believe in these insoles.

plant workers

This insole has been working great for our customers at a tire making plant. The cushion and support works great in work boots.

Game changer!

I am here to tell you that after years of painful feet and shins the SOLE insole that I purchased has literally changed my life. I can participate in my daily walks, hikes with friends, and badminton whenever I get the chance. Thank you SOLE for making quality insoles at affordable prices!


I used to spend $400 on 1 pair of custom orthotics due to very high arches. My SOLE insoles are just as comfortable at a fraction of the price. Love them!


I wear these insoles and bought some for my daughter as she probates in her shoes. They have changed her life! I put them in her runners as well as her cleats for soccer and her knee pain etc has completely stopped. Love these!!

Lonny Smith

I have a BUNCH of Sole and Love Them All

I started wearing and using SOLE products in 2011. My first purchases were insoles and a pair of Sport Flips, then every year or so I purchase some more insoles. I have also purchased a pair of Exhale shoes that I still wear to this date. I turned my wife on to SOLE a few years back and she wore out a pair of the Cork Flips, she also wears the insoles. So here's the deal. I have extreme over pronation of one foot. SOLE products allowed me to survive 4 years without surgery. I had corrective surgery, terrible, terrible surgery for PTTD. It was brutal. My foot is somewhat better but still painful. SOLE products continue to provide the support that I need to continue living an active life. I would not be without my SOLE footwear or insoles. As I write this I have a pair of Sport Slips from 2013 (that are just about wore out) that I am wearing, and in a bit when I put my hiking boots on my feet will sit on some SOLES. Really, if you want great support and comfort, buy some SOLE products. I am a believer, my wife is a believer, and anyone that asks us gets a strong testimonial from us.


Love these flip flops. Started buying the insoles due to foot pain and I now have very happy feet. Super awesome that you can get these great flip flops for summer. They really help as I have a very high arch and no other flip flop or insole would work. Highly recommend!!!!

A Godsend

I'm a lifetime flipflop wearer, having grown up on the beaches of South Florida and now going on 60 years old. I've seen every style and support methodology come and go. I can honestly say SOLEs are the best I've ever owned. I have over a dozen pairs in my closet now, from Rainbows, to Chacos, to Reefs, but the SOLEs are the only ones I'll ever wear again. What really sealed the deal was when I fractured my back in a freak accident a year and a half ago. My shoe choice became a real issue after recovery, there were some shoes I just couldn't wear anymore, and no flipflop had enough support to make them even a consideration. Then I found SOLE. I have no idea how you can engineer so much support and comfort in such a lightweight flip. I can wear flipflops again! Thank you! Now I'm working on adding SOLE insoles to all my other footwear.

foot relief

I recently was prescribed orthotics, which are so expensive, but I have supplemented them in other pairs of shoes with SOLE insoles quite effectively!


I was referred to your product by my pedorthic clinic (Katie Whalen) where I was fitted with insoles for my plantar fasciitis. I have now ordered 3 pair of these flips and I love them !!!! I have a narrow foot but they wrap and hold my feet in place very comfortably. I wear a pair around the house as a slipper for the summer ( would you ever consider making a slipper)? I would definitely buy them!

Fitting Wide Toe Boxes

Needing a wide toe-box shoe for hiking 1000 km on the Camino Santiago in Spain, I couldn't afford custom orthotics, so I searched for the best alternative insole out there. I settled on the heat-moldable SOLE Active Wide Thick and was so wonderfully satisfied that I bought a 2nd pair for training for the long walk. Foot fatigue went away and the extra cushioning helped the trail runners. I had plunge through gravel paths and carry me over long stretches of hot, hard asphalt. My knees were happy again. If you have any of the Altra brand or other wide toe-box shoes, please consider SOLE Active Wide for your next adventure, or even for your workplace. I tried so many other brands without success. Mold these to your own feet. You won't regret it. I don't.

Best Ed Viesturs yet! Love the cork!

New cork Ed Viesturs insole is my favorite and a welcome upgrade! The last version was awesome too but this is my best insole and I wear SOLE insoles in almost every shoe I wear. Great product SOLE!

Amazing "Soles"!

SOLE makes the best insoles around!!! We have tried many different brands and found SOLE brand to be the best for our feet/shoes. All thee of us (including our 13yo son) love them. My wife and I used to always put our custom orthotics in our shoes but sometimes forget. Now we don't even need them. We put SOLE footbeds in all our shoes, so we have over 30 pairs of them so far ranging from Active to Lifestyle to Performance. It's also a great plus that this company is environmentally consciences, we very much look for companies that care for our environment! So what do we used these in - regular waking shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes, dress shoes, roller skates, cycling shoes - what ever shoes we have. They make a HUGE difference in comfort and also help not only our feet, but knees (we all have knee issues). Keep up the great work SOLE! These are the most awesome footbeds around!

SOLE insole

I walked around for years with chronic foot pain, I had bought medical orthotics and wanted to have foot comfort for all my shoes. I found sole footbeds, tried them, now I have them in all my shoes, even bought the flip flops and my feet feel great! No more doctor visits. I have recommended them to all my friends and family.

Great Insoles

I bought a pair of SOLE insoles to put in a pair of my favorite walking shoes. I took them on a trip to Portugal and walked everywhere in them. Total comfort. I won't be going back to expensive custom orthotics anytime soon.

Terrific product

Been using SOLE brand insoles since 2008. I only trust them to protect my feet, legs, and back. Great product and highly recommended.

The best!!!

I started using SOLE a couple months ago after coming back from injury and also suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. This product has enabled me to resume training and properly manage my PF pain on a daily basis. Without these insoles I would definitely NOT be running and probably not walking very well either. Thanks SOLE much!!!!

Excellent Insoles

I have been using SOLE for many years. Whenever I buy a pair of shoes or boots the cheap/junk insoles supplied by the company come out and a pair of SOLE insoles go in. No matter the cost of the footwear the insoles are practically useless in my opinion and experience. I do a lot of hiking and backpacking and a good pair of insoles are just as important as the boots themselves. Even my casual shoes are sporting insoles by SOLE. Thank you for a fine product.

Great foot beds / insoles

It's been almost 3 years since I initially bought SOLE footwear and footbeds. I had painful plantar fasciitis and was referred to this company by a relative. Although I did not experience immediate results, over time between SOLE and good footwear, my foot pain has gone away. I definitely recommend SOLE and especially the footbeds. Thanks SOLE!!!

SOLE is # 1 in insole busines

One of the doctors in Scottsdale Arizona introduced me to SOLE about 8 years ago. Since then I've been buying SOLE. I usually buy SOLE products in one of the stores in Scottsdale Arizona. I live in Apache Junction and it is too far for me to drive to Scottsdale Arizona so I started to ordering from SOLE website. I have just about all SOLE insoles in my shoes and work boots. If you are looking for insole this is the best in insole business.

Great insole

These insoles are great. I frequently get leg cramps with footwear that doesn't have good arch support. These relieve all of that discomfort and feel like walking on air.

Great insole

These insoles are great. I frequently get leg cramps with footwear that doesn't have good arch support. These relieve all of that discomfort and feel like walking on air.

Great fit, Durable insole

I almost gave up on performance insoles until I bought the SOLE Performance Thick footbeds for my hiking boots. I've tried several other brands over the years, but some were too hard or too soft, some didn't fit well, and some just didn't last. The SOLE's molded to my feet nicely and offer enough compliance to make all day hikes comfortable. I've had them in my Asolo Fugitive hiking boots for a year and they are still in great shape. I just bought another pair of hiking boots and putting new Performance Thick footbeds in them was a must.

Highly Recommend

I just wanted to share my amazing experience w/ sole insoles. I have had plantar fasciitis for 10 yrs. My old podiatrist retired 5 years ago. Each year I keep getting custom made orthos and each year they are made wrong. I have been suffering and relying on steroids. My feet got worse and then I developed achilles tendonitis & extensor tendonitis. Even my gastrocnemius muscle started to spasm. I went back to another foot dr & and did 3 months of PT and the new custom made ones hurt even more. I could barely stand in the shower or make it through the grocery store. Then I bought SOLE, it was instant heaven. I know have 3 pairs. I started 2 weeks ago but I am 98% percent pain free while wearing them. I'm sure it will take more time to fully recover. I am in love with SOLE and cannot live without them. THANK YOU


At last an insole for wide 4E feet. Makes your shoes work so much better. Unifies the foot/shoe in a very effective way. No slipping off the side of the insole.

Best insole i ever tried

I have been a runner all my life. i am now 60 years old. Due to long distance running and a job which requires standing all day my feet have become flat. Almost no arch at all. These insoles have changed my life. After trying various insoles that cost more than three times the price of these I finally have found the best insole on the market. Even better than the ones I had custom made from my doctor. I was told at the shoe store that my podiatrist recommended that she had never seen such feet as flat as mine. She couldn't believe I did not have an arch. It is a result from running on pavement and standing on hard cement floors. These insoles support my feet like i have an arch again. it has also helped my back and knees although I never thought i had a problem with either. Thank you for making such a superior product and please continue to do so. i don't know what I would do without your product.

Saved my ski touring trip!

While training for a ski touring trip I developed a freak case of what I believe was metatarsalgia- literally 2 weekends before my trip- which caused me such pain while skinning up hill I thought I might have to cancel the trip to the Tetons. I happened upon these insoles at REI 3 days before flying out. I molded them at home, skied on piste for a day then toured for 2 days with about 6k feet of climbing and zero pain! I even did a tour at home today. Feet are in great shape! I have low volume/ high arch and narrow feet.

Altra fit SOLEs!

I was working at the Kahtoola booth for a running expo, spending the entire day on my feet jumping on ice. I was wearing Altra Olympus shoes and SOLE insoles (which are usually fine for running but apparently not for the side stepping and jumping I was doing). After that first day, I was getting blisters on my big toes from the edge of my insole rubbing on my toes inside the wide Altra toe box. The next day, I heard that SOLE had started making wider footbeds for Altra shoes. I was able to get my hands on a pair and wore them the next two days of the show (and ever since). My toes felt immediately better AND the great arch support and comfort of SOLE was still there. SOLE saved my toes and I was stoked to have one of the first pairs of Altra fit SOLEs!! I LOVE them, my feet LOVE them!! Thank you!!!

Comfortable and effective

I've tried a number of insoles and these are by far the best. More comfortable than alternatives such as Superfeet - and no annoying squeaking noises! These insoles have definitely helped with my arch problems. Medium seems fine for trainers / walking shoes / etc.

Great Casual Insoles

Love the moldability of the cork and the dressed-up look of the leather. I have these in my flats (I wear a wider shoe) and I just love them.

say goodbye to foot pain

Best insoles I have ever worn. I had horrible plantar fascia and shin splint pain and now it is completely gone. Thank you, SOLE!

All Star

Great addition to my active footwear! I transfer these insoles between my hiking and biking shoes. They provide a solid platform to stand on in rugged and uneven terrain. Just an all around great footbed to move from shoe to shoe.

Got me running again

I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE footbeds to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried Custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.

Good padding for backpacking long miles

I have been using this brand of insole for 5 years and love them. I needed more padding than other commercially available insoles provided for backpacking. I carry a 25-30 pound pack for 15-20 miles a day for a month at a time in all kinds of terrain. I also ditched my orthotics because these insoles provide good arch support. They do not make my feet hot. I add a metatarsal pad to the insole for more support.

Just like my 400 dollar orthotics

I have PF bought so many orthodics and none helped. Went to foot surgeon and got custom orthodics. These sole insoles looked just like my 400 dollars ones so i tried them. They feel the same and my foot pain is under control.

Best ever

These are by far the best insoles I've ever purchased! I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis and these mold to my feet exactly where I need the support! They are even better than my custom made orthotics!

Colin James

Love them!!!

I love these Flips because I have flat feet and need insoles in my shoes. These are the only Flips I've ever had that my feet are comfortable in. I live in Hawaii so I wear them every day. I'm a customer for life! I just bought another pair.

Carmen Sanders

Foot pain

I have been wearing SOLE insoles, blister socks, and flips for years. Navigate sandals are lightweight and super comfortable I can stay on my feet all day. The best products for my feet and awesome customer service! Thank you SOLE


I have successfully used SOLE footbeds for many years. Initially for hiking and backpacking, they saved my knees from the constant impact of long descents while carrying heavy packs. After contracting plantar fasciitis from running in shoes with poor insoles, I started wearing SOLE footbeds in all of my shoes including my everyday business dress shoes, running, tennis and softball shoes. I firmly believe that SOLE footbeds not only allowed me to "play thru" and continue to enjoy the activities I love, but also helped significantly with the recovery from plantars.

Great support for crossfit / workout shoes

I put these insoles in my shoes after having great success with the Signature EV Ultra insoles. These insoles can be trimmed down to fit in just about any shoe you would want to put them in, I specifically use them in my gym/workout shoes. They provide plenty of arch support for heavy lifting and just enough cushion to prevent pain but also give you a good feel for what your stepping or jumping on. These definitely won't turn an old pair of running shoes in to a new pair, nor will they allow you to run long distances in shoes that weren't designed for running but they allow me to run a mile here or there and do crossfit style workouts with no problems. I personally wouldn't log long miles running in these since the cushion is on the slim side compared to other options from Sole but others might find them adequate. 5 stars for crossfit use.


Fantastic quality - useable in all sorts of boots/shoes

I needed an insole with great support and enough warmth to climb up 14,000ft to the top of Mount Rainier. In comparing to other products (Superfeet included) I could tell these were made for durability and would provide greater support. The Superfeet also did not match up with my arch and were very painful. These were fantastic, molded to my foot a little bit and still 2.5 years later are still providing me support in my casual everyday shoes (so yes, they do work in medium volume shoes!). If you need extreme warmth, you might want the insulated products from SOLE. I was standing on a glacier for 3 days so I could tell they soles were getting a little cool from my frozen plastic mountaineering boot, but overall, these are fantastic for skiing, moderately cold mountaineering and anything else (such as everyday wear). They will last you years and years of continued abuse.

Dan Meyer


I purchased these insoles after my old, off brand, insoles wore out. These insoles are by far the Best! I run Ultra's and find that my feet are still smiling when I come home from a long training run or race. Buy these insoles and your feet will love you back!

Heel pain gone away!

Walked into an outdoor hiking and camping store with my son-in law and I found these little gems. I was experiencing heel pain for some time and knew it was likely my new shoes. Popped these heat-mouldable babies in and felt better right away. A few weeks later, the pain was all gone. Of course I tried all the other insoles one finds at the drug store and none did the job. I've worn these everyday for a year and I'll happily buy another pair of these fantastic insoles when they finally wear out. Wonderful product for sport and everyday walking.


These boots are fantastic. I bought them not really knowing what to expect but they are so comfortable and warm. I was also surprised by how light they were. The cork insole helps to keep my feet dry. Don't stop making them!

Softec Ultra

I have been fighting back pain since I broke my back a year ago April. A month ago I came down with plantar fascia strain which I have had 4 times in the last 10 years. The last two weeks I could hardly walk without excruciating pain. A week ago I had an appointment with my dermatologist and the subject of plantar fascia strain came up and he told me about your site. He tried to explain what the insole was and suddenly he took off his shoe and handed me one. How many doctors today would do that? I ordered a pair of your mens softec ultra and they arrived in 2 days. I tore out the insole of a pair of running shoes and they fit perfectly. I tried on the shoes and I have not had one bit of pain from my plantar fascia strain. Before I was wearing a gel cup for the heel given to me by an orthopaedic foot surgeon. Your product is every thing it claims, I have recommended your products to friends and my on call nurse.

Foot pains

I have normal arches in both feet but I developed bilateral plantar fasciitis in late 2012 due to the use of a pair of work shoes which did not flex in the metatarsophalangeal area. I decided to give these SOLE Softec Ultra Footbeds a try. I felt some pain relief on the third day. Pains were completely relieved after 3 months of use. I now use these insoles in my work shoes, tennis shoes and running shoes. I do not go out without them even after I have been pain free for almost 2 years. I have 6 pairs of the Softec Ultras. I have been recommending them to my patients.

I love them

These insoles have made it into cycling shoes, skates, ski boots and safety work boots. Thoroughly amazed that a user-tuned product could be so perfect.


Excellent Product

These insoles have made it possible for me to walk long distances again, as I used to do before developing plantar fascitis about 18 months ago. I've been using them for 9 months with great success. Recommended by a podiatrist I saw. Nothing else was required. I bought 2 pairs -- one for dress shoes, and a thicker one for runners and trail shoes. Excellent product and very good value.


Excellent Product

These insoles have made it possible for me to walk long distances again, as I used to do before developing plantar fascitis about 18 months ago. I've been using them for 9 months with great success. Recommended by a podiatrist I saw. Nothing else was required. I bought 2 pairs -- one for dress shoes, and a thicker one for runners and trail shoes. Excellent product and very good value.

A great sole

My husband and I were traveling fromMaine to Florida and somewhere during the trip, I lost one of my insoles. As soon as we landed inFlorida we set out to find a new pair. At a running store, we came across Sole and they are the best over the counter insoles I have ever had. I have suffered with flat feet since a child and have had a few bouts of plantar fasciitis. These are an excellent product and I will be purchasing a pair for my golf shoes, and two more pairs for my other sneakers.

Best Insoles Ever!

I have been suffering from Plantar fasciitis for over a year now. Went to podiatrist and he put me in another brand of insoles. I had little to no improvement. He told me the next step was custom inserts and that my insurance would not cover the $450 cost. I found these moldable inserts after reading several great reviews. I can actually feel the support on the arch of my foot! I FINALLY am pain free. I have told 2 different people on my tennis team and they went out and bought them. They told me yesterday that both of them can already feel relief. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product. I thought I would never feel relief!!

Fabulous Shoe

I am a size 8.5, but the size 9 was too big for me. Sole just sent me a size 8 and it is a perfect fit. The comfort level cannot be described in words, and fabulous is an understatement. My podiatrist carries Sole insoles, so I ordered these online. He knows foot care, and Sole only sells the best. My love and thanks to Sole for happy feet.


Plantar fasciitis + Squash

Might sound crazy to spend half as much the price of a performance athletic shoe for an insole, but there is nothing better that I've found on the market for managing/preventing foot pain like Plantar fasciitis. Squash is incredibly tough on your feet. I ALWAYS use these (and happily buy them). Great product SOLE.

Rita H

Best I've found yet

Pros: they actually fit into some of my casual shoes (boots, loafers and actually one pair of ballet flats! but I had to tear out the original foot bed from the ballet shoe). I have a small foot (size 5.5) and it's nearly impossible to find shoes that I can fit an insole into but these are the most thin & narrow that I have found. I have PF and I'm young so I don't want to wear tennis shoes every day so these have at least given me some other options. Cons: the little holes actually irritate my foot/skin after several hours. I don't think those are needed. They are 'hard' but then it seems all insoles/arch supports are.

Wayne Young

Fantastic product

I bought these insoles to use in my mountain hunting boots - I don't have great arches so I need good support but also cushioning. Other insoles I have tried were comfortable enough in my everyday shoes but too stiff to use in my boots. I followed the heat molding instructions with these, and there was a slight break in period as the package said. However, once I got past that minor hump I can't believe what a difference these insoles have made for my feet. I have put many miles on my new insoles already looking for bighorn sheep and elk in some extremely steep and rough terrain, and the next day I feel refreshed and ready for more. If you are a mountain hunter or backpacker you owe it to yourself to try these out.


I spend 6-8 hours per day (sometimes 14-16) wearing Danner work boots and walking on a wide variety of terrain. I have used the SOLE insoles for over 2 years and my feet are always comfortable. I have had injuries in the past that led me to buy these insoles and now I recommend them to everyone I know that complains about their feet pain. I love the SOLE insoles. For the price compared to custom made orthotics you can't go wrong.

John Burba

My go to insole

I use my DKs whenever I need extra support. Just got back from a 9 mile hike in the Grand Canyon and my DKs gave me the extra support I needed to make my feet comfortable carrying a heavy backpack.

The BEST!!!

I have tried other insoles and none have been as comfortable as these! Don't waste your money on any other footbeds, these are the BEST on the market and their customer service is second to none!! Since wearing these my plantar foot pain and knee problems have gone away. I even bought a pair of soft house mocassins and put a pair of insoles in them to wear when working in the kitchen or doing housework and now I can work for hours with no pain on hard surfaces. I do not bake them in the oven because they feel better brand new and they will form to your foot after a week.

Comfort Guaranteed

As a member of the armed forces we are on our feet a lot, both in boots and trainers. I had an issue with the old issued boots and got Altberg peacekeeper aqua's instead. Trying on these new boots they were SO comfortable yet supportive, however when adding these insole's, if i was blindfolded i would have said i had another pair of boots that were so much more comfortable than the Atlbergs. I now even stand (being flat footed) with a better pronation. I cannot recommend these insoles enough. They are the Dogs...


My back and feet were killing me.i work ten hour factory shifts on concrete floors night after brother turned me on to your insoles after trying countless others.thank you for this awesome back and feet no longer hurt me.

Very Comfortable

I have been wearing the Sole insoles for about a year now with no issues whatsoever and find them very comfortable for my needs and daily activities. They were recommended to me by my podiatrist after discovering I have Mortons neuroma in the left foot and plantar facisatis in both feet.


Very happy I found this product! I've tried virtually every insole under the sun for my high arched and painful feet for around 5 years - NHS orthotics I've been made from several podiatrists have always been too hard, other off the shelf insoles I've had good cushioning but not enough support. After some extensive searching I bought some Softec Ultras and the Thin Sport insoles as they seemed to offer good custom support. I've been wearing them now for a few weeks and think I've finally found the insole I have been looking for. They offer great support but also have the right amount of flexibility so my feet don't feel like they are walking on rocks. I had to trim them down a bit at the front to fit in my shoes but now they fit amazingly. For the Ultra I need to take the factory insoles out, but in some shoes the thin sport fits well with the original insole still in. Offering different levels of thickness is a brilliant idea by sole so I can wear them in all different types of shoes. I just wore them as they came - I didn't bother with the heat moulding as they already seemed to be a good fit. The Ultra is almost perfect but one thing I think that could improve the insole is if they used a cushioning similar to the 'Lunarlon' memory foam cushioning material that I have in some of my Nike shoes - the best cushioning I've found. Hopefully day they will look into that! I would highly recommend Sole insoles to anyone, as they really are the most comfortable insoles I've used. Just before I got them was planning to go to a private podiatrist to see if I get some custom orthotics with good cushioning made - at the cost of 300+. Safe to say I am very glad I have found these as not only are they cheaper but I don't think the podiatirst would have come up with anything as good as them.

Addicted to these!!!

I found these shoes after I had surgery to correct my ingrown toenails. I needed something that would not compress the wound so these were a perfect choice. I am a hairdresser and stand in the same place for long periods of time and sometimes after work, my feet would hurt all the way up my legs. Since I bought these sandals, my feet nor my legs hurt anymore. From the very first day, they felt amazing on my feet. You can feel the sturdyness of the arch, and they give such good support. The heel area is cupped and they just cradle my heel. They feel so wonderful on that I have not worn another shoe since I bought these. Now it is getting cold here in Michigan, so I need a good pair of winter shoes. I have tried several different pairs of shoes, even tried buying insoles to put into other shoes to try to get them to feel like these do. I keep comparing everything to these and nothing else will do so, I guess I am addicted to these shoes. That is why I am ordering a pair of women's "Steady" today. I will write a review as soon as I get to wear them, but I have high hopes for them based on these.

Trevor Thomas

I could not be happier with the performance

I, also, wanted to tell you that I hit a milestone with one of my pairs of insoles. I have a red pair that now have over 2,000 miles on them and they still feel great. I took the flips that you sent me and could not be more pleased with how they worked. They are a bit heavier than the camp shoes I used to take with me, but are worth the extra weight. Not only do they allow your feet to breathe at the end of the day, but they provide comfort and support around camp and can be worn all day in a trail town without tiring out your feet. A huge added bonus is that neither the flips or the insoles smell like a rotting corpse after long periods in the backcountry. I could not be happier with the performance.

My favorite sandals

I have been searching for an orthopedic sandal for a long time. I googled ortho sandals in the uk and came upon these. They are fabulous. I have worn them almost constantly since I received them and they are soooo comfortable. I have ordered another pair in a different colour and am sure I'll be back for more. I would love to have these in a clog with a cork insole. The company are very helpful and delivery was very quick too. A pleasure to do buisness with. Thank you

Ryan Schweitzer

I owe you so much

I have been living with horrible plantar fasciitis for over a year now. I tried just about every insole I could get my hands on with no results. Being an Infantryman in the Army I come across a lot of gimmicks and plenty of people looking to take our money. One day I went into the clothing and sales on Fort Bliss and I saw a rack of these Sole Softec Response Moldable Footbeds. A salesperson was doing a bit of a demo showing how easy these insoles are to mold and how firm the arch support was. I read the directions and figured even I can't mess this up. A few minutes of trimming and a few minutes in the oven and in the boots they went. I have been pain free every day since. As I look back at all of the money I wasted on insoles, night splints and all of the time spent suffering with horrible pain, I honestly thought I would suffer for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making a quality product that honestly saved my career and gave me life back. If there is anything that I can do for your company other than telling everyone I can think of about your product please let me know. I owe you so much.

better than custom

I've had two pairs for well over a year and they are still like new. They are forgiving but still very sturdy. Tired of moving them from shoe to boot and so forth, so I'm buying another pair or 2. I had prescription insoles made through my foot doctor for a tough case of plantar fasciitis, and these are much more comfortable and effective in my opinion.

Susan Richardson

Great insoles

Sole insoles were recommended to me by my physical therapist. I have narrow feet and high arches and I needed more support. I ordered both athletic for my running shoes and these thin insoles for my dress shoes. First thing I have to say in general is that these are great. My stability has really improved. The insoles for my sport shoes are great. The only complaint I have about the thin insoles is they are way too wide for womens' shoes. After much trimming, I got the insoles to fit my boots (although a bit too wide). I am not sure what will happen with my shoes this summer. So, I agree with the previous commenters -- great insoles but need to be constructed for a woman (or just have markings on how to trim to get the insoles to fit the shoes).

Best Insole Ever

I bought a pair of these 5 years ago while in the Marine Corps, they went through my last two deployments, and even now I where a uniform in the private sector, the same pair go in any boot or shoe I put on regardless of what I am doing. I initially thought the price was high, but now 5 years later and the same pair are in the boots I am wearing right now, these are the most comfortable, functional, and durable insole's available, hands down.

George Williams

Good Insoles

Felt that the Sole insoles were very comfortable for me. They lasted a full year with regular use which was good. My custom orthotics lasted longer and worked well also. Not sure why many articles here seem to bash orthotics. If done well when required they can be an important tool. Sole makes a good product, whenever I hear negative comparisons though I get suspicious of marketing claims.

Got me running again

I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE insoles to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried Custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.

Anne S

Your product is a miracle!

Your product is a god send. I'm a 54 year old woman who loves to walk and despite paying over $1000.00 for two pairs of custom made orthotics, they stopped working after 6 months. Not only did they stop working but they were causing unbearable aching and throbbing even when I wasn't mobile. The "expert" said there was nothing wrong with them. It was to the point where I couldn't walk around a grocery store without pain. I thought I was going to end up riding one of those scooters. When I removed the orthotics, the aching stopped. But my feet were still so sore when I walked anywhere - even just around the house. In desperation, I tried your insoles. Minutes later, I went for a 1 km walk. And I haven't stopped since. I have quite a high instep so your insoles give me the support I need. I have since ordered another pair, plus three pairs of flip flops and a pair of sliders. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your product is a MIRACLE!!!

Brian johnson

Get These

12 hours on my feet running around a very busy ER and no more back/ foot pain. I've tried many pairs of insoles over the last 20+ years but these are by far the best. I was starting to get plantar fasciitis, bought these my feet stopped hurting. Then i noticed that my low back wasn't hurting as much. Now no more back pain in part due to improved posture when standing. Being pain free and able to work is worth every penny.

go to

I bought a pair of these from a running store a couple of years ago. I put them in a pair of my post office aproved shoes. I have four different shoes I wear for work all with factory insoles or after market insoles. My favorite pair of shoes hands down is the pair with these Sole Ultra Inserts. Take it from a mail man that walks twelve miles a day and was a foot soldier for seven years, I have tried almost everything when it come to footwear. This is the best insole I have tried so far...

Best Insoles ever

Hi I had a mid foot fusion some 10 months ago, and as a Physiotherapist who knows which insoles should work and not only help my problem but other patients problems, I was blown away at how much pain relief and support the sole insoles have given me. I can now walk 4 miles in minimal pain after only 6 weeks of using them in my neutral trainers. I have now started issuing them at our military base for service personnel and every user had come back and made exactly the same positive remarks. I would highly recommend these insoles to anyone.


I was able to walk for hours using the sole footbeds

I do not know the mechanism of action however the following may be relevant.30 years ago I had surgery on my forefoot with removal of 2 toes. I believe the stability of my transverse arch and longitudinal arch was compromised minimally. With time and perhaps a slight weight increase the collapse of both of these arches occurred . The sole insole has helped to restore the arches .. By trial and error I have learned that using boot type shoes I can further stabilise the ankle joint, However this alone is not adequate to relieve my pain. Prior to using the sole footbeds I was often unable to walk for long distances on flat concrete without moderate or worse pain. I have just returned after visiting 3 European cities with most of the walking surfaces cobblestones. I was able to walk for hours using the sole footbeds. (particularly the Ultra products.) As a semiretired academic surgeon who has practised surgery for over 35 years I have conclude in the treatment of my patients that any procedure or technique that works is worth pursuing if there is no risk of worsening a condition even if the exact mechanism of action is not known. I believe the Sole footbeds meet this criteria! Thank you very much.


I will never put any other sole in my boots or running shoes

I am a 35+ old military officer who spends most of his waking hours either boots or running shoes. I bought two pairs of these 5 1/2 years ago right after I joined the military. I have since logged more miles road marching and running in both pairs than I can even recall. Well, I recently bought a pair of boots and after getting awful blisters walking with the factory soles I was desperate. I was also just a few days from attempting a 26.2 mile race through the desert with a 40-lb pack. So I took out my 5 1/2 year old SOLE insoles and threw them in my boots. Why? Because I suspected they would still be up to the challenge ... which they were. I finished the race in just over six hours, finished in the top 20 overall in my division, and had but a few minors blisters. I will never put any other sole in my boots or running shoes.

The Best

I am a 35+ old military officer who spends most of his waking hours either boots or running shoes. I bought two pairs of these 5 1/2 years ago right after I joined the military. I have since logged more miles road marching and running in both pairs than I can even recall. Well, I recently bought a pair of boots and after getting awful blisters walking with the factory soles I was desperate. I was also just a few days from attempting a 26.2 mile race through the desert with a 40-lb pack. So I took out my 5 1/2 year old SOLE insoles and threw them in my boots. Why? Because I suspected they would still be up to the challenge ... which they were. I finished the race in just over six hours, finished in the top 20 overall in my division, and had but a few minors blisters. I will never put any other sole in my boots or running shoes.

Good Stuff

I have been using Your Sole products for about 2 years now. The insoles are at least as good as the ones I had custom made when I was first diagnosed with plantar fasciatus and gait issues. The ultra softec footbeds are great to run in and when you have finished the flip flops are great to relax in. In fact it is great that I can now wear flip flops and not end up crippled by pain as ordinary ones seem to do to me after only short period of wear. I have now bought my first pair of sports socks to see if they are as good as the other products.

So comfortable

I have had runner's knee for many years and my feet overpronate. Physio and strengthening my quads gave varying degrees of success. My sports physician suggested insoles and the athletic supplies store suggested these. I've now been using the insoles for a couple months and my knees feel so much better. I thought I had to give up running but I've increased my mileage to train for the half-marathon and my knees actually hurt less - not really sure if it's entirely due to the insoles but I know they're making a difference. I use them while exercising and also for everyday walking. I'm so happy I found these.


They are the ultimate insert for my falling arches

A few years ago, at the age of about 25, my high arches started to feel the strain of not getting enough support, even with $200.00 shoes designed to support all the areas of my arch. I had a sore arch and heel spurs from standing for 10+ hours a day, and spent hundreds of dollars and tons of time researching different inserts and learned all about what made my foot unique and how to solve my problems. The ONLY solution I was able to find outside of birkenstock cork-bed sandals was the SOLE heat-moldable inserts. Unlike any insert on the market that I could find, they not only have the ability to fit the TOTAL area of my foot's needed support like a custom glove, but are also stiff, therefore disallowing my foot's arch to stretch as I step (a major reason my arch becomes sore during standing/walking/running, etc.) They are the ultimate insert for my falling arches, much needed inside-heel support, and keep my foot stiff and firm, not allowing that arch tendon to stretch. Lastly, they really help keep my foot aligned well and not tilted at all, which can cause my left kee especially to ache. With the bulk purchasing on the website, I can regularly get a great deal on as many as I can pick up in a package deal at a time, making sure that each and every shoe I own has its own insole. I'm planning on being a lifelong customer for sure. I wear them out and buy more.

great for all running

I use these in my high volume newton shoes. My current pair have about 600 miles on them (used in two pairs of shoes) and held up perfectly through a half marathon training cycle and a marathon training cycle. I don't think I'll ever use another pair of insoles.

Really didn't like them

I got one of each type of sock from Sole when I bought my footbeds. The insoles are fantastic! But this review is about the socks. I wear these socks mostly for going running and playing basketball or soccer. I found the non-dual layer sock to be perfect - no blisters, very comfortable, I love it and will order more. I found the dual-layer to be more annoying than anything. I couldn't ever get the two layers to match up nicely after the first time (before washing) and it was always a pain to put the socks on. And if you want to adjust your shoes, you need to start the whole process over. They aren't too pricey, so I'd recommend doing what I did: First order one of each type of sock and see what you like. I threw this pair away and now I just wear the traditional single layer one.

Dash P


I have finally found sandals that are good for my feet! I like the color scheme Sole once had. I have the white/blue sandals, and they are a hit. My podiatrist was truly impressed when I found sandals that gave me as much support as my orthotic insoles. Well done Sole.

Best relief available

I've read the other reviews and agree. there isn't anything better. I 'had' plantar faciatis. I had a knee replaced. I had a lot of foot pain. I got 3 pair of these and put them in my shoes. Switched them for whatever insoles come with the shoes, and there's always a noticeable improvement. The insoles that come with most any shoe you buy is the cheapest part of the shoe, yet is what you need for good support. Go figure. These are great and will be the only insoles I use...

"acclimated to the sole"

A year ago I had severe knee pains along with discomfort in my lower back. The job I worked for at the time required me to be on my feet a lot. So eventually I visited an Orthopedic Specialist for physical therapy and the Specialist recommended these insoles for both work and leisure. Since then the pain has gotten a lot less severe, I’m also not standing as much at work anymore. The arch and heel of my feet have acclimated to the sole. So overall I’m impressed, I think anyone who might be experiencing any sort of back, knee or feet pain should give them a try.


These are the best sandals I've ever worn

These are the best sandals I've ever worn! I've suffered from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee pain and shin pain for the last 10 years and I haven't been able to wear flip flops or even most sandals without a lot of pain after about 15 minutes of wearing them. I'm a runner and I'm forced to wear orthotics in shoes for pronation and the plantar fasciitis to eliminate some of the pain and problems so I had pretty much given up on wearing sandals. I won a pair of the sport flips in promotion through work for selling some of the insoles. When I got them I was skeptical because sandals and flip flops have always hurt my feet and they just end up collecting dust in the closet. Well, I stood for 4 hours on the sport flips at work, and pretty much haven't taken them off in the 3 days that I've had them. They are great! They provide lots of arch support and my feet haven't hurt at all. In fact the plantar fasciitis has bothered me the least in the last few days than it has in months. These are by far the best shoes I've ever worn. I've ordered a pair for my partner off your website and have recommended them to all of my friends and fellow runners. I can't believe what a difference they've made. Keep up the good work! You make a superior product.


I have been a runner since High School & as my body aged my feet hurt constantly to the point my plantar fasciatis was always a pain. Met these guys at a trade Show & put the insoles in & now I can run 6 miles daily with no pain. Not bad for 42 years old. Thank you guys for taking the pain away so I can enjoy my daily runs again!

VERY GOOD but . . .

I bought these because I felt I needed more support in my shoes for playing badminton. Since badminton is very intense on the knees and ankles, when you play at a high standard. Before I used these insoles I used to get knee pain every so often , but now since i got them, I haven't had it since. SO THEY WORK IN MY OPINION!! I do have a few small problems with them though They are quite thick, it may not sound like a lot on the page but trust me they will make a normal shoe tight to wear for a while untill the shoes break out a bit (especially badminton shoes). Also it may not be a problem for most people but in badminton these will only last as long as your shoes really i have burned through the cushioning down to the plastic on some parts. Lastly they weigh quite a bit for an insole, i measured them and one is 80grams, a normal insole is roughly half that. BUT. . . these problems are minor compared to what they give you in return (no pain). I will be trying the sole response next time.

Nathalie Clericy

I'm ecstatic about the results

First I'd like to say that your insoles ROCK!  I tore my plantar fascia a few years ago and in addition to that have always had foot pain of some kind when hiking, whether 5 miles or multi-day and I never thought I'd be able to hike without worrying about how my feet would feel afterwards.  I purchased the Signature EV Ultra footbed for my hiking boots that will take me backpacking this season and I'm ecstatic about the results as I was literally skipping after my last long hike. I also purchased a couple of Softec Response footbeds for my trail runners that I use for light hiking and general all day walking and a pair of Thin Casuals for my tennis shoes and so far I am amazed; no pain whatsoever.  The pain and discomfort I used to feel everyday from minimal to major is now gone but I do feel it when I don't use the footbeds.  In fact, it's so noticeable that my husband jokes about me having my footbeds when we go somewhere to make sure I can keep up. One comment I have though is that the footbed doesn't exactly fit the shoes.  The shoes and boots are size 6 as are the footbeds, but they're 4/16 short of the end.  I first noticed it on the heel when I slipped the boots on; the footbed had slipped off the back of the heel, so I brought it flush with the heel but then found that the toe now has space.  Since I wear my boots a 1/2 size larger it's not an issue in performance or comfort, but I was just curious if others had mentioned this? Either way I'm keeping all of my footbeds and will definitely purchase more in the future as well as recommending them to all my friends.  Thank you for a great product!

Happy Troops

I am a Physician Assitant deployed to Iraq right now and we have a stock of Sole inserts and they have been a Godsend. I have seen more plantar fasciitis over the past months than in the past 5 years of practice. I tried some insoles because I was having some foot pain and I fell in love. We have gone through over 100 pairs for our troops and we keep ordering more because word got out and they are helping everything from foot, ankle, knee, hip and even back pain. I can't say enough about these insoles. Every other PA and Doctor here also has a pair in their shoes after hearing me and my patients rave about them and they are all in love now too.

Marcos L.

they have helped tremendously

I sware by these insoles. For the last nine months, I have been suffering with heel pain - plantar fasciitis. I tried several different insoles, even custom orthotics and the best pain relief I could get is by wearing the DK Insoles. While I won't say they have "cured" my problem, they have helped tremendously. None of the other insoles gave me the deep heel cup or the fit and comfort of your product. Thanks SOLE! You have a loyal customer for life.

Best Flip Flops Ever

After buying the insoles and wearing them in my sneakers I was hooked on your products. I purchased the flip flops, and they are by far, the most comfortable I have ever worn. I have problems with a hammer toe and plantar faciitis and found it difficult wearing any type of sandals. I am so thrilled to find these! They are supportive, comfortable and I want them in every color!

The ONLY Flip-Flip if You've had Plantar Faschitis!

Like many runners out there, I developed plantar fasciitis and was stuck wearing only my sneakers with insoles for months. After finally "recovering" (although I believe this is a chronic condition and once you get PF, you are prone for reoccurence), these flip-flops were an AMAZING new option for me that provided support, structure, and comfort. If you've ever had arch problems, you will know how terrible ballet flats and normal flip-flops are for your feet. Seriously try these flip-flops and your arches will thank you!


I will never buy another brand

I love these inserts. I bought for work original because work 12-hour shifts, in safety-toe shoes, and I walk primarily on concrete for the majority of the shift. Finding good support had been quite challenging. Most shoe inserts are soft and cushion-y to the touch, which I would have thought would help with the impact, but they always lacked in support and my foot would still be sore by the end of the day. These are the best insoles (foot beds) I have ever owned and I will never buy another brand. I have recommended them to several friends at work, and I know at least one has ordered them and expect them to arrive shortly. I expect to continue recommending them for a very long time.

I love them but...

I love these, but they don't fit in all the shoes they suggest. I find that in some shoes my foot sits too high and my heel rubs in and out of the back of the shoe. I do take out the stock insole and that doesn't seem to help. I do LOVE how my feet feel when they do fit properly in some of my shoes, so I am buying the thin sport ones today in hopes they fit my running and walking shoes a bit better. I have also done the "orthotics" thing from the doctors and while they keep your feet in the correct position, these do not solve the cushion problem that I think most of us have. These do both!

Red Wing re-badge

Wow. The regular insoles are pretty good to begin with, but these things are worth every penny of the fifty bucks I spent on them. I assume Red Wing charges another 5 bucks just to put their name on them, but I don't care. It's hard to go wrong here.


Happy to say they were love at first fit

I’ve been using Sole brand orthotics to correct my functional hallux limitus with associated exostosis (in other words – a painful bunion and flat feet). I’ve tried a variety of orthotics (orthopaedic insoles that go in the shoes to correct poor alignment) with varying success. A couple of expensive custom-made pairs – one from a physiotherapist and the other a biomechanical podiatrist – were both failures for me. I then tried a pair of Tulis but they weren’t quite right. I then was given a pair of Superfeet which I liked even more. I think this is a good brand for many people. And then along came Sole and another sample for me to try. Happy to say they were love at first fit. The Sole orthotics have a slim fit range which fit nicely into all of my shoes (of course they’re all roomy MBTs with removeable insoles which helps). Ideally, have them fit by a physiotherapist or podiatrist who can put the feet in the right position. In my case, I’ve been able to use them without the molding but probably would have an even better result with it. So now I carry Sole orthotics in my physiotherapy practice. For more complex biomechanical problems, I tend to send my patients to a local podiatrist.

Love Them

I was having so much problem with my feet and a friend of mind told me about this store in Walnut Creek. She said to over there and see Tim the owner of the store and he will fix me right up with shoes and insole. So that is what i did. I have been so happy with my insole that i just order a new pair! will always wear them!


Great insoles save 1 tiny thing

These insoles are incredible. They mold EXACTLY to your foot when you mold them as per the instructions and stand normally as you would daily. Do not attempt to correct your posture too much as you will cause some pain in your knees etc, so remail natural. My only complaint, which isn't a complaint b/c I didn't think it through when I purchased them....they stink after a while. So if the stench of your feet is offensive, get the moisture wicking version (which I plan to buy next time)


Brought back the joy of running

A great product. Had recurring knee pain which then led to hip discomfort. I was skeptical but ordered the insoles based on comments on Am very glad I did! Received them yesterday, performed the heat molding, and had my second run in them this morning. No pain! Great support. Brought back the joy of running. Thank you!

Chris peters

I dont wear my shoes without them

I bought a pair of these several months ago for my work boots and have taken to wearing them in all of my shoes. The pronounced arch support works and any pair of shoes become wearable with a pair of these installed. I transfer my footbeds into all of my shoes and remove the factory stock insoles. An excellent product.

Best Insoles

I have had this insert for years, with this insert I'v had no problems with my feet or knees running at all. It is the best, ya gotta try it! Diane in Avondale, AZ

Urban streets, high altitude mountains or desert terrain, you can't go wrong!

I've owned 4 pair of your insoles and have used them in every conceivable environment to include the craziness you find in combat zones. They really do breathe new life into new and old footwear. Why pay big money for new shoes or boots when you can spend one quarter to one half the amount and renew your footwear to practically brand new status? SOLE insoles had me at hello....

Happy feet, back & knees!

I have wide feet with high arches and insteps and I have always had trouble with shoes fitting properly. I've had long time lower back pain and a bad knee that's recently made my hip joint act up. My sister was visiting (see Susan from Santa Fe review below) and showed me her ultra insoles and raved about them. I ordered a pair which arrived last week and I'm completely sold on them! I've just returned to your web site and ordered two more pairs for myself and one for my husband to try. After one week of wearing your ultra softec insoles my stiff knee is much better, my back ache is nearly gone and I noticed yesterday that my hip doesn't hurt any more! Thank you for a great product!

Marcos Lara

Best insole for PF!!!

I've been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for a couple of months now and was told to lay off of running and cycling. The doc is not allowing me to ride, so I purchased the Slim Sport Insoles. What a difference! These insoles provide so much more than the ones that came with my tri shoes. As soon as I tried them one, I knew my feet would feel better. Thanks YourSole! My flat ailing feet are already feeling better. Don't hesitate to buy these.


I desparately needed some lasting and quality support

I was waiting for my custom orthotics to be refitted but trying to walk without any support caused my arches so much pain! I had tried the drug store variety insoles but nothing worked. Having Marfan's Syndrome ( genetic ligament disorder), I desparately needed some lasting and quality support. When I was shown the SOLE product I was hesitant, but once I had them in my shoes I could not have been happier! They are so wonderful and amazingly great for personal foot/arch support. I can not tell you how much pain relief they truly delivered for me!! Thank you.

Jonathan Pope

Years of use

Many years ago I had an accident on a motorcycle and injured my foot. I used to regularly visit my chiroprator to assist with issues caused from the injury and had medical footbeds prescribed. The sole ones are as good if not better than the prescribed ones and do a brilliant job of keeping my feet in shape and comfortable on those long working days. I chose these because I wear dress shoes and these fit well but provide the necessary support without intruding into the shoe space available. The other major benefit for me is I can put soles in all my shoes rather than having to swap insoles all the time. Well done Sole keep up the good work!


I just love the sandals

I have rhumetoid arthritis. My feet are sore most of the time. I have a very hard time walking in shoes. I noticed that my arch in my foot was falling. I need support. My doctor told me about your company. So I phoned and was so pleased with the help I got over the phone. The girl I spoke to was so helpful and very nice. I just love the sandals. I can walk quite well and will definately buy some insoles for my shoes. Thank you so very much for the wonderul service and great sandals. I have told many people about your company.


I thought my days of being active were over

I cannot believe the pain relief i got after the first run I did with the SOLE Dean K. heat moldable insoles, I am a Disabled veteran from the United States Marine Corps, and wearing 2 special back supports ( 3 major spinal operations and shrapnel in my leg) I thought my days of being active were over, trying all kinds of insoles(too no avail)I tried these Insoles and WOW,I don't limp back home after a run, I smile alot-I mean ALOT less pain, my morale is higher and my activity level is awesome, Thanks Again SOLE,but sorry I must put the Credit to my GOOD LORD First, but you came thru with and Blue Ribbon Also !!! AWESOME-!!!!!!

Mike Graziano

Thanks to SOLE products and our good LORD in heaven and DK+ insole I CAN COPE!!!

Thanks to SOLE products and our good LORD in heaven and DK+ insole I CAN COPE!!! Today I received me Dean Karnazes custom insoles, I did mold them perfectly in the oven and fit them into my running shoes- very easy to do! I am a disabled Marine Corps Veteran (shot in the lower back, and received shrapnel in my legs in 1982 in Beirut Lebanon). After years of feeling sorry for myself and letting depression take hold of my life 2 years ago I set out to start running again. I started out slow with 3 back and hip supports, and tried hundreds of insoles- they really never made my run fun. BUT TODAY... I ran 90% pain free 12 miles to be exact! SOLE inserts are awesome! My feet didn't kill me, my back was okay, and my knees were good too! You have a great product which I would endorse to any athlete or anyone who just walks around. I almost cried when I got back from my run, I can't thank these DK+ insoles enough. Your product brought back a sense of pride and hapiness to do what I really enjoy- running! My two sons who are in high school shake their heads in disbelief that I go for a 10 mile runs now. My wife and my boys mother is serving in the US Army and is deployed in Iraq, and I write her and tell her that the running is going great. My running also helps me cope with her being deployed in a dangerous place. I have been spreading the word about your great product. Thank you and keep up the great insoles! Regards Mike

Andy Collett

5 Star Insoles

I have suffered from Shin Splints for around two years on and off and have tried just about everything to get rid of them, physio treatment, resting and purchasing expensive custom made orthotics (that give me blisters). I refused to stop playing football at only 25. I stumbled upon these on the internet and after purchasing the insole I find that they offer the same support as the custom made orthotics if not better for a fraction of the price. Used these for the second time last night in my first league match and thankfully no blisters and no shin pain. Hopefully the end of my shin splints! Many Thanks to everyone at Sole for the fantastic insoles.

Woodworker (Las Vegas)

Imagine my surprise when the pain in my back went away after just a week or two of using your insoles

I'm a woodworker, in fact, I just started a woodworking school here in Las Vegas. That means I'm in steel-toed boots, walking around on concrete floors, for much of my day. I've had problems with my back when I awake each morning for years. As the shoes I'm wearing get older and the soles wear, this pain gets worse. My partner suggested I try your insoles in my work boots. Wow! Imagine my surprise when the pain in my back went away after just a week or two of using your insoles in my shoes. I've experienced that pain for years, and just thought it came from having a "bad" back. Now I realize it originated from something completely different.


I have had custom orthotics from my foot surgeon but they only provided minimal relief

I have had chronic foot pain since 2001(due to a broken navicular that refuses to heal & fallen arches). I have had custom orthotics from my foot surgeon but they only provided minimal relief. Your product is the ONLY insole that I have found that not only lessened the pain but actually has made my foot feel progressively better each day I wear it. I gave the insoles 2 weeks of constant wear before I contacted you, just to make sure they were really helping. Now I have been telling everyone at my job about them! I have been able to cut back on my pain medications (otc & perscription) and even contacted my GP and foot surgeon to let them know about you. I just wish I found you sooner.

Best I've Found

I have had a pair of these for my hiking boots for quite a while. They eventually wore out so I decided to get new insoles. I have very low arches and my feet get sore easily. Well, I tried out some of those Superfeet deals and they didn't even come close to these heat form ones. These insoles doubled the mileage I am capable of in a day. Just ordered my second pair.


Excellent footbeds

I've had foot issues for many years and about a year back I bought some new cycling shoes. Well the insole that is provided is not worth much so I began the search for a good cycling footbed. I was looking at custom footbeds, but didn't want to pay the high price. While shopping at a LBS I came across Sole and am so happy I did. These have been the greatest footbeds I've ever used in my cycling shoes. They work perfect and the simple molding process is a huge plus. With over 6000 miles on these I'm enjoying the ride more than ever.

Tareq Haidary

I Love These

I've tried a couple different SOLE footbeds including the Softec Regular. These insoles definitely work well (they are more comfortable than my custom orthotics) and they look pretty cool too. My shoes tend to stink and I'm a little skeptical about how well the antimicrobial properties work, but for the price they are a great deal and I highly recommend them to anyone with flatfeet or a low arch.

Best Footbed on the Market!!

I am a Retired US Army veteran and Volunteer Firefighter/EMT-Basic and I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for many years. I purchased a set of Spenco moldable insoles and they didn't work for beans!! While on a shopping trip to Mt. Home AFB I found these SOLE footbeds, I took them home popped them in the oven and fitted them for my feet. I am now pain free. Just like "American Express" I don't leave home without them!! These are The Best Footbeds on the Market!!

Michael Kelley

fantastic product

I was a little skeptical that this product would help with my plantar fasciitis, but I thought I'd give it a try. I don't run as much as Dean Karnazes does (obviously), but recently after upping my mileage to about 25 miles per week I developed some severe pain in the heel and bottom of my right foot. I made an appointment with a podiatrist but wasn't able to get in for 2 weeks. So in the meantime I ordered a pair of these insoles. Shipping was very fast and after convincing my wife that I wasn't nuts, I put these in the oven and gave them a try. After no running at all for 2 weeks, I put these in my running shoes and went out for a 4 mile run. There was very minimal foot pain. Two days later, I went for a 6 mile run with no pain at all. Now I'm getting close to the 25 miles per week and am still having no issues. The longest I've run with these so far is 11 miles with no foot discomfort at all. These insoles are fantastic and I will definitely purchase another pair once these wear out. Thank you, Sole!

Patrick floyd

great for skiing

This past ski season I skied 120 days. They fit great in the boots and I have had no problems with my feet. I've used them for the past three seasons and am on my third pair of the insoles and will continue using them.


Hi, I have $500 custom orthotics amd they are not as comfortable as these insoles. I am really happy with the comfort I feel. I wish I knew about these awesome insoles before I purchased the custom made ones. I am ordering some extras, worth every penny.


Really glad that I tried SOLE insoles

im really glad that i tried the SOLE insoles. i am a tennis teaching pro and my feet have been hurting for a year or two now and i have been to a couple of foot doctors and have been told i have plantar fasciatis and that i need orthotics. well to do the molding or whatever i needed done was going to cost around 400 dollars and i really didn't want to spend that much for insoles. so i was talking to an older friend of mine that i know through tennis and he is a millionare and he told me about SOLE and said he had like five pairs so i figured they had to be good b/c this guy could afford anything he wanted for his feet. so i tried them and now i love them. i teach tennis on a very popular high end tennis resort and see people from all over the world and i have recommended SOLE to everyone that has foot problems and i have passed out the little SOLE cards you all sent me. i hope to help you all out as much as these insoles have helped my feet. thanks so much. i know this is a bit of a corny story but who cares. thanks again! oh and i also really liked that when i called your number, a real person answered! i was shocked. that never happens anymore. good stuff!


Fit and performance for the money

As a physical therapist with over 17 years experience, I am very pleased with the fit and performance of SOLE insoles. I have seen and used similar products in the past, but none compare to the fit and performance for the money. Well done!

Love Um

I work on concrete 10 hours a day and me feet hurt so bad I would just about cry when I would get home. I went and bought some Redwing boots and bought the sole insoles and my feet dont hurt at all anymore. I have bought 5 pair for all my shoes. These things are worth every penny!

Kendall Peterson

Great for Work

I purchased the insoles for my work boots as I have had terrible pain in my feet. I work in manufacturing and walk on concrete floors for approimately 50 hrs a week. These insoles have virtually eliminated the pain. My history says the insoles maintained their cushioning for about 6-8 months and the arch never dropped.


I can work out, walk and be on my feet all day

Please explain your foot-related problems prior to purchase: A. I could hardly walk as my feet were putting out the alighment of my knees(and the rest of my body). I was sent to Poditarists and had more than one pair of orthotics made. some of them helped a bit but a lot of them made it so I could hardly walk at all and had so much more pain.This was very costly also. Then I went to a Chiropracter who works on pressure points. It is a total different way of alighning ones body. When I stated seeing my Chiropracter I stopped wearing my orthopics as I would just be put into balance and my orthopics would put me right out of sorts again. But I needed something and as I had been trying out the SOLE INSOLES, I started to wear them daily. It is hard to get the thinner insoles, as Work World's mainly sell the thick ones. So thanks to the staff from Sole in Calgary for mailing me out a pair of red Soles. I can work out, walk, and be on my feet all day and my legs get tired but I do not have the knee pain as the knee is getting stronger. The doctors kept telling me I was just getting old and to expect the pain and knees going. But I kept thinking NO they are wrong. There has to be something out there and it is such a simple thing, A insole that works. More people have to learn not to give up when they are in pain and in there heart know that there knees are turning in because of the way there feet are or there back or hips or neck or so many parts of the body hurt or you are taking pain killers just to get through the day. Begin at your Feet and if at first you are not getting any leadway, don't give up. Keep trying. Go to the Sole Site, or just try a pair, often the body has to be put into alighment first then with the insoles life will begin. And I feel the insoles should be sold in some shoe stores. Often the sales clarks get to know your feet. Find a establised store and get to know them like you do a Doctor.


I will be more than happy

I had a slight issue with the molding process, called customer service and no questions asked I was informed that a replacement pair would be shipped on the next business day. If the insoles are half as good as the customer service then I will be more than happy.


The DKs are Awesome

i had sesamoiditis in my right foot... underneath my big toe. i'm addicted to tennis, so this was a serious problem, and it just refused to heal... i finally started looking into getting a custom orthotic, but i don't have the best health insurance right now, so the cost would have been a bit much. i did some research online, and your insoles were recommended on a message board. i order a pair of DK insoles and they were amazing. I ordered a second pair, and i don't wear shoes unless i have them in there. My foot isn't completely healed yet, but I've made a lot of progress since i started using the SOLE DK and i experience no pain or discomfort at all while i'm wearing them. i absolutely love your product. the DKs are awesome. i will definitely buy a few more and have wholeheartedly recommended them to a few people.

Cheryl Peterson

Thank you for such an incredible product

I was spending $40.00 per vist to the chriopractor once a week before I got my sole insoles. I have not been in 3 months now. I wear them in every shoe that I can, and I have the flip flops for the summer. Thank you for such an incredible product.


My feet were happier than they had ever been before

I am an electrician. I had a hard time finding work boots that were comfortable. I was shopping at a Redwing store and the employee suggested I try your insoles (redwing branded) instead of new boots. I put them in, without warming and fitting, and my feet were happier than they had ever been before. I have had those insoles for about 3 years now, and I was sick of changing them from one pair of shoes to another so I went to order more and found out that they are actually your product and so I ordered 3 pairs directly from you, so I can put them in a variety of shoes. When I don't have your insoles in, my feet get sore quickly.


They have made my training and racing on the bike much better

I love the insoles, they have made my training and racing on the bike much better. I really like the customer service, and how helpful the staff is. I get a replacement sent to me at no charge before my RMA is received. Keep up the good work, as long as things stay the same I'm a customer for life. I've even purchased insoles for all my family members. Nice Job!

Army boots and plantar fasciitis

I have plantar fasciitis. I require custom orthotics, but insurance companies suck swampwater. My custom orthotics fell apart so I tried the Sole brand insoles after finding them in the PX. These things fit like a glove, hold arches where they need to be and all my foot pain has gone. I have about 6 pairs of these things and I'm sold on sole.

Arnie James

Folks this product is for real

I am a veteran of 74 marathons who in 2003 ended up with Plantar Fasciitis through a non running injury. Thus began my long and slow healing and rehab process. After taking a couple of months off I was able to continue running marathons, but not as many in a year as I would like to. This I was able to accomplish by using half plastic arch support inserts. I also used them in my dress shoes. Of course they worked but the feeling of vulnerability was always there. My doctor also advised me to continue using them. Inside I dreamed of the day when I wouldn't have to use them. So I had been living with these since September 2003. On Saturday, two days before Boston marathon I had the good fortune to meet with Matt Chestnut and in a few minutes decided to buy a pair of these insoles. I noticed a sudden comforting and healing change just in the first 2 minutes while I was waiting for the SOLES to harden. It felt so good that I decided to leave them in and walked around the expo for a couple of hours in them. The more I walked the better my heels and legs felt, with the result that I bought yet another pair before leaving. Rest of Saturday and Sunday I kept these on. We all know that as marathoners we are not supposed the change anything like shoes, diet, fluids, etc. before a marathon. In other words "Stick to what has worked". Well my feet and legs felt so good that I decide to commit the Biggest Sin a marathoner can ever commit. No way in hell was I going to give up the therapeutic pleasure of these insoles. So 2 days after my introduction to these I ran Boston marathon with them. What a difference. I had a great discomfort and anxiety free race. You probably never saw me because I was a Bandit or because I was running on clouds. Folks this product is for real. I have since bought 2 more insoles, one for the dress shoes. Compare the price and healing power of this, you can't go wrong. Consider this the testimonial of a lost soul who is now healed through the SOLE and heel support of this great product. I could do better but I am not on David Letterman. Just trying to share a great product!!!!

Benjamin Stegner

Thank you for saving my feet on long runs

I am a lean fit guy that is 6' tall, weighs ~190 lbs, and enjoys running ultramarathons among other outdoor activities. I have been trying different shoe/insole combinations for the last year and could not find anything that provided the cushion required to keep my feet comfortable. That is, until, I found your insoles. I matched them up with my Montrail Hardrock shoes and now I can run all day on rocky terrain and my feet do not get sore like they used to do. Thank You for saving my feet on the long runs.

Juliet Farmer

I've already sent several friends your way

Your insoles have allowed me to run pain-free. Apparently the insoles I used to use didn't cut it and when I saw a podiatrist I found out why: unusually high arches. He suggested two things, custom insoles or (the next best thing) your insoles. I ordered yours, they came several days later, and I was off and running! I've already sent several friends your way...Thank You.

Robert Turbyfil

They feel great

These are incredible insoles. I have run with Sorbothanes, Sofsole, Powersteps and Spenco. Your SOLE provides the best cushioning of all those. I have only run about 20 miles so far...but they feel great. Thanks.

Vicki Leafgren

Thanks for introducing a great product

I'll be 45 in a few weeks. I began running when I was 20. Like many, running has become my focus, obsession, daily routine. I currently have a 13 year streaking going of not missing a day. A few (20 - 30) of those runs were 3 miles or less due to injury/sickness, having to get my run in before an early morning flight, or dangerous weather (electrical/hail storm or -25 temps with -50 wind-chill) Most of my weeks average 45-55 miles a week. Most of these miles I run alone. I go at different times of the day due to work, travel, family events or pace, since I train at a 7:15 pace and most of my friends average 8:30 - 9:00's. I get sore if I run too often at a pace other than my own. Now you're wondering why I'm boring you with the details of my running obsession. 2003 was a difficult injury year for me. I pulled my left hamstring which resulted in aches and pains all winter. Later that summer, I strained my left thigh and soon after that I sprained my left ankle on acorns in the dark. I continued to run every day, but I felt achy and out of balance. I had been using Spenco insoles for years and decided maybe it was time for orthotics. I had stopped into Runner's Edge in St. Paul, Minnesota, and noticed your product. The feedback from the salesperson was that he had tried Sole insoles and they were great. I knew him for a while and I felt I could rely on what he said. I decided to give them a try for $40 before spending $100's on orthotics. After all, I still need to keep my streak going and the aches and pains were making it hard to get motivated. Well, needless to say, I've been using them since October '03 and I'm feeling better than I have in years. I feel more balanced and my aches are now the result of hillwork or increased distance changes! I've worn them all winter and into a second pair of shoes and they still feel good! I'm hoping to get back to my 43:00 - 44:00 - 10K times this spring (if aging the additional year doesn't slow me permanently!). Your insoles have given new life to my running and I am looking forward to a much better summer than last summer! Thanks for introducing a great product! Best wishes for a long and prosperous business for you!

Denis Mitchell

I am so very pleased with them

I want to tell you that those insoles went like hotcakes; they are truly what you said they would be. I am so very pleased with them that I cannot wait for the next season to start so that I can train with them. I'm very interested in using your insoles with my team next year.

Rob Kaufman

Adding footbeds to our shoes, enhances the customrs experience

Many customers come to our store to have a problem solved. The correct shoe is critical but the right insole as a partner can make a huge difference. Our ability to modify SOLE Custom Footbeds while the customer waits enhances the outcome and the customer's experience.

Kristy Frizzell

They are so damn comfy I never take my shoes off practically

I have the insoles in two pairs of shoes - the thinner ones are in my boots, and the thicker ones are in the new Etnies skate/bike shoes I just got...and they are so damn comfy I never take my shoes off practically.. I leave 'em on when I get home because I forget they are on my feet! I can't say enough about the improvements to my feet and back...these are awesome.

Beth Ellis

The solution to my plantar fasciitis

These insoles are the solution to my plantar fasciitis foot problem. Thank you!

Mark Gray

I am very pleased with your product

I am very pleased with your product. I have been wearing combat boots for more than ten years and running for even longer. I suffered chronic plantar fasciitis for longer than I can remember. I tried just about every product on the market and even had a podiatrist make me some custom orthotics. It was not until I tried your SOLE insoles that I could findly find relief. I do not wear running shoes or combat boots now without them. I tell anyone who asks what your product has done for me. Keep up the good work.

Michael L. Schultz, M.D.

I recommend SOLE to my patients

I am a Family Physician and a runner. I was impaired from running because of plantar fasciitis after my last marathon nearly 18 months ago. I was provided with a pair or your SOLE Softec Ultra insoles by a local running shoe store. This product is truly phenomenal and allowed my return to running after all those months of pain. As a result I have now purchased an additional set so that I can have one pair at home and one at my cottage. Even though the fasciitis since has resolved, my running is so much more comfortable with these insoles, that I will continue to use them indefinitely. Moreover, I have now incorporated recommending this product to my patients that suffer from similar problems.

Jim Plain

I liked them so much I bought another pair

I have had a pair of your heat moldable insoles for about a year and I liked them so much I bought another pair yesterday, I had planter fasciitis and it seems to help as long as I don't go without the SOLEs.

Bob Tysen

Your insoles are awesome!

Your insoles are awesome!! I had Plantar Faciistis and could not properly walk for 1 1/2 months. I started using the insole and was immediately able to power walk. I did this for an entire month until I was able to run again. I now use the insoles in both my cycling and running shoes. I have tried a lot of insoles and cushions, however nothing had come close to helping me like SOLE. Thank you so much for having such a great product available.

Phyllis Cavanaugh

These are the very best

I have had all kinds of insoles. These are the very best, including prescription ones which cost a whole lot more, and are uncomfortable. I am planning a trip to Peru & Ecuador in September and will have SOLE in my hiking boots!


Thanks for the great product, I'll be a regular purchaser

Believe me, I've been doing nothing but spreading the word. I have a set of prescribed orthotics that I no longer use thanks to your insoles. The prescribed orthotics are too tall, too cushiony (shin splints as a result), and they have no padding to speak of after 1 monty of use. I use the ultras in my running shoes, (no more shin splints), and the regulars in my combat boots. Thanks for the great product, I'll be a regular purchaser.

Rob Dow

It's the most comfortable orthotic I've tried

It's the most comfortable orthotic I've tried, more comfortable than my $700 custom orthotic since it extends the full length of the insole. At the price, I can afford to buy several instead of just having the one expensive orthotic.

Cheryl Black

Thank you very much for making a difference in the way I walk and work!

I bought my first pair of Sole insoles to wear inside my new workboots for heavy, recreational gardening. I saw them in a store the day I bought my new boots, and I bought them because they were stiff enough to provide support but not so bulky that they changed the way my boots fit. The fit in the arch supports my heel and has resulted in my planter fasciitis improving to the point it has virtually disappeared and I have no more pain when I get up in the morning. Initially, I thought that the price was high, but compared to custom orthotics, the price was very reasonable and once I wore them for a full day the first time with no 'breaking in' time needed, I realized they are worth much, much more. I bought another pair to put inside the shoes I will be wearing to work as school starts up in September and will necessitate me being on my feet most of the day. I have a pair in my golf shoes, and will move them to my curling shoes when that season starts up! Thank you very much for making a difference in the way I walk and work!

William Heck

These SOLEs saved my feet

I graduated from Officer Candidate School Juniors this summer for the United States Marine Corps. I wanted to say that these soles saved my feet. We did up to eleven mile humps in our boots. Countless number of other candidates had problems with their feet. I have been wearing combat boots on humps for a while and always returned with blisters and hot spots. When I used these on my humps at OCS and even runs in boots I didn't have a single problem. I went through some of the nastiest water and sweated to no end in my combat boots. These insoles never failed me. I just wish the Marine Corps would issue these to everyone. These insoles are amazing and I will recommend them to all the future candidates headed on their way to OCS. Thank you very much for making these insoles.

Rick Chew

They have been the single best purchase I have made concerning footwear

Howdy, thanks for the follow up service. That says a lot for the way that you run your business. As soon as I received the insoles they were heated up and installed into a brand new pair of unbroken in boots. I have been using these boots for training during the past 2 weeks with out a single problem or even a hotspot. Numerous 10K ruck runs, 20K ruck marches, and off road expeditions have failed to challenge these insoles. They have been the single best purchase I have made concerning footwear. I have recommended them to my entire company at one time or another. I had problems in the past with the issue boots and their subpar insoles, but those are no more. I would gladly purchase another pair of insoles and plan on doin' so shortly.

Bobby G. Tindal

A great product that can be worn out of the box

I have used many off-the-shelf arch supports over the past ten years as an Orthotist for residents of Kansas. These people are soldiers and I see a variety of foot types. I average about 90 patients per week with approximately 70% having foot related problems. Most of these problems are associated with hyper-mobile joints of the foot causing a flattened arch. With most shoes or boots this flattened arch position is present due to inadequate insoles that are not conformed to every persons feet. Some of the problems are plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, knee pain and sometimes hip and low back pain. SOLE has come up with a great product that can be worn out of the box or heat molded to fit a persons feet. These orthotics have proven to provide the contour that people need in their shoes and I often get requests for more than one pair. SOLE Custom Footbeds are a cost effective way to reduce the hyper-mobility of the feet comfortably without adjustments.

John M. Lucas

They proved flawless!

Sir, I've recently returned from some of the toughest training the US Army could offer.I found myself in the wildest country-side with hills and valleys. After purchasing 2 pair of your insoles, I decided to try them out in this environment. They proved flawless! I never received a blister, hot-spot, or even cramp in either foot the entire duration. My feet were wet everyday, climbing mountains, hills, valleys, walking long distances for hours and hours. And yet still no friction on the feet! These are by far the best purchase I ever made for the care of my feet. I can put these soles in any boot, and I can get the same results, comfort, and support. I appreciate and respect your product and advise it to all I work with. When I see these for sale in the PX, I'll surely get more! Thanks again,


I recommend SOLE to everyone that has asked me about boots and foot comfort

I recommend SOLE to everyone that has asked me about boots and foot comfort. This is why: I completed the Special Forces selection, class 007-03, on 26 June 2003. We walked/ran/crawled over 300 miles in 26 days. 320 people started and about 100 were selected. Of those people I finished 6th overall. Though I am proud of this, I am not bragging - it is partially a testament to your product. They were not the key to me finishing - a lot of mental/physical training and toughness went into that - but when other men were quitting or barely hanging on because of foot problems, I was walking like a champ. No hotspots, no blisters, absolutely no foot issues at all. The insoles were priceless. I would have paid $80 a piece. As a an Airborne Ranger, future SF officer, and absolute fanatic about boots, socks, insoles, and foot comfort in general, I can say that your product is a key ingredient to superior comfort and performance. What more testing can you ask for? Many of my friends and I have put them through SFAS with spectacular results. If every soldier were issued 2 pairs of your orthotics the Army would save 10 times as much in medical costs and increased soldier motivation/performance as it cost to issue them. (Product highlights) Most comfortable insole ever used in any shoe/boot. All my footwear will have them soon. Very durable. Even after sand, mud, water, hear, cold, kept their form did not get torn up when properly maintained (kept fairly clean, dried when wet). Did not slip or "ride up" heel of boot as many insoles do after hours of constant movement. You can't fight if you can't get to the battle. INVEST IN YOUR FEET. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!

Toby Logsdon

That was one of the best decisions ever

I was a bit skeptical of your insoles at first, but when I read that I could return them with no questions asked, I figured why not. That was one of the best decisions ever. I am in the Army and quickly slid my new SOLE Custom Footbeds into my combat boots. I'm on my feet all day and the soles really provided the comfort they promised. Then one morning, I figured I'd try them in my running shoes. WOW! They provided the arch support that I had been looking for. I suffer from plantar fasciitis from time to time, but not since I started using SOLE Custom Footbeds. Your footbeds are awesome and I don't miss an opportunity to tell my friends about them.

Kathy Livingston

We can now do things that involve walking

My Husband doesn't type, so he told me to send this. Your insoles have been a God send. I prayed for him to get help. He could only work about 2 hours a day. His foot hurt so bad in the morning that he almost had to hop. Now he can work 5+ hours and doesn't hardly limp. It is night and day different. He used to say his foot was killing him. Now I hardly ever hear him complain. The doctors had x-rayed his foot and said there was nothing wrong with it. Our insurance is terrible so he didn't want to go back. He is a different person now. We can now do things that involve walking. It had hurt for several years and he was resigned to living with the pain. Now he doesn't have to. He has told everyone about your company. Thank you so much.

Michelle Graham

I have even started running again because of your product

I suffered from heel spurs, plantar fasciltis, heel pain, extreme pain for over 2 years. I went to a podiatrist and even got $400 pair of custom orthotics. Nothing helped. I would literally crawl to the bathroom some mornings because the pain was so unbearable. I had all but given up to the fact that it was something I would have to live with. My chiropractor then recommended I try your insoles. I ordered all three sizes. I was so tired of wearing tennis shoes, was hoping with your thin inserts I could wear my dress shoes again without having the pain more severe the next morning. After ONLY 3 DAYS of wearing your inserts, I had NO PAIN!!!! I still wear your Soles everyday, and can wear ALL my shoes now, and still NO PAIN!!! Wish I would have known about your product 2 years ago. I have even started running again because of your product.

Sharron Burnard

These insoles are better than sex

I wanted you to know that these insoles are better than sex. In the past year or so my feet have been killing me, my face probably looked like a prune with the pain, due only in part to high arches and insteps and over pronation of the left foot, due to poor fitting and non supporting athletic shoes by inexperienced shop staff. However, I had tried spenco and superfeet, the latter being ok, but not having any metatarsal cushioning. Now to sole orthotics, I bought a pair 3 days ago, and the relief was immediate. I now find myself running up stairs rather than creeping up like a crab to the hip pain; Enough said. "The best and better than sex" should be your slogan. Of course, just for people with foot problems. Thanks.

Barry Homan

I really love these insoles

I really love these insoles. I have had bad foot problems and since wearing these my feet feel much better. This is why I'm buying a second pair...Thanks.

Melba Barcena

My feet would hurt so bad that I could hardly walk

My Doctor recomended your product and I have been very pleased with it. My feet would hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. On one occasion they were hurting so bad that I had to use a walker just to get out of bed and walk around. Then the Doctor suggested that I get your insoles for my shoes and they are working great. Thank you for your great insoles.

MG Yukich

Your product has cured me

Before your product I could hardly walk without great shooting pain in my feet. Your product has cured me. i feel like superman with your insoles. i refuse to wear a pair of shoes without your product. you people are truly sent from God.

Cheryl Black

Thank you very much for making a difference in the way I walk and work!

I bought my first pair of Sole insoles to wear inside my new workboots for heavy, recreational gardening. I saw them in a store the day I bought my new boots, and I bought them because they were stiff enough to provide support but not so bulky that they changed the way my boots fit. The fit in the arch supports my heel and has resulted in my planter fasciitis improving to the point it has virtually disappeared and I have no more pain when I get up in the morning. Initially, I thought that the price was high, but compared to custom orthotics, the price was very reasonable and once I wore them for a full day the first time with no 'breaking in' time needed, I realized they are worth much, much more. I bought another pair to put inside the shoes I will be wearing to work as school starts up in September and will necessitate me being on my feet most of the day. I have a pair in my golf shoes, and will move them to my curling shoes when that season starts up! Thank you very much for making a difference in the way I walk and work!

Mike Mannion

Thanks for an outstanding product!

I am 66 years old and every day go on 6 - 10 mile walks. A while back I developed a case of plantar fasciitis/heel spurs on my left foot. I tried everything - rest, ice, stability shoes, motion control shoes - but nothing seemed to help. Then I read in Trail Runner's Magazine about the Dean Karnazes moldable insoles that your company makes. I decided to try a pair. And after about two weeks of using them in my walking shoes (actually I walk in running shoe and trail running shoes) the plantar fasciitis/heel spur problem has all but totally disappeared. I liked then so much and they worked so well that I just purchased my second pair. They are everything that you say about them - they deliver as promised, and I will continue to use them on all my walks to prevent more foot problems. Thanks for an outstanding product!

Carolyn Larson

SOLE Custom Footbeds are awesome!

I have suffered from fibromyalgia, ethromyalgia, planter facitis and knee/hip pain for over 15 years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on orthopedic insoles that have done nothing. I was just about to give up on even walking, when I saw your product advertised on the internet. The SOLE Custom Footbeds are awesome! I wear them in my shoes everyday! In fact, I have 3 pair of the SOLE ULTRA Softec so that I can leave them in my shoes and not have to keep yanking them out and replacing them in my other shoes. At 44 years of age, even my walking had been limited by my daily plantar fasciitis and knee pain during and following my short walks outside. I now have absolutely no pain in my arches. And, my knee pain is gradually getting better. Yet, there is no cure for my other disabilities, The SOLE footbeds have truly helped me get around the house and even walking around outside! P.S. They are easy to heat in the oven - and even if you don't, they are still comfortable just as they are right out of the package and into your shoes! Thanks!

Melba Barcena

My feet would hurt so bad that I could hardly walk

My Doctor recomended your product and I have been very pleased with it. My feet would hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. On one occasion they were hurting so bad that I had to use a walker just to get out of bed and walk around. Then the Doctor suggested that I get your insoles for my shoes and they are working great. Thank you for your great insoles.

Robert Dow

It's the most comfortable orthotic I've tried

It's the most comfortable orthotic I've tried, more comfortable than my $700 custom orthotic since it extends the full length of the insole. At the price, I can afford to buy several instead of just having the one expensive orthotic.

Steve Peacock

Up until two months ago my feet were feeling the almost 15 years of pounding endured in the Worlds finest...The United States Marine Corps

Up until two months ago my feet were feeling the almost 15 years of pounding endured in the Worlds finest...The United States Marine Corps. Two months ago I purchased a set of yoursole insoles for my boots. After a few days I was sold, every pair of boots I own now has a set yoursole insoles inside. I have tried multiple types of insoles from other companies and they cannot measure up to yoursole. They made my boots feel like running shoes. Your product was simple to use and I will tell everyone I serve with about them. Semper Fi.


I will not have a pair of boots without them again

I work 12 hour shifts standing on concrete and was having heel pain everyday. This was eliminated within 24 hours of placing the new SOLE insoles in my boots. I am so glad I ordered your product when I did. I will not have a pair of boots without them again.


Wish we would have bought two pairs!

My daughter started having problems with her arches and her feet hurting. Our athletic trainer here at school suggested buying a pair of the insoles. The only problem---we wish we would have bought two pairs!!


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