michelle giguere

Best flips ever!

Best flips ever! I have been wearing these flips for several years and could not imagine living without them. They have changed my life. I suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis and fibromyalgia. They really help to relieve pain in my feet and allow me too actually go for a walk! I wear them all day, every day. They are resistant and I love the fact that they are so eco friendly. I highly recommend them.

These SOLE footbeds are the most advanced foot performance made

I started 2 years ago, with 1 red pair. As soon as I worn them for a week. I went back and bought my 2nd pair in black. Three weeks ago, after I browsed the SOLE website. I decided to outfit every pair of my shoes and boots with SOLE footbeds. I have six expensive Merrell shoes, and every pair now has SOLE in them. I enjoy life with the little thing like SOLE which make a huge difference in walking & hiking comfort for me and my health. This brand really makes me smile, in that I'm wearing something that is just awesome !


Brought my Blundstones back to life

Life savers

Before these, I had custom made foot levelers from my chiropractor that cost a few hundred dollars. When those began to break apart and become uncomfortable, I no longer had benefits covering such things. Luckily I found these and they do an even better job than my original pair. Getting them fit to my feet was easy, they sit sung in my shoes without moving around, and they make it so much easier to be on my feet for extended periods. I cannot recommend these enough for anyone with foot issues.

Relief for my plantar faciatis

My podiatrist recommended these footbeds for me and it was life changing.....Wish I had gotten them sooner


These have given my shoes a new lease on life. They are comfy and cushioned and my feet don't hurt anymore at the end of the day.

Top Rated Footbeds

I've been an avid runner for most of my 72 years of life, therefore my feet are most valued. Sole footbeds are instrumental in the health of my feet.

Total Game Changer

First off, I want to thank SOLE for coming up with an amazing foot sole. I am 59 years old, I have had problems with my feet for about the last 15 years, to the point they have caused me to not be able to go for a walk, ride a bike etc. I’m in pain all the time, constantly having to buy new shoes to try and get comfort. I have seen podiatrist twice, I have paid hundreds of dollars for insoles that are obtrusive to the point of not fitting in any of my shoes. The metatarsal soles were like walking on rocks. I have flat feet and I have a neuroma on the ball of both of my feet. I was told the only thing that could be done was cortisone shots, as surgery is not an option because the neuroma is on the main nerve in my feet. My feet are also causing knee and hip pain. I saw these on FB and decided to take a chance. WOW!!! Followed the instructions, total game changer, the material used is awesome, I did remove the soles in my shoes as my heel was slipping out with both soles in my shoes. Did not have to trim them down. I have had these in for about 2 hours now and for the first time in years my feet feel like the used to in a shoe. Usually my toes are scrunched in the toe part of my shoes, the arch support has lifted my feet to the point that I can finally wiggle my toes in shoes. The metarsal portion is like it is not there but it is lifting my foot so that I am not walking on the neuroma. I’m am so happy with these soles I am going to purchase two more immediately. When I placed my order on FB, I received 50% off because they had already sent a free pair to my postal code. Plus shipping. I received my order in about 36 hours. This company and these soles have literally changed my life. For those of you who are skeptical about these soles you really need to give them a try. They are a fraction of the cost that orthotics cost even at regular price. Thank you SOLE.

It Works!

The foot beds are awesome, they have allowed me to continue with my active out door life.

Life changing

I have a set in my work boots and my regular shoes. They have been the best purchase I’ve made for my feet.

Best foot support

This is the the fourth set that I have bought. The footbeds mold perfectly and keep their shape throughout the life of the footbeds. No complaints here.

Changed my life

I’ve suffered with plantar fasciitis for 2 years and these footbeds got me active again.

Foot beds for freedom

Since using SOLE footbeds and sandals my lower back pain disappeared. “FREEDOM of pain has changed my life.

Breath of fresh air for my feet!

I needed footbeds for hiking boots and some sneakers that had zero arch support. I’m never happy with the stuff you can get off the shelf at the local drug store so I thought to try SOLE. These are so friggin’ good. Baked them and threw them in both pairs and now you have a life long customer! They’re brilliant, I have since bought other thickness to replace footbeds in other shoes. Don’t ever stop making footbeds SOLE, I will egg your houses if you do. 🙌❤️ brent

On my feet all day!

Working in healthcare I put a lot of miles on my shoes on hard concrete floors. These have eliminated my plantar fasciitis pain even on the heaviest days. Life changing! I recommend these to all of my coworkers.

Lifesaver for Snowboarder with Morton's Neuroma

I've been looking for this my entire snowboarding life. I have been snowboarding for at least 9 years. In the last 5 years, I started developing metatarsal pain in both feet while snowboarding. The pain and occurrences got so bad that after two runs, I needed to remove my boots and rest for at least 30 minutes. On longer runs, I would start hyperventilating and wincing because of the pain. I tried on different boots, inserts, and even got the Step-On boots and bindings since I thought the "no binding" bindings would stop the pain. It didn't. Then I found SOLE and their products. This literally changed my life. I went on multiple runs on my last trip without stopping. There's some tightness but no pain! I could not believe it. This was my first time trying this insert. I wear size 7 Burton Step-On boots, so I ordered the size 7. I removed the original insert and had to cut some of the SOLE footbed to fit the boots. I wore the boots around the house for at least 30 mins to break them in. For anyone with Morton Neuroma (pain between your toes and balls of your feet) and loves to save their sanity while snowboarding, this is the SOLE for you!

Essential for me

I learned years ago to automatically replace insoles that come in the shoes you buy. After spending a lot on a pair of custom orthotics I discovered Sole. Over time my need increased and so did SOLE options. I’m in my 80s, I’ve been active my whole life and thanks to SOLE I can still run, walk, do aerobics and feel great!

Love the active medium

I love all all of the SOLE footbeds! The active medium works perfectly with my every day shoes. I still use the active ones for my athletic shoes. And I use the thinner ones for my dress shoes. SOLE has changed my life in treating my plantar fasciitis. Love this option!

Bronwyn Amesbury

Good for my feet

These are a great brand. The comfortable design has made my life better as I was suffering from pain in the feet. Now I feel like my feet are almost back to normal. I am thankful for SOLE.

Never with out them

SOLE has given me my life back. Vicious circle, knee injury, gain weight, more problems, can’t walk without pain, more mobility problems, more weight gain, more problems. Thank you SOLE.

First winter with warm feet!

I have lived in Alberta all my life and no matter what boots I buy my feet get cold. Not any more! I might start to not mind winter!

Love them!

I’ve had problems with my feet all my life, until I found these footbeds. Only ones I use now!

Life saver!!

I bought these along with ones with Met Pads. I prefer the met style. I wear safety shoes 8-10hrs a day and I no longer have any pain while wearing my shoes. I hope my plantar fasciitis will eventually heal now that I have found great supportive insoles.

Saved my feet!!

I started having pain from Plantar Fasciitis about 6 months ago. I paid $500 for custom orthotics. After 3 months of constant pain and going back to the foot doctor after my ankles were hurting. I came across SOLE online. I figured I had nothing to lose!! I wear safety shoes 8-10hrs on concrete flooring. I felt immediate relief. I'm hoping eventually I will be pain free now that I great support. But these were a life saver and I have now bought a pair for all my shoes!!

Great Coddling for my feet

I have been using SOLE footbeds to make life for my feet more pleasant for several years. I recently tried these ones with the met pads in them as after a long hike (12 -15 km or more), my feet feel pretty tired - kind of like someone has been beating on them with a ball peen hammer. The met pad seems to make a difference for me! Short of shedding 35 pounds, I think that this is the best comfort fix I have found for my feet.

These are the best shoe inserts!

A local Certified Pedorthist introduced me to SOLE over 15 years ago, and I have been using their footbeds ever since. All of my shoes have a SOLE insert in them. Having been flat-footed my entire life, these allow me to stay on my feet all day, every day, and maintain my active lifestyle. I have worn both the Active and the Active with Met Pad and have been very pleased with both. Great customer service, incentives for us customers, free shipping on purchases when creating an account, and their environmental mission makes me a loyal customer for the years to come.

Dena Gray

Best slide EVER!!!!!

I have been wearing the Mendocino Sport slide for over 5 years. They are the only slide that I have found with velcro that allows a custom fit. My feet are thankful for the amazing footbed They are so comfortable!!!! Customer for LIFE!!!! PLEASE don't discontinue this model.


I had been buying them for 3 years. Thin, Medium and Thick for all different shoes and boots. Love them all but my fave are Thin for loafers and Medium for runners. They are so much better than the 500$ expensive insoles. Flexible, not hard and mold to your feet. I am in love and my feet are so happy. I can go miles walking and at work standing on my feet all day. If you have not tried them please do… they are life savers… your feet limbs etc will thank you. Such a great company.

AMAZING product saved my feet

I am very flat footed. Add to that I had MAJOR ankle surgery on my right ankle (all 3 sides opened up, bone removed, ligaments cut and re aligned, screws in heel area) so it’s safe to say I have daily foot pain. After working all day my foot is stiff and sore like a peg leg. For an active person like myself it wasn’t good. Tried all kinds of creams, pain killers, even other inserts and orthotics…. Today I wore my SOLE inserts for the first time in my steel toed work boots…. It was LIFE CHANGING! After 8 hours on my feet, ladders, hauling heavy items…. NO FOOT PAIN!!! I’ve been home and rested… went to get up and it’s honestly like I have been given a new right foot! I am so thankful for my friend referring me to your company!!! I only wish I would have done it about 4 years ago!!! I can’t even thank you enough for these SOLE inserts…. You have given me my full life back! Thank you doesn’t seem appropriate, I will tell everyone I know about your amazing inserts. Lifetime purchaser here.

changed my life

A foot specialist recommended I try SOLE. I've been using them for over 5 years. They changed my life! I put them in ALL my shoes.

great quality

Great quality product. Fits my sneakers no problem and replaced the worn out insole. Saved me having to buy new sneakers to replace an otherwise good pair of shoes thus extending the life span of my shoes.

Life changing

Without these insoles I never would be able to run pain free and as many km’s per week that I do. Couldn’t live without these SOLES.

The only footbed I wear

I’ve been wearing SOLE footbeds in my walking shoes for a number of years. I recently switched to the ones with met pads. They have made my 5 mile walks so much more comfortable and even extended the life of my shoes. The best inSOLE.

Feel Great!

I HAD Plantar Fasciitis in the arch but these inserts have saved my feet. I have purchased multiple pairs for all my shoes and bought them for my family as well. When my feet feel good, I feel good. These are a life saver!

Always awesome

Ever since I started using SOLE it's been a game changer for my feet, knees and low back. I tried other brands and they didn't do the trick but thanks SOLE for making my life better!!

Happy feet, happy life!

Love, love, love these insoles! Recommended by my chiropractor, Dr. Chipperfield in Edmonton while being treated for unrelated issues. I've used super feet for many years for plantar fasciitis and although happy with them, SOLE insoles are top notch and unmatched for quality and comfort. Comfortable from the get go, did not have to try the heat custom fit. Although they are easy for me to put in my various footwear, I just bought additional pairs so I don't have to. Excellent customer service also!

The BEST!!!!!

I have tried the doctor making a mold of my feet. Also spent money on another companies product, that they said would fix my problem with a flat foot. I found the Met Pad and my life changed. I am very active and these work great.

New life for my boots.

These insoles slipped right into my Bludstones and have given them new life. Super comfortable, warm and easy on my feet.

Best footbeds ever!

I have purchased many footbeds with no luck until I found SOLE! We will be a customer for life. My feet say "thankyou"!

Yes! They work!

I love these footbeds - I walk a lot and need cushioning. These keep my joints and back happy, and prolong the life of my shoes.

I can't imagine my life without them, they are so comfortable in any shoe or boot I wear !

I feel energetic and confident on the ice delivering from the hack . And when I sweep hard for our team. I have a pair in my curling shoes and in my shoes/boots entering the club!

Great product

I purchased this insole after saw it on YouTube and all I can say that it is life changing product for me. I work as mail carrier, I walk a lot of miles everyday at work and I can say that I can tell the difference of this insole compare to any other ones that I have had before. My feet feels great all day and even after finishing my shift which usually lasts about 10 hrs day is still feels great. I highly recommend any SOLE products for anyone...

Surprisingly Supportive but Flexible too

I have been wearing these each morning in my hiking boots while completing my 4-5 mile walks and am very pleased. I've always appreciated SOLE's products because they extend the life of my shoes and make my feet take the punishment of daily exercise. I taught exercise for 22 yrs. and wore Soles in my trainers for every class. This is my first "cork" sole and I would highly recommend them.

Amazing Footbeds

I bought these to put in an older pair of shoes that I wear to work everyday. Not only have they made my feet feel better, but they have extended the life of my shoes!

Life Changing!

I suffer from flat feet + general discomfort when walking for long periods of time. I knew I needed some sort of insole and better foot support but didn't want to spend $600 on customized ones. I'm so glad I found these! Alex was sooooooo helpful in finding the suitable insole for what I wanted and needed - they almost feel customized! I've been wearing them for a month now and I feel so much more comfortable. I want to buy some for every shoe that I own.

Fixed my knee pain

I couldn’t believe all I needed was inserts to fix the pain I had in my knee. They are exceptional inserts and I’ll be using them the rest of my life.

No more foot pain

I’ve been wearing them for several years, and they were finally reaching the end of their life, so reordered them. Love, love love them

Maria Hoffmeyer

Still Loving These

I cannot imagine life without these after having them around now for almost a year. Walking around the house first thing in the am was soooo painful before I had these to ease my way into the day. They are also perfect for a rest from other shoes when my forefeet needs to spread out. I have a wide hyperflexible foot with a high (narrow girth) arch, dorsal bunions, Morton's neuroma and sometimes nerve entrapment.

Gregory Doty

Only footbeds that work

I have had trouble with my feet my whole life, these are the only ones that gave me my life back!

Better than expected

Who knew the SOLE footbed would be, well, not a life changer but so darn great and comfortable to walk in!

Saved my training

I was struggling with chronic knee issues. My doctor did an analysis and said something like SOLE would change my running life. And it has. It helped prevent ITB pain. If you’ve been recommended orthopedics I highly recommend these!

Cynthia Murphy

SOLE saved my life

I was suffering from PTTD (Posterior Tina Tendon Dysfuncttion) and was told by one podiatrist that I need to have surgery. I saw another orthopedic doctor for a second opinion who said that there was another option. I saw a PT who gave me some exercises and I bought the SOLE inserts for my tennis shoes that he recommended. I could not believe the change in my pain since I starting wearing them. I no longer run around barefoot or in flip flops. I ordered a pair of the Malibu sandals. It is the first thing I put on my feet when I get out of bed. It is amazing. No more pain!! They are cute too! Thank you for keeping me from having a very long recovery from a surgery. Your product is life changing!!

Best ever!!!

A friend of mine is an EMT. He told me about SOLE and I haven't looked back yet. Being a big guy and walking on concrete all day in boots, these have said my knees and back. I have done nothing but said great things about these inserts. They definitely have a customer for life!!!!

Janice Winckers

Orthopaedic flips, where have you been all my life

I love my orthopaedic flip flops. The quality is beyond compare. Got my first pair 10 years ago then this summer I added cork version to my options and now my partner and boys and have a pair each of the Catalina and love them too!

Best Orthotics I Have Ever Owned

I discovered these amazing footbeds when I was doing some research on arthritis relief for the feet/ankles/knees. Over the last couple years, my arthritis has gotten so bad in my lower extremities that I struggle to walk without a cane or walking stick. When I started searching for ideas to help alleviate the worsening pain, I found a number of articles recommending the footbed offerings from SOLE. I was leery that they could make too great a difference, but even a small improvement was welcome. When I received my footbeds, I immediately placed them in my walking shoes and tried them out. It took a couple wearings for the footbeds to completely form to my feet, but the improvement was nearly immediate! After I stand and stretch a bit, I can get around so much better now. I am able to go grocery shopping (or anywhere else for that matter) without taking my cane with me. I have even been able to return to the gym and walk a couple miles with limited pain. These footbeds have been a true life-changer!


Changed my life

My foot pain is completely gone. I wear SOLE products in every shoe I own and I’ve never been disappointed. Canadian company with amazing shipping. If you’re thinking about it, just get some. You’ll be happy!!!

Life changing

These insoles have been life changing. From walking on concrete all day to pushing the limits of what the human body can endure during GORUCK events they remain comfortable and supportive. They are a real reason for comfort and support mile after mile. I have them in all of my shoes and boots and will continue to as long as they make them.

Life Saver

I work in construction and walking on concrete really does a number on my back. If it wasn't for these pads I don't think I would be able to survive, literally. I now use these pads in all my shoes even for casual use.

Nothing short of magical

I work in the events industry, so I spend an average of 8 hours standing in dress shoes - and it’s usually on concrete. By the end of an event my feet are killing me, and that translates all the way through my hips, and my lower back too. I’ve had these for about 2 months now and can truly say they are life changing, and make my dress shoes feel like runners. The pain is gone after a long event, and it sure beats ugly looking supportive dress shoes. Thank you SOLE!

Life changing inserts

Avid golfer, had significant plantar fascia strain in my left heel due to pronation and high unsupported arches. Since wearing these in my daily shoes I have zero fascial pain. Highly recommend

Candy L Coffman

A life saver

A friend and I were discussing our issues with plantar fasciitis. She said I should try SOLE sandals. I googled the site and found a lot of choices. SOLE has a short video on how to choose the right shoe , which I loved . After watching the video I decided on the Catalina sport flip. I got the black and white because it goes with everything you wear and its's also water resistant. I have been wearing them for a month and they are extremely comfortable and my feet don't hurt when walking!

Christopher Kappler

Comfy and fashionable

I love wearing sandals but with my arch I needed sandals with support. I got my first pair of SOLE 10 years ago and I can wear them all day, pain free. Just like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

life changing...

I've used SOLE footbeds for years. I finally bought some for my girlfriend, who had complained about her flat feet. She honestly says that they are changing her life. She can't believe she ever lived without them. We now have about 7 pairs between us. I can't imagine shoes without them either.


Cured my tendonitis

I have suffered with posterior tibial tendonitis for YEARS, and these shoes have been a life saver. I wear them as slippers in the house and they have cured my tendonitis. For the first time in years I can walk pain free.

Thank You SOLE for giving me my life back

I have numerous issues with my feet. Ball of the foot pain, heel pain and bad arches. I had tried many different products in the past with very limited results. Then I discovered the SOLE products. Instantly after inserting these into my shoes I got some relief. As the insole wore in some more, they got more and more comfortable. I was never able to spend many hours on my feet before getting the SOLE product. This product allows me to function again! I was so pleased with the results that I ordered some more for spares, as I now know that I can't survive without them!

Little things in life make a big difference

I have been wearing these for quite a while and love them. I recently purchased a pair for my 72 year old mother. Mom was experiencing heal pain. The pain was at its worst first thing getting out of bed, or after sitting for prolonged periods of time. Once she was up walking the pain would get better, but never completely go away. The pain in her heels caused her to walk with a wobble. I bought these insoles for my mom, and had them shipped directly to her house. Mom called me a few minutes after receiving them. Within a few minutes of wearing them she felt some pain relief and more stable walking. After a few days of wearing them all day the heal pain has completely gone away. I will be ordering a second pair, so that she has a pair for her house shoes, and outside shoes. Thank you to the people who designed these insoles.

Aimee J Wiese

Obsessed - theme park tested!

I stumbled across these by accident while reordering insoles and I'm so glad I did. Had to order the mens (big feet problems). They did not disappoint. First pair I bought were initially a little tight but broke in perfectly after 2-3 wears. These babies are next level. I did a full park open to park close day at Disney in these bad boys and I had zero issues. FULL. DAY. AT. DISNEY. They held up walking around St Augustine for a whole day. They've held up to fishing. Honestly the perfect Florida flip flop to me. The best part is they provide support but don't look like those clunky orthopedic disasters that have been the standard for years. Freaking life changing, I've bought 3 pairs already and plan to buy more.

Plantar Perfect!

SOLE has transformed my life. As a 42 yr old active coach I have battled plantar fasciitis for the last 5 years. After trying many other products I was pointed in the direction of SOLE by an athletic trainer. I purchased my first SOLE footbeds in January and a month later purchased my next pair. I can envision a day in which I own 4-5 pairs of SOLE footbeds and the Met Pad is my choice!

SOLE saved me!!

I can’t begin to describe how happy I am that I was recommended SOLE for my feet by my chiropodist. I’ve been having terrible feet issues(fat pad atrophy)for the last 4 to 5 months. I’m an avid hiker and on my feet all day long. I was literally hobbling around in pain all day. A few weeks after incorporating SOLE footbeds into my life I am completely pain free and continuing my active lifestyle. Very easy to put into any shoe. Thank you from the bottom of my feet.

Fantastic support, Fantastic Customer Service!

I have been using SOLE insoles for many years now. They are the most supportive and customizable insole products on the market. I love the Active line and the Performance line as well. With multiple sets, I can customize my footwear depending on the activity. I have had custom orthotics and definitely prefer SOLE insoles. In fact, I haven't worn my orthotics in years and have about $1000 worth just sitting in a box. SOLE's customer service and commitment to being environmentally friendly is outstanding. I'll be a loyal customer for life :)

Giveaway Review

-I bought the product because I have had flat feet my whole life and would like to avoid any issues with pain down the road as I get older. -2 Months Daily -I like how the sole forms around the foot and offers daily support -The sole fits perfectly around my large feet -I think the materials used were combined for a perfect design -The sole is very comfortable!

Worth it!

These are worth every penny. I used to run the Active versions in my military boots which really changed my life. I didn’t know anything about flat foot or plantar fasciitis back then. I have had issues my entire life with shoes. With these, I no longer have issues just walking. The Thin version is perfect for my dress shoes and some sneakers. It really depends on your shoe design what you want between the low profile and medium. Some might cry about them being hard, but you need to break them in. I run with these Thin soles and they feel perfectly fine. I have invested in a few different soles just for convenience to not constantly change them out of my shoes. Invest in yourself!

Life-changing insoles

I've always had a problem with foot pain wearing shoes, ever since I was young; I just thought it was normal to have aching feet after spending a day in shoes. Sneakers, flip-flops, dress shoes, boots, it didn't matter; everything hurt. When a shoe sales person at The Right Shoe in Vancouver suggested in 2016 that I try SOLE footbeds, I was skeptical because I didn't really believe they could help. She told me to trust her, that they had a return policy if I wasn't satisfied, and that she thought the "aggressive arch support" design would really help my tired, aching feet. So I listened to her and got a pair of Active Thicks for my Bluntstones and I was converted overnight. Those Bluntstones went from being those cool boots that I really liked but always avoided because of fatigue and pain, to becoming my daily shoes. No pain or fatigue, even after hours and hours of walking in them, day after day! Transformative and life-changing. I went back and got a pair Active Thins for my Cons too, and when I started spending more time in dress shoes, I got some for those as well. Now, every single pair of shoes and boots that I own has a pair of SOLE footbeds in them—Thursdays, AEs, Clarks, Vessis, chukkas—and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that SOLE is designed locally (I'm in Vancouver, BC); I love their company philosophy of reduced environmental impact, carbon negativity, wine cork recycling (I make and bottle my own wine too, so it's a real plus for me), planting trees, giving to charities, donating to the needy, and social and ecological responsibility in general; I love the fit and the design; I love love love the comfort. They literally transform any pair of shoes from being totally insane torture devices into comfortable, meaningful footwear that reasonable people can actually wear, walk around, and stand in. Amazing! I mean, what's the point of even wearing footwear if it makes your feet worse and causes pain? And why did it take so long for me to discover SOLE? Seriously. Just get them. Thank you, SOLE, for making my foot life pain-free! I will always be grateful, and I will always have your footbeds in my shoes!

Amazing !!!

I have had two different SOLW products. Both have been amazing and have helped me tremendously. The first was before foot surgery and without it I would not have been able to work the way that I did. After surgery I did not need as much support and they had something for that as well. The met pad is a life changer and it fits perfectly to my foot even without heating in the oven to form it. I will have to have insoles for the rest of my life and this will definitely be the place I will get all future insoles for myself and family!

Love 'em

SOLE inserts are a great blessing in my life. I'm able to run, hike and walk with comfort because of these wonderful inserts. I have had sprained ankles and have tried a dozen kinds of inserts before I found SOLE. THANK YOU, SOLE!

Best Inserts Ever!!!!

Title says it all. Best insoles I've ever had, and I've probably tried over 20 different brands to help with plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Within just a few days, almost all the pain was gone. Will never buy another brand of insoles, a customer for life!

Eduardo Tso

SOLE is the best product for your feet

Starting from the beginning, about five years ago I got plantar faciitis on both my feet. Having to deal with the pain while working on feet for 8 hours a day was rough. Almost a year later I found SOLE products through a foot specialist. My life changed and I was cured of this issue within 6 months of using your insoles and sandals every time I was on my feet. Now with these clog style shoes I use for work everyday I feel confident my feet will never have any issues ever again. I highly recommend SOLE to anyone who works on their feet for any length of time. These shoes are made with high quality materials, the pair of sandals I wear only when I'm home I've wearing for 6 years and it's still in great shape. Extremely comfortable and fit very well.

Brian Rusche

Great for my tennis life

I play and teach tennis so I spend a lot of time jarring my joints on a hard surface. I’ve been replacing my tennis shoe manufacturer’s insoles with SOLE inserts for 4 years now. I immediately felt the difference and I’ll never go back. Softec Ultra works great for me.

Sara Christon

These are WONDERFUL!!

I broke my foot many years ago. Years of pain and problems lead me to try the SOLE inserts and FINALLY, I am free of foot, leg and back pain. Thanks to SOLE inserts, I can walk and hike for miles and I'm back to a normal life. I have these soles in all of my shoes and because they're so comfortable, I have purchased them for my family as well. THANK YOU SOLE!!

Excellent Product

As someone who occasionally suffered from foot pain, I needed a more sustainable solution than prescription orthotics that need routine replacement at a very high price. While perhaps not as precise in foot correction as a customized orthotic, the SOLE Active Medium was a perfect solution for me. A very reasonable price for an excellent product by an outstanding, thoughtful company. I can highly recommend these insoles for anyone needing greater support or an alternative to overpriced orthotics. They resolved my foot pain issues and I'm a happy customer for life.

These are for you!!

These SOLE footbeds are great. I put them into my work boots and they are life savers. No more sore back or knees from working. And they make a working a 14 hr day very good. Had them in my boots for two months now and they are very comfortable. I would 100% recommended!

Great Insole

I have been using inserts for decades. I have low arches. I have tried MANY different products including $500 custom orthotics. I am also a runner. 20-25 miles per week. Expensive customs wear out. Not unlike any other. It can become a money drain. Off the shelf insoles from various suppliers are very generic. Too spongy, not light weight, not enough arch support and wear out quickly. A friend passed along to me a recommendation from his podiatrist. "SOLE" insoles. I looked over a lot of info from the SOLE website as well as from other sources and decided to try the SOLE Active Medium. SOLE provides a wide variety of insoles, as well as other products, to suit MANY different needs and foot and body designs. This alone separates SOLE from other offerings. It is also very obvious that they have done their due diligence on R&D and have included some very smart and experienced people into the works to develop products for a wide dynamic of people and purposes. I have low arches and a knee that has had cartilage repair and a torn stretched to useless ACL. (Skiing injuries from my youth). The soles obviously won't repair these things but provide support and alignment that allow me to run comfortably and vigorously without pain. I bought my first pair, used them for about 2 months and then bought another pair. All total I have been on them for about 5 months now. I also played Hockey for decades. Skate providers went away from traditional leather outer shells quite a few years ago and adopted moldable outer shells. You warm up the skate in an oven, quickly put them on, lace them up tight and the skate adopts the shape of your foot. Providing a very custom fit. It took a minute but once I got used to them I fell in love with the technology. The EVA base in the Active Mediums is very much similar. I did not put them in the oven I just put them in my shoe and wore them to shape. It took running on them about 10 times until they formed to fit. This wear in period was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but since then they have been awesome... Now they fit great and are beyond comfortable. They are super supportive, lightweight, and I can trust them to be perfectly in place with every stride. I love the product, I love the price point. Customer service has been excellent. I am absolutely a SOLE customer for life. You might think that I am just a shill for SOLE who is being somehow compensated. I assure you that I am NOT. I'm a very satisfied customer who is simply illustrating my experience with their product. This is a product that I truly need and very much appreciate. I am 61 years old. A life long athlete. This product allows me to continue to enjoy training and competitive athletics... Priceless.... Thank you SOLE

Life Changers

I bought these for my boyfriend who has the worst flat feet you have ever seen. He hasnt been able to enjoy walks or hiking in years. One day with these and his ankles didnt hurt andymore and he said he could feel it in his hip flexors. These have been life changing for him.

I can feel my toes again!

I got injured wearing new hiking boots during a 35+km backcountry camping hike in the Spring 2020. Could no longer feel one of my toes! I changed footwear, and the situation improved - but for the next 18 months, the issue and feet aches kept coming back! I found myself trying different shoes, insoles, socks… even posture! Alas! It kept curbing my adventures and fitness goals :( Then finally, I discovered SOLE with Met Pad… and a REAL, lasting relief at last!!! 😃 Started with one pair… I now own 4x sets and am considering fitting all my favorite shoes with them - from boots to sneakers and even those toe-numbing cycling shoes !!!. I Love that the cork insoles are carbon negative (amazing!) and that I can pick different thicknesses! Plus, the customer service is great - with prompt shipping and a meaningful rewards program! I am SOLE’d for Life!

Game changer

I have genetic flat feet. I'm 44, and have lived the "strenuous life." Very active - hiker, power lifter, stone mason, former Marine. Over the last 4 years I've developed pttd, and over the last 5 months it's gotten very painful. As someone who can usually physically do whatever I want, having to avoid simple things like stairs has been very difficult physically and mentally. I have tried lace up ankle wrap braces, custom rigid orthotics that cost 1000.00 dollars, special shoes, and been religious about foot strengthening- they all sort of work, but there's always some pain. I have routinely been told "otc" orthotics aren't effective. Regardless on a whim I bought a pair of SOLE insoles, and after I put them in my gym shoes -INSTANTLY - the pain went away almost completely. I bought a second pair for my Danner hiking/work boots, with the same result. I can't wrap my brain around how there can be such an immediate dramatic change, but running up and down my stairs without a second thought or wincing in pain is absolutely amazing. I haven't worn them long, but they seem durable. I hope they hold up, though for this level of regained mobility, I'd buy a new pair every month if I had to. My hope is, as they are clearly relieving the strain on my tibial tendon and over pronation, over time with continued wear and foot strengthening I can reverse some of the damage done.


Before using these inserts, my feet hurt every day, all day long. After a few days of using these inserts, I have zero foot pain. Truly life-changing.

Jennifer Rands

Pain Relief!

SOLE was recommended to me by a friend, after confiding in her about my recent diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. I purchased these to wear around the house to help with the pain, and they have been life changing! Finally I have supportive, perfect fitting sandals that have made walking painless and has helped me make great progress in healing! Thank you SOLE!

love this product

This product gives great support to my high arches. As a woman with very large feet (12.5ee) I have a heck of a time finding shoes and work boots that will fit my feet correctly... I wind up buying mens sizes that fit poorly. Your product is a complete life saver to help adjust the fit to my actual foot. Keep up the good work, I am a customer for life.

smiling feet

I needed quality XL size insoles to stop my foot pain. SOLE was a home run for me. Easy to buy and exactly what I needed. Life is good when you find a company that helps supply what you need without a hassle. My feet thank me everyday.

Great product!

I'm a senior with flat feet and have been wearing custom orthotics for most of my adult life so was a bit skeptical about buying these. Based on the price of these compared to custom units I felt it would be worth trying. I must say that these SOLE insoles are fantastic, very comfortable, perhaps as good as my custom product. I've only been wearing them for a month or so, therefor can't speak on the durability of the insoles or whether they are providing the same support as the custom made orthotics. However I do feel the support is there and they are well made.

Make Steel Toes Great

I work in facility maintenance and wear steel toe boots daily. The stock inserts were unsupportive and thin. I was concerned with the thickness and how it would feel. Well I tell you what, these are fantastic, great support for my high and long arch, the stability is perfect. My boots wear even on the soles which provides me a longer life of the shoe. Thank you SOLE for helping us stay on our feet.

Changed Everything

Attn: Fellow foot pain sufferers! I have for too many years, purchased prescribed shoe inserts at the cost of $300/pair plus and they never seemed to change the game. Let's face it, your feet grow and the prescribed inserts are supposed to be replaced every two years. That's $150/year for not much gain on the pain. I was just about to replace a pair (now $400 pandemic price) when I happened to walk into an REI store and was looking at shoes and talking about my feet and the salesperson recommended SOLE Performance. I will never buy another prescribed insert, full stop. My shoes feel completely different now. From the moment I pulled these warmed inserts from the oven and slipped them into my work boots I knew, this was/is the answer and at $60/pair a tremendous savings. After the oven treatment they formed to my feet and offered instant comfort, arch support and my general foot pain is diminished to an amazing degree. I now have 4 pairs in different shoes and could not be happier. At this price point I no longer have to switch one pair from shoe to shoe, I can now just slip on a pair and walk out the door. The comfort, form fit and sense that my feet are being hugged is invaluable, add to that I am recycling cork and it's a win all the way around. Thank you SOLE and REI salesperson for a life changing moment..

Life saving insole

Love this insole. I’ve got a bad case of metatarsalagia and have been on the hunt for non-surgical relief without having to completely replace my sneakers, dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, running shoes and cycling shoes. This insole solved that problem. Easy to swap between shoes but always providing the net relief I need. I love the higher heel cup, the moment you put it in the shoe and lace it up you can feel your heel supported and hugged without being too tight. I cannot recommend the Active Medium with met pad enough!! If you have foot pain, pick a set up and watch the pain become more manageable and hopefully go away!

Great support for marathon training

I switched from another popular insert to SOLE 3 years ago after a bout of plantar fasciitis & have not turned back. The Met pad provides an extra level of localized support other inserts lack. Even without performing the custom heat molding, the insert fits great! I use them in a stability shoe as well as a performance racing shoe for marathon training & racing. One down side, the cork base cracked across the ball of the foot region. Perhaps this is normal breakdown at the end of the inserts life (wearing period), but I continued to use them without a noticeable issue. Maybe time for another new pair!

Norman Lane

Very comfortable

I waited for a year and a half of wearing these shoes before writing a review, because I only wear them once or twice a week and I feel like shoes need to prove themselves over some time. I was initially attracted to them because of the reused corks and the unique look. When I got them I was very concerned because they are very rigid, not at all like most of the shoes that I like. They fit very close and I found that I had to wear good socks to avoid blisters. Maybe they broke in, I am not sure, but after the first few wearings I have had no trouble with that. These shoes are super comfortable. I spend most of my time barefoot or in flip flops, so this is a big departure. But I always love wearing them and feel like something special on those days when I do. I like the look. And they have held up really well. I can see some wear on the bottom of the sole, but the rest of the shoe is like brand new. I would say that I will buy more, but at this rate I will have these for the rest of my life.

Patti Arsenault

Walkin and Talkin again!!

Happy feet, happy life, happy wife! I bought these for the hubby and we walk and talk all the time now! Of course I do most of the talking but the walking we now do together!!


Love them

I’m a beach bum and this is the second pair of SOLEs I’ve owned. The first pair I wore for 10 years. I love my new pair of SOLE Baja’s. Like my first pair they have molded to my feet, are comfortable and look great! I highly recommend the SOLE brand for quality, looks and cost. I think they are the best you can buy. I’m a SOLE customer for life!

Curtis Uffelman

Incredible Flips

My first SOLE flips were recommended by a local orthopedic store to help with my insole and heel pain. I wore those steady each summer for 6 years. I’ve had these for the summer of 2021 and they are as awesome as the last ones. Raised arches, comfortable fit and long life is why I bought more. Well worth the investment.

SOLE is number one

SOLE has delivered where others have failed. I have had foot issues for most of my life. One of my major problems is supination. Most insoles address overpronation. SOLE takes care of both. I have been using Performance Medium with Met pad (cork) for about 6 weeks. The medium works great in a pair of shoes I have that are very roomy. I then ordered 2 more pair in the Thin Performance for shoes where I needed a little more toe wiggle. My balance has improved and the achilles heel pain in my right foot is gone. I only wish I had discovered SOLE insoles years ago.

Amazing insoles!

I am on my feet all day and these insoles have been a life saver! Super comfortable and has given me relief from a neuroma I have been suffering from for years! These insoles are literally the only product I've found that helps! Highly recommend!

Michelle McMullin

Best garden boots ever!

I have pins and plates in my one ankle. Balance and spending lots of time on uneven terrain have been an ongoing issue for me all the years since my foot surgeries. Wet ground and garden beds are the most challenging areas for my feet to spend time. I bought these Repel boots to try and replace my rubber gardener boots that have been killing my feet. Mid way through life of my existing boots I had put a pair of SOLE inserts in them. This had provided some relief but because I had ordered thick ones to try and provide insulation from cold the boots ended up being too tight. These boots are water resistant and fabulously comfortable. I can spend a whole day in the garden and my feet still feel great! Much more stable so calf muscles, toes everything don't feel exhausted when I come in. Just wish I had got them sooner. Michelle

The definitive answer to foot pain

After spending over $600 on custom orthotics that were horribly uncomfortable and frankly, brutal for athletics. Hundreds at the physio to sort out a neuroma and tendinitis- THESE INSOLES have me my sport life back! My job requires serious fitness and on my feet for hours- I have little to no pain thanks to these insoles. I am gobsmacked at the quality. if you are on the fence- GO FOR IT

The definitive answer to foot pain

After spending over $600 on custom orthotics that were horribly uncomfortable and frankly brutal for athletics, hundreds at the physio to sort out a neuroma and tendinitis- THESE INSOLES have me my sport life back! My job requires serious fitness and on my feet for hours- I have little to no pain thanks to these insoles. I am gobsmacked at the quality. if you are on the fence- GO FOR IT



I'm on my feet all day. I've tried all types of footwear and my feet were killing me. SOLE footbeds did the trick. I've had them about a month and I love them. If only all life's problems were so easily solved!

Mitchell Stille

Nearly perfect

This is probably my 10th pair of sole shoes/insoles. I had an older pair of SOLE sandals that were amazing, but the strap finally broke. That model was no longer made so I purchased a pair of Baja Flips and Costa Flips because I was weary of the changes in the strap material. First let me start with the good: The traction, footbeds and overall quality are amazing. They are still the best sandals I've found for every day use and they really keep my feet feeling good event after huge days of walking and being on my feet. Now the not so good: the material used on the straps is extremely comfortable and doesn't chafe or rub, but I've already noticed fraying on them. It's almost like a mesh material and it's starting to fray and I fear that will lead to some strange rubbing spots and overall the sandal breaking down faster than I would like. I will say I would still 100% recommend these to friends (which I do) and I will/would buy another pair because there's no sandal that keeps my feet feeling as fresh after a long day or walking. I don't know what the old material SOLE used for their straps, but I hope they bring it back. Either way they have me as a customer for life.

Jack Streich

Extremely comfortable

I have a broken bone in my foot that is always painful. It is attached to the outside foot tendon, which keeps it from healing. I have to give you all two big working mans thumbs up, Between your foot inserts and your flips, I have a very active life. I recently even ran most of a 5K . Thank you so much and keep up your excellent service also😃.

Linda Faber

Best sandals for plantar fasciitis

I have been purchasing these sandals for many years. I suffered with plantar fasciitis in both feet for years prior to wearing both the insoles and these sandals. They have given me my life back. I can walk or stand now for hours where before could barely stand in the morning.

Great insert post-surgery

These are helping my recovery so much. I recently broke my second metatarsal and had a Lisfranc injury. My surgeon recommended SOLE because I have high arches. When I was allowed to start walking again it was obviously painful. These supports make it easier to walk and have helped me get back to everyday life a little quicker. It was recommended that I use these footbeds for 6 months as my body heals. The met pad wasn't a requirement from my surgeon but I think it helps on days I know I'll be on my feet a lot. I now have 3 pairs of SOLE footbeds and a pair of sandals. I love them all.

Jennifer Zagar

Great purchase

I have Plantar Fasciitis. My feet were hurting non stop for months. If I sat down for five minutes I could barely walk when I got back up. I bought these inserts and wore them a few hours a day for a few days and then every day. I have NO foot pain. I am absolutely, totally amazed!!! If they are a little uncomfortable at first do not give up. These are life changing!

60+ hours a week on your feet? These are yours!

I work 60+ hours a week in an industrial environment, and these have been a life saver. No they have never “saved my life”, but they have saved my feet. This is my third pair in almost 20 years and I wear them to the breaking point. I highly recommend these if you are having foot pains in a work style boot.

Now Even Better !!

I have been using this product for over six years and now that they come in wide sizes they are even better for me. When my shoes are brand new these thick ones don' always fit inside my shoe but when it's time to replace them and my shoes are broken in I can step it up to these (the thickest) which provide the most comfort. This product has been a life saver for me I have a pair in all of my shoes. I am so grateful to this company and I have tried other brands, these are the absolute best out there!!

Great insole

I have very flat feet and have struggled with foot injuries because of it. This insole with the met pad feels a bit different at first but ultimately relives my foot pain I have had for years. These insoles offers such great support. I have been fitted for very expensive custom inserts from my foot doctor but I hate wearing them. My custom made inserts are hard as a rock no padding and squeak like crazy. I have worn my SOLE inserts for a few weeks now and I'm sold on these. I love them. I have since bought two more pairs and sandals from SOLE. I hope they are all just as great. I'm so glad I found this company. Life changing.

Carol Momy

Best sandals ever!

I have bought several pairs of the Catalina Sport Flip over the years and have always been very happy with them. I have plantar fasciitis and these sandals are a life saver, when I wear them I have absolutely no pain. I have some for inside and others for outside. I can say without a doubt that these are the most comfortable flip flop sandals I have ever had. Thank you SOLE for bringing us such an outstanding product.

Laurie Danenberg

Great insoles!

I bought this insole to use in my hiking boots and has been great, all the support my other SOLE inserts have worked in all my other shoes! Truly SOLE has been life changing for my Plantar Fasciitis that I have been dealing with for a few years. Highly recommend SOLE.

William C Smith

Life changing

This is probably my 2nd or 3rd review of these footbeds, but who doesn't want another chance at $100? I've always suffered with fallen arches, (flat feet), and after visiting my Podiatrist who sold me my first pair of these in his office. For me, the thought of walking anywhere without SOLE support is like walking downtown without clothes on. I wouldn't consider it. My feet continue to plague me with other issues but the one constant source of help and comfort is this footbed. Pricey? Not when you consider the benefits of wearing these. Price for comfort, for health? Priceless.

Take no steps! Without this.

If you are on your feet all day or night, walking on hard (concrete) surfaces or uneven ground while hiking or running, this footbed will not only keep your feet comfortable but they will help align your back so that you're not placing pressure on one section of your feet causing back pain and spine misalignment. These were recommended to me by a board certified podiatrist for arch support, but I have discovered over the years I've been wearing them that they are much more than arch support. Without a good foundation life can be challenging. Wearing these may not eliminate those challenges but they will make them easier to bear. I wouldn't consider wearing any shoe without these inside with the exception of my reefs. I know these cost more than their competitors but once you've experienced the quality and comfort, you'll realize they have NO competition. These are life changing!

just the right product :)

I needed some new insoles. My friend told me how her new pair of SOLE Active inserts way fixed her foot pain and showed me her pair. They looked exactly like what an active shoe insert should look like so I bought a pair. Wow! What a difference! New life to my old shoes. Better life to my hiking boots and way happy feet to my work boots, all from one new pair of SOLE Active inserts. I've had 'em for about 2 months. They're durability seems to be great (looking forward). The fit is good for 4 out of 5 pairs of my footwear. And yes, they are comfortable! My fifth pair is just a bit small for the insert so I have to stay with my old pair of inserts. Exceeded my expectations for comfort. In my opinion, BUY 'EM!! They work!

life saver

Been using SOLE for many years but recently had a need for met support. This model helped tremendously!

Danny Ceacon


A couple of years ago my brother started telling me about how much he enjoyed both the SOLE insoles and some of their footwear that he had started wearing. Since that time he has made repeated purchases and continued to rave about how much better his legs felt when using/wearing their products. I have suffered with serious back issues for half of my life and finally decided to give your insoles a try placing them in a good sturdy pair of Salomon hiking shoes. While my back issues continue I have to say I find I'm able to walk further and with less discomfort than was previously the case. I did purchase 3 pairs of insoles and will be using them in my other footwear. I like that I am able to heat the insole making it more pliable and better able to conform to my particular foot dynamics.

Best walking SOLEs

I had been wearing my Thick SOLEs for about a month now, unbelievable. I have 2 dogs so I am walking twice a day 7 km total, no foot pain, it all resolved. Prior to Thick SOLEs I had good runners on but always had heel etc .pain, these SOLEs are life savers, I also have slim ones for my flat shoes and medium for my high boots, I love them all and they all work for a different shoes.... very well made. With the thick SOLEs I will order half size bigger my runners... the comfort is so amazing for my walks... love my SOLEs!

Amazing inserts

SOLE inserts saved my life literally. Had planters facitis for months trying shoes, inserts, creams you name I was desperate! Finally found SOLE, ordered online and wow within days the pain was gone. SOLEs fit for me as I have high arches and they are perfect. The quality of the material used is firm but not too firm, just right. You do not want soft inserts. I would recommend SOLEs definitely. Lets just say from now on I will never be without them. Go order yours immediately!

Majid Goodarzi


I can not say enough about this sandals my wife and I got a pair for ourselves and man I must say great fit in size and comfort and design all in %100 of what you expect . Way to go SOLE I am a life time costumer

Life changing

After living with pain in my tendons and Morton's Neuroma, I have finally been able to get back to normal walking and activity! These met pad insoles have given me my life back!

Niral Merchant

Excellent Product

As a long term sufferer of flat feet and plantar fasciitis, foot pain used to be my norm. I then discovered custom orthotics but with limited application and use. When I discovered SOLE my life changed! I could go back to doing all of the things I loved. And wear multiple types of shoes and sports equipment! SOLE products are amazing and my go-to now! Thanks


I absolutely love these. I have feet and back issues. And these met pads have made life so much easier.

Tamara Levitz


These are simply the best house shoes I have ever bought. They are fantastic for plantar fasciitis. The sole is very sturdy. The fake fur inside makes them unbelievably comfortable: I never want to take them off. And I love the feature that the back of the shoe can fold in so I can wear them as clogs. I bought multiple pairs in the hope I can wear them for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend them enough!

Susan Pederson

Even better than the rest of my SOLE sandals

Due to back and foot issues, I have been wearing SOLE flip flops exclusively for over 10 years, which explains why I own more than 10 pairs! These are sleeker and lighter than the ones I normally wear and I love them so much that I am wearing them inside instead of slippers. I have one leg slightly longer than the other, so my shoemaker fits the right one with a lift - not something you can do with cheap sandals. They are sporty yet delicate enough to wear with a dress. I have already ordered another pair! I am so glad my best friend, who was dealing with a foot injury, turned me onto these. My sister, who also has foot issues, is now a fan thanks to me. I bought her a pair for Christmas this year, because she wears the ones I bought her exclusively as well. All this style, and the reduction of pain makes life super sweet.

Insole review

I had went to my foot doctor for a yearly checkup and had talked about the fatigue and pain of being on my feet all day and climbing ladders at work. My doctor recommended I check out the SOLE site and recommended the insole I should look at. I went on the site and ordered a couple of pair of insoles. Since wearing them for a couple of months my feet and legs are feeling much better. I could not believe the difference! I am very happy with the product and the difference it has made in my life.

Always SOLE

I've been wearing SOLE orthotics for at least 10 years now. They have eliminated almost all the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis due to extremely high arches. I use the orthotics in all my footwear, including my slippers. From the Active Thick, the Performance Medium to the Thin Casuals, they all have a place in my life and in my shoes. They fit easily into my hiking boots and hiking shoes and have help made my trekking adventures that much more enjoyable. I've tried other brands - I'm sticking with SOLE. I find that I need a hiking boot/shoe with a large toe box for the thicker SOLE inserts to work comfortably.

Always SOLE

I've been wearing SOLE orthotics for at least 10 years now. They have eliminated almost all the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis due to extremely high arches. I use the orthotics in all my footwear, including my slippers. From the active thick, the performance medium to the thin casuals, they all have a place in my life and in my shoes. They fit easily into my hiking boots and hiking shoes and have help made my trekking adventures that much more enjoyable. I've tried other brands - I'm sticking with SOLE. I find that I need a hiking boot/shoe with a large toe box for the thicker SOLE inserts to work comfortably.

Life saver

I have an injured back and walking too much really hurts my back. With the active wide thick SOLE I can stay active longer and wouldn't wake up with pain in the morning.

Instantly comfortable

The ball of my foot always gives me a great deal of pain. I immediately felt these helped the issue, and now that I've worn them for hundreds of hours on the job, I am going to buy them for life. My big toe was sore for a bit, as it's adjusting to proper alignment. This is easily fixed by doing toe crunches, such as picking up foam and placing it in a bowl with your toe.


I truly love them, they have fit perfectly into my runners and made my life easier...

Life Changing

I love running. I was unable to run for 2 years because I had plantar fasciatis. The combination of stretching the shit out of my calves, starting super slow and super short distances, icing, and wearing the active medium foot bed as just about cured my heel pain. I still have to manage it but I am running 4-5 miles couple times a week again. Go SOLE!

Jana Anderson

comfort + support

I'm a distance runner coming back from a foot injury, and my podiatrist doesn't want me in non-supportive footwear all summer! So any time I'm not running or sleeping, I've been LIVING in my Costa Flips, NON-STOP! [walking the dog, running errands, cooking/cleaning in the house] After 5 weeks of everyday use, I must say they are light, comfortable, and supportive. My only complaint is that the arches are not high enough for my super-high arches! There's still a gap, but they're a huge improvement over flat sandals/flip flops. I was afraid I'd be stuck in orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life, I was pleasantly surprised to find SOLE shoes are pretty cute and look forward to buying a closed-toe option this fall for the cooler weather.

Pain relief. Getting Mature (older)

It's really works!!! Perfect product!!! I am very sorry, I didn't know about it earlier in my life.

Paul Fleenor

Great as always

Wife's previous SOLE flips broke after A LONG LONG life... wouldn't buy any other brand. These are perfect

Aaron L Mills

SOLE family now

I have been using SOLE footbeds and flipflops for YEARS (15?). My wife recently broke a pair of ordinary flipflops, and complains of plantar fasciitis, so I suggested trying a pair of SOLE flipflops, as I love mine. She was in heaven the moment she put her feet into them. I have a set of footbeds in every pair of shoes I own, and I have a couple pair of SOLE flipflops myself that I have worn for several years (at my age, 70+, I don't spend nearly the time without socks that I used to), and now my wife is SOLED on the quality of these products as well. Fit is great, and the comfort added because of the support makes life so much better. Not to mention that they look great - even on old feet.



I had this problem in my heel & I purchased my first pair of these from the Orthotics clinic. It really helped with the problem and the pair lasted about 4 yrears plus. I decided to order online another one. I must admit that these are the best sandals I have owned in my entire life! These are super comfy , a natural fit. Other than many out there with big price tags only! Yes I did find them pricey but it's worth it! I still have the old pair...only few tares but wearable. Means it can last you for years and years to come! Materials used are of good quality, fits well too! The more old it gets the more comfy it is in my opinion! Overall highly recommended!!!


Gave my Life Back

The title might sound dramatic but it's true. This sport flip saved my feet. I don't have pain while walking or night. Had to wear a walking shoe with orthotics. My feet were so hot especially the summer.

great insole

I have ordered 2 of these insoles for my boots. I have flat feet and they provide great comfort for working out and for work. I work in a clean room where we are on our feet all day long. My feet are now hurting less than before. I hope to get a lot of life out these insoles.

Happy Feet

Life changing. So happy to have found these inserts. Thank You.

Audrey Yank

Knee problems solved

I owe a lot of respect to SOLE company. For some unknown reason I started having ankle pain on my right foot a few months ago. I was referred to a foot doctor, the same that had seen me during my childhood during 12 years and that fixed my problem having feet looking inwards. This time, the foot doctor made me those super technological orthodics that cost $400+. After 5 adjustments trying to improve them, because I was starting to feel a very painful pinching sensation in my inner knees (somewhere I NEVER had any problem before in my entire life), I came across SOLE footbed in a outdoors sale. I bought it thinking I had nothing to lose. I was pretty desperate at this point, nothing was doing it. My knees were in pain if I wore the foot orthodics or not, and the best solution was just not to walk at all : not an option at 32 years old! So I started using the SOLE footbeds, and all of a sudden, my knee pain disappeared! It was, and it still is, honestly so marvellous. I never told the Podiatrist I stopped using my custom orthodic, but now I got SOLE footbeds and my doctor was pretty happy I found my solution, so he wrote down the company name and went on recommending his patients the footbed. SOLE, you saved my knees! Thanks a lot!

Sole has saved my feet

I have been using SOLE insoles since 2002 after developing plantar fasciitis. I have them in literally every pair of footwear I own, including the slippers I wear around the house. They have made an incredible difference to my life. As little as two hours walking in shoes without the SOLE insoles and I am in pain. With the SOLE insoles I can hike all day. When SOLE started making flip flops I was so excited, as since you can't put an orthotic insole in a flip flop I had been unable to wear them for years. I now own the SOLE cork flips (which I love) and the navigator sandals (which I love even more) and I recently bought the Grace shoes to wear as dress shoes. This means I can have SOLE insoles under my feet all day every day. The other thing I want to note is that these insoles are basically indestructible. I still own, and still use, the first pair I ever bought back in 2002. So when you look at the price, keep in mind that you will be using these for years.

Emily Claburn

Most Comfortable Flip Flops EVER

I am so happy that I found these shoes they've helped me tremendously with my foot pain from chronic pain from neuropathy. These are the only flip-flops that I can wear, they are like heaven on my feet. Such a great product very well-built I even wore them walking in the river. They have a customer for life I have these in three different colours! Thank you SOLE!!

Kate Friesen

Excellent flip flop

These sole flip flops have been a life saver. They have helped my hurting feet/ankles immensely. Wonderful support with nice styles! Have been wearing SOLE for 3 years now and I am 100% happy with them.

Great for running and wide feet

I wear a size 11.5 4E and the 12 wides fit great. Sort of confusing with the wording, "Active Wide Medium" but the medium is the thickness level of the pad! My shoes Ascics Nimbus were starting to get a little warn and I started to feel discomfort on longer runs and would ultimately have to cut them short. I bought these inserts to give the shoes some more life as I continued to train longer distances. Night and day difference when I got them. Shoes felt good as new.

Excellent Quality

I started using this companies inserts 4-5 years back while in the Royal Canadian Navy. My foot pain brought on by poor arch and heal support while wearing sea boots and combat boots transversing steal decks, hard cement and pavement during my daily work routine. The pain became severe. I was eventually issued a set of SOLE inserts. The inserts definitely increased my quality of life. I eventually equipped all my footwear, civilian and military, with this companies inserts. The quality of the inserts are superb with excellent arch support and heal support with the cupping action at the heal. I swear by this company. Now that's myself. My wife has been suffering from foot pain as well for years, and kept buying cheap inserts. I ordered her a set of these inserts, we moulded them to her feet. She tells me that they have made a massive difference due to the support provided. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for. they do last quite a long time. Ive sanitized them and they come out nice and clean.

Randy Jones

The Best. Period.

I live in Flips. Have for years and years. Before I found SOLE Flips, I could get about a year out of a "quality" pair from a long list of manufacturers. they might feel comfortable for the first month or 2 but then they break down and eventually look so terrible that my wife throws them away. Ones that stand up to daily wear, well they feel like I'm wearing plywood on my feet. I can't walk for hours in them like I can in my SOLE Flips. My wife and I travel a lot and we always go for long walks wherever we are. unless we are trail hiking, we go out in our SOLE flips. Miles and miles of walking and we get home, comfortable and with zero foot fatigue! The quality of the SOLE flips are fantastic. I am rough on most things and my flips are not excluded. I routinely have to wash my outside flips because, well, I have gone places in them that aren't exactly clean! They wash up easily and look new again. these flips can take the day in day out abuse that my life hands them, no problem. In fact the only reason I have had to buy new ones is not from wear or discomfort issues, they simply have become stained from wear and I want a new pair so they look respectable. I have 2 pairs of SOLE sport flips for daily wear, one for inside and one for outside. I have now owned 5 pairs and my wife has 2. I am 6'5" tall and weigh 235 pounds and my flips last me at least 2-3 years. GREAT value when you consider how much I wear them. My wife still owns (and wears daily) her original pair she bought 5 years ago! (she weighs a lot less than me!) If you are considering buying your first pair and are concerned about price, DON'T BE! These flips will outlast anything you have ever owned before and provide miles of comfort for years. As the old saying goes "the sweetness of low price is long forgotten while the bitterness of low quality lives on and on" Thanks SOLE for believing in high quality standards in your design and materials and construction. Keep up the great work! I'm a customer for life!

Best investment I've made

I work on my feet 8-10 hr shifts running around in retail. These insoles are fantastic, I have tried other brands but it hasn't ever done anything for me. I got these and instantly felt supported and don't have burning feet anymore after work. Well worth the money and I'll be grabbing a bunch more now for every pair of my shoes. I'm a SOLE lover for life! PS. After having a baby these have helped my back from slouching and holding baby. No more pain!

M Craighton

Softec Ultras are the BEST!

I have used Softec Ultras for years. The first thing I do with new running shoes is replace the insoles with the Ultras. The Ultras themselves have lasted for years and they help add miles to my running shoes. I have a narrow foot with a high arch and the Ultras changed my running life for the better by providing stability, support, comfort and preventing "hotspots". Love the simple heat and wear molding for fit; subtle, but makes a difference! Thank you SOLE people - keep up the good work! :-)

The Best there is!

I have tried several insoles, even different ones from the podiatrist.-Nothing compared to SOLE. I wear them in my work shoes and running shoes. I can't say enough good about this brand and how much I love them-total game changer! All of my suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis is no longer a concern. I'm a customer for life!

Margaret Ann Belanger

walking without pain

SOLE flip flops are the only shoes I wear. This has been life changing for me. After healing from plantar fasciitis & achilles tendinitis & living with arthritis daily it's difficult to find sandals. I heard about SOLE flip flops & purchased a couple pairs. No matter what your issue is you will find a SOLE to fit your need. They feel like they were custom made for me. They look great with the cork & foam & in sunshine or rain they wear well.

Good enough to make me switch!

For the last few months, I've been wearing the SOLE Active and the SOLE Performance. The Active is a lower profile that fit nicely in my ultimate cleats and my cycling shoes- something my Superfeet insoles never did well. They provide arch support without taking up a lot of volume. The Performance insoles have 1.6 mm of cushioning and a recycled cork base. These were awesome in a pair of shoes I'd written off as not fitting my foot but the insoles changed my mind. If you've worn Superfeet before you know there comes a time when the heel cup glue fails and the tiny piece of cork comes out and you glue them and glue them and tape them and finally give up. SOLE insoles are one integrated piece so there is no glue to fail or pieces to disconnect. Superfeet can get pretty rank while SOLE insoles are made with the Polygiene odor control technology. So, you're probably like, it's an insole, whatever. You are so wrong and you are not living your best life. I seriously, truly, have a pair of insoles in every single athletic shoe I own. Cross country ski boots, skate ski boots, AT boots, every pair of Altras and Hokas (5x pairs), my around-town boots, hiking boots, my OTF sneakers. Yeah, that's right, I own that much footwear. Don't ask how many pairs of Chacos I have!


Catalina sport flip life saver

The Catalina Sport Flip is lifesaving. I wear them everyday... all day. Reliable and perfect support.

Wayne fielder

They work awesome

I have been using their footbeds now for at least 2 years. They easily last the full life of a pair of work boots. I took them out and transferred them to my next pair.

Kevin Fay

Sole has soul for your dogs (feet)

Been in SOLE flips for years. Love the contours and feel. These Del Mars are no exception and add a nice style/look. Trust me, these sandals are worth every penny and will change your open-toed life forever!

For pain relief and proper biomechanical alignment.

I don't have flat feet but I was wearing a particular tennis shoes ( which I did not do a flex test on as I never had plantar fasciitis in my life and for having played 7 days a week of tennis for 40 years) in 2012 which I didn't realize was flexing in the middle of the arch. I then developed bilateral foot pains. I recognized the symptoms and I knew I had plantar fasciitis bilaterally. I did the flex test on the shoes and I found the cause. So I tried the SOLE Active Thick insoles in the shoes and the pain went away in about 3 weeks without doing any treatments. I now use the insoles in all the shoes I have. The one thing that is great about is the immediate noticeable change in the force generating capability of the muscles when wearing arch supports or insoles. Initially, one can get tested without wearing insoles in standing position with arms stretched out to sides (90 degrees of abduction of both shoulders), and applying a downward force around the elbow /arms. Let the testee resist. Then test again in the same position wearing the insoles and apply the same downward force. The testee and the tester should feel a difference. It should be stronger. This the reason why I recommend insoles not just to my patients who need arch supports but also for athletes who want better performance.

Super comfortable and durable

I've used custom orthotics for years but the price of them is substantial. I began developing issues using my custom fits and the guy at the shoe store I frequent, suggested these. And I have to say, at nearly a quarter of the cost of custom orthotics, these saved my life. I work in a warehouse with concrete floor and it's brutal on the feet but these insoles in a pair of running shoes, are the most comfortable option I've ever had. I no longer have foot pain. I will definitely continue using these insoles. They are worth every penny.

Karen Glowacki

Soooo much better!

After many years of athletics, plantar fasciitis and working retail, comfortable shoes had become something mythical- like a unicorn. I heard about SOLE insoles from a fellow rower and cyclist. I now use a variety of the medium and thin in most of my shoes. Complete game changer. I can work 10 hours and then train more again. Customer for life!

russell brantner


For years with foot problems the discovery of SOLE foot supports has changed my life markedly. I can now go on long walks without paying the price. Highly recommended by me!

Blake A Keely

Saved my feet!!! Best insoles on the market!

I have been wearing SOLE insoles and sandals for years now. I am a chef who works on my feet 12-15 hrs a day, so I need the best to keep my feet in good shape. I have tried all of the competition and SOLE wins the test by far. The hold up over time and fit my shoes and feet great! The products last longer than the competitors and I have no need to try and other brands now that I have found these. The sandals are a life saver as well. Perfect support for wearing around the house after the long days. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!!


Great to bring new life into older shoes

I found that a pair of boots I wear normally for work was causing some knee pain. I used these insoles and they feel so much better now that I can wear them daily!

Ivan Rodrigues

Boots or Slippers?

I purchased a pair of Repels as an impulse buy and I have no regrets. I am currently using them as indoor slippers and around the house on the patio. As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!

Ivan Rodrigues

Game Changer

As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!

David Gonzalez


Excellent product! I have extremely flat feet and have been wearing orthotics my whole life. This is a sturdy, solid sport slide. Extremely comfortable and keeps my foot in place. I wish I would of gotten them years ago!

Glad to be Back

Tried prescription orthodics for a couple of years after using SOLE footbeds, and my foot pain actually increased. Went back to the SOLE footbeds and glad I did. My foot pain will never go away but SOLE has made life more comfortable.

Joan L Sickler

Every shoe every day

SOLE insoles have changed my life. I have put them in at least 4 pairs of shoes so I rarely have to move them to another pair. They support my arches very well and have made a big difference in my ankle and knee strength. I never go without them. Thanks for a great product.

Georgia Ioannou

Sole OVERDELIVERED on value!

These are the most comfortable and anatomically aligned flips flops that you will ever wear. I am so delighted to have come across this company that I've went ahead and bought 2 pairs of insoles as well. This is really an investment in your comfort and safety. I find my balance and gait are much more stable now, reducing the risk of injury. I'm a customer for life now!

Cynthia Wheeler

My Happy Feet

I've been wearing SOLEs for about 5 years now. I keep no less than 8 pairs at all times. They have been all over the world with me, because... they make my feet feel amazing. I hated flip flops my whole life, until I found my SOLEs. Thank you for making my feet happy.

Life changing

My first purchase was while I hiked the Appalachian Trail. I learned my instep was 2 sizes larger than the shoes I wore. I was able to pop these guys into my hikers and they easily molded to my feet as I hiked on. They gave so much more support than I've ever had. I've been loyal to SOLE since. All of my shoes and boots have a SOLE insole. My feet are happy and so am I! Lovelovelove

Shawn Stanyar

Life Saver

As a longtime customer, I purchased 2 pairs of flips this time as my well worn ones I've had for 8-10 years are relegated to the backyard patio and pool. The Sport Flips (as usual) are extremely comfortable to wear right out of the package, and can be worn all day. The Casual Cork flips are a bit uncomfortable as my low arch tends to dig into the hard cork with little give, but I'm sure this is only temporary as they break-in. On a positive note I'm sure they will keep their shape a bit longer and support my foot better...plus they look amazing. Unrelated to this recent purchase, I also use a variety of the footbeds, and although I'm not an avid runner, I'm on my feet all day and could not imagine how much pain and fatigue I'd be in without using SOLE products.

Sandy Courtney

life saver

These sandals are awesome! I struggle off and on with plantar fasciitis and a Morton's neuroma. These are the only flip flops I can wear. I wear them all winter long in Arizona not only because the weather is warm but because I have tile floors and these flip flops offer me the footbed my feet require to be happy. I also have SOLE insoles in all my shoes and wouldn't walk anywhere without them.

Gwen Converse

Love these shoes!

I have 5 pairs of SOLE flips. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and these have been a life saver. I wear them as slippers in the house year round and my feet are happy! Love this product!

I could walk again

I was running on the beach playing frisbee when all of a sudden I couldn't walk on my left foot and had excruciating pain. I had to hobble around on my tippy toes. After going to the Orthopedic, he recommended that the first thing I should do is get SOLE inserts made for plantar fasciitis. I went online to look and there were so many options, I was a bit confused. I called Sasha on the service desk and she quickly advised me on the proper insert. I told her I would be leaving town before I would receive them. She quickly guided me to a local dealer, where I went right down and picked up a couple of pairs. Medium and Thin. Let me tell you, I put them in my sport shoe and it was like a miracle, I could walk on my whole foot again with most of my pain was gone instantly. Since I spend most of my time in flip flops I had to get them too. They offer a lot of support and feel great. Thanks for being there for me. Your products made a real difference in my life.


SOLE insoles

These insoles have given me a new lease on life. I have arthritis in my feet. I had flare ups so bad I thought I might have to quit working. But these insoles have greatly improved my mobility. I am able to continue working. I love these footbeds!

E. Kendall

Saved my (summer) life!

SOLE cork bottom sandals have made it possible for me to were "flip flops" again! With the cork bottom and extra cushioning, I can now wear summer sandals without any leg or knee problems. I highly recommend them!

Hayley Thiessen

Game changer!

I am here to tell you that after years of painful feet and shins the SOLE insole that I purchased has literally changed my life. I can participate in my daily walks, hikes with friends, and badminton whenever I get the chance. Thank you SOLE for making quality insoles at affordable prices!


I wear these insoles and bought some for my daughter as she probates in her shoes. They have changed her life! I put them in her runners as well as her cleats for soccer and her knee pain etc has completely stopped. Love these!!

Lonny Smith

I have a BUNCH of Sole and Love Them All

I started wearing and using SOLE products in 2011. My first purchases were insoles and a pair of Sport Flips, then every year or so I purchase some more insoles. I have also purchased a pair of Exhale shoes that I still wear to this date. I turned my wife on to SOLE a few years back and she wore out a pair of the Cork Flips, she also wears the insoles. So here's the deal. I have extreme over pronation of one foot. SOLE products allowed me to survive 4 years without surgery. I had corrective surgery, terrible, terrible surgery for PTTD. It was brutal. My foot is somewhat better but still painful. SOLE products continue to provide the support that I need to continue living an active life. I would not be without my SOLE footwear or insoles. As I write this I have a pair of Sport Slips from 2013 (that are just about wore out) that I am wearing, and in a bit when I put my hiking boots on my feet will sit on some SOLES. Really, if you want great support and comfort, buy some SOLE products. I am a believer, my wife is a believer, and anyone that asks us gets a strong testimonial from us.

Christine Rutledge


These are beyond amazing! Sole flips allow me to walk again without pain in my hips, knees, or feet! They have changed my life! I now have two pairs for inside and three pairs for outside. I will continue to purchase SOLE products. I cannot wait for the boots!

My experience says these are the best

I had been in the running and fitness industry and a runner when I came across SOLE. I've used custom-made orthotics and just about every over the counter brand due to several bouts of plantar fasciitis, until I came across SOLE. Highly rigid orthotics make feet weaker and diminish the runner's ability to use natural mechanics for push off and landing. What I wanted was support but not something akin to plywood underfoot. My running buddies used to call me plywood because I would wear supportive running shoes AND orthotics. CLOMP CLOMP here I come! So I began to experiment with several different brands of orthotics and since I was in the industry it wasn't cost prohibitive. I tried SuperFeet, Powerstep, SofSole, even Dr. Scholls. Despite the claims, they did not seem to mold to my foot and ranged from too soft to too rigid. In addition as a runner I was always talking to experts about biomechanics and stride. Just because of have flexible arches, I thought, doesn't mean I should not be able to find my most efficient stride (I was running up to 65 miles a week). I came across SOLE and with my usual skepticism, tried them. With different thicknesses of their base, the SOLE orthotics immediately offered support and comfort. I didn't feel as if I had a rigid board underfoot but a support that seemed to move with my shoe. I even moved to a neutral shoe (Saucony Ride among others). The SOLE orthotic provided the right amount of resistance to pronation without eliminating it entirely so I was still able to move efficiently. I loved how with use they molded to my foot (You don't have to heat them, they're moldable through use). I have several pairs I use in casual shoes (thin) and in work and hiking boots (thick) and rely on SOLE for support. They are durable; don't tell the company this but I used the thin in my casual/business shoes for three years (way beyond the life expectancy, I know and I've since replaced them). Not only are the products great, I like the company, its mission and their customer service. I like that they were founded in Canada and do business worldwide (including offices/warehouse in the US). If you think this review is a little gushing, my apologies. I have very few companies I truly love and support. Sole is one of the few.

A happy runner once again!

I was bothered by bad plantar fasciitis for more than a year and was unable to run regularly due to the pain. I had to force myself to rest for a period of time before running again and the pain would come back after I resume my running. I saw my favourite runner - Dean Karnazes was advertising for Sole footbeds and started to do research on it and found out that they may help me to treat my plantar fasciitis. I bought a pair of the thickest version and used them on my running shoes. True enough, I was able to run pain-free. I was so amazed. I have been running every single day now and I am no longer being bothered by PF. They are life-changing. I am able to enjoy running again!!!

Best insole i ever tried

I have been a runner all my life. i am now 60 years old. Due to long distance running and a job which requires standing all day my feet have become flat. Almost no arch at all. These insoles have changed my life. After trying various insoles that cost more than three times the price of these I finally have found the best insole on the market. Even better than the ones I had custom made from my doctor. I was told at the shoe store that my podiatrist recommended that she had never seen such feet as flat as mine. She couldn't believe I did not have an arch. It is a result from running on pavement and standing on hard cement floors. These insoles support my feet like i have an arch again. it has also helped my back and knees although I never thought i had a problem with either. Thank you for making such a superior product and please continue to do so. i don't know what I would do without your product.

Love these

I've been wearing custom medical orthotics for years and haven't found a successful off the shelf orthotic until now. Bought a pair at REI and *love* them. The performance thick soles are exactly what I need. Have been wearing them comfortably for days. I may not need to keep getting medical orthotics. Thank you SOLE for delivering a real orthotic with a real arch to it. You've just earned a customer for life.

Life changing

All my life I have had high arches and only just got diagnosed with the condition within the last year. I am 35, so as you can guess I have dealt with pain with walking/standing most of my life. SOLE's footbeds were recommend to me from a local running shoe store. The instant I tried them on, they corrected the alignment in my feet and it was instantly like walking on a cloud. Thanks again for your product. It has made a world of difference in my life!

Derek Tsui

Who knew?!

My whole life, I've been wearing the regular surf branded flips that were flat and soft, aka "comfortable". I didn't think anything of it other than I needed something to slip on on a hot day. After I received my Beach Flips, my feet were thanking me! Solid sole foundation, great arch support, and supports waste reduction. Who knew flip flops were just as important to support healthy feet?!

Life Changing

I suffer from foot pain and these are the only orthotics or inserts that have ever helped. Without them I could not do my job which requires many hours hiking with a full back pack. It is a miracle to be mostly pain free! Worth every single penny.

Colin James

Love them!!!

I love these Flips because I have flat feet and need insoles in my shoes. These are the only Flips I've ever had that my feet are comfortable in. I live in Hawaii so I wear them every day. I'm a customer for life! I just bought another pair.

Jahangir J.

SOLE changed my life!

I'm so happy with the purchase. SOLE SIMPLY changed my life !!! I spent hundreds of dollars on orthotics , none worked out for me and they were waste money. I was suffering from plantar fasciitis for couple of months, running and doing exercises were becoming difficult and painful. After purchasing your products, I'm hitting the gym and trails everyday and I don't feel any pain in my feet. Thank you for designing such an awesome product !

Ian Thornton

Thank you!

Thank you. Your soles have corrected my plantar fasciitis, therefore my knees and my back. I am a 46 year-old full-time father of a two and one year old. I've just run a half marathon and can pick up my two young children and dance them to sleep. My children are happy because I am mobile and they have my full attention. I run six days a week with no pain. I have lost thirty pounds, and because I can run, I can write. I'm an English novelist living in Toronto and running/walking is how and where I get my ideas. Your soles might have saved my life. Thank you.

Louise Bentley


We got a package from SOLE early winter with Repel Ravens for my husband and Loft Obsidian for me. They were a life saver this winter. We can attest to their comfort and durability. Thank you

Pam Wise


I Have suffered from plantar faciatis for years and the last few months before getting these shoes were the worst. I could barely walk and I had 4 cortisone shots without any relief. I was sceptical about how these would work-How could these "become" custom to my feet? Well they do! I wear them around the house as slippers and never go without them. Now I am completely pain free! I can wear heels again and it's just like I never had any issues. I love them and will wear them the rest of my life.

mark asher

pain cured

I'm a Diesel Mech and stand on concrete all day in boots. Had no support. I bought a pair of Softec Ultra because my daily plantar pain was killing me from first step out of bed and any time i would stand up I would limp because of pain. I did everything the doctor said except buy 350.00 special orthos.My daughter is in the army and told me about soles they all use them to run. They have great support. Doctor said I had a collapsed, arch. I did not even put in oven I use as they are. Six months later I was cured. I'm even running again at 50 two miles every other day.Have a pair in all my shoes now. Do not buy orthos without trying this product.50.00 over 350. any day. I have had foot problems all my life. I've tried all the inserts on the market. These the only one that worked less orthos. I glad to discuss this with anyone my E-mail was provided to Sole

Ryan Schweitzer

I owe you so much

I have been living with horrible plantar fasciitis for over a year now. I tried just about every insole I could get my hands on with no results. Being an Infantryman in the Army I come across a lot of gimmicks and plenty of people looking to take our money. One day I went into the clothing and sales on Fort Bliss and I saw a rack of these Sole Softec Response Moldable Footbeds. A salesperson was doing a bit of a demo showing how easy these insoles are to mold and how firm the arch support was. I read the directions and figured even I can't mess this up. A few minutes of trimming and a few minutes in the oven and in the boots they went. I have been pain free every day since. As I look back at all of the money I wasted on insoles, night splints and all of the time spent suffering with horrible pain, I honestly thought I would suffer for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making a quality product that honestly saved my career and gave me life back. If there is anything that I can do for your company other than telling everyone I can think of about your product please let me know. I owe you so much.

Tonya Boles

Works as well as custom made

I developed plantar fasciatiis a few years ago. I have a very high arch to my feet have hurt at some point all my life. I had custom made orthodics and worn those for a few years until they were falling apart. I bought Sole inserts while shopping for athletic shoes. I compared the design to the custom made ones and there was not much difference. I put them right in my shoes (I did not bother to heat and mold them) and they work just as well as the custom molds. I have purchased another pair and plan to order the lighter version for more casual shoes. I would say to try these first before going to the poditrist.



Sixty-two years ago I was born with flat feet so I've always needed arch support. All the products that I tried, over the years offered varying degrees of service life with a max of say... 3-months! I bought my 1st pair of SOLE's over a year ago. Within hours of using this product, sciatica and low back pain disapeared! Whats-more? I get 3-times more service life out of my footwear AND the original pair of SOLE's are still in service! I love these things...they have saved me $$$ too.

Roslyn Wetzel

Life Savers!!!!!

Last year, I broke my foot and had to wear these for a while. But even after my healing stage, I continued to where these amazing shoes. They actually give my foot support unlike other shoes. And get this: they are fashion friendly!

Marcos L.

they have helped tremendously

I sware by these insoles. For the last nine months, I have been suffering with heel pain - plantar fasciitis. I tried several different insoles, even custom orthotics and the best pain relief I could get is by wearing the DK Insoles. While I won't say they have "cured" my problem, they have helped tremendously. None of the other insoles gave me the deep heel cup or the fit and comfort of your product. Thanks SOLE! You have a loyal customer for life.

Ned Smith

Long Lasting cusion and high arch support.

In the last couple of years, foot and ankle pain have set me back. I'd been going back and forth to the podiatrist, getting new casts for custom orthodics, walking on the gel for a high tech casting for orthodics, etc. Everything always came back with the arch starting in the middle of my heel and giving me no arch support. I have size 14 feet and I think the shoe companies imagine people with bigger feet still have their arches in the same spot as little feet. Anyway, I got a new Podiatrist who is the favorite of the Northwest Ballet. He recommended Softec Ultras. They've made a huge difference. The arch started at the edge of my heal but it molded to me just fine. I didn't use the oven for fear the arch would fall a bit, I just let them mold to me over time, which they did nicely. They have the feeling of a brand new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus, but with a higher arch and more cushion. They last longer than the Asics standard 3 months. I've had these in my Asics for about 9 months and the Asics were about 3 months old when I put in the Softec Ultras. Which brings up the thought that the Asics don't wear out so fast, the Asic footbeds are what wears out. They really helped with my, sitting, standing, ankle-knee-hip board work, walking, and drumming endurance. Life is a lot better than I thought it would be by now.

Ben Andrews

Changed my life

I've tried and failed in the past to get into running due to knee, hip and pain caused by my over pronation. Having a pair of these into my various shoes, I'm feeling great, and on my way to running my first triathlon. I had various custom cast orthotics made for me during my teens, but these beet them hands down. A note on the customer service I have recieved: Excelent! They even replaced my first pair after I incinerated them (set oven to Celcius during an attack of stupidity).

Bill Drake


During a terrible car accident, in which I should have died, my right ankle was crushed. After 2 weeks in a trauma unit, I went home with 5 pins and a plate holding my ankle together, while it healed in a cast. I came out of the cast 2 months later, on my way to an amazing miraculous recovery. My foot survived, but is now pronated to the inside. (at least I have it. Doctors thought I would lose it) I went to a podiatrist during physical therapy and he suggested I try Sole Inserts before resorting to $500 custom orthotics. After wearing these inserts for 2 weeks, I walk without a limp. These are amazing and have given me new hope for a relatively normal life!! Thank you


I will be a customer for life

I have high arches and have suffered from heal spurs before. My prescription orthodics were starting wear and began hurting my feet. I was looking for a less expensive alternative and stumbled upon your website after reading an article on runnersworld.com. I am extremely pleased with your products and the difference it has made in my workouts. I will be a customer for life. Thanks!!!

Garvey Allisen

Plantar Fasciitis

I have never had foot problems my entire life; but recently have been diagnosed with the very painful Plantar Fasciitis. My Physio recommended custom footbeds; but I tried Soles first to see if they would help. All of my symptoms are gone in less that 3 weeks of wearing Soles. I have just ordered 5 more pairs for all of my shoes and a pair of flip flops - I dont want that pain again.

Steve adams

Urban streets, high altitude mountains or desert terrain, you can't go wrong!

I've owned 4 pair of your insoles and have used them in every conceivable environment to include the craziness you find in combat zones. They really do breathe new life into new and old footwear. Why pay big money for new shoes or boots when you can spend one quarter to one half the amount and renew your footwear to practically brand new status? SOLE insoles had me at hello....


With your footbeds I can play tennis, hike and just enjoy my active life

I Have your soles in ALL MY SHOES Without your product I can not even walk without foot pain and other related pain up my leg and into my hip. With your footbeds I can play tennis, hike and just enjoy my active life. Before discovering SOLE I had tried every footbed I found but was always in pain as they did not work for me. I Bless the day I found you!!! I am so thankful for your footbeds. THANK YOU so much

Mike Graziano

Thanks to SOLE products and our good LORD in heaven and DK+ insole I CAN COPE!!!

Thanks to SOLE products and our good LORD in heaven and DK+ insole I CAN COPE!!! Today I received me Dean Karnazes custom insoles, I did mold them perfectly in the oven and fit them into my running shoes- very easy to do! I am a disabled Marine Corps Veteran (shot in the lower back, and received shrapnel in my legs in 1982 in Beirut Lebanon). After years of feeling sorry for myself and letting depression take hold of my life 2 years ago I set out to start running again. I started out slow with 3 back and hip supports, and tried hundreds of insoles- they really never made my run fun. BUT TODAY... I ran 90% pain free 12 miles to be exact! SOLE inserts are awesome! My feet didn't kill me, my back was okay, and my knees were good too! You have a great product which I would endorse to any athlete or anyone who just walks around. I almost cried when I got back from my run, I can't thank these DK+ insoles enough. Your product brought back a sense of pride and hapiness to do what I really enjoy- running! My two sons who are in high school shake their heads in disbelief that I go for a 10 mile runs now. My wife and my boys mother is serving in the US Army and is deployed in Iraq, and I write her and tell her that the running is going great. My running also helps me cope with her being deployed in a dangerous place. I have been spreading the word about your great product. Thank you and keep up the great insoles! Regards Mike


I can work out, walk and be on my feet all day

Please explain your foot-related problems prior to purchase: A. I could hardly walk as my feet were putting out the alighment of my knees(and the rest of my body). I was sent to Poditarists and had more than one pair of orthotics made. some of them helped a bit but a lot of them made it so I could hardly walk at all and had so much more pain.This was very costly also. Then I went to a Chiropracter who works on pressure points. It is a total different way of alighning ones body. When I stated seeing my Chiropracter I stopped wearing my orthopics as I would just be put into balance and my orthopics would put me right out of sorts again. But I needed something and as I had been trying out the SOLE INSOLES, I started to wear them daily. It is hard to get the thinner insoles, as Work World's mainly sell the thick ones. So thanks to the staff from Sole in Calgary for mailing me out a pair of red Soles. I can work out, walk, and be on my feet all day and my legs get tired but I do not have the knee pain as the knee is getting stronger. The doctors kept telling me I was just getting old and to expect the pain and knees going. But I kept thinking NO they are wrong. There has to be something out there and it is such a simple thing, A insole that works. More people have to learn not to give up when they are in pain and in there heart know that there knees are turning in because of the way there feet are or there back or hips or neck or so many parts of the body hurt or you are taking pain killers just to get through the day. Begin at your Feet and if at first you are not getting any leadway, don't give up. Keep trying. Go to the Sole Site, or just try a pair, often the body has to be put into alighment first then with the insoles life will begin. And I feel the insoles should be sold in some shoe stores. Often the sales clarks get to know your feet. Find a establised store and get to know them like you do a Doctor.


Twelve Hour Days

I work in an emergency room department as a physician assistant and am on my feet 12 hour days. Your inserts are life savers. I recommend your product to other co-workers and patients. Thanks.


They have made my training and racing on the bike much better

I love the insoles, they have made my training and racing on the bike much better. I really like the customer service, and how helpful the staff is. I get a replacement sent to me at no charge before my RMA is received. Keep up the good work, as long as things stay the same I'm a customer for life. I've even purchased insoles for all my family members. Nice Job!

Vicki Leafgren

Thanks for introducing a great product

I'll be 45 in a few weeks. I began running when I was 20. Like many, running has become my focus, obsession, daily routine. I currently have a 13 year streaking going of not missing a day. A few (20 - 30) of those runs were 3 miles or less due to injury/sickness, having to get my run in before an early morning flight, or dangerous weather (electrical/hail storm or -25 temps with -50 wind-chill) Most of my weeks average 45-55 miles a week. Most of these miles I run alone. I go at different times of the day due to work, travel, family events or pace, since I train at a 7:15 pace and most of my friends average 8:30 - 9:00's. I get sore if I run too often at a pace other than my own. Now you're wondering why I'm boring you with the details of my running obsession. 2003 was a difficult injury year for me. I pulled my left hamstring which resulted in aches and pains all winter. Later that summer, I strained my left thigh and soon after that I sprained my left ankle on acorns in the dark. I continued to run every day, but I felt achy and out of balance. I had been using Spenco insoles for years and decided maybe it was time for orthotics. I had stopped into Runner's Edge in St. Paul, Minnesota, and noticed your product. The feedback from the salesperson was that he had tried Sole insoles and they were great. I knew him for a while and I felt I could rely on what he said. I decided to give them a try for $40 before spending $100's on orthotics. After all, I still need to keep my streak going and the aches and pains were making it hard to get motivated. Well, needless to say, I've been using them since October '03 and I'm feeling better than I have in years. I feel more balanced and my aches are now the result of hillwork or increased distance changes! I've worn them all winter and into a second pair of shoes and they still feel good! I'm hoping to get back to my 43:00 - 44:00 - 10K times this spring (if aging the additional year doesn't slow me permanently!). Your insoles have given new life to my running and I am looking forward to a much better summer than last summer! Thanks for introducing a great product! Best wishes for a long and prosperous business for you!

John Handy

I am a long-time user

I am a long-time user. During a bout with plantar fasciitis, I read a review of your product in Tennis Magazine. I tried them and have had no more problems with my plantar fascia. The two pair I am buying now will bring my total in use to five. Rather than move them from shoe to shoe, they are inexpensive enough to buy one pair for each pair of shoes. I use the thicker soles for tennis shoes and the thinner for boat shoes. If you could develop something for shoes without removable innersoles, life would be almost perfect.


I absolutely love my footbeds

I absolutely love my footbeds. These are the second pair I have purchased and for the first time in my life, my feet don't hurt after running or walking. I've had semi-custom orthodics made by a physical therapist due to my excessive pronation but they never could get them quite right and after 3 tries, I switched to my sole footbeds and have been very happy. I use them in my running shoes and casual shoes. Next I'm going to get a pair for my dress shoes and casual shoes. And I've told pretty much anyone that would listen to me about them and how much I like them. Before I used them , I didn't know that your feet didn't have to hurt!


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