Brion Mitchell

The Most Comfortable Flips

These are hands down the most comfortable and supportive flips I have ever had. I discovered them when I had plantar fasciitis. They really helped relieve the pain. I would even wear them in the shower for support. The metatarsal support in the front is amazing as well. They are great all around flip flops. This is my second pair, the first pair lasted for many years. I went 1/2 size up from my tennis shoe size and they fit great.

Arch support

I bought these to wear around the house while I recover from a metatarsal injury. Super comfortable, pain free, and cute too.

Best part is the metatarsal pad in a light insert

I wear them often

They are really comfy

It has taken some time before I tried them in a pair of Garmin hiking boots. Since I’ve developed a chronic metatarsal injury, I tried the Active thick, with metatarsal pad. Fabulous, did 8 Kim’s in a brand new boot. Feet felt great!


Best Flip Flops Ever

Amazing arch support, including metatarsal arch. Truly the best Flip flops ever.

Lifesaver for Snowboarder with Morton's Neuroma

I've been looking for this my entire snowboarding life. I have been snowboarding for at least 9 years. In the last 5 years, I started developing metatarsal pain in both feet while snowboarding. The pain and occurrences got so bad that after two runs, I needed to remove my boots and rest for at least 30 minutes. On longer runs, I would start hyperventilating and wincing because of the pain. I tried on different boots, inserts, and even got the Step-On boots and bindings since I thought the "no binding" bindings would stop the pain. It didn't. Then I found SOLE and their products. This literally changed my life. I went on multiple runs on my last trip without stopping. There's some tightness but no pain! I could not believe it. This was my first time trying this insert. I wear size 7 Burton Step-On boots, so I ordered the size 7. I removed the original insert and had to cut some of the SOLE footbed to fit the boots. I wore the boots around the house for at least 30 mins to break them in. For anyone with Morton Neuroma (pain between your toes and balls of your feet) and loves to save their sanity while snowboarding, this is the SOLE for you!

Great footbeds

The metatarsal pad is a game changer

Best Footbeds

Love these footbeds. The Metatarsal support makes standing all day bearable.

Best foot beds ever

I use these in my cycling shoes and skate boots. They give great support and prevent my getting hot foot by spreading my metatarsals apart with the Met pad

The answer to my foot problems

These have really helped with my foot pains. Years ago I broke a metatarsal, and these have made the discomfort and pain from that really disappear. Also, I have relatively flat arches. I chose the medium arch to help out. It felt unusual at first, but after 4-5 days it felt completely natural. Now I can't imagine not having these. Great product.

Made my ski boots extremely comfortable

I have a pair of ski boots that, while the right length, had too much volume in them. That, plus the footbed was absolutely flat, made me try a pair of the thick soles. What a difference! They took up the extra space perfectly, but just as good, they made my boots one of my most comfortable pieces of footwear. The met pad is awesome for my forefoot (broke a metatarsal years ago). Highly recommend

Really helps with metatarsal pain

I have tried lots of orthotics including the Thick with metatarsal pads from SOLE as well as other brands. These work best for me for preventing foot pain. With the thick orthotics the metatarsal pad is too rigid and hurts my feet. I have bone on bone in the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal joint of each foot due to osteoarthritis and these pads in my rigid vibram-sole hiking boots and Hoka bondi tennis shoes have allowed me to keep walking and hiking. Some reviews say they wear out but I used to have custom orthotics and at the price of the SOLE Medium Performance with met pad inserts I can replace 2 pairs 4 times for the price of custom orthotics. Some may need custom orthotics but these work well for me. My hiking boots are Size 8 and my Hokas are 7.5. These SOLE inserts fit both really well and the heel cup is deep enough that my heel doesn't slide.


Love the built in support

Recently found SOLE products and have been buying several products due to the built in metatarsal support. This product is true to size and provides adequate support however it can be a little rougher around the thongs than I would like and provide a little more cushion. I bought a couple of the more expensive slippers without the thongs and have been satisfied with those. This will serve as a backup.


Super comfy flips

Finally! A flip that gives me metatarsal as well as arch support for metatarsalgia. From the first time I put them on I could walk around in them with no foot pain. I am usually a half size, and the recommendation to order the next full size up was a good one - they fit just right. I am very happy with the comfort, look and quality. I hope they hold up as well as I expect. You have a new fan, SOLE!

Love these footbeds

I have a bunion and pronation. The metpad supports the transverse arch of my foot so my 1st metatarsal is not already bottomed out in push off position in neutral. I think it helps the foot from getting tight in the places that reinforce the bone position that leads to the bunion rubbing and getting larger.

Feels great

I have been wearing these insoles for my metatarsal fallen bone arch for close to three weeks. I am being totally honest when I say I have NO more pain, I'm walking without a limp, and walking at my normal pace! I am thrilled. Thank you so much. Now I don't have to go to a foot clinic and dish out 450.00. Love my insoles.


Sturdy and comfortable

After 20 years wearing work boots my feet have taken a beating (metatarsal fractures to prove it). I can't get away with cheap flimsy flip flops anymore (outdoors or around the house). I bought these to use as "house slippers" so I could still enjoy the comfort of bare feet but have the support for all the things that busy mothers have to do. These are serving me well! Although historically I prefer a soft bottom to avoid noise while everyone else is sleeping, the comfort of these flips make up for that one downside. I'm able to wear them to work all day in the kitchen and to clean the house top to bottom without any of the pain and fatigue I would normally experience. I did have to contact the company to exchange these for one size bigger as they fit small, but they were super responsive and fast. I wouldn't hesitate to try their other products either.


Mateo Slides

I’m wearing these slides as my indoor slippers. If you suffer from foot pain, the metatarsal support is excellent. You can wear socks to keep your toes warm.

Performance Thick with Met Pad

This product deliverers to relief pain from metatarsal inflammation. Unfortunately didn't fix the problem but helps.

good for tighter shoes

Same metatarsal support as the other models but I use for tighter fitting shoes

Denis Boileau

Great Flip flops

It’s currently winter here in Canada, but I have been wearing these around the house in preparation for a trip to Australia and New Zealand. The footbed feels really good, handling my heel and metatarsal issues. They feel quite a bit better than my Reefs.

Choice of footbeds for Nordic walking!

I bought these for the metatarsal pad and they are amazing! Great support, great pain relief and fit true to size for my shoes. I wear a size 10.5 Altra and bought the 11 to trim it down and to have it a little wider. Just wish there was a bigger market for wide insoles with the metatarsal pad!

I thought I was going to need orthotics :(

A sudden & very painful onset of metatarsal-area pain prompted me to look for a solution...even if just a temporary one. I bought two different (and less expensive) metatarsal foot pain relief products and both failed miserably. The SOLE Met Pad footbed provided instant relief...but more importantly, lasting relief. It hasn't eliminated my problem - obviously I have a structural issue that needs to be addressed, but when I'm wearing shoes with the SOLE insole inside, the pain instantly drops by about 50% and once I start walking, after about 50-100 steps, the pain drops another 25-40%. Sometimes it goes away completely. On a related note, if you are a DIY kind of person, I have also started the first set of exercises in the book - The Foot Fix: 4 Weeks to Healthier, Happier Feet by Yamuna Zake - and they have made a big difference too. But first, buy a couple of pairs of SOLE insoles...I have recommended them to two friends already :)

Plantar Fasciitis is no fun

I have SOLE insoles in every boot and shoe I own. I like the metatarsal bump in my newest ones. Have the thickest in my Bean waterproof boots and these models in my walking shoes, and the Thins in my dress/work shoes. I took out the Superfeet green orange and blues for these with my recent bout of plantar fasciitis which I would not wish on anyone. SOLE is the best.


Love the footbeds

I’ve been using the footbeds with metatarsal pad for several years. They are essential and alleviate my pain from metatarsalgia.


I've been wearing them for three weeks now. I've been having difficulty with my 2nd and 3rd metatarsals. These inserts give me the support I need to run. I like that they can be molded to my feet and are environmentally friendly.



I visited a podiatrist around the same time I ordered the footbeds and they’ve made a great deal of difference for a slightly fallen metatarsal splay

Perfect In Evey Way

Worked wonders for my foot pain. Since I started wearing them, my plantar fasciitis and metatarsal pain have been relieved. Thin insoles fit very nicely in low volume shoes.

As good as custom fit orthotics

I've worn custom fit orthotics from my doctor for years. When they finally got worn out and became uncomfortable, I went on the search for new ones. The doctor said they would be nearly $400 for a new set. I did some looking online and liked the look and options for SOLE. I gave them a shot. And boy! And I glad I did. For the price and comfort, you can't beat it. They have so much more cushion than the ones from the doctor and have the metatarsal pad that makes so much more difference.

My feet love ‘em

These are high quality insoles with the metatarsal pad. I am very happy getting premium product at an excellent price. The moulding process, which is simple to do at home, gives you a footbed specifically fitted for your foot.


Supportive comfortable

Really helped a metatarsal mid drop in my foot

Minimalist footbed

Does exactly what you need it to, support the metatarsals, without adding extra bulk

Neuroma relief!

I have worn SOLE sport flips for years. Upon exercising for a 5k (and not having exercised in years) I strained my foot and developed Morton’s neuroma. I purchased a pair of the SOLE inserts with the metatarsal pad and after about 1-2 months my neuroma disappeared.

Best flip flops ever

For my feet, these are the best flip flops ever. I have had bunion surgery and have nerve pain. I wear these year round because they are the only shoe that works for me. The metatarsal pad is incredible.


Best support for older feet

I wear my flips all summer and around the house in winter. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to walk in. They work my toes, which are partially numb from chemo. Open air also keeps fungus infections from starting. The great arch and metatarsal bump keep my 70 year old feet young.

Chris McDaniel

Love These

I’m on at least my 4th pair of these. The metatarsal bump is the key to their comfort.

Support plus comfort

Recommended by my surgeon as fully functional option to custom made inserts for metatarsal support. Comfortable, fits well in my shoes, and provides the support needed for walking correctly. Pleased with quality and price.

Best metatarsal flip flops

I do like the cork. The metatarsal pad is the best.

I love it

I love the met pad active! I suffer from knee injuries, plantar fatigue and back pain. I've been using SOLE for several years now they are a game changer! I can walk my dogs with more confidence and less pain. I love them so much, I have them in all my shoes and boots. I also have metatarsal foot pain and the met pad really helps that. I used to use those sticky pads and never could get them adjusted right, the sole with met pad is perfect for me! Thank you so much for easing my pain.

Where have you been??

I wish I would have found these a long time ago! They are really helping my plantar fasciitis as well as m metatarsal issues. I plan to get a few more as I figure out which ones I need.

Made a difference

Had weight bearing episodic pain in ball of foot in proximal third metatarsal joint. The Thick met pad Sole reduced the pain when used with a wide toe box shoe. Can't notice a difference from heat shaping the pad as instructed.

Dominic Borres

Comfortable Sandals

I’ve been using these since April 2, 2022 and find the sandals are comfortable to use despite bunions on my feet. These wear-moldable, water-friendly sandals made of Bloom Algae Foam makes it light and the surface feels good on the feet. The cushioning is sufficient plus the padded microfiber strap is super comfortable. As advertised, the METATARSAL SUPPORT PAD relieves pain and pressure in the ball of the foot by lifting toe bones into natural alignment.

Great option

After being identified with a metatarsal issue in 2021, it was great to find SOLE. Met Pads provide me the support I need. I have both this product and and one with the cork base, this works best for switching from shoe to shoe and works well for being an active hiker. Both are comfortable and supportive.


I use these insoles in all my shoes: runners, boots, dress shoes because since I've been using them for at least 4 years, my Nortons neuroma has not bothered me. Metatarsal pads in your shoe inserts and removable metatarsal pads can also offload the ball of your foot where you are having pain. They are comfortable & I use a variety of thicknesses depending on the shoe and activity.

All about the forefoot

From a tiny functional foot clinic serving Yukon Territory and northern BC, SOLE Active Medium is the only insole recommended. Recently purchased 5 pairs to have on hand for clients. Bonus dollars will directly benefit remote harder to reach clients. :) I no longer wear the product - which is a good thing b/c my foot, with the assistance of SOLE, is now barefoot. I like SOLE b/c it helps people's feet, lower limb, pelvis and lower back regain function after years of foot binding. SOLE provides the heal cup, active arch support and the vital forefoot needed for people to regain mobility while comfortably supported. Specific injuries and pain I recommend SOLE treat are the forefoot - which is stabilized when the heel, in the heel cup of the SOLE anchors the foot allowing the forefoot (metatarsals) to regain their beautiful full function - all the way to the tips of each straight toe - which is why I often recommend the wide.

Nice and eco friendly

Tried these a few times in my cycling shoes. Nice and thin. Metatarsal pad is good, if it’s in the correct spot for you. Not as rigid it seems as regular SOLE insoles so may not be as supportive for some folks. I like the idea of cork from an environmental point of view. I’m not sure though that it will offer the incredible durability and longevity that SOLE's regular insoles do. Even if they only last half as long they’re good value.

Solved my foot pain

I’ve been using SOLE footbeds for a few years now for pain related to over-pronation. Recently I began to have pain on the ball of my right foot. After doing some research I discovered that this was likely due to metatarsalgia. I decide to look to SOLE for help and found these Performance footbeds with built-in metatarsal support. I’ve begun using them regularly and my pain has disappeared. I’ll continue to buy the footbeds with Met Pads from now on.

Love it

My entire family (husband, son, daughter, and myself) LOVE this one! The fact that it is thin helps it fit well in some shoes where other insoles would be too high and the metatarsal "bump" does wonders. My husband has neuropathy in his feet and the met pad helps.

Awesome insoles!

This was my first purchase of SOLE insoles. I heard about this company by doing a Google search for ski boot insoles for metatarsal foot pain. I've been suffering from foot pain in the balls of my feet for a number of years and my ski boots exacerbate the pain. I've tried other insoles in my boots which has helped a bit, but I still experience some pain after a day of skiing. I purchased these insoles prior to this year's ski season and so far, they have helped tremendously! I just returned from a 4-day ski vacation, which normally would cause a lot of foot pain, and I was so impressed with how comfortable these insoles are in my ski boots and that I was able to ski for multiple days in a row with hardly any discomfort. I plan on purchasing another pair of insoles for my street shoes as even regular shoes cause discomfort when walking.

Red Sole inserts

I have used SOLE products for about 4 years . They were recommended by a foot doctor. I usually purchase the black SOLE inserts. The shop where I purchased them closed so I used the online site and did the online help for selection . It recommended the red SOLE Inserts because I have pain in the ball of my foot and need arch support. I've been wearing the red inserts for about 2 weeks and they do help with arch support and metatarsal pain. Since I do most of my walking in my neighborhood sidewalks & streets, sometimes I wish I had the added cushioning of the black inserts.

Great Purchase

My feet feel so much better with these insoles in my hiking boots. I regularly walk 5-6 miles about four times a week, year round, and longer hikes when possible. The arch support and metatarsal pad have really made a difference. I definitely recommend these high-quality insoles. They're worth the money!

Kickass Insoles

I was originally diagnosed with a fallen arch three weeks before a planned 5 day hike on the Camino in northern Spain. I was new to SOLE insoles but I completed the 120km hike with no knee pain at all. Recently I developed a metatarsal issue and my pedorthist added a little egg shaped bump to reduce the impact in the affected area. Then I ordered these new Met Pad insoles and they are a joy to walk and hike in. Cannot live without them!! Great company and customer service too!! Thanks SOLE!

Got rid of Metatarsal Pain

Have off and on metatarsal pain and had gotten away from wearing insoles for a bit. Then I started in on a hiking challenge and soon my metatarsal pain returned. Ordered a new set of these and instantly it felt better and after a couple days I was basically pain free. These fit shoes perfectly, have great arch support and you can trim them if needed. Highly recommend!

I think it's working!

I believe these insoles are helping with my metatarsal pain. I have a nerve that is bothering me and impeding my ability to walk. With these soles, I can still enjoy walking because of the excellent support they give my feet. I have been using them for at least a month now and need to put them in every pair of shoes I own.

Del Mar Sport Flip

The flip has a metatarsal cushion which definitely improves my comfort. I experienced pain in the metatarsal area of my foot and the flip resolves this issue.

Jason s mckay

Pad is in just the right spot

Needed a slider or flip for after a run or soccer game. Saw that these had a metatarsal pad and wanted to see if that would alleviate some of the post run abuse my feet suffer from. So far, so good. Solid construction, comfy padding (that included the bump for the metatarsal), the band over the top of the foot and between the toes is soft and comfortable as well.

Seems to work

I was told I needed a metatarsal support insole but because I have a large size this was not easy to find. SOLE had the correct size and after several weeks of wear their product seems to relieve the issue

Metatarsal Pad insoles

I bought this product because I had pain on the ball of my foot and the Dr. Suggested a metatarsal pad insole. I have been able to hike again without pain. I am so thankful I bought these! My runner is size 7 and the insole is a size 6 and fits perfectly into my runners and even into my Toms.

Lori Dancey

Best sandals ever

I have bought 3 pair of these sandals. I have problems with my right foot and they are probably the most comfortable shoe I can wear. The Metatarsal pad helps my foot. If I put a regular pair of flip flops on, I cannot walk in them. So thankful that I found these.

Mary A Needham


I was pleased to find these Catalina sandals that also can provide the metatarsal support recommended to me by podiatrist this summer when experiencing foot pain. Found these to be very comfortable, enjoyed just slipping them on first thing in the am and hanging out with them. Had a momentary issue with strap rubbing one area, didn't wear for a few days, and now just fine. So glad to have a supportive option for summer wear.

Eric N Brewer


I haven't worn a pair of sandals without a heel strap in 40 years, so I was apprehensive. Still relearning to apply a little downward pressure with my toes to avoid walking right out of them, but I'm loving these sandals. I have an "issue" with my third metatarsal, so I really need a supportive sole. These fit the bill completely and are quite comfortable to boot.

Great option

My experience of getting and trying these insoles was exemplary. They do not work for me. I have flat feet and am having trouble with metatarsal pain. The purchase through refund was completely painless - you can't go wrong to give them a try. The insoles appear to be very well made and they fit surprisingly well into my wide toe box zero drop footwear.

Joanne p kisiel

Flip flops

Love this flip flop! Have bunion and metatarsal issues and this flip flop really helps me to be able to stand/walk with much less pain. I have 7 pairs of them.

Wonderful addition to my trail shoe

I've started needing more arch support as my feet age, and these were one of the brands recommended by my podiatrist. I bought these to fit my wide toe box trail runners. They raise my heel slightly out of the heel cup on one side, but I haven't had issues with blisters from it. After a few short break-in runs, I took these out on a 25k and was grateful for the support. I would have liked to have had the metatarsal pad, but my feet felt great after the race even without it. Easy to trim, great material.

Great support

I love the support of these with the metatarsal pad. I don't have metatarsalgia or other foot pathologies, but these are quite comfortable. I wish these came in the wide as they're even more comfortable to me than the plain version. I bought these for my new hiking boots and they fit well within the boot after trimming. They bring my heel slightly out of the heel pocket, but as I'm breaking in these new boots, I don't expect to see a problem with rubbing.

I can count on SOLE

I got my first pair of SOLE inserts maybe 10 years ago. I teach motorcycle riding, and when I do that, I'm walking about eight miles a day on pavement, and I have to wear boots. I got my first pair of SOLE inserts then, and what a difference they made. I actually felt like doing something other than sitting after teaching. A few years later I ended up with surgery for a Morton's Neuroma, and the doctor would tweak other inserts for me to use. Those worked for a little while, but I've had issues for a while with a metatarsal as a result of the surgery. Wearing any shoes that aren't made for problem feet doesn't work. Ahead of an important motorcycle event where I had to dress for the period, I purchased a pair of high top Converse, which I thought I'd wear once for the photo and that would be it. I purchased the Active Thin with Met Pad for the shoes. Perfect! I wore them throughout the week for the whole event and had no foot pain or discomfort. I never thought I would be able to wear shoes like that, but thanks to SOLE inserts, I can.

Andrew Ver Planck

Significant improvement in foot pain

These sandals are great for anyone who needs a metatarsal pad for comfort. The feeling is night and day compared to standard flat sandals which caused unbearable pain. Time will tell how durable they are, but so far I am very happy with them.

Foot problem corrector!

I had been having bad foot pain in my big toes when I went to bed after running. I have a high arch, and the podiatrist recommended a metatarsal pad, which helped a little. After adding these insoles to my shoes, toe pain and hip pain went away. I deleted the extra metatarsal pad since these had them built in (a plus for me). Pretty great, and a surprise as I had just accepted that the pains were to be expected with my advancing age (55). I've been using the Performance Thin with Metatarsal pad for about a month now, and it took about a week for me to normalize with them. They didn't have any break in period per se, they just worked fine out of the box. Had to do a little trimming to fit my shoe exactly, but no big deal with a pair of scissors. The cork base is good, and appears to be very durable (I have plenty of cork shoes that last well). The rigid nature seemed like it would be an issue for shoe flex, but I haven't noticed anything different. Glad to be back in the happy zone and out of the pain zone!

Anne C Brown

The only brand I buy

I always buy the SOLE footbed and add a metatarsal support for my Morton’s neuroma. They are comfortable, long lasting and fit my shoes well.

Perfect for morton's neuroma

I was leery buying the foot bed with the built-in metatarsal support. I have never had any luck with shoes with built-in supports, so I was afraid these wouldn't work. (I generally buy a regular foot bed and add the support.) I've been wearing these for weeks, and they are wonderful! They are very comfortable and I have had no pain.

Great product

I really like the metatarsal button that helps with a morton's neuroma. The insole is thin enough to fit in a cycling shoe. I have been wearing it for 2 months now. It fits great and is true to size.

Happy Feet

These insoles have been exactly what I have needed. I have battled several years of foot cramps while skiing and hiking. I learned from a foot specialist my metatarsal pad needed more support. He told me about SOLE company. I purchased the cork and non cork versions of the met pad-medium-and loved the cork. I liked the non cork but have purchased -a total of 4 of these. They fit perfectly in my ski boots and skates as well as, my hiking boots and tennis shoes. I swap them between lots of my footwear and will not go out without them. LOVE THEM!! Buy these!! GREAT company-they TOTALLY stand behind their product. I have told so many of my friends about them. Be active, be comfortable, be in SOLE products! The sizing is right on!!

Great insert post-surgery

These are helping my recovery so much. I recently broke my second metatarsal and had a Lisfranc injury. My surgeon recommended SOLE because I have high arches. When I was allowed to start walking again it was obviously painful. These supports make it easier to walk and have helped me get back to everyday life a little quicker. It was recommended that I use these footbeds for 6 months as my body heals. The met pad wasn't a requirement from my surgeon but I think it helps on days I know I'll be on my feet a lot. I now have 3 pairs of SOLE footbeds and a pair of sandals. I love them all.

Great product

These insoles feel like they would be great for someone with metatarsal pain. They're firm and very supportive. Sizing was accurate. This is a quality product. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis shortly after receiving these so I can't give a proper review on comfort. The firmness actually makes the pain worse but these insoles are not meant for rheumatoid arthritis pain. My mother has metatarsalgia and she swears by SOLE products. She has multiple pairs of sandals and insoles and she says they have helped with her foot pain immensely.

Part of the recovery process

A recommended product. I have been using this insole for a couple of weeks. Took some getting used to. I would recommend using it to walk around in a bit before trying it in a run. The SOLE is not an answer in of itself but has been part of an answer to help me get over a metatarsal injury. Soft trails, soft shoes, and the SOLE inserts, along with ice , anti inflammatory cream , and massage have me on the road to recovery.

Works very well for my metatarsal pain

After an increase in snow shoeing and cross country skiing frequency, I began to feel acute pain in my metatarsal head when walking, especially barefoot on hard surface, but then it progressed to walking at all times unless I taped my foot to lift the metatarsal heads. It's tough to tape your skin daily so it was time to finally get orthotics. I bought a thin pair with met pad for my every day shoes and the thick ones with met pad for running. With the insoles I was able to KEEP running in spite of the injury (although I taped at the same time at first) but soon stopped the tape and the orthotics alone were enough to give me relief. After about 6-8 weeks it had healed enough that I could walk barefoot indoors occasionally without pain. I still prefer to wear the insoles on a daily basis as my transverse arch has chronically dropped and it is more comfortable to walk/run with them supported by the insoles. I am also a physiotherapist and I recommend these SOLE moldable arches as a first resort before spending hundreds of dollars on custom orthotics. Great service also!

Substitute for average custom orthotics

I've been wearing 3/4 custom orthotics for 15 years. Many of us who have them, got them for arch lift/support to address plantar fasciitis or mild to moderate pronation, or general foot soreness and fatigue with activity. There's nothing that special about these $500 custom inserts (unless you have a very specific, hard-to-correct problem) that a thoughtfully designed, non-custom insert cannot help with. SOLES are it. I have Active Med, Thick, and Thin for different shoe types with Met Pad. They work for all my activities - hiking, walking, jogging, or just standing in the kitchen. The quality is excellent, no fraying around the edges, resist odors. Once in my shoes, I forget about them. Met Pad: it's minimal. I can't tell the difference between a SOLE insert I have without it and the ones with it. For a reference point, the German shoe maker Finn Comfort makes cork orthotic inserts for their shoes (standard) with a metatarsal hump that is more substantial and you can feel the difference.

Joe Byrnes

I am a cyclist and I have been having knee and metatarsal joint pain for over a year. When walking my left foot tends to land on outside edge first and then collapses towards inside. This puts a lot of stress on my left knee and met joint especially when I am on the bike. I read about cycling shoe insoles and SOLE was highly recommended. I decided to try and ordered a pair of Active Thins with Met Pad. What a difference they made in a week. I wear them in my cycling shoes and metatarsal pain has decreased a great deal. My knee also tracks straight as opposed to making an elliptic travel during up and down strokes. Met Pad in my case helped a lot. Despite my left leg being the stronger one I was only able to push 32% on the bike. It's almost at 50% right now. I guess my foot was all over the place. I ordered a medium ones for my walking shoes and they work great also. It has been only 10 days but the difference is big. Custom molding them is very easy, great soles at very affordable price. I highly recommend this product.

Relief from pain

I was already feeling metatarsal soreness which would be relieved with a taping technique I used. I was considering orthotics since taping my feet regularly was starting to irritate my skin. Then with winter boots and a cross country ski day, I further irritated my left foot and was feeling sharp pain at my first metatarsal head. I ordered the Active Thin with Met Pad and instantly could walk without the pain. This is helping me walk more normally again. Customer service was AMAZING when I had an issue with the medium thickness pair I ordered. Definitely recommend this product! The shaping of the orthotic in the oven was actually very easy to do also. Happy customer here!

No more pain

I have a Mortons neuroma, and the pinching had become unbearable. I was searching online for inserts with metatarsal pads and found SOLE. I ordered the performance medium with the met pad for my winter boots that have no support of any kind. What a difference! This insert, unlike my others, is full length, which keeps it in place. If it had needed a trim, it could have been cut to fit. I highly recommend these inserts. I have not felt a single pinch!

Morton’s Neuroma Reflief

I've been trying different insoles from different companies for over a year trying to find one that worked. This one does! It fits in my runners perfectly without filing them up with too much padding on the bottom. The metatarsal pad and arch support really improve the discomfort of the neuroma. I've been exercising in them for 2-3 weeks and I've noticed a huge improvement in my foot pain lessening. Easy to break in.

Made such a difference!

I am a daily walker and have significant lower back pain or leg aches if I am not wearing support on my feet. I have high arched and found that the SOLE insole helped to support my arch from collapsing. The met pad is a must for metatarsal pain. Its subtle enough that it almost feels like it isn't there but has all the benefits of a met pad. Highly recommend these insoles!

Great solution to a painful foot problem

I've been using SOLE insoles for years and they have been great. I now walk over 30 miles per week and over the past 18 months, I've started to have foot pain. I do have Morton's toe and suffered with a neuroma. I tried several different approaches to support and cushion my metatarsal area but all were problematic - slipping pads, pads that didn't conform to my foot, etc. I discovered the SOLE with built in met support about two months ago. They have been a lifesaver. I have them for my walking shoes and also for my everyday shoes and they have completely erased the foot pain. I also bought a pair for my husband's walking shoes and they have worked for him as well. I highly recommend these SOLE footbeds to alleviate ball of the foot and toe pain.

These saved me!

I hike about 5-6 days every single week, in the Appalachia mountains. Due to this, my ankles and feet were taking the hit! I was looking for relief without more podiatry visits, cortisone shots or PT expenses. I found SOLE insoles during a search for help and decided to try them. I am so pleased with their success! I can keep on hiking (my favourite weight loss exercise) and my feet have relief! Arch support is perfect and the metatarsal pad is just right to support my neuroma. Yay! Try these- I'm so glad I did!

SOLE flip flops & inserts are the BEST

I have been wearing SOLE footwear for a few years now, and over the past few months, I wear SOLE flip flops almost exclusively. I have a lot of problems with my feet (bunions) and the SOLE metatarsal support is second to none. When I have to wear shoes, the sole inserts is about the only thing that makes that possible for me. I find them more comfortable than my orthotic inserts and a heck of a lot cheaper. I love SOLE products because they have given me back my summer!

Rhonda Barad

What a Savior!

My SOLE footbed Insoles are not only fantastic but have replaced my expensive custom metatarsal insoles. Economy In today's times is a wonderful added perk!

Wincenty Kaszta

no other like that

This must be my 7th pair of SOLE. I have very troubled feet (metatarsalgia, Mortons Neuroma, Bunions... long list) , and can't wear anything else. When my pain comes back when I wear a different shoe i just need to wear at home for some time my SOLE, and the pain is gone. I am retired and on a very fixed income and SOLE is not cheap for me but if not for the SOLE I won't have my walks which i love. I always worry what will happen if SOLE stops making them. I think this is the only company of flip flops that has metatarsal pad in the shoe. For my runners I buy their insert but have to add the pad but... it all works. Congrats Sole Bella Kaszta

Greg W Werts

Good combination of support & comfort

I have plantar fasciitis that flares up every now and then, so I always put over the counter replacement footbeds in all of my shoes. These footbeds are very comfortable and do not change the fit of my running or casual wear shoes. Pretty much zero break -in period. Provides a little bit of cushion and firm, but not terribly rigid support. The Met pad felt a little different at first, but now I don't even notice it - never had any issues with my metatarsal (knock on wood / cork!), but I figure the extra support can't be a bad thing. Two toes up!

Mary-Gaye Pinches

Comfort Plus

The insole is perfect for my needs, I put it immediately in my asics ( that I wear for work) I am a foot care nurse. I have high arches, right bunion and prominent metatarsal head where the bunion is. The ordering process went well and I would recommend SOLE for everyone to try. Very comfortable

My Sole

I try to walk 4-5 miles. The performance cork insole is perfection for my running/walking shoe. Comfortable fit, durable, light weight. The metatarsal feature important for injury prevention. My other pair of SOLEs can used for work shoes. SOLE insoles offer great value compared to specialty insoles ordered by podiatrists or chiropractors.

Drew Caruso


These are great!! Super comfortable and perfect for everyday wear! I have owned a few pair and these even have the metatarsal bar for even more comfort! Highly recommend these flips for the summer, pre/post golf, workouts ad of course the beach!!

Katrina N. Rauch


I love my SOLE Catalina flips! I got my first pair 6 years ago and LOVED them! I wore them out just this year - they lasted sooo long - so this year I ordered a new pair and love them just as much! In fact, I really appreciate the footbed - it's different, but they stay on my feet much better! SOLE flips do take a week or so to wear in, but once you do, they are the BEST flips ever!! I love mine and was worried at first that they were too small, but after about a week they fit like a glove. I buy SOLE because of the metatarsal support on the footbed - I had surgery on one foot and have had trouble with my toes falling asleep when I wear shoes. As long as a I have metatarsal support, my toes don't fall asleep - and of all the flips I've tried, SOLE are my favorite. THANKS!!!

Dream flip flops

I love SOLE flips! They are so comfortable and easy to walk on! I have several pairs as I have found they are the only flips I can wear in comfort because of my metatarsal problem. I have recommended them to friends that have the same problem and they love them too! Thanks for creating such an awesome flip flop!

Roberta Collier

Love this flip flop!

I bought it for the arch and metatarsal support and is very pleased with it!

Sailer J.

Great sole for the soul!

I like this insole quite a lot. I've been wearing various insoles from SOLE for around 5 years now. It takes the cork a short time to form to my feet and the leather top is in keeping with the quality of the shoes I use these in. The only thing I've found that helps my feet more than these cork bed insoles is the versions with metatarsal support. My feet don't get nearly as tired after being on hard surfaces all day when I use the insoles with the "metatarsal pad". I'm 63 and the SOLE insoles really help.

Less fatigue and foot pain

I have been replacing my factory insoles with SOLE products for a couple years now. More recently I am using the versions with metatarsal support. These insoles allow me to work longer with less fatigue and foot pain. My oldest pair are just now cracking and showing their age, pretty good considering they are at least 3 years old.

dario g cescon

so light and comfy

These are great boots. Super light with cork insoles and metatarsal bumps. Absolutely love them. Not the best looking shoe out there which makes me like them even more!


Happy feet!

I love these flips. They are cute, comfortable, and, most importantly for me, have metatarsal support built in. I developed metatarsalgia from running a few years ago and cannot wear shoes without orthotics (or footbeds with metpads) for long without discomfort. The flips are comfortable enough to wear all day. Without them, my feet would be locked up inside shoes all summer. I am happy to have this great alternative.


Miracle Sandals for Metatarsal

I live in these sandals. I have a metatarsal issue and have never found a sandal that doesn't hurt my feet. I can't recommend these enough. Absolutely brilliant. I have been using SOLEs for 5 years now. The new cork sandal takes a little time to break-in but once it is, it is amazing.

deborah Smith


Love my Beach Flips and my Sport Flips! They are the only sandals that I can wear. I've tried them all! My feet ache and hurt if I'm not wearing them, even in the house! Love the metatarsal pad as much as the look of the sandals.

Phyllis Gillies

Love Love my Flips

I love my sport flips. I require the metatarsal support and I am so happy that Sole has flip flops that are so comfortable to wear. I always look forward to the Spring arrivals and the new funky colors. And ... they are environmentally friendly. Win, Win, Win.

Donna Beattie

Long time fan

I've been wearing your SOLE shoes for about 10 years and have at least a dozen pairs. I have unbearable foot pain from metatarsalgia and only a metatarsal arch relieves it. Many thanks!

Good padding for backpacking long miles

I have been using this brand of insole for 5 years and love them. I needed more padding than other commercially available insoles provided for backpacking. I carry a 25-30 pound pack for 15-20 miles a day for a month at a time in all kinds of terrain. I also ditched my orthotics because these insoles provide good arch support. They do not make my feet hot. I add a metatarsal pad to the insole for more support.

William Hau

I have MULTIPLE Pairs!

I wanted to review after I had at least a year of wear under my belt. I was frustrated with the plethora of cheap and pseudo-orthotic plastic-rubber products on the market. I have Psoriatic Arthritis that has impacted my feet. I am in my mid 40's now and my conditions is well-controlled. After a recommendation from a friend, I tried SOLE Sport Flips 3 years ago. I was immediately turned on! The features that have resonated the most with me are the metatarsal footpad, deep heel cup, machine washability and durability. I now have 2 pairs of Sport Flips and 1 Pair of Sport Slides. There is 1 pair in my gym bag for the gym and Taekwondo. Perfect for the beach... ANYWHERE. The deep heel cup prevents the foot from sliding all over the place, as they would in the lesser-quality products. After a few weeks of getting the world all over them, I toss them into the washer and they come out just as though I had opened the box from the mail. I dare say they are more comfortable than the $400 custom orthotics I had prepared for me by a podiatrist. I travel for work and I ALWAYS have a pair of SOLES with me. My wife is a believer as well. My son refers to me as the flip flop wearing parent. I'll take that.


The best flip flop - ever.

I have tried so many flip flops. These are the only ones that are perfectly cushioned, but also have great arch and metatarsal support (taking the pressure off my big toe joint). They wrap around my slightly narrow foot like they were custom made. I wear a 9-9.5, and a 9 in these is perfect. I bought pairs for my mom and sister, too (neither have the big toe problems I do) and the smile and response was identical the second they put they them on... "Aaahh, that's nice." Please expand the SOLE footwear line - this footbed is incredible!!!

Sarah Clegg

Live in these, litterally

I found this shoe about 2 years ago when they went on sale at a local Walk/Run Store....ooooh and they are the best ever! I have rheumatoid arthritis as well as plantar fasciitis; needing a metatarsal support pad....I think they cover it. I wear them around house in winter as slippers, actually have hard time walking without them as they support my feet correctly, and wear them pretty much 24/7 in the summer as the tan lines on my feet

Lisa Goodman

insert perfection

I've tried so many custom orthotics - all failures. They were either too hard, they fell apart, or they actually bruised varying feet bones due to imperfect fit. How many times do you return to the podiatrist before you give up? Then I tried Sole's footbeds. The whole family does. I won't wear a shoe without them. My feet problems don't hurt anymore and I can walk for miles without pain - first time in many years. I have neuromas, tendonitis from multiple sprains and twists, and metatarsal tenderness and all of them, while not completely gone, do not cause me constant pain anymore. What an incredible relief. Having tried another brand's insert, which was okay, a tad cheaper, it did not compare to the support of Sole's. I am very relieved to have found them.

David Harmon

Love these slips!

This is the perfect, and I mean perfect slip shoe for me. I run high milage each week, and this is the perfect post run shoe. Comfortable, great support, and the metatarsal padding is more than I had hoped for. You'll have a repeat customer in me, and I will more than likely try other SOLE products.

Layne T. Oliver

SOLE Slim Casual is my number one choice

I first want to thank you for once again allowing me to test your fine products! Footbeds are such an important aspect of footwear that I can't help wanting to be part of the improvement process in some way! I can honestly tell you that I have tested virtually all of the major and minor brands Out there and have settled on several that really help me with comfort and support. I have had better than average performance with SOLE, Shock Doctor, Down Under (used in my backpacking boots) and Super feet (this brand did great in my ice climbing boots). Presently, the SOLE Slim Casual is my number one choice in my back packing boot and day to day foot wear (even over my Ed Viesters), the Ed's would be next For backpacking then Shock doctors then Down Unders. I chose to fit the Casual into my Cabela's 8" hunting boot, which by the luck of the draw allows them to fit my HI-Tech casual trail shoes. There is a internal volume difference however, but usually different thicknesses of socks are also employed, so this presented no problem! In fact, I found a comfort increase with 8" inch boot out on the trail Snow shoeing (no kidding)! I have been testing snow shoes and socks all this winter so I added the casual's into the mix and was surprised with a greater level of comfort and support than I have had in the past (nice)! I believe there is an achievable synergy between sock footwear and footbeds and the foot, and when that is found the user is a very happy camper. With the Casual, I found the fitting and molding process simple and straight forward- just follow the instructions! Durability is without question as snowshoeing puts a great strain on footwear etc and the "Casual" is still looking new even after many hours and miles of pounding and sweat. There are no signs of abrasion, wear, tears or break down. Odor and heat control is awesome as is friction control which must have something to do with fit and support as my foot maintains its position inside the boot etc . Bottom line I have no blisters or hot spots and my socks are not exhibiting unusual wear. I think one major benefit I the custom fit along with carefully chosen materials as the user's foot is properly supported and placed which aid in eliminating foot related injuries from improper support etc. Metatarsal support could be a bit thicker but, I have had none of the usual burning from neuromas etc, which was initially brought on by the lightning strike that exited my foot. Out on the town the Casual adds comfort and support as well As my feet don't get tired and wore out when I'm shopping with my wife (who has an endless desire to go to every store in sight and this always kills my feet! I wonder if you guy's actually did me any favors here!). The Casual will add the necessities to foot wear that may be missing support and cushion (this is some thing that a sock can only in a limited way help with). I recommend that everyone should experience the SOLE footbeds and see for them selves if they don't receive a higher level of performance from their foot wear. For me , it means I can get out to those distant backcountry lakes quicker, safer and feel like fishing instead of nursing my feet and I like that!!!

John W. Norris

I am now pain free once again

I am a 52 year young runner here in the desert of Arizona. I have been running since high school and still enjoy the competition of road, track and trail running. I win or place in my age group most of the time. Yes, I have had my down times. Some due to over training and some due to "I'll just sleep a little longer." Recently I developed a Metatarsal injury on my left foot. I went through the routine of resting, icing and stretching without success. I thought for sure that I would have to take an extended time off from running. I tried various inserts to provide more protection for the foot. I even had a custom insert made by an orthopedic doctor. None of these attempts provided the protection I needed. On a visit to my local Performance Footwear running store, I noticed the "Your SOLE" display. I thought I had to give them a try. Not only did SOLE Custom Footbeds allow me to resume my normal training routine, it also allowed my metatarsal to recover and I am now pain free once again. Thank you "Your SOLE" for helping me to continue doing the sport I have loved for so long."

Sharron Burnard

These insoles are better than sex

I wanted you to know that these insoles are better than sex. In the past year or so my feet have been killing me, my face probably looked like a prune with the pain, due only in part to high arches and insteps and over pronation of the left foot, due to poor fitting and non supporting athletic shoes by inexperienced shop staff. However, I had tried spenco and superfeet, the latter being ok, but not having any metatarsal cushioning. Now to sole orthotics, I bought a pair 3 days ago, and the relief was immediate. I now find myself running up stairs rather than creeping up like a crab to the hip pain; Enough said. "The best and better than sex" should be your slogan. Of course, just for people with foot problems. Thanks.


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