SOLE flip flops & inserts are the BEST

I have been wearing SOLE footwear for a few years now, and over the past few months, I wear SOLE flip flops almost exclusively. I have a lot of problems with my feet (bunions) and the SOLE metatarsal support is second to none. When I have to wear shoes, the sole inserts is about the only thing that makes that possible for me. I find them more comfortable than my orthotic inserts and a heck of a lot cheaper. I love SOLE products because they have given me back my summer!

What a Savior!

My SOLE footbed Insoles are not only fantastic but have replaced my expensive custom metatarsal insoles. Economy In today's times is a wonderful added perk!

The Most Comfortable Flips

These are hands down the most comfortable and supportive flips I have ever had. I discovered them when I had plantar fasciitis. They really helped relieve the pain. I would even wear them in the shower for support. The metatarsal support in the front is amazing as well. They are great all around flip flops. This is my second pair, the first pair lasted for many years. I went 1/2 size up from my tennis shoe size and they fit great.

Good combination of support & comfort

I have plantar fasciitis that flares up every now and then, so I always put over the counter replacement footbeds in all of my shoes. These footbeds are very comfortable and do not change the fit of my running or casual wear shoes. Pretty much zero break -in period. Provides a little bit of cushion and firm, but not terribly rigid support. The Met pad felt a little different at first, but now I don't even notice it - never had any issues with my metatarsal (knock on wood / cork!), but I figure the extra support can't be a bad thing. Two toes up!

Comfort Plus

The insole is perfect for my needs, I put it immediately in my asics ( that I wear for work) I am a foot care nurse. I have high arches, right bunion and prominent metatarsal head where the bunion is. The ordering process went well and I would recommend SOLE for everyone to try. Very comfortable

My Sole

I try to walk 4-5 miles. The performance cork insole is perfection for my running/walking shoe. Comfortable fit, durable, light weight. The metatarsal feature important for injury prevention. My other pair of SOLEs can used for work shoes. SOLE insoles offer great value compared to specialty insoles ordered by podiatrists or chiropractors.


These are great!! Super comfortable and perfect for everyday wear! I have owned a few pair and these even have the metatarsal bar for even more comfort! Highly recommend these flips for the summer, pre/post golf, workouts ad of course the beach!!


I love my SOLE Catalina flips! I got my first pair 6 years ago and LOVED them! I wore them out just this year - they lasted sooo long - so this year I ordered a new pair and love them just as much! In fact, I really appreciate the footbed - it's different, but they stay on my feet much better! SOLE flips do take a week or so to wear in, but once you do, they are the BEST flips ever!! I love mine and was worried at first that they were too small, but after about a week they fit like a glove. I buy SOLE because of the metatarsal support on the footbed - I had surgery on one foot and have had trouble with my toes falling asleep when I wear shoes. As long as a I have metatarsal support, my toes don't fall asleep - and of all the flips I've tried, SOLE are my favorite. THANKS!!!

Dream flip flops

I love SOLE flips! They are so comfortable and easy to walk on! I have several pairs as I have found they are the only flips I can wear in comfort because of my metatarsal problem. I have recommended them to friends that have the same problem and they love them too! Thanks for creating such an awesome flip flop!

Love this flip flop!

I bought it for the arch and metatarsal support and is very pleased with it!

Great sole for the soul!

I like this insole quite a lot. I've been wearing various insoles from SOLE for around 5 years now. It takes the cork a short time to form to my feet and the leather top is in keeping with the quality of the shoes I use these in. The only thing I've found that helps my feet more than these cork bed insoles is the versions with metatarsal support. My feet don't get nearly as tired after being on hard surfaces all day when I use the insoles with the "metatarsal pad". I'm 63 and the SOLE insoles really help.

Less fatigue and foot pain

I have been replacing my factory insoles with SOLE products for a couple years now. More recently I am using the versions with metatarsal support. These insoles allow me to work longer with less fatigue and foot pain. My oldest pair are just now cracking and showing their age, pretty good considering they are at least 3 years old.

so light and comfy

These are great boots. Super light with cork insoles and metatarsal bumps. Absolutely love them. Not the best looking shoe out there which makes me like them even more!

Happy feet!

I love these flips. They are cute, comfortable, and, most importantly for me, have metatarsal support built in. I developed metatarsalgia from running a few years ago and cannot wear shoes without orthotics (or footbeds with metpads) for long without discomfort. The flips are comfortable enough to wear all day. Without them, my feet would be locked up inside shoes all summer. I am happy to have this great alternative.


Miracle Sandals for Metatarsal

I live in these sandals. I have a metatarsal issue and have never found a sandal that doesn't hurt my feet. I can't recommend these enough. Absolutely brilliant. I have been using SOLEs for 5 years now. The new cork sandal takes a little time to break-in but once it is, it is amazing.


Love my Beach Flips and my Sport Flips! They are the only sandals that I can wear. I've tried them all! My feet ache and hurt if I'm not wearing them, even in the house! Love the metatarsal pad as much as the look of the sandals.

Love Love my Flips

I love my sport flips. I require the metatarsal support and I am so happy that Sole has flip flops that are so comfortable to wear. I always look forward to the Spring arrivals and the new funky colors. And ... they are environmentally friendly. Win, Win, Win.

Donna Beattie

Long time fan

I've been wearing your SOLE shoes for about 10 years and have at least a dozen pairs. I have unbearable foot pain from metatarsalgia and only a metatarsal arch relieves it. Many thanks!

Good padding for backpacking long miles

I have been using this brand of insole for 5 years and love them. I needed more padding than other commercially available insoles provided for backpacking. I carry a 25-30 pound pack for 15-20 miles a day for a month at a time in all kinds of terrain. I also ditched my orthotics because these insoles provide good arch support. They do not make my feet hot. I add a metatarsal pad to the insole for more support.

William Hau

I have MULTIPLE Pairs!

I wanted to review after I had at least a year of wear under my belt. I was frustrated with the plethora of cheap and pseudo-orthotic plastic-rubber products on the market. I have Psoriatic Arthritis that has impacted my feet. I am in my mid 40's now and my conditions is well-controlled. After a recommendation from a friend, I tried SOLE Sport Flips 3 years ago. I was immediately turned on! The features that have resonated the most with me are the metatarsal footpad, deep heel cup, machine washability and durability. I now have 2 pairs of Sport Flips and 1 Pair of Sport Slides. There is 1 pair in my gym bag for the gym and Taekwondo. Perfect for the beach... ANYWHERE. The deep heel cup prevents the foot from sliding all over the place, as they would in the lesser-quality products. After a few weeks of getting the world all over them, I toss them into the washer and they come out just as though I had opened the box from the mail. I dare say they are more comfortable than the $400 custom orthotics I had prepared for me by a podiatrist. I travel for work and I ALWAYS have a pair of SOLES with me. My wife is a believer as well. My son refers to me as the flip flop wearing parent. I'll take that.

The best flip flop - ever.

I have tried so many flip flops. These are the only ones that are perfectly cushioned, but also have great arch and metatarsal support (taking the pressure off my big toe joint). They wrap around my slightly narrow foot like they were custom made. I wear a 9-9.5, and a 9 in these is perfect. I bought pairs for my mom and sister, too (neither have the big toe problems I do) and the smile and response was identical the second they put they them on... "Aaahh, that's nice." Please expand the SOLE footwear line - this footbed is incredible!!!

Live in these, litterally

I found this shoe about 2 years ago when they went on sale at a local Walk/Run Store....ooooh and they are the best ever! I have rheumatoid arthritis as well as plantar fasciitis; needing a metatarsal support pad....I think they cover it. I wear them around house in winter as slippers, actually have hard time walking without them as they support my feet correctly, and wear them pretty much 24/7 in the summer as the tan lines on my feet

Lisa Goodman

insert perfection

I've tried so many custom orthotics - all failures. They were either too hard, they fell apart, or they actually bruised varying feet bones due to imperfect fit. How many times do you return to the podiatrist before you give up? Then I tried Sole's footbeds. The whole family does. I won't wear a shoe without them. My feet problems don't hurt anymore and I can walk for miles without pain - first time in many years. I have neuromas, tendonitis from multiple sprains and twists, and metatarsal tenderness and all of them, while not completely gone, do not cause me constant pain anymore. What an incredible relief. Having tried another brand's insert, which was okay, a tad cheaper, it did not compare to the support of Sole's. I am very relieved to have found them.

David Harmon

Love these slips!

This is the perfect, and I mean perfect slip shoe for me. I run high milage each week, and this is the perfect post run shoe. Comfortable, great support, and the metatarsal padding is more than I had hoped for. You'll have a repeat customer in me, and I will more than likely try other SOLE products.

Layne T. Oliver

SOLE Slim Casual is my number one choice

I first want to thank you for once again allowing me to test your fine products! Footbeds are such an important aspect of footwear that I can't help wanting to be part of the improvement process in some way! I can honestly tell you that I have tested virtually all of the major and minor brands Out there and have settled on several that really help me with comfort and support. I have had better than average performance with SOLE, Shock Doctor, Down Under (used in my backpacking boots) and Super feet (this brand did great in my ice climbing boots). Presently, the SOLE Slim Casual is my number one choice in my back packing boot and day to day foot wear (even over my Ed Viesters), the Ed's would be next For backpacking then Shock doctors then Down Unders. I chose to fit the Casual into my Cabela's 8" hunting boot, which by the luck of the draw allows them to fit my HI-Tech casual trail shoes. There is a internal volume difference however, but usually different thicknesses of socks are also employed, so this presented no problem! In fact, I found a comfort increase with 8" inch boot out on the trail Snow shoeing (no kidding)! I have been testing snow shoes and socks all this winter so I added the casual's into the mix and was surprised with a greater level of comfort and support than I have had in the past (nice)! I believe there is an achievable synergy between sock footwear and footbeds and the foot, and when that is found the user is a very happy camper. With the Casual, I found the fitting and molding process simple and straight forward- just follow the instructions! Durability is without question as snowshoeing puts a great strain on footwear etc and the "Casual" is still looking new even after many hours and miles of pounding and sweat. There are no signs of abrasion, wear, tears or break down. Odor and heat control is awesome as is friction control which must have something to do with fit and support as my foot maintains its position inside the boot etc . Bottom line I have no blisters or hot spots and my socks are not exhibiting unusual wear. I think one major benefit I the custom fit along with carefully chosen materials as the user's foot is properly supported and placed which aid in eliminating foot related injuries from improper support etc. Metatarsal support could be a bit thicker but, I have had none of the usual burning from neuromas etc, which was initially brought on by the lightning strike that exited my foot. Out on the town the Casual adds comfort and support as well As my feet don't get tired and wore out when I'm shopping with my wife (who has an endless desire to go to every store in sight and this always kills my feet! I wonder if you guy's actually did me any favors here!). The Casual will add the necessities to foot wear that may be missing support and cushion (this is some thing that a sock can only in a limited way help with). I recommend that everyone should experience the SOLE footbeds and see for them selves if they don't receive a higher level of performance from their foot wear. For me , it means I can get out to those distant backcountry lakes quicker, safer and feel like fishing instead of nursing my feet and I like that!!!

John W. Norris

I am now pain free once again

I am a 52 year young runner here in the desert of Arizona. I have been running since high school and still enjoy the competition of road, track and trail running. I win or place in my age group most of the time. Yes, I have had my down times. Some due to over training and some due to "I'll just sleep a little longer." Recently I developed a Metatarsal injury on my left foot. I went through the routine of resting, icing and stretching without success. I thought for sure that I would have to take an extended time off from running. I tried various inserts to provide more protection for the foot. I even had a custom insert made by an orthopedic doctor. None of these attempts provided the protection I needed. On a visit to my local Performance Footwear running store, I noticed the "Your SOLE" display. I thought I had to give them a try. Not only did SOLE Custom Footbeds allow me to resume my normal training routine, it also allowed my metatarsal to recover and I am now pain free once again. Thank you "Your SOLE" for helping me to continue doing the sport I have loved for so long."

Sharron Burnard

These insoles are better than sex

I wanted you to know that these insoles are better than sex. In the past year or so my feet have been killing me, my face probably looked like a prune with the pain, due only in part to high arches and insteps and over pronation of the left foot, due to poor fitting and non supporting athletic shoes by inexperienced shop staff. However, I had tried spenco and superfeet, the latter being ok, but not having any metatarsal cushioning. Now to sole orthotics, I bought a pair 3 days ago, and the relief was immediate. I now find myself running up stairs rather than creeping up like a crab to the hip pain; Enough said. "The best and better than sex" should be your slogan. Of course, just for people with foot problems. Thanks.


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