a fantastic shoe

I have used SOLE footbeds for a couple of years now and saw ReCORK shoes on sale. I order a pair just to see how they worked. Right out of the box they were a perfect fit. A great combination of style, fit, comfort, these shows have become my go-to shoe for dressier occasions. I cannot wait until work gets back to more normal conditions and I have more need to wear them.

Almost perfect fit out of the box

I discovered SOLE footbeds a few years ago. I injured myself just before a hiking trip in American SouthWest and needed some extra foot support so that I could keep to the trip's aggressive hiking schedule. Shoe guy at REI recommended SOLE thick corkbeds and I have been a fan ever since. The District Recork Tour looked interesting and they were on sale. I am upgrading my look after losing a lot of weight and these appeared stylish and I know the comfort of the SOLE footbeds, so I purchased. Out of the box, it took a few minutes for the beds to adjust to my feet, but then they were perfect. Like my hiking companions on that trip, they provide comfort, support, and fun. I bought the black leather, but plan on ordering the brown leather as well. Now I have only been wearing these for a few hours around the house, but I like them almost as much as my Cushe slip ons that I normally wear. They just feel like a part of me. Great shoe!

Incredibly comfortable shoes!

I have a long narrow foot, and it doesn't make sense to spend $300-$500 for every pair of work and dress shoes so that they fit my 11.5 AA foot. I used to just wear two pairs of socks (not always comfortable during a Gulf Coast summer, but SOLE has been a godsend! The inserts help my normal width shoes fit, but the District by ReCORK shoes I bought fit tightly, comfortably, and look fantastic. I feel fashionable and young, and I bound around my campus at work or through airports without wincing or losing my shoes. And they look great for casual or dress-up occasions.

ReCORK Shoes

I absolutely love these shoes and have been wearing them for a couple of months. They are light and comfortable. I also feel good that these shoes actually have a negative carbon footprint.


I have been wearing SOLE flip flops for years. Finally branched our and tried the new District by ReCORK flats. These shoes definitely did not disappoint. The support that they give is phenomenal. They are comfortable to wear for a full day at the office. Love the fact that the footbed is made from recycled cork! Love my SOLES!!!!

ReCork Ease

I use around the house for arch support. Cork bed feels hard when first putting shoes on but warms up quickly and then is very comfortable.

Dry and Comfy Feet

As with all SOLE products, support and comfort are built in to these boots. Spring and Fall can have a lot of wet or slushy days that aren't really cold enough for my waterproof winter boots, and there are times when having slip-on footwear is so convenient. These fit the bill. These boots have a fresh, quirky, sporty look that makes them look like outdoor gear and not just boots. More than once, friends with wet leather shoes have asked where I got them. Oh, and the comfort of ReCork Ease! These make awesome house shoes (slippers with support)!

I love these shoes!

I wish I'd had these shoes decades ago. The support for my feet, comfort and workmanship are all superb. I love the materials -- natural leather and cork. My feet breathe and my body and posture feel supported. Thank you, SOLE and ReCORK, for recycling cork into a fantastic product!! I bought TWO pairs. Please make these shoes for many decades to come! :-)

Great Everyday Shoe

I have been a big fan of SOLE flips for years and was excited to try out the RECORK product. I purchased the black loafer in mens 13. Generally, shoes in size 13 look like water skis and some more so than others. These shoes were the complete opposite. My feet looked much smaller and I was quite surprised that they were a terrific fit and provided a significant amount of wiggle room in the toes. The arch support is similar to the flips and is beginning to form to the specifics of my foot arch. This has been my experience with all the SOLE products. They continue to provide excellent arch support during this break-in process. As for the overall look of the shoe beyond making my foot seem a reasonable size, they are simple and handsome with echos, for those of a certain vintage, of the 70's Earth Shoes! They have become my go-to shoe for everyday and can easily work in a dressier situation. The leather is soft and supple and it is comfortable. One area for improvement would be to modify the sole to provide a bit better traction in wet and other slick situations.

Favorite Footwear

SOLE flips are my primary, daily footwear. In my mid 60's, I've been wearing the Laguna recork flips for the past 8-10 years. They are the most comfortable footwear I own and offer phenomenal support. About the only time you won't see them on my feet is when I'm wearing a suit ( weddings, funerals, etc.) or when serving on jury duty. I also wear them while exercising and enjoying the great outdoors. One of my favorite memories involves hiking up to a waterfall along the Columbia River. As we were returning to the trail head, we passed a group of young hikers headed up the trail. I heard one of them exclaim, "Now that's hardcore! That guy is wearing flips." Bottom line, I love my SOLE flips. Whether at home in the Florida Keys, hiking most trails or after taking off my ski boots and socks; nothing feels better on my feet!


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