Versatile for any shoe!!

I have had plantar fasciitis for over a year and these seemed to really help. I've been wearing them for about 2 months. I'm a PT and like the ease of buying and guaranteed satisfaction. They fit in all my shoes so I just move them from running shoes to boots, to cute shoes too! I also bought another pair for my daughter to put in her soccer cleats and they work great! Thin enough but still supportive!

Christine Rutledge

So happy!!!

This is the absolute best little boot ever! I have struggled for years with foot, knee, hip issues unless I wore my running shoes. Then I found SOLE! These cute little boots are heaven to my feet! Comfortable, easy to put on (zipper at the back) and look super with leggings, tights etc!

George Leone

Got me running again

I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE insoles to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried Custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.

Pain free running!

I highly recommend SOLE as a long time and long distance runner! Started to experience severe pain in my feet and shin, to the point that it was keeping me from running. But thanks to SOLE footbeds I am no longer experiencing foot or leg pain and back to my zen state of running :)

Best footbeds ever

I have been struggling with a burning sensation under the metatarsal areas of my feet when running long distances. The Sole Performance Wide Medium footbed sorted this problem out and I now can't wait for my next long run!

Positive Foot Torque!

My experience with this brand of footbed’s has been outstanding. For several years in hiking boots, leisure shoes and workout footwear. No injuries, No soreness, No pain! As an enhancement to general everyday living and providing “Torque” to my workouts I would advise anyone to avoid store bought products. “Find your size, style and run with it”. You will love these footbeds. Retired Park Ranger; RL


My orthopedic surgeon actually recommended this product! He receives no payment for doing so, but simply stated how beneficial it has been for him. I currently have metal and screws in my left leg which was causing some swelling discomfort. The pain in my right foot became unbearable due to the way that I was compensating my gait. I wanted to do everything that I could to avoid another surgery so, I reluctantly ordered the product with a very little hopes. I followed the instructions on the box to a "T". I remember thinking, "how in the hell is this going to help me?" Well, little did I know it changed everything for me! I have cancelled my last two orthopedic appointments because my pain is gone! I interchange them between shoes from work to the gym! In the last 7 years I have dealt with two surgeries, pain and consistent swelling on a daily basis to now virtually pain free and very minimal swelling if any at all. I will be honest the first week it felt very weird in my shoe but give it a fair try! I personally found that removing the original insole in your shoe, makes the transition must easier. Be sure you have plenty of space to compensate for width and depth. ( Asics running shoe did not do well w/insert) I'm not disappointed and I will order more in the future!!!! From a very impressed customer and absolutely shocked that it worked like charm, give it a fair try!!! It changed everything for me!!!! Thank you!!!

Best footbed ever

These are amazing. I had to stop running till I found these. Was able to start running again.

Fits lower volume shoes well

If you have running shoes that are already a tight fit then these are ideal


These footbeds are great. I was looking for something to go into my running shoes and slippers. Perfect fit for both.

Love them

My wife and I both purchased these upon the recommendation of a podiatrist. We are very happy with the product as we find them every bit a good as custom orthotics we have owned in the past but at a fraction of the cost. I purchased a pair of the thicker style for my running shoes and when they turned out to be too thick for my shoes SOLE credited the cost and had me keep the the pair suggesting that I could give them to someone who might be able to use them. I reordered the thinner style and they fit perfect. Great customer service and a willingness to get things right for their customer.

Great footbed

For trail runners on rocky/rooty terrain, these footbeds support my foot and allow the necessary protection on long runs

Finally, a footbed that works!

After countless attempts at getting the proper orthotics made, often at great personal expense, I was turned on to SOLE by a running specialist. Since sliding SOLE into my running shoes, basketball shoes, hiking boots, ball cleats, and my everyday wearers, my feet have been super happy. Since making the switch, my sometimes debilitating bursitis, capsulits, and metatarsalitis have stopped bothering me completely. I have several pairs of $400 orthotics sitting in a bin next to my shoes that are all running on SOLE power! I can't recommend this product enough! Reasonable price, fast shipping, and finally pain-free mobility!

Great for running shoes

I've had these in my running shoes for a couple weeks and they are great!! I've worn SOLE for years in my work shoes and winter boots. Had to go with the the thin for my running shoes as my normal SOLE footbeds were to snug. The thin work wonderfully and my feet feel great.

helps with plantar fasciitis

My daughter uses this brand of footbeds in her running shoes, and she recommended them to my for my plantar fasciitis pain. They're low-profile so I can wear them in casual flats while I teach. Definitely recommend!

No Foot Pain

I have a pair in all my running shoes. Ran several marathons where my whole body was in pain except for my feet.

SOLE for running

These footbeds are the best for running and other active sports. Worth every penny due the fact they work and the process to form them your feet is very simple.

favorite footbeds

Switched over to these awhile back and they're my fave for running shoes. Provides support for arch and toes.

Solved my foot pain!

I work on my feet all day and started to get foot pain recently despite any types of shoes that I would try. Finally I stumbled upon these so I thought I'd give it a shot! My feet feel so much more supported and comfortable now and my foot pain is completely gone. They were a bit thick for my running shoes, so I ordered the active thick as well and plan to put these ones in my winter boots. Highly recommend!

Great support and comfort

I now have a pair of Active Thin footbeds in my running shoes and a pair in my cycling shoes, and have been using both for several months. Excellent arch support and very comfortable, particularly after they get a chance to mold to your feet. Highly recommend. I bought this pair as a spare.

Love these footbeds

I wear the footbeds mostly during hiking and running. They are very comfortable and supportive

They are great!!

Bought these for my son and he loves them. No more foot pain when he runs.

Great support

These footbeds are excellent for my running shoes. I have a morton's neuroma on my left foot and the met pad footbed makes my running shoes so much more comfortable.

Excellent support with low volume

These provide excellent support while taking up little volume in the shoe. The met pad makes them more comfortable over long periods of wear while on the feet walking or standing. Good for active wear including running (10k to marathons), hiking and cycling. The medium version is also good for shoes that can accept the extra volume and will provide extra cushioning. For any shoe that is tight in the forefoot the thin is best, for looser shoes the medium is good. You can always leave a flat insole under the performance thin if you want to make up some volume in loose shoes. They are durable and washable.

Only footbed’s I use!

About 5 years ago I had a bad flare up of planters fasciitis and gave SOLE a try. The footbeds played a substantial part in my recovery and have been using them in all my running footwear since.

For fitting shoes

I use these in my Nike Free Runs which are very low profile shoes. Very comfortable with a lot of flex but not much arch support. A standard footbed would be too bulky. The SOLE Thins work perfectly with this type of shoe.

Great Footbeds

Use for trail running with Medium Cushioned shoes

Comfy footbeds

Used them for trail running (Max cushioned Altras)

A Staple in all my footwear!!!

Thick to Thin, Hiking to Running SOLE is a staple in all my footwear!!!

A Staple in all my footwear!!!

Thick to Thin, Hiking to Running SOLE is a staple in all my footwear!!!

Empowered to run

SOLE footbeds have allowed me to enjoy long distance running and hiking. Without them, I would not be able to run or hike.

Empowers me to enjoy long distance running

I have been running and hiking with SOLE footbeds for over 7 years. I have them in all of shoes.


I been using SOLE for a few weeks now. I believe SOLE gives me more support. With that said I have just purchased two more inserts one for hiking and the other for running.

Great metatarsal & arch support.

These thin footbeds provide great metatarsal and arch support... and they are thin enough to add on top of existing insoles for boots and running shoes.

Feedback on Active Medium, Men's 7 / Women's 9

These have helped me run half marathons and train for them! My feet and knees recover well from training with these footbeds!

My Go-To Footbeds

I started using SOLE footbeds 4 years ago after dealing with plantar fasciitis for a long time. They offer great support and have lasted longer for me than other brands. I like the Mediums for hiking boots and running shoes and the the thins for shoes that have less room for a footbed. I also like that they have more sizes than superfeet so I don’t have to trim for my size 12 foot.

Excellent support

This is my third pair of these footbeds. I bought it as a spare, so I'll hopefully never be without. I have one in my running shoes and another in my cycling shoes. Multiple foot injuries/problems kept me out of running for years, but these provide excellent support, and I've been able to run moderate amounts without pain. They are comfortable when you first put them in, but they do get more comfortable as time goes on. Seems to take me at least a couple weeks for me to fully break them in.

These footbeds are litty, fam

These footbeds were recommended to me by a podiatrist and he was right. They are lit. These thin ones fit well in my running shoes and I have medium ones that fit well in my Blundstones.

Great in Running Shoes

Before I started using SOLE in all my shoes, I would wake up dreading that first step out of bed in the morning. My feet are very flat, and I used to wake everything morning with a stabbing pain as I put weight on my feet. I've been pain-free since being a SOLE-man. For those wondering if they should get the cork or this material for their runners, go for this. The cork would produce a squeak in my running shoes as I picked up the pace, but these eliminated it.

Great for running!

I use this mainly for my running shoes. Although I prefer the performance model much more (better overall comfort), these active thins are no slouch either. I definitely wear this on rainy days.

Very good for arthritis in feet

Fits my trail running shoes very well.Very comfortable and supportive. My feet are less tired and painful at the end of a day.

Finally found a product to replace my custom orthotics!

My physical therapist encouraged me to ditch my custom orthotics that I have worn for years. I gave these a try with his blessing and they have worked great. I wear the cork ones for running and the red ones for gym, walking and so on. Both product have been great.

Great Price, Great Fit, Foot Pain Gone

Having gone through two other brands before settling on Sole, I was running into a problem where the correct size shoe for me had a toe box that was just too big even with the aftermarket inserts I was using. My orthopedist had a foot specialist who recommended this company, and happens to supply them in his office, and not only were they a great fit, but the thick version helped to shore up the toe box. With proper fitting shoes and proper fitting inserts from Sole, My foot pain has almost entirely ceased and what remains is getting better by the day.

So Happy I Bought These For My Running Shoes

I bought these for my Nike running shoes and I love them. I wear a 9 1/2, so I bought the size 10 and cut them down a little, which was no problem. I warmed them in the oven to mold them to my feet, and it worked out great. The arch support is perfect, and I noticed a difference on my first run. After using them for a few weeks, I can say I'm thrilled with my purchase.

Comfortable, provides support where its needed!

I have been using SOLE footbeds for a while now, but this is the first time trying the Met Pad. Feels a bit weird when you first put your foot in, but runs like a dream on the trails. Recently ran the Seek the Peak race and kept my feet supported and happy for 15km and 1400m of vert!

Never run without them!

I’ve been wearing thin SOLE footbeds for several years and decided to try my first pair of medium during my training for a half marathon. I’m extremely happy with every pair of SOLE's I’ve tried!

Love these!

I wear these on all of my runs and love them!

Erica C

So comfortable

I was hoping to receive these flip flops before a vacation to Hawaii but they arrived after I left. I took my older arch support sandals from another brand that are heavy and I came home w achy feet. They’re good for short walks and running errands but not all day walking. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the SOLE as this was my first time trying them. OMG…so happy I made that purchase! They are so lightweight. What a huge difference from my other pair from another brand. It feels like I don’t even have anything on. They have so much support on the heel. I don’t hit the floor so hard anymore with every step. The straps are soft and comfortable. No irritation. They are like the perfect padding for my feet. I usually wear a 6.5 in running/walking shoes and the 6 in the SOLE sandal fit perfectly.

Great for work boots

These are great for my work boots that a slightly bigger than my normal running shoe size. They offer great support.

Great alternative to Orthotics

I have had many different orthotics over the last 10 years. They can be quite expensive, and don't really fit into any of my running shoes. These thin footbeds are great and a cheaper alternative with the same support.

Perfect for my running shoes

Other footbeds feel tight. The thin ones fit my shoe perfectly.

Comfortable for Everyday Wear

About 10 years ago I had a painful case of plantar fasciitis. My primary care physician recommended that I start using SOLE Footbeds in addition to the calf and Achilles tendon stretching that I was doing. Problem solved! Since then I use the “Thin” in my everyday shoes, the “Active” in my running shoes, and the “Performance” in my hiking boots. They are supportive, form to my feet, and comfortable. No re-occurring plantar fasciitis since I started using them.

Solved problems

I am so thankful my chiropractor recommended these for me. Solved my IT BAND issue and I was able to run again !


This is my second pair of SOLE’s, and I know I’ll be getting more in the future. I put these in a pair of running shoes, and they are PERFECT. I’m a size 10 or 10.5, and I use a women’s 11 footbeds. Love!!!

Works great for running

I put them in all my shoes to keep my recurring plantar fasciitis from coming back. I do lots of miles running in them as an ultra runner and they work better than the custom footbeds I had earlier as they are more flexible

Super SOLE

Je porte les semelles au quotidien pour aider grir une factie plantaire et je crois et pour courir . Elles sont tellement confortable, que je vais en acheter pour tous mes chaussures. I wear the footbeds daily to help heal a plantar facetiousness and for running. They are so comfortable, that I will buy them for all my shoes.


As I'm getting older (51 next week), my feet had been suffering more and more with trail running here in CO. These footbeds have changed the game. Just exceptional. My feet no longer feel tired or sore. Love them!

Only footbeds our family wears!

Love the SOLE footbeds. Entire family has multiple pairs, use them in our daily shoes and our long distance trail running shoes. The met pad is perfect. Have tried many footbeds…including custom orthotics… and still our SOLE ones are always the most comfortable!

Supportive Insoles

I was having occasional pain in my feet, but not anymore. These insoles are great at providing firm support in shoes that don’t require added cushioning. I wear them in my running shoes, and I can go anywhere without pain.

Most Versatile & Comfortable

I've been wearing these across different footwear and it's pretty clear that these soles are far superior to any of the factory soles of my shoes. I'm glad I went for the medium thickness soles because it's extremely versatile and works with most or all of my shoes. Lastly, these performance soles are great for reducing impact in my legs and knees, so much so that my running has improved!

You should buy them!

Comfortable, no need to trim to size and provided the extra support I needed in my running shoes!!

very good for running shoes

Very good for tighter fitting shoes. When the thick SOLE's wont fit , these are a very close set with almost the same cushioning. they do have exactly the same support, just you are trading room i a low volume shoe for the extra cushioning of the thick


I have been suffering near-debilitating-at-times plantar fasciitis for about the past 9-12 months. Nothing I did seemed to help in any meaningful way. I saw these footbeds advertised on Facebook and out of pure desperation thought "Why not". They arrived quickly, in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging. Within a day of wearing these in my running shoes, my foot felt better. Not cured, but better than it had felt in ages. Now, a month later, I can honestly say that I feel like my plantar fasciitis is almost cured. I still have some pain, but it has gone from what I'd rate as a 9/10 to a 1-2/10, and the pain is far less frequent as well. The telltale morning pain on stepping out of bed has almost even been alleviated! These footbeds are absolute miracles. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I will definitely be ordering more, and am looking forward to trying out the footwear line as well! THANK YOU, SOLE!!

Balanced foot support

I have two pairs now. One pair for the shoes I run in and one pair for the shoes I play ball in. These insoles provided immediate ongoing relief for a tight IT band issue caused by inward foot pronation.

Just right

I've been dealing with Plantar Faciitis for a few months before starting to use these footbeds. They've definitely got the PF under control and allowed me to do my normal weekly running miles. I trimmed the ends to fit on the shoe they're going in, but it's really easy with scissors.

Durable & comfortable!

Second set of soles and first set has lasted 5 years. Demoting those to sneakers and using the new ones in running shoes.

Great footbed

Works great in running shoes. Met pad is awesome.

Excellent footbeds

I have purchased SOLE footbeds many times for my running and MTB shoes but this was the first time I purchased them for my downhill ski boots...and it was the correct decision. I was replacing the stock ski boot insole and wanted something thin but with some support..the performance thin footbeds fit the bill. Minimal trimming to fit, no pinching in the boot and better feel in the ski boot itself.

Truly makes a difference

I’ve been using these for years and they’ve always been great. Morton’s Neuroma has always been an issue for me - whether I was running or just walking more than usual that day, I’d get a sharp pain in one particular spot on my sole. These footbeds have almost entirely eliminated that issue. Highly recommend!

Really Great for severe overpronation amongst other things

I have worn custom orthotics for running for over thirty years. When my last pair wore out, I decided to try these, as my son wore them during high school X-County and T/F, and they seemed to work fine when I occasionally borrowed them. I have been using them for a few months now, while on elliptical trainer, walking, hiking, etc, and they really help with my tendency to overpronate.

I think I finally found my footbed

I've spent hundreds of dollars on insoles for the past few years to correct a combination of AAFD, flantar fasciitis, and hallux rigidus. I've tried just about every competitor with some success – but it's never perfect. I can't believe I went years without trying this brand. I'm finally pain free and can run again.

Awesome footbeds

Very comfortable in both my running and hiking shoes. Good arch support and the built in Met pad is awesome.

Great footbeds

I wear these in all my running shoes they are great

Great in running shoes

These are very comfortable in my running shoes. This is my second pair and they provide just the right amount of support and comfort.

Solid product. Great for casual shoes.

I use these for my casual walking shoes and they feel great and has a solid feel about them. They’re a bit thin for regular running shoes though but great for leather walkers.

Lifesaver for Snowboarder with Morton's Neuroma

I've been looking for this my entire snowboarding life. I have been snowboarding for at least 9 years. In the last 5 years, I started developing metatarsal pain in both feet while snowboarding. The pain and occurrences got so bad that after two runs, I needed to remove my boots and rest for at least 30 minutes. On longer runs, I would start hyperventilating and wincing because of the pain. I tried on different boots, inserts, and even got the Step-On boots and bindings since I thought the "no binding" bindings would stop the pain. It didn't. Then I found SOLE and their products. This literally changed my life. I went on multiple runs on my last trip without stopping. There's some tightness but no pain! I could not believe it. This was my first time trying this insert. I wear size 7 Burton Step-On boots, so I ordered the size 7. I removed the original insert and had to cut some of the SOLE footbed to fit the boots. I wore the boots around the house for at least 30 mins to break them in. For anyone with Morton Neuroma (pain between your toes and balls of your feet) and loves to save their sanity while snowboarding, this is the SOLE for you!

Better Than Running without Them

I use SOLE's active medium footbed in my running shoes. I won't go back to running without them.

Just what I needed

Recovery from knee replacement surgery meant walking again. Adding SOLE footbeds to my running shoes gave me stability and confidence.

MK Lee

My favorite flip EVER

I love these flips so much that I'm on my 2nd pair since I wore the first pair to the ground (literally and actually). My feet run wide, so I tend to prefer flip flops to other shoes/sandals. I had the first pair of Santa Cruz Flip for about 3 years before wearing them out (and I wore them all of the time). They are comfortable, light weight, and the cork sole prevents stinky feet!

Good for road running shoes

I use these for my road running shoes. Just swap out the running shoe insole for the SOLE and you have good arch support and some added cushioning. It fixed my plantar fasciitis.

Great for running

Fits easily in running shoes and flexes enough for running normally. Solves my plantar fasciitis with not too much interference with normal running. I am a wide size. They can be easily trimmed to fit your shoe.

Happy Feet

I use them both in my everyday shoes and my running shoes. I run 60 km/ week and I am using them as replacements for my orthotics. They are very durable and retain their shape.

Essential for me

I learned years ago to automatically replace insoles that come in the shoes you buy. After spending a lot on a pair of custom orthotics I discovered Sole. Over time my need increased and so did SOLE options. I’m in my 80s, I’ve been active my whole life and thanks to SOLE I can still run, walk, do aerobics and feel great!

Light and fit nicely into any shoe

I tried the thins because the thicker ones seem to be to bulky. They work perfectly in any shoe and they are good for running as well.

Helps toe numbness

I just started using in my running shoes. I wear a 9.5 womens so I had to trim the footbeds a little. I get numbness in my toes (self diagnosed metatarsalgia) when I run. Just in my left foot. But I wear these footbeds in both shoes to balance out

Love these!!!

I only buy these footbeds for all my shoes (running, boots, dress shoes and snow board boots)

Solved my aching feet problems

I have been using these footbeds for about a month and my feet are so grateful! My podiatrist recommended that I get insoles, and offered to sell my some for $100, but I got these instead. So glad that I did. I had been running daily but my feet were getting to sore, callused, painful to continue. after about one week of wearing these daily I am feeling much better and am looking forward to running again soon. thanks!

I have wide foot (W4) these footbeds are a GOTTA GET!!

I bought one pair, on a recommendation from my tennis coach. Wowwy!! Glad I did! Now I bought three more pairs for my running shoes, and every day shoes. Better than wearing your favorite slippers. Comfortable all day!

Very happy with the results

This is the second pair of "active thins with met pad" I bought. I found them to be extremely comfortable and have helped deal with my foot pain during exercises. I bought the thins because of the existing running shoes I have (i.e., not a lot of room). They fit well. Though I thought the break-in period might take a while, I found them to have shaped my feet within a few days of walking and running (after about 10-12 hours of activity).

Cured my foot problems!

Had a problem with my Achilles tendons and bone spurs in my heels. Put these in my running shoes and the problems disappeared almost over night! I cannot recommend these enough.

Love these

Put these in all my running shoes, hiking boots, snowboard boots, golf shoes... My feet always feel great. Even makes my back and hips feel good.

Fantastic footbeds

Been using these for many years now. Great to use in running shoes that are neutral and can accommodate a full length insert. I couldn't run without them!

Great Industry Standard for Arch support

Love these because they're so thin. I don't always use arch supports as I believe there is some benefit to building the muscle in your foot without additional support, but for longer runs, uphill ski days, and recovery, these inserts are perfect to maintain the performance of your footwear without being too cumbersome - my go-to foot beds.

great socks

I love SOLE socks for running. They are comfortable and supportive. They are a bit pricey, so I buy them anytime I find them on sale.

Great Support

I put the Active Thick footbeds in my Hoka Speedgoats. I thought I loved these shoes without the footbeds, they are even better now. My arches collapsed often when I run and SOLE footbeds have helped resolve this issue for me!


It had been several years since I had tried the dual layer sock concept. The brand I first tried just never felt quite right - almost like you were too aware of the second layer. Not the case with these SOLE socks. It just feels one nice comfortable hug around my foot. Great for hiking and running. They seem well constructed and my sense is they will be quite durable - I'm pretty brutal on socks. A good investment in your feet and comfort!

Great in Uggs

I wanted a pair that I could wear in my Uggs when I’m running errands and the mediums were too thick. These are great and so so comfortable.

Great for running shoes with minimal cushioning

Great light weight insoles for running.

Great Footbed

I have Morton’s Neuroma and love walking so I purchased a really wide running shoe and this footbed. I now can walk for hours! I love it so much that I have started buying more insoles so I don’t have to keep moving them from shoe to shoe. Thank you SOLE!

Saved a pair of shoes from being useless

I had a pair of running shoes that made my heels hurt and one of my toes go numb. I was quite annoyed that I had spent money on them and gotten so little use out of them. The SOLE insoles have turned them into shoes that I can wear comfortably, standing, for hours at a time. Very much worth the minor investment in the SOLE product (on sale!), since I got a "new" pair of shoes out of the deal.


Outstanding construction and fit. Only slight trimming required to make for a perfect fit in two pairs of running shoes. I used the wear-in method for fit and took several days of wear to make the fit work just right. These are the best footbeds I have ever worn and will use more of them in other shoes, including everyday and dress.

Goodbye foot pain

I wear these in all my running shoes. They’ve taken care of the foot and ankle issues I usually encountered. The insoles are well-made, long lasting, and comfortable. Highly recommend for foot health.

Happy feet

I have been wearing my inserts for years. They are in my running shoes, boots and daily sneakers. I cannot imagine not wearing them, everyone complains about knee or arch pain…. Not me

My new favorite insoles

I have 3 pairs of these in various sizes in my ice skates, ski boots, and running shoes. The low profile fits in any and all of my existing footwear, they provide just enough support for my flat feet. I had been using a competing brand for more than 10 years but I think I found my new favorite insole.


My son was struggling on and off with achilles tendonitis and the Active Medium with met pad made a huge difference in his running comfort. He hasn't experienced the pain again since starting to use the insoles a year ago.

Thick wool insoles

These transformed my rain boots into warm winter boots. Now they are as comfortable as my high dollar running shoes.

It's so easy to SOLE!

I have wide feet and these run true to size! I have been using my first pair for 2 months now and have seen relief alongside my wellness journey. Easy to measure and fit into an everyday pair of shoes! When I have been on my feet too much (and not stretching enough), my SOLEs cushion where needed!

Very Comfortable and Warm Without Being Too Hot

I needed a pair of insoles to take up some of the void in some Canada West Chelsea boots that run a bit big. Being that it was also winter I wanted something to keep my feet warm and found the SOLE Thermal Thick with wool to be the ones to try. The heat molding process was super easy and the break in time was nothing as they felt great on first wear. More importantly they keep my feet warm, stable and comfortable without flattening out like some other thermal sheep skin insoles designed for Chelsea boots for a similar price.

Best footbeds for running and hiking

I’ve been using SOLE footbeds for nearly 10 years. They have empowered me to keep up with long distance running and backpacking.

SOLE has been with me for more than a decade

I first began using SOLE as a foot support in my running shoes when I saw that ultra-endurance athlete Dean Karnazes had a signature footbed and endorsed them. I've utilized them inside my daily work boots for healthy foot support in recent years.... if you have lower extremity foot or joint pain this could be your ticket (without a podiatrist). I must emphasize, I only use the rubber bottom footbeds (the cork/biodegradable bottoms just fall apart too quickly). I've used them in military fitness wear. I once wore a pair during a grueling SF selection course.... which included a 25 mile trek with 45lbs pack for time. Along with multiple other long mileage ruck distances. These footbeds held up in flawless fashion, supporting my movement, and overall training health in noticeable ways over the rest of my class. If you are on your feet regularly occupationally, many times we forget about the critical nature of ensuring foot support is renewed and effective physiologically. It effects the entire day, and I'm so pleased to have found this brand a decade+ ago, and that they're still around!! SOLE has a world class product, and I see why Dean endorsed their gear. Thank you for contributing to overall health of Day in/Day outers everywhere!!!!

Immediate plantar fasciitis relief

I have been wearing these exact insoles for 5 years since stumbling upon them! I was soo lucky…. At that time I was struggling with severe plantar fasciitis… was directed to an insole online store… typed in my ailment… and this product from SOLE was the first to appear. These insoles were stiff, supportive, and immediately reduced my pain by 90%. I ordered another pair immediately and rotated them through my running, work, and lifestyle shoes. Within 2 to 3 weeks my fasciitis was cured. Try these before you spend hundreds on custom orthotics…

Excellent Support

I have a lot of foot pain, probably the result of 40+ years of jobs standing all day on hard floors, running, trail running, and playing soccer. Gave up running and soccer a few years ago. I put these in my cycling shoes. They provide excellent support, pain reduction, and my feet no longer cramp while cycling (which was a nuisance). I have a custom orthotic from a podiatrist. The SOLE insoles provide a similar amount of support at a fraction of the price. They are not quite as comfortable as the custom insoles, but the comfort definitely improves as they mold to your feet. .

Comfortable Insoles

Been using these for years and keep buying more. The cork is sustainable and the insoles are comfortable. I use them in my dress shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes, and all other shoes I switch between. Fantastic insoles.

Relief for tired, aging feet

Turning 50 and still an avid trail runner here in Durango, CO. I started to have problems with the resilience of my feet. They would tire and grow sore, especially in the arches and at the balls just before the toes. I thought maybe footbeds would help a little. I have been pleasantly surprised by just how much my SOLE footbeds have helped. My feet are no longer as tired or sore as they had been before I started using them; indeed, I wish I had started using them years ago. The support they provide just make running that much more enjoyable. Definitely recommend!

great socks!

I have several pairs of the ankle and crew dual layer socks. Socks are used for running, and I was surprised how long they have lasted. I like the ankle socks better than the crew--the tops of the crew are snug.

So comfortable!

I recently started playing ball hockey and noticed that running was killing my feet. I got these and have been switching them between hockey shoes and my everyday runners and timberland high tops. World of difference!! I can’t stand to go without them now


My wife and I love these slides.

My wife and I love these slides. Very comfortable. We are not able to run barefooted on hardwood floors anymore so wear them at home and when we travel as house shoes. Just ordered some more.

Great orthotic footbeds for my running shoes

I've been wearing these for a few months and they are great, no foot pain.

No pain, comfortable

I often get sore on the bottoms of my foot while on a training run. Since I started using them I haven't had any issues. I was able to complete the 70mile race without pain. I am very happy with the product:)

Very happy with my purchase

I have developed mortons nureoma and its very painful sometimes. By using the Performance Medium with met pad, I can run forever without any problems. Highly recommend

Life changing

Without these insoles I never would be able to run pain free and as many km’s per week that I do. Couldn’t live without these SOLES.

Excellent footbeds!!!!

I recently went from regular Active SOLEs to Active MET Pad SOLEs. I like the hump in the middle of my instep. I can't quite describe the sensation/feeling. I also have other SOLEs without the MET Pad and I like to rotate between them in different types of shoes. I'm a runner and have many pairs of runners that I rotate depending on conditions, terrain, mood and pain. I currently have Active Thin, Active Medium and Active Thick. My feet do get wet from conditions which have steered me away from the Performance models. Depending on how your shoes fit, it's a little trial and error for which thickness you choose. I try and buy 2 thicknesses at a time as I want the ultimate fit in my shoes. On a side note; I purchased a pair of ON Trail waterproof runners and found that both 10.5 and 11 were too tight. Normally, I'm a 10.5, but in waterproof they want you to 1 up in size. I should have gone with 11.5, but found that with size 11 my toes were crunching the top of the shoes. After inserting the Active Thin SOLEs, my toes pulled away slightly and now touch slightly giving them the perfect fit! I finally have a pair of SOLEs in every shoe I own, including my boots. Some have MET pads some don't. I prefer it that way my feet get a fresh feeling every time I lace up a pair. I decided not to switch my SOLEs from shoe to shoe as every time I did, I felt I had to adjust them ever so slightly to get them to fit just right(personal preference). As I see it, every shoe is different and that's what makes up the difference in adjustment. For some, that may not be important, but for me, it's a matter of whether or not I can continue to run and stay away from injuries. I don't want to count how many I have, but I'm sure well over 10 pairs and counting!!!! Enough said...

go the distance

These footbeds help keep my feet in good shape and help me run and hike thousands of KM a year

Great for Skiing too.

I've used SOLEs for running, casual wear, and now skiing. They help my foot balance in the boots, it helps with comfort and control.

Great footbeds.

I've been using SOLE footbeds for several years after discovering them in a running store. I used to be an avid runner but was diagnosed with a physical condition and had to stop. I now use them in my casual shoes, keeps my foot balanced and less fatigue overall. I've tried other inserts, many didn't have longevity or were too soft. I always seem to come back to SOLE, especially since they have a variety of inserts for different shoes. My daughter, who is an avid runner now uses them too.

Footbeds are the best

Had first pair, were awesome so ordered two more pairs. Wear in running shoes, shoes and boots.

Best footbeds for all feet types!

As a physical therapist and runner, it’s hard to find solid and sturdy footbeds that last. Well, these insoles are the best! I wear them in my running shoes, work shoes, and kick around shoes. No pain and excellent arch support! No more pain equals happy feet! Recommend these to all my patients and friends!

Great for running shoes

I use in place of my runner insoles

Support for my son’s 4E width foot

Thank you for making wide inserts that helps my son’s bunion so he can stand at work and run afterwards

Start and end here. ;)

Wanted to take a moment and share my experience with these insoles / footbeds. After trying many other brands and styles, I’ve finally found the footbeds that work perfectly for my foot and shoe. I work retail and am on concrete all day long. These footbeds provide superb support with great cushioning. They fit true to size. I was able to use the Men’s W10 in a Danner 9.5 Bull Run boot without any trimming needed. Give these a try and you’ll probably love them too.

Love these!

I use the thins in all my running shoes that don't have enough room for Mediums. The provide all the same support without as much cushioning.

Careful !

The insoles are great but turned out to be just a bit too beefy for my running shoes for which they were intended …. Should have stuck to the thinner version !

Gregory Pierce

Much Bigger Difference than Anticipated

Started looking for insoles because of a deep bruise in the ball of my foot (came down on too many pointy rocks in a row trail running in the Rockies--bad luck!). Especially wanted something with a met pad. Got a good intro deal with SOLE, so went for it. Amazing! I really didn't think that the difference would be that dramatic, not only for my injury, which these definitely have helped, but just in general for the support and health and stamina of my feet. I'm 50, trail run 125-140 miles most months, and I was really beginning to feel strain in my feet these past few years. Just a general enervation in them, really, which I attribute to age more than anything. Having worn these insoles for some time now, I am, again, just amazed at the comfort and stamina the support they provide has provided. I've now purchased several more pairs for my hiking boots and my gym/lifting shoes. What a difference. Highly, highly recommended!

Great upgrade to rubber boots

Great addition to my steel toe rubber boots. Spent a week using them and my foot ache is gone. Sizing seems to run a little bit larger than true size.

Mark C

Good for running

These feel really good in my running shoes. I was worried that the met pad would feel weird, but it feels totally natural and I do like the additional support it provides.

Leslie Firstbrook

Amazing footbeds

I have 6 pairs now and I put them in all of my important footwear: ski boots, hiking boots, firefighting boots, running shoes. The consistency from style to style is nice. They are also trim to fit if they are slightly to long or wide you can trim them to fit your shoe or boot perfectly. They are supportive, but not rigid. Your foot splays throughout your stride, so I prefer a supportive footbed that is a little soft. I have both the cork and the original and they are great! Will definitely continue to buy.

Help with plantar fasciitis

I’ve been wearing these for a few weeks. Last year I had plantar fasciitis in one foot and it took a long time to resolve. When the pain started in my other foot I ordered these. I follow Philip Carcia on Instagram and he had recommended them. I figured if a guy hiking all those miles liked them then they would be worth a try! I still need to do a lot of stretching to help with the pain but I find these help - they are very comfortable and feel good in my feet. I wear them in all my shoes (running, hiking, and casual wear). They fit great.

Ryan Roberts

Truly the best

I've been wearing Thin Sport insoles in my running shoes for years and they have kept my plantar fasciitis at bay. The thin profile fits well with athletic shoes.

JT Brumley

They should call these Keystones…

Keystones are the most import part of an arch, taking on a lot of the work from the other stones. If the bones in my feet are the other stones then these sandals are the keystones. After a long run I immediately take off my shoes and put these on and walk around. They definitely have reduced my foot soreness. The only downside to them is, well, it’s Winter now! But that doesn’t stop me from putting them on anyway and driving home wearing them. Great sandals for people who are on their feet or run frequently. Good value. They also last a long time.


I've been wearing them for three weeks now. I've been having difficulty with my 2nd and 3rd metatarsals. These inserts give me the support I need to run. I like that they can be molded to my feet and are environmentally friendly.

Extremely supportive and yet comfortable footbeds.

Hello, I’ve had a chance to use these Performance Thick footbeds for about a month already and have found them to be extremely supportive while still being cushy enough to be very comfortable as well. I use the men’s size 10 in a Danner 9.5 bull run work boot and they fit perfectly with no trimming necessary. The cork really helps on those long work days. These are a must for work boots, imho. Give them a try and I’m sure you’ll be impressed too.

Chris Hooper

Amazing Product & Service

I have purchased many of SOLE's products over the years and have always been pleased. I discovered their insoles many years ago at a running convention and they really helped with my plantar issue. Since then I have continued to buy their insoles and flip-flops. Great, responsive service on my last order especially - thanks again Riley!

Give your soul some SOLE

My feet don’t hurt when I stand, walk or run. Getting a pair for each shoe. Thank you.

Holly Bent

Excellent work shoe

I’ve been wearing these for years due to plantar fasciitis Great arch support No more foot pain thanks to my soles. Runs about 1/2 size small-normally wear 7.5 and the 8 fits perfectly

Excellent footbeds

I have metatarsalgia and was prescribed orthotics which were hugely expensive. I find these just as effective and much more affordable. I have them in all my shoes now - for biking, skiing , running, hiking, and everyday wear. It is so good to be able to do all my regular activities again without painful feet.

excellent footbeds

I have metatarsalgia and was prescribed orthotics which were hugely expensive. I find these just as effective and much more affordable. I have them in all my shoes now - for biking, skiing , running, hiking, and everyday wear. It is so good to be able to do all my regular activities again without painful feet.


I wear them in my running shoes. They make such a difference. They are so good that I bought more for my regular shoes!

Excellent foot beds

I’ve been wearing SOLE footbeds for years. When I order a new pair of running shoes I automatically order a new pair of soles and have had no foot issues since I have been doing this.

Happiest feet!

I have 2 pairs of Performance Medium with Met Pad, one in my work running shoes and the other in my Blundstones. They make my day no matter what I'm up to :)

David Foreit

Beautiful shoe

These shoes are very well constructed and look great. They run just a little small but break in very nicely.

Comfortable footbed for running

The cork footbeds are very comfortable! I have very flat feet, and I don't have any pain after a good jog! Recommended!

Great for injury prevention while running

I started using these insoles and my foot related injuries/soreness have completely gone away without adding unnecessary bulk or weight to my shoes.

Mike C

Never knew what I've been missing!

I've been using cheap flip flops for years. They're convenient, and I have flat get so I just assumed they were a good match. After using these for a couple of months this summer, my feet have been thanking me. They're comfortable, have good arch support, and I can spend all day in these without any issues. The grip is nice and I haven't slipped on any smooth surfaces yet. They might run a half size small, I was kind of borderline between two sizes so size up if you are in the same situation.

Saved my training

I was struggling with chronic knee issues. My doctor did an analysis and said something like SOLE would change my running life. And it has. It helped prevent ITB pain. If you’ve been recommended orthopedics I highly recommend these!

Cynthia Murphy

SOLE saved my life

I was suffering from PTTD (Posterior Tina Tendon Dysfuncttion) and was told by one podiatrist that I need to have surgery. I saw another orthopedic doctor for a second opinion who said that there was another option. I saw a PT who gave me some exercises and I bought the SOLE inserts for my tennis shoes that he recommended. I could not believe the change in my pain since I starting wearing them. I no longer run around barefoot or in flip flops. I ordered a pair of the Malibu sandals. It is the first thing I put on my feet when I get out of bed. It is amazing. No more pain!! They are cute too! Thank you for keeping me from having a very long recovery from a surgery. Your product is life changing!!

Great footbeds

I love SOLE footbeds. I use these for my running and everyday shoes. Super comfortable and have helped with my plantar fasciitis.

SOLE is always great, Met Pads are magical, the thick sole is quite thick

I have been wearing SOLE for years, but recently tried both Met Pads and the Thick type for the first time. The Met Pads are so helpful in making my feet feel supported and good during and after a run. I will always opt for Met Pads from now on. The Thick sole is surprisingly thick. I had always opted for thin ones before. It really takes space in my shoes. I think I'll opt for medium in the future, or thin for my non-performance shoes.

Sole is always great, but those Met Pads are magical

I have been wearing SOLE for years as the only inserts that can support my high arches, but only recently did I buy the type with Met Pads, not really knowing what they are. They are amazing. I still don't know what they do, other than put support in a spot that makes my foot feel great during and after a run.

Alexander Ignatiev

The best flip flop

Flip flops are generally trash for those of us with plantar fasciitis. Not so this one. The footbed is supportive and grippy; the outsole is durable and grippy. You are not going to lose your footing in this flip flop unless you try to run long-distance in it. It has an aggressive footbed that emphasizes support and may feel slightly short; order true to size. After wearing a few times, I found the position was natural and in some ways superior to my Birkenstock Arizonas (specifically less sliding).

The best insoles ever!

This insole with met pad has saved my feet when wearing my Rykas. They are in my exercise shoes, and while I no longer jump as high or run, my feet are supported and without pain. The met pad has been the key. All my shoes, whether for exercising, walking or just everyday wear have Soles. Soooo much better than what I got from the foot doctor!

great for cold, flat feet

I have flat feet that run cold. These are the ticket. Broke in easy, fit my boots great.

Love them

Got them earlier this year & using them in my running shoes. I walk quite a bit & they are very comfortable. I need the met pad and the pain in my foot has subsided because of these insoles. I have a wide foot size 6 1/2 & ordered a size 7. They fit perfectly. I will buy them again.

Go to insoles

I've been using SOLE footbeds for many years and have several pairs in various thicknesses for different applications. For my running shoes and slippers, I use the thin ones and for hiking, working and winter boots, the medium or full volume type work well. Most of the time, I just pop them in and go but I have also used the heat-molding method and that can help to adjust them perfectly. I have wide feet and they are spreading a bit more as I get older, so the wide option works well for me. They are also very durable and I have a couple of sets that have outlasted more than one pair of shoes. Highly recommended!

Fantastic product and service!

I bought these on the advice of my foot specialist who suggested I use them while waiting 2 weeks for my expensive orthotics. (I needed the arch support.) They came quickly, fit my running shoes perfectly and provide great support. They are a good width but I wish they came in a narrow version for my flats. (They can be trimmed but…) Customer service was quick and helpful when I had a couple of questions. If you need arch support I highly recommend these. I bought all 3 thicknesses for various shoes..

These Really Work

I had the painful condition of PTTD (acquired fallen arches). I needed very major and specific support for my feet. I had heard about this product on a podiatry blog and decided to try it. I followed the instructions on heat molding, creating the future shape that my foot required to return to functioning. I could feel the relief on the very first walk with them. I showed them to my podiatrist, who gave her full approval to the shaping. They are lightweight, cushy, yet offer amazing support. I bought several more pairs to have them in all my shoes. If you need more support than you get from standard inserts, these are for you. If you need a custom made orthotic, you may want to try these first. They really work. Now several months later, my foot is no longer painful and I am back to running - shorter distances this time. Very satisfied customer.

Best insole I've found

I'm on my 3rd pair of SOLE Active Wides & they're definitely the best insoles I've come across. I run 30 miles a week, mostly on the road, at paces from 5:30-8:30/mile. I wear Altras for both road & trail, and I use one pair of these insoles for every 2 pairs of shoes. The Good: A problem I've always had with running footwear is compression in the ball of the foot leading to weirdness in my stride or lots of discomfort over time. These insoles are so dense that the above compression isn't an issue. I'm putting 400-500 miles on each pair of shoes (800-1000 miles per pair of insoles) now without any stride-altering compression in either the shoe midsole or the insole itself. I'm considering using them for a 3rd pair of shoes actually, because after 1000 miles the biggest sign of wear is discoloration where my foot contacts the insole, rather than deterioration of the insole itself. The Bad: They're really hard. If you like a cushy running shoe experience this is NOT that. But if you're looking for a great springboard to push off of mile after mile after mile, these are your insoles. 10/10 would recommend.

One word- Amazing!

I love running and working out but have flat feet. For months my hip and knee have been hurting. I decided to give these insoles a try and can’t believe how amazing they are. They provide the perfect arch support to align my body. No more pain! I bought three pairs!

Favorite orthotic

Outstanding for my suppination issues, makes walking and running fun again. So happy I found SOLE. So many other orthotics I've tried miss the mark for my needs, this one is effective and most of all comfortable AND affordable. thank you SOLE.

Robert Taylor

New to Sole products

Have been wearing sandals for many years. Tried these SOLE sandals for the first time. Really like the look and very comfortable. Will definitely be getting SOLE again Have since also bought a pair of insoles for my running shoes. Also top notch !

Kimerlea J

Catalina Flip

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis about ten years ago when a friend told me about SOLE. I bought a pair of your Catalina flips and have never looked back! That's the only flip I wear and I order two at a time, so that I don't get stuck without, if you run out of stock. They are perfect for the beach as they are waterproof. Don't ever stop making them.

Karen Stukes

Worth considering

I use SOLE footbeds for stability due to supination. My downfall was that I could not wear my favorite flip flops (with support and met pad) for my "non running shoe" times because they did not support my heel enough for the supination. I emailed SOLE to ask if they had a recommendation. The Catalina Flip was suggested since it has a deeper heel cup which, in theory, would support my supination roll. It does help, and is better than my other flip flops, but I would give it a 7/10 for stability. Now...I am a realist...I understand I am asking for support in a shoe that has no sides, so nothing will be perfect. I can wear them most of the day, for one day, then need to wear shoes with my SOLE stability footbeds the next, but it is a start! Better than no flips at all for FL days! I also use them when I go to my outdoor shower, and I LOVE that they are not slick when wet! I would likely buy them again, but would consider also trying other flips that running stores offer, just to see if anything else may provide a bit more stability. Without stability being an issue, I would highly recommend the Catalina, and I love the SOLE company and everything it represents!

Awesome inserts

I have used SOLE inserts for many years, mostly in my running shoes. Recently I had a bad case of plantar fasciitis and decided to order some inserts for all of my shoes with the MET pad. Glad I did, they work really well and my foot problem has gone! Highly recommended!


I bought these hoping they’d help my high arches. Put these in running shoes. Got them for work and at that time I was working in a boatyard doing fiberglass & on my feet on concrete all day long. After breaking in, they only got better. Now I’m in a bigger industrial shipyard, not wearing steel toe boots. WOW!!! I don’t feel a thing. Feet never hurt one bit. Definitely will get more for other shoes….thanks

Trail Running

These inserts are great for trail running. I've been a runner for over 45 years with very few injuries. I rotate them with two other SOLE inserts in two different shoes. I replace one a year. Highly recommend them.

Great product

These insoles are as good as my custom orthotics. I use them daily running or walking! Great arch support and nice padded heel cushion. Definitely helps my plantar fasciitis pain.

Worth it!

These are worth every penny. I used to run the Active versions in my military boots which really changed my life. I didn’t know anything about flat foot or plantar fasciitis back then. I have had issues my entire life with shoes. With these, I no longer have issues just walking. The Thin version is perfect for my dress shoes and some sneakers. It really depends on your shoe design what you want between the low profile and medium. Some might cry about them being hard, but you need to break them in. I run with these Thin soles and they feel perfectly fine. I have invested in a few different soles just for convenience to not constantly change them out of my shoes. Invest in yourself!


I have a plantar fasciitis and these footbeds makes my daily run very confortable

Excellent for running

This is my third pair of Active Medium which I have been using for the last 3 years. I am a regular runner but overpronate when I run. These soles provide excellent support, particularly on longer runs (over 10km) and I find I have less hip pain after the run. They fit perfectly in my running shoes and it didn't take long before I had forgotten that I have inner soles.

SOLE Arch Supports

My wife and I run 4 miles/day 6 days/week and so it's critical we have the best support possible. We purchased our first pair of SOLE arch support inserts 6 years ago upon noticing a bit of arch pain and just purchased new sets via their website. The inserts eliminated any and all tenderness, they are comfortable, supportive, and durable; they fit like a glove, and the materials of the inserts keep our feet cool and dry. If like us you need added support, you can't go wrong with SOLE.

Francie L Patterson

Save the Day with SOLE

I have been wearing SOLE for over ten years, ever since I was introduced to them at my favorite running store in Bend, OR. Each time I bought new running shoes they sold me a new pair of Soles. When I came up with hip pain I went to them, they analyzed my stride on a treadmill w/camera and recommended a level up on my Soles and my go-to running shoe. My problem was solved and saved my planned walking tour of Spain. I've been sold on SOLE ever since, they're worth the price! They fit so well, and offer different levels of support so as you age you can increase your level of comfort by upping that support.

Love 'em

SOLE inserts are a great blessing in my life. I'm able to run, hike and walk with comfort because of these wonderful inserts. I have had sprained ankles and have tried a dozen kinds of inserts before I found SOLE. THANK YOU, SOLE!

Thin enough for most casual shoes!

I bought these to wear in my casual shoes and have also have used them in my running shoes too. They are great for my plantar faciitis and are easily custom fit. They have been a great part of my recovery and will continue to wear them!

Great fit for high arches!

I bought this product after I realized the old orthotics in my shoes had caused my foot to have plantar fasciitis. The SOLE inserts have been a significant part of my recovery and I will definitely be able to keep running now! The custom fit that you are able to do was great and my foot doctor didn’t even require me to get custom orthotics!

Too Thick

Wanted more support in my running shoe and this footbed was highly recommended by several sources and the footbed finder suggested the Active Medium. I found this footbed to be too thick and it raised my foot too much and caused a lot of rubbing around my heel and I couldn't get my shoes to fit comfortably any more. I swapped to the cork thin footbed and it helped a lot.

I can run!

Every time I'd try to run, I'd end up with terrible knee pain after about 1/4 of a mile that would last for several days. I was trying knee and hip exercises with no relief. I finally looked towards my feet and found an over-pronation. With these insoles, I can run pain free! They also make my everyday shoes more comfortable. Thanks SOLE!

Love this product

I wish I knew about these sooner! I can run long distances again without any discomfort on the bottom of my foot.

Great for injury recovery and prevention.

I bought these after a heel pad contusion. They provide great arch support and the deep heel cup is great for heel related issues. It definitely sped up the recovery process. I've continued wearing them as injury prevention and honestly can't imagine ever going back. I've been using them for 5 months now. They are comfortable and the fit is perfect. I use a size 11 for a size 11.5/12 shoe. I also bought the Active Thin for my cleats and the Performance Medium for my running shoes. Very satisfied with all of them.

Works great for Mortons Neuroma and tendonitis

The Active Wide Medium insoles have helped me with Morton's Neuroma and foot tendonitis a lot. Even before I did physical therapy, which cemented my recovery and as soon as I put these in my sneakers or shoes my foot felt much better. With the therapy and Soles my foot issues are practically gone. I use these insoles for everyday walking, running, and extremely challenging hiking in Drakensberg.

Active Thick with Met Pad

Hey, this has been a solid product I have used for years and it has especially helped a lot through my collegiate running career! Highly recommend buying this for all runners and distance runners! It's super comfortable when I run!

Great insoles.

SOLE has been a big part of keeping my plantars fasciitis from becoming an issue again. Started with SOLE in my running shoes and they hold up for many kms. Liked them so much I now use them in all my main footwear.

Recovering from metatarsalgia

These insoles are helping my recovery from metatarsalgia. Dr suggested these in August, I took a month off from running and then slowly eased back into the miles. It took about 3.5-4 months to return to my pre injury mileage and the pain is now gone. I also have occasional post tibial flare ups due to flat arches and none of them has occurred since I started using these insoles. Forever a fan and will stick with these insoles.

Great insole

Short of custom-made insoles, this is the best insole I've ever worn. Comfort-wise they are equal perhaps SOLE insoles are more comfortable. Custom insoles provide more arch support. I wear it in tennis and running shoes. 5 stars for comfort, 5 stars for support. Heating and molding is a great way to shape it to your feet. Since started wearing met-pad insoles the pain I used to experience in balls of my feet after playing tennis is pretty much non-existent. I don't have anything negative to say. Great product all around.

Better than the old plastic soles!

I was a long time user of SOLE inserts for correction of over pronation associated with flat feet. They have made a huge difference for me as far as foot pain and allowed me to walk and jog comfortably for years. I was so excited to discover the they now have a recycled cork product - it's such a great model to have people return their wine corks to stores for re-use. I find that the new ReCORK soles feel springier and more comfortable that the old soles that I relied upon. I have been using them in my Saucony running shoes for 2 months now and they feel great. I wear size 8 1/2 or 39 shoes and found that the size 7/9 insert fit perfectly without trimming. I hope that more companies will follow this model of using recycled materials to create an excellent product.

Highly recommended

Really helped for pronation & knee misalignment. It’s all connected, so great for my low back pain as well. I have wide foot & high arch, the Thin insoles are ideal for most of my shoes & run true to size. I love that the heel is NOT elevated which can be common in other brands. It’s wonderfully comfy & I really appreciate SOLE getting on board with Eco friendly materials.

20+ years

Have been using SOLE inserts in my combat boots and running shoes for years. Fit and feel better than orthotics prescribed by Drs. Easy to form and comfortable to wear.

Great product

I purchased my first SOLE insole about 6 months ago. Upon inspection they looked like a first class insole. Sliding them into my running shoes was an easy task and my first steps were comfortable. I have a Dr. made expensive custom insole that was my go-to but have since changed to the SOLE insoles. Running in these has been an easy and comfortable. Since my my first pair of insoles, I have bought another 6 pairs for all my other go-to pairs of shoes! Great product. Keep it up

Nishtha C. Sanghani

SOLE is the best footbed brand

I have been SOLE customer for 15 years I am also a physical therapist and not only use SOLE myself but also recommend to my family and patients. The arch support and the level of comfort helps with any routine walks, runs, work outs, long standing activities and makes it all less painful. I have recommended SOLE to patients with knock knees, pes planus, plantar fasciitis, foot pain and also knee pain and back pain. They are very comfortable and not to forget, durable too.


Purchased these insoles (size 11 U.S. fit is exact), because my $200 pair of Asics AWL size 11 US, were causing extreme pain to my Achilles tendon. I needed a winter shoe and although the shoe fit great at the store when I purchased them, they certainly didn't after the first 10km. I was forced to go up a half size with my shoes because my right toe was feeling cramped. Decided to purchase both the Active Medium and Thick, because I wasn't sure which would be enough to fill in the extra room in my shoe and possibly elevate my foot to keep the back of the shoe from touching the upper rear portion of my foot. Ran 100 km in the Active Medium and my feet started to feel great after the first 20km, almost instantly (I didn't heat fit them to my feet). After 100km, I decide to try the Active Thick and they filled the extra space in the shoe that was needed and elevated my foot ever so slightly. First impression was a full shoe and feeling like I was 1 inch taller. At first, when I put in either insole, they felt lumpy. After about 20km, they tend to mold to your feet and feel very natural. You can, of course, heat treat them to fit, but I wasn't sure I was going to keep them, so I decided to try them, out of the package. I do get Achilles pain once in a while, but this is probably due to my running technique and not the insoles. I use my Active Medium Soles in my summer runners (Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3 in size 10.5 U.S.), which fit me perfect before inserting the Soles and fit snug after installing. 450km now and still great. I'm sure my shoes will wear out before these Soles will; they will be going in my next pair of Asics AWLs. Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Initially I found them to be expensive, now not so much because they work.

Aging Arches

My husband and I have used custom or semi-custom insoles in our athletic footwear for years. Ski boots, hiking boots, running and cycling shoes and tennis-specific shoes that are replaced multiple times each year. After 30+ years of using insoles designed to support extended recreational outings, we both have arches that are falling as we age. Luckily we discovered SOLE insoles some years ago and had converted all of our footbeds to their products. The collapsing arches may affect street shoes, but our SOLE inserts have kept our feet comfortably supported with no signs of faster fatigue. Will always wear SOLE aim as many footwear options as we can


Incredible Insoles

Absolutely love these! Have one pair in my cycling & another in my running shoes. Vastly improves the comfort & fit. My physiotherapist recommended them so hard to get a better expert opinion.

The best insoles for HSP

The Active Thin insole is the best option that I have found to support my feet. I have Hereditary Spastic Parapeligia and require high arch support to maintain what balance I have left. Since the insoles are very thin yet extremely supportive, they will work in any type of shoe. I have them running shoes and day to day casual shoes. They are also flexible enough that they do not interfere with the flex of the shoe that you are wearing, keeping the design of the shoe as it was intended. I use these insoles everyday and they have been durable, long lasting and comfortable. The insoles did take a few days to break in, I have not done a custom mold on them since they felt pretty close to begin with.


The Thermal Thick Wool insoles are wonderful! I put them in the running shoes I use for walking and have worn them on several 20° days here in Michigan. My feet have stayed warm, even with the mesh toe box the shoes have for ventilation. And they have the same great support as my other SOLE inserts. Hopefully a wide version will be offered in the future for shoes with a wider toe box. I’d recommend the wool inserts to anyone.

Absolutely worth it

I had an old pair of SOLE from high school (10+ years ago) that I forgot about. More recently, I'd been experiencing sinus tarsi pain from running/overuse that persisted despite PT, cortisone, and other non-surgical treatments. I decided to dig up the old insoles, and after wearing them for about two weeks, couldn't believe the difference. I decided to buy a second pair so that I could rotate them between runnings shoes and regular street-shoes. Overall, wearing them consistently has probably cut my pain down to 10% of what it was originally. They are true to size and fit into my shoes no problem. I wish I had started wearing them sooner (or never stopped wearing the pair I got in high school)!

great product

This product helps with Norton's neuroma. Fits in my running shoes & boots really well.

Great Insole

I have been using inserts for decades. I have low arches. I have tried MANY different products including $500 custom orthotics. I am also a runner. 20-25 miles per week. Expensive customs wear out. Not unlike any other. It can become a money drain. Off the shelf insoles from various suppliers are very generic. Too spongy, not light weight, not enough arch support and wear out quickly. A friend passed along to me a recommendation from his podiatrist. "SOLE" insoles. I looked over a lot of info from the SOLE website as well as from other sources and decided to try the SOLE Active Medium. SOLE provides a wide variety of insoles, as well as other products, to suit MANY different needs and foot and body designs. This alone separates SOLE from other offerings. It is also very obvious that they have done their due diligence on R&D and have included some very smart and experienced people into the works to develop products for a wide dynamic of people and purposes. I have low arches and a knee that has had cartilage repair and a torn stretched to useless ACL. (Skiing injuries from my youth). The soles obviously won't repair these things but provide support and alignment that allow me to run comfortably and vigorously without pain. I bought my first pair, used them for about 2 months and then bought another pair. All total I have been on them for about 5 months now. I also played Hockey for decades. Skate providers went away from traditional leather outer shells quite a few years ago and adopted moldable outer shells. You warm up the skate in an oven, quickly put them on, lace them up tight and the skate adopts the shape of your foot. Providing a very custom fit. It took a minute but once I got used to them I fell in love with the technology. The EVA base in the Active Mediums is very much similar. I did not put them in the oven I just put them in my shoe and wore them to shape. It took running on them about 10 times until they formed to fit. This wear in period was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but since then they have been awesome... Now they fit great and are beyond comfortable. They are super supportive, lightweight, and I can trust them to be perfectly in place with every stride. I love the product, I love the price point. Customer service has been excellent. I am absolutely a SOLE customer for life. You might think that I am just a shill for SOLE who is being somehow compensated. I assure you that I am NOT. I'm a very satisfied customer who is simply illustrating my experience with their product. This is a product that I truly need and very much appreciate. I am 61 years old. A life long athlete. This product allows me to continue to enjoy training and competitive athletics... Priceless.... Thank you SOLE


Best inserts ever!

Hello SOLE Team! I’ve used these black inserts for… over 10 years and there is no comparison for over the counter inserts! These carried me through my 20+ year active duty Army career, and I used them in my running shoes and boots, and now everyday in my post-military work, which I’m on my feet all day as a veterinarian! Way back when, I used to get custom made arch supports but these are essentially equivalent! Thank you for creating such an awesome insert!

Great support

I have very high arches, narrow feet and plantar fasciitis. I gave been told I am high risk for collapsed arches, told that's very painful, and have been going to physiotherapy for foot and related knee pain. Custom orthotics were quoted at $300 with Insurance only covering maximum 50%. I thought I'd give these a try first! I did not heat fit them as I was worried about getting it right, instead choosing to fit them by wearing. First few days were an eye opener, my toes clenched and I was uncomfortable wearing them for long periods if time. 2-3 hours at once was enough. I am on my feet, running after kids all day at work so I needed more support than drugstore insoles. After wearing them for a week my feet felt so much better at the end of the day! I really needed the extra arch support and my feet have relaxed, no more toe clenching! I will be getting another set for my ski boots and anticipate a much more comfortable downhill ski season this year. 100% would recommend trying these before getting expensive orthotics if you have high arches.

Game changer

I have genetic flat feet. I'm 44, and have lived the "strenuous life." Very active - hiker, power lifter, stone mason, former Marine. Over the last 4 years I've developed pttd, and over the last 5 months it's gotten very painful. As someone who can usually physically do whatever I want, having to avoid simple things like stairs has been very difficult physically and mentally. I have tried lace up ankle wrap braces, custom rigid orthotics that cost 1000.00 dollars, special shoes, and been religious about foot strengthening- they all sort of work, but there's always some pain. I have routinely been told "otc" orthotics aren't effective. Regardless on a whim I bought a pair of SOLE insoles, and after I put them in my gym shoes -INSTANTLY - the pain went away almost completely. I bought a second pair for my Danner hiking/work boots, with the same result. I can't wrap my brain around how there can be such an immediate dramatic change, but running up and down my stairs without a second thought or wincing in pain is absolutely amazing. I haven't worn them long, but they seem durable. I hope they hold up, though for this level of regained mobility, I'd buy a new pair every month if I had to. My hope is, as they are clearly relieving the strain on my tibial tendon and over pronation, over time with continued wear and foot strengthening I can reverse some of the damage done.

Relieving pain

My podiatrist recommended this for metatarsalgia. It's relieving the pain and discomfort. I also rested for a month and cut back on the running mileage. The situation is definitely improving, and I know this process will take awhile. The arch support also seems better than my previous insoles. Will be buying more of these.


I have them in three pairs of footwear. They do make walking and standing more comfortable. There is less room for thicker socks so a bit of a problem for me in cold weather as my feet run cold.

Michael A Lynd

The best insoles available

These are the best insoles available anywhere. I started out using the SOLE DK Signature insoles and switched to these when they were discontinued. All of my SOLE insoles have been great, but these are my favorites. I have them in all of my shoes, boots and running shoes. Since I switched to SOLE from Superfeet I’ve had no more issues with plantar fasciitis, and no foot pain or fatigue. They aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny. Try them. You’ll be glad you did.

Very comfortable

These fit in my running shoes great and are very comfortable. Great arch support and very fast shipping!

Great insole for cycling

I bought this product on the recommendation of my physiotherapist, to help with the “hot foot” syndrome I was experiencing during long bike rides. For this purpose the insole has been very effective, as I no longer experience the problem. The fit in a road cycling shoe is tight and requires some trimming of the insole. So far I’ve been very happy with this product. I’ve been using it for a month now on my bike trainer and outdoor rides. I liked it so much I bought matching insoles for my running shoes as well.

Run time!

I keep these in my running/gym shoes too get the most miles out of them while providing rigid arch support for everyday wear as well. Didn't have to trim them to fit in my shoes and comfortable as always.

Jason s mckay

Pad is in just the right spot

Needed a slider or flip for after a run or soccer game. Saw that these had a metatarsal pad and wanted to see if that would alleviate some of the post run abuse my feet suffer from. So far, so good. Solid construction, comfy padding (that included the bump for the metatarsal), the band over the top of the foot and between the toes is soft and comfortable as well.

smiling feet

I needed quality XL size insoles to stop my foot pain. SOLE was a home run for me. Easy to buy and exactly what I needed. Life is good when you find a company that helps supply what you need without a hassle. My feet thank me everyday.

Game changer

After not being able to run for months this year due to the dreaded neuroma, I am excited to say I am running pain free. I couldn’t understand why numerous pairs of shoes did not eliminate the pain. Odd to say, it’s not about the shoe - but more about the sole! The soles fit perfectly in my shoes, no blisters, just ready to go. I love the cork material, a sustainable product, and a quality product too!

Perfect for runners

The performance line is excellent - the cork molds nicely to the foot using the oven heat method. I found the medium thickness to be overly bulky in both my road and trail running shoes and so tried the performance thin instead - much better. The cork provides a bit of cushioning along the bottom of the foot and is not too aggressive into the arch. Sizing recommendation is spot on. I’m a size 9 in most casual shoes, a 9.5 in most runners, and the 10 fits without any trimming adjustment required. Bonus that the cork is recycled. A great product to promote sustainability.

wearing for years

I used the Active Thick for work for about 6 years for work shoes as a server and in winter boots, now I use them for walking shoes too. I get pain in my heel when I don't have enough cushion so I like these best for walking in, especially for long periods. With the right shoes I can walk for many hours with no pain, even on harder surfaces. Not as good as the Medium for running in because they are more rigid, but much better for when I'm not running. I need to size up tight-fitting shoes by a half size to allow these to fit as my usual size 9 runners made me feel like I was losing circulation with these in them but feels great with a 9.5. My boots still fit them fine with a 9. Immediate improvement when switching to a fresh set and then gets better in the next couple wears as it molds to the foot.

Great inserts!

These things are outstanding. I wish I had discovered them years ago. They allow me to run longer distances and with less fatigue and pain. They are also very well made and durable.

Awesome product

The Active Thin insoles are incredibly useful for me. I started to use them 7 years ago after a piece of advice from a podiatrist as I am having a mild flat-foot and I was getting sole pain after walking or running. Since I used them, my problem disappeared completely. I am using them in all my shoes, whether classic ones or sports ones. I usually remove the original footbed and replace them with my SOLE insoles and once they are in place, I am comfortable with no walking issue. I did not have to mould them as I believe they should maintain their original curve to support the foot arch. At least this worked for me. I have bought 8 pairs up till now to cover all my shoes. Highly recommended product.

Just What I Needed

This is the second SOLE product I have purchased. The first pair were for my regular running shoes to provide more cushioning and arch support. This pair are specifically for my trail runners. They were much too neutral a shoe but with these insoles I have been able to do long trail runs and hikes. After chemo therapy affected the muscles in my feet I developed plantar fasciitis. I've followed all the protocols, doing all the exercises and stretches prescribed. These insoles provide the support and comfort I need to keep active and progressing in my journey back to fitness. After using them for a month I can feel such a difference! I won't be without them in any runners from now on!

Great for athletic shoes

I bought performance insoles recently to add to my other insoles . They provide excellent support helping to keep planter fasciitis and Achilles pain at bay. I have these insoles in my crossfit, tennis and running shoes. My athletic shoes always fit great with the insoles inserted. I go up a half size in shoes for a better fit.

Great for athletic shoes

I bought Performance insoles recently to add to my other insoles . They provide excellent support helping to keep planter fasciitis and Achilles pain at bay. I have these insoles in my crossfit, tennis and running shoes. My athletic shoes always fit great with the insoles inserted. I go up a half size in shoes for a better fit.

These Work!

Super. I will definately buy another pair. These orthotics fit perfectly into my running shoes. I didn't even need to adjust them! I have recommended this product to several people already. It has relieved the pain I had which was related to a bunion forming. I can wear them all day and my feet feel great after wearing them.

Great Support

I bought these for my wife to go in her high end running shoes (that include a generic insole). She previously had forefoot issues, but found the met-pad very supportive and has not had any issues. She prefers them to her custom made orthotics and will get another pair of SOLEs for her ski boots.

Expect break in period

I am a runner/athlete. Have been for decades. I'm 60 years old and very fit. I run about 25-30 miles per week. I do not have flat feet but my arches are NOT pronounced. Without support under my arches my feet get sore quickly. I have used MANY different types of insoles to support my arches. I have had relatively good luck over the years with top line athletic Dr. Scholl's and also expensive custom orthodics. Dr. Scholl's are a bit heavy and a bit squishy, due to the Gel component and lack of a hardened bottom, but have been okay. Customs have all been a crap shoot and have all been costly. $500 range. A friend made me aware of the SOLE product. I did a lot of reading and photo gazing and concluded that this is a product certainly worth trying. I am a shoe size 10.5 so had to trim the front of the insole to fit. No problem. They cut relatively easily with a good scissor and because I've had to trim about a hundred of the Dr. Scholl's I did not mess it up. I have put approx 50 miles on the SOLE's. They are light weight and have not caused any chaffing or callousing. Although the first few runs there was a bit of instep and toe rub. At first they did not fit my foot shape and seemed VERY ridged. But they have done what SOLE claims and have molded to the shape of my foot. I played hockey for years. I understand how this material works as Hockey Skates also need to be oven baked a couple of times and then worn to adapt to your foot and ankle. At this point everything is great. They're light weight, provide great arch support, there is no squishiness due to them not having a gel component, no heel bruising or tenderness, no foot odor. All good... I've ordered a second pair as well for my daily walking around shoes. Thank you SOLE for a great product.... 5 stars...

Amazing soles

I have been using these inserts for probably six or seven years now. I started using them to make my shoes more supportive and comfortable. Now, I use them in practically every shoe (I use my older soles in shoes that I only wear once in a while and use the new ones in my every day shoes). I always use the heat method to mold them to my feet. I wear a size 10.5 in running shoes but just use the women’s 10 sole (even though it’s suggested to by a size up and trim down to fit). They make every shoe better.

Life saving insole

Love this insole. I’ve got a bad case of metatarsalagia and have been on the hunt for non-surgical relief without having to completely replace my sneakers, dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, running shoes and cycling shoes. This insole solved that problem. Easy to swap between shoes but always providing the net relief I need. I love the higher heel cup, the moment you put it in the shoe and lace it up you can feel your heel supported and hugged without being too tight. I cannot recommend the Active Medium with met pad enough!! If you have foot pain, pick a set up and watch the pain become more manageable and hopefully go away!

Like magic

My son's feet were hurting really bad after track season started and we were referred to a foot specialist who suggested SOLE. So glad he did because within one day of using Sole, my son was able to run again without much pain. We have only using SOLE for about 6-7 months and just had to buy a 2nd set but my son loves them as he has no pain when using these!!

Great foot bed!

This foot bed is incredible. I have been running and ski touring with it and I am very impressed. Highly recommend!

Wonderful addition to my trail shoe

I've started needing more arch support as my feet age, and these were one of the brands recommended by my podiatrist. I bought these to fit my wide toe box trail runners. They raise my heel slightly out of the heel cup on one side, but I haven't had issues with blisters from it. After a few short break-in runs, I took these out on a 25k and was grateful for the support. I would have liked to have had the metatarsal pad, but my feet felt great after the race even without it. Easy to trim, great material.

First pair, love them!

Worn them for over a month now and really like them! I'm running 20-25 miles / week and have suffered w plantar fasciitis mildly in the past and doing well so far! Recommend using oven as directed to help mold to feet - feel custom!

First pair, love them!

Worn them for over a month now and really like them! I'm running 20-25 miles / week and have suffered w plantar fasciitis mildly in the past and doing well so far! Recommend using oven as directed to help mold to feet - feel custom!

Robert Wiebe

Very comfortable

I purchased these flips in June, and find them very comfortable. I wanted something I could walk into to go out to the garden, and kick off when I was done. They 're even comfortable to drive in. I have plantars faciatis and knee arthritis so I needed proper support. The cork footbed is very helpful and I am experiencing less foot and knee pain. I have even work them all day out running errands, and have much less knee pain than before.

Great value, great product.

Always had issues with flat feet, requiring some form of support. These insoles were perfect for my run racing flats and immediately remedied the pain and blisters I was getting. I will be coming back for more pairs!

Pain relief!

My husband developed plantar fasciitis; we stopped in a local running store and the owner highly recommended the Active Thin inserts. What a difference they have made for him! It takes a few days but with the inserts, stretches and exercise his feet are so much better. When I woke up one more with my feet feeling cramped and on fire, he told me to try the same inserts. Within two days, my pain was significantly less (plus no more bare footing for me). We both have custom inserts from our foot doctor, these Active Thin inserts work so much better for us and last several months. We’re definitely sold!

Pain relief!

My husband developed plantar fasciitis; we stopped in a local running store and the owner highly recommended the Active Thin inserts. What a difference they have made for him! It takes a few days but with the inserts, stretches and exercise his feet are so much better. When I woke up one more with my feet feeling cramped and on fire, he told me to try the same inserts. Within two days, my pain was significantly less (plus no more bare footing for me). We both have custom inserts from our foot doctor, these Active Thin inserts work so much better for us and last several months. We’re definitely sold!

Year after year

I hiked 2000+ miles in these insoles. They are worth it in the long run. They have definitely outlasted all the boots I've put them in over the years. Thanks again folks!

Have used these for years.

I have used these SOLEs for 20 years or more. First for plantar, then to support my feet. I have the SOLEs in every pair of shoes and running shoes I own. I do have some SOLEs that are probably close to 20 years old but finally worn to the point I need change most of them. Great product I hope to use them for next 20 years.

Foot problem corrector!

I had been having bad foot pain in my big toes when I went to bed after running. I have a high arch, and the podiatrist recommended a metatarsal pad, which helped a little. After adding these insoles to my shoes, toe pain and hip pain went away. I deleted the extra metatarsal pad since these had them built in (a plus for me). Pretty great, and a surprise as I had just accepted that the pains were to be expected with my advancing age (55). I've been using the Performance Thin with Metatarsal pad for about a month now, and it took about a week for me to normalize with them. They didn't have any break in period per se, they just worked fine out of the box. Had to do a little trimming to fit my shoe exactly, but no big deal with a pair of scissors. The cork base is good, and appears to be very durable (I have plenty of cork shoes that last well). The rigid nature seemed like it would be an issue for shoe flex, but I haven't noticed anything different. Glad to be back in the happy zone and out of the pain zone!

great insert

I have orthotics to help with metatarsalgia - that cost nearly $500 - and I prefer these inserts. They are just as comfortable ( maybe more) than the orthotics. I have been able to begin running again with them. And with the price point of $60 I can buy more than one pair. Finally I don't have to keep switching inserts in and out of various shoes. I have already bought more.

Brenda Holden

Supportive All Day

My Chiropractor suggested I find a sandal with great support and sent me off to our local running store. Discovered SOLE products. This little heel gives me the lift and support I need to work in them 8+ hours a day. This is my 9th summer. Thank you

Long time user

Retired firefighter and former long distance triathlete. I have been using these since 2013 for my running shoes and then started put them in all my shoes, including my structural and station boots. The cork beds seem a bit firmer and I’m sure will work as well or better than the older style. I started buying the insoles to help with arch support as I increased my mileage but found them helpful biking ( the thin gray inserts) and also hiking ( the thicker black and also blue inserts). Great product 👍👍

Good for planar faciitis

I ordered these for my running shoes after dealing with PF for a few weeks. I first got shoes with more cushioning/support with marginal benefit. The insoles fit perfectly inside my shoes right out of the box. For reference, they’re in a pair of NB Fresh Foam 1080v11. No need to cut them down. I wore them for a few days without running to allow them to mold. I was able to increase running distance by double (5k to 10k) with considerably less pain the next day.

Lisa Quinby

Stylish and comfortable

These are my new live-in flip flops. I’ve been wearing them daily for about 2 weeks - working from home and running errands. Incredibly comfortable with just enough arch support. I probably could have gone a half-size smaller and would likely do that if I reorder, but overall great purchase.

Brian Mallette


Was having some issues with shin splints. And a fellow runner suggested I check out SOLE. So glad I did. The new insoles are comfortable and give me the support I was needing. My shin splints had subsided after a few runs with the new insoles.

Simply, THE BEST!

I hope this helps you make your decision to purchase SOLE orthotics. I have flat feet and find this is the best I have tried. I have tried the SOLE with natural cork. I like them both. I have had custom orthotics and these SOLE orthotics are by far superior. I have tried the Superfeet brand also. The SOLE came out on top. With flat feet I needed to add additional arch support. I have had the SOLE product with and without the met pad. I prefer the met pad. I use these in all my shoes. I primarily work all day on my feet on concrete. I don’t run so I cannot attest to that aspect of their use. They do work well in biking shoes, hiking boots, and athletic shoes. Thanks Dave

My inserts

I originally bought this product on the recommendation of an employee at the shoes store I used to buy my running shoes from. They carried them so I bought a pair. Previously I had a custom made pair of inserts from the podiatrist. While these worked perfectly fine, they were worn out and I didn't want to spend $400 plus to have a new pair made. The SOLE active inserts worked just as good for alot less money. They are my go to inserts now. I have tried a couple of different brands just to compare but I always come back to SOLE.

Excellent Met Support

My chiropractor recommended SOLE inserts for support in my Saucony running shoes. I’m 67 and walk about 5 km a day. The Active Medium with Met Pad was recommended on the website and I bought a size 8 online. I wear 7.5 shoe. The inserts are well made but have quite a strong chemical smell at first. I trimmed a little off the toe to fit in each shoe. They felt comfortable and supportive right away and I’ve never had any blisters or rubbing from them. I’m very happy I didn’t have to buy new shoes or custom orthotics. I will buy another pair for my hiking boots this winter.

Great tool

Suffered planters injury in the past when I began to run again after knee surgery. Been using the Active Medium with met pad for about three weeks and it's a great tool.

Great product

At the recommendation of the shoe salesperson, I've been using SOLE Ultra inserts in all my tennis shoes for the past 5+ years. When my toe became sensitive in my running shoes, I ordered SOLE Active Medium inserts and haven't had an issue since. SOLE inserts fit perfectly and give me the support and cushion I need for all my active wear shoes. I wouldn't be without them.

Part of the recovery process

A recommended product. I have been using this insole for a couple of weeks. Took some getting used to. I would recommend using it to walk around in a bit before trying it in a run. The SOLE is not an answer in of itself but has been part of an answer to help me get over a metatarsal injury. Soft trails, soft shoes, and the SOLE inserts, along with ice , anti inflammatory cream , and massage have me on the road to recovery.

Liked the soles so much I got the shoes

These SOLEs, and l like both the thin and thin + meta pad inserts, are awesome for running. They fit easily in my shoes, and I didn't even need to trim them. My feet feel better as well as my knees after a 5 mile run. I'm an older runner, so support in the feet is needed. I liked the SOLEs so much that I ordered two of the ReCORK shoes with the same foot beds. I used to be a superfeet fan, but now will only get SOLEs for my shoes.

Saved my feet

I saw the podiatrist for plantar fasciitis. He recommended Hoka running shoes and SOLE inserts. I bought the Hokas and my pain didn’t get any better, so I added the SOLE inserts and the pain resolved after my first wear. I stand all day for work, so I keep a pair at work and a pair in my running shoes. I am sold on these! I have been wearing them for about 6 weeks now and they make every shoe incredibly comfortable. They saved my feet!!


These are my second pair of SOLEs and I used the Active Thick for my runners. I hate and I mean hate to run, but these have really upped my game when I do need to run for military PT. They are extremely comfortable and durable and will last for many years.

Fabulous foot comfort

I really don't like squishy inserts. I have high arches and a narrow heal and these help cup my heal and support my arch. They are now in my running sneakers, shoes, and hiking boots. I won't wear shoes without them if I'm going to be on my feet for hours!

Just what I needed

Squishy inserts don't help me. I need something that cups my heal and offers good arch support. These are perfect. These and the cork version are going in all of my shoes. Great for my running sneakers, day shoes, and hiking boots. Love them.

Paul J Faulkner

Best support for older feet

We think the SOLE Softec Response is the best thing going for our aging feet. Both my wife and I have high arches and as we're in our 60s, we start to feel it in our feet after an active day. We feel the inserts have kept our feet injury free. They enable us to continue to use our running shoes and work boots after the original insoles wear out. Most times we replace the original insoles with the Sole Softec Response in a new purchase. The more we wear them, the more they conform to our feet .


return customer

no complaints here, this is my second pair [1st pair is still going strong, I just got sick of switching insoles every time I switch my shoes, and these have a little more cushion which is appreciated]. I have very high arches that lead to a foot injury last summer and stopped me in my tracks. My podiatrist recommended insoles all the time, not only while running. I'm able to walk/hike/backpack/run/race comfortably now, and I appreciate that SOLE is sustainably minded.

Dylan Robertson

Versatile Insole for a Great Price

I've been buying SOLE foot beds for years now and have used them in a variety of applications : hunting, cross country skiing, mountain biking, trial running and hiking. I love the heat moldable feature as well. I am grateful for the quality of SOLE!

Michael Watson

I am a believer!

I've been trying several different companies who make footbeds/insoles. I bought my first pair of SOLE from a Facebook add, about 5 weeks ago I went on the cheaper side and bought the work insole under $40. Since then I have ordered two additional pair (differing models) and plan to order several more. I have added these to my work shoes, my running shoes and my hockey skates. It's not very often that I find a product that truly lives up to the promises, but this one does. Great value, worth the investment in your feet. I am truly a believer!

Great for running

I have high arches and was having pain under the ball of my foot. These insole fixed that immediately. Highly recommended.

Feet are in love

I purchased a variety of SOLE products for all of my shoes. Boots, running shoes, work sneakers, casual sneakers. I did the oven/heated custom fitting as recommended, and the SOLEs have formed to my feet perfectly (I have a medium arch). I'm finally at a place where I love putting on any shoe and moving around without pain and discomfort. I can finally purchase stylish shoes without looking like I rolled out of the foot doctor! My running game is back on, and the impact absorbing material doubles my recovery time. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone.

Running shoe insole

I run 20-30 miles per week. Provides great support and comfort

So far so good!

Originally I bought these to alleviate toe pain from an old turf toe injury. I liked that they are made from recycled cork and that they are molded to my foot. They fit great in my On Cloudboom runners without a need to trim them. I've had them for about a month and, granted I haven't done much for long distance, I haven't experienced any toe pain and really like the added support they provide. Only issue is I notice they make a low squeaking noise when I walk. Don't really notice it when I run though.

Christine M Brewer

technical review

My name is Chrissy Brewer and I am a Certified Pedorthist and a Certified Orthotic Fitter and I love SOLE flips and slides. I have been a fitter for over 27 years and many people just want something easy to put on and lets their feet breathe, especially in the summer. The way SOLE supports the foot and the way it aligns the body is exceptional. I recommend them to anyone who wants sandals and I also recommend them to the diabetics I fit for shoes to help them stay compliant with wearing something on their feet, even when they get up at night to go to the bathroom. I wear them myself and have gotten them for all of my family. Make more, they run out of stock quickly and don't ever stop, I wouldn't know what to do without mine. :)

Take no steps! Without this.

If you are on your feet all day or night, walking on hard (concrete) surfaces or uneven ground while hiking or running, this footbed will not only keep your feet comfortable but they will help align your back so that you're not placing pressure on one section of your feet causing back pain and spine misalignment. These were recommended to me by a board certified podiatrist for arch support, but I have discovered over the years I've been wearing them that they are much more than arch support. Without a good foundation life can be challenging. Wearing these may not eliminate those challenges but they will make them easier to bear. I wouldn't consider wearing any shoe without these inside with the exception of my reefs. I know these cost more than their competitors but once you've experienced the quality and comfort, you'll realize they have NO competition. These are life changing!

Paul J Faulkner

Worth every penny

I feel Softec Ultra insoles have saved me from a lot of foot problems as I have gotten older. We have high arches and am on our feet a lot. We are in our 60's. I first bought them in a military clothing store. Many military members were using them during overseas deployments. I used them during my deployment. I have tried some of the other types, but come back to the SOLE Softec Ultra. It's been over 15 years and I have some of the original soles in boots that don't receive lot of use. Now my wife is sold on them. She had a pair of hiking boots ready to be thrown out. I replaced the factory insole with a Softec Ultra thick and she said they felt like a new pair of boots! We don't heat them, but let them form to our feet over time. They are expensive, but save money over the long run.

Great support!

I am happy with the SOLE insoles and have them in all my shoes including running shoes. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past and wearing these insoles give me the support I need. I have been using them for at least 12 years.

Great results

These insoles have been a key part of my eliminating achilles and arch pain. It keeps me running without pain. They are in all my everyday and running shoes now. It does take a little time to feel comfortable while running if you haven't had this good type of support in the past but they allow me to run injury free for the problems caused by lack of arch support in the past. I have been using them for the last 1-1.5 years and love the results.

Works very well for my metatarsal pain

After an increase in snow shoeing and cross country skiing frequency, I began to feel acute pain in my metatarsal head when walking, especially barefoot on hard surface, but then it progressed to walking at all times unless I taped my foot to lift the metatarsal heads. It's tough to tape your skin daily so it was time to finally get orthotics. I bought a thin pair with met pad for my every day shoes and the thick ones with met pad for running. With the insoles I was able to KEEP running in spite of the injury (although I taped at the same time at first) but soon stopped the tape and the orthotics alone were enough to give me relief. After about 6-8 weeks it had healed enough that I could walk barefoot indoors occasionally without pain. I still prefer to wear the insoles on a daily basis as my transverse arch has chronically dropped and it is more comfortable to walk/run with them supported by the insoles. I am also a physiotherapist and I recommend these SOLE moldable arches as a first resort before spending hundreds of dollars on custom orthotics. Great service also!


Love the insoles. I'm back to running and feeling great.

Extends shoe lifespan

I love my shoes but the inside is wearing out after some time. Just changed the inner sole with an Active Thick SOLE and they feel like new again. This is solid material. Did the same with my running shoes as the outer sole is still in good shape. Also, this new sole helps strengthening my feet arches.

Kevin Miazga

Unreal insoles, made the mistake of running in them.

Great insoles, they help with my low arches, big time.. awesome in casual shoes.. I made the mistake of wearing these for a 12 km run though. The suede fabric, which looks dope in my casual shoes, didn't work so good once my feet started sweating... had 2 savage blisters by the end of it caused by the wet suede fabric chafing, I think. I've gone back to my SOLE Active insoles for running but still love these bad boys for my casual kicks!

Fantastic support in my errand shoes

I could walk around all day downtown running errands with these footbeds, they are so comfortable. it's almost like a massage for the bottoms of my feet as I walk and do errands.

Best solution for my plantar fasciitis

I was looking for a solution to persistent plantar fasciitis from playing tennis and running. Tried stretching, taping, ice, rest with mediocre results at best. Using the selection tool on the SOLE site, I purchased a set of medium cork insoles over a month ago. The PF went away within the first week of using the insoles and I haven't had a hint of it returning since. Very pleased with the product and the use of a renewable resource (cork) in a meaningful way.

Supports Entire Running Frame

This is my second pair, two pair of shoes. After trying the 1st pair I found that I no longer needed my sorbothane heal pads. For those who don't know what they are, they came to market over 40 years ago. They absorb sock in a great way, used to protect the body from they wear of various prosthesis and ballistic vests. I have used them for over 40 years with no running injuries. SOLE replaced them without any issues. The SOLE Active with Med Pad keeps my ankles, legs, and hips in alignment. My quicker recovery from runs can be attributed to their use. Try them

Like Having Brand New Shoes!

I'd been having back and heel pain and I have high arches, which sometimes makes my feet hurt too. Once I slipped these into my running shoes, not only did my shoes feel like they were brand new, but within a couple of days, my back and heel pain was gone! Such an awesome product. I'm telling everyone!

These insoles saved my running career

These insoles saved my running career. I started having alot of trouble with my feet last summer- was recommended these insoles by someone at the Running Room. This is the second time I've ordered them in 6 months and all I can say is wow!!! Will be ordering these twice a year. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!

Lorna Conner


I have had 3 surgeries to my I am in constant pain in my neck...back and feet. I purchased these and they are by far the only thing that keeps my neck and back aligned feet are the most comfortable they have been in years. I wear them all day long...I wish you would make running shoes out of this material...I would buy them. I have just purchased the cork insoles and fingers crossed they are going to help....I unfortunately can't wear sandals outside in the winter time. I highly recommend these....I just ordered another pair lol


Two years ago I was having a lot of pain in my feet I went too a Podiatrist after a examination found I did not need special orthodics made. I was sent to a store that sells running shoes and SOLE inserts, they have eliminated most pain. I am very satisfied with this product.

Love it!

I have plantar fasciitis and it was bad enough that even my running shoes didn't feel good after a few hours. I got these insoles about a month ago and my foot pain is gone! Unbelievable, been fighting this for two years and wish I'd pulled the trigger and bought them sooner. Totally worth every penny.

They helped!

I am a supinator and running and walking has become painful due to improper alignment. I wear wide toe shoes and have even tried custom orthotics. I have been wearing these for 30 days (and stretching somewhat more) and it is making a significant difference. I am buying a second pair for my second pair of running shoes.

narrow but crazy comfortable

i was surprised at how narrow these were in the toe box. even for my Nikes that run on the narrow side my big toe slips off the edge. that being said i will not be taking them out of my Nikes any time soon. they are so comfortable! I feel like my foot is being hugged. I originally bought them for my Altra hiking boots but I'm glad they found a home in my other shoes. I will be ordering them in wide for the boots soon.

Great support!

Highly recommended!! Fits great in my Hokas, true to size, amazing support for walking or long periods of standing. May be too bulky for low profile running shoe.

Best Ever

I've used SOLE for a long time. I have three pairs of SOLE inserts used for long distance trail running on tough hilly terrain, rock, mud, snow, etc. The protection support and comfort is the best. I never run without them.


I bought these for my son, who has been using these during his runs.

older runner

excellent product. with 49 years of running experience sole is keeping me running!

Amie Lankowski


I've used SOLE since I started running in the early 2000's. Tons of miles, 56 marathons and numerous 5ks, 10ks and halfs. My feet thank me and my wallet is happy.

Excellent product

I have high arches and slight pronation. These soles fit beautifully in my running shoes and prevent discomfort and possible injury. I especially love how they can be molded to fit the specific shape of my feet. An excellent product!


Works well for me

Thin and supportive, great for sneakers, running shoes etc


Best for Comfort and Durability

My husband happily replaced his favorite Rainbows with these, which is saying something since he wore those every single day here in California. These are better! He wore them all Summer and said it was very comfortable with the squishy top and flexible sole. He's a strong guy who wears holes through his trainers (replaces his running shoes every season), but these SOLE flip flops held up so great that they seems like they'll last forever. Bought a second pair!

Craig Power

Typical SOLE

Great boot for running errands in the slush and snow. I'm sold on SOLE because custom orthodics could not cure my plantar fascias nor metatarsalgia like the normal SOLE products. Who'd have known?!

Knees feel better.

As a pain-free runner for about 30 years I was mortified when my right knee began really hurting in April. Despite icing and taking it easy things weren't getting better so I went to the physical therapist in early May. John gave me two "prescriptions"" 1. a series of exercises which I haven't been good at doing, and 2. to buy SOLE active insoles -- which I ordered that day. The insoles made a world of difference -- as John said they would -- my knee soreness greatly decreased within weeks so I could briskly walk the dogs five to ten miles per day. Recently I've started running again -- with my SOLE inserts -- and so far, so good.

Excellent product

I suffer from plantar fasciitis. SOLE was recommended by my doctor. I tried medication, physical therapy but nothing worked. I purchased SOLE inserts, Active Thick and I am able to run without pain. I have purchased another two pairs to have them in all of my shoes.

Judy pritchett

Perfect for plantar fasciitis

This is the second pair of slides I've gotten from Sole. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet. On recommendation from my MD I started wearing them and have gotten long lasting relief!! I can finally walk with no pain!! This pair runs a 1/2 size small so go up a 1/2 a size. The Velcro makes for a good fit. Definitely will buy again!!

Great. Just bought more

These are great! I've tried others for work, hiking, running (okay, jogging), and every day use. But I've found SOLE.

Amie Lankowski


I've used SOLE since I started running in the early 2000's. Tons of miles, 56 marathons and numerous 5ks, 10ks and half's. My feet thank me and my wallet is happy.

best for running shoes

The Active This is a great upgrade to your running shoes. Should you need just a little more support this moldable insole is a great add on. Swap you stock insole for this and get on your merry way. A twinge of Plantar Fasciitis then this is the band aid with mercurochrome. No trimming necessary and you will know it's there but in a good way.

My feet are happy!

I've been wearing SOLE for years. With each new pair of running shoes, I get new inserts, put them in the shoes and continue to walk and jog. These inserts fit my shoes, they are supportive. The inserts are cushioned, thick enough to be completely comfortable, but do NOT make the shoes too tight! SOLE makes my feet happy!

Peggy E Ross

Sigh Shoe

I am a fan of Sole moldable orthotics and sandals so decided to give Sigh a try. They run large but work well with heavy socks. The arch is perfect and has gotten better. There is plenty of toe room. I bought these to wear as indoor winter slippers. Easy to slip on. They are exactly what I need (and warm with thick socks). I bought a second pair for next winter!

Brian J. Krick

Solid choice for those with high arches and PF!

After having success with the non-cork Active Thins while recovering from PF, I grabbed a pair of these due to the little bit of extra padding and the additional natural shock absorption of the cork. They have quickly become my favorite insole choice for both road and trail. I have used these for at least 60 miles and can say they work in pretty much every shoe (Salomon Sense Ride 2 & 3, Hoka Speedgoat 4, Saucony Peregrine ISO & 10 and Ride ISO). I've also tried them in several other brands and models just in the house, and they fit well in those, as well. Heel-to-toe offset does not seem affected heavily by these, and the amount of heel lift is minimal. Overall, the fit is excellent, and these do not affect lockdown. One note on sizing: my SGs and Saucony Rides are a men's 10, all other shoes are a men's 9.5, and I use the men's 9 in these insoles with no issues and no need to trim. These actually aid toe-off in my softer shoes and allow good flexibility at the forefoot. However, the arch and heel area provide just the right amount of semi-rigid support necessary to allow me to run with no strain to my plantar fascia while still allowing some natural flex in that area. Materials have held up well thus far, but I have yet to really run them through ankle deep water and mud yet. PNW rainy season is ramping up, so I anticipate a chance to really run these through the ringer soon.

SOLE for my Soul

I purchased the Active Wide Thick inserts for my everyday, go-to running shoes because this was a cheaper option than replacing my shoes altogether, especially the shoes themselves were still good - they just needed new beds! The Active Wide Thick inserts fit perfectly into my New Balance 860s (v10) and made my feet feel like I was stepping into a brand new pair of shoes. I'm so glad I did this! The only thing that I wish I'd done differently: placed the beds into the oven to mold them to my feet a little quicker (as prescribed in the instructions). How cool! Otherwise, my right foot for whatever reason, it took a few days to break them in as it would for any new pair of shoes. I've had my footbeds for a month now and they are so comfortable. I will continue to buy from SOLE as I have for years now. LOVE their Cork sandals too!

Good support, too thick for my running shoes.

I bought the product for arch support to use in general purpose, casual, and athletic shoes (running, trail shoes, etc.). These soles are comfortable, but in hindsight I would have purchased the thin ones since the small amount of padding combined with the arch/heel support really takes up more volume than anticipated. I would need to size up my shoes (to use the Medium SOLE) or go with the thinner SOLE footbeds for my tennis shoes, Clark's, or Salomon shoes. I ended up using these Mediums in my work boots and plan to continue doing so since they provide the arch support I was looking for when on my feet for long periods.

Sophianne Lalancette

Very nice

I bought these for my boyfriend as more formal shoes than his running shoes. They are very nice. He hasn't worn them much yet, a bit around the house to mold the shoe. He finds that the back of the shoe digs in to his ankle. We will buy the cushions you can stick in and it should help, it is what I did with the wool flats in women's section and it solved the problem for me.

Great for tennis and running

These are my "go to" insoles for tennis, running and hiking

Life Changing

I love running. I was unable to run for 2 years because I had plantar fasciatis. The combination of stretching the shit out of my calves, starting super slow and super short distances, icing, and wearing the active medium foot bed as just about cured my heel pain. I still have to manage it but I am running 4-5 miles couple times a week again. Go SOLE!


Great shoes

Have been loving these shoes. Been wearing them for about a month. Very comfortable. They are firm, which took a couple days to get used to but have made my feet feel better! They fit the same as other shoes I wear. For instance, I wear a 12 in Mens running shoes and I wear a 12 in these shoes as well. I also ordered an 11.5 but returned those because they were too small. I love the wool fabric. I would like to order another pair.

Jana Anderson

decent insole for high arches

I'm a distance runner coming back from a foot injury, and my podiatrist suggested searching for orthotic inserts rather than paying $$$ for custom insoles to support my very high arches. I found SOLE insoles to offer a higher arch than others on the market, and I love that these are made with recycled cork. I've been slowly starting to run again after 12 weeks off due to injury, so I've only run in these 1-2miles at a time, 2-3x/week, for the past 5 weeks, though I've also used them in casual shoes for walking. So far I like them, but am not sure they're high enough for my arches. My legs/feet are quite sore by the end of a short run [a new feeling for me, I used to be a marathoner!] but I cannot blame the insoles, this could just be from my injury. I'm happy to see that SOLE Active footbeds are now available with Met Pads, I may have to try one with more cushion! I'm just waiting for the trifecta: active + wide + met pad!

Jana Anderson

comfort + support

I'm a distance runner coming back from a foot injury, and my podiatrist doesn't want me in non-supportive footwear all summer! So any time I'm not running or sleeping, I've been LIVING in my Costa Flips, NON-STOP! [walking the dog, running errands, cooking/cleaning in the house] After 5 weeks of everyday use, I must say they are light, comfortable, and supportive. My only complaint is that the arches are not high enough for my super-high arches! There's still a gap, but they're a huge improvement over flat sandals/flip flops. I was afraid I'd be stuck in orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life, I was pleasantly surprised to find SOLE shoes are pretty cute and look forward to buying a closed-toe option this fall for the cooler weather.

Todd Janower

Best slides

I am on my third pair. Traditional flip flops always give me blisters but not these slides. I got my first pair to help my feet after long distance running. I don't run long distance anymore but I still wear these everywhere. I won't buy another kind, only these!


I am a runner and at age 56 I started getting pain in the side of my calf. I went to my orthopedic doctor and he suggested I buy SOLE for my running shoes. The pain in my calf subsided. Now I put a SOLE in all my shoes.

Finally! Great arch support!

I have been wearing SOLE orthotics for about a month now. Great arch support. I liked them so much, I bought the Baja slippers ( flipflops) to wear when I am not wearing my running shoes. Much better support you find in department store arch support shoes. Love them.

Active Wide Thin for Rucking

I'm primarily a Rucker; as in I have a GORUCK Rucker (or two), filled with either 20 or 30 #'s of weight in it, and I head out for timed rucks (mostly); three, four times a week and sometimes more. I shoot for 15 minute miles. So, I try and boogie when I do. I've, also, had several knee surgeries; one of which was a high tibial osteotomy and the others were scopes. So, I enjoy any and as much effective cushioning, balance, and foot help while trying to get my daily recommended cardio in, and the SOLE insoles help me. As an aside, I really enjoy the boots that the above mentioned company makes; however, only for their Tough and Light events. So, I've found myself rotating between New Balance 1080v10's (size 4e's; because my foot is that wide), Atra Torins, and occasionally my new Inov8 TerraUltra's; each, respectively, has in them an ACTIVE WIDE THIN SOLE insole; however, one has a Medium Met Pad (Orange) SOLE Insole. The common thread with these sneakers are: they are have wide toe boxes, and the Active Wide Thin SOLES have really struck the balance of excellent form fitting for me! You see, I used to enjoy running, but no more, because I'm almost 50, it hurts, and really, who LOVES running anyway, and walking for health is great, but it's not as effective as the balance that Rucking offers me; the in-between of running and fast walking, all the while getting cardio!!! Why all the explaining... Well, it is because the above mentioned SOLES have really fit the bill for my situation and what I seek. They have minimized hot spots on my met pads, they allow my toes to splay in the toe boxes, of the above mentioned shoes, and they do so very well. In addition, they offer just the right amount of comfort for me on long rucks; I attribute this to their build; without them in place, the above shoes are actually too squishy when I ruck (carry) 30 pounds of weight or more. I also do a short 45 pound ruck roughly every two weeks (between 1.5 - 3 miles only), and use the SOLES in my Atra's when I do! I would not be able to do that without the SOLES in them, and would instead use my MACV1's. So, it is nice to have that option if I want. Moreover, if you are a rucker, or in a similar situation, and are looking to do miles and miles (think a STAR 50), I recommend the ACTIVE WIDE THIN SOLES; they have served me well for the past few months, and I will continue to buy these.

Greg W Werts

Good combination of support & comfort

I have plantar fasciitis that flares up every now and then, so I always put over the counter replacement footbeds in all of my shoes. These footbeds are very comfortable and do not change the fit of my running or casual wear shoes. Pretty much zero break -in period. Provides a little bit of cushion and firm, but not terribly rigid support. The Met pad felt a little different at first, but now I don't even notice it - never had any issues with my metatarsal (knock on wood / cork!), but I figure the extra support can't be a bad thing. Two toes up!

Great Support

Adding these into my running sneakers was like a breath of fresh air.

Nice inserts!

They were recommended to me by a friend, after I complained of knee pain when running. Overall, they greatly improve my ability to run for longer than 20 minutes without pain. I recommend this product. I went with active medium - don't see a reason to chose another kind. It fits comfortably to the foot. Again, the reason I use these is to alleviate pain from the knees, when running.


I've had my footbeds for the month and I'm telling you they are amazing .. all knee issues have gone away mostly.. back pain has gone down .. when running I can tell that my legs aren't fatigued as much as they use to be. Definitely will be ordering more. Customer service was great .. very helpful in picking out the right footbeds for me ..

Julian Murray

Great insoles

I've been using sole insoles for 15 plus years and I love them. I wear them in everything work boots running shoes they are absolutely perfect

Simply the Best

I have been wearing SOLE double layer socks exclusively for over 10 years during all my road and trail running events ranging from 5 miles to ultramarathon distance. I have never been disappointed with the fit or comfort during any of these events, dry, wet or dirty. I have been amazed by the durability of these socks and have truly worn some pairs for years without them breaking down with regular washing and line drying. SOLE socks are the one product I trust completely and I try to keep some extra pairs around so I never have to consider going out without them.


Great Insoles

I have high arches (supination) and constantly suffer from shin splints and plantar fasciitis. I've had to wear custom insoles since I was a teenager and over the years, I've spent a lot of money on over the counter ones and even custom made insoles from the podiatrists. Even my doctor recommends that I stop doing high impact exercises such as running, which I enjoy. I stumbled upon SOLE a few weeks ago and thought I would give them a try. These insoles provide excellent arch support. My feet don't hurt nor ache after walking and running. They're as good as my custom insoles which cost around $300-$500. I also like that they're heat moldable. Overall, very happy with the product and will buy a few more for my other shoes.

Sandra Bayliss

Lovin the comfort!!

I have been wearing SOLE slippers and inserts for a few years now. I had plantar fascia tears in my left foot from running My podiatrist recommended that I wear supportive slippers and SOLE inserts in my shoes. They have made a big difference in the health of my feet. I love their products!!

Active insoles

A few years back I was having right arch and heel pain, so I went to see a podiatrist. He fitted me for orthotics but they were cost prohibitive so he recommended I try out SOLE insoles first. After I purchased my first pair, I haven't looked back! No heel or arch pain anymore and I'm able to maintain my 20-30 miles of running per week with no problems. I wear them in all my shoes, slippers, etc.

Great product, comfortable as hell

I bought these for my running shoes, they make a huge different, cork is awesome.

Great for running and wide feet

I wear a size 11.5 4E and the 12 wides fit great. Sort of confusing with the wording, "Active Wide Medium" but the medium is the thickness level of the pad! My shoes Ascics Nimbus were starting to get a little warn and I started to feel discomfort on longer runs and would ultimately have to cut them short. I bought these inserts to give the shoes some more life as I continued to train longer distances. Night and day difference when I got them. Shoes felt good as new.

Will never run without them.

I can't say enough positive things about my SOLE insoles. I developed plantar fasciitis and after trying everything I could think off, I remember Dean Karnazes talked about these insoles so I decided to give them a try. I contacted costumer service to help me decide what I needed best and they went above and beyond to help me. I slowly got back to running but never without my SOLE. My pairs pair has about 500 miles on them and they're still in good shape. Do yourself a favour and get a couple so you're not switching from shoe to shoe!

Shawn McGrath

Great for Running

Got these SOLE footbeds for my running shoes as I am an avid runner and they have been great. Comfortable, not intrusive, and fit my natural arch.

Dallin Dance

Every day use!

Molded to my feet, excellent in my running shoes and work shoes. Been using SOLE footbeds for a few years and have loved them. Plantar fasciitis issues at times and these help.

John Perrone

Super comfortable and effective

Fantastic product. Easy to mold and install. Cleared my Plantar Fasciitis. I won't run without them!

Conforms and Controls

It takes a little time for the SOLE Active Thick insert to conform to your feet (New Balance trail shoes). Once they conform to your feet, they feel great. I used heel pads to reduce heel shock. Now I do not need heel pads because my feet are balanced for a run without wear and tear. Running injuries happen over time but when you get an injury it takes a great deal of time to heal. The insert prevents typical running injuries. Great

Best investment I've made

I work on my feet 8-10 hr shifts running around in retail. These insoles are fantastic, I have tried other brands but it hasn't ever done anything for me. I got these and instantly felt supported and don't have burning feet anymore after work. Well worth the money and I'll be grabbing a bunch more now for every pair of my shoes. I'm a SOLE lover for life! PS. After having a baby these have helped my back from slouching and holding baby. No more pain!

Samantha Horan


I love my Costa flips! They're the most comfortable sandals I've ever worn. The support is amazing. As someone who is constantly on my feet running around these have helped my knees and back get back to normal where I don't need to see the Chiro as much. I had a figure skating injury when I was 15 to my lower back so I'm always in pain. The fit is great, the way it hugs my foot Is just right and love the mulberry color as it's my fave. I bought one pair and had to go back for 3 more!

M Craighton

Softec Ultras are the BEST!

I have used Softec Ultras for years. The first thing I do with new running shoes is replace the insoles with the Ultras. The Ultras themselves have lasted for years and they help add miles to my running shoes. I have a narrow foot with a high arch and the Ultras changed my running life for the better by providing stability, support, comfort and preventing "hotspots". Love the simple heat and wear molding for fit; subtle, but makes a difference! Thank you SOLE people - keep up the good work! :-)

The Best there is!

I have tried several insoles, even different ones from the podiatrist.-Nothing compared to SOLE. I wear them in my work shoes and running shoes. I can't say enough good about this brand and how much I love them-total game changer! All of my suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis is no longer a concern. I'm a customer for life!

Extremely comfortable

I first purchased these insoles for hiking shoes. I couldn't believe how amazing they were. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for many years and am on my feet all day for work. These worked so well that I have ordered more soles for my running shoes which I use for work in the hospital. So far, they are the best I've tried.



I bought these sandals after researching summer footwear for planter fasciitis. I was hesitant and thought I'd be spending my summer in my running shoes and custom orthodics, but these sandals are AMAZING! No foot pain at all. I haven't wore them outside yet, not until I can get another pair so I can have one for inside and one for outside. They fit true to size!

Angel Stevenson

I cant keep them off my feet!!!!!

I suffer from heel spur and plantar fasciitis. I was online searching for new work shoes restaurant grades slip resistant. When I came across these boots. A little skeptical at first but decided when I give them a try the price was right. I ordered these and two other shoes that popped up which I would write a review for later. I receive them in no time tried them on and they were OK decided to wear them to work to check out slip resistant . But wearing them all day I came home to my feet not hurting. So I tried the other pair on the similar to the boots a little more slip resistant but not slip resistant enough for restaurant work. I started wearing these out and about when I got a run errands when I'm walking the dog and stuff I'm walking I'm waking up to no pain or days that I wear these shoes versus the days that I wear my tennis shoes.This was one of the best purchases I've done this year she was and I would but I will buy more so shoes in the future. I have only use their insoles in the past and I could tell the difference at work we're not using them versus when using them but this is something with the shoes is totally different then the insoles I highly recommend buy more than one pair because you won't want to take them off. They are firm enough To support my weight, and to keep my arches up off the ground. SOLE did a wonderful job and I will be buying a couple pairs of sandals for the summer months.

Cheryl Tuckett

Great boot !

I needed a pair of nice looking boots to wear with pants as I run through the airport . I have badly pronated feet and have worn SOLE flips for years and knew the SOLE provided the support I needed. These are so comfy , stylish and easy to wear! I have no doubt I will buy another pair !

Barb Robertson

Flip Flop Review

Good Morning. The reason that I originally bought these flip flops is because my arches sometimes fall and I wanted something supportive. I live in these basically 12 months of the year. Yes, we get snow and ice where I live in BC, Canada; however, to walk out to my car and then into work, it's ok. The grip is great, my legs and feet feel awesome after my morning run. The material is comfortable as are the flip flops. I wear them all day long, and into any situation basically ;)

Saved my feet

I have bone spurs that become very painful when cycling for hours in stiff-soled cycling shoes. After trying all sorts of pads, shoes, and insoles, the SOLE insoles have been a lifesaver. Well, ok, a footsaver. I recently completed a 500 mile gravel bike race with very little foot discomfort and I give a lot of credit to these SOLE insoles. These thick soles work best in shoes that already run a little big.

SOLE Insert

Excellent quality, comfort and longevity! Been ordering this for many years. I have always needed extra cushioning for protection of joints and it would now seem foreign not to have these always in my running shoes!

Harriet Siemens

Love my flip

I have low arches from running. I love my Baja flips and highly recommend them!

Super comfortable and durable

I've used custom orthotics for years but the price of them is substantial. I began developing issues using my custom fits and the guy at the shoe store I frequent, suggested these. And I have to say, at nearly a quarter of the cost of custom orthotics, these saved my life. I work in a warehouse with concrete floor and it's brutal on the feet but these insoles in a pair of running shoes, are the most comfortable option I've ever had. I no longer have foot pain. I will definitely continue using these insoles. They are worth every penny.

Joseph Lopez Rosales

I am impressed by these insoles.

I have purchased a pair of sandals from SOLE three years ago, used them every summer since and fell in love with them. I saw an ad through one of my social media feeds that SOLE had these medium work insoles on sale. I jumped at the chance to try these at a discount. I use these insoles in my tactical work boots. My job as a Sheriff has me walking, standing, all day, almost every day. Being a larger guy I have always had problems with my knees and my plantar fasciitis. These insoles compared to my prescribed ones, I truly prefer these ones. They run the full length of the boot so there's no rubbing in the middle of the foot like I get with the prescribed ones. It has been almost four months, and no complaints whatsoever. These so far have been the best non prescription insoles I have ever purchased. Highly recommend that you at least try these.

Very cozy

These socks are the coziest! They are a little bit funny to put on after washing because, as the name suggests there are two layers of socks. But that is the very thing that makes them so comfy. Extra soft and nice on runs and long walks. I recommend them!

Dwayne Jarrell

Great for run recovery

These are my 3rd or 4th pair of SOLE flips. Love the quality and the comfort of all their products. I won't buy any other flip flops. This pair feels especially good after a long run.

I love these insoles!

I have been a fan of SOLE insoles for nearly 15 years. Got into them when I first started running ultramarathons and have never looked back. I use them in all of my running shoes instead of the factory insoles and they really make a difference. These specific insoles I have installed in a pair of zero drop Brooks pure flow shoes. Pulled the OEM insoles out and replaced with the SOLE ones - perfect fit. I have sometimes heated and shaped them per the directions, however for this pair I just used them out of the box and they are working great. Did not even have to trim them at all. For the past couple of years I have not been heat shaping them, really did not notice a difference so I skip that step. This particular is a little too thick for my racing flats, for that application I used a set of SOLE thin insoles. Extremely comfortable, helps me keep going on really long runs, and for some reason they really minimize any lower leg soreness that I typically get when I do not run with my SOLE insoles. Highly recommended, particularly for anyone running long distances (marathon +). They are durable, comfortable, and an essential part of my running gear.

Yuval Uriel


I have to wear orthotics because of plantar fasciatis and heel spur. For years I had to wear running shoes in the summer because I couldn't find any sandals that would accept my bulky orthotics. Not any more. Now I can wear pretty SOLE sandals without having to bother with orthotics. They are very comfortable and very well made.

Best Insole

I bought these because I had been battling plantar fasciitis for about 18 months. I swing dance 2-3 times a week, sometimes on a vinyl floor that is on top of concrete. Since wearing these, my plantar fasciitis pain resolved. I put these in my dance, walking and hiking shoes. I have been recommending them to everyone that I meet with plantars fasciitis. I found out about them from a coworker who had plantar fasciitis. She went to her doctor who recommended them. Her doctor runs and had plantar fasciitis too but had good results from SOLE insoles.


I had a Norton's neuroma in my left foot & was in pain. I got these for my running shoes . I also wear the sole flip-flops indoors & these together have helped to the point I feel like it's gone.

Outstanding inserts for your boots.

I work in home renovations and on my feet all day. By the end of the day my feet and knees would be aching. Using the SOLE inserts in my boots make them incredibly comfortable. They last a long time, fit great making my boots feel like a running shoe on my foot. I've tried other insoles but these are by far the best ones in my opinion. I've been wearing these now for about a year and half and will not go back to any other brand. I do not have sore feet or knees any longer. Highly recommend SOLE!

Yvonne Dives-Gomez

The best casual and post work out foot wear!

My husband and I have been using this product for about 10 years. I initially purchased a pair as a post run foot wear. I loved them so much that I bought three more in different colors. I bought this most recent pair as a stocking stuffer for my husband. He had 2 colors, but not black. They were his favorite christmas gift! My husband and I wear our SOLE flips all the time. I even wear them with casual dresses.

Simply Great Product

I've got multiple pairs that I use in various hiking boots and running shoes. Once they are in, it's like have magic support. They are so much better than the worthless insoles that come with most footwear. My brother switched to these from costly custom insoles and gets the exact same relief while saving well over $100!

Really enjoy the footbed

I have for years used the custom foot bed's from one of our local running stores, I wanted to try to save a bit of money so I thought I would give these a shot. I have been very pleased with their performance, I heated them in the oven (like the directions say) placed them in my running shoes and formed them to my foot and started using them. They give me great support and are very comfortable on my feet. I was concerned for blisters and for my feet falling asleep but neither have happened. I am now 4 months into using them and I consider them to be my new go to. Highly Recommend... I will be purchasing more in the future as my other's wear out and as I watch for 'Specials' throughout the year.


Mom loves them

Got two more pairs for Mom for Christmas, at her request! She's wearing orthopaedic footwear all the time to alleviate osteoarthritis, these are comfier than running shoes while at home, and she even takes them on vacation where she's walking a ton.

Jesse King

Great for being on your feet all day

I am a bar manager and purchased these for work. They are great. They are supportive to be on your feet for hours at a time. They have a descent non-slip sole. They slip on nicely and stay put and run true to size. I have plantar fasciitis and they worked very well for that. I love SOLE products and have a couple pairs of their footbeds, but never tried shoes until now. I am a fan.


Love then

I have struggled with plantar fasciitis for 20 years due to an old ankle injury. Once my podiatrist introduced me to SOLE, there was no going back--I only wear SOLE flip flops, and all my regular shoes have SOLE inserts in them. These Monterey flips are no exception--I love them. I can wear them all day and my feet never hurt. They fit my feet perfectly and run true to size.


Fabulous Shoe

Stylish, great support, eco-friendly! This is a very comfortable shoe that initiates a lot of conversation. Love them! My only suggestion is they may run 1/2 size small, so order order accordingly.


Great dress shoe!

These are great because I don't need to wear my orthotics!! It is very difficult to find dress shoes that can accommodate orthotics. I would say they run about a half size larger then my normal size. I hope SOLE continues to come out with new designs of shoes that don't need orthotics!

Zero Drop - SOLE Gets it Right

SOLE inserts were recommended by my orthopedist for flat feet. I bought these to fit Altra running shoes which are zero drop. I had tried other inserts but found out they were not zero drop and the increased heel height caused pain. No insert should add heel height. The Active Wide Medium fits well in the toe box. Since I wear a half size, I ordered the larger size footbed and trimmed it. Love my shoes with SOLE footbeds!

SOLE Active Medium Footbed Review

SOLE Active Medium footbeds. Lightweight, durable inserts for your trail running or athletic shoes. These footbeds provide amazing cushioned support and promote healthy alignment for adventure-ready feet. Check out the full review on February 5th, 2020 at

So far so good

I am active runner who has been dealing with plantar fasciitis in the last year, and I was searching for a good footbed that would support my foot. Its been 2 months now of regular use and the fit seems great. I use the insoles in my running shoes and in my regular shoes with no problem. Of course, these won't fully cure your plantar fasciitis by themselves! I am doing daily stretches and exercises, but they are a great tool to have in your toolbox. ;) In these last 2 months I also tried the medium version but found out they dont fit in most of my shoes. These ones are thinner but still very confortable.


Affordable alternative to orthotic footbed

The footbeds with metpads are super comfortable, and I find them supportive enough to use instead of metpad orthotics inside my footwear which my one set of expensive custom orthotics does not fit well - snow boots, hiking shoes, ski boots, running shoes. They are affordable enough that I now have several pairs of the metpad footbeds. This is much more convenient than moving one set around, especially in winter when I might use snow boots, ski boots and another pair of shoes all in the same day.


Happy feet!

I love these flips. They are cute, comfortable, and, most importantly for me, have metatarsal support built in. I developed metatarsalgia from running a few years ago and cannot wear shoes without orthotics (or footbeds with metpads) for long without discomfort. The flips are comfortable enough to wear all day. Without them, my feet would be locked up inside shoes all summer. I am happy to have this great alternative.

Amie Lankowski

Got me through 56 full marathons

I'm never going to run in sneakers without SOLE! I started in 2004 and have continued to love the insoles. Zero injuries and going strong.


Finally a company that gets it right. To extend the longevity of my running shoes I install aftermarket footbeds after the initial 150 miles. I run in zero drop shoes (brand name and style withheld as to not create a biased opinion, but it rhymes with smultra pescolante). For years I put up with fitting normal footbeds into wide shoes, it works - poorly. Then, VOILA! someone took the initiative to create something for the weirdos who run in slippers. If you aren't familiar with running in zero drop, wide shoes - you're missing the boat. The SOLE footbeds make running that much more enjoyable. Everything works cohesively and performs to a standard that I never could have imagined. I'm a recreational runner, maybe 50+ miles a week, with a yearly marathon or two. Not setting any records, just working toward breaking the 3.5 hour mark for 26.2. All the aforementioned works for me and my style of running, your results may vary. Bottom line, Thank you for the WIDE footbeds!


Sustainable choice, superb product

Wearing SOLE insoles and flips throughout the day has saved my running. Without them, I would have to have given it up years ago. Other orthotic products have at least one drawback: less-than-perfect shape, unattractive, smelly or harsh environmental impacts. SOLE checks all the boxes.

Only way to be comfortable

Bar manager running around 8+ hours a day. The only reason I can is because of these insoles. Saved my feet about 10 years ago and still going strong thank you....

Excellent footbeds

Having used one pair of SOLEs for over a year I am convinced they have helped keep me injury free (qualified for Boston). Now have them in all of my road and trail running shoes.

Won't run without them

Love my SOLES. I now have them in all of my running shoes, both road and trail. Have helped keep me injury free and they seem to last forever.

I recommend this brand

The first pair of SOLES I had were flip sandals and the support they had were great. I got the Active Thin insoles now that I fit inside running shoes I wear on walks. It would have been nice if they had 'cut along the lines' markers for half sizes on their insoles since I have some 9.5 size footwear and they only have full-size footbeds. It would make fitting when cutting it by myself easier. Overall, If you spend a lot of time on your feet, I recommend this brand.

No turning back!

It's been 4 years now since I began to use SOLE insoles and I've tried several different styles for my needs. Each style has a place in my shoe arsenal. My go to is the Active Medium which lives in my running shoes, my gym shoes, and my every day shoes! There is no turning back now! No new pair of shoes goes without SOLE, and my favorite shoes always get a new pair of insoles when the time is right. I put 'em on my Christmas list every year, and luckily Santa provides! Thanks so much SOLE!

Neil Craig

Best insoles, best sandals!

I own three pairs of insoles and four pairs of sandals. The insoles with the met pads are so supportive in my golf shoes,running shoes and workboots. I had a total knee replacement and they been the very best footwear I could ever ask for. I have ordered all these products online through the SOLE website and the service has been fast efficient and well packaged. I couldn't be happier!

I could walk again

I was running on the beach playing frisbee when all of a sudden I couldn't walk on my left foot and had excruciating pain. I had to hobble around on my tippy toes. After going to the Orthopedic, he recommended that the first thing I should do is get SOLE inserts made for plantar fasciitis. I went online to look and there were so many options, I was a bit confused. I called Sasha on the service desk and she quickly advised me on the proper insert. I told her I would be leaving town before I would receive them. She quickly guided me to a local dealer, where I went right down and picked up a couple of pairs. Medium and Thin. Let me tell you, I put them in my sport shoe and it was like a miracle, I could walk on my whole foot again with most of my pain was gone instantly. Since I spend most of my time in flip flops I had to get them too. They offer a lot of support and feel great. Thanks for being there for me. Your products made a real difference in my life.


Plantar fasciitis

I had a flare up of plantar fasciitis on my right foot that wouldn't go away regardless of how much I stretched. I tried countless insoles from other brands (some had soft gels and did not provide enough rigid support, others with carbon inserts were too rigid and didn't provide flexibility for my active livestyle) until trying these Sport Medium insoles. After heat molding them in the oven and placing it in my running shoes, I've been able to keep flare ups away. I ended up buying a set for my casual shoes and oxfords I use at work. They've elevated the level of comfort across the board on all my shoes. I'm able to walk and hike for several miles again. I've had them for over a year now, and it's made me curious as to what their lifespan is.

Linda Smulka

Recovering with Sole support

My daughter recommended SOLE when I needed to carefully choose a new sandal. She wears her slides constantly because they are THE most comfortable thing she puts on her feet. She runs and these are great for recovery, as well as for general, daily wear. She knew that I was looking for a supportive, adjustable sandal as I neared the end of my recovery from plantar fasciitis. I have flat feet, over-pronate, and wear orthotics so I need more than an ordinary sandal. My usually reliable Birks were too hard on my tender heel. My Finns weren't cutting it with enough support and inserting my orthotics into the Finn base was not cushioned enough. The hot days of summer had arrived and I needed something cool yet supportive to prevent the plantar fasciitis from worsening and disabling me again. This slide is super comfy and has been supportive enough to meet my needs for a sandal. SOLE are great for summer's many water situations too. Soles were the answer for all my sandal needs.

My experience says these are the best

I had been in the running and fitness industry and a runner when I came across SOLE. I've used custom-made orthotics and just about every over the counter brand due to several bouts of plantar fasciitis, until I came across SOLE. Highly rigid orthotics make feet weaker and diminish the runner's ability to use natural mechanics for push off and landing. What I wanted was support but not something akin to plywood underfoot. My running buddies used to call me plywood because I would wear supportive running shoes AND orthotics. CLOMP CLOMP here I come! So I began to experiment with several different brands of orthotics and since I was in the industry it wasn't cost prohibitive. I tried SuperFeet, Powerstep, SofSole, even Dr. Scholls. Despite the claims, they did not seem to mold to my foot and ranged from too soft to too rigid. In addition as a runner I was always talking to experts about biomechanics and stride. Just because of have flexible arches, I thought, doesn't mean I should not be able to find my most efficient stride (I was running up to 65 miles a week). I came across SOLE and with my usual skepticism, tried them. With different thicknesses of their base, the SOLE orthotics immediately offered support and comfort. I didn't feel as if I had a rigid board underfoot but a support that seemed to move with my shoe. I even moved to a neutral shoe (Saucony Ride among others). The SOLE orthotic provided the right amount of resistance to pronation without eliminating it entirely so I was still able to move efficiently. I loved how with use they molded to my foot (You don't have to heat them, they're moldable through use). I have several pairs I use in casual shoes (thin) and in work and hiking boots (thick) and rely on SOLE for support. They are durable; don't tell the company this but I used the thin in my casual/business shoes for three years (way beyond the life expectancy, I know and I've since replaced them). Not only are the products great, I like the company, its mission and their customer service. I like that they were founded in Canada and do business worldwide (including offices/warehouse in the US). If you think this review is a little gushing, my apologies. I have very few companies I truly love and support. Sole is one of the few.

Teresa Campbell

Love these shoes and company

This is my second pair and I won't get any other brand. I have bad arches and these shoes mold to your feet. I'm on my feet a lot for my job and these shoes are the most comfortable. I even prefer them over running shoes. The company is also awesome to work with. Excellent customer service.

A New Level of Comfort

These were recommended to me by a Podiatrist, and in fact I bought my first pair from him. Dr. Costanza said if these don't work, you're going to need orthotic inserts. Working at the time in health care managing a medical laboratory often alone, I spent many hours on my feet running across concrete floors with little to no support. I bought shoes and or boots with thick padded layers between my feet for those surfaces but it wasn't until I tried SOLE that I noticed a significant difference. Over the years I have been using SOLE Active Thick inserts, I've noticed that for me, a overweight middle age man, changing the inserts out about every 2 months give me the highest level of comfort. I break mine in the natural way, allowing my feet to mold into the inserts over time. I've tried a lot of different inserts and I can tell you that none, 0, zero, and I mean nobody else even comes close to the level of comfort in SOLE. Recommended by professionals and by me a retired medical professional, there is no better support for your foot than SOLE.

Great insert for running

For years, I've previously used an expensive, custom made orthotic insert in my running shoes. The SOLE footbed was a much less expensive alternative, and fit easily into my Saucony Triumph ISO 5 shoes in place of the existing factory insert. The SOLE footbed does take a little time to break in and assume the correct shape, but overall they do an excellent job as running shoe inserts.

Amazing "Soles"!

SOLE makes the best insoles around!!! We have tried many different brands and found SOLE brand to be the best for our feet/shoes. All thee of us (including our 13yo son) love them. My wife and I used to always put our custom orthotics in our shoes but sometimes forget. Now we don't even need them. We put SOLE footbeds in all our shoes, so we have over 30 pairs of them so far ranging from Active to Lifestyle to Performance. It's also a great plus that this company is environmentally consciences, we very much look for companies that care for our environment! So what do we used these in - regular waking shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes, dress shoes, roller skates, cycling shoes - what ever shoes we have. They make a HUGE difference in comfort and also help not only our feet, but knees (we all have knee issues). Keep up the great work SOLE! These are the most awesome footbeds around!

Chris Lemke

The best!!!

I started using SOLE a couple months ago after coming back from injury and also suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. This product has enabled me to resume training and properly manage my PF pain on a daily basis. Without these insoles I would definitely NOT be running and probably not walking very well either. Thanks SOLE much!!!!

A happy runner once again!

I was bothered by bad plantar fasciitis for more than a year and was unable to run regularly due to the pain. I had to force myself to rest for a period of time before running again and the pain would come back after I resume my running. I saw my favourite runner - Dean Karnazes was advertising for Sole footbeds and started to do research on it and found out that they may help me to treat my plantar fasciitis. I bought a pair of the thickest version and used them on my running shoes. True enough, I was able to run pain-free. I was so amazed. I have been running every single day now and I am no longer being bothered by PF. They are life-changing. I am able to enjoy running again!!!

Best insole i ever tried

I have been a runner all my life. i am now 60 years old. Due to long distance running and a job which requires standing all day my feet have become flat. Almost no arch at all. These insoles have changed my life. After trying various insoles that cost more than three times the price of these I finally have found the best insole on the market. Even better than the ones I had custom made from my doctor. I was told at the shoe store that my podiatrist recommended that she had never seen such feet as flat as mine. She couldn't believe I did not have an arch. It is a result from running on pavement and standing on hard cement floors. These insoles support my feet like i have an arch again. it has also helped my back and knees although I never thought i had a problem with either. Thank you for making such a superior product and please continue to do so. i don't know what I would do without your product.

Altra fit SOLEs!

I was working at the Kahtoola booth for a running expo, spending the entire day on my feet jumping on ice. I was wearing Altra Olympus shoes and SOLE insoles (which are usually fine for running but apparently not for the side stepping and jumping I was doing). After that first day, I was getting blisters on my big toes from the edge of my insole rubbing on my toes inside the wide Altra toe box. The next day, I heard that SOLE had started making wider footbeds for Altra shoes. I was able to get my hands on a pair and wore them the next two days of the show (and ever since). My toes felt immediately better AND the great arch support and comfort of SOLE was still there. SOLE saved my toes and I was stoked to have one of the first pairs of Altra fit SOLEs!! I LOVE them, my feet LOVE them!! Thank you!!!

Life changing

All my life I have had high arches and only just got diagnosed with the condition within the last year. I am 35, so as you can guess I have dealt with pain with walking/standing most of my life. SOLE's footbeds were recommend to me from a local running shoe store. The instant I tried them on, they corrected the alignment in my feet and it was instantly like walking on a cloud. Thanks again for your product. It has made a world of difference in my life!

Gorger Leone

Got me running again

I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE footbeds to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried Custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.


Made my running comfortable

As an active runner, I was suffering plantar fascitis since several months and my orthopedic soles hadn't been of a great help so far. When I first tried Sole footbeds, I had the big surprise to have my plantar pain reduced and although this pain hasn't disappeared yet completely (I only have footbeds in my running shoes and I wear high heels the rest of the time :-(((, these footbeds made my running much more enjoyable. I'm now purchasing my second pair as I consider the first pair may be "used" by now and may not be giving the same efficiency as it did (I run about 200 kms per month).


I have successfully used SOLE footbeds for many years. Initially for hiking and backpacking, they saved my knees from the constant impact of long descents while carrying heavy packs. After contracting plantar fasciitis from running in shoes with poor insoles, I started wearing SOLE footbeds in all of my shoes including my everyday business dress shoes, running, tennis and softball shoes. I firmly believe that SOLE footbeds not only allowed me to "play thru" and continue to enjoy the activities I love, but also helped significantly with the recovery from plantars.

Neil Gallaway

I can run again!

Unable to enjoy running for two years due to heel pain. Different doctors, different orthotics no difference. I now have Signature EV Ultra in my runners and have trained for a few months. No more heel pain! Getting ready for the 30K race Around the Bay! Thank you Sole.


Great support for crossfit / workout shoes

I put these insoles in my shoes after having great success with the Signature EV Ultra insoles. These insoles can be trimmed down to fit in just about any shoe you would want to put them in, I specifically use them in my gym/workout shoes. They provide plenty of arch support for heavy lifting and just enough cushion to prevent pain but also give you a good feel for what your stepping or jumping on. These definitely won't turn an old pair of running shoes in to a new pair, nor will they allow you to run long distances in shoes that weren't designed for running but they allow me to run a mile here or there and do crossfit style workouts with no problems. I personally wouldn't log long miles running in these since the cushion is on the slim side compared to other options from Sole but others might find them adequate. 5 stars for crossfit use.

Best running sock

These are hands-down the best running socks I have ever worn! I have trained for 3 marathons in hot, humid weather and have never gotten a blister, hot spots, or calluses with these socks. I love how they fit my feet and don't bunch up. If you like a thinner sock, but find them to be too flimsy for longer, sweatier runs, then give these a shot. They are thicker, but they stay cool - I don't notice the thickness, especially because my feet stay so happy!

Dan Meyer


I purchased these insoles after my old, off brand, insoles wore out. These insoles are by far the Best! I run Ultra's and find that my feet are still smiling when I come home from a long training run or race. Buy these insoles and your feet will love you back!


On my 3 pair of DK Response Soles... Happy Feet!

I have raced in over 14 triathlons including a Half Ironman. These Signature DK Response footbeds solved my moderate pronation and arch pain during running (my knees no longer rub together). Amazing product and they truly deliver strong results mile after mile. I own 3 pairs since 2008, they will last several seasons. I still use my first pair in my dancing shoes, very durable. I give this product 5 stars out of Five. Make the best fitness decision and buy these now! Your feet will thank you!

Jahangir J.

SOLE changed my life!

I'm so happy with the purchase. SOLE SIMPLY changed my life !!! I spent hundreds of dollars on orthotics , none worked out for me and they were waste money. I was suffering from plantar fasciitis for couple of months, running and doing exercises were becoming difficult and painful. After purchasing your products, I'm hitting the gym and trails everyday and I don't feel any pain in my feet. Thank you for designing such an awesome product !


Great insert

Bought these primarily to put in any shoe that I'm working out in. Great for both running and hitting the gym / weights. Plenty of arch support to allow you to load up the bar for squats and presses and light / roomy enough to put in your running shoes and provide just enough cushion while also maintaining the arch support. Since the Softec Response is a little too thin for me for everyday wear I use the 3.2mm cushion Signature EV Ultra for my everyday shoes and also for winter activities since they provide more warmth.


Softec Ultra

I have been fighting back pain since I broke my back a year ago April. A month ago I came down with plantar fascia strain which I have had 4 times in the last 10 years. The last two weeks I could hardly walk without excruciating pain. A week ago I had an appointment with my dermatologist and the subject of plantar fascia strain came up and he told me about your site. He tried to explain what the insole was and suddenly he took off his shoe and handed me one. How many doctors today would do that? I ordered a pair of your mens softec ultra and they arrived in 2 days. I tore out the insole of a pair of running shoes and they fit perfectly. I tried on the shoes and I have not had one bit of pain from my plantar fascia strain. Before I was wearing a gel cup for the heel given to me by an orthopaedic foot surgeon. Your product is every thing it claims, I have recommended your products to friends and my on call nurse.


Foot pains

I have normal arches in both feet but I developed bilateral plantar fasciitis in late 2012 due to the use of a pair of work shoes which did not flex in the metatarsophalangeal area. I decided to give these SOLE Softec Ultra Footbeds a try. I felt some pain relief on the third day. Pains were completely relieved after 3 months of use. I now use these insoles in my work shoes, tennis shoes and running shoes. I do not go out without them even after I have been pain free for almost 2 years. I have 6 pairs of the Softec Ultras. I have been recommending them to my patients.

Brian Grange

The best

I don't usually do reviews but think this is worthwhile. About 6 years ago I suffered Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. This was cured by custom orthotics at a cost of 300. However I have battled this condition and mild knee pain throughout which never went away fully. As the custom orthotics wore out I tried SOLE Softec Ultras. I have worn them without doing the heating process and can say coupled with daily stretching my knees and feet are great. I am running 3/4 times a week and wear military boots for a living. I can only say I wish I had tried them earlier. They take about a week to wear in but after that fantastic. Excellent product and customer support.

Ian Thornton

Thank you!

Thank you. Your soles have corrected my plantar fasciitis, therefore my knees and my back. I am a 46 year-old full-time father of a two and one year old. I've just run a half marathon and can pick up my two young children and dance them to sleep. My children are happy because I am mobile and they have my full attention. I run six days a week with no pain. I have lost thirty pounds, and because I can run, I can write. I'm an English novelist living in Toronto and running/walking is how and where I get my ideas. Your soles might have saved my life. Thank you.

rick rogers

run with the best

I have use the softec-ultra for at least 5 years now. I am going to buy 2 more pairs to replace the ones than finally worn out. Thanks to a great product Rick

Brian M Smith

best possible option

I bought these at the local Army Post Exchange here at Ft Benning, GA. After years of looking for quality inserts for my combat boots, I finally found these, and I will never go back to any other alternative. Now I can walk, run and march and my feet stay comfortable. Before, even with high-end orthotics, my feet would ache after a few hours and the pain would start to radiate up through my shins and knees. Since I started using this pair last year, I no longer have any of these problems

A great sole

My husband and I were traveling fromMaine to Florida and somewhere during the trip, I lost one of my insoles. As soon as we landed inFlorida we set out to find a new pair. At a running store, we came across Sole and they are the best over the counter insoles I have ever had. I have suffered with flat feet since a child and have had a few bouts of plantar fasciitis. These are an excellent product and I will be purchasing a pair for my golf shoes, and two more pairs for my other sneakers.

LOVE these socks

These have been my favorite socks since I was introduced to them just over 6 years ago. I LOVE them. They have no seals and a great snug fit around my foot arch. These are the only socks I run in!


My savior

These shoes are the only shoes that keep me sane. I stand over 10 hours a day at work. I was suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis (from running) and they were the only shoe (along with the sole flip flop) that got me through. I have recently suffered another injury to my other foot (strains and inflammation) and they have been the only shoe I could wear since being out of the cam boot. Thank you SOLE!

100 + Miles, No Blisters = Happy Feet!

After putting SOLE to the test, I instantly became a sock snob. 100 miles of inline skate trail skating over a 3 day weekend I was SOLEd. These socks kept my feet happy: light arch support is great, no fabric movement, seamless toe box is perfect for snug tight fitting speedskate boots, and best of all no blisters. I find I use these socks for all my skates, and with running shoes. Thanks SOLE!

Happy feet

These socks are so lightweight and breathable, and the arch support ring makes my feet feel steady as I move. I have used them for running, kickboxing, and Zumba, and they hug my feet firmly without being uncomfortable. Just make sure you have them on the right feet!!


I got into running longer and longer distances a little over a year ago. As I was still newer to running and didn't have a ton of injury-prevention techniques, I had a bit of trouble with my Achilles and plantar fascia on runs over 20 miles, particularly on trails. After tossing in and molding the Softec Response inserts, I realized that my feet needed a little more breathing room as they began to swell in later miles. Once I transitioned to these I found myself feeling much fresher toward the end of a 25-30+ mile run. I can also confidently say that after my first 50 mile race, my feet felt totally fine. Two thumbs way up for these! I'll be running in these for a long time.



I have had these for over 2 years when my Sports Injury Surgeon recommended them, because I had a blister problem. I have run 3 half marathons and 2 full in these and have'n't had a single blister since. I run about 1500 miles a year and wear these on every run except two. The two I didn't wear them, I got blisters. I am at the point now where I will need another pair, but the best thing ever. Thanks Doc and thank you SOLE.

best socks ever

I wear these socks for work and they are fantastic. I work as a pharmacy technician and am on my feet all day running around. When wearing these socks I don't slide in my shoes, me feet don't feel as tired at the end of the work day, and no sores or blisters. Some one had given me these socks as a present and I had been trying to find them ever since. Now that I have I will buying more socks.

Tammy Brooks


I put these in my moccasins cuz I love those boots, but they are flat shoes, so I cant wear them without being in pain due to my low arch. I then put these in my flat tennis shoes I found for playing tennis. The difference in how I played because of these flat shoes, but with the support of the sole thin inserts is so huge!! These shoes have zero support, but with the inserts, I can feel the ground, am light on my feet & I now run and jump all over the court! The doubles groups I play with are amazed at my immediate progress in tennis. I say... It's the shoes!!... But only because of these sole inserts! Just fantastic!

Korey Konga

Best work shoes I've ever owned

I am a waiter and I also run ultra marathons for fun. Sole flip slops have been the only product I've found to help relieve my foot pain (most often, Plantar Fasciitis). The only time I spend good money on a shoe is for my running, but I have never found a comfortable work shoe. I took a gamble on these and they were totally worth it! I wear a size 9 normally (size 9 1/2 in my trail shoes) but I took the sole reps recommendation and went with a size 10. They're a little loose, but I feel the 9 probably would've been too tight. Anyways, These are awesome. They feel like I'm wearing flip flops at work and they look professional too! My feet have never been happier, I wish I would've looked into these a long time ago. Thanks Sole!

Virginia Rainville

Virginia from Princeton, Mass.

I have plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and severe pronation in both feet. I began walking daily this past January and am walking up to 7 miles per day. this is possible because I am wearing great Brooks Running shoes, Control style, and very importantly...I always have my Sole Softec Ultra footbeds in every pair of shoes I own. They are wonderful. They are the thickest footbed Sole makes. They provide lots of cushioning and control, to keep my heel positioned right where it should be. I love them. I highly recommend them to anyone with similar foot problems. If it wasn't for the combo of great sneakers and great footbeds, I would not be able to walk as much as I am. Thank you Sole for a great product!

Mark Jordan

FINALLY - After 25 Years.

It's true. I've been snowboarding for 25 years and have suffered through all of the big name boots with high arches & insteps, to the point that I was convinced foot pain and numb toes were simply part of the sport. Saving an extremely long saga, these footbeds have rejuvenated my love for the carve. They have allowed me to focus on my experience rather than how many more runs I can get in before I have to pack it in and take off my boots.

Kristen G


I am in my early thirties and an activity junkie- running, spinning, yoga oh yeah, and I walk 4 miles to and from work. I recently developed plantar fasciitis. Most shoes for the condition are ugly- plus I love my flip flops! I stumbled on your site sifting through the usual sport/running blogs. I got these flip flops today and just putting my feet in them felt like heaven. I hope the upcoming weeks prove just as wonderful (thus the 4 stars instead of 5... room to grow). They do "flop" for me but its not a big- stride altering movement. Also, a great deal when on sale!

mark asher

pain cured

I'm a Diesel Mech and stand on concrete all day in boots. Had no support. I bought a pair of Softec Ultra because my daily plantar pain was killing me from first step out of bed and any time i would stand up I would limp because of pain. I did everything the doctor said except buy 350.00 special orthos.My daughter is in the army and told me about soles they all use them to run. They have great support. Doctor said I had a collapsed, arch. I did not even put in oven I use as they are. Six months later I was cured. I'm even running again at 50 two miles every other day.Have a pair in all my shoes now. Do not buy orthos without trying this product.50.00 over 350. any day. I have had foot problems all my life. I've tried all the inserts on the market. These the only one that worked less orthos. I glad to discuss this with anyone my E-mail was provided to Sole

Susan Richardson

Great insoles

Sole insoles were recommended to me by my physical therapist. I have narrow feet and high arches and I needed more support. I ordered both athletic for my running shoes and these thin insoles for my dress shoes. First thing I have to say in general is that these are great. My stability has really improved. The insoles for my sport shoes are great. The only complaint I have about the thin insoles is they are way too wide for womens' shoes. After much trimming, I got the insoles to fit my boots (although a bit too wide). I am not sure what will happen with my shoes this summer. So, I agree with the previous commenters -- great insoles but need to be constructed for a woman (or just have markings on how to trim to get the insoles to fit the shoes).

My Obsession!

I'm obsessed w/ these socks! They are the most comfortable socks I have owned! They are perfect for running, cycling, and work! I truly don't need any other socks!

Online Survey

SOLE Footbeds have saved me from surgery

I have flat feet which has resulted in plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. SOLE footbeds along with brooks dyad sneakers has relieved pain, allowed me to continue to run, and saved me from surgery.

Brian Darr

I will never run or even stand for long periods of time without wearing them

I am 52 year old who has been using Soles for over 5 years now. During that time, I have gone from running 5Ks and a few 10Ks to completing Ironman Florida. Throughout all of my training and competing, I did not suffer any major injury. I have realatively flat feet and both feet are different. The Soles have formed to give me the support and cushion that I need. I will never run or even stand for long periods of time without wearing them.

Love these socks!

The dual layer socks are my favorite socks to run in. I run marathons and never blister or have sock issues with these. Highly recommend!

Rachel Russell

so great

I bought these in purple after I read the reviews. I have a high arch and nothing but my custom orthotics give me this much support. The first day I wore them I was not that impressed but by the third day, they molded to my feet and I really do look forward to them on. I wear them out shopping or running errands, as well as around the house. I love them! I am going to get another pair. Try them if you have back pain or your feet hurt after being on your feet all day. You will get hooked!

Tevita Taufa

The Best

This is the best sole I ever used while I'm in the Army. It worked perfectly and comfortly inside your running shoes and combat boots. I utilized in all my deployments and save a lots of yrs on my knees and backs and trust me with all the loads you carried, it will bring relieve to the pain on your soul..lols and I recommended to all the Soldiers and Warriors downrange..

Brian johnson

Get These

12 hours on my feet running around a very busy ER and no more back/ foot pain. I've tried many pairs of insoles over the last 20+ years but these are by far the best. I was starting to get plantar fasciitis, bought these my feet stopped hurting. Then i noticed that my low back wasn't hurting as much. Now no more back pain in part due to improved posture when standing. Being pain free and able to work is worth every penny.

Curtis Rosing

go to

I bought a pair of these from a running store a couple of years ago. I put them in a pair of my post office aproved shoes. I have four different shoes I wear for work all with factory insoles or after market insoles. My favorite pair of shoes hands down is the pair with these Sole Ultra Inserts. Take it from a mail man that walks twelve miles a day and was a foot soldier for seven years, I have tried almost everything when it come to footwear. This is the best insole I have tried so far...

Richard Ravin

Just give them time

I have pairs of the sport sandals and the causal sandals. After 6 months with the causal sandals the footbed has molded to my foot and the strap has stretched out and the fit great. I can walk for days in these sandals even after a long run. Just give them time and they will be the best sandal you have ever worn.

Kathy Thornberry

Absolutely Fantastic!!!

I was hobbling with plantar fasciitis. When diagnosed, my doctor told me to go get running shoes with orthodics. At the shoe store I was shown these flips..... I was able to walk without pain immediately! Can't say that about the running shoes with the orthodics. I have purchased 3 pairs of these flips and wish I could find more. Why the shortage?


comfortable sport slides

Bought my normal size 10. They fit slightly snug at first, but broke in quickly. After a couple of days they fit great. Very comfortable. Love them after running.


Hands down the best socks I've ever used

Hands down the best socks I've ever used. I've finished over 75 marathons and ultras and have yet to get a blister in these socks. A couple years back I ordered a couple pair of black socks to use for a 50-mile trail run. Got them on Friday, did the 50 on Saturday and didn't have a single foot issue the entire way. Keep up the great work!

Incredible socks

Hands down the best socks I've ever used. I've finished over 75 marathons and ultras and have yet to get a blister in these socks. A couple years back I ordered a couple pair of black socks to use for a 50-mile trail run. Got them on Friday, did the 50 on Saturday and didn't have a single foot issue the entire way. Keep up the great work!


I will never put any other sole in my boots or running shoes

I am a 35+ old military officer who spends most of his waking hours either boots or running shoes. I bought two pairs of these 5 1/2 years ago right after I joined the military. I have since logged more miles road marching and running in both pairs than I can even recall. Well, I recently bought a pair of boots and after getting awful blisters walking with the factory soles I was desperate. I was also just a few days from attempting a 26.2 mile race through the desert with a 40-lb pack. So I took out my 5 1/2 year old SOLE insoles and threw them in my boots. Why? Because I suspected they would still be up to the challenge ... which they were. I finished the race in just over six hours, finished in the top 20 overall in my division, and had but a few minors blisters. I will never put any other sole in my boots or running shoes.

Don Wagner

The Best

I am a 35+ old military officer who spends most of his waking hours either boots or running shoes. I bought two pairs of these 5 1/2 years ago right after I joined the military. I have since logged more miles road marching and running in both pairs than I can even recall. Well, I recently bought a pair of boots and after getting awful blisters walking with the factory soles I was desperate. I was also just a few days from attempting a 26.2 mile race through the desert with a 40-lb pack. So I took out my 5 1/2 year old SOLE insoles and threw them in my boots. Why? Because I suspected they would still be up to the challenge ... which they were. I finished the race in just over six hours, finished in the top 20 overall in my division, and had but a few minors blisters. I will never put any other sole in my boots or running shoes.

Mark Loydall

Good Stuff

I have been using Your Sole products for about 2 years now. The insoles are at least as good as the ones I had custom made when I was first diagnosed with plantar fasciatus and gait issues. The ultra softec footbeds are great to run in and when you have finished the flip flops are great to relax in. In fact it is great that I can now wear flip flops and not end up crippled by pain as ordinary ones seem to do to me after only short period of wear. I have now bought my first pair of sports socks to see if they are as good as the other products.

Favorite running socks

I run a lot. I have tried many socks in my day and these are by far my favorite. They were a gift from my brother in-law. I never run a race without these socks! A wise investment.

Doreen P.

So comfortable

I have had runner's knee for many years and my feet overpronate. Physio and strengthening my quads gave varying degrees of success. My sports physician suggested insoles and the athletic supplies store suggested these. I've now been using the insoles for a couple months and my knees feel so much better. I thought I had to give up running but I've increased my mileage to train for the half-marathon and my knees actually hurt less - not really sure if it's entirely due to the insoles but I know they're making a difference. I use them while exercising and also for everyday walking. I'm so happy I found these.

Shawn Emery

Thin, yes. Casual, yes. Dress, no

Have tried several treatments for my recent development plantar fasciitis and decided to go the orthotic route and SOLE in particular when a friend said the SOLE socks really helped him. Decided to try the Thin Casual so I could wear them in both my dress and running shoes. While the feel great in running and Keen-type casual shoes and have helped tremendously, they are not for dress shoes. A bit disappointed in that respect but overall my foot feels tons better so I can overlook the fact that I cannot wear them during the day at work. Highly recommend and considering purchasing some socks.

Nathan Freeburg

Best sandals of all time.

I bought the sport flips last summer, and they have been the best, most comfortable footwear I own. I can walk long distance in them without pain (and this from someone who has has plantar fascitis). Very comfortable after a run, around the house, or everyday use.


I got these socks in a goodie bag at a race and loved them!!! Best sock for running!

great for all running

I use these in my high volume newton shoes. My current pair have about 600 miles on them (used in two pairs of shoes) and held up perfectly through a half marathon training cycle and a marathon training cycle. I don't think I'll ever use another pair of insoles.

Really didn't like them

I got one of each type of sock from Sole when I bought my footbeds. The insoles are fantastic! But this review is about the socks. I wear these socks mostly for going running and playing basketball or soccer. I found the non-dual layer sock to be perfect - no blisters, very comfortable, I love it and will order more. I found the dual-layer to be more annoying than anything. I couldn't ever get the two layers to match up nicely after the first time (before washing) and it was always a pain to put the socks on. And if you want to adjust your shoes, you need to start the whole process over. They aren't too pricey, so I'd recommend doing what I did: First order one of each type of sock and see what you like. I threw this pair away and now I just wear the traditional single layer one.


Prior to using the SOLE Orthotics I was experiencing leg and knee pain after running long distances

Prior to using the SOLE Orthotics I was experiencing leg and knee pain after running long distances. After using them I do not experience pain anymore. A month after using SOLE Orthotics I ran in a half marathon, set a new personal record and wasn't even sore the next day. Before if I were to run a half marathon I would be sore for up to a week afterwards. This year (2011) I am going to take my running career to a whole other level by running in Ultra Marathons. But with running these longer distances come with the potential for running related injuries. Therefore, to try to prevent most running related injuries I plan on purchasing a few more pairs of SOLE Orthotics. I would like to have a pair in every pair of my shoes (work and running). I don't know if SOLE has any kind of athlete endorsment programs but I would love to represent SOLE and spread the word about how great of a product they are.

carlos b

The best!

I am hiking up to 40 miles a week on hard packed fire roads winter and summer. My feet run much cooler in the summer and I have no sliding around problems in the shoe. I do not hike without these in one of the 3 pair of hiking shoes I use. I also used these trekking in low cut trail running shoes in the Himalayas up to 15,000’.


These are by far the most amazing socks I have ever worn!

I am very picky when it comes to socks, then I find a pair and I wear them out. These are by far the most amazing socks I have ever worn! I wore the black ones on a hilly trail run and they were great! Highly impressed, have my new fave.

David Harmon

Love these slips!

This is the perfect, and I mean perfect slip shoe for me. I run high milage each week, and this is the perfect post run shoe. Comfortable, great support, and the metatarsal padding is more than I had hoped for. You'll have a repeat customer in me, and I will more than likely try other SOLE products.


I have been a happy customer for about five years now

I am a family physician and also practiced in the Air Force for several years before going civilian. I suffered from plantar faciitis for six straight years. I found SOLE footbeds in my military uniform store around 2005. I bought a pair for my combat boots and they were amazing. I then went online and ordered some for my running shoes, my soccer shoes, and my casual shoes. I have been a happy customer for about five years now and with the combination of my SOLE footbeds and a little activity modification, I have been rid of my plantar faciitis symptoms for over two years now. I am always careful though, because I know the symptoms can return. One of the preventive maintenance things I always do is wear shoes indoors when I walk around on our tile flooring. After reading the great reviews, I am going to order my first pair of SOLE sandals and plan to use them when walking around on our tile floors as one more way to stave off any return of my previous heel pain symptoms. I can't wait until they arrive. SOLE has not failed me yet!

Cynthia Mone

Foot And Knee Problems??

I run 5 miles a day and after many years of doing this I began having extreme foot pain and knee pain so bad that it stopped me from running. The Dr. diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and arthritis in my knees. He said my feet would heal by itself in due time but to stay off my feet, but I need to learn to live with the pain in my knees. I did for a while but it didn't improve at all. I finally tried these foot beds and in under a week both problems disappeared completely. I will never wear shoes without them again. I Love them. Thank you so much for making these.

Best Socks EVER!!!

My feet are notorious for blistering very badly. People have been throwing socks at me for years. For my last marathon, a buddy gave me a pair of these SOLE Dual-Layer Anti-Blister socks. They're amazing. SOLEs are comfortable, smooth, efficiently-wicking, and radically reduce blistering. I've tried other dual-layer socks that claim to be blister proof, but only the SOLE deliver. Without these, I'd have to give up distance running. Get yourself a few pairs, hit the road, and wave blisters goodbye.


I was on my feet for 3 days straight and could have kept on going

I have been looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wear in the warmer weather while vending and competing at BBQ contests (where I have to be on my feet approx. 12 - 14 hours a day for 2 and 3 days at a time), and found the Women's Sport Flips at an EMS store. After speaking with one of the associates, she assured me that while the price was higher than what I was comfortable paying for a pair of flip-flops, I wouldn't regret the purchase. She was right. I just returned from a contest in Windsor, VT and found these were far more comfortable that even my running shoes (I actually changed out of them after 2 hours and wore the flip-flops instead on the 2nd day). I did not have the aching/tired feeling I normally get after standing on my feet all day and was amazed. I was on my feet for 3 days straight and could have kept on going. I will be purchasing another pair in a different color and will also be purchasing the sport slides for my husband as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Tom Greer


I have been a runner since High School & as my body aged my feet hurt constantly to the point my plantar fasciatis was always a pain. Met these guys at a trade Show & put the insoles in & now I can run 6 miles daily with no pain. Not bad for 42 years old. Thank you guys for taking the pain away so I can enjoy my daily runs again!

Ready to RUN

A bone spur on my left foot can cause me a lot of pain when I run too much( about 20 miles per week outdoors)- However I went to my Dr. and he recommended this product. Ironically I ran a 10k race 2 days after my purchase and I have to tell I'm impressed. I should have road tested them prior to the race but I figured what the heck do I have to loose other than the race. The uphill route was not an issue and my legs felt great even 2 days later no pain. This was a great purchase! Cheers Gerald

Ben Andrews

Changed my life

I've tried and failed in the past to get into running due to knee, hip and pain caused by my over pronation. Having a pair of these into my various shoes, I'm feeling great, and on my way to running my first triathlon. I had various custom cast orthotics made for me during my teens, but these beet them hands down. A note on the customer service I have recieved: Excelent! They even replaced my first pair after I incinerated them (set oven to Celcius during an attack of stupidity).


I run several miles per week and used to have athletes foot flare up all the time. These socks (a) have built-in arch support, (b) have a cooling mesh by the toes, and (c) survive wash after wash (even with clorox bleach)!! The end result is happy, comfortable feet with no fungus. My whole family (include the guys) buy only this sock brand now. Worth every penny!!! Also - these are thin enough to wear every day even in snug shoes. They are so comfortable you don't even notice them.

karen wernert

I love them but...

I love these, but they don't fit in all the shoes they suggest. I find that in some shoes my foot sits too high and my heel rubs in and out of the back of the shoe. I do take out the stock insole and that doesn't seem to help. I do LOVE how my feet feel when they do fit properly in some of my shoes, so I am buying the thin sport ones today in hopes they fit my running and walking shoes a bit better. I have also done the "orthotics" thing from the doctors and while they keep your feet in the correct position, these do not solve the cushion problem that I think most of us have. These do both!

M. Todd

The SOLE inserts far exceeded my expectations

When my son first started running Cross Country for BBMS, he had severe pain in his feet and legs from running. He had new AVIA running shoes and the coach said they were good shoes. She advised me that if the pain persisted, he would need to see a doctor. After putting the SOLE inserts into his shoes, the change was just short of miraculous! The pain was completely gone, even after 2 or 3 mile runs!! As a direct result, his times improved dramatically. The SOLE inserts far exceeded my expectations. I can't express my gratitude to you enough for making the inserts available

Michael Cleveland

I like 'em!

I bought these yesterday as I live in Europe and walk a lot. Add to that I am a teacher and often carry a lot of books with me going from one place to another. Often, at the end of the day, my left foot is killing me. After only one day, I can seemingly tell the difference already. It's almost the end of the day and I have no pain. If I can figure out a way to get them, I'm going to try the Sport version in my two pair of cycling shoes and then possibly my running shoes as well.

Dan Morse

After starting with the SOLEs I've seen a ~70% - 80% decrease in the PF /heel pain

Following the 2008 Steamboat Marathon, I developed very bad posterior tibial tendonitis which sidelined my running. The resulting weight gain, perhaps combined with my age, turned into a fierce case of plantar fasciitis which I feared may end my running. Most testimonials say the same thing, but I tried just about everything short of surgery and was just to the point of trying the cortizone shot. Shoe inserts I tried, but which did not work for me, include most over-the-counter ones, "Heel That Pain" ones (which didn't) and "Good Feet" store ones. After starting with the SOLEs I've seen a ~70% - 80% decrease in the PF /heel pain and it is no worse than it was during training and completion of the 3 previous marathons. I am finally running and I can't say the improvement is 100% due to the SOLEs, but they have made a difference that other inserts did not. The combination of calf and hamstring stretching, lifting (loading) and some PT recommended exercises with the SOLE inserts has made the difference.


Brought back the joy of running

A great product. Had recurring knee pain which then led to hip discomfort. I was skeptical but ordered the insoles based on comments on Am very glad I did! Received them yesterday, performed the heat molding, and had my second run in them this morning. No pain! Great support. Brought back the joy of running. Thank you!

D Drury

Best Insoles

I have had this insert for years, with this insert I'v had no problems with my feet or knees running at all. It is the best, ya gotta try it! Diane in Avondale, AZ


My legs feel fine and I can run even more

I only recently started running, and while I am in good shape from surfing, my legs were not completely up to the task. I would get shin splints and just generally various sore muscles and such. Since I started wearing your soles, my legs feel fine and I can run even more.

Sean Doyle

Excellent Product

I have had problems with my high arches for many years now, with very tired feet after running and walking in general. Having had custom made orthotics over the years and not really addressing my problem I was somewhat sceptical trying the Softec Regular, but I was very impressed after following the instructions etc, I am now feeling the overall benefit and they have improved my gait as noticed when I train. I will definetely purchase another pair shortly


I was suffering from Morton's Neuroma

I was suffering from Morton's neuroma, and a running shoe store in Oregon recommended your footbeds. That was 4 years ago and I now buy a pair of soles at least every 6 mo. My husband now uses them and I recommended them to my sister, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a triathlon coach. Thanks a ton!

Marcos Lara

Best insole for PF!!!

I've been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for a couple of months now and was told to lay off of running and cycling. The doc is not allowing me to ride, so I purchased the Slim Sport Insoles. What a difference! These insoles provide so much more than the ones that came with my tri shoes. As soon as I tried them one, I knew my feet would feel better. Thanks YourSole! My flat ailing feet are already feeling better. Don't hesitate to buy these.


I thought my days of being active were over

I cannot believe the pain relief i got after the first run I did with the SOLE Dean K. heat moldable insoles, I am a Disabled veteran from the United States Marine Corps, and wearing 2 special back supports ( 3 major spinal operations and shrapnel in my leg) I thought my days of being active were over, trying all kinds of insoles(too no avail)I tried these Insoles and WOW,I don't limp back home after a run, I smile alot-I mean ALOT less pain, my morale is higher and my activity level is awesome, Thanks Again SOLE,but sorry I must put the Credit to my GOOD LORD First, but you came thru with and Blue Ribbon Also !!! AWESOME-!!!!!!

Adam Elliosn

Great investment

I was in so much pain while training for a marathon that I went to a podiatrist. He fitted me with stiff, custom orthotics to manage arthritis in my foot and told me not to run again. When I quizzed him about exercise, he told me that if an exercise did not cause discomfort, I was free to pursue it. Thus emboldened, I decided to see whether Sole inserts for my moderate-support running shoes would let me continue running. They were a breeze to mold, are far more comfortable than the flimsy inserts that came with the shoes, and--woo hoo!--I can run again without pain. I won't push it, no more than 6-7 miles max, but but being able to continue to indulge in my 40+ year obsession with running is a great gift. I just bought two more pairs for other shoes. Great product!

Mike Graziano

Thanks to SOLE products and our good LORD in heaven and DK+ insole I CAN COPE!!!

Thanks to SOLE products and our good LORD in heaven and DK+ insole I CAN COPE!!! Today I received me Dean Karnazes custom insoles, I did mold them perfectly in the oven and fit them into my running shoes- very easy to do! I am a disabled Marine Corps Veteran (shot in the lower back, and received shrapnel in my legs in 1982 in Beirut Lebanon). After years of feeling sorry for myself and letting depression take hold of my life 2 years ago I set out to start running again. I started out slow with 3 back and hip supports, and tried hundreds of insoles- they really never made my run fun. BUT TODAY... I ran 90% pain free 12 miles to be exact! SOLE inserts are awesome! My feet didn't kill me, my back was okay, and my knees were good too! You have a great product which I would endorse to any athlete or anyone who just walks around. I almost cried when I got back from my run, I can't thank these DK+ insoles enough. Your product brought back a sense of pride and hapiness to do what I really enjoy- running! My two sons who are in high school shake their heads in disbelief that I go for a 10 mile runs now. My wife and my boys mother is serving in the US Army and is deployed in Iraq, and I write her and tell her that the running is going great. My running also helps me cope with her being deployed in a dangerous place. I have been spreading the word about your great product. Thank you and keep up the great insoles! Regards Mike

Joy Salberg


I have been running for over 15 years and just recently been diagnosed with plantar Faciitis. I started running in Soles mediums and now run pain free and was able to train and complete a marathon. Won't ever run without them again. Great product

Emma Beasley

Oh my word, lovely flips!

I ran the London Marathon a few weeks ago, and promptly placed my feet into a pair of cheap flip flops. That, was a huge mistake that caused me extreme anguish, and a flash back to the shin splits and PF I experienced during last summers running season. The only regret I have is that I didn't buy the Sole flips sooner, and have them to wear after the London Marathon. Thank you for making such a comfortable flip that I can wear all day, and not take away from my summer of running.

Michael Kelley

fantastic product

I was a little skeptical that this product would help with my plantar fasciitis, but I thought I'd give it a try. I don't run as much as Dean Karnazes does (obviously), but recently after upping my mileage to about 25 miles per week I developed some severe pain in the heel and bottom of my right foot. I made an appointment with a podiatrist but wasn't able to get in for 2 weeks. So in the meantime I ordered a pair of these insoles. Shipping was very fast and after convincing my wife that I wasn't nuts, I put these in the oven and gave them a try. After no running at all for 2 weeks, I put these in my running shoes and went out for a 4 mile run. There was very minimal foot pain. Two days later, I went for a 6 mile run with no pain at all. Now I'm getting close to the 25 miles per week and am still having no issues. The longest I've run with these so far is 11 miles with no foot discomfort at all. These insoles are fantastic and I will definitely purchase another pair once these wear out. Thank you, Sole!

Javin Berg


I can not say enough good about sole footbeds. I am 41 and a triathlete. At my age my body has overcome some significant aches and pains from many miles of running. I have been using Sole footbeds for four years now and feel not problems from my feet on up which is a big change from previous years. I did purchase these footbeds with the ipod carrier and sadly to say I did not like them. I could feel the difference in the footbed with the port for the gadget and it was annoying. I returned them and traded them in for the signature series and am again very pleased. I think it is best to leave the gadgets out of your shoes however it was a good concept.

Steve Gray

Game On!

This SlimSport footbeds turned out to be the ticket I needed to up my game in the local MTB Racing scene. I wore Sole's regular footbeds in my hiking boots, though never bothered to put any in my cycling shoes. And not doing so, with my flat feet, caused me serious pain after long endurance races. My knees would pay the price! Found these SlimSports to be the perfect fit for my high-end Italian made Sidi race shoes. I spinning is corrected and I haven't suffer knee pain since I started using these...a little bit of numbing in the big toes, though I blame that on the toe box of the shoe being a bit narrow. I'm constantly changing these out between my running and cycling shoes, so I definately need to pick up another pair. Thanks for a great affordable footbed that last. Not all of us have the insurance coverage to get custom footbeds made for us. -Steve

Darren Beilstein

Great support and cushioning

Last year, after over a 10 year break, I started training and racing in triathlons again. I developed calf pain after running a half marathon and was not able to fully rehab teh injury for over 2 years, despite being a physical therapist myself and seeing several sports medicine and orthopedic specialists. Within one week of use, the support and cushioning of the DK orthotics was apparent and my discomfot began to decrease. I ahve worked with several different orthotics/insoles over my physical therapy career and I do not hesitate to recommend SOLE products to my clients. Darren Beilstein, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

Cheryl Howell

Couldn't live without them!

I have been using SOLES ULTRA for several years. They are awesome! I had bouts of plantar fasciitis for years. I tried two different custom orthodics- nothing helped. Since I am a tall gal (6'3") with long feet (13 women's/12.5 mens) I was finding it a challenge to find narrow supportive athletic shoes. Then I was introduced to SOLES several years ago when a friend suggested that I try wearing a supportive men's running shoe for everyday use as well as hiking. The people at Portland Running Company in Beaverton, Oregon suggested using SOLES. Since them, my feet have been feeling great! I don't even mold them with heat. I slip them in my shoe and away I go! They have not only saved my feet on a daily basis at home,SOLES have carried me MANY miles on jaunts through Europe.

Judy Shafer

Better than Custom Orthodics

I have had several pairs of custom orthodics that run more than $400 a pair. But I keep reaching for the Soles I bought here. I even took the Soles to the Doctor to see if they could make the arch in their orthodics like the Soles. No luck. The Soles still felt better than the expensive custom ones. The deep heel cup keeps my ankle more stable than anything I have ever tried. I'm buying another pair. No more custom orthodics for me.


Running Comfortably

I have used your product for a few years now and am completely sold on how it has improved the pain I used to experience due to flat/pronated feet. I am a runner and your product has allowed me to continue running comfortably. Thank you for a wonderful product!

David Goggins

Your socks are awesome

I just wanted to let you know that your socks are awesome. I have ran in them a few times and they are one of the best socks for running that I have ever tried.

Arnie James

Folks this product is for real

I am a veteran of 74 marathons who in 2003 ended up with Plantar Fasciitis through a non running injury. Thus began my long and slow healing and rehab process. After taking a couple of months off I was able to continue running marathons, but not as many in a year as I would like to. This I was able to accomplish by using half plastic arch support inserts. I also used them in my dress shoes. Of course they worked but the feeling of vulnerability was always there. My doctor also advised me to continue using them. Inside I dreamed of the day when I wouldn't have to use them. So I had been living with these since September 2003. On Saturday, two days before Boston marathon I had the good fortune to meet with Matt Chestnut and in a few minutes decided to buy a pair of these insoles. I noticed a sudden comforting and healing change just in the first 2 minutes while I was waiting for the SOLES to harden. It felt so good that I decided to leave them in and walked around the expo for a couple of hours in them. The more I walked the better my heels and legs felt, with the result that I bought yet another pair before leaving. Rest of Saturday and Sunday I kept these on. We all know that as marathoners we are not supposed the change anything like shoes, diet, fluids, etc. before a marathon. In other words "Stick to what has worked". Well my feet and legs felt so good that I decide to commit the Biggest Sin a marathoner can ever commit. No way in hell was I going to give up the therapeutic pleasure of these insoles. So 2 days after my introduction to these I ran Boston marathon with them. What a difference. I had a great discomfort and anxiety free race. You probably never saw me because I was a Bandit or because I was running on clouds. Folks this product is for real. I have since bought 2 more insoles, one for the dress shoes. Compare the price and healing power of this, you can't go wrong. Consider this the testimonial of a lost soul who is now healed through the SOLE and heel support of this great product. I could do better but I am not on David Letterman. Just trying to share a great product!!!!

Benjamin Stegner

Thank you for saving my feet on long runs

I am a lean fit guy that is 6' tall, weighs ~190 lbs, and enjoys running ultramarathons among other outdoor activities. I have been trying different shoe/insole combinations for the last year and could not find anything that provided the cushion required to keep my feet comfortable. That is, until, I found your insoles. I matched them up with my Montrail Hardrock shoes and now I can run all day on rocky terrain and my feet do not get sore like they used to do. Thank You for saving my feet on the long runs.

Juliet Farmer

I've already sent several friends your way

Your insoles have allowed me to run pain-free. Apparently the insoles I used to use didn't cut it and when I saw a podiatrist I found out why: unusually high arches. He suggested two things, custom insoles or (the next best thing) your insoles. I ordered yours, they came several days later, and I was off and running! I've already sent several friends your way...Thank You.

Jim Rabbitt

I couldn't be happier

The service and product I received is much better quality than I expected. I'll give you a little background. I suffered a bad sprain in my foot while joggin in october and had to go to the Sports Doctor for cortisone shots. That solved the immediate problem but I was told I would have to wear orthotics and he was glad to measure me up and order them. I had insurance and it was going to cost me only $20 for a co-pay. This involved two more visits at $20 a pop. He told me it would be 14 days. Well it was 5 weeks and still no call. When I reached him he told me he had a problem with the manufacture and just be patient. I cancelled the order and told him what I thought of his service. You were referred to me by a friend who just bought orthotics from a sports doctor and was not real happy with the product which I found to be chinsy. I did a little research on the net and thought you had what I needed. I ordered the thicker liners because not only do I run about 3 miles a day but I spend a lot of time on my feet at work. I have used them for about 3 weeks and couldn't be happier.


Great product!

I have to tell you, I'm thrilled with your product. I got married about 2 years ago, and typically, I put on about 20 pounds. I've been a casual runner (about 10 miles a week), and since I've gained weight, I started to develop some Plantar's Faciitis in my right foot. I subscribe to Runner's World, and they had an article on your product, so I purchased a pair of them to see if they would help.... THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!... my feet don't throb after my run, and with just a little stretching, etc. they are making a world of difference. Great Product! I plan to buy another pair in a few months when I purchase new shoes.


I absolutely love your product

I absolutely love your product and will continue to use them for many years to to come. My first pair of soles were actually second-hand, but I was actually able to remold them after heating them up in the oven again. My newly purchased soles fit perfectly after activating them and I plan on using them in my shoes to run the NYC marathon in about a week. I will gladly recommend your product to friends and continue to buy in the future as soon as I wear through the 5 pairs I just bought. Thanks for everything.


I'll buy more soon

The soles are great and I run a lot. I don't wear my running shoes without them! I'll buy more soon.


No IT band pain!

I wanted to let you that I got these orthodics because of serious IT band friction syndrome. Prescription orthodics were just way out of my price range , and SOLE footbeds were recommended to me. Well, I put them to the ultimate test this past Sunday, running the Mardi Gras Marathon with the. I had NO IT band pain! It was fantastic! Thanks for your great product. I was talking about them with runner throughout the whole course, and I got an email today from one of them saying she had placed here order already.

Steve Vaught

Your product is awesome!

I just wanted to let you know that Joelle Ypma, who participated in the Eco-Challenge as your sponsored athlete, endorsed your product and encouraged me to try your Orthotics by giving me a pair. I participate in marathons, duathlons, triathlons, ultra distance mountain bike races, etc... I have run with your Orthotics on several occasions ranging from six to fifteen mile runs. Your product is awesome! I see no difference between my custom orthotics and your product with the exception that your product is more affordable and less weight. I can see where your product among athletes will be a big hit with more product awareness. Nobody in my local area carries your product--Boise, Idaho. I can see where I and other athletes would use your product not only in running shoes, but cycling due to its affordability.

Eric Silden

Run longer and pain free

I now run longer and pain free thanks to SOLE Custom Footbeds.

Jeremy Kuhlen

I think they're great

Thanks Kevin. I think they're great. I put a pair into my running shoes and also a pair in my cycling shoes. They have really helped in my running shoes and can definitely tell the difference between a normal insert and one from SOLE. I will certainly promote your products to fellow athletes. Best of luck and thanks for your email.


They are perfect for my feet problems

I have used your product for years - I couldn't run every day without them. They are perfect for my feet problems.

Robert Turbyfil

They feel great

These are incredible insoles. I have run with Sorbothanes, Sofsole, Powersteps and Spenco. Your SOLE provides the best cushioning of all those. I have only run about 20 miles so far...but they feel great. Thanks.

Gary Davis

I'm back to order a second set

I purchased my first set last week. After molding the orthotics and running once, I'm back to order a second set. Love 'em! Also, fast order filling and shipping. Thanks.

John W. Norris

I am now pain free once again

I am a 52 year young runner here in the desert of Arizona. I have been running since high school and still enjoy the competition of road, track and trail running. I win or place in my age group most of the time. Yes, I have had my down times. Some due to over training and some due to "I'll just sleep a little longer." Recently I developed a Metatarsal injury on my left foot. I went through the routine of resting, icing and stretching without success. I thought for sure that I would have to take an extended time off from running. I tried various inserts to provide more protection for the foot. I even had a custom insert made by an orthopedic doctor. None of these attempts provided the protection I needed. On a visit to my local Performance Footwear running store, I noticed the "Your SOLE" display. I thought I had to give them a try. Not only did SOLE Custom Footbeds allow me to resume my normal training routine, it also allowed my metatarsal to recover and I am now pain free once again. Thank you "Your SOLE" for helping me to continue doing the sport I have loved for so long."

Geoff Prescott

The sense of relief was virtually immediate

I'm an active 53-year-old living in beautiful British Columbia. I overdid it on a couple of extended hikes this past summer and developed significant foot arch pain, something I had never experienced before. Being an avid hiker, skier, and mountain biker, I was pretty bummed out. I had resigned myself to a period of enforced rest and the purchase of expensive orthotics when the folks at my local Valhalla Pure store suggested I give the Sole footbed a try. I did, and I'm not making this up when I tell you the sense of relief was virtually immediate. I installed the footbeds in my running shoes on Friday, wore them around the house Saturday, and went golfing with my son on Sunday, pain free! I plan to get another pair for my ski boots as well. Thank you."

Jeanne Doherty

SOLE really excels!

My husband had been having heel pain while running and had tried several different types of heel pads, gel soles, but had not had relief from the pain. Then another friend told us about SOLE, and we immediately ordered a pair. He noticed a big difference right away, and was so improved after a couple of weeks, that he ran in the St. Patrick's Day 10K here in D.C. and was really pleased with how he felt afterwards. I can't thank SOLE enough for helping him stay on track with his goal. He was ready to stop running, and now he's closer to accomplishing his dream of running a marathon next year. From the ease of using your website to the quality of the product, to follow-up service you provide, SOLE really excels!

Vicki Leafgren

Thanks for introducing a great product

I'll be 45 in a few weeks. I began running when I was 20. Like many, running has become my focus, obsession, daily routine. I currently have a 13 year streaking going of not missing a day. A few (20 - 30) of those runs were 3 miles or less due to injury/sickness, having to get my run in before an early morning flight, or dangerous weather (electrical/hail storm or -25 temps with -50 wind-chill) Most of my weeks average 45-55 miles a week. Most of these miles I run alone. I go at different times of the day due to work, travel, family events or pace, since I train at a 7:15 pace and most of my friends average 8:30 - 9:00's. I get sore if I run too often at a pace other than my own. Now you're wondering why I'm boring you with the details of my running obsession. 2003 was a difficult injury year for me. I pulled my left hamstring which resulted in aches and pains all winter. Later that summer, I strained my left thigh and soon after that I sprained my left ankle on acorns in the dark. I continued to run every day, but I felt achy and out of balance. I had been using Spenco insoles for years and decided maybe it was time for orthotics. I had stopped into Runner's Edge in St. Paul, Minnesota, and noticed your product. The feedback from the salesperson was that he had tried Sole insoles and they were great. I knew him for a while and I felt I could rely on what he said. I decided to give them a try for $40 before spending $100's on orthotics. After all, I still need to keep my streak going and the aches and pains were making it hard to get motivated. Well, needless to say, I've been using them since October '03 and I'm feeling better than I have in years. I feel more balanced and my aches are now the result of hillwork or increased distance changes! I've worn them all winter and into a second pair of shoes and they still feel good! I'm hoping to get back to my 43:00 - 44:00 - 10K times this spring (if aging the additional year doesn't slow me permanently!). Your insoles have given new life to my running and I am looking forward to a much better summer than last summer! Thanks for introducing a great product! Best wishes for a long and prosperous business for you!

Daniel Govern

I love your product

They work fantastic. I am a distance runner who is training for Boston. I also am 5' 9" and 200 lbs. I have a lot of strain on my arches. Before I started using the SOLE Custom Footbeds I had problems with Plantar fasciitis in my left arch. Since I put the Footbeds in I have had no problems what so ever. I am averaging about 40-50 miles per week in them. I did a 22 mile training run yesterday without any problems. I love your product and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Josh Irvan

Thanks Sole Performance Socks for saving my feet

I first received a pair of Sole Performance Socks free from the Dean Karnazes Endurance 50 run at the Philadelphia Marathon course. I started using them on very long training runs. I have been running ultra for about three years and these socks were perfect. I've run 50 miles on a treadmill, multiple long training runs, JFK 50 milers and the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance run since I've received these socks. The socks are awesome!!! They support my feet especially under my arch and I can run longer with no blisters. JFK last fall I had no blisters and at Umstead 100 I ran the last 50 miles with them after changing socks and shoes only once. The socks I used for the first 50 gave me only 1 large blister. After changing into my Sole Socks my feet were much better off. Thanks Sole Performance Socks for saving my feet.

Scott Gala

I have been running pain free ever since

I am a ultrarunner and after trying just about every footbed made my search was over after being introduced to Sole ultra softec custom footbeds in 2005. I have been running pain free ever since. Sole footbeds provide the perfect combination of cushioning, arch support and excellent stability due to the low heel cup. A very durable and well designed product.

Erin Schroeder

This is the best product I've ever seen

This is the best product I've ever seen, after having run six marathons I had to stop running due to severe knee pain. With SOLE Custom Footbeds I can now run again... pain free. In fact, I can't run without them. I wear them in all my shoes and all the staff wear them and swear by them.

Wayne Eden

Keep up the good work

As a running specialty retailer, I can say without a doubt that SOLE Custom Footbeds have filled a niche in my store. We have fit runners, walkers, and working people with very positive results. The fact that SOLE fits a wider variety of foot types and shapes than most other orthotics sets them apart. So far, we have had very few returns of your product and no problem getting credit from your company on those units. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Michael Sweeny

I'd recommend your product to anyone

I have been a recreational runner for the past 10 years. The last 4 years have been spent dealing with Achilles tendinitis and plantar faciitis in my left foot and chronic plantar faciitis in my right foot. I have had cortisone shots, night splints, MRI's, anti-inflammatory, x-rays, physical therapy and numerous sets of custom orthotics. Nothing worked. I was ready to sell my treadmill and give up on running altogether. This past spring I read about a free consultation at a running store in Orland Park,IL. They were offering foot evaluations with podiatrist and physical therapist at the store. Upon evaluating me, they recommended your product for arch support. After all the time and money I spent, what's another 40 bucks I thought. If it doesn't work - I'm done running. Period! Needless to say they worked. I ran my first half marathon in May. I'll be fifty in November and always wanted to run a marathon. I am training for the Chicago Marathon in October. I just ran an 18 mile long run and feel great. I'd recommend your product to anyone.


I recommend your products to friends

Great footbeds, great service, and appreicate the follow up. Your footbeds were recommended to me by my doctor to alleviate my lingering plantar fasciatis. He said I could take the time and spend the money to go to a podaiatrist and get orthotics or try your footbeds. They worked. I haven't had problems with plantar fasciatis since I've been wearing them and have been able to begin a good running schedule again. The footbeds are in most of my work and recreational footwear now. I have got some for my family members and have recommended your product to friends.

Mike Kowalski

You have a great product

Because of a severe case of Plantar Fasciitis in 1989, I began wearing custom orthotics made by Dr. Glickman in Michigan. These are made out of a very stiff plastic material. These devices allowed me to continue to run 20-50 miles a week since 1990. During this time I completed 7 marathons including the 100th Boston. In 1999 I began look for an over the counter orthotics that would provide the same degree of protection and be more comfortable. I tried the Sorbothane full shoe insert and the SOF Flow full shoe insert with the arch support. Both were comfortable but neither provided me with the arch support I needed to run 20-35 miles a week pain free. Last November I purchased my first pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds and they have provided me the comfort and support I need to continue running pain free. From now on, any time I purchase a pair of running shoes, I will also be replacing the insert with the SOLE Custom Footbeds. This is the best my feet have felt since the mid 1980's.You have a great product that I would recommend to all my running friends.

George Iverson

You have a great product

I already own two pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds for my running shoes to help with plantar fasciitis. They have worked perfectly for me. You have a great product. I am branching out to use the orthotics in shoes I wear for other activities. Keep up the great work!!!

Jacqueline Strobel

I'm running better than ever!

My second pair, I love them. My Plantar Fasciitis was not relieved until I used your product, now I am running better than ever! Thank you.

Mark Gray

I am very pleased with your product

I am very pleased with your product. I have been wearing combat boots for more than ten years and running for even longer. I suffered chronic plantar fasciitis for longer than I can remember. I tried just about every product on the market and even had a podiatrist make me some custom orthotics. It was not until I tried your SOLE insoles that I could findly find relief. I do not wear running shoes or combat boots now without them. I tell anyone who asks what your product has done for me. Keep up the good work.

Laura Johnson

I think I should be thanking you

I think I should be thanking you. I have Plantar Fasciitus in both feet and my doctor recommended SOLE Custom Footbeds instead of special orthotics. I was buying them from the "Naperville Running Co." but decided to go to your web site instead. I tell everyone I hear has a foot problem about them. I think they're GREAT. I will continue to use them.

Michael L. Schultz, M.D.

I recommend SOLE to my patients

I am a Family Physician and a runner. I was impaired from running because of plantar fasciitis after my last marathon nearly 18 months ago. I was provided with a pair or your SOLE Softec Ultra insoles by a local running shoe store. This product is truly phenomenal and allowed my return to running after all those months of pain. As a result I have now purchased an additional set so that I can have one pair at home and one at my cottage. Even though the fasciitis since has resolved, my running is so much more comfortable with these insoles, that I will continue to use them indefinitely. Moreover, I have now incorporated recommending this product to my patients that suffer from similar problems.

Bob Tysen

Your insoles are awesome!

Your insoles are awesome!! I had Plantar Faciistis and could not properly walk for 1 1/2 months. I started using the insole and was immediately able to power walk. I did this for an entire month until I was able to run again. I now use the insoles in both my cycling and running shoes. I have tried a lot of insoles and cushions, however nothing had come close to helping me like SOLE. Thank you so much for having such a great product available.


Thanks for the great product, I'll be a regular purchaser

Believe me, I've been doing nothing but spreading the word. I have a set of prescribed orthotics that I no longer use thanks to your insoles. The prescribed orthotics are too tall, too cushiony (shin splints as a result), and they have no padding to speak of after 1 monty of use. I use the ultras in my running shoes, (no more shin splints), and the regulars in my combat boots. Thanks for the great product, I'll be a regular purchaser.


I really do think they are an improvement over the custom orthotics

I am on my way to becoming a huge advocate of your product. I've been wearing custom orthotics from a doctor since I was 16(34 now) to correct pretty severe overpronation. The orthotics were pretty much a miracle cure for the last 18 years. I'm a regular, though not fanatic, runner and cyclist. Among other tings, my old orthotics got me through 4 years in the Marine Corps, One marathon, and a lot of training. I stick to the if it ain't broke, don't fix it" principle, and never considered changing anything until I started having some chronic tendenitis(I think) in my ankle a few months ago. It was really going out on a limb for me to try your product after all those years of success with my old orthotics. I am pleased to say that they are an absolute success so far. I've been running or cycling in them on a daily basis. no shin splints, the tentonitis has gone away, and I really do think they are an improvement over the custom orthotics. Anyway, I think you have a great product and that opinion becomes stronger with every passing mile!

Jack Gallaway

Thanks for a great product!

I bought my first pair of soles about a month ago after seeing a display in Village CycleSports. (They didn't have my size or I would have purchased them on the spot.) I began using them the day I received them. My feet haven't felt this good in ages! The first pair replaced my $350 custom orthotics in my dress shoes; but this pair is going into my running shoes. Thanks for a great product!

William Heck

These SOLEs saved my feet

I graduated from Officer Candidate School Juniors this summer for the United States Marine Corps. I wanted to say that these soles saved my feet. We did up to eleven mile humps in our boots. Countless number of other candidates had problems with their feet. I have been wearing combat boots on humps for a while and always returned with blisters and hot spots. When I used these on my humps at OCS and even runs in boots I didn't have a single problem. I went through some of the nastiest water and sweated to no end in my combat boots. These insoles never failed me. I just wish the Marine Corps would issue these to everyone. These insoles are amazing and I will recommend them to all the future candidates headed on their way to OCS. Thank you very much for making these insoles.

Rick Chew

They have been the single best purchase I have made concerning footwear

Howdy, thanks for the follow up service. That says a lot for the way that you run your business. As soon as I received the insoles they were heated up and installed into a brand new pair of unbroken in boots. I have been using these boots for training during the past 2 weeks with out a single problem or even a hotspot. Numerous 10K ruck runs, 20K ruck marches, and off road expeditions have failed to challenge these insoles. They have been the single best purchase I have made concerning footwear. I have recommended them to my entire company at one time or another. I had problems in the past with the issue boots and their subpar insoles, but those are no more. I would gladly purchase another pair of insoles and plan on doin' so shortly.

Toby Logsdon

That was one of the best decisions ever

I was a bit skeptical of your insoles at first, but when I read that I could return them with no questions asked, I figured why not. That was one of the best decisions ever. I am in the Army and quickly slid my new SOLE Custom Footbeds into my combat boots. I'm on my feet all day and the soles really provided the comfort they promised. Then one morning, I figured I'd try them in my running shoes. WOW! They provided the arch support that I had been looking for. I suffer from plantar fasciitis from time to time, but not since I started using SOLE Custom Footbeds. Your footbeds are awesome and I don't miss an opportunity to tell my friends about them.

Jeff Wilkinson

I have used a lot of boot inserts both military and civilian. These are the best.

Last year at the age of 50 I rejoined the active military reserves. Prior to that time my left heel had occasionally been painful. Once I increased my exercise program it became much worse. The diagnosis was plantar fasciitis. Orthotics were suggested at a cost of $400 plus. Before purchasing the orthotics I happened to be in an AAFES (military) store. They had a display of SOLE inserts. The size nines were sold out indicating to me that they must work reasonably well. The manager said they could not keep them in stock. I don't live near a military post so I looked on line to learn more and then contacted the company directly. Everyone I have interacted with has been fantastic. I ordered a couple pair of the Ultra SOFTEC and put them in my combat boots and running shoes. Typically this kind of injury can take up to a year to correct. Since going barefoot was no longer an option I also found some foam footwear with arch support to use indoors during the summer. It has been about a year and I am now pain free. Winter is here again and I am purchasing more to outfit all my winter boots and indoor shoes. The slim version works great in dress shoes. I have used a lot of boot inserts both military and civilian. These are the best.

Michelle Graham

I have even started running again because of your product

I suffered from heel spurs, plantar fasciltis, heel pain, extreme pain for over 2 years. I went to a podiatrist and even got $400 pair of custom orthotics. Nothing helped. I would literally crawl to the bathroom some mornings because the pain was so unbearable. I had all but given up to the fact that it was something I would have to live with. My chiropractor then recommended I try your insoles. I ordered all three sizes. I was so tired of wearing tennis shoes, was hoping with your thin inserts I could wear my dress shoes again without having the pain more severe the next morning. After ONLY 3 DAYS of wearing your inserts, I had NO PAIN!!!! I still wear your Soles everyday, and can wear ALL my shoes now, and still NO PAIN!!! Wish I would have known about your product 2 years ago. I have even started running again because of your product.


I absolutely love my footbeds

I absolutely love my footbeds. These are the second pair I have purchased and for the first time in my life, my feet don't hurt after running or walking. I've had semi-custom orthodics made by a physical therapist due to my excessive pronation but they never could get them quite right and after 3 tries, I switched to my sole footbeds and have been very happy. I use them in my running shoes and casual shoes. Next I'm going to get a pair for my dress shoes and casual shoes. And I've told pretty much anyone that would listen to me about them and how much I like them. Before I used them , I didn't know that your feet didn't have to hurt!

Sharron Burnard

These insoles are better than sex

I wanted you to know that these insoles are better than sex. In the past year or so my feet have been killing me, my face probably looked like a prune with the pain, due only in part to high arches and insteps and over pronation of the left foot, due to poor fitting and non supporting athletic shoes by inexperienced shop staff. However, I had tried spenco and superfeet, the latter being ok, but not having any metatarsal cushioning. Now to sole orthotics, I bought a pair 3 days ago, and the relief was immediate. I now find myself running up stairs rather than creeping up like a crab to the hip pain; Enough said. "The best and better than sex" should be your slogan. Of course, just for people with foot problems. Thanks.

Katie Moss

We use a lot less Motrin now!

I want to add another sport to your list - soccer. These SOLE inserts have been great to put in my teenagers' soccer cleats. They both experienced a lot of heel pain from running in cleats all of the time & we've found that even the best soccer cleats just don't give good support. The SOLE inserts have totally eliminated the foot pain that was just part of the soccer season for them. We use a lot less Motrin now!

Mike Mannion

Thanks for an outstanding product!

I am 66 years old and every day go on 6 - 10 mile walks. A while back I developed a case of plantar fasciitis/heel spurs on my left foot. I tried everything - rest, ice, stability shoes, motion control shoes - but nothing seemed to help. Then I read in Trail Runner's Magazine about the Dean Karnazes moldable insoles that your company makes. I decided to try a pair. And after about two weeks of using them in my walking shoes (actually I walk in running shoe and trail running shoes) the plantar fasciitis/heel spur problem has all but totally disappeared. I liked then so much and they worked so well that I just purchased my second pair. They are everything that you say about them - they deliver as promised, and I will continue to use them on all my walks to prevent more foot problems. Thanks for an outstanding product!

Daune Neidilg

I am 65 years old and without the SOLEs I could not walk

I have flat feet. I am 65 years old and without the SOLEs I could not walk. My feet just crash. With them I am training for a triathlon. I walk every day(for exercise), bike, run and swim. My son gave me a pair for Christmas 2 years ago and they are the best thing that ever happened to me!

John Stetson

We have about 700 miles to go and I look forward to each step on my Sole footbeds

The Globalwarming 101 expedition just arrived in Qikiqtarjuaq after a rather arduous crossing through Pangnirtung pass. During our journey here, we encountered temperatures as cold as minus fifty fahrenheit and winds as high as seventy miles per hour. The terrain was as rough as we have ever seen for dogsled travel. We spent ten hours a day on our feet either skiing or running, depending on conditions. I am very thankful to have had my Sole footbeds in my Mukluks. The support they provide, in addition to the added insulation they give, are the perfect fit for serious foot care. After 100,000 miles of dogsled travel all over the planet it feels great to finally find the right footbed for traveling in some of the most extreme conditions on earth. We have about 700 miles to go and I look forward to each step on my Sole footbeds.

Daniel Govern

They work fantastic

They work fantastic. I am a distance runner who is training for Boston. I also am 5' 9" and 200 lbs. I have a lot of strain on my arches. Before I started using the SOLE Custom Footbeds I had problems with Plantar fasciitis in my left arch. Since I put the Footbeds in I have had no problems what so ever. I am averaging about 40-50 miles per week in them. I did a 22 mile training run yesterday without any problems. I love your product and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Margaret Bausack

The "SOLE" was the only one that felt comfortable.

After suffering from Plantar Fasciitis pain to the point where I thought I might have to resort to a doctor visit, a friend suggested that I try the local running products store. The "SOLE" was the only one that felt comfortable. I have been wearing them for 4 months now and have been pain free for quite some time. What I consider the most dramatic result though, was that after only 2 or 3 days of wear, I could get out of bed in the morning and walk with only minimal pain and by the evening I could also walk comfortably. Thanks for the great product.

Steve Peacock

Up until two months ago my feet were feeling the almost 15 years of pounding endured in the Worlds finest...The United States Marine Corps

Up until two months ago my feet were feeling the almost 15 years of pounding endured in the Worlds finest...The United States Marine Corps. Two months ago I purchased a set of yoursole insoles for my boots. After a few days I was sold, every pair of boots I own now has a set yoursole insoles inside. I have tried multiple types of insoles from other companies and they cannot measure up to yoursole. They made my boots feel like running shoes. Your product was simple to use and I will tell everyone I serve with about them. Semper Fi.

Jessica Raab

A year ago my feet looked like a war zone.

A year ago my feet looked like a war zone. The week between long runs wasn't enough to remedy the huge blisters I was getting on the sides of my feet and under many of my toes. The toes on the right foot suffered and the side of my left foot never could callus! My friend Jane kept talking about her magic socks - I'd tried everything - body glide, alcohol soaks - you name it. So I went to my local running store, Colorado Running Company and told Alicia I wanted some magic socks because Jane swore by them. She knew exactly what I was talking about. And the magic socks were good - but the really amazing thing is that magic Sole socks combined with the magic Sole insert mean that I am blister free - well except for the pinky toe on the left foot that I step on for 26.2 miles! Seriously, I had a massage today, just two weeks after running the Boston Marathon and my massage therapist, having seen the horror of my feet after previous marathons, marveled at them. She said that few marathoners feet looks this good. I'm running in the same shoes - training shoes and race day shoes - that I was a year ago. The difference - my Sole socks and my Sole inserts. I had enough other aches and pains to worry about during the marathon - it's nice to know that I don't have to worry about my feet anymore. I'm a believer - magic does work, especially when it's called Sole.


The SOLE footbeds have reduced the pain I feel by 70% to 90%

I'm a type II insulin dependent diabetic and have been for over 40 years so I have "very sensitive feet". Also while trail running last October I jumped over a down tree and landed on a broken glass bottle. I gashed the ball of my right foot. It took several weeks to heal and I still get some "burning and pain" on the ball of my right foot. The Sole footbeds have reduced the pain I feel by 75% to 90% dependent on the weather (worse when it's hot) and the surface I run on. I mix road, crushed cinder and trail. I run 25 to 45 miles per week and am training for my first trail ultra (50K) on October 5th, 2008.

Sarah Knudsen

They are just like a second skin

I've been using SOLE footbeds and socks while training on a variety of surfaces (e.g. sidewalks, roads, mulch trails) in mild as well as cold weather. The footbeds are supportive without feeling rigid, and with them I have not had the blister problems I sometimes developed when running with my shoes' original footbeds. Since they are so lightweight I can wear them for long training runs and not feel as much fatigue as I have with other footbeds I've tried. I've worn the Air-Flow Cooling socks for a couple of road races and like their "breathability." They are just like a second skin. The Dual-Layer socks are my favourites for winter running--I've been comfortable in temperatures down to -15C with them.


They are now the ONLY sandals I wear

Having pain in my inner shin area above my ankle's when wearing traditional style 'flip flops' esp after long runs. Was virtually eliminated after my Sole purchase. They are now the ONLY sandals I wear.


I have been running for 5 days a week again without any debilitating pain

I was recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis (age 40), along with a sharp pain under and behind the big toe knuckle for the last 3 years that my doctor could not find a reason for. With your inserts I have been running for 5 days a week again without any debilitating pain. Thanks for the great product!


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