Norman Falk

Men Navigate

I just love the Navigate sandals. Best ever and no problem if they get wet. I bought extra because they are so comfortable and easy to put on or take off.

SOLE for my Soul

I purchased the Active Wide Thick inserts for my everyday, go-to running shoes because this was a cheaper option than replacing my shoes altogether, especially the shoes themselves were still good - they just needed new beds! The Active Wide Thick inserts fit perfectly into my New Balance 860s (v10) and made my feet feel like I was stepping into a brand new pair of shoes. I'm so glad I did this! The only thing that I wish I'd done differently: placed the beds into the oven to mold them to my feet a little quicker (as prescribed in the instructions). How cool! Otherwise, my right foot for whatever reason, it took a few days to break them in as it would for any new pair of shoes. I've had my footbeds for a month now and they are so comfortable. I will continue to buy from SOLE as I have for years now. LOVE their Cork sandals too!

My go-to sandals

These are the best sandals I've ever owned. I have problems with plantar fasciitis and hip pain. But with these sandals, I can walk all day pain-free. Will be buying another pair next summer!

Great shoes

I Love SOLE inserts and sandals do I ordered my normal SOLE size. The length was spot on perfect; however they felt loose. No problem. I wear these with heavy socks and planned to wear as winter indoor shoes. They went on sale so I bought a second pair. They mould to your feet so feel even better after wearing a week or two. Love then!

Love these

Absolutely love these sandals. I have a Morton's Neuroma and these are the only sandals I can wear.


Nice sandal

Very nice product, comfortable after breakin period of the thong.

Extremely comfortable SOLE flip flops

SOLE flip flops are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and now wear SOLE flip flops all the time (inside and outside), to alleviate this issue. They fit very well and are extremely comfortable and well made. Thank you for making such great footwear :)

Happy Joints and Happy Feet

I am flat-footed (and pronate), and while I love thongs, they simply don't do the bottom of my feet and rest of my body any good. I usually end up with lower joint problems from my hips down to my ankles when I would wear traditional sandals. The arch support in the Costa Flip allows me to comfortably wear them (and actually walk long distances) without any pain during or after. It is such a nice change. I wear them often on walks that are often a good hour or so -- not just to wander around in! The bed has a nice amount of cushion, and I never experienced any blisters! Not even after my first wear.

Helps sore feet

I wear orthotics for plantar fasciitis and was recommended SOLE flips. I am so glad! These and other models are my go to for sandals and for wearing around the house. They feel great and look great, too.

SOLE has saved my feet

I wear sole footbeds in all of my shoes, and they have made such a huge difference to my feet. I can't wear regular sandals and I am so happy that Sole makes sandals that I can wear without being in pain. I love these slides. I have the navigator sandals, which I love, and the cork flips, which I love, but I think I love these slides most of all. They are comfortable, easy to kick on and off but stay on my feet really well. My only complain is that they only come in black. I would love to have a pair that were purple.

Excellent support and cushion

Works well for support and foot pain. Unlike prescription orthotics it cushions the large foot joints with movement. It is very good for allowing motion but giving support to the whole body. I prescribe it frequently for patients with foot pain with good results. The sandals allow support but cushioning

Excellent casual sandal

I can't believe the quality of the Baja Flip. I have been wearing the pair I bought almost constantly for the past month. They are comfortable and durable. I would really recommend them.


I purchased these due to a heel spur that was causing me tremendous pain. Summer is too warm to wear supportive sneakers all the time and regular sandals don't offer the support I need. I love everything about these, definitely worth the money.

The best

I love them, I can wear them all day and my feet don't hurt. I could never find and wear sandals without having sore feet until I bought SOLE, their the best!

Catalina sport flip

My physical therapist recommended the SOLE shoe inserts for my court shoes due to my planter fasciitis issue in both feet. I liked the fact that the product contoured to my footprint. It was at this time that my search for a sandal began. I don't like wearing closed toe shoes all summer. So I gambled and ordered my first pair of Catalina flips and have never been disappointed. The arch support and heel cup support my feet. I am on my 8th pair. They are my go-to sandal . The support of SOLE products were my answer - I've been foot pain free for 8 yrs!


He’s happy!

I purchased 2 pairs of these sandals for both my father and my fiance and they both love them. They fit comfortably and provide a great deal of support for my dad who has had knee replacements. My fiance likes the sporty appearance and style of the sandal as well and uses them for ongoing walking trips. I have made several purchases from SOLE now and every time I am a happy customer. :)

5 stars!

Great product! I have Achilles tendonitis so wearing flip flops seems impossible now without suffering from a great deal of pain afterward. My Chiropodist recommended I try a pair of sandals from SOLE and he was correct. These flip flops are amazing. I just recently wore them for 2 full days on a vacay that required a great deal of walking each day and I had zero pain afterward. I'm impressed. I also like that they look nice / sporty and don't look plain like a lot of other sandal brands that provide foot support. 5 stars for this product!

So happy I found these!

I love these sandals. My feet have high arches and I needed something that would support them. I was also looking for something that was water proof that I could take to the beach and not worry about the materials getting wet. These fit the bill perfectly!! The sole has support in all the right places for my feet. I'm so impressed with the materials used. I was so happy with the product I bought my entire family a pair (and they love them just as much as I do). Thank you SOLE for making a product that is great for our feet and not over the moon expensive.

Love these sandals

I have a high arch and walking barefoot tends to aggravate pain in the arch area and my achilles. Wearing these flip flops prevents that pain and they are very comfortable. I have had my Baja sandals for about a month now and am very satisfied. Great sandals to wear everyday!

Love the cork

This is the second pair of Monterey sandals I've purchased. They are so very comfortable. Perfect support and the cork makes them quite cushy. This purchase the sandals fit a little tighter but that's fine because I'm sure they will loosen up with wear. Rather have them snug than sloppy. Recommend these sandals to anyone looking to purchase.

Almost perfect!

Have very high arches, had plantar fasciatis before, have been using SOLE footbeds in all my shoes for years. Decided to try the flip flops after my high arch Birkenstocks got worn out, they discontinued their high arch line unfortunately. These flip flops are very comfortable and supportive. I do wish the arch to be slightly higher, though i think it would be adequate for 99.9% of the population. Since I am used to Birks, I wish these sandals have a toe grip but they are fine without. The outer sole feels very secure on tile and carpet, I haven't worn them outside yet. True to size, wide enough for my wide-ish feet. Will definitely buy again.

Worth every penny

I wear flip flops constantly in the summer but have never spent a ton of $$ on them before. My feet feel supported in these sandals like they never have before...and they’re so versatile!

Great comfort and support

I wasn't originally looking for the Catalina but glad I made the purchase. After the initial breaking in I find myself wearing them more than I thought i would. I have some issue with my leg and wearing these for a long time or even the whole day don't seem to bother it any more so but maybe even help. I love SOLE sandals and flips that I don't want to even try another brand.

Great Sandals

These are the second pair of Baja Flips that I have purchased for my husband, who basically lives in sandals most of the summer. The sandals are comfortable, sturdy, and hold up great, even with daily wear.

Love the cork

This is the second pair of Monterey sandals I've purchased. They are so very comfortable. Perfect support and the cork makes them quite cushy. This purchase the sandals fit a little tighter but that's fine because I'm sure they will loosen up with wear. Rather have them snug than sloppy. Recommend these sandals to anyone looking to purchase.

Feet Floating

My new SOLE Baja sandals are great. I use them only inside and my feet feel like their floating on air. They are really comfortable and at the end of the day my feet no longer ache!

Great sandal

I was recommended this brand by a friend for my plantar fasciitis. I had almost immediate relief. I have since bought two additional pairs. Love this sandal.


I had this problem in my heel & I purchased my first pair of these from the Orthotics clinic. It really helped with the problem and the pair lasted about 4 yrears plus. I decided to order online another one. I must admit that these are the best sandals I have owned in my entire life! These are super comfy , a natural fit. Other than many out there with big price tags only! Yes I did find them pricey but it's worth it! I still have the old pair...only few tares but wearable. Means it can last you for years and years to come! Materials used are of good quality, fits well too! The more old it gets the more comfy it is in my opinion! Overall highly recommended!!!

Love the Baja Flip

I am so pleased that I ordered this comfy sandal, as it allows me to wear sandals again after an achilles injury and plantar facsiitis last year. I have no heal pain that I have had in other sandals, and I feel so much support it makes me feel confident to wear these and not fear injury. I ordered on line, so I was pleased the sandal fits to size. I love the strap material, as it is solid but comfortable, and the teal colour is really fresh and lovely. Very happy with this purchase.

Love these sandals!!

Excellent quality, very comfortable, and definitely a great value all around!!

Simply the best.

Okay, this is my second purchase of these fantastic sandals. I only purchased another exact pair because the deal was so good. There are always sales to be had here, and the regular price is already low compared to any other quality sandal. I love these. I have had the first pair for over a year and they are still like new. They are so supportive, and comfortable. They look sharp as well. I had a friend brag about how comfortable a new pair of Birkenstock sandals are. I got him to try on my SOLE and he was surprised at the comfort. I also have several pairs of the SOLE insoles. They are also high quality and comfy.

Great flip flops

I have really high arches and find it difficult to find a good sandal. These are great! They are very comfortable and have molded to the shape of my foot. I really love them and will definitely be purchasing other SOLE products.

All I can say is OMG!!

I love my SOLE Baja flips. They give me the comfort and support I need. Having severe arthritis in my ankles, these flips allow me to be stylish and comfortable. Only brand of sandals I wear

All I can say is OMG!!

I love my SOLE Baja flips. They give me the comfort and support I need. Having severe arthritis in my ankles, these flips allow me to be stylish and comfortable. Only brand of sandals I wear

True comfort

I have been wearing SOLE flip flops for almost ten years due to ankle issues and plantar fasciitis. This sandal is the most comfortable SOLE sandal I've purchased. The footbed of the sandal has ridges that keep your feet from slipping when sweat is an issue.

True comfort

I have been wearing SOLE flip flops for almost ten years due to ankle issues and plantar fasciitis. This sandal is the most comfortable Sole sandal I've purchased. The footbed of the sandal has ridges that keep your feet from slipping when sweat is an issue.

men's exhale purchase

My feet have been painful for years and finally a doctor told me to try your insoles. They have been great and ever since I have been buying all types of shoes and sandals from SOLE. The Exhale shoes have the same support and comfort as their other products. The fit is good and the materials are also since I use them to work in so i would have foot support.

Great shoe

Really true to size. The absolute best sandal I've had on my feet. Definitely will be ordering more colors.

Repeat Customer

I purchased my third pair of men balboa flips in the past year. I have literally worn every day that I could for an entire year with zero issues! The only reason I am having to buy is I have literally worn the tread off them. They are durable functional and resist odour. They are also very light which I prefer over other sandals I have tried. I will be staying with SOLE products going forward as I am a very happy customer!

Can't go wrong!

My family has been a long time purchaser of SOLE sandals, when you need support, but want to wear a sandal, they are the only way to go. These were purchased for my aunt whom had to have her foot fused. It took some convincing, because she was sure she would never be able to wear sandals again. Now, she wishes she would have had them sooner. They provider exactly the support she needs, but she also loves that she can adjust them to fit each foot. As her fused foot is much larger. They are true to size and are so comfortable, she can spend more time on her feet without paying for it. I've since purchased 2 additional pairs, so that she can wear one inside, one outside, and have a back up pair...that's how good they are!!

Norman Falk

Navigate sandals

First time buying these sandals which have a clip that slides into a slot, very comfortable. First time I wore them the entire day!

comfy sandal

These are super comfy, true to size & super cute!!!

Love These Sandals

Great arch support. The material makes these sandals extremely comfortable. I wear them all day and my feet never feel tired. I've ordered three pairs so far and will continue to purchase them for as long as they are available.


I have flat feet and these sandals help with arch support. I have right foot pain due to this condition and I can wear these sandals all day and have no pain. I also like to use them as house slippers as it is uncomfortable for me to go barefoot. I love the fit and material of this sandal makes it very comfortable. This is my first pair but I will be purchasing them again as needed.

Lori Gendron

Best Sandals Ever

My family loves all of our sole products. The SOLE sandals are the most comfortable sandals ever!

Sole has saved my feet

I have been using SOLE insoles since 2002 after developing plantar fasciitis. I have them in literally every pair of footwear I own, including the slippers I wear around the house. They have made an incredible difference to my life. As little as two hours walking in shoes without the SOLE insoles and I am in pain. With the SOLE insoles I can hike all day. When SOLE started making flip flops I was so excited, as since you can't put an orthotic insole in a flip flop I had been unable to wear them for years. I now own the SOLE cork flips (which I love) and the navigator sandals (which I love even more) and I recently bought the Grace shoes to wear as dress shoes. This means I can have SOLE insoles under my feet all day every day. The other thing I want to note is that these insoles are basically indestructible. I still own, and still use, the first pair I ever bought back in 2002. So when you look at the price, keep in mind that you will be using these for years.

Very comfortable sandal

Very comfortable sandal with great support and a soft strap that doesn't irritate your skin. Beautiful colour too!

Loving my SOLE sandals!!!

Got my sandals about a month ago and loving them! I used to suffer from plantar fasciitis... not anymore. I can wear these all day and my feet feel great. They don't fit too lose so I'm not trying to keep them on. Perfect arch support and perfect amount of squish. Will definitely be buying another pair I think the future:).

Loving my Sole sandals!!!

Got my sandals about a month ago and loving them! I used to suffer from plantar fasciitis... not anymore. I can wear these all day and my feet feel great. They don't fit too lose so I'm not trying to keep them on. Perfect arch support and perfect amount of squish. Will definitely be buying another pair I think the future:).

Thomas Burchell

Rugged foot wear forThe beach

Beach sandals not the floppy foam ones! SOLE Beach Flip flops are super comfortable and stable on the sand and uneven ground once broken in the foot bed is not slippery in the water and walking distance is easy as they form your foot . I wear them around the yard there light and make your feet feel good

Danny Benitez

Hot weather flip flops

I'm very sad to see these being discontinued. I find myself wearing these all the time especially in the hot/humid Florida weather. They are stylish, resists water, comfortable, light, supportive; basically a well rounded sandal. They're so good, I've had 5 pairs in my rotation. I'm a runner that abuses my legs and feet but I always slip these on to support my feet for the rest of the day/evenings/weekend - I'm always in sandals and these are my favorite. If you can find them; get them, you won't be disappointed.

Stephen POTTS

Sandal review

A fantastic process from start to finish. The sandals are very comfortable and I will be purchasing more products.

Best sandals in the world

Best sandals you can find. Supports the foot perfectly. Hubby had one pair that gave out after 10 years. Now we bought two pairs for him. One pair for outside and one pair as indoor slippers. He can't live without his SOLE. I bought a pair as well and love them. I wear size 10 in shoes and size 11 in my SOLE fits perfectly. Hubby wears size 13 in shoes and his size 13 Soles fits well. Yes, we have big feet... The cork SOLE gives the cushion we need when walking on hard floors and roads. Super comfortable sandals. We walked all over Portugal for one month in our SOLEs.


I love my Costa flips! They're the most comfortable sandals I've ever worn. The support is amazing. As someone who is constantly on my feet running around these have helped my knees and back get back to normal where I don't need to see the Chiro as much. I had a figure skating injury when I was 15 to my lower back so I'm always in pain. The fit is great, the way it hugs my foot Is just right and love the mulberry color as it's my fave. I bought one pair and had to go back for 3 more!

Margaret Ann Belanger

walking without pain

SOLE flip flops are the only shoes I wear. This has been life changing for me. After healing from plantar fasciitis & achilles tendinitis & living with arthritis daily it's difficult to find sandals. I heard about SOLE flip flops & purchased a couple pairs. No matter what your issue is you will find a SOLE to fit your need. They feel like they were custom made for me. They look great with the cork & foam & in sunshine or rain they wear well.

Ann Hatch

Happy feet, Happy me!!

I have been a loyal customer of SOLE for many years, and in most of my shoes (as well as my hockey skates, hiking boots and my cross country and downhill ski boots) are a myriad of SOLE footbeds. It all started, like with many others, with a nagging case of plantar fasciitis, making its appearance just as I was training to walk the Camino de Santiago in 2012. Thankfully I found your company, bought some footbeds, and within a very short time, my feet and I were ready for a nice 800K stroll through northern Spain. Sandals came next... and what the heck? Time to shop again! Thanks to the team! Ann Hatch Toronto. PS the cork recycling program, community initiatives and supporting a company that cares about our planet, make shopping SOLE a no brainer!

I cant keep them off my feet!!!!!

I suffer from heel spur and plantar fasciitis. I was online searching for new work shoes restaurant grades slip resistant. When I came across these boots. A little skeptical at first but decided when I give them a try the price was right. I ordered these and two other shoes that popped up which I would write a review for later. I receive them in no time tried them on and they were OK decided to wear them to work to check out slip resistant . But wearing them all day I came home to my feet not hurting. So I tried the other pair on the similar to the boots a little more slip resistant but not slip resistant enough for restaurant work. I started wearing these out and about when I got a run errands when I'm walking the dog and stuff I'm walking I'm waking up to no pain or days that I wear these shoes versus the days that I wear my tennis shoes.This was one of the best purchases I've done this year she was and I would but I will buy more so shoes in the future. I have only use their insoles in the past and I could tell the difference at work we're not using them versus when using them but this is something with the shoes is totally different then the insoles I highly recommend buy more than one pair because you won't want to take them off. They are firm enough To support my weight, and to keep my arches up off the ground. SOLE did a wonderful job and I will be buying a couple pairs of sandals for the summer months.

Awesome sandals

I bought these sandals because I had plantar fasciitis and could barely walk. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day long the cork soles are very comfortable to walk on. The sandals helped to totally take my plantar fasciitis away within 7 to 10 days of owning them. They're well-constructed and will last for years to come. They're true to fit.

Awesome sandals

I bought these sandals because I had plantar fasciitis and could barely walk. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day long the cork soles are very comfortable to walk on. The sandals helped to totally take my plantar fasciitis away within 7 to 10 days of owning them. They're well-constructed and will last for years to come. They're true to fit.

The BEST sandals I've ever owned

These are the best sandals I've ever owned! They are so comfortable and support the arch of my feet so well it's incredible! I had plantar fasciitis and was in great pain prior to purchasing the sandals. After wearing them for about 7 to 10 days I had no pain at all and will always always have a pair of these in my shoe wardrobe. Thank you SOLE!

Graham Wong

great value and fit

Great value, perfect fit. I can't wait for warmer weather to show off these new sandals!

Love them

I wear my sandals in the house right now because it's cold here in Ontario still. They are so comfortable and give me lots of support and relieve pain from my plantar fasciitis. I am looking forward to them becoming my go to sandals this summer

Fantastic Flip !

I have 5 pairs of these flip flops. I even have a pair that I just wear in the house. have badly pronated feet and orthotic sandals were uncomfortable. My Physio suggested these and now it's all I wear. They are comfortable, easy to clean and durable. They look great with sweats or a dress. Love them!


I've been using SOLE products for over 10 years. I finally wore out my flip flops. I wear my sandals most days in the house during winter and outside other seasons. My go to insoles are the Ultra thick for boots and thin for athletic shoes. Some are over 10 years old. I have a high arch and these provide plenty of support. I have them in all my footwear. I'm trying the work medium, but it hasn't been long enough to see how they stand up. I've tried others brands, but come back to SOLE. Worth the money.

Best Flip Sandals Ever!

I seriously LOVE my SOLE Monterey Casual Flip sandals! They are so comfortable on my toes and my feet never feel sore after walking and wearing them for long periods of time! They look fantastic, and I am seriously so in love with them!! I love that they are made of cork!

William Lasby

I LOVE my Monterey Flip!

I LOVE my Monterey flips and practically live in them in the Spring and Summer month. Being an active person, but also a person that needs extra arch support, the Monterey flip is the perfect sandal. They have the casualness of a flip-flop, but the comfort and practicalness of you perfectly warn in hiking shoes. I LOVE mine and am on my third pair.

I love Sole Shoes

I was recommended these by my chiropractor and they are now the only flip flop I wear. My last pair were the black sandals which I like a bit better but those are unavailable so these are my second favourite!

Kevin Fay

Sole has soul for your dogs (feet)

Been in SOLE flips for years. Love the contours and feel. These Del Mars are no exception and add a nice style/look. Trust me, these sandals are worth every penny and will change your open-toed life forever!


I love these sandals and can wear them all day without my feet hurting. Great arch support too!

Very happy customer

These are the best sandals I've ever worn! I keep buying them because they feel so good on my feet. Doesn't matter what activity walking, biking, even light hiking they are very comfortable. I wear them as much as I can spring summer fall. It's like bare feet without risking injury to my souls! I have owned multiple pairs over the past 10 years or so and wouldn't buy any other brand. The arch support is superb, the materials are durable and if I lived somewhere warm it's all I'd wear year round!

Sold on this sandal.

Tried my first pair over 4 years ago and loved them. I normally have to wear shoes fitted with a custom-made full orthotic but wanted a sandal to wear at the beach and poolside. The Baja Flip was recommended to me by my podiatrist. I found this sandal very comfortable. The fit was great and it provided the support and stability I needed-even when wet. A great option! Love them.

Go to slide

The sport slide is by far my favourite pair or SOLE sandals. They have been my go to footwear all year round!

Great Sandals

I wear these sandals all the time, they are super comfortable! They fit really good. I would highly recommend them! IT/Tech Support is also very great to deal with! I highly recommend ordering through SOLE!

I am impressed by these insoles.

I have purchased a pair of sandals from SOLE three years ago, used them every summer since and fell in love with them. I saw an ad through one of my social media feeds that SOLE had these medium work insoles on sale. I jumped at the chance to try these at a discount. I use these insoles in my tactical work boots. My job as a Sheriff has me walking, standing, all day, almost every day. Being a larger guy I have always had problems with my knees and my plantar fasciitis. These insoles compared to my prescribed ones, I truly prefer these ones. They run the full length of the boot so there's no rubbing in the middle of the foot like I get with the prescribed ones. It has been almost four months, and no complaints whatsoever. These so far have been the best non prescription insoles I have ever purchased. Highly recommend that you at least try these.

Overweight/Post Hip Surgery Win!!

This product helps my flat feet! It decreased my pain after my hip replacement. I've been wearing this for a few months and I ONLY hurt when I DON'T wear them. As an overweight person I was concerned they wouldn't be for me, but I love them, they are great construction, support me well. I have wide feet, but these fit great. They fit good in my tennis shoes. They feel good on my feet, the top is a felt like material and very soft when I wear flats without socks. So comfortable, I plan on purchasing an active footbed and a pair of sandals for this summer!! Can't wait!!

Kent Novakowski

You can walk forever

This is my second pair. These are the most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever owned. I can walk for hours and my feet do not get sore or fatigued. There is no odour even after many miles walked. They are worth every penny. My first pair lasted 7 years.


Too many years wearing flat flip flops and sandals has left my feet in pain. Theses flips are so comfortable on my soles. I did have to wear them just a few hours at a time to get used to them, but soooo much better than what I used to wear.

Love them

I have been wearing your cork sandals for about 5 years now, I love them. They are so comfortable and great for my feet!


I have to wear orthotics because of plantar fasciatis and heel spur. For years I had to wear running shoes in the summer because I couldn't find any sandals that would accept my bulky orthotics. Not any more. Now I can wear pretty SOLE sandals without having to bother with orthotics. They are very comfortable and very well made.

Saved my feet!!! Best insoles on the market!

I have been wearing SOLE insoles and sandals for years now. I am a chef who works on my feet 12-15 hrs a day, so I need the best to keep my feet in good shape. I have tried all of the competition and SOLE wins the test by far. The hold up over time and fit my shoes and feet great! The products last longer than the competitors and I have no need to try and other brands now that I have found these. The sandals are a life saver as well. Perfect support for wearing around the house after the long days. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!!

Best sandal for walking

Was in Mexico for 4 months, a lot of walking every day on and off the beach, these sandals were the best. Sea water and sand did not damage them. My feet felt supported and comfortable. In the heat it was great to have the support of an orthotic without closed shoes. Thank you SOLE.

No more planters!

I experience several different conditions that leave me with overall pain, especially in my feet. I also love sandals. These help me by aligning my feet, especially my arches that I can look great while helping my feet.

Boots or Slippers?

I purchased a pair of Repels as an impulse buy and I have no regrets. I am currently using them as indoor slippers and around the house on the patio. As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!

Game Changer

As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!



I was skeptical this will be of any help, i have flat feet, this sandals feel amazing

Catalina Flip

I'm big fan of Sole sandals. I tried the Catalina Flip and they are great for the beach. I do prefer the cork ones. Still a great sandal.

Own Several Pairs

I have bought several pairs of these over the years. The bed of the sandal conforms perfectly to my arch and helps during periods of plantar fasciitis. I have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair during the summer.

Travel Item

I like that this sandal packs easily as it is low profile so doesn't take up too much room in a carry-on suitcase, but it has a lot of arch support for wearing inside or outside once you get to your destination.

Super comfortable sandals!!

I ordered these as a recommendation from my physiotherapist as I needed better support but also something that was waterproof for the summer months. These sandals are my favorite!!! They are perfectly snug and do not easily loosen as I find many other brands do which helped to prevent cracked heals. There was no cracking and held up well in and around water. I'd buy one in every colour if I could. Highly recommend them!!

Monterey sandals

Always love these!! Been wearing them both inside the house and when out and about for years

James F. Aziere

When Cork Met Concrete

I spend up to 6 hours a day coaching high school swimming, walking on concrete and I have been doing that for the past 45 years. During this career, I have tried multiple types of sandals and flip flops and spent up to 100 dollars a pair trying to reduce stress on my legs and back. I purchased them from sporting goods companies and some of the expensive department stores. I happened to buy this pair at a shop in Ft. Meyers, Fl that were made of cork. I have some pretty nice sandals in my closet that I have not worn since because of the superior comfort level I have when I wear my SOLE flipflops.

Loved these

I need orthotics to prevent foot pain but wanted a sandal to wear while travelling in Ghana. Wore these all day, everyday and had no foot pain at all.... and looked good!


I love these sandals. I live in SOLE sandals. The size 8 fits my foot perfectly. I no longer have any plantar fasciitis or heel's amazing to live pain-free. Thanks SOLE!

Richard Kerschtien

Awesome Sandals

I am currently wearing my third pair of Navigate sandals. I began wearing them after experiencing plantar fasciitis. They are tough and well made! Once formed to my foot they are very comfortable and I can walk all day without any foot issues. These sandals rock!

John Paris

Great Sandals!!Help Me Alot

These really are comfortable and fit perfectly. Helps me a great deal with a very high arched foot. Great job! I have been wearing these for over 1 year. Very durable!

Between the Toes

I love this sandal! Perfect in every way. Does not hurt between the toes!

My favourite sandals ever!

I have been wearing these sandals for the last 3 years. There are so comfortable!

Total Score!!!!

So I was shopping the SOLE site as there was a sale going on and I had already had an awesome experience with some sandals I bought a couple of years ago (which I still wear) and I ordered 2 pairs of shoes. I decided to take a look at the other items they had on sale and noticed that these boots were deeply discounted and figured for what they were selling for I couldn't say no - they were around the same price as a pair of insoles - how could I miss? When the boots arrived it was still snowy and mucky where I live and I decided to give them a test drive.... they were super light, water tight and no slipp'n and slidd'n to be had. As with all SOLE foot beds it took some time to get used to them but I gotta say I'm really enjoying my purchase - I actually feel like I stole'm for the price I paid. The only thing I'm on the fence with is that the boots are slightly bulkier then what I had envisioned - but I'm a firm believer in function over fashion anyway... so it's a win for me.

Unique...but so comfortable

I bought these shoes because I have nearly no arch...once I put them on and tried them out it was fantastic! I didn't know a dress style shoe could be so supportive and comfortable. I need to wait for dryer conditions to wear them more but I'm looking forward to it...maybe some beach sandals will be my next purchase.



I have bought numerous pairs of SOLE sandals. They are absolutely the best on the market! Before total, bilateral knee replacement, I had four pair that I wore religiously. Nothing helped my knees as much as they did. Now, why change? Incredible support! For anyone with leg, knee, or foot problems, buy a couple of pair. Only wish I would get a commission for the number of people I have recommended that have bought these!

Best Sandal You'll Ever Buy

If you love to wear sandals all day like I do, then I'd highly recommend these sandals. Don't be put off by the cost because they last a long time and don't leave your feet sore and tired like cheap sandals do. The arch support is amazing. Both my husband and I have been wearing SOLE sandals for 8+ years, bought various styles and have never been disappointed.

Beyond love!

I have purchased 3 different pairs of Women's SOLE flip flops over the last year and they are fabulous for managing my Paroneal tendinitis and Achilles Tendinitis. I never suffer from pain when I wear them. Likewise, I just purchased a pair of Male sandals for my partner and he likes them as well. So I saw these shoes and thought why not!? Let's try it! And ....I absolutely LOVE them! Soooo comfortable yet professional. In fact, I'm considering buying a second pair in a different colour. SOLE never lets me down! Always a pleaser! :)

Great shoe, I'm a big fan of the arch support

This is my second SOLE footwear purchase, my first was a pair of sandals. They have great arch support and look cool. At first (same as the sandals) they took a little to get used to but after that I'm happy.


I have extreme planterfacitis. .. I find it very difficult to find a pair of flip flops to wear in the summer months. My orthotics specialists recommended me your website and what would work best with my feet. I purchased.. a pair for indoors only.. the slip on sports womens and another pair for outdoors although I can't recall which ones. They are both amazing! I was pleasantly surprised that SOLE sent me a credit for a future purchase! I have since used that to purchase a pair of ladies walking shoes.. the shipping was super quick.. and their products are amazing! I can't wait to see their spring/summer line up. I don't step out of bed without slipping on SOLE sandals! Thanks!!!

Love these sandals!

I've been wearing SOLE sandals for nearly a decade, and they work great for my feet that typically need custom orthotics. It's so nice to have functional sandals to wear in the warm summer months! I own 5 different pairs, and love them all. I recommend these to all my family and friends!

and I used to hate Flip Flops...

I've never worn flip flops because the toe post irritates and hurts so I always searched for sandals. I have high arches and PF, so I always search for supportive sandals, and hopefully find some that are still cute. I use SOLE footbeds for my causal shoes, and thought...what the heck? There was a good sale, the SOLE insoles have been great in the past, so why not try the Del Mar Flips and I can return them if they hurt too much right? They arrived quickly, I put them on and wore them for an hour or so. The toe post wasn't irritating and the foot bed felt comfortable and supportive from the beginning, I've worn them more, including all day shopping excursions and haven't had any issues. As the footbed continues to mold to my foot shape, they will probably become one of the most comfortable shoes I'll own. I won't trust other flip flops, but I'm glad I tried these. Supportive, cushion, and all day comfort for me.

All day comfort

I use these in my work shoes. They are the most comfortable insoles I have ever had. I also have 4 plus pairs of sandals. This company rocks!

Sandal Review

Love these sandals with ALL outfits. Plus I can walk with them for miles!!! Thanks you very much!

100% comfort

I have been having pain with plantar fasciitis for the last few years and these sandals are the only thing that keep the pain away. They are so comfy and are now my new gold sandals! Amazing product, I have about 5 different pairs!

Great active sandal

This is a fantastic sandal. I usually get the Catalina Sport Flip ( I got a size up in the Baja) but wanted something that works in rivers and the beach. This is a must have sandal for being active. Still has great support but just a bit of flex to move around freely. I would highly recommend these for the adventurer that wants the great arch support and comfort SOLE is known for.

Lifesavers, but.......

Bought the Baja Flip a few months ago. Absolutely love what it does. Stopped my plantar fasciitis and calmed those shin splints after a tough day on my feet. A little disappointed that the heel portion of the sole is already starting to wear down since the biomechanics of the sandal are so tough. All in all a good sandal!

Best Sandals Ever

As often as the weather permits, I am in my SOLE slide sandals (I have 2 pairs). I especially like the fact that I can use them on dry land and on the beach as well. Well constructed and very comfortable. Highly recommended. - Wayne Thomas - age 68

Isabelle Labarre

Ecological footprint

I have never had such comfortable sandals With soles molding to my feet. They follow me everywhere. Travelling, during winter time, when I come home after work, all summer! I have a collection of them In different colors. The best ever!


Miracle Sandals for Metatarsal

I live in these sandals. I have a metatarsal issue and have never found a sandal that doesn't hurt my feet. I can't recommend these enough. Absolutely brilliant. I have been using SOLEs for 5 years now. The new cork sandal takes a little time to break-in but once it is, it is amazing.

Comfortable and fashionable

I have never owned flip flops that I can wear all day. Catalinas are comfortable. I have worn them all day, the footbed supports and the piece between my toes never bothered my feet; something I can not say about any other sandals! I will buy nothing else for the summer. Constant wear over two months and they still look brand new!

Love My Sole!!

I LOVE this Sport Flip sandal for so many is SO comfortable; it has great arch support so it can be worn all day long & believe me I do & my feet do not get tired; it can be hand washed & then it smells like it is brand new; there are lots of colours to choose from; they can be worn with just about everything I wear. I can't say enough about them. I have been buying SOLE Sport Flip sandals for probably 15 years & NEVER had a problem with any of my sandals.


I love SOLE sandals!! I've bought 4 pairs of these sandals and they're great. The fit is fantastic. I highly recommend SOLE sandals!

CArl Bowen

Great sandals!

Super pleased with these sandals. They look good and feel good. And they are only getting more comfortable as they mold to my feet.

So Comfortable!!

These are super comfortable. I especially love how you can adjust the straps to get a custom fit. I had surgery on my toe and still had a little swelling on the top of my foot. With the adjustable straps I'm able to wear these sandals without any issues. These are also great support for my flat feet. I am on my feet a lot so I need shoes with tons of support. Thanks SOLE for taking care of all the sore feet in the world!!!

So Comfortable

I've been wearing SOLE ever since I heard about them and that's been several years now. They are so comfortable I wear them the entire summer. I have a lot of other sandals but I love these because I can walk everywhere with them and my feet never hurt.

Love Love my SOLE Sandals

I absolutely love my SOLE products. I have Plantar Fasciitis and have a hard time finding any shoes other than custom orthotics that won't make my foot hurt. My SOLE sandals are so comfortable and I have no pain while I wear them and they last year after year.

I'm a SOLE girl!!!

Love these sandals.!!!!...starting with the Sport Flips about 10 years ago, I couldn't do summer without my SOLE's!!! Wear them every day, and I live in Florida, so that's a lot of Summer days.....They last for years!! Easy to wash, Colors are beautiful.....The PERFECT sandal!!! I know, cause I tried a few other look a likes....they didn't hold a candle to my SOLE's Once a "SOLE" girl.....always a "SOLE" girl!!!


I have not been able to wear them often due to the recent heat, but think I will be happy. Could not be happier with all the original SOLE sandals I have purchased over the years. With all the changes recently, I am not sure which ones I would need to order now!

I recommend this brand

The first pair of SOLES I had were flip sandals and the support they had were great. I got the Active Thin insoles now that I fit inside running shoes I wear on walks. It would have been nice if they had 'cut along the lines' markers for half sizes on their insoles since I have some 9.5 size footwear and they only have full-size footbeds. It would make fitting when cutting it by myself easier. Overall, If you spend a lot of time on your feet, I recommend this brand.

Tara Miller

Best every

I first found SOLE in a store in the Muskokas about 10 years ago when I was on a trip. I had tried other brand-name cork sandals in the past but was never pleased. All it took was that one pair that I bought on summer holidays I have worn nothing but SOLE cork sandals since. I place an order at least once a year if not twice, especially when I see the sales come up. I am able to switch between mens size and ladies size so that I get a variety of colors. I love them and recommend them to other people and actually buy them as gifts for friends!

Healthy Solution

I have been using SOLE inserts for many years and recommend them to anyone I know or meet who is having foot or knee issues. I purchased the thins for a new pair of low hikers that do not have the room for a midweight. The reason I call these a healthy solution as I have a knee that used to give me a lot of pain when I was hiking, jogging or walking. A friend recommended trying the SOLE insert, problem solved. Since that first pair of inserts, I now use the SOLE insert in all my footwear and also find the SOLE sandals equally effective.


Love my Beach Flips and my Sport Flips! They are the only sandals that I can wear. I've tried them all! My feet ache and hurt if I'm not wearing them, even in the house! Love the metatarsal pad as much as the look of the sandals.

Awesome sandals

Purchased some sandals for my wife and she's very happy with them. I'd like to buy one pair for me too!

life saver

These sandals are awesome! I struggle off and on with plantar fasciitis and a Morton's neuroma. These are the only flip flops I can wear. I wear them all winter long in Arizona not only because the weather is warm but because I have tile floors and these flip flops offer me the footbed my feet require to be happy. I also have SOLE insoles in all my shoes and wouldn't walk anywhere without them.


I own three pair of SOLE flips, the Del Mar is my latest purchase. This product came recommended by my physiotherapist as I had an ankle injury a few years back. These flips are of top notch quality and support my feet in every way. I like the new fabric and the tasteful colors in the Del Mar flip. The employees at this company go out of the way to be helpful and courteous. These people honestly want you to have the best fit. And, I really appreciate the excellent customer service provided. We are a SOLE family as hubby owns more pairs of sandals and insoles than I do!

Best insoles, best sandals!

I own three pairs of insoles and four pairs of sandals. The insoles with the met pads are so supportive in my golf shoes,running shoes and workboots. I had a total knee replacement and they been the very best footwear I could ever ask for. I have ordered all these products online through the SOLE website and the service has been fast efficient and well packaged. I couldn't be happier!

Susan Kim Boehlein

great sandals

I never could wear flip-flops because of my high arches. I am in love with these flips. They solved my plantar faciitis problems and I wear them all the time. I also exclusively have your insoles in my shoes.

Saved my (summer) life!

SOLE cork bottom sandals have made it possible for me to were "flip flops" again! With the cork bottom and extra cushioning, I can now wear summer sandals without any leg or knee problems. I highly recommend them!

Love these inSoles!

I bought new shoes so I had to buy some more SOLES to make sure that I would love my shoes when I'm walking in them as much as I love their style! I'm all for a sacrificing some comfort for style but with SOLES - I DON"T HAVE TO!!! Been wearing the sandals for years to the pool. And now think I have insoles in almost all of my work and casual dress shoes. Simply the best. Most reliable fit and comfort.

Best ever!

I didn't think it was possible for any flip-flop to be better than any other, in terms of comfort and quality. SOLE proved me wrong! These are worth every penny - I wear them everywhere (except work). I am hoping that SOLE will make cute sandals that I can wear to work soon...

Finally, a shoe insert that works!

Tried numerous shoe inserts to resolve my foot pain. Found Sole shoe inserts during a Google search. Researched the product and ordered one pair. Sole insert worked for me and helped rid my foot pain. I ordered 3 more pairs for my different shoes. When my daughters had foot pain issues from soccer I ordered both girls Sole inserts. Both girls are pain free. I ended up ordering the Sole slip on sandals and strap on sandals for days I don't want to wear socks but still have my arch and ankle support. No issues with the Sole inserts to date. Have been using them for many years. I don't heat my inserts I just put them into my shoe and over a short period of time they form to my foot.

Recovering with Sole support

My daughter recommended SOLE when I needed to carefully choose a new sandal. She wears her slides constantly because they are THE most comfortable thing she puts on her feet. She runs and these are great for recovery, as well as for general, daily wear. She knew that I was looking for a supportive, adjustable sandal as I neared the end of my recovery from plantar fasciitis. I have flat feet, over-pronate, and wear orthotics so I need more than an ordinary sandal. My usually reliable Birks were too hard on my tender heel. My Finns weren't cutting it with enough support and inserting my orthotics into the Finn base was not cushioned enough. The hot days of summer had arrived and I needed something cool yet supportive to prevent the plantar fasciitis from worsening and disabling me again. This slide is super comfy and has been supportive enough to meet my needs for a sandal. SOLE are great for summer's many water situations too. Soles were the answer for all my sandal needs.

So comfortable

For weak arches like mine, I've come to really love Sole sandals for the support and width. They are really the only ones I will wear.

Support and Comfort

I ordered these new flips to try as I have two other pairs and I love them! They are comfortable, nice looking and supportive. The company stands behind their product with the nicest staff that truly want you to get the right fit and be happy with the sandal. I am grateful that my physiotherapist recommended these for me. We are a family of SOLE supporters!!

Extremely comfortable

I've been wearing these sandals regularly since I bought them and I'm really impressed by how cozy they are. I am definitely pleased with my purchase and will undoubtedly get more footwear from SOLE. :)

Great Sandal

The most comfortable sandal I've ever worn!

Great recovery sandal

Purchased these as a recovery sandal for marathon training and post race. With no arch to help support my feet and knees these have been wonderful. Will be purchasing another pair soon.

Mateo Sport Flip

My Mateo Sport Flip is the most comfortable sandal I've ever owned. In fact, I think I have purchased 3 pairs over the past years. One pair I leave in the closet at my daughter's place in Alberta to wear when I visit. I wear them year round as a slipper. The support is fantastic. I have back issues and this sandal gives my back no grief whatsoever! I own other SOLE sandals and they are all perfect for my back issues. My physiotherapist daughter bought me my first pair of SOLES. I recommend SOLE to my friends all the time.

Terry Heinrich

Nice Arch Fit

I recently purchased the Men's Sport Flips. I like the arch support the sandal gives. The foot bed is comfortable and soft but firm where it needs to be. The length of the shoe fits perfectly. I find it is a tight fit around the strap area. I'm thinking the strap will stretch a little to make this more comfortable and less tight fitting. Otherwise, I have no complaints with my purchase.....Thank you in advance...Terry H.

Rick Smith

Great Sandals

This my third pair of Sole cork flips and they are pretty much my go to footwear for the summer. Previously i had purchased them at MEC, but this time went to the source. Delivery was fast and the transaction was painless. I love these sandals because of the fit. I have size 12 feet, and find that a lot of flip flop type sandals just don't stay on my feet. These ones always do, and the foot bed is incredibly comfortable, molding to your foot shape and providing support. 10/10 Would purchase again.

Shellie Harvey

Love the Catalina Flip

These are the only thing I wear - luckily I live in warm weather. I've had both knees replaced and the Catalina flip gives me support not found in other sandals or most shoes.

Can't go without SOLE

I can't live without my SOLES! In all my shoes - work shoes, dress shoes, boots. They are the only relief when it comes to plantar fasciitis issues. (The flip flops and sandals are my summer choice as well!)

Best Sandals Ever!

I exercise every day and these are the best sandals to recover my tired feet. I can walk in these all day and my feet don't get tired. Love them!

Fabulous customer support!

LOVE these shoes! I'd had some foot trouble in the past and was looking for some orthotic shoes. I couldn't find any that were half decent looking but then I found these. Stylish, supportive and durable! Also I'd like to give a shout out for the customer service (Sasha) on this site. It was amazing. They stand behind their product and want their customers to be satisfied. I did have some issues with a different style sandal but the issue was rectified to my complete satisfaction. Thank you!

These sandals are money!

Loving my new flips. The knit strap looks and feels great, and I feel awesome knowing that I am standing on recycled wine corks. On top of that, it's really nice to have a sandal that has some support and isn't flat under foot too. I can already feel them helping my plantar fasciitis. Would highly recommend.

Love these!

These are great sandals! The footbed is total Sole, with great support and a good feel from the cork. Thong is in a good place. Grip is good. I wouldn't wear them for a 10 mile walk but they are great for errands and messing about. Good colors too!


I've been wearing these for a few days now and absolutely LOVE them. They're so comfortable, the midsole molds to your foot. I have the black pair and I'm thinking I need some more in different colors!!! Wonderful that the footbed is made from 100% recycled cork. Great product.


Just got back from a week in Mexico with my new flips and I have to say I love them! Wore them everywhere I went. They immediately took away the pain from the plantar fasciitis in my right foot caused from other flat sandals. I am really digging the new sleek look too. And the recycled cork story is so cool! I'll drink to that. Love love love. Highly recommend.

judy reber

best ever!

I wear these sandals year round. I am a vendor at the Minnesota State Fair and no other shoe gives me 12 hour a day, 12 day straight comfort like these...they are absolutely amazing! I sell skin care for the feet and my heels can take a beating in regular sandals...these do not dry your feet out and along with my skin cream my feet always look great! Cannot say enough about them...oh and did I mention my feet never hurt after a long day on know how trade shows can be. My foot Doc friend suggested these to me and I've never gone back. Once I needed some sandals for Hawaii and needed them on the spot...went to Nordstroms and purchased the $80. a pair of the Hawaiian brand they were selling. They were black on black. Not only do they not give the support they suggested they did but the black sole would stain my heels...really bad! And to have spent $80 for them? Thank you Sole for making an incredible product. I take pride in my products and have been selling them for over 25 years so I really appreciate great quality and a product that says what it does and does it! Take good care, Judy Reber Owner Merino Skin Care USA & The Crack Blaster!


Very happy with this purchase!

Received these sandals this afternoon...amazing speedy delivery service! I had tried the flip-flop but find that I prefer the freedom of walking with sandals that have straps which then make my stride more comfortable and natural. The flip-flop was a little big for me in the size 6, however size 6 in the Navigate fit perfectly. I opened the box right away and eagerly put these Navigate sandals on and am very, very pleased! They feel great! Looking forward to long term use and the moulding of the foot-bed that will take place. Thank you Sole for great customer service!


Awesome products!

I absolutely love these shoes. My feet are flat and ligaments messed up from 31 years of teaching, standing on my feet all day. My shoe size went from a 9 to an 11 in a couple of years. The sole inserts have been a lifesaver. I was wearing made-to-fit orthotic inserts, very, very expensive and not covered by insurance. About 2 months ago I discovered the inserts at an REI store here in North Carolina, decided to try them. Oh my gosh, I can't begin to tell you what a difference they've made in my everyday activities. These things are awesome! I currently own 5 pairs of the inserts, and don't have to switch them from shoe to shoe. Five pairs of the made-to-fit would cost $1600+. Then, I discovered the sandals. Again, another awesome product! Because I have to wear compression hose due to poor circulation, I can't wear any kind of flip flop, and slides tend to fall off. For the first time in many years, I can wear something other than tennis shoes or hiking boots. Love these sandals, please keep them coming.

Kelly Babcock

Super comfortable sports sandals

This is a great pair of sports sandals - extremely comfortable for being on your feet for hours. I always have to break my feet in to new sandals, but these have been the easiest by far. I think these might provide just slightly less arch support than the Softec Response footbed inserts, but overall I love the footbed on these sandals - very supportive yet feels so comfy. Fantastic.

Carmen Sanders

Foot pain

I have been wearing SOLE insoles, blister socks, and flips for years. Navigate sandals are lightweight and super comfortable I can stay on my feet all day. The best products for my feet and awesome customer service! Thank you SOLE



I bought a pair of the SOLE Sport Slides after foot surgery to use as an indoor shoe following a suggestion from my podiatrist. I loved them! After another bunion surgery, I developed a neuroma. In my SOLE shoes, I didn't have the burning. In my runners with custom orthotics, I did. I went to find another pair of SOLE shoes for outdoor use. I came across these sandals and they have not disappointed me! I am a teacher so am on my feet a lot. I have worn these all day at work and have not had any episodes! I am so happy with these shoes.

HAPPY FEET - Best Sandals for Foot/Back

BEST SANDALS EVER! SERIOUSLY! I have had two foot surgeries which caused me back pain due to posture instabilities so wearing supportive shoes/sandals is VERY important to me. These sandals were recommended and now these sandals go everywhere with me! They offer the perfect amount of support and help to ensure proper alignment of your foot and back. You can wear them comfortably for hours and hours of walking. Will tell anyone who has back or foot issues who will listen to me how great they are! The customer care team is lovely, super responsive and stand behind their products. Can't recommend enough how great these sandals are. So happy I was able to find them. You won't regret one bit purchasing them.

Geoffrey Iles

Great plantar faciitis relief:

I have planter faciitis and have used inserts with the jelly soft spot under the heel coupled with an arch support but they were not nearly aggressive enough. I looked at "Your soles" insert and liked the aggressive arch, tried them and immediately felt relief from the pain even though they lack the jell at the heel. My plantar faciitis improves each day I wear them. My only fear is that they may be accommodating my foot too well lessening the plantar fascia relief. Should I have done the oven treatment only, to preserve their original shape? I am seriously thinking of purchasing the sandals, just wish they had a model with more toe protection!

Perfect for everyday

These sandals are so comfortable. I take a size 2 and they fit perfectly . I love the support for the arches. It would be good to have more colours in my size as I wear them everyday outside in the summer and around the house all year .

Carol Pascuzzi


I've had problems with my feet since my motorcycle accident 7 years ago and I have tried a dozen other brands of shoes and sandals for my chronically painful feet and legs. I just received my first pair of these Sole slides and it was love at first try. Not only are they comfortable, my feet as though they are positioned properly. I am NOT taking these off. Ever!



I bought these sandals a few months ago to help with my plantar faciitis and they are great. I have since bought 2 pairs footbeds as well. For my work shoes and winter boots. I plan on buying more. They relieve the pain and if I don't wear them for even a few hours walking barefoot, I notice when I put them on again.I wear the sandals as slippers around the house. I recommend SOLE to everyone. I love them!!

Great FlipFlop

I love these sandals. I have four pairs in different colors. They are a little tight at first but because the sole molds to your foot, they soon fit just right. I can wear them all day comfortably and go for walks in them.

Cheryl Phillips

Hello my favorite SOLE people!

I was SO EXCITED to see that you made these, have been waiting and watching for something new exactly like this! I didn’t know you were making these in color so I purchases a “raven” pair a month ago and WOW.....are they ever fantastic, I never got one blister at all, which is amazing to me! I want to commend you on the quality and feel of these sandals, I do not get any plantar faschia pain when I wear my sandals and orthotic lifts, yours are the only design that help my feet, I’ve tried other orthotics and they are not as good as your brand. My plantar fashia pain is so bad that I need to wear your orthotics all the time, even at home in my slippers. THANK YOU from the bottom of my feet, I appreciate your products so very much!


Great Buy!

Love these flip flops! I wish they had half sizes but I'm still in love! I'm a size 8 1/2 and bought a size 9. It is a little large but I think thats better then being too tight. These sandals have helped so much with my heel spurs/plantar faciitis. Would definitely recommend!

Zackary Andriuk

Built to the same high standard

I have a pair of the sole flip flops and two pairs of footbeds. I looked everywhere for some arch support in a pair of sandals and the flip flops were the best I could get at the time. I noticed these on the website and bought a pair in the early spring. I have managed to wear them almost everyday this summer when I wasn't required to be in boots. They incorporate the support and comfort I like in the SOLE footbeds and they are much better to wear for summer activities than shoes or flip flops. I might even get a pair for my mom for her birthday.


I found my Sole

I bought cork soled flips about 10 years ago and wore them out. They were my first adventure into cork soled sandals and I tried for several years to find them again. Then I found Sole! I don't know where I've been! As soon as I found Sole I ordered a pair and I love them! As a previous poster mentioned, it took a couple of weeks to stretch out the straps (I have a very high arch) but it didn't take long. I now wear them every chance I get. I found my Sole!


Best footwear & best service

I spend a lot of time in sandals & have tried almost every top brand available as I found walking long distances in them uncomfortable. I've suffered everything from bruised soles to shin splints over the years. Then I was bought a pair of Sole flips, the difference is amazing, shock absorption and foot support is second to none. The service is outstanding, replacing my initial pair with smaller without quibble. Never again will I be suffering from wearing those overpriced Brazilian and German equivalents which just do not compare in quality or service. My feet thank you.

None Other

Since a knee injury several years back, I looked into orthotics but came across a store where they sold these sandals. Since than, I'm on my 4th or 5th pair of women's sandals and wear them day in day out! I wish they were more affordable, though are worth every penny!! They are truly the best, there is none other!


Healthy Shoes

I am a connoisseur of healthy shoes. I have owned just about every brand out there in every price point. The SOLE sandals are the best flip flop style shoe I have ever worn. Don't let the casual style fool you - these are more comfortable, more supportive, and better fitting than many strap-on styles. They fit snug to the foot, so you don't have to crunch your toes while you walk. The sole is so supportive in every spot, it's hard to go barefoot anymore. But if it seems too snug at first, or the sole seems too firm, do give it time because as you get used to the shoe you'll notice something amazing happen. The sole seems to mold to your own foot, and it gets more and more comfy as it does. I have the cork footbed model and the slides, and both are hard to take off. Lucky for me I live in a climate where sandals are the shoe of choice eight months of the year.

Kara Swanson

Perfect for those with orthodics

I was walking with my sister up and down the rows of one of the expos and we came upon this store, and myself, having orthodics from a fallen arch, just stood to the side as my sister shopped. Used to the fact that I would have to buy custom made sandals to address my need of orthodics, I figured I'd never be able to wear these. But the gentleman that served us started talking to me and answering my concerns... I ended up buying a pair of she slip on flip flops as I'm one that can't stand something between my toes. These were fanTAStic!!! My feet don't get sore when I'm in them wearing them around all day.. I was estatic. I normally have to wear full on shoes all summer, and everyone else gets to wear flip flops.. which sucks when you go on a picnic near water and you have to take off your shoes/socks then dry them and put them back on every time you want to dip your feet in the water. I can't thank you enough for making these with such quality that people like me can wear them. I wore them most of last summer, and so far (other than when we were flooding here) all this summer, and they are STILL looking fantastic!! I recommend them to all!!

Sole sport flips

These are the best slide on sport sandal I've ever worn and worth every penny. With a bad back and have always worn an orthodic,I am very pleased with the results.

Tony Hung

Break em in

It took a few days to break em in if you have wide feet. Once that's done, they're great and my go-to sandal.

Addicted to these!!!

I found these shoes after I had surgery to correct my ingrown toenails. I needed something that would not compress the wound so these were a perfect choice. I am a hairdresser and stand in the same place for long periods of time and sometimes after work, my feet would hurt all the way up my legs. Since I bought these sandals, my feet nor my legs hurt anymore. From the very first day, they felt amazing on my feet. You can feel the sturdyness of the arch, and they give such good support. The heel area is cupped and they just cradle my heel. They feel so wonderful on that I have not worn another shoe since I bought these. Now it is getting cold here in Michigan, so I need a good pair of winter shoes. I have tried several different pairs of shoes, even tried buying insoles to put into other shoes to try to get them to feel like these do. I keep comparing everything to these and nothing else will do so, I guess I am addicted to these shoes. That is why I am ordering a pair of women's "Steady" today. I will write a review as soon as I get to wear them, but I have high hopes for them based on these.

Would give more stars

I love these flip flops! They are the very best ever for people suffering from plantar facsiits, like me. Like a previous reviewer, my dog chewed up my first pair -- and then I found this site and bought two more. For the first time in months, I was able to get up in the AM and not cry out in pain. Granted I've also been doing some exercises and stretches to help, but with this sandal in combo -- I'm finally over the hump.

eli soto


Loved this product. From the moment I stepped into them, I felt instant relief! My plantar fasciitis has made it difficult to find a pair of sandals that are comfortable to walk in. These are great. I would have given it a 5 star rating, however there was rubbing on the top left inner strap where my foot over pronates and rubs against. I hope that will go away soon because I love the way they feel on the bottom of my feet!

Fabulous Flip flops

Actually they really don't "Flop" like most flips but they are the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned. I bought a pair on sale through a different company for my trip to Cancun and now I won't wear anything else. I just got back from my trip and bought another pair in brown so I can wear them with everything. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They have just enough support and look so nice I even wear them with my sun dresses. GREAT PRODUCT! Great price when you can find them on sale as I have. More colors Please!!!!!!

My favorite sandals

I have been searching for an orthopedic sandal for a long time. I googled ortho sandals in the uk and came upon these. They are fabulous. I have worn them almost constantly since I received them and they are soooo comfortable. I have ordered another pair in a different colour and am sure I'll be back for more. I would love to have these in a clog with a cork insole. The company are very helpful and delivery was very quick too. A pleasure to do buisness with. Thank you


The best sandals I have ever bought, the most comfortable, and the only ones I shall ever buy again, I even wear them during the winter months as slippers around the house, you will never ever wear any shoe as comfortable guaranteed!! The recent purchase 5 pairs assorted colours, making full advantage of the sale items too 10/10 A* total satisfaction, cannot recommend them enough!

the best

I work at an Orthopedic clinic and love my sandals and inserts. I tell all of my patients how great they are. I have wide feet and they support me well. I have a total of 5 pairs of sandals and all of my family have the inserts.

Ben G

Florida Ben

I have a bad lower back and wear orthopedic inserts. Unfortunately, I can't wear the inserts with flip flops on the beach. The sole sport flips are a perfect sandal for someone who needs great arch support and still wants to look stylish for the sunny weather. They may seem a little pricey but my first pair lasted me 2 years and I wear sandals almost daily. Best flips ever!


Having PF for over 8 years, this is the only sandal I have been able to wear. I first got them in a steel blue/gray. But now the only colors available in size 11 are black or brown. Please, Please make more colors for size 11's!! I know I will buy them!


Go for it - great for hols, cuts down on packing

As promised, I bought more. I got the 2011 spearmint first, so much softer than 2010 (which I would still thoroughly recommend). Now I've got the 2011 in black. Wore them on cruise ship, they and another pair of ordinary sandals for excursions were all I needed. The black are SO versatile and smart for daytime, and dressing up for evening dinner. Waiting to see what colours come out next year. EXCELLENT Customer Service.


Such a wonderful product!!

I have a bad case of plantar facsitiis and there was no way I was going to make it thru summer without flip flops but I knew I had to wear my tennis shoes with my support arches as it is the only thing that makes it possible to walk. I was at pacific crest sports weekend in sunriver Oregon a few weeks ago with my husband who was participating in a half ironman tri. We saw the booth & my husband encouraged me to try a pair on. I did & have not wore my tennis shoes since! My husband tried a pair on as well and because of the comfort of the flip flops we both bought two pairs each!! Such a wonderful product!!

Just give them time

I have pairs of the sport sandals and the causal sandals. After 6 months with the causal sandals the footbed has molded to my foot and the strap has stretched out and the fit great. I can walk for days in these sandals even after a long run. Just give them time and they will be the best sandal you have ever worn.


I have been using Sole inserts in my walking shoes for the past year with great results for my foot pain due to over-pronation and flat feet. So, I was thrilled to see these sandals. I was concerned that they would not fit my size 10 narrowish foot, but they are perfect for me. I am very happy to find such a well made and comfortable product. Please make lots more styles of shoes and sandals:-)


I have never had such comfortable shoes!

I purchased a pair of your woman sport flips and they are fantastic!! I am 6 months pregnant and these flips offer me the perfect support. I have never had such comfortable shoes! These shoes give me tremendous relief! I feel so grateful to have found them. Thank you for making this superior product, I am so pleased. I absolutely love these shoes!

The best sandals!

I am a podiatrist -these sandals are terrific ! My patients love them! They are very comfortable with great arch support! Check them out for yourself! Better yet give then a try for 90 days just like the company offers. My family and staff especially love the cork bed styles . But you be the judge.... Odds are you will love them too!

Nathan Freeburg

Best sandals of all time.

I bought the sport flips last summer, and they have been the best, most comfortable footwear I own. I can walk long distance in them without pain (and this from someone who has has plantar fascitis). Very comfortable after a run, around the house, or everyday use.


They are the ultimate insert for my falling arches

A few years ago, at the age of about 25, my high arches started to feel the strain of not getting enough support, even with $200.00 shoes designed to support all the areas of my arch. I had a sore arch and heel spurs from standing for 10+ hours a day, and spent hundreds of dollars and tons of time researching different inserts and learned all about what made my foot unique and how to solve my problems. The ONLY solution I was able to find outside of birkenstock cork-bed sandals was the SOLE heat-moldable inserts. Unlike any insert on the market that I could find, they not only have the ability to fit the TOTAL area of my foot's needed support like a custom glove, but are also stiff, therefore disallowing my foot's arch to stretch as I step (a major reason my arch becomes sore during standing/walking/running, etc.) They are the ultimate insert for my falling arches, much needed inside-heel support, and keep my foot stiff and firm, not allowing that arch tendon to stretch. Lastly, they really help keep my foot aligned well and not tilted at all, which can cause my left kee especially to ache. With the bulk purchasing on the website, I can regularly get a great deal on as many as I can pick up in a package deal at a time, making sure that each and every shoe I own has its own insole. I'm planning on being a lifelong customer for sure. I wear them out and buy more.

Great comfort

Similar to Amanda from Phoenix, I had a stress fracture of my ankle and was looking for comfortable summer shoes. When the Groupon offer came in, I decided to try Sole. I have not been disappointed. Though it isn't even close to summer in PA, I have been wearing the Casual Flips in the house as sandals because they feel so good. Thanks for making such a terrific flip flop!

Rick Dutton

Almost great

I have been a Sole footbed customer for years. When the original sandals came out, I tried them but could never accept the thong. When the slide became available, I ordered a pair immediately. I have worn them constantly since they arrived. The support from the footbed makes the slide the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned. In warm weather, they are all I wear. In cold weather, my shoes hit the closet and are replaced with the slide as soon as I enter the house. Changes? - The front edge of the strap should be scalloped up the instep as it sits too near the toes. When you bend your foot it can rub or poke into the top of your toes. I would love to see a leather upper, and more color choices.

Dash P


I have finally found sandals that are good for my feet! I like the color scheme Sole once had. I have the white/blue sandals, and they are a hit. My podiatrist was truly impressed when I found sandals that gave me as much support as my orthotic insoles. Well done Sole.

Warm style

This weekend brought the first brrrr-worthy temperatures to my corner of the world. It also brought more opportunity for me to slip the wonderfully plush SOLE Exhale’s on my feet. The Exhale hearkens back to the childhood days of moon boots. Their upper actually looks like a cross between a low-top moon boot and a super puffy jacket and is water resistant, rip-stop fabric. The footbed is wear moldable which means that, like SOLE’s other shoes, the footbed will become customized to your foot over time, increasing comfort and feel. On top of that, the footbed is Sherpa lined and super soft. Since such a warm shoe could be sweat inducing at times, the Exhale uses Polygiene® as an antimicrobial to fight odor. I think part of the brilliance in SOLE’s production is that all of their shoes and sandals use the same wear moldable footbed. Whether it’s their Platinum Sandals of the Exhale, you can be sure that the shoe is going to feel consistently right on your foot. The Exhale is incredibly roomy inside but it never feels to me like it’s insecure. As for warmth, these are right at the top of the list. Between the fabric and the stuffing, no wind is getting through to make your feet feel the least bit chilly. I actually find myself wearing them at home as much as outside. The heel of the shoe easily folds down (it’s meant to) to give a slip-on feel and I can foresee many days this winter being spent entirely in these shoes. If you don’t already have a pair of über warm casual shoes to keep your feet toasty this winter, the Exhale (for men and women) is a great choice. Also, it’s a perfect way to transition either to or from SOLE’s Platinum Sandals once Summer comes back to town!


I took the plunge and have never been more satisfied with my decision

I actually purchased my SOLE sandals while vacationing. I was looking for a pair of Reef sandals when the sales representative suggested your sandals for a little more money. I took the plunge and have never been more satisfied with my decision. I have had problems with pain in the ball of my foot area. Since getting these sandals (which before this time I would not wear flip flops) I no longer experienced the pain while wearing my sandals so now I wear them daily. If I could get away with it I would wear them to work, but I can't so, I then decided to purchase some of your footbeds. The problem I had was that my shoes range from a 9.5 to a 10.5 (depending on the style and make). Fortunately I purchased the same size of my sandals (10) and they fit perfectly into the 3 different pairs of shoes. I have since recommended them to a couple of my friends who also purchased footbeds and sandals.


I have been a happy customer for about five years now

I am a family physician and also practiced in the Air Force for several years before going civilian. I suffered from plantar faciitis for six straight years. I found SOLE footbeds in my military uniform store around 2005. I bought a pair for my combat boots and they were amazing. I then went online and ordered some for my running shoes, my soccer shoes, and my casual shoes. I have been a happy customer for about five years now and with the combination of my SOLE footbeds and a little activity modification, I have been rid of my plantar faciitis symptoms for over two years now. I am always careful though, because I know the symptoms can return. One of the preventive maintenance things I always do is wear shoes indoors when I walk around on our tile flooring. After reading the great reviews, I am going to order my first pair of SOLE sandals and plan to use them when walking around on our tile floors as one more way to stave off any return of my previous heel pain symptoms. I can't wait until they arrive. SOLE has not failed me yet!


These are the best sandals I've ever worn

These are the best sandals I've ever worn! I've suffered from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee pain and shin pain for the last 10 years and I haven't been able to wear flip flops or even most sandals without a lot of pain after about 15 minutes of wearing them. I'm a runner and I'm forced to wear orthotics in shoes for pronation and the plantar fasciitis to eliminate some of the pain and problems so I had pretty much given up on wearing sandals. I won a pair of the sport flips in promotion through work for selling some of the insoles. When I got them I was skeptical because sandals and flip flops have always hurt my feet and they just end up collecting dust in the closet. Well, I stood for 4 hours on the sport flips at work, and pretty much haven't taken them off in the 3 days that I've had them. They are great! They provide lots of arch support and my feet haven't hurt at all. In fact the plantar fasciitis has bothered me the least in the last few days than it has in months. These are by far the best shoes I've ever worn. I've ordered a pair for my partner off your website and have recommended them to all of my friends and fellow runners. I can't believe what a difference they've made. Keep up the good work! You make a superior product.


I was on my feet for 3 days straight and could have kept on going

I have been looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wear in the warmer weather while vending and competing at BBQ contests (where I have to be on my feet approx. 12 - 14 hours a day for 2 and 3 days at a time), and found the Women's Sport Flips at an EMS store. After speaking with one of the associates, she assured me that while the price was higher than what I was comfortable paying for a pair of flip-flops, I wouldn't regret the purchase. She was right. I just returned from a contest in Windsor, VT and found these were far more comfortable that even my running shoes (I actually changed out of them after 2 hours and wore the flip-flops instead on the 2nd day). I did not have the aching/tired feeling I normally get after standing on my feet all day and was amazed. I was on my feet for 3 days straight and could have kept on going. I will be purchasing another pair in a different color and will also be purchasing the sport slides for my husband as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


I have tried many other brands, but have never had the success that I had with Sole

After experiencing chronic foot pain (gout, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and cramping brought on by limping from a severe hamstring injury) my podiatrist recommended Sole inserts. It took a couple of months, but all my foot problems went away. This was about 10 years ago. I have tried many other brands, but have never had the success that I had with Sole. A lot people have recommended Superfeet and I have tried them. I don't think there is anything wrong with the other brands, its just that for me personally Sole is the most comfortable and gives me the best results. I buy enough pairs in different thicknesses to put in the shoes that I wear most often. And I have a couple pairs in different thicknesses that I transfer from shoe to shoe as needed. I should mention that I am a big hiker. I go 2 miles every morning and go on 4 to 8 hour hikes about once or twice a week. Depending on the hike and the weather, I use heavy duty Vasques, lightweight Patagonia, sandals from either Teva or Keen and hiking boots from Keen. I wear the inserts with everything except Chaco sandals. I have also worked as a lift operator at ski areas and have always worn inserts in my snow boots. Bumping chairs all day is really brutal on your feet. You stand on the ball of your foot and lift your heel. As the people sit down, you bump the chair and let it spin you around, so you see the takeoff. When you see that no one has fallen out you must spin back around for the next chair. This is repeated every 5 to 7 seconds. I never had one bit of foot problem.

Julia Sands

It won't be my last pair - they are awesome

I bought my first pair of Sole Sandals - the sport slide. It won't be my last pair - they are awesome. I have struggled with plantar fasciitis for 7 years. Unfortunately, the podiatrist I was seeing didn't treat my condition properly. After enduring too much pain, I found another podiatrist and had foot surgery in February 2010. About a month ago, I started experiencing excruciating heel pain. I had been told that I would still experience pain for about 6 months. But this was a different sensation & wasn't getting better, so I went to my doctor yesterday. He said my bone was severely bruised and that it would take about 2 months to heal and I needed physical therapy. He also told me to make sure I was wear good shoes even around the house. I didn't want to wear my athletic shoes or dress shoes in the house; yet, my house slippers weren't providing enough support & it hurts to go barefooted. So I googled heel pain and treatments & found a website that recommended your sandals. I went to your website, found a local retailer and bought them today. So this long winded email to say... thank you!! I had relief immediately. It doesn't hurt so bad to just walk. I had been wearing Fit Flops & Skeechers new Tone Up sandals which didn't give me the proper support.


They are truly amazing sandals

I'm almost 8 months pregnant but I can wear my sole flips all day without getting sore feet. That's a first! I'd thought sore feet were just another one of the inevitable symptoms of pregnancy. I've been wearing my sole flips everywhere ever since I got them and my feet are totally pain free. They are truly amazing sandals and I would recommend them to anyone!


Been to the foot doctors and had special orthotics made and they did not help me at all. I purchased these sole products and they are superior. It has helped me tremendously and I will be and on going customer. I just purchased a pair of the slide sandals.

Best Flip Flops Ever

After buying the insoles and wearing them in my sneakers I was hooked on your products. I purchased the flip flops, and they are by far, the most comfortable I have ever worn. I have problems with a hammer toe and plantar faciitis and found it difficult wearing any type of sandals. I am so thrilled to find these! They are supportive, comfortable and I want them in every color!

Scott Mizufuka

the best...

I've had two pairs of sole sandals and love them. I first saw them in runner's world and wanted to give them a try. They're amazingly comfortable and supportive never losing their shape especially in the midfoot arch area. I have flat pronated feet and they provide great support. I've referred others to buy them and have bought them for bday/xmas gifts. I've heard nothing but positive things about sole sandals!

Love my Soles

I am in the process of ordering my 3rd pr.of women's Platnum sandals. Words cannot express how much I love them!


The sole sandals have really helped

I've always had to were orthotics, and was unable to were flip flops for any extended period. The sole sandals have really helped. I also bought a pair for my boyfriend who has plantar fasciitis and he is loving them. He can get up in the morning without pain.


I just love the sandals

I have rhumetoid arthritis. My feet are sore most of the time. I have a very hard time walking in shoes. I noticed that my arch in my foot was falling. I need support. My doctor told me about your company. So I phoned and was so pleased with the help I got over the phone. The girl I spoke to was so helpful and very nice. I just love the sandals. I can walk quite well and will definately buy some insoles for my shoes. Thank you so very much for the wonderul service and great sandals. I have told many people about your company.


They make my feet feel a lot better

I have had Plantar Fascitis for several years. It is hard to find sandals and shoes that work for me. I need a really strong arch, and these sandals work. I wear them around the house all of the time like slippers, and they make my feet feel a lot better! I will buy more in the future!

Not Given

Absolutely love them

Absolutely love them. The sandal is awesome to wear and I have no pain if I wear them instead of going barefoot


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my flip flops

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my flip flops. I never thought that with my high arches I'd ever be able to wear them again (haven't had a pair since I was in middle school) but I love them so much that I'm tempted to buy another pair in a different color combo. I've already recommended them to a bunch of friends.


I've noticed major improvements in my feet

I've been having trouble with plantar faciatis for a year now. I've used a night boot, done exercises, taken anti-inflammatories, worn podiatrist-made inserts. Then I got my SOLE sandals, and I've noticed major improvements in my feet. I am also thrilled to have foot support when walking on the beach.


These sandals work better than anything I have tried before

Awesome product. I am in Rome Italy on vacation now and walking 10 miles a day in these flips - I am walking on concrete, cobblestones, and many uneven surfaces. I have low arches, mortons foot and these sandals work better than anything I have tried before. My back feels great - no knee issue and I am a big 300lb guy! WOW!


Best $$ spent on flip flop sandals to date

I was diagnosed with sesamoiditis in addition to being completely flat footed. Therefore most shoes without backs or without sturdy bottoms irritated my toes. My condition improved over the last few months by wearing support shoes (e.g. Danskos), but I was going to need something for summer. I am a flip flop wearer, without a doubt, and was having a hard time deciding if I was going not wear flip flop sandals all summer or suffer through the pain. Luckily, when I read about your sandals, I decided that it was worth the $70 to try them. Best $$ spent on flip flop sandals to date. :)

Robert Chatillion

I will never go back to flat sandals again

I will never go back to flat sandals again. My feet and back love the support of the Sole design. Well done! Nice logo too.

Scott Davies

Sandal Heaven

I have been looking for a product like these for a while. I have seen another sport sandal with orthotic benefits but it looked like a crashed 4 x 4, wrong, wrong, wrong. These are the perfect blend of sporty looks and support. I have also had to deal with Chrissy here in the UK and what can I say other than excellent customer service with a professional cheery manner. Brilliant! Don't hesitate they are worth the price and the service is top notch.

I can wear sandals again!

I have flat feet, so would be in pain for days if I wore any type of sandals or flipflops. Always use the Your Sole inserts in my shoes. Now I can wear them all the time - PAIN FREE! Worth every cent! I have two pairs now....more to follow too!

Great, but want more!

I just bought a pair of these sandals based on a NYT article rating after-exercise sandals. I love them. I usually hate flip-flops, but thought I'd try these and they feel great! I went to buy another pair, and they are all out of size 8 (not to mention most other sizes), so I hope they get more in stock, because I will buy another pair of two when they do!

Saved My Vacation!

I had used the sport soles for a couple of years and was already a firm convert to Sole. With a vacation in the Mediterranean looming, I saw that Sole was coming out with their first sandals! I was really excited, as I wasn't looking forward to having to wear tennis shoes all the time on holiday. I had given up the thought of ever having sandals (much less flip-flops) that could give me the support I need to alleviate the plantar faciatis and painful neuromas I have in both feet. The Flips weren't even shipping yet, but I paid for my pair. As the vacation got closer I was really worried that I wouldn't get them in time, so I sent an email. Imagine my surprise when I received a call saying that they would overnite them to me right away! I'm really happy to say that my vacation was amazing, and I know it wouldn't have been as carefree had it not been for my Sole Flips. LOVE THEM! (Ordering my 2nd pair!)

Miracle Cure!

I developed plantar fasciitis within days of moving into our new house that has a lot of tile flooring. The doctor told me I needed to be wearing shoes in the house, so I put my Sole sandals on, and within minutes, the pain went completely away! The pain had been quite severe, to the point of limping around the house, and it went away immediately, and has not returned! These sandals are a must-have for anyone with tile floors. They are worth every penny!! Thank-you!! I cannot say enough about how thrilled I am with them. They are my "miracle cure!"

Dianna MacPhee

Very painful case of Plantar Fasciitis

I have had a persistent and very painful case of Plantar Fasciitis for almost two years. It got so bad that I finally gave in and had surgery a little over a month ago. The pain was back almost immediately so I began my regime of buying every product that promised to help. I am so thankful that my first purchase was a pair of Sole foot beds. I felt relief almost instantly, so much so, that I just bought another pair and a pair of sandals. Thank you is all that is left to say.

Cheryl Peterson

Thank you for such an incredible product

I was spending $40.00 per vist to the chriopractor once a week before I got my sole insoles. I have not been in 3 months now. I wear them in every shoe that I can, and I have the flip flops for the summer. Thank you for such an incredible product.

You Can't be Without

You cannot be without these flip-flops. I have done extensive research into shoes and sandals, I know this company has done their research also. They got these sandals right on: everything from the contours of the footbed, to the lightweight, to the tightness of the strap. I am recommending these sandals to everyone I come across because its a shame these aren't readily available everywhere! More sandals company's need to take notes from this particular one!


I started with the footbeds. I researched online to see what nurses and people who stood for along time at their job liked as far as support. This is how I found the footbeds. Amazing! I stand 8 hours at my job. My heels used to get so painful, I couldn't stand on them. These footbeds made the difference. I have worn the same pair for a year now and thought they would "flatten" out after time, but they haven't. I ordered myself and my husband the sandals to try. I usually don't like the piece between the toes. Surprisingly, I don't notice that piece with these sandals. Same wonderful support as the footbeds. My husband will no longer wear any other sandal, only the Sole sandals. He was reluctant about the price of them, but now that he's worn other sandal will do! Be prepared to be spoiled and not want anything else on your feet.

Ted McGreer

I've sold a pile of sandals

As a Specialty Footwear Retailer, I have access to virtually every shoe on the market. When Sole decided to launch the Platinum Sandal, I was very sceptical of an $80 sandal. In fact, I decided not to order any for my store because I felt the price was just too high. When my sales rep at Sole asked me to simply try one pair for myself, I thought, fair enough I'll test them out. Two months later, I've sold a pile of these sandals, and I've not taken my pair off my feet. Keep in mind I personally own over 300 pairs of shoes. This sandal is biomechanically perfect, great for people with or without foot pain, and is bar none the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Another great product from Sole!

John C. Bruner

Your footbeds have been helpful in relieving the pain from walking

I have been using your Sole Custom Footbeds since I got a free pair at the Olympic Oval. While refereeing indoor soccer this past season I developed plantar fasciitis. Your footbeds have been helpful in relieving the pain from walking. I put them in my soccer shoes and also sandals. And, I am using them in my outdoor soccer shoes. Also, while serving as a lap recorder for speed skating, I have to spend long hours standing on the ice. My sorels do not have good arch support and your footpads have enabled me to stand more comfortably in my sorels. Thank you!


Your soles did save this grandmother a ton of money

My 12-yr. old granddaughter was having terrible knee pain. My son, who has been using these inserts, gave us the website address, and he helped my granddaughter heat & form them when they arrived. Fortunately, she finds the inserts so helpful that she switches the inserts each time she changes shoes. She plays softball and volleyball. Softball season, as the catcher, nearly killed her with knee pain; she received the inserts prior to volleyball and was much better. I believe the problem is hereditary in the shape and form of our feet. You will probably be getting more orders for sandals and more sizes over time! Your soles did save this grandmother a ton of money as my grandchildren are uninsured, and I have to pay medical bills for them. Thank you for the great product and the medical savings.


This product is outstanding

Flat arches were causing alot of pain especially when walking around the house in my bare feet. With the new sandals I can even stand in the kitchen and cook for long periods of time on a hard floor with no pain. This product is outstanding and I have recommended it to my physical therapist for some of his patients to try.


They are now the ONLY sandals I wear

Having pain in my inner shin area above my ankle's when wearing traditional style 'flip flops' esp after long runs. Was virtually eliminated after my Sole purchase. They are now the ONLY sandals I wear.


Found them to be as good as expensive orthotics

I have bone spurs on my heels and knee injuries in the past. I have used Sole innersoles for a few years, both for tennis and in my casual shoes and found them to be as good as expensive orthodics. I originally bought two pair and just purchased two new pair as well as the sandals. They are usual!


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