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SOLE Supportive and Sustainable Footbeds and Footwear

SOLE footbeds have a long history of setting the bar for over-the-counter insoles. Since launching the first SOLE footbed in 2001 our products have promoted healthy feet and bodies for millions of satisfied customers. SOLE insoles offer an affordable alternative to prescription orthotics by providing superior support in a custom heat/wear moldable platform that adapts to your unique feet to give support exactly where you need it.

The SOLE Signature Supportive Shape is clinically proven to reduce plantar fascia strain by up to a third, helping your feet carry their load. The combination of a deep heel cup and SOLE’s signature arch support help to eliminate pain, reduce fatigue and prevent injury. Our insoles also feature a density mapped base that allows them to flex with your foot’s natural motion while still retaining their superior arch support.

SOLE is the benchmark in supportive, sustainable footwear. Since the launch of the first SOLE Sport Flip in 2008 our sandals have earned a die-hard fan base thanks to their incredible supportive comfort. SOLE sandals all come with the SOLE Signature Supportive Shape, including a deep heel cup and our signature arch support. Our footwear also all boasts a metatarsal pad to lift the foot’s bones into the natural position, supporting the transverse arch of the foot. The metatarsal pad increases forefoot comfort and offers effective relief from conditions like Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia.

SOLE flip flops and slides are an excellent option for recovery sandals, trusted by elite athletes who need superior support after heavy exertion. SOLE flip flops and slides also offer immediate relief from sore feet in the morning caused by plantar fasciitis, and for many customers SOLE is the first thing they put on in the morning.