ReCORK Recycling Partner models: how to involve your business.

Join the cork revolution in a way that works for you.

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You've heard our call for cork loud and clear. You're suited up and ready to go to battle for the cork cause. We love your enthusiasm, but don't get too worked up, champion, this is actually going to be easy. We can't wait to receive your corks, we just need to figure out which division of our recycling army you'll fit into best. Read on to discover our different partner models, and decide which will work for you.

Public Collection Partners.

The hint is in the name. You'll be an outpost for members of the public to recycle their used natural wine corks. We'll list you on our ReCORK locations finder, and anyone can bring in their corks to leave with you, before you ship them to us. We provide you with logos to label a recycling bin of your choice. We work with partners of all sizes, from large-scale corporate chains to boutique-sized stores. Our network of public partners includes liquor stores, office spaces, grocery stores and more. Could your business be a public collections partner? Sign up now.

ReCORK and your business, comrades for the cause.

 Private Collection Partners.

Let's keep this between us. ReCORK and your business, comrades for the cause. You've no need to collect corks from the public, you go through enough doing business on a daily basis. Run a restaurant, bar or winery? You're perfectly positioned to collect corks in the back end of your business. When you've got enough corks for it to be environmentally efficient, you ship them to us! Let us take those corks off your hands: sign up today.

 Event Partners.

There's nothing we love more than the sound of bottles popping in every direction. Pouring events, festivals and wine tastings, your attendees will love a green edge to your event. You've got more corks than you know what to do with and we're the answer. Print our logo to label collection containers of your choice and ship us the corks when all's said and done.  Sign up your event today.