Custom insoles for cycling: moldable footbeds improve performance and comfort on your bike.

Wearing cycling insoles can maximize energy transfer to your bike while protecting against pain and fatigue.

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Everyone who cycles has one thing in common: it’s all about being in unison with your bike; human and machine, working as one. Why then do so many of us neglect the most important point of contact between our bodies and our bikes? Your quads and glutes get the praise for providing the power, but all that energy gets transferred in one place: through your feet.

Having supportive insoles in your cycling shoes can make a massive difference to both your comfort and your performance on your bike. Insoles improve alignment, distribute pressure evenly, maximize efficiency of energy transfer, prevent pain and reduce fatigue.


Jason Pohl on a training ride.

SOLE ambassador and Ironman triathlete Jason Pohl spends 16-18 hours on his bike per week, on top of his 80-100 km running. He says it best: 

“Until recently I had no clue how important foot comfort was in cycling shoes! Having an insole that forms to your foot was a game changer for me. It allowed me to relax my feet more naturally, which ultimately allowed me to relax my legs and pedal more efficiently. I found I could push more power comfortably without compromising my feet and ankles. The SOLE Active Thin molded to my feet very well and gave me the much needed support I required! I highly recommend trying a custom moldable insole for cycling.”

Let's break it down.

Improve cycling performance with custom insoles.

Custom moldable insoles improve cycling performance by supporting your feet where they need it and providing a stable base for the foot through each pedal stroke. This promotes proper alignment in your knees, reduces knee wobble and maximizes the efficiency of your pedal stroke. Supporting your foot properly in your cycling shoe also reduces energy loss through your feet straining, shifting and pronating excessively. 

Insoles with proper arch support and a deep heel cup cradle and support the entire foot. This ensures you feel connected to your bike from heel to toe while driving energy through your forefoot. Custom insoles will also allow you to put in more effort for longer, as they reduce pain and fatigue by increasing comfort.

sole insoles for cycling

Standard factory insoles offer little support vs a custom cycling insole.

Enjoy a more comfortable ride with custom insoles.

Cycling shoes are often rigid and many are narrow and restricting. Many cyclists suffer from numb spots in their feet and pain in the forefoot or ball of the foot. Wearing insoles can relieve these ailments by evenly distributing pressure in your feet. This lightens the load in the front of your foot and also improves energy transfer efficiency. 

Custom footbeds with proper arch support will also help the feet carry their load and reduce arch pain while cycling. By promoting proper alignment insoles also help prevent knee pain and even back pain.

Active Thin
Unisex Footbeds
$59 USD
Performance Thin
Unisex Footbeds
$59 USD
$44.25 USD

SOLE custom moldable footbeds for cycling.

All SOLE footbeds are heat and wear moldable so you can wave goodbye to standard factory insoles and get a custom fit worthy of a pro. As most cycling shoes and cleats are relatively slim-fitting we recommend the Active Thin or Performance Thin insoles. These offer all the industry-leading support of the SOLE signature shape in an insole that’s low-profile enough to fit your cleats. 

The Performance Thin has the added advantage of being made with recycled wine corks, making them the most eco-friendly high performance insole on the market. The natural cushioning properties of the cork can also help dampen vibrations, making for an even comfier ride.

sole thin volume insoles for cycling

SOLE's Active Thin and Performance Thin footbeds are low-profile and ultra-supportive.