A guide to heat molding your SOLE footbeds.

Why and how to custom heat mold your SOLE footbeds.

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One of the many things that sets SOLE footbeds apart is the fact that they custom mold to your unique feet and arch height. This customization happens gradually over a few days of regular wear, but it can also be done by heat molding the footbed using an oven at home.

So who should heat mold their footbeds? Why would you want to heat mold them instead of allowing them to mold to your feet through wear? And most importantly, how do you go about custom heat molding your insoles? In the video above we answer all of these central questions to help you get to grips with the heat molding process.


"Being able to mold these footbeds by heating has enabled me to provide COMFORTABLE support for my feet." - Morris on the heat molding process.

All SOLE footbeds can be heat molded in your oven, no matter if they're made from EVA or recycled cork.

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Unisex Footbeds
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If you find the arch support in our footbeds a little too firm or uncomfortable to begin with, we recommend that you heat mold your footbeds to get them as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible. This will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of wearing proper supportive insoles in complete comfort from day 1 in your footbeds.

We also recommend that anybody with low arches or flat feet should heat mold their footbeds before wearing them.

To heat mold your footbeds, simply heat them in a conventional oven for two minutes at 200°F or 90°C, slip them into your shoes, step into your shoes, lace them up and stand in the shoes for another two minutes.

Watch the full video for all the details!