The Lightest Tread Podcast Episode 11: Nick Brosnan

Living stink-free and sustainably with the experts in anti-odor technologies, Polygiene.

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Paul speaks to Nick Brosnan, Marketing Manager for Americas for Polygiene.  

Polygiene is a long time partner of SOLE's. All of our footbeds are treated with Polygiene to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and keep the footbeds stink-free. Part of why we love working with Polygiene is how they position themselves as a company, and the message they spread about mindful living and minimizing your impact. 

Paul and Nick chat about Nick's perspective on the North American outdoor industry and how it compares to our counterparts in Scandinavia, Nick gives the lowdown on how stink prevention actually works, the guys discuss the challenges and opportunities of marketing a product for its practical use first and its sustainable credentials second, and Paul shares the memories of his own shameful foot stench. We also learn a bit about the positive impacts of doing less laundry!

To learn more about Polygiene and all they do check out 

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00:00 Introduction 

03:20 Cringey stinky feet memories 

07:25 Background to Polygiene as a company 

11:15 How the Scandinavian outdoor industry compares to North America 

18:30 Functional first, sustainable second 

26:40 How less laundry fits into a more mindful life 

33:02 How accessibility to the outdoors creates interest in sustainability 

40:00 Data on the impacts of skipping one wash load 

43:11 What actually IS Polygiene? How does it work? 

50:20 Merino vs Polygiene treated synthetics