The Lightest Tread Podcast Episode 9: Thor Retzlaff

Reimagining human waste with the co-founder of Do Good Shit and Wasted.

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Paul speaks to Thor Retzlaff, a skier, mountaineer, adventurer and entrepreneur with a passion for changing the way we think about and deal with human waste, particularly in the outdoors. 

Inspired by a trip to Everest base camp in 2018, Thor and his team decided to launch Do Good Shit, a not-for-profit on a mission to reduce the harmful impacts of human waste, by delivering dignified and sustainable sanitation systems to ecologically sensitive environments and their surrounding communities. He's since gone on to co-found a revolution in portable toilets called Wasted

Paul and Thor discuss the golden rule of properly managing human waste in outdoor settings. They also talk about the hidden potential of urine and upcycling this liquid gold, as well as getting some insight into Thor's trip to build a toilet in the Himalayas and summit Ama Dablam. 

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00:00 Introduction 

01:00 Ski season chit chat 

03:00 Paul's camping anecdote 

08:07 The toilet tour moment of realization and motivation 

10:30 Everest base camp experience and the founding of Do Good Shit 

20:30 The toilet tour: learning all about human waste management 

23:20 Why the separation of pee and poop is so important 

30:42 The value of urine and the birth of Wasted porta-potties 

36:33 Recycling urine to create fertilizer 39:05 African penguins and guano fertilizer 

44:40 What sets Wasted porta-potties apart? 

49:00 Replacing toxic blue sludge with natural enzymes 

54:30 Expedition to Ama Dablam for Do Good Shit 

58:53 Metatarsal Pad footbeds after foot surgery