Insoles for running longer: the most impactful addition to your running gear.

Supportive insoles help fight fatigue and prevent injury by supporting your body from the ground up while you run.

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Whether you’re working up to your first 5K, or you’re a marathoner, all runners want to be able to run farther and longer, more easily. Despite so many of us having such a similar goal, too few runners make the most of a simple, affordable piece of gear that can change their running game: supportive insoles.

Insoles can make a huge difference to your running. When you think about it, it’s obvious that they should. When we run it may feel like our legs or lungs are taking the biggest beating, but in reality it’s our feet that are doing the most work. With every stride we take, our feet absorb a huge amount of pressure, and transfer all the energy created by our bodies into forward momentum. 

Running puts a huge amount of strain on our feet. Our running shoes may help by adding cushioning and rebound, but they do little to reduce the actual strain being carried by our feet. That’s where running insoles come in.

sole supportive insoles vs flat factory insoles

SOLE supportive insole vs a regular flat factory insole.

Reduce strain while running with SOLE insoles.

Insoles are excellent for running because they help your feet carry their load through every step. By supporting your feet structurally from beneath, insoles reduce the amount of strain carried by the muscles and tendons of your feet (and beyond). 

Less strain means that when you wear running insoles you use less energy just carrying your body forward. This in turn means that a good insole will help prevent fatigue and keep you running longer. 

When it comes to insoles for running, none are better than SOLE footbeds. SOLE footbeds are clinically proven to reduce strain in your feet by up to 34%; more than any of our top competitors. 

"The best insoles I've found. I run 30 miles a week, 800-1000 miles per pair of insoles. 10/10 would recommend." Ross M.

Prevent running injuries with SOLE footbeds.

Being able to run longer isn’t just about feeling less fatigue on each run. The more you run, the more you will be able to run. One of the most important aspects of gaining strength and fitness is staying injury free. Reducing fatigue in your feet will help prevent injuries in your feet, but that’s not the only way supportive insoles help.

SOLE footbeds help distribute pressure evenly across your feet, preventing pressure points and stress injuries in any one particular part of your foot. Our running insoles also promote neutral alignment and correct biomechanical issues like pronation and supination. This helps protect your ankles, knees and even your hips and back from injury while you run.

supportive insoles help prevent a range of running injuries

SOLE footbeds can help protect against a range of running injuries.

Simply adding supportive insoles to your running shoes forms a solid, neutral foundation for your entire body. With this foundation in place you can avoid some of the most common running ailments like runner’s knee, shin splints and plantar fasciitis. SOLE footbeds can also help recover from these issues by not further aggravating inflamed muscles and ligaments. 

Running insoles like the SOLE Performance Medium or Active Medium help you avoid injury and run more consistently. The more consistent your workouts, the quicker you will build stamina, fitness and strength, meaning you’ll be running farther and longer in a shorter space of time.

Popular running insoles

Active Medium
Unisex Footbeds
$59 USD
Active Wide Medium
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Performance Medium
Unisex Footbeds
$59 USD

SOLE footbeds flex with your foot’s natural motion.

The best type of insole for runners is one that helps reduce strain and fight fatigue without interfering with the foot’s natural motion. SOLE footbeds are all zero drop, meaning the heel and the ball of the foot sit at the same height, just as they should. SOLE insoles also feature a unique density mapped design that offers superior support while still allowing your foot to flex naturally.

sole insoles for running are zero drop

On top of all this, SOLE footbeds are custom moldable, meaning you get support that’s customized to your unique feet. The molding is easy to do, either heat molding in your oven at home, or simply letting the insoles mold to your feet over a few wears.

The combined effect is that with SOLE footbeds you get a running insole that offers superior, targeted anatomical support, but doesn’t stifle your foot’s natural flex and energy transfer.

Which insole is best for running?

All SOLE footbeds feature the same signature supportive shape, so ultimately the best choice will be the one that works best for your feet and footwear. We offer Thin options to fit tighter-fitting footwear. Our Medium footbeds will fit most running shoes and offer a layer of high performance cushioning. Our Thick footbeds offer a luxuriously thick layer of cushioning and work great in looser fitting runners or trail runners. 

If you run in a natural splay or 'foot shaped' shoe, we offer a specifically designed Wide version in each thickness of our footbeds. And if you suffer from metatarsal issues we do also offer versions of all our regular shaped footbeds that include a built-in metatarsal pad

sole footbeds help increase comfort of running shoes