Best flip ever

I have plantar fascitis and metatarsalgia. Also, HUGE bunions. These flips are amazing. It is like wearing an orthotic insole. I wear them all summer, every day, practically all day. Even walking my dogs! I love them so much that I always have 2 pairs on hand, just in case!

Best sandals in the world

Best sandals you can find. Supports the foot perfectly. Hubby had one pair that gave out after 10 years. Now we bought two pairs for him. One pair for outside and one pair as indoor slippers. He can't live without his SOLE. I bought a pair as well and love them. I wear size 10 in shoes and size 11 in my SOLE fits perfectly. Hubby wears size 13 in shoes and his size 13 Soles fits well. Yes, we have big feet... The cork SOLE gives the cushion we need when walking on hard floors and roads. Super comfortable sandals. We walked all over Portugal for one month in our SOLEs.


I have to wear orthotics because of plantar fasciatis and heel spur. For years I had to wear running shoes in the summer because I couldn't find any sandals that would accept my bulky orthotics. Not any more. Now I can wear pretty SOLE sandals without having to bother with orthotics. They are very comfortable and very well made.

Best flip/orthodic/sexy shoe ever

So here it is; 5 years ago I was introduced to these flips and insoles from my sister who claimed to have her uncomfortable foot spurs disappear from wearing them...and I was having back pain so I thought I'd give them a try since I had tried many things including actual orthodics.I feel as though they completely line up my body as I stand on them. Every part of my foot feels supported and it has a ripple effect all the way up my body...amazing! They look good too! I always buy two pairs to wear in the house as slippers as well as most everywhere else I go (except the gym) that's when I use the footbeds. Best ever!


SOLE flip flops are my fave! I have plantar fasciitis and wear a pair indoors as slippers and keep multiple pairs for outdoors. I try to buy at least a pair a year for the last few years and have yet to "kill" a pair... I also wore them throughout my pregnancy. I had 2 days where my feet were swollen, that's it. And even my doctor was surprised that after my pregnancy they didn't need to do any further "repairs" to my feet. She figured it was wearing the flip flops as a slipper that made a huge difference.

Great SOLE

Recently bought a pair of women's Casual Flips. Great arch support and very comfortable!

Best Flip Ever

I really love my cork SOLE flip flops! Super comfortable, I wear them everyday. I have a pair for in the house, a pair for when I go out, and a pair for around the yard! I won't ever wear another flip.

Only flip flops I'll wear!

I have skinny, long feet with high arches and finding a comfortable flip flop that disn't hurt my feet was impossible, until SOLE started making flip flops. I have been using the insole inserts for years, but I had been unable to enjoy wearing flip flops. I love my SOLE Casual Flips so much I bought a pair for everyone in my family. They all love them, from my flat footed stepfather to my mom with high arches, to my wide footed husband. My only wish is that they would make them in childrens sizes. I have been buying them for a while and wear them all summer and most of the spring and fall. With my constant use most of them have lasted at least two years.


These are by far the most comfortable flip flops you can buy. Recommended by my podiatrist. Love them!

Extremely comfortable

I've been wearing these sandals regularly since I bought them and I'm really impressed by how cozy they are. I am definitely pleased with my purchase and will undoubtedly get more footwear from SOLE. :)


These are beyond amazing! Sole flips allow me to walk again without pain in my hips, knees, or feet! They have changed my life! I now have two pairs for inside and three pairs for outside. I will continue to purchase SOLE products. I cannot wait for the boots!

Womens Sport Flips

Have had three pairs of womens Sport Flips - one pair was worn out, one got ate by a labradoodle puppy and I am still wearing the third. I wear these constantly due to a major foot injury. No pain and mobility! Recommend them to anyone with foot/feet issues.

Love this footwear!

I love being barefoot, but a recent case of plantar faciitis has prevented me from doing so. These flip flops are so comfortable and the closest thing to barefoot while still wearing supportive footwear! These along with using the footbeds in my closed toe footwear have been pinnacle in healing my plantar faciitis and keeping me pain-free.


I was referred to your product by my pedorthic clinic (Katie Whalen) where I was fitted with insoles for my plantar fasciitis. I have now ordered 3 pair of these flips and I love them !!!! I have a narrow foot but they wrap and hold my feet in place very comfortably. I wear a pair around the house as a slipper for the summer ( would you ever consider making a slipper)? I would definitely buy them!

Great flip

Snug fit, a bit tight on the straps by the toes for my liking but I'm hoping the footbed will ease up to give more room as I wear them. Great colours and the cork footbed is super comfy.


I wear these flip flops all day every day. Even when its cold, because they make my back and legs feel so much better. I keep them by the bed, and they go right on when I stand up. I keep them by the shower, so I can put them on immediately after I get out. I wear them out to feed the horses. I've never worn any flip flops because they just have no support. Maybe out in the boat when I was a kid, and that was it. I sold all my Minnetonka sandles and got these in all the colors. The cork footbed is the key in my opinion. With this new design, I have to order a size up from the older casual flips from last years as I think the position of the design, is set further in, causing the shoe to be shorter.

Would give more stars

I love these flip flops! They are the very best ever for people suffering from plantar facsiits, like me. Like a previous reviewer, my dog chewed up my first pair -- and then I found this site and bought two more. For the first time in months, I was able to get up in the AM and not cry out in pain. Granted I've also been doing some exercises and stretches to help, but with this sandal in combo -- I'm finally over the hump.


I am in my early thirties and an activity junkie- running, spinning, yoga oh yeah, and I walk 4 miles to and from work. I recently developed plantar fasciitis. Most shoes for the condition are ugly- plus I love my flip flops! I stumbled on your site sifting through the usual sport/running blogs. I got these flip flops today and just putting my feet in them felt like heaven. I hope the upcoming weeks prove just as wonderful (thus the 4 stars instead of 5... room to grow). They do "flop" for me but its not a big- stride altering movement. Also, a great deal when on sale!

Best flip flops ever

For comfort and looks, these are the BEST!! I'd had them 1 week, and my dog chewed them up. I panicked till I found another pair in my size and color. They are awesome. And the customer service couldn't be better!

great fit

I purchased these at another site at a very good price and I am very pleased with the fit, color and how comfortable they are.They certainly don't "flop" and I have "flipped" over them!!!!! I will tell every woman I know how great they are and I will buy more in other colors. Fantastic product.

Fabulous Flip flops

Actually they really don't "Flop" like most flips but they are the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned. I bought a pair on sale through a different company for my trip to Cancun and now I won't wear anything else. I just got back from my trip and bought another pair in brown so I can wear them with everything. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They have just enough support and look so nice I even wear them with my sun dresses. GREAT PRODUCT! Great price when you can find them on sale as I have. More colors Please!!!!!!

My favorite sandals

I have been searching for an orthopedic sandal for a long time. I googled ortho sandals in the uk and came upon these. They are fabulous. I have worn them almost constantly since I received them and they are soooo comfortable. I have ordered another pair in a different colour and am sure I'll be back for more. I would love to have these in a clog with a cork insole. The company are very helpful and delivery was very quick too. A pleasure to do buisness with. Thank you

Love 'em!

Perfect fit in my shoe size (11) Most comfortable flip flops ever. First that ever supported my fallen arches. Love them and will buy more when these wear out.


Sole flips are just fantastic. Have two pairs and I can't imagine wearing any other flip flop, ever.

Best flips EVER!

I walked miles and miles and miles in these during my Hawai'i trip, they are so incredibly comfortable! Can't recommend them enough, the support, styling and comfort is just perfection. Thank you, Sole!

Love, Love, LOVE These!!

These are the best pair of shoes I have EVER owned! I have a bad back and ankles that have been broken/sprained numerous times. These SOLE Flips (bought with a Groupon) were the best money I have ever spent! I even got a pair for my husband and he loves his too! My Chiropractor was even asking me about them since she was the one who suggested I look into an orthopedic-type flip. I never want to take these off! If you could make a dress shoe that fits as well as these and as comfortable, I'd get one in every color!

Just give them time

I have pairs of the sport sandals and the causal sandals. After 6 months with the causal sandals the footbed has molded to my foot and the strap has stretched out and the fit great. I can walk for days in these sandals even after a long run. Just give them time and they will be the best sandal you have ever worn.


these are the best shoes i have ever used they are so nice to wear and have great support. I recomend these to every one.


I have been using Sole inserts in my walking shoes for the past year with great results for my foot pain due to over-pronation and flat feet. So, I was thrilled to see these sandals. I was concerned that they would not fit my size 10 narrowish foot, but they are perfect for me. I am very happy to find such a well made and comfortable product. Please make lots more styles of shoes and sandals:-)


I've never got on with toe-posts but can easily wear these. The cork footbed is lovely and they look good on. The napa tan wasn't as tan as I expected (more biscuit, but computer screens aren't the most reliable colour source) but is a good neutral that will go with my wardrobe. Also excellent customer service. Thank you.

Professional and Personal Fan of SOLE Flip Flops

I love the SOLE Flip Flops and own 2 pairs myself. They are great for anyone that has to stand for work (especially in the summer)and I am always encouraging my patients to buy them! My patients always come back and tell me that they can feel the difference right away and that they will never go back to regular flip flops! I am ordering a pair for my mom right now for her birthday! :-) Dr. Mandy Lee Chiropractor

The best sandals!

I am a podiatrist -these sandals are terrific ! My patients love them! They are very comfortable with great arch support! Check them out for yourself! Better yet give then a try for 90 days just like the company offers. My family and staff especially love the cork bed styles . But you be the judge.... Odds are you will love them too!

Perfect Fit

I bought a pair of the casual flips at a store in Key West, Florida. I liked the fit because I must wear orthotics in all of my shoes. The fit is perfect. They are extremely comfortable and supportive. If I stand for more than two hours in shoes with no support, my legs ache. I can wear the casual flips for HOURS on end with no discomfort. It is why I bought another pair from the website.


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