SOLE Flips

I love the SOLE flips as they provide a good arch and support. As I don't have a lot of arch, I cannot find flips that will provide the support I need in "everyday stores". Most flips are flat. With the SOLE flippers, I can walk and wear them all day without knee and back pain. The only thing I regret is that when I ordered another pair, I made an error an ordered the wrong size (ordered 7 instead of size 6). I love SOLE flippers and can't wait to try shoes. Thank you! Francine

Great Product

I have been wearing these flip flops for years, great styles, comfortable they mould to my feet, I won't wear any other flip flop as none compares to the quality & comfort & they last a long time.

Great Product

I have been wearing these flip flops for years, great styles, comfortable they mould to my feet, I won't wear any other flip flop as none compares to the quality & comfort & they last a long time.

Happy Joints and Happy Feet

I am flat-footed (and pronate), and while I love thongs, they simply don't do the bottom of my feet and rest of my body any good. I usually end up with lower joint problems from my hips down to my ankles when I would wear traditional sandals. The arch support in the Costa Flip allows me to comfortably wear them (and actually walk long distances) without any pain during or after. It is such a nice change. I wear them often on walks that are often a good hour or so -- not just to wander around in! The bed has a nice amount of cushion, and I never experienced any blisters! Not even after my first wear.

Comfort and stability

I purchased my first pair of SOLE footwear this summer on the recommendation of a friend. I am delighted with the support my Costa Flip foot bed provides and the strength and comfort of the straps. My feet fit snuggly into the flip and walking is easy no matter what the terrain; grassy slope to the lake, rocky shoreline tippy canoe, or wet pavement in the parking lot. The flips stay one comfortably and my foot doesn't slip and slide all over the place. I love that they are environmentally responsible and designed by a Canadian company!

Costa flip

They are OK, I found them thin on the heel part , to be honest they are great to gym pools etc. Great for showers but not for a longer walk .. they would need a higher heel

Instantly comfortable

No need for breaking in period. Comfortable and true to size.

comfort + support

I'm a distance runner coming back from a foot injury, and my podiatrist doesn't want me in non-supportive footwear [or barefoot] all summer! So any time I'm not running or sleeping, I've been LIVING in my Costa Flips, NON-STOP! [walking the dog, running errands, cooking/cleaning in the house] After 5 weeks of everyday use, I must say they are light, comfortable, and supportive. My only complaint is that the arches are not high enough for my super-high arches! There's still a gap, but they're a huge improvement over flat sandals/flip flops. I was afraid I'd be stuck in orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life, I was pleasantly surprised to find SOLE shoes are pretty cute and look forward to buying a closed-toe option this fall for the cooler weather.

5 stars!

Great product! I have Achilles tendonitis so wearing flip flops seems impossible now without suffering from a great deal of pain afterward. My Chiropodist recommended I try a pair of sandals from SOLE and he was correct. These flip flops are amazing. I just recently wore them for 2 full days on a vacay that required a great deal of walking each day and I had zero pain afterward. I'm impressed. I also like that they look nice / sporty and don't look plain like a lot of other sandal brands that provide foot support. 5 stars for this product!

SOLE flip flops & inserts are the BEST

I have been wearing SOLE footwear for a few years now, and over the past few months, I wear SOLE flip flops almost exclusively. I have a lot of problems with my feet (bunions) and the SOLE metatarsal support is second to none. When I have to wear shoes, the sole inserts is about the only thing that makes that possible for me. I find them more comfortable than my orthotic inserts and a heck of a lot cheaper. I love SOLE products because they have given me back my summer!

So happy I found these!

I love these sandals. My feet have high arches and I needed something that would support them. I was also looking for something that was water proof that I could take to the beach and not worry about the materials getting wet. These fit the bill perfectly!! The sole has support in all the right places for my feet. I'm so impressed with the materials used. I was so happy with the product I bought my entire family a pair (and they love them just as much as I do). Thank you SOLE for making a product that is great for our feet and not over the moon expensive.

Wonderful Fit!

My mom suffers from bone corrosion and pinched nerves. Her doctor recommended her to use SOLE footwear. I'm just really happy that it truly works for her and eases her pain a lot more! I'd like to add that customer service is awesome and pretty swift too. Thank you SOLE for creating meaningful products. I will be sure to recommend you to as many as possible:)

Lightweight and comfortable

Very comfortable, the strap was a little tight (I have wide feet) but was a better fit than the Baja style which had really tight straps. After wearing a few times they now fit very well.

These flip flops saved my feet!

I bought the product because I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for the last 10 months. I was in extreme pain and a family friend recommended the brand. Since receiving my SOLE Costa flip flops, I have worn them every day inside and outside the house. They are the only shoe that makes my feet feel supported and comfortable. The material is flexible and soft, and the sizing guide helped me pick the perfect size (which never happens). Since receiving them, I have told many people about the brand because they have honestly saved my feet. I hope to order another style soon, these shoes are incredible.

Reliable and comfortable

I have been wearing SOLE for a few years now. They are my favourite flips. So much so I needed another pair. They will not disappoint. The arch support is so important and the shoe is comfortable.

GREAT Footware!

I always need footware with great arch support. Now summer is arriving, and my feet get hot, I actually needed these flip flops for indoor wear. I wanted something lightweight and with a white sole, that does not mark the floors. These are a well made product and just what I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more from this company.

Best Flip Flop

I have not taken these off (except to sleep!!) since I received them. I also own the flips that have the cork sole. Both are excellent. This brand was recommended by my orthopaedic dr. I have Morton's neuroma and manage it by having a cortisone shot at least once a year. Since I have been wearing SOLE innersoles and flip flops, I have only had to have 1 in the past two years. All your products are awesome!

Dream flip flops

I love SOLE flips! They are so comfortable and easy to walk on! I have several pairs as I have found they are the only flips I can wear in comfort because of my metatarsal problem. I have recommended them to friends that have the same problem and they love them too! Thanks for creating such an awesome flip flop!


I love my Costa flips! They're the most comfortable sandals I've ever worn. The support is amazing. As someone who is constantly on my feet running around these have helped my knees and back get back to normal where I don't need to see the Chiro as much. I had a figure skating injury when I was 15 to my lower back so I'm always in pain. The fit is great, the way it hugs my foot Is just right and love the mulberry color as it's my fave. I bought one pair and had to go back for 3 more!


Love love LOVE these shoes!!! So so comfy, they conform to my feet perfectly!

Lightweight and comfortable

very comfortable, I was able to wear for long periods of time right away without having to break them in, as is usual for new flips. This style is much lighter and compact than other styles, but provides the same great support, which is great for travelling (you can fit more pairs in your suitcase) I highly reccomend!

Another great flip!

I have been a sole customer for many years since I started having foot pain due to wearing flip flops that were flat. I usually purchase the sport flip, which I wear everywhere, but I wanted something a little different for the beach. These Costa flips are perfect. Very comfortable with support and looks great at the beach.

No more planters!

I experience several different conditions that leave me with overall pain, especially in my feet. I also love sandals. These help me by aligning my feet, especially my arches that I can look great while helping my feet.

Love these!

I suffered from plantar fasciitis forbsome time before discovering SOLE and the footbeds, and have happily had zero issues since (4 years!). These flip flops are fantastic indoors and out, are durable and waterproof and supremely comfortable. I have a wider foot and they provide comfort and stability for me. Thank you!

Super comfortable sandals!!

I ordered these as a recommendation from my physiotherapist as I needed better support but also something that was waterproof for the summer months. These sandals are my favorite!!! They are perfectly snug and do not easily loosen as I find many other brands do which helped to prevent cracked heals. There was no cracking and held up well in and around water. I'd buy one in every colour if I could. Highly recommend them!!


I have a pair of the cork ones and bought the Costa flip for after my swim workouts. Comfy and I feel good about wearing them. Easy to pack, too, and they've become my mainstay.

My favorite flip flops!

I have high arches and typically can not wear flip flops for long. The SOLE Costa flips have enough arch support that I can wear them all day without foot pain. Love them!

Flip flops

These are the most amazing flip flops ever. So supportive and comfortable. Helps with my flat feet.

Love my sole flips

I tore my plantar fascia about a year ago and my PT recommend I try SOLE flip flops. I love how comfortable they are on my feet, and they are stable and durable.


Love these, felt strange at first but felt great in no time. Will definitely get another pair, probably will try the cork ones. Seem to fit my foot to a tee. No pain like in flat flip flops.

Love these flips!

I own probably 11 pairs of SOLE flips ... I've been wearing them for years. These are probably the best ones yet; they are lightweight but still supportive and have just enough cushion. The colors are great ... I wear these all the time - from the beach to out for dinner!

Super comfortable

Just received my new Costa flips. The strap is super comfortable and my foot issue has resolved itself after only 2 days of wear. These are my 6th pair of Sole flip flops and I won't live without them. I use them as slippers inside the house and outside whenever there is no snow on the ground. Highly recommend...and have to many friends.

Super comfortable

Just received my new Costa flips. The strap is super comfortable and my foot issue has resolved itself after only 2 days of wear. These are my 6th pair of Sole flip flops and I won't live without them. I use them as slippers inside the house and outside whenever there is no snow on the ground. Highly recommend...and have to many friends.


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