She loves them

Less morning pain and all day comfort

Very comfortable

I use this shoe as a house slipper/shoe. I have no need for my required orthotics when I wear this shoe as it is so supportive. It works well as a slipper with or without socks. Velcro closure gives option of loosening or tightening fit. Highly recomended.

I would recommend

These are great. They helped with foot pain. Super comfortable right away. I also use them as house slippers.

Made my Summer Great!

These slides have made all the difference for me to have a fun and active summer. I have a tendinitis along the side of my foot and just like people having plantar fasciitis these slides have made it easy to go for walks on sidewalks, and on the beach. I bought a second pair to use as house shoes. My feet don't get sore when standing for a long time cooking, cleaning, etc. I recommend them to everyone I know!

SOLE is the best!

Love them! Can wear all day and not suffer with plantar fasciitis. So comfortable.

SOLE has saved my feet

I wear sole footbeds in all of my shoes, and they have made such a huge difference to my feet. I can't wear regular sandals and I am so happy that Sole makes sandals that I can wear without being in pain. I love these slides. I have the navigator sandals, which I love, and the cork flips, which I love, but I think I love these slides most of all. They are comfortable, easy to kick on and off but stay on my feet really well. My only complain is that they only come in black. I would love to have a pair that were purple.

Healthy footwear

I have a sesamoid fracture, capsulitis of the 2nd toe and neuroma. I needed a shoe with a met pad and overall support for the healing of my foot. These shoes make a huge difference in my ability to move. Inflammation in my foot changes all the time and this footwear adapts easily with the two adjustable Velcro straps along the top of the shoe. I have been wearing these shoes for a few months and I love the fabrics used on all my Soles! I love the simplicity..... no glitz, no tassels..... I wear SOLE for my health and soul.

The best

I love them, I can wear them all day and my feet don't hurt. I could never find and wear sandals without having sore feet until I bought SOLE, their the best!

Solution for flat feet

I was born with flat feet. Now that I am in my 60's, recently retired, the pain in my feet had increased dramatically. A friend told me about SOLE. I bought the Mendocino support to wear in the house with bare feet or socks. This pair has made a real difference. The pain is gone most of the time as I have good support now.

summer support

Enough of the flat, feet hurting flip flops of the past, the Mendocino is wonderful, comforting, and my go-to for the beach or walking down the street in the summer!

Instant comfort

I bought these a couple months ago & although I generally do not wear footwear indoors during the summer months I have slid these on a few times when my feet are bothering me & instant pain relief. Well worth the purchase!

Can't go wrong!

My family has been a long time purchaser of SOLE sandals, when you need support, but want to wear a sandal, they are the only way to go. These were purchased for my aunt whom had to have her foot fused. It took some convincing, because she was sure she would never be able to wear sandals again. Now, she wishes she would have had them sooner. They provider exactly the support she needs, but she also loves that she can adjust them to fit each foot. As her fused foot is much larger. They are true to size and are so comfortable, she can spend more time on her feet without paying for it. I've since purchased 2 additional pairs, so that she can wear one inside, one outside, and have a back up pair...that's how good they are!!

Love These Sandals

Great arch support. The material makes these sandals extremely comfortable. I wear them all day and my feet never feel tired. I've ordered three pairs so far and will continue to purchase them for as long as they are available.

Love these shoes!

I use these for bedroom shoes as I can't walk barefoot due to neuropathy in my feet. These are great! Depending on the sock thickness I'm wearing, I can adjust it with the velcro. That helps a lot. These are good shoes, bought some while on sale.

Walking Again Pain Free

I went to the doctor with pain on the side of my foot that was diagnosed as tendinitis and advised to get SOLE inserts. Since we had an upcoming beach vacation I purchased these slides. I was amazed I could walk for hours without pain. Now that winter is here in MN, I use with slippers as house shoes. Thank You! Thank You!

So Comfortable!!

These are super comfortable. I especially love how you can adjust the straps to get a custom fit. I had surgery on my toe and still had a little swelling on the top of my foot. With the adjustable straps I'm able to wear these sandals without any issues. These are also great support for my flat feet. I am on my feet a lot so I need shoes with tons of support. Thanks SOLE for taking care of all the sore feet in the world!!!


I love these shoes! Terrific support! Very comfy & durable.

Recovering with Sole support

My daughter recommended SOLE when I needed to carefully choose a new sandal. She wears her slides constantly because they are THE most comfortable thing she puts on her feet. She runs and these are great for recovery, as well as for general, daily wear. She knew that I was looking for a supportive, adjustable sandal as I neared the end of my recovery from plantar fasciitis. I have flat feet, over-pronate, and wear orthotics so I need more than an ordinary sandal. My usually reliable Birks were too hard on my tender heel. My Finns weren't cutting it with enough support and inserting my orthotics into the Finn base was not cushioned enough. The hot days of summer had arrived and I needed something cool yet supportive to prevent the plantar fasciitis from worsening and disabling me again. This slide is super comfy and has been supportive enough to meet my needs for a sandal. SOLE are great for summer's many water situations too. Soles were the answer for all my sandal needs.


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