Shin splints: what causes them, where the pain is located and how supportive insoles can help.

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What are shin splints?

Shin splints is the common name for pain that presents along the inside of the shins and gets gradually worse lower down the shin. Its official name is medial tibial stress syndrome, pointing to the stress inflicted on the tibia - your shin bone. Shin splints are caused by an ankle-stabilizing muscle called the tibialis posterior being either weak or over-worked and gradually ripping away from the shin bone (ouch). If not treated over time, the condition can lead to small fractures along the shin bone itself. Shin splints are a common issue for runners thanks to the repeated strain experienced by the lower legs.

Supportive insoles ensure neutral alignment to help shin splints

What's the solution?

Supportive insoles help cure shin splints by ensuring that your feet are working in proper alignment to prevent issues like pronation that places excess stress on your ankle stabilizing muscles, allowing shin splints to heal. The combination of a supportive arch and a deep heel cup helps to ensure that feet move from the stable base of their natural resting position. This allows all muscles and ligaments to operate at maximum efficiency, with each of the lower leg's complicated mechanisms playing their part to carry the strain of exercise. An orthopedic insole, when added to running shoes or any other shoe worn during exercise, can provide the support needed to recover and get back to running and exercising pain-free. In addition to wearing supportive insoles, exercises like calf raises can be helpful in strengthening the necessary muscles to heal shin splints.

Custom moldable insoles for shin splints

For millions of people, the solution is SOLE.

SOLE custom moldable footbeds have been refined over the span of nearly 20 years to lead the field in supportive insoles. Every footbed includes the SOLE signature shape with its supportive arch and deep heel cup. Our insoles also include a unique density-mapped design that flexes with your foot's movement, acting as a dynamic second-skin that supports your feet without stifling their natural biomechanics. In addition their custom heat/wear moldable design means you get the perfect support for your individual feet, exactly where they need it. The result is supportive insoles that are loved and trusted by millions of happy customers.

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Heat moldable insoles for shin splints


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