The best insoles for ski and snowboard boots?

The Active with Met Pad footbed takes snow sports comfort to a whole new level.

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Last year I made my friend Emily cry by pushing her too hard on a day snowboarding (sorry Em). It was the best snow day of the season and I just couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop. By the last run she thought she’d broken something in her feet. My feet were tired enough to tell me I was satisfied, but they weren’t sore.

The difference? Emily didn’t have SOLE footbeds in her snowboard boots. I did. This season I have been riding with our (SOLE’s) new Active Thin with Met Pad footbeds. They’ve taken my boot comfort to a whole new level.

Having proper support allows me to go further and push myself harder to find those tasty powder pockets.

Why wear supportive insoles in your ski or snowboard boots?

Our feet take a lot of pressure on skis or a snowboard. They’re the crucial point of energy transfer from body to board and they undergo a lot of forces acting on them from all directions. As such, feet can easily get fatigued in your boots, and the boots themselves often don’t help.

Most ski and snowboard boots come with flat or flimsy insoles that offer no real arch support. The boots are also often narrow and tight - cramping your feet from every direction. The result is that people often spend the day feeling like their feet are being crushed. As with so many other foot ailments, people just accept the pain and discomfort as par for the course. We say STOP LIVING IN PAIN when you don’t have to!


Thin footbeds featuring metatarsal pads.

$55 USD
$59 USD

Why choose insoles with arch and metatarsal support for ski and snowboard boots?

The SOLE Active with Met Pad footbed collection offers amazing arch support to protect your feet from the bottom up. Having insoles with arch support for your ski boot gives your feet the support they need to avoid the feeling of being crushed from above. It also helps your feet transfer pressure evenly and efficiently.

Most importantly, the SOLE Signature Shape leads the field in reducing strain in your feet. This means one thing: less fatigue.

On top of unmatched arch support, Active with Met Pad footbeds also feature a metatarsal pad that gives just the right amount of extra support beneath your metatarsals. This helps maintain a healthy and comfortable spread in your foot’s bones to prevent them from being cramped too close together.

The result is way better circulation and general comfort in the forefoot. If you suffer from pains in the balls of your feet when skiing or snowboarding, this is the perfect product for you. People who experience metatarsalgia or Morton’s neuroma will find the Active with Met Pad especially effective in relieving their pain.

Fresh tracks can be hard to get to. You want to be as comfortable as possible when you go searching.

Will the SOLE Active with Met Pad fit my boots?

Yes. How can we be so sure? Because it comes in three thicknesses: Thin, Medium and Thick. Most ski and snowboard boots will take a thin footbed, so that’s a good place to start. But to be sure, take out the factory insoles that came in your boots and compare them to these total thicknesses: Active Thin with Met Pad: 1.6mm. Active Medium with Met Pad: 3.2mm. Active Thick with Met Pad: 4.8mm.

Active with Met Pad footbeds come in three thicknesses, to fit any boot.

Active with Met Pad footbeds come in three thicknesses, to fit any boot.

Custom heat moldable insoles for your boots.

Just because you bought your insoles online, doesn’t mean you have to forego the added benefit of custom molded comfort. Just like all SOLE footbeds, the Active with Met Pad collection are heat moldable in the comfort of your own home. All you need is your general kitchen-variety oven. Your footbeds will come with detailed instructions, but you can also find them here.